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Wait a minute.

What music is that? It's the Irish music. Hey, guys. Welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. I thought I'd change it up. Yes. His face was priceless. He was like, What

the hell do I want? Do we start with a technical? I mean, let's Good job, Jason.

This is the real one. So hey, guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. Megan. I know you can hear what could you hear? We weren't saying anything. I mean, what are you doing? Tonight? We have Mike from Mike delivered. Megan. Well, I am being nice to her. She said you didn't we know you can hear you right like we're breathing heavy into the microphone or what? This studio is sponsored by Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid we can't thank them enough for supporting the show and Megan is one of the employees I don't know I hate saying that she's the employees like she's the owner's daughter and works there I don't know how he

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huh? I don't know why my anniversary isn't coming up anytime soon. Is that what you're talking about?

Oh, no, I'm not I'm not talking about

Oh, you're talking about the third yearly. manual and the Yeah, annual whatever. Park tech that picnic Thank You see, I

know more beers for you,

well, you kind of just throw these things at me It's crazy. So the third annual picnic in the park, which is on a special day this year, it is on 911, actually. And it's the same location as last year. So it is in Riverside Park. And if you will sign up for our newsletter, you will get it there. But it's also going to be posted later this week on our website as well. So we'll have all the stats about that. But basically, it is one of the big part 10 grand habits and if you're not currently whatever you want to come go ahead and schedule a hotel room Come on in for there'll be lots of fun. A lot lots of free food. Hopefully some just good opportunity to get to know other people in the in the rideshare. Not in the gig economy.

Yeah, Mike already booked his plane ticket. So No, I'm just kidding. I got like

two tickets, two tickets, and it's in like 20 seconds. Wow. I'll

see you guys there.

I'm really I'm really smart with with apps and equipment like Unbelievable. Unbelievable job by may see you there.

We knew that Mike? Yes. So we had you on a couple

things. If you want any merch from the gig county podcast again, go to the website, click on the merge button and all kinds of T shirts or you can get a comforter, you can get a throw pillow with our logo on it. Maybe yes, maybe we need to do like cartoon headshots. And we can upload that too. And maybe it'd be fun. Also, thank you to our Patreon members, Keith from Georgia. Janet from New Zealand, Larry from Bowling Green Samson from GR and Ron g from San Francisco. Also real quick, the telegram group, we're looking for new members and that if you click on the link in the description, we all talk gig work. Okay, it's been a little light on gig work because of the pandemic. But it is a fun community. If you're ever bored driving or delivering food or whatever. And you want to join with a bunch of like minded people that do the same thing. Click on that link and download the app. And then of course rideshare rodeo him and I are kind of friends in the podcast business. You can check him out. He's got great interviews. He's His name is Steve. He's out of Denver, Colorado. If you look up rideshare rodeo podcast and any of your podcasting apps you will find it there. And finally Mike from Mike delivers podcasts Mike and I I think I introduced from a guy on Twitter that really loves you. Door Dasher. What's his name?

Remember? Well, I don't know either right now and he does like both of our shows. So good job by me starting off with I don't remember. Yeah, I'm not sure. But yeah, he's an awesome guy. I know. He follows I send them a DM saying thank you. So I feel bad. That bad now in a sense, but yeah, he introduced us. He got us connected. He said, I like your podcast. Mike. I like your podcast. And then boom. synergy brought us together.

Yep. And Mike. Mike has been on. Not this main one. But we did an interview with them. And then I've been on his show. I think that's it right? Just one each. This is the third. That's it.

Okay, one on one. This is number three. Yeah. Number 3111. Yeah, that's right. Yeah,

I tell you, if you are, especially if you're a delivery driver, because Mike currently only delivers for one.

overeats That's it. Yeah.

Damn it, Mike. And then that bonus is huge. And then there's, so if you do deliver just food. I mean, if you're a rideshare driver, you're gonna get a kick out of it, too. But you will listen to Mike stories and be like, dude, like, I've literally been in that position probably today. And I'm super pissed at it as well. So yeah, check him out. Mike delivers podcasts as I said that right?

Yeah, no, I appreciate that. Yeah, just give my stories from the road as an Uber each driver, I'm in northern New Jersey and Essex County. So talking about all the crazy crap I see on the road, talk about all the people I interact with all the frustration and the anxiety and the energy that you get at restaurants when someone says up before minutes. And you know, that means it's gonna be 17 minutes, all of that stuff. And then I like to interview different celebrities and friends and talking about their experiences with food delivery, and my wife and I as well. We'll get the food delivered to us and then we'll review the experience so we kind of put it all together full circle. Put it with that and all things UberEATS so it's fun.

By the way, I saw that BK chicken sandwich what the hell dude, that thing looks so gross. That lettuce. Yeah, it was you know, the

funny thing about that sandwich is it's disgusting. And it's terrible. But I loved it at the same time. People like the some of these chicken sandwiches because there's a nostalgia feeling to it so my wife and I wanted to review because like the big craze now is the chicken sandwiches. Yeah, so I wanted we've been trying all of them where we did last month. And the BK one was disgusting, but part of me really enjoyed it. I don't I it's hard to explain. I don't like man. I think man AIDS is the most disgusting vile thing on earth. So I got it without the Manet's. So when you look at the photo and you see it on my Twitter page, yeah, it looks pathetic. dire. I mean, it looks the chicken looks pathetic. It's got like, little lettuce leaves like flying in the air. It doesn't look good. So that's true.

I was more worried about the lettuce. I'm like, this is this is bad question. Have you had all the chicken sandwiches at Wendy's? Are you got? I know you hate Wendy's? Right? Is that it? Was that somebody else?

I like Wendy's to eat it. I don't like Wendy's to pick up from it. Okay, based on the way at least here in New Jersey. When you get there the orders not ready. But I enjoy spicy chicken sandwich when I was a youngster. I liked it. Yeah, it was good stuff. Yeah, I'm

addicted to the psagot Ranch chicken sandwich. I always order it spicy. No tomato with a strawberry lemonade. And it's gone like this. Probably Manet's mix ranch on it. And then it's got bacon. All dude and lettuce. Seems so weird. Why that he doesn't like Manet's

strawberry lemonade. What's

so good.

Mike, have you had their strawberry lemonade?

I have not had their strawberry lemonade. What makes it so good? I don't know. The sugar? Probably lemons. Yeah, probably all of it together. Is it really strawberry? Or is it really lemonade tea,

I would say strawberry that.

That's like I had to dig in that I added. I'm digging that.

So my next time you get an order for Wendy's and you can not take it right? Then you should go ahead and put it and kind of talk about it on Facebook and kind of talk, you know, tag, tag that profile and see if you can get a little bit of, of kind of badness from their profile, because they have they have really, then Wendy's is known for just harping at everybody. Oh, yeah,

they're brutal on Twitter.

They really are nasty. Who did they go after they had somebody that they burned? Really? Well, I can't remember if it was like there was a sports reference they did. I can't remember exactly. But they they do go after people. That would be an honor. I mean, I'd love Wendy's in their x million amount of people went after me. And they were like, Hey, you Mike delivers get better at delivering food or whatever they want to say, Yeah, I'd love that. Bring it on Monday. You're like, Bring it. Bring the heat.

So you are officially officially been been encouraged to to do that. Mike, come on. All right.

I'm ready for it. I'm ready for it. I'm like Wendy's. Bring the heat. Let's have some fun. Let's go.

So Megan, comment in the chat said Do you guys know that she can't run a minivan for spring break because of gig work? I wonder what that was? I was wondering about that, too, what that meant. So it gives us a little bit more details that Megan, I don't know if she's still online. But she said it a couple minutes ago. But we'll let her respond as we move forward. So what we typically do on the show is we do some stories from the last podcast, I definitely do have some stories. But Mike seems to like I actually feel kind of guilty when I come to the podcast, I love stories because I probably work more hours than you. I just don't, I don't know if I'm not looking for them, or I need to write them down, or whatever. But I don't have the stories like you do. But here are my lame stories. Compared to Mike's that I see. Two things happen, I delivered to the same house on two different apps at the same time. So I had Uber Eats running and doordash. And I get an order for Starbucks. And then I'm like driving to that. And then I get an order for McDonald's right across the street. So I at that time, I didn't know it was the same house. And so I make one up and pick the other and then I actually run two phones. So I hit navigate for them. And they both had the exact directions. And so I'm like, Oh, they must be like neighbors. So I'm driving along and then it's the same house. And then and then one said hand to the customer and one said take a picture. And I'm like, Okay, what do I do here? Well, she happened to open the door and I just I got such a kick out of and she looked like I was high basically Starbucks for the parents, McDonald's for the guys.

What was the what was the tip? Like? Were they consistent with the tip on both? It was one like a great tip. And then the other one was like, but this person sucks. But this person is awesome. No,

no, because I don't take shitty orders with bad tips. True. So I mean, it's a fair point. I mean, unless they I've noticed with doordash if they start stacking them, I never take the stacks anymore because every single time the stacked order is a shitty order and there's barely no tip on it. But it makes it look interesting. The right for for one more mile, earn three more dollars and it doesn't sound like like, Oh, one more mile $3 but sometimes it's a different restaurant. Like it's not the same restaurant so it might be across the street. So you're actually doing more work. So I've been declined in those stacks except on Uber. I mean, Uber doesn't cheat you the base pay so Uber stacks are okay, but yeah, the tips are similar. I mean, I again, I thought It was hilarious. And she kind of looked at me like maybe she was hung over. I don't know. But it was early in the morning.

