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Alright guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. Tonight we have yes for remote Chris in studio. Of course Jason in studio. Yes was on a little mini quarantine as he's traveling to Denmark in the next couple of weeks. And we want to we want to keep him safe. So this studio is sponsored by Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. So yeah, thank you to them for that. Hey, just a heads up if you could share this with everyone. Unfortunately, Facebook took away my ability to mass share, I used to be able to like click all the groups into this a share, share. It didn't have to do it individually. So I only did it a couple times. Maybe I was too spammy, or something like that. But uh, yeah, if you could share in any of your Facebook groups that you're in, that would be great retweeted on Twitter, and, you know, smash the like button, subscribe on YouTube, we would really, really appreciate it. So what's going on any stories? Chris, I'm gonna go to you first.
Do you have anything offhand? I
do have one. I do. Okay. Why don't you jump in first. So Grand Rapids people know the woods. Oh. So typical. Is that open again? Yeah. Over serving. Last week, Monday, as always,
on a Monday,
we could go Monday. So I go there to pick up and this girl's trashed and trying to put her in. I'm like, I'm not taking her. I'm not taking her. And then this other chicks like, well, I'll go in there. I'll go with her. I'm like, Well, how far are we gone? You know, I'm like, I don't want her puking in my car. It's only two miles. I'm like, okay, so she gets in to bring her up to what's another? There's an apartment complex with a Cuban restaurant underneath it. Oh, I don't know. I've been so long since I've been outside. Yeah, there's a grocery store. He weighs about two miles. So I brought her in there. She gets out with a gal and she can't walk. I mean, literally, she could not Whoa, it's off track. She was and she's sobbing in the back of the car and other lady's like, talking to me. I understand why you don't want to take her I'm an attorney or whatever. And I get it. Like, whatever. Well, that makes me feel better. And she says like, what can you bring me back? I'm like, I said, Well, yeah, I guess all I said I have to shut the app off or whatever. Yeah, sure. I'll pay you 20 bucks. Okay, I'm only getting 20 bucks. 20 bucks. Yeah. So she gets the gal out. She walks over to the door which I couldn't see the entrance to the apartment. So she she threw her phone in the backseat with the month the door. So
The drunk Oh no, the one that was gonna give you the 20 Yeah. Okay,
so I wouldn't leave. Yeah. Oh,
she's she's a professional. Yeah.
She's Yeah. So she gets over here and brings it down to the door. And she kind of pulls back with her purse and she's like on her crouch down and trying to look into the purse gives me the one finger like Hang on a sec. Yeah. Okay, you know, whatever. Looking through the purse. Well, next thing you know, she goes back and then she gets in a car and I said, Well, you got her inside, right? Yeah. Like you got her inside the apartment cuz I couldn't see where the girl yeah, she goes. Yeah, I left her in front of her door. I'm like, go like,
well, you got her in the main hall. Why couldn't you? I don't know. Oh, cuz I'm thinking like,
do she could have left her right outside the door.
I hope not.
The story. Oh,
good job.
So So then, you know, I'd missed a ride or canceled a ride brought her back without she gets out of the car and walk straight back into the woods. I'm like, roll down my window. I'm like, Hey, where's my 20 bucks? Right?
I got three bucks for the round trip ride. And she just kept she didn't respond. She just kept on walking. Yeah. What, uh, oh, yeah.
From Chicago.
Oh, man, that'd be so frustrating. I
was not
in those like, retribution for that either. It's not like you're probably you'll never see her again. Right?
I mean, not now, though. You're never gonna go off the app again, Chris.
Well, I know. Right? Well, normally through the phone in the back of the car. Right. So you're kind of like,
Yeah, right. Well, she's saying to you that I'm willing to commit. So this is what I'm doing.
So hey, Chris, I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I need to go back and check on the other person again.
I did not.
I wouldn't either.
Did you guys see that? There was a GVSU student who just died of hypothermia last year last week? No,
no wear out their
hip. They found her on the field.
Oh, that was okay. You wish that she was that was it was it? It was in Grand Valley. Right. So yeah, I
don't think that was hyperthermia. I think that was a murder.
Yeah. No, I'm pretty sure there must have been another one. Unless there was another one because there was a murder. Yeah,
that one? No, it wasn't that one. They deemed an accident from hypothermia.
Because about a month ago, I was driving through Grand Valley. There's a bunch of cops there. The next day. I read the article, and they
this was just a couple of weeks.
Okay. You made me nervous. yesterday. I thought you're gonna say like, downtown on Fulton. I
was like, No, no, no, no, no. Oh, that would mean and she. She's probably fine. I mean, we've all been there. waiting.
Yeah, we cannot we can all share. She's fine. Yes. We can. Thanks for their reassurance. Yeah. All right. Love you, man.
Um, so yeah, that's crazy. So our mind is definitely not near as crazy. It's not crazy. I just, anyone that does flex out there knows that sometimes it can be a little. No. It can be challenging at times. And so I went to the warehouse. anyone that knows flex gr six, so they're very disorganized. The new warehouse out near Steelcase by the chair plan out there. It's by Dean transportation. I don't know it's hard to tell. It's like behind Steelcase. There's a bunch of industrial but huge warehouse,
that the patterns are off. Uh huh.
That's Gaines Township. This one's in by Steelcase. Oh, not Steelcase wood. I know what you're talking about. This is Steelcase steel, the corporate headquarters. Oh, 44th. And Eastern, really?
Mm hmm. Okay, it's not the new one.
Nope, nope. This is this is another warehouse like the walker one. But anyways, I go there, and they're having trouble. And I get my route. And they're like, yep, it's all good. And it doesn't have any the numbers to organize it. So I'm like, okay, whatever, I can manage it. Then I get out there and realize it didn't like whoever did it and optimize the route. So it'd be like, delivery here. And this apartment. I was in Lowell. And then it would go three or four miles, and then it would bring me back to the so. Yeah, so I had to look at the map each time so like this cluster at the apartment should have been let's say 1234 it was like 613 25 so if you win order, like it said you would have been doing this the whole time. So I didn't figure it out for like 10 minutes and then after I'll Oh, it was frustrating. Yeah, that typically doesn't happen. But man when you're used to like, being organized, you get like a beard doing anything. You
get pissed when there's no efficiency to Well, yeah.
And you so used to do GPS like if that doesn't work, right? You're like, what?
So you're saying a person has to manually map over, like, optimize those out.
So I think normally I think Amazon corporate does it, they optimize it through software, I'm sure. But for whatever reason, this, this this load, the whole warehouse is like that at the time when I went and picked up, the whole place was like that Not a thing. Nothing was ready. So they're like, oh, here, let me override it. I scanned it all. Yep, you should be good to go. I kind of looked at it and like, it looks fine. And then I started going, but I think when they manually do it, they have to manually probably hit an optimized button that routes them correctly. But yeah, that was true. That dude, tell me about it. I mean, I still finished early, because I'm a champion. But I mean,
experienced experience.
But I mean, that that's exactly it. Right? The experience is what made you realize that and you were able to do it, but what if an inexperienced driver he would still be doing it
quits and then there's more for us?
Yeah. Well, I, I can see an inexperienced driver bringing the load back to the warehouse, which you could do if you wanted to, and just say I can't do it. I can't figure it out. But I mean, I would never do that. I'm like, I'm delivering these packages. I don't care if it takes me until 10 o'clock. I'm not coming back with a package. I'll throw those things on the roof before I bring them back to the warehouse. So hey, but which by the way,
you would never do? Correct.
Good call on that. Hypothetically speaking,
I would never ever throw boots on the roof.
Yep, that too. All right. Before we get into the gig economy news, I just want to say thank you to all our Patreon is key from Georgia. Janet from New Zealand, Leo from Detroit, Larry from Bowling Green Sampson from Grand Rapids, Miguel from Grand Rapids, which we haven't heard from a gal in a long time. Like I tagged him in the telegram Group A while back like, hey, just checking in. I'm good. And then it was like radio silence again. And then Ron g from San Francisco. We appreciate y'all supporting us. Also, if you want some gig economy podcasts murcian go to red bubble comm slash the gig economy. I think just go to red bubble COMM And click just search for gig economy podcast,
or go to geek Academy podcast, Ducky Khan. podcast.com click on the merge button.
What was that again?
They can click on the merge button from the website.
Yeah, what's the what's the address?
I don't know. What is it?
Stupid hyphen or whatever you call it scares me up every time.
Jackie cow economy gig economy
gig economy hyphen podcast.com.
I There you go. Yeah, yeah.
The link, the link is in the show notes. So are in the rundown. We have linked if you click that gives you everything the website, the download your Patreon all that.
And obviously another great way of getting rich is to become a Patreon.
Yes, yes. You get free. We haven't had a Patreon in a while. We need to get one so we can send out some.
I think so. Hey, Larry's he knows the woods. Yeah, there you go. Good. Yeah. Yeah,
he knows what it's like everyone in our group knows the woods. And the Bob. Yeah, those two things. The speaking
of that, yeah, speaking of
speaking of Bob What?
No, nothing keep going.
When you use that phrase. That means you want to speak about it. Come on.
Yeah, but then I want to know, but I was gonna say somebody stopped myself. So I'm not doing so just keep going.
Alright. Oops. There we go. Irvine's auto repair and oh, man that looks horrible. Grand Rapids hybrid studio sponsor, us. You can get your car fixed with them, we would appreciate if you do their number is 532 6600. Irvine's dot com average rating of 4.7 out of 276 reviews, although I need to update that because this has been on here for like three months. So I'm sure it's much better or more, more on there. But Yep, you can schedule online. Everything's done kind of remote ish. You don't have to meet anyone even though during COVID everything sanitized. You can get oil changes. The one great thing about oil changes if you go there. They check over all the other stuff too. So which can be good and bad because then they can say hey, by the way, you need all this fix. And then you can decline it or accept it and they'll do it right then so please support the sponsors that really helps feel us their numbers 532 6600 or Irvine's dot com. All right, so I forgot I need to get my software up here. Talks amongst yourselves.
I just noticed that john and Aaron is gonna be in the parking lot.
Okay, so there's a joke behind that. Do you know the joke? I know you've been kind of
a joke. Hey, boy. I don't know the joke.
You don't know the joke.
Is it the follows on?
It's the father son thing and I told them I said you guys cannot come on together. It'll be chaos. Because chances are Aaron will probably come here in studio john will be in North Carolina. It'll be just a shit show. Oh, no. Ha.
I thought Aaron was up. No,
I mean Big Rapids. It's an hour away.
Oh, I see. I thought he was
x rated show.
Yeah, we already market explicit. Is there a double extra explicit? So yes, they john is gonna be on sometime in March. I think sweet Larry is going to be on the lat February. I don't know. The only
way we can get him on the same show is if john axes drive to Ghana, then it's okay.
Yes. You? You got it. If john drives to Grand Rapids, you both can be on the show at the same time.
There you go. Joe.
It's been recorded. It's on record. I
put them up in a hotel.
Oh, look at that. Oh, you can drink whiskey. Chris brought some great whiskey. There we go. Right there. Nice glasses. It's a little strong. So we'll see how the rest of the show goes. Certain of watered down a little bit. Yeah, those little bite yet first. All right. First up on the agenda is that okay, so everyone has to do the COVID check with the mask right? And sometimes it works sometimes. I don't know. There's no rhyme or reason behind it. You had experience with that too? What do you mean? Like when you have to sign on? You have to put the mask on. Alright. Do the verification. Yeah, well, this is what this This video is about. I don't think there's only Volume One I don't like is every stop you have they have this COVID thing that pops up. So get kind of gets in the way of Oh, see. I haven't taken passengers so so it's when when passengers that says have you sanitized? Oh, it's remember your COVID precaution? protocol.
Yeah. Okay, though, for the writer. Oh, I don't need to see this every frickin time. Yeah. Can we just skits in a way of trying to do something? Yeah,
I think you should be able to check it like at the beginning of the day, like you always do it and be like, I'm gonna do this. Yeah. I mean, they think we're stupid or something. But here's the video. See ya. Yeah, I'm sure totally. Yeah.
I should make this bigger.
Thanks for verifying.
It goes a little longer. didn't check the bottom two boxes. Well, he
does. He does. He's proving watch. He actually goes online to show that they actually did it because I think people were thinking that maybe that they didn't. Yeah, there's a little sound. I don't know where he is New York. Is that Manhattan? Alright, I got to play. I want to play it one more time. So I'm gonna go to Maine. Alright, so he's taking a photo of himself. He's wearing for people that are listening the podcast, which most people do, he's wearing a ski mask with a cutout for the mouth and the eyes. His nose is covered though. Yeah,
I mean,
See, this is why like, this is why it makes you think like, do you really trust Uber's? Yeah. system. I mean, how is it even approving that? I mean,
it's scary saw the mass thing I post? Which one? The dancers at New Year's Eve.
I don't remember that. I'm so in and out of that group when I'm not working.
So there's two dancers New Year's Eve night. Time Square, right? on national TV. Somebody caught a picture of them live and it's freezing cold out when they're dancing. Literally, you can see the air going through the mask. Oh, really? That's fun. man like you see it going through you see the air coming up out the side. So it's like well, what good are these things?
Oh, they were they work you need to wear two of them. Remember? Dr. Fauci said to format six. Yeah. All right. Yes, Bree, you're up.
I am up. Hey, Chris,
can you try not to put your nose right on the microphone because I'm hearing you go. Like maybe I don't know. No, that doesn't work either. Just put it up like to your mouth
right here.
Cuz you're like
yeah, Chris. Just don't breathe at all. So yeah, hold
your breath.
This article is from motherboard. And it's about instacart will lay off all of its unionized workers and it sounds very impressive right there. Right. But the story is actually about instacart fighting whooping whopping 10 employees who voted to form the first and only Union and the on negotiate platform as a Mariano's grocery store in Skokie.
Isn't it? 1000
No, no 10 employees.
Oh, I thought it was like 1000
No. Oh,
but they're just all the 10 employees that voted for the first and only union.
Yes. Okay, it's a Mariano's grocery store in Skokie, Illinois, inspired other instacart employees to organize their co workers at grocery stores around the country. So but this this particular article here is about those now it does goes on to talk about that, according to the UFC w instacart is firing nearly two of its 10,000 grocery store workers as part of these layoffs and offering as little as $250 as severance, but the actual the actual article itself talks about local 1546 in Skokie with the with 10 layoffs. So that's kind of interesting, but it's like,
it's more of a just to get the union people out. That's really what I think I did, which is kind of shady.
Exactly. So they do go on to that. And and I say the decision to terminate the employees were unionized with the United Food and Commercial is part of a larger series of layoffs that instacart announced on Tuesday, the news was buried in a blog post and the layoffs impacts into the instacart in store shoppers, so. So basically, even though instacart and a lot of these shopping services is doing really, really well. They're still doing, you know, a series of layoffs and so forth, which is interesting. Why I wonder why they're doing that. Why?
I think it's just because of the Union part. They're just they're sending a statement by saying, Hey, we don't want you to unionize. Here's what we're doing. Yeah, you know, in a roundabout way,
right. I mean, it's the same thing as as with the whole thing in California and Uber, you know, right ride hailing services and, and all that stuff over there. Yeah. Yeah. So it also says that, which I didn't know. Maybe it's because I'm disconnected right now. But instacart is preparing for an IPO. Oh, 2021. So Wow. estimated to be valued at $30 billion.
I don't even know how that is 30 be like, I can see like 150 million, but $30 billion.
Well, we all saw the other day. How GameStop all of a sudden Oh, gosh, groups are crazy amount like overnight. Yeah,
that's worth 95 bucks a share now.
Yes, yeah. So but it's not cool, though. I mean, I yeah.
Stepping into those. Those one percenters? Right. Do you feel like this is a total digression? While I loved what redditors do, why does Why does everyone think that like the wall street like those people that are doing that are dirty? Like why don't why is everyone they just jealous. They're rich.
So So what they normally if you'd really look about look at it, what they're doing. The whole the principle behind short selling is is really you know, it's wrong. Right? How Why can you sell something you don't own?
That is weird. It's illegal by the by the law though, right?
It's a legal thing to do. Sure. But it's I mean, Elan musk to tweet it out and you know it says that you know, you can't go over to a to a car lot and sell them a car you don't own this car. I'm gonna go over to the other lab and borrow it from him Hang
on one second.
Yeah, that's true. And then though then the whole Robin Hood thing where they wouldn't let you purchase that pissed me off
and and so what they're doing now I don't know if you've seen that they actually leaving Robin Hood Robin Hood and because of that lots and lots and lots of people who are using that is jumping ship the ash and two other ones Yeah,
I was talking about that last night if if if stash had done that and wouldn't allow me to purchase it I would pull all my money out. Oh sure. And go somewhere else all my money I have 15 $100 in there but
there's no there's no reason why Robin Hood did that.