I love I love that. I mean, like, to me, it's somebody that's interested in saying telling stories from the road. If that happened to me, I mean, it would be the highlight of my week. That's easy, the same, the same house to different I've never had that happen. I've never Nope, never had something like that. The only thing I can think of that was similar. It's the thing that jogged my mind that I thought was kind of similar was I picked up an Uber Eats order, and it was at a Chinese restaurant. And I drove it to somebody at their house, and it was leave it at the door. And when I got to the door, there was another food order that was waiting, which I've seen a bunch of times, I guess if like, one person wants this for dinner, and the other person wants that for dinner, but then I got there and the other person also Ordered Chinese from a different restaurant. Okay. I was fascinated that there was like a bag in my head. I'm like, there's a battle going on in this house where they were fighting like I want to get from Chinese restaurant a, I want to get from Chinese restaurant being like, Well, you know what, we're just going to go our separate route. Because I think this place is better. I think that place is better. I was fascinated by that, that we get Chinese food at the same night at the same time to different restaurants. I thought that was incredible. Yeah.

I mean, you talk about first world problems when you're fighting over, you know what I mean? are like, I getting my Starbucks and the kids are going to McDonald's. Like how great do we have in America that you have the money to do that you tip on both of them? I don't know. It's fascinating. Yeah, that's the first time it's happened. And I don't probably the only time it probably I mean, what, what is it again? It was a Saturday or Sunday morning. And I know people are gonna hate me for this. But I find those mornings profitable in my area. I do very well, because there's not as many people out. I don't do the late night. I do the early morning. So. So yeah. Christina asked, Do people really do that to phones? We have I know

of several drivers in our market who does two phones, definitely.

I think when I just did rideshare. And I just had Uber and Lyft. One phone was probably okay is two apps. But literally, I have four or five apps running at the same time. I know it sounds bad, but sometimes. And sometimes I get overwhelmed and I have to turn one of them off. So having two phones gives me the opportunity to kind of break that up a little bit. So I'm not on one phone all the time. So yeah, I use an Android phone for doordash and amazon flex and I use my regular personal phone for like Uber Eats and ride share, but I don't do ride share right now.

personal phone being your iPhone.

Yeah. My iPhone. Yeah. And yes. To your chagrin, I am actually enjoying the Android phone I like the the overlays and that kind of stuff. So as much as I love my iPhone, I have enjoyed the now it is a Google Pixel phone. It's not some Samsung.

Wow. And that's the thing too, right? I mean, pixel is meant to be just that standalone, it standalone. There's not a bunch of additional software bloatware. bloatware to just make it worse. And so they I find too that the pixels work better. I've had Samsung's in the past too. And I just I like my pixels, they work a ton better.

And I know Mike's got an iPhone

Well, I'm I have an iPhone so I'm curious like the you know how you are going back and forth between two different style of phones like for me because I've only had an iPhone for so long if I'm like, you know, swiping and then with this, you don't swipe you do something differently, that would kind of freak me out and get me nervous. Then you have the ability as a true skill to go from a droid or whatever that the other one was. Yeah, to an iPhone. I mean that to me beyond. Beyond that you're managing seven apps at the same time with your you know, with a blindfold on how the fact that you're able to just switch between those two phones is very impressive. Well, I

appreciate the compliment. Thankfully, Android has started to mimic a little bit of the iPhone stuff for so software.

It's really the other way around. Well,

okay, well, Android is notorious for a back button. Well, I don't have that on my Android phone. I swipe up just like I do an iPhone. So it hasn't been as as troublesome but you would love the overlay. Like the overlay is sweet. And what I mean by that is you can have different stuff on different apps and see it at the same time. Oh, wow. Yeah, it's it's pretty nice. But it also can get a little hairy carry. So yes, I do use two phones. I actually recommended this phone I have is through xfinity mobile. It's by the gig and then and I'm going back to work on Monday and my gig works gonna go way down. So I'll just use my phone and turn that one off so then I don't pay for service for six months now fire backup in the in the in the fall. So

you got you got you have this organized man. No, I'm not. That's the

you're getting there. You're getting there. So why don't you tell me about your story. I'm interested as I read what it could be.

Alright, well, this this week, I picked up food and I delivered it to somebody That's really boring, but I'll spice up the story a little bit. There's more to that. And on the instructions that said, this is the kind of content you get on my podcast, I delivered food dropped it off. It was a great time. unbeli and they tip $3 incredible stuff. But what happened was they had a note and it said, ring the doorbell. Wait for me. Come meet me at the door. Handoff the food. So I rang the doorbell. And it was like two minutes later. I'm like, Alright, it's been two minutes What's going on here? And just as I'm like, should I call him Should I ring the doorbell again? Just as as I'm about to ring the doorbell he opens the door. And he There he is. And his pants are unbuttoned fly down and kind of opened up. But they're, you know, when you have your pants on, I'm not gonna I won't say but we have your pants on. But they're with their up, but they're just they're open your hips

or your hips are holding them up. But they're just like, open. Yeah.

So I'm like, Okay, what now? I'm like, okay, so there's so many options to what was going on? Right? I mean, I know for me personally, when my pants are like that, there's like four different things that are a possibility. But now I'm like, what, what was he doing? Was it something you know? That's like a lot of fun that you can do something like, or was it something like you weren't feeling well? Or was it going to the bathroom as like, and he was like, I gotta go get that food. I couldn't take another six seconds to put up my pants. I'm like, Well, I don't know. Did he wash his hands? Because his pants are like that. So I just have so many questions that I want answered. I didn't ask him because I felt uncomfortable about that. But that's basically where I stood with that. And I just want closure on why why the guy didn't you know, complete the deal with pants.

Yeah. What did he think you were gonna take the food with you?

I mean, why, like, just you can hang out for another 20 seconds. Zip that bad boy up, put the belt in the buckle. We call today was a really good order. It was like 14 minutes to make $11 it was like, quick, snappy. I was gonna hang out for a little bit. I was fine with it. But I'm

really hoping for that, you know?

Yeah. Well, now I'm like, I want to know what happened with an opportunity.

Yeah. So that was a better tip there, Mike. Oh.

Yeah, I don't I don't know if I was in the mood for that tip. To be honest, I had a lot more deliveries to take care of that day. And, you know, the podcast is Mike delivers. But we're not going that far. Right. Fortunately,

he only delivers food, not tips. Right?

Not me, not me. So this literally made it interesting, I

think. So I sent a referral to doordash for Mike, he hasn't started it yet. You're gonna find the platform a little challenging. Once you get used to it. You'll I think you'll be okay with it. But one thing that I found that is frustrating with doordash is so like Uber is like, what? So what do you do on Uber, which I've never had it happen? Now remember? Ubers? Probably third on my list as far as activity for me. Okay. What do you do when someone's not there? And you? You're supposed to hand it to them? Is there a timer or something

like, yeah, there's a timer once you give them a call, and they don't, they don't respond. And eight minute clock starts. And it's like 759 748. So in theory, you have to wait those minutes. Yeah, it's eight minutes. But I honestly, that rarely happens where it gets down. I've only had it happen one time or went down to zero. every other time. People are usually there. I mean, I gotta be honest. But yeah, that's what happens. And then and obviously, with the pandemic, there's been a lot more contactless delivery. So the majority of my deliveries, I'm just, you know, interacting with cement and just putting it out on the ground and making sure that the food is not angled in front of the door, so when they open it, they can actually pick it up. So that's really it. I'm not I'm not getting that far. But the clock will start and one time it got to zero just one time. Okay,

so doordash is a five minute and I've never had it with Uber. I don't I don't even mess around with it anymore. I don't even wait. I just said handed customer I know that's not right. But I'm not waiting around for five minutes. Oh, it seems like an eternity. Like when you're when you're hustling. It's just like, I can't wait five minutes. I'm sorry. You're taking a shit or whatever you're doing or Yeah, your pants down to your ankles, not waiting for you. And then you get the obligatory handed customer and then the note says put on front porch. So doordash I bet half of mine say that so it's super frustrating but well that was very interesting.

That was the that one stuck out to me The guy with his but what I guess I'll just close it off with this was he seemed like there was nothing wrong with it. Oh, he's like casually interacting, like, okay, thank you so much. I'm like, No, you don't that doesn't like if my pants are down and someone's at the door. I'm hiding stuff. I'm not I'm not interacting with somebody like thank you for giving me the mail today.

I appreciate it sounds kind of odd to

train funny.

So funny. All right before we jump into gig economy news and I'm talking about Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. They are located on Stafford off of 44th Street just east of 131 you can schedule online irvine.com or call them at 532 6600 My goal is not to have it be my car and there between now and the fall that's my goal. I got like four days left.