Because yes, Robert told me to buy 10
Yeah, he actually owns a little bit more Tesla I owned point seven five like set like what am I what am I trying to say?
You almost have a stock
I almost have a share one share.
Had to dos dos de la Doge
you have to dos I did. Oh, is
that the Bitcoin thing? My $100 went to 1800 it did it Really?
Did you cash out? It is oh smart man. gotta know when to cash out.
I'm like sitting there on Thursday night. I'm like What in the world is going on? And you will like sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. Like I kind of waited a little bit and then so then I waited overnight and then the next morning I'm like, you know what? It's gonna go back and I got out of it and then I got I took a grand out and then I'm like okay, I'm gonna get another 1800 out so I pulled that out and then I put it into theory. The theory is gone up so really what's that? That's another Bitcoin
oh it's another Bitcoin I'm so out of the loop with Bitcoin I don't know anything about it the only reason I know when you brought it up is because I've seen it on Reddit I'm like 100 bucks I'll put 100 so I don't know how I heard about those. It was
like I put 100 bucks in it I got 42,000 coins It's so weird like it went from I think I got it for like point 002 and it went up to point eight Okay,
that's just weird that that there's nothing there it's just someone's valuing it for whatever reason, like there's no well didn't Elan musk create that.
I don't quite know who created that but the same thing that happened with Tesla right i mean it's why is they have value so high
well Tesla at least has a product
Well yeah. And it's great but they can't produce them fast enough.
Oh my point is is like when when you buy stocks you're investing in a company like Monster Energy they're they're delivering a product what is the Bitcoin doing? It's just like this fantasy made up thing?
Well, no, it's not. So Bitcoin is way out of my lane. Bit Bitcoin is they produces keys for the encryption that's what it does. And so but
then with Bitcoin there's only so many keys that are available.
Right? And so what happens is they have to be mined they have to make more so that's why the mind can actually mined
the energy to do so.
Why exactly and so a lot of people using series of graphic adapters because the graphics adapters have stronger CPUs than normal computers to mine him with and yes this is all getting way out of hand.
I mean, I know about so like in low low energy costs areas they learn a lot all these miners out there, right, right, right, Utah. Not a lot to learn.
I have a I have a little bit of Bitcoin, but I'm not making any money on it. My my focus is on stash.
I got in early enough on Tesla's I made a fair amount of money on that one, but yeah,
yeah, well, anyway,
you better take over our Uber jobs. Anyway,
everyone was talking at the same time. What was that?
Tesla's gonna take over Uber cabs.
Ah, that's way down the road.
That's way down the road than way mo Well, we
talked about when we talked to our last episode, you guys should really check that out. It's called lapses is a new movie that's coming out as well. And we interviewed the director and he talked a lot about how the automation is so far away still, because people are still dying. You know, they're not. They gotta go like six months without someone getting smoked before they're gonna release it to the public.
Don't you think? Oh, wait,
look at some of the drivers you get on a road. True.
True. True.
How many times you squared A
swear? Oh, I mean,
Pull it off in front of me like
a lot of mF ORS. Yeah.
It'll be it'll be 10 years before it's common does know does?
It's tied into what 5g right. What is the speed of the data? Oh, yeah,
it's supposed to be pretty neat. Okay, we gotta move on. We got we got people commenting on our show about bitcoins which I appreciate not sure how he even found this freakin show.
No, I was just gonna be I'm gonna common it's and fit and finish this discussion we can move on to the next one. But if you go back to the whole lapses thing, that is also has something to do not necessarily Bitcoin, but it's all about that whole high. Why do they call him quantum quantum computing and and and economy? So if you guys have anything in that, you should look at that. watch that movie. It's really good.
Yeah, I mean, just another plug for them. If you're a gig worker, you'll feel the pain of this the star of the movie like the frustrating part of like, just around the gig where the company kind of FCU and like talks about how amazing you are and how we appreciate you but on the back end, they're like a few creating robots to like basically beat you at your game. Right? So yeah, it's good.
I talked about the algorithms all the time. It's
Yeah, it's a if you go to was it lapses, just search lapses and you can download it on any iTunes video on demand? Well, it would be
automated The
12th Yep, the 12th February, February. All right, man, I got so distracted. I didn't even know what we were doing here. So yeah, we're going to talk a little bit about this murder of a stabbing death of an Uber Eats driver. Who, who was the mother of three, which is just sad. And the suspects were 14 year old boys. And they've been charged with capital murder and a random stabbing death of Ryan, Lindsey Graham, a 31 year old mother of three who was killed while working your side gig as an Uber Eats driver. It's just it's just gross. How do 214 year old boys get wrapped up in something like that? And to be and to be totally random to?
I mean, it's just like those kids that did the Walmart. stabbing.
Yeah, that that girl she was really it was just one live live fed it. Oh, really? Was that an Uber thing? Or was that a rideshare? thing? Oh, man, but stupid.
Yeah, you know,
just just be safe out there. Like when you're out driving? Like,
just you wonder if she had a camera?
I don't know. I don't know. I don't want to see that. But Oh, I
know. But if that would have hindered somebody doing something that they know that Yeah, you know, it
didn't know cuz you were talking about that. last show, Chris. That was that was a gig worker that had the whole his murder was recorded on the dashcam.
Yeah, it doesn't prevent it. Yeah. We talked about last show, didn't we? Yes.
Yep. Yep, there was a he picked up a flex driver, at least as soon as though he picked up somebody who worked at an Amazon facility picked him up at an Amazon facility, a 19 year old kid and he pulled a knife a knife on him and yeah, tried to cut it, cut his throat and forced them out of the car. And yeah, backed back over, drove into him and begged over him several times.
I just want to clarify it was not a flex driver. It was an Amazon employee. Sorry.
Yes, yes.
No flex driver would ever do that. We are independent contractors, and we're all angels. And we never deliver packages. We never ever jokes. All right, yes, bro, you're up.
So I'm going to be talking about minimum wage. So basically, it's just talking about a new study that find that Ooh, Chicago, particularly Chicago, Uber and Lyft. Drivers are paid way below minimum wage. So this is using numbers from 19 to 2019 and 2020. And basically the same that rate heart rate. Right here, I'm used to calling them rideshare drivers, but for some reason this article is referring to them as ride hailing ride hail.
I mean, I can go for that.
Yeah, I guess so. I'm gonna say so. Hmm,
sorry, I'm gonna change it. Chris, you when you present yourself, you need to say you're a ride hailing driver.
So basically saying that ride hailing drivers brought in less money than the statewide minimum wage after expenses and taxes. And of course, it's a discussion we've been through many times, right, but, but here's how it's going here that the interior found that Uber and Lyft drivers and cargo paid way below the minimum wage in 2019. They say that the treatment by the transportation network provider, which you know, in this case is Uber or Lyft. Drivers as independent contractors suppresses their earnings shiftings income from workers to the executives and shareholders of the company.
Well, yeah, of course.
Yeah. So so basically the same head that drivers for Uber and Lyft and via may make between 19 and $23 an hour, I think we as a service just for Chicago, right. 19 $20 an hour in gross earnings. But the study found this does not account for significant expenses and taxes. And in 2019, the minimum wage for $13 an hour once you encounter those things, but the average driver earned $12.30 an hour. According to the study. In 2020, the minimum wage was $14 an hour but drivers only earned $13 and $62. Now, do you think that's correct,
though? Do you think that they earned I think
so. I don't know if you remember this or not. But I took about two years ago, I think I did. I did a ride to Chicago I based on that. I did. I did a big study where I kind of worked constant numbers and a big part of that. number crunching is the depreciation on the vehicle.
Yeah, but that's such a subjective thing. Like Chris, I know that you're driving it exactly right. I mean, that thing's probably it seems like it's been a good car for you. Yeah, I've heard you complain about it. Just doing your regular maintenance. Yeah, I mean, and the M pesa. And Volkswagens don't depreciate near as much as like a Chevy or Ford
but My guess is that those articles and those numbers are taking depreciation into the consideration as well. And using using the national wide, like average. Yeah, net nice the nationwide ways of of average ways of calculating the depreciation, depreciation of the vehicle as well. Yeah. And and it's just you just never know, right? Yeah, I mean, I still remember from. So this is obviously in Grand Rapids. But if I would have made 13 to $14 an hour, there's no way I would have done well, but I mean,
like, if you do it, if you're making $30 an hour, what do you estimate your expenses are? Like for that hour? eight bucks.