Not gonna happen

Josh your miles. But they have amazing Google reviews. I need to update that picture because I think it's a 4.8 now with almost 300 reviews. They're amazing. They're the best in the area. They also are hiring so if you are an ASE certified tech and don't want to work weekends, give them a call. Oh great Meghan Ceylon. She just gonna. So there's a there's a podcaster called Eric Zane and I basically their big sponsor or vices of his podcast, and then I poached them. And then Zane always says that I just basically say what he says which I do because I listened to his podcast all the time. Anyways, no one cares about that. Call Irvine's f5, three to 6600 or Irvine calm. Yes, bird Did you call yet?

I did that because I just haven't yet. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to spend that money on that stupid guy. And well, if

you're gonna use it to deliver I mean, that thing's gonna fall apart on your second delivery.

I get two deliveries out of it.

There's a to it to hell of deliveries right there. Yeah,

they better been great. They better.

I yeah, we I got it. I gotta figure something out. I don't know whether whether I want to put any more money into that black cow. Just let it die. It's one of those. I got to figure it out.

Eddie. Eddie. Quit spamming Mike's Patreon on here. What the hell?

Did he hop on?

Can you see the comments, Mike? No, I can't see. Be able to see the comments. So up on the far right corner. It should say comments.

Yeah, maybe they're not coming in. Maybe I have to login would that be?

Oh, nope. Oh,

he's well, he'll be bad guys.

Take the go. Oh, did you kick up maybe?

I tried to I tried to go in the comment section. I'd screwed it up on the comments any say

that? He said everyone joined patreon.com slash Mike delivers pod

of course, as you can. You can say it but then you have to say I was three times now. That's how it is. That's so funny.

Eddie's Eddie's a good. A good fan. Good friend of the I love that.

I love that. Thank

Thank you, Eddie. You're a good guy.

You're hustling so that's awesome. That's all right.

We're all hustling. Alright, first up. This is kind of funny. This is a picture out of Detroit the Reddit group while actually I think it wasn't the Reddit group in Detroit but it says instructions I know this is doors dashes is handed to me. Can you come to the side door I owe the weed man money next door and he was gonna see I'm getting food I just told him I was Fw up I don't know what that means.

I do know I have no idea

something some basically it sounds like he was just broke yeah and that's what he wanted to do. So but

yeah wanted money

but he wanted That's funny. Like you wanted food Yeah,

yeah. What are like 2021 story in a pandemic with like food delivery when like your big concern right now are getting high because whatever's going on sucks but you want to eat your food at the same time you can't I mean talk about a dilemma in your life like holy crap thing I know that like I need my weed but I also need my you know my BK chicken sandwich without the mayonnaise on it a little pieces of lettuce. That guy's got a lot to deal with right there he does.

How dry was that sandwich by the way with no man he didn't put any kind of like no, I

think I just think man is is useless. I think it has no flavor. I think it's slimy i think it's it's got

to get Did you at least put like like what to call catch up? Yeah, man. I was gonna say I was saying with

mustard miracle.

Miracle What? no miracle. That's that's nasty stuff.

No, it's just nasty. goes great on a BK sandwiches. Yeah. You've never had I've never had Miracle Whip on your burger king. Oh, I love it.

What are you guys doing?

I had Miracle Whip but it's nasty. I like milk.

Yeah, no, it was it dry. Yeah, it was it was it was really dry. And that's something that I'll admit, like, I don't put band aids on these things. So every time I'm like, this is dry and it could use something and my wife will be like yeah dipshit that's why they put the Manet's on Yeah,

you're right. I will say though Burger King I don't go there often but they do heavy Manet's thing it's pretty like having all their stuff. Yeah, yeah, Eddie says you don't like eggs either?

Yeah, I don't like it. Oh,

all your secrets out my

Yeah, what else you got? Boy?

Well, this is my fault. This is on you guys because I you know I did a nice little tweet there and yeah, now it is all over. Yeah I don't like I don't like eggs I don't like Manet's I'm picky about cheeses. This is coming across like a terrible either, but I really and I mean this and I'll defend myself here. I pride myself on eating pretty much anything like if you like give me food. I will try it I will eat it. I love all sorts of cuisines. I'm all over the map with things I'll eat. There's just a couple of things. I'm really really picky about the one of the most in particular eggs. They really skeeves me out. I've just I can't do eggs. They really creeped me out. I just a guy piatti of diners, drive ins and dives doesn't like eggs. So there's I think there's people that are like anti eggs. I think it's a thing.

How about fried liver? Come on You like that?

I would I would try it. I don't know if I've I haven't had it maybe in a while, but I would eat it like that would I'd be more scared to go in front of a plate of scrambled eggs than I would to be to have like, here's a nice fried liver sandwich with a couple of onions on top. That would really Excuse me?

Yeah. Friday was delicious. And I'm not sure I would want a sandwich. Yeah, you know.

Let's see it. Let's Let's have some fried liver. Let's do it as a community, right eggs. Hey,

on a cold on a piece of rye bread. That's delicious. All right.

I like the only eggs I like is scrambled when they're runny or anything like that. It's nasty. I grow.

Okay. All right. Here we go. Anti eggs. I'm telling you that like No, I don't. I just don't. The hard boiled egg. I'm like you're out. People go to a restaurant or they get the Devil Devil thing. I'm like you're going to a restaurant. And you're spending nine to $11 on this when there's other things on the menu. Like there's fried calamari on the menu. You've got some buffalo wings on the menu and you're gonna go get this egg that split open. It's writing down it out here. What the hell's wrong with people?

It's running out of your burger all

gooey. People thought yeah, that's the whole thing. Like, you pop it in runs all over your burger. That's such sophisticated BS. Give me a break thought runs on your burger.

I only probably only need three to four eggs a day, you know? No bad.

Oh, that's it?


All right. Let's move on. Do

you like your eggs? Alright, I'll stop. I'll stop.

Anyway, anyway, I like him. But anyways, are you gonna play the next one?

What are you gonna describe it? Or we're just gonna play it? Well, you always do. You always do.

You don't put them in this

point of God, what is the point of me having you present if you're just gonna, you're gonna


Well, this put something out there. So this is a tick tock. And it is a a recipient of a delivery. And she has a few things to say.

And a gift card from doordash for my birthday from this summer that I hadn't used. So I was like, oh, today is the perfect day to use it. Because I would really like to eat my feelings today can suck it. So I ordered some food and the doordash guy hands me my food and then says restroom. And I said I'm sorry. He had a mask on. I couldn't really hear him. And he goes, can I use your restroom? And I said, No, no, you cannot. And he looked at me like how dare I and I was like, single female. Today would absolutely be the day that I get murdered by some stranger. So no, your dude go pee in the bushes. And if you think you're going to come into my house and have diarrhea,

you have another thing coming.

I'd rather get murdered first.

I thought it was funny when she's got a good point. But but but here's the thing, though, to the delivery drivers. He didn't know she was single.


He might have he might have known that. I think

he noticed that. That's always the struggle out in the road. Right is going to the bathroom. And I said I guess with you know, even with the pandemic, it's it's a little. I mean, there's very few restaurants I guess chick fil a doesn't let you use the bathrooms. You now have to pick the food up in their lobby. But they have everything blocked off. Like it's like a little entryway. I would say most

Johnny's Come on what's the big deal?

Wow. I mean, yeah. But when you're going into restaurants, it's very convenient. If you have to go to the bathroom. For sure.

Just do it before you pick up the food.

Yes, that that is a serious issue. I mean, I can tell you in this area, at least in New Jersey, and it's opened up a bit, but there was a point where everything was closed. I mean, and I mean, there were times where we're like this is this is a problem. Well, yeah, not not. I can hold it in. I mean, this is a problem. I'm 37 I'm an adult so I'm pretty good at like holding in my urine and understanding that going in your pants is wrong and appropriate and would look bad. And the probably wouldn't help me on my deliveries and would feel uncomfortable. So there was one time I had to pull over and I had to go behind a dumpster. I was like there's just nothing. There's just it's either this is better than the other alternative. I had to do it. We still have a lot of restaurants like McDonald's is Yeah, no go I personally would never ask anybody to go in their house. No, I rather I rather just go in my pants then have the embarrassment of asking like somebody Hey, can I use your bag? I'm so socially awkward. I would have no interest in that. That gives me you know, so much fear. What's that? You know, Jason

does he has a bottle in his car?

do you do that?

I respect that. That's that's that. That's that lemonade you were talking about from from Wendy's, right?

Yes, I am a savage everyone. It's the joke of the telegram group. It's a joke of this podcast. I have worked in a field where I'm in a truck. For my lawn care job. I'm always never near a bathroom. I mean, what are you going to do? I mean, you just, you gotta go, you gotta go. And thankfully, God blessed me with a tool that I'm able to do that. And it'd be suck it suck if you're a woman, but yes, I do have a bottle. I do.

What happens to the bottle? Oh, that's

a funny joke to

questioning so get ready for it gave just said there's.

So the bottle is like right in my door. And so I pee in it. And I just put it in the door and one time. So there's a carwash brand. I don't know if you have it in New Jersey. It's called Mr. Mr. carwash? I don't know. I don't think so. But anyways, they have a little detail thing where you can pay a little extra each month on top of your car wash plan and you drive up and they like wipe everything down real quick vacuum or mats or whatever. Well, one time. I had my bottle in the door and the guy took it out and threw it away. And they gave me such a hard time because like that guy touched your pee bottle. You are a savage. Oh my gosh. I'm glad Gabe brought that up. So if I do go there again, I actually hide it in my I have a trunk space. I have an SUV, which really doesn't have a trunk, but it has some hiding spaces in the back where I hide my drugs and stuff. Right? That's where I put the bottle if I take it to the carwash, but yeah,

how many ounces?