Oh, at most, at most, yeah. Yeah. Because I wanted the biggest reasons why I always drove and again, I mean, it's because for me, all the mileage was a huge.
Yeah, 55 cents a mile average. Right. But it's a write off
of my regular taxes. That's Yeah, right. For my day job. So there was a huge benefit to drive.
Yeah, I rarely pay taxes on my gig work. Yeah, I know, once you write off the $55 or $55 a mile God, can you imagine $55 a mile. I mean, once you write the 55 cents off,
I mean, it's other than the depreciation. I'm like, I'm doing like 30 40,000 mile. Are you? Yeah. A year? Yeah.
I mean, how much of that is personal? Six months.
driving your day job to Chris right.
Yeah, yeah. Cuz my day job I do sales for the five state region. So.
Okay, so your that's some of it.
I'll drive to Indianapolis and back and, you know, like 1200 miles,
okay. Yeah, but I mean, when when you talk about depreciation, so like, I look at my car, I'm gonna ride that sucker to the rims. Yeah. So the depreciation doesn't mean jack to me. Like if I was going to sell it. Of course the depreciation would be huge. Irvine's is checking in. Thank you guys so much. Yes. Go to Irvine's if you need any of your repairs. Except Volkswagen. Chris. They do not work on Volkswagen and need some help.
Yeah, I mean, do you have to go to the dealer? gone to the dealer Bo, they've been? I've not been happy with them.
Yeah, that's the frustrating part. Apparently, they're super complicated to work on. But if you need the work. Oh, yeah. So rebates are doubled right now. So if you did have service with Irvine's in 2020. The year of hell, you can get those doubled. So I definitely need to.
So what does that mean? I'm just asking because oh, yeah,
so I'm gonna get the numbers wrong. And I'm sure I'm not sure who was on if it's Megan or Jamie. But basically, every penny you spend, I think they give you 1% back in a rebate. So yeah, so you get an A, you get a $50 check or whatever, whatever you spend, and then they're doubling it. So $100 off, so
but is that? Is that cash in your pocket? Or is that again to this towards future repair? Yeah, yeah. Which makes nice Oh, yeah.
Yeah, for sure. So if you do have a rebate out there, I know Samantha does. If you need some work done, get that done. Oh, it's 2%. Okay, I'm a dummy. What's
that? That's the double right. So the double to two was all
okay. Yeah. All right. Sorry. So normally 1% like, she likes
I always found it funny too, cuz I got turned on to Irvine's from Zane show. And when he first started, they first started sponsors Zane shows some of the ads. I was like, I know that's not correct. You better stop talking. Stop.
Jason is right.
Oh, so it is 2% Normally, the comments are gonna be 50 $50
to $100 that's what I liked. I think
for this month, if you earn 50 you get 100 we're waiting for confirmation. Because it's like 15 seconds. Fine.
We just want to get it right. We just want to get it right. But no matter what, guys, you have to use lines because they are awesome. Yes. Oh, yes.
I love the technology that they implore like I don't like they take pictures of everything and send it to you. And then you you're like, Okay, it's accept or decline and a lot of I feel guilty declining them because I probably should get them done. But when I'm already spending like $500 another repair I don't want to drop in over two or three 2% normally, okay, so I was wrong. It's 2%
but you can double it. But right now it's a 4% Why?
I love Megan. I miss her. I just texted me the other day and said hey, I have not heard from you in a while. What's up with life so I can't wait till COVID we can COVID done and we can open up a little bit. I'd love to get an event at Irvine's. I think that would be super Fun. So
that would be a lot of fun. Oh, all right. What
are we on here? Oh, I'm up. So let me get to my slide, please. Uber is buying an alcohol delivery service. And thank you for Chris for showing that for called drizly for 1.1 billion. They say they're broke. And they have earnings report and they didn't make any money. But they can buy shit for $1.1 billion.
So what are we doing here? And they just do it in the stock? It's not a question I thought it was.
Let me check here. I'm the one that has this article. So I should have I didn't read it. Sort of. Oh in stock and cash. So the Yule drizzly is a market drizzly what a name? drizzle is, it sounds, it sounds like the word moist marketplace will be integrated with the Uber Eats app. So the company will keep the standalone app, but it will be in the Uber Eats app. I don't know why there's not more alcohol delivery. I mean, if I was getting shit faced at home, and I needed more booze, and of course, how many people do you take? Well,
you're not driving, but how many people go to the party store and go back? A lot. Yeah. And you're ready trashed in the car. Yeah. But if you delivered is needed, like I picked up a truck driver last night, pick them up at you know, buy his truck from to the party store gas station, you got a case of beer, and he went back, but he didn't have a round trip. So I had to help them figure out how to do a round trip on it.
Are you pretty strict on that? Not just driving back? You know what I mean? Because it used to be like, you'd be like, Oh, it's fine. I'll just turn around and then go back. Just keep the meter running.
I do either.
Cuz it can get weird, right? Yeah. And they're like, why did he drive? Why did he drive back to the house? Although you could say hey, you see where he lives. We literally went to the store and back right? But this this kind of goes along with the same thing that go puff that was supposed to launch this spring? Or sorry, last spring, where they would deliver like Monster Energy. sex toys, you could get straight up to get sex toys in ky
the convenience store.
Yeah, it was like a convenience store like but and you paid for like $5 a month for the delivery fee and then and the prices were not bad. I mean, they're a little elevated. Maybe like 1% but I mean, I would so do that. I'm so lazy. Like I would love to get ice Ben and Jerry's delivered to me. People do that on Uber Eats Well, that's ridiculously expensive. I
don't know. I I've done it. I can't tell you how many times I've done it.
I've done it too. I've
I'm like you will go into some comedians starter like yeah, it's cooler. I pull out a bag. You go delivered. Ben and Jerry's two containers are so
stupid. I delivered biggby Coffee other day. It was a mile half delivery. I ordered it a coffee and a bagel. I made $15. So so he probably paid like 25 bucks.
Maybe because maybe the they're eating it. I don't know. I haven't figured some of that stuff out. Because like, I've done a Starbucks run from East Grand Rapids all the way to 60 68th and Kalamazoo
from East Yeah, a big be run. No Starbucks. Sorry.
It was like one glass. One. One coffee, one coffee.
And how much did you make on it?
I don't know, like 12 bucks or something? Yeah. What is the customer paying? Well, I don't think they're paying. I think the deal is with Starbucks between Uber and Starbucks. They're like, we will do this for you. We will eat the cost whatever happens. Because we want this business. Yeah. I don't know. He's like doing the card right for the restaurant. Yeah. So they're not making any money on that. They're trying to get that restaurants business for later on. And it's part of their advertising the car
thing I totally agree. They're trying to get they're trying to like, hey, look at the stats.
Yeah, exactly. The data. So like this. I don't know if you've gotten a thing for this week from Uber. We're doing a huge push. Yeah, I got a text on eat. So we want you to drive. Yeah, like I'm not driving.
Yeah, I know. I saw that text too. And I'm like, I'm not doing anything. I'm not doing anything different than what I'm doing. You're not paying me any money. Yeah, they're just saying like it could be busier because we're like doing something could be busier. Famously, I'll tip you in the app is the same. The same line. It's
like, like, I got a text this week is like, Oh, you made $200 less than the week before. I'm like, yeah, you guys are screwing me over because you reduce the bonus aspect. Well,
you've heard john talk about like, oh, take two rides or two deliveries get 15 bucks. I'm like,
and we talked to a guy that last night. Oh, did you know 10 o'clock at night it was 18 bucks. And you have to start in a particular area which is like from Burton, Breton, Burton, Breton, Breton, and Eastern out to wherever. And yeah, you got to be in the zone for your first pickup. And once you get that first pickup, then you got to do the second one. And then you get that $18. Yeah, so I did it. Well, I got into the pickup last night. And I thought, I'm like, how come that? I'm not in the zone? Yeah. Well, I look back at the promotions. And somehow they changed it to 11 o'clock. And I'm like, Okay, I'm pissed now, because I just drove from my house in hudsonville all the way just to get get in the zone to make 18 bucks, because I figured if I did two rides, I'd probably at least make eight bucks or rides at 16. On top of the 80. Yeah, for an hour. I'll I'll make 30 some bucks. Yeah, that's 34 Yeah. 30 some. Keep going. So I got in there. I did you know, and then all of a sudden, it popped back on. I'm like, the frickin listening to me. mean, so, so all of a sudden things on and I got, I got a request. And I made like, five bucks on the first one and two bucks on the second one. So I made seven bucks for a plus the 18. Yeah, I made 25 bucks. Not the 30. Some you wanted? Well, that just totally depends on it. Right? That's true. Yes. What I have had is, I've done two and then gotten a third one, which gave me another double 18 Okay. So then I'm like,
so this is on Uber. Yeah. Why am I Why am I not getting because I'm not doing rides? Maybe it is the right thing. Or I feel like john John's was a ride or food delivery. It didn't matter. Well, then
I have the thing. Like if I do 20 rides between Monday and Friday morning, yeah. Sometimes they'll pay me 40 bucks. Okay, sometimes beyond that's worth it, right? Yeah. But this week was like 10 bucks or 20 rides. I'm like, yeah, you guys wonder why I'm not making my $200 so
well, Chris looks that up. We interviewed a guy. And that's gonna come out. Not this Monday. But next Monday is same. Mike delivers podcast if you want to check that out. It was really good. And he talked about the incredible bonuses that he lives.