Oh God I didn't can believe anyone asked that. I don't know. 12 ounces. It's a vital it's a vitamin water bottle

is that I don't I've never peed in a bottle. Something like is that one sitting robot? Would that fill up? Oh, that's too so you get two sittings in that it's

two and if the second one is really full, you are flirten death right there. I'm just throwing that out there.

My I am impressed by the level of detail.

I talk to you Mike's great

fascinated by this. That's really, really interesting. So that that must that must get scary, though. When you're on like the second second. Go. Yeah. And you're looking at the bottle and you're looking down your means the same time you're managing two different apps because you're running for things and you're peeing in a bottle. You got your three hands working here. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. Yeah.

And, and I will always my car has tinted windows on the driver side and the passenger side like the back. It's 10 and all the way around. I will have that forever. My next car. If it doesn't have a tent, I'd be like I'm taking it right to the 10 shop. I'm like, tip these windows up.

In my car, I need help tint the windows.

Yeah, and get a bigger now

you know what? time you get Jason's car in the bottle. Now I have to

get rid of the bow before I bring it in. I'm not gonna lie. I've left it in there before when I spend a shot. All right, moving on. I'm cutting this out on Monday. I this is

I'm putting it back in now. That's funny. I like

your questions, though. I appreciate that. You got it. Okay, so this is another one of those videos of this is what you don't do when you deliver food. We'll play that real quick. So for the audio listeners, guy walks out there's a camera leans against the door. It looks like a McDonald's bag. I swear it looks like a hashbrown he's this watch this guy's Tell me if you think that's right. Or he's pulling it out of the bag.

Oh, yeah, that's a hairstyle

or something. It was something maybe skinnier than a hashbrown No, it's

my dog.

Is it all right. Like it was a brutal film. Yeah, it's so odd, like

so he's down.

It's only 10 days old.

Yeah, it's not that all. Oh, and look at the screen. How you know who that guy is? I mean, holy cow. That's a perfect screenshot there. But yeah, I don't I honestly don't understand why people insist on doing this. Everyone has a camera, everyone.

So why do it in front of the house. When you get there? You had the whole delivery to eat the food. You're going to do it now. I wonder if he just gets off on that. Like it's his thing. Like it's his calling card. Oh, let me see if I can risk it. Let me eat this hashbrown in front of the door because you had the whole drive, whatever. That was where it was just him in his pee bottle to hang out. So I'm surprised why you didn't you know. Sorry, but seriously, just him hanging in the car. going on.

Yeah, I agree. I think he gets off in it. We had a video once or a guy had like a pint of ice cream is rubbing on his crotch right in front of the camera before he delivered it like seconds before the customer Why are you serious? Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like what? What are we doing? I mean, it's even odd weird man that people have cameras. I mean, not that I look for him. But go ahead

you're seeing videos of delivery drivers. resealing packages after they're done taking it. Yeah.

Right. If you've got the state you've got the stapler in your car, you know you're serious.

Oh, they go to the turns are having the actual tape from the restaurant to figure out how to get a roll of that so they can tape it with the right tape. What the heck is wrong with people?

There's got to just be people get into hot like high off that that is their move to do because it's disgusting.

Yeah. I got nervous today cuz I was putting a straw in a you know if it was McDonald's, I think maybe it was Panera. And they seal their bags too. And and I broke the seal a little bit. I'm like, Oh, great. This guy is gonna think I did something inside of his bag. Right? By the way. Does anyone notice if you're on doordash Panera fired all their delivery drivers and is now only using doordash. And it's a

shit show.

I just wait, wait,

wait, sorry, say that. So they used to do local deliveries.

Like they had their own delivery driver? drivers. Yep. So they fired them all. And these managers I've talked to every one of them in the area cuz I do doordash and they're just they're just so pest. They're struggling.

Pin air is one of the places that at least for us in our area. You don't have to like get showed your code to somebody. You just pick it up and sign it out. Hmm,

I don't even know what show your code means.

Oh, you mean like it's like hey I'm so and so with Uber Eats here's my you know I'm x 275 diner, the name Seth this one they're just like there's the food on a bat on a on a on a on a bench or a Table Table. Take it sign it out that you took it and go I mean so anybody listening in the northern New Jersey area if you want Panera Bread for free like you could just do it. It's It's It's It's crazy.

Well most are restaurants around here like the whole not carabas Let's see noodles and company are cute Oba there is no sign out, you walk up and just look for your name and you grab it.

I can't I can't believe that that like I like the idea of efficiency and getting people to know their food fast. But you know, I mean tongue in cheek with this. You have to have some level of you make sure that the right person is getting the food because me is somebody that uses UberEATS that has it delivered to my house. I want to make sure that I get my food. I don't want somebody to steal it. It's crazy.

Yeah, I noticed every once in a while like Tropical Smoothie will have their bench there. They have this cubby thing. They'll have it turned. They're like oh, someone got popped someone Someone stole so for like a week or less they do that and then they get sick of it. And they move it back and then they start putting him back in there but yeah, every once in a while I think someone does steal food and I mean, it's so I can't believe people do that. I know. I know it's the world I get it. There's a lot of dirtbags, but I would never steal somebody's food. No Why would you do that? But I no one ever asked. I go into keto but they don't even bat an eye. I grabbed the name and I move on out. No one says a thing. All right, what do we got next? Ooh, this nasty nasty one. Yeah, this

is a this is a fun video as well where there is it's three three drivers, three riders in an Uber car. I think goober anyways. And there is there's a fight happening. So Jason, you may

oops, that did not work. Well.

You should play it.

I know I hit the wrong acid but I hit the right Shut up. I

hate you.

You may have seen the latest upsetting video of yet another Asian American being attacked over the weekend and Asian Uber driver was caught on by a woman who even ripped off his mask.

It was all out war in an Uber over a mask. Three women are hassling the driver because he says one of them refused to wear a mask. Watch as she does the unthinkable coughing on the driver. Then the irate woman grabs his phone and rips off his mask. The driver says he even drove them to a gas station so she could buy a mask when they first got into his vehicle.

I never said anything bad to them. I never occurred.

So who is the woman in question we've learned she has dozens of modeling pictures on Instagram. Today she is apparently admitting her outrageous behavior.

All I did was smack take his mask off and cough a little bit but I don't even have Corona.

She claims the driver was trying to force them out of the car. Police are investigating the incident.

In a statement, Uber called the behavior in the video appalling adding that the woman no longer has access to their app and Lyft has banned her to.

So first of all eight Asian that guy was not Asian. Am I am I wrong here that? I don't understand that that really? He was? Yeah, I

would. I would. First of all, when I heard that, what's the point? What's the point of pointing out that he was Asian?

I think there's some there's Asian Americans are getting attacked recently. And I think but I agree why pointed out it was just some asshole passenger treat. But

you're right. He wasn't Asian, right? Like

it was more for wion than anything. But anyways, um, that lady's a bitch. Like Eddie said.

Oh, I guess India Asian? I know.

That's a good question. Because then I think then then that is correct.

But anyway, again, you have put us in our place. Thank you, Eddie. Thank you. So Eddie, any

promos you want to drop in there.

But I mean, I all I could hear in my in my in my head was when I heard like, Do not touch my radio. That's what I kept hearing. So that's a joke. I

don't I was very very strict with passengers. I didn't love to touch my radio. I don't have an ox cord. Don't touch me. Don't Don't touch anything.

I mean, that's your it's your cars, your property. It's your it. Politely want to ask, Hey, you know, can you turn the music data on or whatever, but no, no, no, no, no.

That's a different right? You either do that treat other people's property with respect, or I don't. And this lady had absolutely no respect for the drive on none of them had any respect for the driver at all right? I mean, to them, he was just doing a feeble service for them that right I mean, that's all it was. Yeah. And that was the disrespect from the get go probably since they got in the car is my guess.

Yeah, it just seemed as if I mean, that she wanted to pick a fight was kind of the vibe I got and she was looking for something to get after him. And you know, you gotta respect these times. And if you got to wear your mask, you got to wear your mask and that's when she said he even drove to try to help her get one and then and then they they have the the the vo in the middle there where she's explaining herself as just like, I may have coughed a little like both there's a video camera that's

doing this. It doesn't make you sound better. I may have coughed a little it's there is no level of coughing like right now.

comment about I don't even have coronas.

Well, thanks. What was interesting is that I think so sweet. Yeah, the driver was rolling with it until she grabbed his phone. As soon as you could see his eye like even right before she did that he was kind of laughing at them being shitty to him. He's like whatever he just can't wait to get them out right then and soon as she grabbed his property like I surprised he didn't smack her in the face to be honest with you

see, I've only done the the the food delivery so I'm like I'm confident I know that if I'm picking up a pizza it's not gonna like jump out of the box and slap me in the face like alright good there. I'm gonna be fine. This is this stuff that like that happens a lot with I'm not to this extreme level what it would have rude.