Oh, yeah.
1550 for two trips. Yeah. That's not bad. Yeah. But again, I wonder if that's Uber Eats or so? 10 o'clock, right? Yeah, no, it's
not it's it's false. It either eats or
why am I not getting those?
Anyways, uh, you know, you do flexes and keep going.
Cuz he, yeah, they hear what else you're doing? Yeah. That guy. He's like, that
guy has too many baskets. He ain't got no,
no, no, that guy has a an acceptance rate of 6% we're not going to send that to him. But yeah, right. But um, yeah, so check it out. Mike's delivers podcast. That'll be out in a couple weeks, but, and I'm gonna be on his show this.
Yeah. 1515 tonight, so get me out by 10 by 10. Oh, you
got 12 minutes. I
don't know where it's between 10 and 11. If I do two more rides, I'll make my 10 bucks extra two. So that actually would be at 25.
Yeah, I'm not getting any of those. That's bullshit. Like, I need to get some bonuses. I mean, I actually keep Uber on all the time. I just don't have rides on right. So maybe that's why who gets a doggy pickup. The doggy pickup? I don't have that either. Do you have that option? I do. I don't have that option. Oh, maybe it's on there. I don't even look at rides. Turn
it on.
But anyways, so back to what you're talking about. Ubers buying alcohol delivery. Before we continue I want to say that Gopal is going to really hurt Uber's business because the liquor store runs well, this is probably why they're doing it but even convenience or runs or anything like that, like the $25 that it was gonna cost me to get Ben in two pints of Ben and Jerry's on Uber Eats or grubhub or whatever. That is gonna go away when go puff comes to the area. So just throwing that out there. What do you give them the strange look for
Larry delivered to doughnuts at 1am
Yeah, yeah, I mean, he said stoners
was probably because his two stoners who want to do us
Sure. I'm gonna go back to via Yes, we're talking about it earlier. They actually are in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, London, Amsterdam Berlin and Milton ki ki ons. I don't know. Just if anyone cared. I had that up but I didn't want to not say it. So. Let's see.
who's who's next. That's
me vs birth. Thank you for so this is I love these. I've seen so many of these. So this is kind of a difficult pp. What do you get a drink? Oh, boy. You can't be going out doing rides after a second glass of whiskey. Alright, just a little splash. Anyways, this is a text from grubhub Tell me why. Okay, and I have some feedback on this. So this is the customer. Tell me why when both the restaurant and I are on one street you go across the city. driver? What time were you promised your order? driver? 230? What time did you get it driver? 232? I asked a question. Driver or sorry, I asked a question that was the customer driver. Thanks for the dollar five buddy, have a good day. Customer Go fuck yourself. So little miscommunication there. And so what I want to explain is sometimes where we all are running multiple apps, and sometimes I have to deliver my grubhub or, or my Uber Eats or my doordash before I get to your order, I try to be as efficient as possible. And this is why you have to have a hot bag. Because if you have multiple orders, you want to keep your customers food hot. But I have had somebody text me I've had one time kind of the same conversation like, Where are you going? You're going the wrong way. And I had to go like two miles to deliver one. And then the other one. I base it on who tipped the best?
Whoa, how do you laugh? But there's nothing I know. I think that's valid.
Cuz like Uber Eats, you don't know until you kind of know. Now they do. You
know, you kind of know like, if you get a $10 one, you can kind of guesstimate how much they've tipped. What were you saying? Yes.
No, it's just gonna it's kind of valid. You laugh, but it's a valid reason. And I think that it proves that that you really should be tipping. Yeah, instead of what you should be tipping. Yes. And and what it's worth is like,
I keep saying that if I got at least $1 from every ride, I'd be happy.
Yeah, I mean, and you do 20 rides and extra 20 bucks a day, if you did if you worked every day. I mean, that's that adds up.
Yeah, just $1 But well, then the weirdest thing is like, so Uber Eats people tend to tip or Yeah, doordash or whatever. So why are they tipping for food? What's the difference between picking you up?
I've talked about this 100 times. It's it's bizarre. It's just the culture of always dipping for food. Exactly. That's
exactly what it is. The culture is that you tip your delivery driver.
I feel like we should have some sort of retribution. But anyways, hey, if you're listening out there, and you're not a gig worker, if you don't tip and I get a $3 order from doordash I'm declining that thing so fast, it's gonna make your head spin. So if you want your food delivered hot and fast, a couple bucks, y'all I'm we're not asking for a $10 tip. Like two three bucks just to cover our expenses.
Going back to that post, I think I mean, the delivery driver had a valid point, right? Your food is supposed to be there. 230 you had your food at 230 to
two minutes late.
Yeah, you're fine. it this is this is Yeah, Pete we have to treat this as a job. We have to do it most efficiently. And you know, and most effectively, so we can get the most money out of it. It just is See, I am
sorry. I swear I apologize. Go ahead. I thought you were
I was just gonna say I had I had that happen once to me back in a year and a half ago, diving. And it's one of those things were you know, it was so big. It was a busy night. And my my next fare was queued up. Immediately after he got added to my queue. He called me and I had people in my car, right. And I picked it up. And I have I have you know, it's all on Oh, my speaker system. So I picked up and you know,
it was on your Bluetooth and you had customers in the car?
Yeah. I wouldn't be that guy going.
Hey, mother, effer. Anyway, I
pick him up, you know, I just I do so anyways. So he goes, why are you driving away from me? Because I have people in my car. Well, I will just come pick you up,
I will let you know I I've experienced the other side of that I've ordered on Uber Eats and it does say Hey, your drivers doing another order. The problem is, if you're on Uber and you're doing a grubhub order, they don't get that message. They don't know what you're doing. But I kind of relate back to like even the company I work for I work for a small company at six of us. every customer feels like they're the only one and that's just in your business. I'm sure that's it like their problem. They're frustrated. They don't care about your if you're being efficient. They don't care if you're trying to maximize your dollars. They want their whatever their is right this second, it doesn't matter. They don't realize we have 2000 customers and you're not the only one. While we try to make you feel special. You're not the only one.
My point is as long as we are doing what we say we're going to do.
If you show up 20 minutes late shouldn't be
a problem. Yeah,
you show up 20 minutes late. That's a problem. That's right.
But it that didn't happen. So no, in this case here the person ordered it was in the wrong The problem
was he got to see where the guy was going.
Well that's the thing you can and I often most people don't pay attention to that because I think I'd get more text. That's said Hey, where are you going? I see you get cuz you click I got your food right so they think you're coming all sudden you know Ivan rest and you're going out to freakin Genesis like the orders I've heard and I've addressed you like bro Where are you going like but yeah I've only had at one time most people I don't think pay attention so they don't all right oil Luber
you guys are you doing this? I'm jumpstarter fuel delivery I'm not changing oil I don't want to carry around tools in my car but
are you making? Have
you done any I haven't done any yet. This is why they're advertising on the show. So this is for customers and or gig workers, but oil uber.com if you need a jumpstart, if you run out of fuel, or if you need your oil change, they'll come to your house, change your oil right in your driveway, make sure it's clean. Everything's good. You don't even have to talk to the tech or anything. Did you have a question? Okay, you acted like you did? I'd love to answer it if you did have one. But yeah, I'm signing up for jumpstarts and fuel delivery. If you need a jumpstart, it's 30 bucks,
like, anytime, anytime. So like, two in the morning. And you get a call and you're like 30 bucks.