Oh, on a on a bar a bar night from nine to two. Before Coronavirus. Right pre pre pandemic, pandemic, you would have at least one or two people that would give you attitude about something.

But most people didn't get bad though.

They never got violence.

No, no, but I mean, I had we've had a couple that was one time I had a party trying to steal a ride. And I had to throw them out of my car and it it could have gotten bad. This was all I had. I have a an Excel and so I had it was six young guys and two of them was just yeah, it would have gone but if they would have started being physical. They would have beat my ass. There's no doubt but no,

they would have no idea what you're making

but but but yeah, he liked he liked when I threw them out he kicked my door so bad. I still today don't can't believe that they didn't make leave a mark. Oh, yeah, it was it was crazy.

You definitely have to have a pretty thick skin when you're driving late at night. And I thought so that's why I get in confrontations. I've kid I've picked people up and I'm not kidding you. I've driven three tenths of a mile and I already know is the problem. I stop and I kick them out. I'm like, I'm canceling. I'm not gonna charge you just get out of my car like and their reactions are just they're not happy about it. But it's it's always just one asshole in the car and the elephant. It's mostly a woman and I don't know what it is. I don't know. It's it's most Women and and it's usually one and the rest of them are like, Judas Priest like, what are you doing? Now we got to get another Uber. But the one that's the problem is usually just screaming at me, but I'm just like, I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna deal with that cry.

I don't understand why people can't be nice. I it's just such a simple I'm not like I have bad days. But I don't think I would ever get to the point where I'm just like, slapping someone in the face or yelling at someone, we get to that level of disrespect and anger. What? Like, please, this is I'm trying to make a couple of bucks. Yeah, I'm not here to be the bad guy. Don't get mad at me if your day was shitting. Right?

Yeah, well, but that's exactly what you said to yourself out you out here to make a buck a couple of bucks. Right? You are hustling to them? What you're doing is nothing. Right? That's the thing. You're just you're just doing a measly service, your service to them is less than the person bringing them in their food at the restaurant. Right,


I mean, honestly, that's what do you have to look at it that way? Because that's the same reason why absolutely nobody will tip us. Are these the same people who don't tap and try thing? I mean, yeah. But luckily, and the reason why I started out so much, and I still love it today is it's like a one out of 100. That's that way. Most of the people, most of the people are respectful and nice. And they appreciate you taking them home. And and want to do the right thing. Don't take the car, all those things. Right. And so that's why I like it. Because then you get a good talk out of it. You get to, you know, and yeah, they might be drunk. And yeah, it may it makes it more fun. And maybe they're young people, maybe they're old people, I don't know, whatever they are, you always end up having a good time unless they are disrespectful. And as Jason says, he just throw them out. Most times, I would just take it out and take him home because that's the person I am. But But whereas he would throw him out, like, you know, oh my god.

I think it's interesting when you when you were just saying like the way they viewed the driver, and I like candy, but I was signing up for Uber Eats At first I was like, I'm not doing Uber Eats I'm not, I'm not. I'm not doing that. Like this is beneath me. But, but shame on me because I mean, this, I love it. I love doing it. And like anything else, there's gonna be moments where you're stressed, and you're angry, and you're upset. But I now I'm like, I like doing this more than anything I've ever done. It's, it's for me, I like having the control. I like to having the options. I like having my space and time. And it's relaxing. And it's fun. So I when you said that it kind of just jogged in my head. You know, and shame on me if I thought that way. If this is totally wrong, obviously change it now. Like I'm proud. And I like obviously I have a podcast, I enjoy sharing stories of things that happen, because I think it's so awesome and cool. So you know, I just I thought that that story kind of resonated with me.

My awesome. Yeah, I love your attitude around that. And it should be that way. But one thing that was Yes, for one of his points was saying that no one ever tips when you take riders like, it sounds strange, but I always comment on how like I got your body, your human being from point A to point B, and you didn't hit but I brought you your chili dog and you give me a $10 tip. And it's like,


that's that's just the the mentality that needs to change. Yeah, because there's it should it should not be that. But that's just the whole food service idea. Like, I'm gonna go order a pizza, the guy is gonna bring me a pizza. Here's a couple of singles I have in my pocket, right? That's kind of just been the way of things. But you're right. I mean, in a lot of ways. No, no, no, this is fact me delivering you a pizza. And if I don't get the pizza there, that's way that's annoying. You're hungry. But if you were, you know driving a human being and something were to happen, way more serious and way more valuable than the food that you're transferring. So if you think about it like that, like I'm taking you I'm keeping you safe. I'm driving you I'm doing the best job of looking out for everything right? If it's just me and I get an accident, for example, your food screwed, but you're okay. You're maybe

not though maybe not the food might not be screwed. You might still be able to deliver it.

I mean, that's true.

limping in there, here's your food.

And you're still going to give you $1

Well, hey, it's better than getting nothing getting stiffed.

I had one time Mike where somebody took the time to give me a one cent tip. I want to and the thing is that takes that takes real effort because they have to click other and they have to click on 0.0 dollars you have to actually do that. It's not just a percentage another they had to actually make that choice to give me a one cent so that was like that was like a slap in the face.

Oh yeah. I had a one cent tip also one time, so I but my thought was maybe was an accident and he was trying to do more. I don't know

one sentence Hey bro nuba you have to click other and then tip something that's like a slap in your face.

I really is that that's like, That's sick stuff like here's here's a penny. I know one penny. Yeah,

I don't understand people. All right, yeah, moving on. This is a short one I'm going to boost the audio so you guys don't talk but this is interesting what this guy found at a hotel and I'll try to talk about it after it's done. I don't want to talk during it. So

we're doing doordash right now delivery. She's

gonna hear something coming from the room.

So if you couldn't hear basically he was somebody was getting it on when he did the delivery. And, Mike, this is a perfect opportunity to talk about your hotel. Yeah, story. Story. Well,

I just I just love First of all, I would that he didn't show what the food was right?

He did

it. What's that?

He did I miss cat factory?

Oh, he did. I apologize. I was I was so and know what happened. I was so interested in listening to what was going on behind the door a split second. But I I have said this on my podcast. And I believe this. Whenever I get a delivery that's going to a hotel room. It's annoying, because yeah, then you got to go in there, go to the elevator, go up the floor, walk down the hall. And time is money. So that's true. I can't argue that it takes time. But I love delivering to somebody at a hotel room. Because to me, it's like you're getting to go to their bedroom door. Like if you were doing a delivery as an Uber driver. And they said come to the house. I'm at 17 you know, love lane. But when you come in, there's the doors unlocked open the door, go up the stairs, make a left second door on the right. That's where I'm waiting for the food. That's basically what you're getting, you get to go to their bedroom. So to me, that's the ultimate intimacy of delivery driver. Customer Relationship. Now, this was the ultimate example. I've never gotten this lucky, where I've gotten to see two people making love. I mean, that's tremendous. But I've seen people in their underwear, I've seen people come out at post sex. So to me, I think it's so exciting. When you get to go to a hotel room, you don't know what you're going to see. I've had people ask me for cigarettes and hotel rooms. I'm telling you, it's like the wild wild west when you get in there. So if you're a delivery driver, and you listen to this, and maybe you had a mentality beforehand, like hey, it sucks to have to go to a hotel room change the way you think you might see something you've never seen before. I like to say delivering for Uber Eats is kind of like baseball, it's really boring. There's a lot of boring moments. It's just like the same thing over and over again. But then there's those moments where like, I've never seen that before. And I've been watching baseball my whole life. That's what it is like is a new brace driver. It's the same thing. And when you get to it when you get to a hotel room, I mean, the fun possibilities are endless. So take advantage of it. I love that story. I am I you know, kudos to that I'm so jealous of that delivery. experience that I saw that video when the production and your pre production meeting. Yes. And to go the notes, I saw that it went oh, my God, why is that never happened to me. I was legit jealous.

I'm actually quite impressed that he recorded I'd be so nervous to record that and they'd walk out or something like, man, but yeah, I've never encountered anything. Anything that exciting. But everyone loves to hear other people having sex. I don't know what it is. It's like, it's not a creeper thing. It's just like, Yeah,

man, you get it? No, absolutely. I mean, it's like, you know, I would say like, I don't I don't watch golf. And then I'm like, Oh, I want to you know, I wish I was golfing. But you're here sexually. All right. All right. That's something I wish I was doing that

100% 100% Awesome. All right, we

have a right

we have a new sponsor on the show, it is called womply. Basically, they're at the third party to help you obtain the PP loan. So what is the PPP loan? I have no idea, but womply is going to help you know, basically, it's for a lot of self employed workers, you can qualify. It says up to $41,666 and 100% forgivable loans. I have not applied for this. I'm not sure that I will. But you do have the opportunity. If you've been hurt during the pandemic, you can apply for this loan. And a lot of them can be forgivable and you won't have to pay anything back. Now that's not quoted for me. You definitely need to, you know, look at the terms but, I mean, if you've been in a pinch during this pandemic, this is a perfect opportunity to dig yourself out. If the money is there, the money is there to use and womply can help you apply and walk you through the step. You go to the link in the chat that are Link that'll get you to the right place. And we appreciate them supporting the gig economy podcast.