Well, the customer pays $30 I think the I don't know how much the tech gets paid. Well,
basically what I'm getting out of bed at two in the morning,
of course, I'm not either I'm only doing it when I'm online. Like if I have to take it. You don't have to take it. Oh yeah, it's not like you're you just it sends a text out and says, Hey, anyone wants this in the area. And then somebody grabs it and goes, does it so? So yeah, oil uber.com to sign up as a customer or a technician. They need new texts, and they need customers. I want to jump somebody's car. That sounds weird. But I really want to and next week highs of like 10 for like the first four days. So you're gonna have some dead batteries, y'all call oil Uber or requested don't call? I don't know. Anyways, I got passionate about that. So yeah, I'm really I'm really hoping they're slowly growing. And I'm loving it. And I'm hoping that they sign up for another three months. So if you're out there, and you sign up, say you signed up from the gig economy podcast, that would be great. Anyways,
yes, for you are up. Absolutely. Are you gonna put the picture up?
I'm working on it.
It's a standard joke, right? It's the How are the roads? No.
This is not that. That's a joke. This is actually legit from this gentleman.
Well, yeah. Okay. So is it busy today? he posts? And because and Kevin has no day homes?
I don't use August. They're up there. Yes, sir. I at least I block out the guy that posted it because we're probably going to assign him a little bit, Ben. So
Christopher goes, Come on, tell us where to get go get the rights, how the roads are. And while you're at it, can you give me the support number and how's your file my tax
that's so true. And then goes
on for the cost of $0.
So the reason we're bringing this up y'all is like I totally get you're looking like how's the business out there I get it. And that while that was generally a kind of a okay thing to say like he was just generally asking, but you do see a lot of posts online. We're like, Hey, where's the hotspots? What do I do with this? It's like, we're here to help you guys. We're an infotainment podcast where we give you infotainment, we're giving you information. And we also, you know, do dick jokes. You know what I mean? So like, we're trying to have fun, although we've never done a dick joke, but my point is, is like nobody's
coming on. Ah,
that's a throwback like only like 10 people know about that. I love that. You brought that up. Yeah, if you join your Teller, if you join the telegram group, which is the link is in the chat, you can find out about gummy dicks.
anyways, I digress. You know, people aren't going to tell you their tips of like, where their hotspots is, and I would never expect anyone to know if you want to pay me like how Ben says like, Hey, you pay me. I mean, I know. He's literally not saying to pay me. But I mean, bullet point is like, we're not gonna give all this information out because we're all kind of competitors. Even Chris sitting across the table. I tell him to stay out of Grandville. I'm like, Listen, bro, this is my hood. Even though he lives in hudsonville. We like live near each other. I'm like, Hey, this is my HUD like, do not take my orders away. It's just common, common sense. Go ahead, Jasper.
I was just gonna say I think what goes hand in hand with that information is also that what works for you may not work for me. 100% you have to go out there and that's what gaikwad is all about. Yes, there's things that that works for some and then there's this. There's ways of doing it. But you have to make it your own.
Yeah. It's like me going out at 10 o'clock. Last night to try to get an $18 to ride. Bonus.
I'm still trying to figure you out Chris, you work a daytime job and you're out at like 10pm at night like,
I'm like, john,
what do you sleep like two hours a day?
I need eight. Oh, I mean man alive like not a morning person at all. Are you? Are you grumpy in the morning? Don't even talk to me till 10 Oh, I have such a morning person. Like don't even turn the lights on until nine. My wife's the same way she I have a red light in my bathroom. I joke about this. So I bought this red light. Okay, because like on a submarine if the submariners when they come up out of the water and yeah, when they have red lights, they actually can see better at night. Oh, interesting by the red light for my bathroom and I have a separate switch for it. And it turns red light on and it doesn't hurt my eyeballs.
That's hilarious.
I love it.
That's so fun wife. She's
like, whoo. Now she likes it. Really?
It is weird though. When you go to the bathroom. If you turn the light on at three in the morning. It's like, shoot you in the face. Like it's so fun to read. Like Megan is a she's a nine o'clock riser to her natural rise time is 9am like on the weekend. I'm good.
Like staying up late. Well see, I look at you cuz you like stay up late. Not really. But you know, you'll be out two to three in the morning.
I mean, back in the day. I know.
But still and then you'd be up.
Yeah, because my kids woke me up. You got older kids?
Yeah. I got two new grandbabies.
Oh my gosh, your grandpa
So anyways, to wrap this point. Yeah, to wrap this point up. It's okay to ask kind of how business is but no one's gonna give you tips. No one's gonna tell you where to go. All that stuff. And yeah, and
you should definitely get a tax professional to do your taxes. Well, we'll
talk about that later. So. Okay, what are we up to now? I'm getting behind that we gotta read. We gotta we gotta hustle. Okay, this is hilarious. So this is how to order through shipped and this can be applied to like any app. So on the screen it says how to order with ship. order your food. Remove your house numbers. Turn off your lights. Outside life's to outside lights to set your phone to do not disturb and hide. I mean it happens like if you it's a rideshare pickup. Exactly. It can be applied to food delivery and everything. I actually feel bad because my numbers are kind of peeling on my mailbox. And I don't have them anywhere on my house. I'm kind of feel bad but y'all turn your lights on for God's sakes like what are you doing? Like if you're expecting food or you're expecting food delivery from shipped please turn your lights on.
Or even if you're going out for
a ride Yeah, turn the light on. Yeah, like it's like okay I'm on the pin I don't know where the heck your house
right Oh, it's so frustrating at night. I hate delivering some guy gets in the back of your car you're like hey
what's the name sir? Yeah, anyways, I just thought that was kind of funny
night I was trying to deliver what one of the two nights I actually went out and did ob I was trying to deliver a an order up in an Alpine there's one of those apartment complexes Oh God nothing
if it's at night and you're in like your creek or Alpine slopes?
Well I never haven't done a house numbers on it.
Like what? So there's there's one on 28th Street and the maps brought me to like down to the dead end of the street but the apartment complex was on the other side. Yeah, so I had to like drive around not according to the map.
I have an apartment I have an apartment that I don't know if you've delivered to before but it's actually in your neck of the woods on Quincy and 32nd I don't remember the name of them but it's so odd where the the building numbers are like it's not you know, you go to Grand Valley they put them right on the big thing. Oh
at the top abcdef
Yeah, exactly. This one is like hidden it's the word it's like Valley View apartments or something that's like Quincy and 32nd It's a nightmare. It's so so hard to deliver at night. It's especially with your eyes I see what you're doing with your glasses there. I will let you know I did but I did go get some glasses for at night because I was struggling driving at night a little bit but
I don't struggle at night. It's just this distance thing like right now between here and there. Don't you don't Can't you get bifocals to do that you can but I actually see better without.
It's so weird. But that's annoying. I wouldn't want to do that. Yeah. Anyways,
I have bifocals. I'm getting old.
And you're okay. Yes. We're looking at it. Look at this picture. I clearly didn't put anything on there. What Why don't even know what the article is.
So this is the left test program.
Where did the picture go? I don't know. I asked up I'm gonna go I'll go back to us, Chris and I've been sexy.
So basically it's a it's a it's about a new lifts test protocol. This is a new Yeah, January 22 2021. Today, it's pretty new, I guess. So it's a test program where Lyft is offering drivers more rides in exchange for a 10% pay cut. And lift calls a priority mode drivers calls it poverty mode. Because it didn't really work. So basically, this person, earlier Philips, in late September, God, she got what she described as an irritating email from Lyft, the ride hailing company was reaching out to drivers like her to notify them about a new feature called priority mode, turn on party motor, and more that email boasted when drivers opted in and said they'd get a handful of priority hours per week in which they would get more rights than drivers who were not using the feature. But the catch was that they would get a 10% pay cut. What she was experiencing was that what she was experiencing was that when he turned it off again, she was getting almost no rides really. Yeah, so that was kind of what ends, which is really bad. That she said it didn't really make a big difference. It wasn't really that worth it for so much. But then what was even more was that once she turned it off, she really wasn't getting anything out of it. So that was she calls it a bust. And it really didn't really do much for her at all. But we talked about other people call it you know, I think Google was doing that once to having this this new program. And it really didn't end up doing it in some markets where you could pay what was it like you could buy into it for like 100 bucks a month or something like
that? Yeah,
yeah. And you would get a lot more right or you didn't you they would take no fees, or whatever it was for I know that was so there's there's lots of different ways that they're trying to do these set themselves apart to get more in more arrive to the to the people and try and get to try and keep the drivers on the platform, I think is also what they're trying Don't
you think these programs though, are really kind of manipulating the driver to be totally get the acceptance rate up? Like those kind of things
go to this make more money? I thought was I explained to a guy last night like it's like a video game? Yeah, you got video game designers running the Uber app. 100%. Right. So they're like, Hey, I'll give you this much money to run in this direction. And if you do, you're gonna get more. Yeah, it's gonna be better or Yeah, you get the pot of gold.