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Yeah, they just make everything easier. It's like having an accountant to do your taxes is just kind of like, the IRS has gone broke here. Take care of this, you know, as long as you're honest with your accountant, like if you lied to your accountant, he's gonna be like, Sorry, bro. But anyways, yes, Bri you're up?

I'm up. I might not following along.

Yeah, we're gonna talk about Uber and Lyft. Finally, yeah, driver. So

that that is correct. So basically, I was thinking about that a little bit earlier, when they were saying that there was we would see showing the story about the three female riders behind the car, they were ending that interview saying that she was no longer able to use the platform. And she actually said, they said that that was the case of both Uber and Lyft. And that made me think of this article here, which is now that Uber and Lyft, to find to finally share names of drivers deactivated over six are sold and all those serious incidents. So what they're doing is and whether or not they've actually done this longer or not, who knows. Right? But there's I think there's been times where I think that they may have been sharing that information anyways. But what they're doing now is they're using according to the article, they're using a service called hire, right, which is a third party service. And they're using that to share information, not about the drivers, not about the people, the gig workers, but about the people receiving the service. And I think that's pretty awesome. If there is if there will obviously also drivers but also riders that if there is any riders that has our users of the service that has been what's it called, like, charged with a crime? Yeah, exactly right charge of doing something stupid, or that kind of stuff, then they'll be able to share that. And they'll be able to get kicked off both platforms at the same time. And obviously, you can think of other platforms doing the same things as well. If there's other than, you know, in the future. If there's other platforms and then lift an Uber, you have this higher, right, you can go into if you have a bad profile on hire, right? Well, guess what you might have them, it might be an opportunity, you might get any, you might have get approved for any services, right, the future pro for gay economy, which I think is really cool. So the article it says says, I'm trying to find my tap Hagen. They basically said that Uber and Lyft have largely operate in silos when it comes to deactivating drivers over the most severe reports of safety. And so in this case, here, they do say drivers, but obviously, it can be used for both drivers and riders.

Why it can be but are they that's what the topics been on Twitter is about they should be swapping passenger wants to

exactly. Know. Absolutely. But I think I think that the article kind of insinuates maybe that at the end of the day, they do right, and they do talk about the drivers. So basically, the most severe reports of safety incidents, potentially allowing bad actors to hop from one platform to the other. Now the company is say that they are ready to change that announcing the creation of an industry sharing safety program Thursday to relay information about drivers and delivery people deactivated from their platforms over the most serious safety incidents, these incidents will include sexual assaults, which ranged from non consensual kissing of a non sexual body pod to rape and physical assaults resulting in fatalities. And then they go on to talking about how they want to use this service called higher right. And that kind of stuff, that some of the numbers that they mentioned in this article, I feel is super low. But who knows? I mean, they say, you know, in the many, many years that Uber has been working, they only have had Ubers report revealed that it had received 464 reports of rape on this platform, which I think seem seem

Well, it's what's the definition of that, and we're not going to get into that. But also the that's reported how much how much goes unreported. That's just like everything. Right.

And that's correct. And then they have say they have among almost 6000 reports of sexual assault in 17 and 18. alone. Yeah, so. So that's just kind of any kind of sexual report. It says, Uber said he was committed to finding a way to share the names of drivers who has been banned fall platform for the most serious safety incidents without a ride sharing peers. And so that's why they're going to be using hire, right, which I, I looked it up on the web, I looked up their website, and it almost looks like it's also a platform to be to use for background checks, background checks. I'm wondering if that's what they're doing is they actually switching to utilizing hire right for background Jack's as opposed to what was the old checker So, check our ch e ch e ck er,

I mean the bottom line is is that it's good for business it's safer for drivers and passengers well not drivers they're the problem but I would like to see them do it with passengers it's gonna be a little bit harder because that's their bread and butter right I mean, I guess we are too we're out there driving but you know, there's always been a joke of passenger around here that switches to platforms changes name changes, phone number and all that and he's able to use it even though it's a piece of shit.

So I think it would be I think it would be very beneficial if if the recipient of the service was also checked.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. But that all cost money to

you but you can make that easy you can make it you can adjust that

even if it easy check even if it's 10 bucks a person that's a lot of riders on the platform that they would have to pay for. No, I

absolutely but what if it's a flat fee service and all you have to do is you have to make sure you stay off that path. It doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be a as as big as a background check I said doing for the drivers. Yeah. Oh, it could just be a blip maybe you're just a just check check your I don't know probably not your social security number but some kind of other identifying information against the list. How

about when you get in and then before you ride you have to get that analyzed like an antigen test. Hey,

I had that in Denmark before the lead me into the country. I

know. Alright, let's move on.

I don't know what this is. Like that, huh?

Yeah. I don't know what this Tic Tac is about. I forget what did i right. Oh, driver. Okay, so this guy, actually, I feel like it's kind of a setup. But this guy quit his gig job like right in front of a customer while he's delivering the food. I don't know. What do you think my Did you watch it? Do you think it's a setup? Ah.


wait. Let's see. Let's see the video. Let's play. Alright.

Not too much. We got a bit of an issue here. Yeah, this wasn't worth my time whatsoever. I make them $7 to drive through. I just drove through to get there. I know what these rideshare companies charge and what they do. At that point, I appreciate a definite positive review, considering I just went through, if not whatever. gratuities involves getting some effort for what's being delivered tonight because I'm getting it. Other than that. I don't care about this driving service for people. It wasn't worth my hesitancy to come out here for this meal. So at this point, because I can cancel your upcoming from whatsoever. You expect this door to door delivery and like every person I deliver to no matter what their stature no matter what neighborhood they live in. Zero tips. I don't know what I see. on your end to my end. I don't I don't know what I believe. But I've driven for Lyft and Uber. I'm not sure I can raise my voice. I'm just telling you like, look at it right now. It was super sketchy to get you. Exactly so I hear what you're saying. I love the strip in your face. A great accent. landscaper You can also score zero stars, you can record me whatever I quit the job and I'm just gonna keep it

drives away.

Now I

I don't know. It didn't look like a setup, man. It didn't

it's you know, it started out like it sounded it didn't look like a setup. No, it didn't. But the conversation kind of led me to believe that it might be but then towards the end I don't think it was I think that guy actually quit right on the spot.

Yeah, see, this is like my my cynical minds like this may be his his little move that he uses. So he can like try to get some free food at the end of each night. I'm quitting and then he drives off and he loses. Like maybe he looks at it like Alright, this meal cost I would have gotten paid 18 I would have gotten paid $7 So what I'll do is I'll quit for tonight. Take the dinner leave I just paid my family's meal because this actual food cost $54 then come back the next day and he's able to you know get a free meal out of it. But seriously speaking I think that was real I don't think he really quit though. I think he was just so furious and angry in the moment that that's what he said to the guy took the food pissed off and now I don't know what happens after I'm sure he got it this is real got reported like hey, I just want you to know, gave me that the business split off my food but that's what I kind of think happened.

Yeah, I would definitely if I was the customer. Mr. I would send the video to whatever app he was using to to do that. But yeah, I mean, he's gonna get fired. I mean, if I don't understand, like, why I would at least left the food, like food is really not that big of a deal. But maybe he was making a statement saying like, he was gonna take the food cuz I would have been, I may have like, read him the riot act, but I would have still gave him his food like, I'm not I mean, you know, I don't know.

And I know that from delivering food. And Jason, you can speak of the moments where you're, like, so frustrated with the other person and you're angry, and you're upset. But you got to at some point, you just have to like, you can't, you can't do that. Whatever that was, you can't do it. You have to just I at least bite my lip, hand off the food and move on. Yeah, but there are times where there's things in my head where you're like, you know,

I'm gonna say this,

I'm gonna say that I'm a bad man. But you got to be smart about, you know, if it wasn't if they did something wrong, or like, for example, you talk about the people that went in your car and were like real jerks. Yeah, but if this person just like not tipping, that's part of the game.

You're the dumb ask that took the order. I mean, if if,


If there's no tip on it, I mean, if you're just trying to break one off on this guy, but you're the one that took the order, I never want to throw the order in the first place. And, and we talked about that 100 times, right? It's

a gig economy is about being smart with your time, it's about knowing the right thing to do. And it's also about taking sometimes you're just out there for the you know, you do it and you make it up in the long run.

Yeah, are people taking bad orders? I mean, I guess my boy, yeah, I can speak from the Uber end of things. I'm like, Okay, I know that if I played just wait another minute to two minutes, something like why would I in my right mind, spend, you know, 5025 minutes to make $3? Like, are people legit saying Yeah, let's do it. I don't know. Is that

Is that a thing? Well, the joke is like on doordash is your this guy's a top Dasher? You know, they try to like, make you feel important. If your acceptance rate is 100. And you're all this stuff. So of course, if you want to keep all those numbers up, you're gonna take those $3 orders, which is the dumbest thing you can do. But yeah, people do take that because why are people still not tipping? That's why they don't understand, you know, that right? The movement that's going on right now is called decline now. Decline all those law orders. Don't take those. And hopefully, in turn, people will realize they're getting their food an hour and a half later. because no one's tipping.