And again, sometimes it's the bad guy.
Right? I mean, it's like,
I guess it's the bad guys, but don't go to jail and don't shoot anybody.
Wow. I mean, it's a joke. He's talking about like a video game. Like Antonio. Yeah, it's, it's always manipulation. Like, they're always trying to out psychology us. Right, right. Just pay us more. Right? You don't need to give us all this bullshit. Like, just pay us. That's, I
think that say that all the time. Just show me how I can get a bonus. Like if you're gonna give me 40 bucks to do 30 rides? I'm gonna go for it. I will do it. Yeah. You know, because 40 bucks is worthwhile to me. Yes. But, you know, $10 for 20 rides, it's 50 cents a ride. Yeah, you know,
the shitty part is is like same to those $3 doordash orders. People will do them. That's why people keep you know what I'm saying? What?
So they're the new people. Right? And then they go away?
Yeah, yeah, they do. I mean, but the point is, like, if the reason you keep seeing $3 doordash orders, which is basically no tip is because drivers are taking those $3 orders, right?
People keep taking them.
So do you ever have it a $3 order? And then you do get more later?
I've never What do you mean, like if you don't take it?
No. So if you do take a $3 doordash order,
which I've never done, but anyways, go Go ahead.
So late later on, once you finish the delivery, have you gotten six or seven or more? Oh, so
doordash is. So here's a tip for y'all. This is gonna be our tip time tonight because we're running long doordash if you get a $7 or 750 cent order, typically the tip is higher for whatever reason doordash hides the tip behind. I don't understand, like a lot of times, if it's a $7 order, let's say right, it'll say oh, you earn $9. That's $2 more than than what we quoted. Oh, right. It's very weird. But if it's $3 it's always $3 if it's $6 it's always $6. So
in the end, you do not know Iraq. They're keeping any part of the tip see that doordash got sued for that, because they're being a weird shitty about it there because I hate it. So Uber started that too, right? Because before it was like, okay, you had the order delivery, and then the tip would come later. But now they include, at this time, your potential
potential tip unless they take the tip away, right? Yes. In which I've only had one person reduce it, like half the rest of them are automatic. Like, no one changes it. So anyways, we're getting in the weeds here. stuff people want to know, I know that's true. That's to say the doordash. I'm telling you, if you get a seven or 750, chances are the customer tip more and you'll get it on the back end. But again, why is doordash hiding that? I don't get that what is their? What is their endgame from hiding? What you know about the tip, like I don't get it, I'm more likely to take the order if I see a higher tip because
like sometimes I've well. I've gotten pre Uber each changing, adding the tip and prior to the delivery. Yes, you would go and do a delivery and then you would get like a 1518 $20 tip. Yeah, you had no idea. You're gonna get it. You're hoping? Yeah. I mean, I would rather hope than having them tell me because no, no, I want to know No, because I want to know, well, the customer ahead of times already put in? Yes. It's like maybe they're gonna give you more. They never give you more and 1529.
I would rather know that's why I love grub hub because it would tell you right up front, like you're gonna make $12 on this order. Cool. I'm gonna take it. If it says I'm gonna make $6 I'm gonna decline it right. I want to know upfront. I love that. I'm an upfront guy like, hey, you're gonna get this much. And Uber is your could get this much but they could take it away. Or you could
do like a $6 for dollar McDonald's and get a $10 tip.
Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Antonio says that's why I like Uber Eats and grub up. Thank you, Antonio. doordash is shady AF. They are shady AF. Like, any company that hides the tip behind whatever reason is shady AF now, will I still use them? If it's slow? Of course I will. I want to get paid. I'm not taking a $3 order though. Okay, so we're gonna do this. I'm gonna put this main screen this is a this is Amazon Tick Tock. Alright, y'all. Oh, there we go. No, I would never do this. No, watch the ad yc ad. So it's playing again. So basically, for your audio listeners, the delivery kicks the package in the air, the delivery driver then throws the door takes a picture. The guy gets a notification he comes out he waves to the the delivery driver and the guy whips him off. That's pretty much how it goes sometimes.
always like,
I coming up the steps. I'll like talk. If I know it's like clothes or something light. I like toss it and then take a picture of it in the air. No, I'm not that
way. Anyways, never get a picture of the person in the door.
Yes, I get a lot of dogs. A lot of dogs that are around me. We'll talk about that later. I know that's a sensitive subject for you. Alright, what's next here? doordash plate. Oh, I missed the tax add. But we'll go back to that. So this is kind of interesting. So this is a text exchange between a doordash customer and I think it's just anyways, I don't know. I don't know who it's from. But it says I feel like a God was showing off when he was creating you like there's somebody creeping? Damn you. You had me looking back. So anyways, it was like a like, I don't know if it was the text to the driver. They were trying to flirt and Oh shit. I gotta put this on the big screen on because I can't read it here. I'm teasing Chris. Hold on a second. I'm fine. Where the hell is it? Did we skip the
your orders your way out of order? I
Am I? Yeah, you skipped the whole Oh my
god. It's a whiskey dammit, Chris.
Okay, so try trying to figure out where you're going.
Thank God. Yes, was around. So anyways, I'll go back to the dog bite. So doordash helps us Hey, this is completely unacceptable. We're sorry, you had to go through this. We'd like to take a look into this please. DMS, of course, the standard talk or the standard stock text. And she's like, hey, Jordan, thanks for reaching out, but I'm not interested in preventing anyone from earning their side income in the midst of a pandemic. This is just for laughs and giggles at this point. And the added point though, that maybe they shouldn't be able to text after delivery. Which brings up a good point. Yeah, I get texts from grubhub 1520 minutes later we saw last podcast they accuse me of eating their wings. Have you had that happen? Yes. Oh, no. Mind you it didn't happen. Was it good?
Right? We joked about that grubhub didn't reach out the customer. I think they were joking. I kind of feel like they knew me. Oh, yeah,
I saw. I saw that exchange. Yeah,
it was very weird. I'm
like, I don't think they call you by name.
Yeah, but they know my name because I delivered it. With
your name, Jay. Chris, you don't use your real name on the app.
He goes by Casanova. All right, we're going to the dog bite and I know this is a sensitive topic. So this is what the amazon flex drivers group know. We'll talk about that I didn't I don't have any pictures for that says keep safe out there guys delivering out in the backroads of Hopkins. I guarantee it was out a gr six. And as I'm walking back to the car to Pitbull mixes Dart at me, happens all the time, didn't think anything of it. One takes a chunk out of my jacket and the other takes a chunk out of my right thigh family was home to help me with bandages didn't call 911 because they had two middle schoolers at home and didn't want them to lose two dogs on top of being stuck at home during COVID. Remember, these are only packages, it's not worth losing a chunk out of your life considering its gig work without health benefits. So someone posted huge props are not calling 911 seeing the big picture. Someone else posted the big picture, sir, if two dogs run out to me like that, and are aggressive, I'm gonna do whatever to defend myself and I would have called 911 and see the big picture for what these dogs will probably do that to someone else. But we didn't do nothing to avoid this happening in the in the name of seeing the big picture. Okay. thoughts on that? Yes, for?
Well, first of all, I like to point out I think pitbulls has a bad bad rap as a breed.
I think they do. But if you if you own them right there and look them up.
Exactly. That's my that's my point. If you're if you're doing right by them, they're they're great dogs. That's my boy I'm trying to get at. So I don't think you should. This is not about the the pitfall of them. The dog should be that way. That's my point. Exactly. And but I also think that I think that the second texter has a huge point. You can't You can't chalk this one up to the bigger picture. Ah, not because you don't know what's going to happen next. Yeah. two dogs are gonna turn on the kids.
Yes, totally.
Well, not just the kids. But neighborhoods. He makes a good point that, I mean, everyone gets Amazon packages all the time, there's going to be another driver that drives up there. And I've had a couple of times where I've thrown the package on the top of a car. I've driven up rolled the window down, had the package threw it on the car because I didn't want to get out because he saw a dog. Not because I saw it but I saw the hair on the back of his neck and I
I don't mess with you did see the dog.