So is that is that this is interesting. So is that what happening is if everybody's declining, then it just the the the pay rate goes up? Because they've doordash has to get the food out the door?

Yeah. And it's not it doesn't go up by a ton. See, that's the thing. It'll go like learning five cents each each time or maybe a quarter or 50 cents, every like 90 seconds to 180 seconds. I'm speculating. I'm guessing. Oh, no, I got here. But as you know that each person that declines, but then by the time you figure it out, I mean, once you get up to seven $8, it's probably been sitting there for an hour.

That's so funny. You say that because there'll be times I typically take orders that have tips, but don't get tricked every so often.

Oh, yeah, we all have a tip.

And I'm like that food must have been sitting at that subway for an hour and a half. It had to have been because it finally got up to a rate based on my calculation in my brain that I'll take like that food, how many people passed it over till it finally got to me that that's the answer to that this stuff. This kind of like like inside baseball. And this part of things is fascinating to me. Like, I'd love to be able to talk to somebody from Uber from doordash. Like, yeah, their brain on all this. So interesting. Well, it's funny,

that they're never gonna tell you the secret, right? No, no, of course, but I get that. But as Jason just sad. And this is what what the people again, they on the other hand, the people receiving the service has to learn that if you're willing to tip three, four or $5, you're gonna get food that a fresher, hot, fresher. Yes, just what it is.

Yeah, the last podcast we talked about. It's like a bid, you're bidding for these drivers to come pick your food up, you know what I mean? Like, oh, I'm gonna throw a bid out of like, $5. And one drivers like, Ooh, that's not good enough for me. But then another driver might be like, Alright, I'll take that bid, and I'll go do it. I actually had late food today and not my fault. I have a certain criteria that I go by doordash had some peak pay today. So I hit my criteria. And I was looking at the times on it. And the only reason I got it is because the peak pay was there. And it kind of tricked me right? Because I didn't they don't say this plus $3 it just kind of shows up and I'm like, Oh my God, this food has been sitting here for 45 minutes. I'm like, I feel so bad because they think I'm the asshole that hasn't, you know, I've been out you know, you know, peeing in a bottle and you know, in the budget, and I'm not delivering their food, but I'm like, I just got this order. I don't dick around like when I get an order. I go right there like there's no

screwing around or so. Would you say then like if the bigger the, if you've got, the bigger the tip, and I'm sure there's this is not an exact answer. And it varies in a lot of ways. But if you saw like the worst possible delivery, that food would would be easier to get than if you saw one that had a higher tip because it's you're like first to it, and it's probably fresher. Is there like kind of like a line? You think that works with that? Well, yeah, I'm

always impressed when I deliver food, and I pull it out of my bag, and it's still steam. And I'm like, this is how you deliver food. This customer knows, hey, right, you know, I want my food here now. And once our people figuring that I mean, it's not trying to be mean to the customer. But like sir, like, I'm sorry, you paid all these fees, like this is the reality of the platform, you need to tip or you're gonna get cold food. And it's like, right. It's frustrating, I get it when I've gotten cold food before. And for whatever reason, I tip just fine. And it just didn't happen. Right? And it sucks. It's like, especially like, if it's wings or something. It's just like, it's just not the same at all. I'd

always say if if you know, I know people, like I'm not gonna tip I'm paying all these fees. I mean, if you're paying 46 bucks for this food, and instead it would have been 51 and that like, then don't do it at all, then don't go out and get the delivery if everybody's in a different financial position. If, if the 46 to 51 is that big of a deal for you. You shouldn't have been making that order to begin with. Yeah, like that's my mindset on it. Tip and you get your food faster. Don't complain about it. Or you know, like you've already spent 50 bucks throw a couple extra dollars out there at this point. It's worth it for you. Don't take it out on the driver.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, go to the grocery store. Spend 20 bucks. Right? And do that instead. Yeah,

I get it though. I mean, I'm a good tipper. But I do get it when I when I add up on those platforms. I'm like, holy shit. If I would just go to this friggin do it myself. I would say $30 You know what? Crazy, but people are lazy including me. So

including me.

Exactly. Ah, let's see. I

am. Let's see.

What What did we do?

What are we missing?

We need number eight.

Okay, what what is that? Hold on? Oh, God, let's have a crack. Sorry. Yeah, we're gonna skip my Amazon article, because we're running a little late on time. But yeah, we definitely need to play this is not a food related, but you will definitely take time.

No, dammit, I

did it again.

Driver the other day, I wanted to give you a quick little follow up since you gave me one of the five stars. You know, I let you plug your recording and play three quarters of the three doors down album. I let you run my heat in my car in the middle of July with a cheat index of 96 degrees outside and the other passenger you brought in pretty sure he sold the book cites pizza, five, GM the back of my car. So all things considered, but this is your problem. Like were you born this way? Or did you get raised to be a dump? Because I'm convinced it was inevitable and it was going to happen in the review section you wrote not enough. Not enough. Not enough. What? Not enough? Five GM Look at there possibly not be enough up? I'll tell you what, I think there isn't enough stars in my rating, and brain cells in your skull. I'm gonna register a business in your name just so I could talk it on Yelp. You will never write in a Prius like mine, ever again. I hope you're happy.


wow. That's what everyone wants to say. I want to secretly I want to think it's Leo from Detroit because he drives a Prius. But

unfortunately, it could never happen. Right? Because we don't know who gives us the writing. No. I would love to do it, man.

Yeah, yeah, it would be great.

You guys should set up like a hotline for yourself that you can use and just vent and just like, just pretend to that person isn't just record them and just let it out and just release that moment. And that frustration well that

that's what the telegram group is, and then our awesome moderators, topic, but that's true. He saves all those audios when we're ranting and then he plays them back on. Monday recap on like, awesome. This is what happened with Jason over the weekend. And some of the things that come out of my mouth. I'm like, man, I was very frustrated at them.

week later listening back. Oh, that was me. I gotta

Yeah, my dad was just the best when you're driving a night. I mean, there was times but when you're driving by yourself, it gets so lonely, right? But when you have that telegram group, or you can just talk with people, you can talk with people, and you touch base with people who at the same time, it just completely changed it for me. It was nice day because all of a sudden you had this community behind you. I had several people are driving at the same time with chit chatting in between rides, right? And it's just it's just lots of fun. And then you know, then you have that you have that and it's that way of getting rid of the of the of the frustration of frustration in the middle. Exactly, you know, and that was many a time where you're like just oh my You really want to yell bad thing thing? Yeah, right.

Yeah, Mike, I

definitely think you should start a telegram group or WhatsApp or whatever in your area. I think you'd really get a kick out of it. Just advertise it as a delivery driver app. And I bet you'd get a bunch of people on there that

I'm in. I'm gonna I'm gonna annoy you later. Oh, you're gonna help

me do that. You cannot annoy me. You can not annoy Yeah.

That's, that's a cool idea. And I think that's fun, too, because I've talked about you get frustrated. But for the most part, out of all the 1000s of deliveries I've done. If I were to think back and say like, what frustrated me I couldn't even tell you. I mean, it's just more of like, overall moment and variance. Right. Like, in the moment unless there's something really nasty going on with like the customer, Jason, you talking about kicking people out? Or, like the videos we saw? For the most part, it's just, it's just the nuances of the bullshit that happens up. Yeah, you're waiting for the person didn't understand how the app works. I got into a fight to data fight. But somebody today was telling me I said, Hey, I'm picking up for Seth. And then they told me there's no Seth at the restaurant. I'm like, I'm at the restaurant. It says Seth. And she that he then proceeded to say, Oh, I thought it would he thought like I don't remember now. But the code at the bottom spelled out a name. He thought that was the person that we were going back and forth. And I was like, it's it's Seth and he goes, No, it's Irene. I'm like, it's not Irene. It's AI r e n e on the code where they couldn't find the food. story. I tweeted it out. It wasn't Irene it was something else. I tweeted out, but I was like, Oh my God. I was like, it was like who's on first talking back and forth? Like it says it says

it's not the code. How frustrating so what do you do all day you love to talk and you are you not talking to anyone all day.

I do a bunch of different podcasts all over the place. I've done three three mic deliveries a week. I do a basket to basketball podcast that I do on the side also and then editing podcasts all day for my company, which I love. So no, but

but when you're driving around, do not talk to anybody.

I call my wife. And I call my wife I call my dad. And then I have like a rotation of the

bed. He talks to Eddie. I think he talks to a


Eddie, I can't see the comments from Eddie.

Eddie says is one idea. What's your name was the name today? One idea one idea. Well,

that was was Thank you. My height man coming in. Yeah,

I was great. Yeah. I don't know why you can't see the comments. But anyways.

Yeah, no,

I I totally get the frustration. But I that you know what, yesterday brought up the telegram group. It's just nice to be like, no, it's cool. Literally yell the word app as loud as you can. And then you just like,

Okay, I'm good. Let's go right in like everyone else. Totally. I'm gonna totally do that.

I think you should build a pretty good community there.

So cool. I'm looking for that sounds fun.

I'm excited about that. Alright, and the last article, driver assaulted. I can promo this but basically, just another person that assaulted a driver and it just this shit needs to stop. So I'm gonna play that and then we'll kind of wrap so.

You're gonna go to jail.

You're touching me out.

He goes

out on my car.

Get out of my car. You're dangerous to me.

You're heating me

up. You're going to jail.

Okay, well, that was fun. And weirdly in that video. Whoops, that's me. Big Screen. That's gross. Weirdly in that video the sunroof was open. It was like raining inside. And did you guys notice at the beginning

I did not see that.

I always notice all the weirdest shit in these videos. Not the actual topic.

Yeah, I was I was spending moments I go and she has the same water as me. That that's like what I was zoomed in on.

Yeah, you need to change. And if she has the same water as you but it's just it's just another thing of like, this is how you treat a driver. Like, I think you're just a piece of shit in life in general. Like if you're gonna do that, possibly knowing you're on dash cam or whatever. You're just like, you're just a giant pain in the ass and

yes, get out. Yep,

he was calm too. And he knew what was going on. Like, you thought maybe there was that one moment where she stopped. There's like a couple seconds of like, this might be ending. But then he because he was so calm. I think that triggered her to get worse. And instead of like, he's like, you're in trouble. You're in trouble. You're in trouble. And his demeanor really, really irritated her to take it to another level.

Yeah, what some Something happened before. That's what I want. I want to see. You know, what, what caused the situation Why? Why was he throwing her out of the car? What was going on? That's what I I want to know the story before the video that was Yep.

Yeah, you know you never get to see that how it actually happened it's so frustrating for the driver and you always think to when you're looking at the driver Why don't you get out of the car but there's something about your own property when it's your car that you feel like you shouldn't you should defend your property because I think I would do the same thing. I mean, I guess if it started hurting if she started actually like causing me physical pain in my head, I probably would get out right,

but there's something about it, you would have smacked her.

Like, I'm not afraid to hit a woman if she's assaulting me. I mean, like, I'm not afraid to get anybody if they're assaulting me. I don't care who it is even a 10 year old kid I'm going to knock your ass out I'm sorry.

I think what goat was needed to be said here is that Jason is really a gentleman he is and I'm not I am I'm not just saying he's definitely demons but that's not it. But he also is aware of when people are abusive and and yeah, you just there's things you do not

I have a I have a lot shorter temper. I will I will admit that and I have less tolerance for bullshit in my car when it's I take my kids in this car like what the hell do you think this is like everyone thinks like they can just do. Yeah, I know Mike, you can't relate. And I swear to God, you better you need to drive passengers. Once this pandemic is over. You need to feel our pain on time.

Now. You're making me scared. I don't want to do it. Now. I'm here.

I love it. I love it. I love cars. And I gotta say one more thing. Eddie, you need to contact us because we need to get you on the show.

is Eddie a gig worker.

Oh, he keeps he keeps talking in? Eddie.

He's Well, I'll say this, Eddie. Check out our podcast long term. You'll love it if you'd like Eddie says what would

you do if a cat named Leon would attack you? Is that Leon your guy that you have on the show?

No. Well, it's this is so confusing. So my friend. My best friend's name Leon. Yep. who I met in Virginia and him and I are like brothers. Yep. And then I named my cat after him. Oh, and my cats. Leon. I love the friends alive. He's not dead or anything. Okay, but I just thought it'd be funny if I'm like, I was really upset that my wife got a cat and I was like, really against it. I was kind of being an asshole about it. Okay, but now like my cat and I who's passed out over here now my cat and I are like inseparable. I couldn't love my cat more him and him and I are bros so I love my cat. That's shout out to Leon the cat.

Leon the cat. I'm not a cat man myself, but I think they're cute as hell. So you see Leon, I know everybody says it. But I'm telling you this cat will change your view. My kids weren't so definitely allergic. It would be fine. But

yeah, anyways, but

yeah, that's two dogs dog.

Yeah, two two dogs.

I love my puppies. Yeah. Alright, so Mike, I want you to give your What are you laughing at Eddie?

Eddie says Leon's okay.

He's okay.

Oh, man, you're gonna have words after this. So Mike, I want you to promote anything you want to even your Patreon. We appreciate having this been so fun. Sorry to keep you so long. I don't want to

know it's all good. This has been like therapy for me. I really enjoyed it. So thank you guys, for coming on. for allowing me on I appreciate Yeah, yeah. Mike delivers pod mic delivers. That's my Twitter Instagram. Mike delivers pod if you want to follow me there Adventures On The Road. And then Mike delivers podcast. You can find it where all major podcasts are found. And I go on there and just kind of do this thing rant about stories from the road. Different people join me friends, celebrities, Jason, you popped out with me for a little bit. We had a blast. Yep. And just talk about food delivery, talking about different shit that I see. And then also, my wife and I review food for that comes to us and we kind of get a little background into our life which is which has been cool too because you think you know everything about your spouse and we've actually learned a lot from that and during the pandemic we had nothing to do so. We just were like let's talk about waffles from I hop.

I totally want to copy that Mike I want to do the thing like I feel it would be so fun. Just as a little like side side project to literally do it the food No, I'm not copying you. You're doing

I don't see TMI no name, bro.

You should you should do it. It's fun. Seriously,

any good food? One thing you keep you brought up celebrities twice. I want to know the celebrities that you've had on your podcast.

Yeah, I just say that. I haven't. I just do that. I kind of lost people in

this how when you're confident with stuff people will believe

anything. I've had some fun people. The nothing I mean, like Adam Richmond The Man vs food guy. Oh, yeah, I had him on blast. The Sklar brothers, who are some comedians I had them on. I'm a big basketball fans. I've had some random NBA players come on that are like I had one Detroit Pistons but I can't remember his name. And he got Cuz he went to MIT he was played at Michigan too. Okay, so now I'm really doing a terrible job with T's Richard Jefferson, former NBA player came on the podcast. So I've had I've had a bunch of people in probably space and on some others I'm not like, it's not like coming on Mike delivers. It's Brad Pitt talks about does he get nannies on his Uber Eats delivery?

You find out I mean, a boiler

I live. Right. So just you know, it's fun. And we've had some cool people and it says you're in Barth,

Eddie says,

would you say

about barstools? barstool sports I've had some people Frank Fleming if you know who that is know him and I did deliveries together. That was kind of fun. It's like

if you give Dave Portnoy a on I am I will never be like you will be the bomb. If you can get him on.

I i've i've texted some people there because I used to work at CBS Sports, right? I've got all these random connections. So I've kind of used that. But I'm one guy, Barstow KFC barstool. He texted me back. He's like, let's do something. And then I haven't heard from him in 18 months. Oh, no, I've been kind of awkward. You want your iPhone? It's like blue, blue, blue, blue. Blue. Blue. Probably should give up on that.

Yeah. Probably should. Well, real quick. Eddie brought up food bracketology. Is that something that you're doing soon?

Yeah. So tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll all unleash this. And this will be my project tonight. I'm having fun with that. My wife and I and nobody's ever done a food brand before. This is a completely original idea. We're gonna take the 1616 spots that my wife and I just have done orders from Okay, and I'm putting them together. For example, it'd be like I hops, Christmas pancakes, versus you know, some ways Italian sandwich and then we're gonna do that people can pick who they think people will submit their bracket. Alright, winner is going to get like an Uber Eats gift card night and then yeah, my wife and I are going to pick the winners and see who can do it. So yeah, that's my little project for one week

for why can't you think of this shit? Like we could have done something like that. What are you doing over there?

Absolutely. Nothing. Exactly. Alright, guys,

did you have to say yes. Where I cut you off earlier.

I was gonna mention to my that I had three Knicks players in my little

you know, I hate the Knicks. I this is a I I'm DVR in the Nets game. So actually, I'm like, I bring this up to Eddie. I'll spoil it for me.

Yeah, well, too late.

You hope if he if?

If he wrote it in I'd like legit. Don't. Don't tell me. I won't say it anyways, that would piss me off. But I am a diehard nets fan. I'm from New Jersey. I hate the Knicks. I do a podcast about with a I do a podcast with a Knicks fan, which is kind of cool. So we have like a good time, but it's like two teams that despise each other. Who were the next I'm curious.

Oh, I don't know. I don't.

Three Giant Man in a monster was the Mazda six.

Yeah, that was the time I drove my gear like my well, so this was in 16 1716 or 17. The fun part was, at this time I was driving my small Mazda three hatchback as an Uber car. Right? Nice. It is a tiny car downtown. And these three seven foot two black guys getting my lilica and I'm a big guys it is. So it was that was the fun part of this story. We all sat like but they were they were cool about it. And it was fun. And they weren't going they weren't going very well.

They were the de leaguers because we did have a D league here for the

pillow. Okay.

Yeah. Small. Yeah, it's not it's not daily. No, no.

Oh, actually, I'm lying. It was a rec league team, right? They were coming out of the gym.

And they were wearing jerseys.

No, I'm lying. It was actually 11 year it was 311 year olds leaving practice from middle school. And their mom couldn't go get them because her car broke down. And that's how I actually picked Yeah, and they were all three foot six.

Yeah, tell the truth. Yes.

All right, Mike, hang

on the line. As I sign off, guys. Thanks for listening to the gig economy, gig economy podcast. And of course check out the mike delivers podcast and we'll see you in two weeks

and take your calls. Of course.

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