I did see the dog. No, no, yeah, I should explain. I felt that that dog might not be the best friend. We might not be best friends. Even with a treat I have in my car. We don't we're not going to be best friends. The hair sticking up in the back of the neck. I love German Shepherds, but they're very protective of their home. Yes. And I had one the other day and I did but the hair wasn't sticking up. I did get out and it was fine. Yeah. Right.
I was just gonna say I've seen German Shepherds being just as aggressive. Oh,
yeah, more aggressive. They're
very protective. And pitbulls. Yes. Yeah.
So tell me about let's do your story. And then then
I know we've talked about it. But yeah, last spring I did an Uber Eats delivery to the house and the Pitbull was running out around the front yard and actually had gone into the street and stuff. Well, then he had gone into the house. So I thought okay, here's my chance. I'll just run the food up while the people there were moving furniture. So they had a truck backed up to the front door and the front door was open. Oh, yeah. So I got up there, I put the food on the thing. And I took a picture of it and the dog came flying out of the house and literally jumped off the porch latch onto my arm and bit me hard. And now enough to break the skin through my coat. And he like go went back into the house and then two dogs came out. I ran back I got back into my car and the owner came out and I was like, you know, I was literally shaking. It's so scary. You know, because I i when i first got there and I saw the dog outside, I wanted to think the better of the dogs, my German shepherds and you know, I'm like, Okay, I'm not gonna be afraid of this dog. It's gonna be okay, everything's good. I'm just gonna bring it up and I think this literally jumped off the porch and laughs
I think you probably scared it because it didn't you like laying the food down and he came out the same time. It was Like this symbiotic like, no, because I had backed up to take a picture. Okay,
but still Yeah. But I can see him, you know it was protecting his property. Yeah, whatever, you know, I got that. So, and I didn't do anything for two days. Yeah. And I really didn't even know I was bit bad until I got home because it didn't break the my coat. But it still bust through even though after I got home, and then I took my coat off and I pulled up my shirt. I'm like, oh, cats, you know? First my skin. Yeah. And so and so then I finally reported it to Uber. And they're like, well, we can help you with the, you know, work with their insurance. Yeah, there's something I was like, well, you guys aren't gonna do anything for me. I mean, if you didn't have to go to the ER or anything, they're not gonna do shit. Yeah. You know, I still got to puncture holes on my skin. Yeah. Did you go to the ER, I did not. Yeah, because it didn't. So it didn't break the coat. So the tooth didn't actually get into my skin. Right? So that's why I didn't do what I did. Yeah. Then like, a week later or two weeks later, I was doing another Uber Eats delivery and a German Shepherd came flying out of the house. I had the hair on the head that he actually burst through the door came out so frightening. And you know, I'm like, and I was trying to be direct Yes, that that does help. No sit. Yeah, like just be it be big. Yep. No sit and he he backed up and he kind of backed up. Yeah, the owners came out like are really sorry. And all that and the lady is like, you know, he doesn't buy he doesn't mind. Like effin Hey, when they like look, I got bit by Pitbull two weeks ago, right? I'm not taking any chances here. So then after that, I got this guy. It's a little Yeah. Right. Yep. palm. It's a pepper spray. I have kept it in my pocket since so what's what do you think? What's so special about that? Just it's, it's just small, but okay, I can shoot up to 10 you know? I mean, look,
don't press it. No. Can you imagine if you press Yeah, yeah, you actually have to flip it. Okay, guys.
So but it can clip under your belt, and it looks small. So fits in my pocket. Yeah, you know, and it's like, okay, at least I have something. So you know, to Jasper's thing. I looked up. pitfalls. Yeah, more bites are done by pitfalls. Yeah. than any other. It's true. And what there's a video on YouTube, you can look it up this this pit ball is running down the street. There's a couple coming out of a church where they're like nine year old daughter 10 year old daughter and literally the dog ran past the dad pass the mom who was holding the daughter's hand bit the daughter young on because it's the weakest link at that point was like, and they were like, Where did this come from? I mean, they they're walking out of church, right? Nothing expected and yeah, dog attacks them.
Yeah. I mean, I don't want to shit on pit bulls too much.
I know. I and I'm with you on that. I get it. But
so you still have PTSD from that, like, every time a dog barks you're gonna.
I'm like, literally when I check when I come up to a house. You're constantly
looking for?
Well, I'm looking for if there is a dog, right? Because you can see tracks. Yeah, like, like they have a place that they come out. Yeah, they get tied or rope. Yeah.
That's tough. I get it, man. What I typically do if a dog runs out, I have treats in my car before I get out. I treat them from the car. And then when I get out, and then I usually split it in half. It's gonna Sam gave me some trees because I kept lying to the dogs that I said I was gonna
kill him.
She's like, You're an asshole. Like, here's some trees.
I'm like, I
have two dogs at home. I could bring my own But anyways, I treat him when I get out like half of it. And then when I'm walking back, I treat him again. But you should keep treats with you too.
Yeah, I haven't. I haven't not done that. So but between that pit ball and the German Shepherd, like within two weeks time period,
I can feel your like I feel your pain because I know delivering packages or food. It doesn't matter. Like I you know, I
look at like the male guy today. I
saw a male guy and he's walking around. I'm like, every day he's thinking all the time. That seems stressful. Well, he knows his house. Like we he knows his route. He's going to the same route every time. Yeah, right. Anyways, we got delve deep and he's
getting a lot better paid than you are Chris.
Yeah, for sure. Government Benny's
government money. All right. Well,
you know, guys, I appreciate everyone listening. We're gonna kind of wrap up the show and just kind of end it on that because we're about an hour 25 then but before I do, I wanted to let you know that we would love to have you support us on Patreon. I put this you know what I forgot. Hold on.
I was gonna start carrying numb chucks and just
I know I saw that. Hold on. I totally forgot. We got to do this first. Thank you. Yes. for not telling me Oh, you probably sent me a message, didn't you?
I did y'all Yes.
First got me. Hey, taxes. Yo, this has gotten complicated. Do not do TurboTax they sent 80 million stimulus checks to the wrong bank accounts. Do you really want to use TurboTax? Please don't use TurboTax don't do them yourself skirting more tax and accounting 940 1045. He's filling up right now. We're almost done with the ad campaign. He would really love for you to call him right now and schedule it. He can help you anywhere you are. Michigan wherever he can. He's gonna make it right. You know, yes. He tells a story where he did his taxes himself or somebody else. And then he brought him to his accountant. And he ended up making what like a couple grand. Yep,
yep. I when I when I brought him there. I thought it was gonna pay 800 bucks. When I got him back. I got two grand back.
Yeah, get the professional they will get the money for you.
They will get no fight for it. Because Yeah, yeah. Is it is cheapest? TurboTax? Of course not. But even with me with my 7610, nine or 1099? I think I pay. No, I haven't not used skirting board just because he's a newer advertiser. But my account, I think I paid like 250. Right. Yeah, it sounds expensive. But then you actually have an accountant that you can, you know, feed back to if you have Tax Questions or benefits or anything like that. Okay.
The other thing when you have an accountant, if you happen to be multicol and if the IRS wants audit one audit, then they'll help you.
Yes, for sure.
They'll help you get ready for the audit. So
yeah, TurboTax ain't gonna do shit for you. They're gonna be like, ooh, sorry. Here's your download. Good luck. Yeah. So, yes. All right. So back to Patreon. We would love for you to support us. If you go to patreon.com and search the geek economy podcast. There's a $5 tier, a $10 tier, the $10 tier gets you extra episodes. In fact, Mike delivers podcast got put on there last night. So they got it a couple weeks early so they can listen to his podcasts early. And but yeah, you get merged next, or podcasts a month and before show banter. Probably should do after show banner because Chris has gotten me frickin buzz, man. I apologize for the end of the show being a little sloppy, but Chris gave me a little more in my glass. And I'm like, good, Lord. So I want to thank you all for listening. I want to thank the new people, Tim. Apparently he's from Bowling Green. Antonio. Yeah, check out oil luber.com you should do it, man. They're always looking for people to sign up to change oil.
I have both Tim.
What's up?
What about Tim?
Oh, the nine millimeter and the mace Yay. We're not gonna get into that. That's your own personal decision. But thank thanks for all the new people that joined in I I super appreciate that. And like I said, if we'd love to support go to patreon.com search gig economy. podcast. Tony, I love it. That whiskey is worth it, man. Keep it up.
All right, y'all have a good night. All right. Thanks, guys. Bye. Bye bye.
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