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And he brought that home and then we kind of didn't do anything from the studio for a long long time. And he brought it last time I just wasn't feeling it, but I was like tonight we drink moonshine. Cheers Cheers. Yeah drinks drink only for not driving.

Yeah, don't drink and drive.

So what's going on?

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That makes sense. They don't want to

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I know a new phone and I said that Janet?

I don't know.

I don't know. But all right, first up.


let me get my bearings here. Okay,

your phone and that's not what it's called. But what I'm trying to figure out what I was Yeah. What do you what do you I said the name wrong.

So what name?

What Jen is coming from

New Zealand.

Thank you. Keep saying something else. Okay, guys your time.

Obviously, you can't read this very well. But this is on Twitter, at Uber Eats says hashtag each local. Tell us your area code and we'll tell you what to order right now. Jonathan puts his area code on there. The next response for support. We'd like to look into this to you please send us a DM with the phone number associated with Uber account. We can assist you further. Jonathan's like, Are you kidding me? And I'm like someone else for There are a number on there like Hi, blah, blah, blah. How can we assist? You're like, you started this tweet thing you wanted us to tell you what to order. It's just like this is typical. Uber Eats kind of idiocy. So I thought that was kind of funny.

I yeah, I actually thought it was a spam, like a scam or something. But yeah,

but I appreciate them trying to like, be hip and say, well, we'll tell you what to order. But then you your automated message comes up and says, send us your account. And you're like, frickin idiot. actually post

your password right here.

Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

So this one is a Reddit thing. I want to

share this, I'm not sure where it's from, but it's gonna it's my

Facebook. So


Post, like, this is why America is still trapped in this capitalistic hellscape you got underpaid for your hard work. But even though both the cooperation and the other civilian paid you the same amount of money, you're exclusively mad at the civilian fonder paying you shipped, cut, shipped cut how much we make when they started a new system last year. It's been unfair and they still haven't fixed it. We shouldn't have to rely on tips to get by stop blaming the people who actually chipped and blamed the company that thinks that work you put in today is worth less than it was a year ago.

So this brings up a couple of

what we talked about the shift issue last week, right. Last time, we talked like there are some issues with how the shift is doing the the tipping right now? Um, maybe not next time. We've talked about that before. So definitely is broken. We know that? Well, I

don't think it's broken. They just changed the way they pay. It's not broken. It's a new. It's a new thanks, Andrew. It's a new system of pay. It's nothing. We didn't talk about anything that was broken. Did we we did

I thought some somebody was it, Sam or somebody else who brought up that something? Something in the new system was broken? He's referring to the fact that the new system is still

no, he's talking about the new pay out system. This is not anything that's broken. This is the new payout that that's actually not anything to do with. Okay, yeah. So basically, the discussion point is that we're blaming the customer and not the company that's paying us less sure they did a year ago. Right, right. But I kind of disagree a little bit. And maybe I'm just taking a different side like it's a tipping service. So we do expect to get paid on tips. Now. He didn't quite come out and say it. But are you basically saying that you want to be a regular worker and have the company pay you more money? Or I don't know, I guess I don't quite know.

It could be the same discussion back. You know, what, every time Uber changes the rate right here, I mean, that that whole thing with, you know, the drivers paying or the riders paying the same, but the driver keeps getting less and less and less?

Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I just get kind of frustrated with people that say,

I mean, it comes back to the fact that they don't have to drive. They don't have to do the work. Right. They can do anything else they want. And and you know, they agree to it. Before the fair. The gig Oh, stuff.

Yeah, even if like in regards to ship, they change their their way they pay. Right. So you still take them. So you can go find somewhere else I totally get. But I do want to focus on the customer? Because I do think customers should tip I think you're doing a service for them. It's a service based industry. Sure you not tipping is crap. I think you have an opportunity, or I think you should be frustrated with a customer that doesn't tip.

Oh, yeah. But But I don't think that has anything to do with shipped, whether they were paying one way or the other?

Well, I think it's in a general. He's he's frustrated with America that this, that we're frustrated with a customer and not the company that's basically whether it be shipped Uber doordash doesn't matter. So I think it's just a discussion of, should we be mad at the company? Or should we be mad at the customer that, you know, you shop for him for an hour and a half? And they gave you $0?

Well, I think we should be mad at both, right? I mean,

you can't have your cake and eat it too. You

gotta get one. That's, you know, in this case, though, you don't pick one because I think it's two different issues. Yeah, I


whether or not the person tips they should tap, whether Uber or the service pays well on that don't right.

Yeah, exactly.

They shouldn't be connected.

Yeah, you're right. I mean, so you're saying you should if you do an hour and a half shop ship should pay you accordingly. Like they like what it's worth and then the customer tips, but then they say well, your pay is based on customers tipping and then but then you can say well, not everyone tips. So how

well one way of solving that would be the guaranteed you know the guarantee rate right? So Yeah, if to if shift would say, Hey, I'm gonna make we're gonna make sure that no matter what you make $25 on this one. Yeah. And if at that point, if the person if the person who have who the the path passionate customer, the customer tips, nothing, then ship will go in and do all of it.

Yeah, but the problem is that's not sustainable, though, because then customers will just stop tipping.

No, but the service is just going to be more expensive. Right? Yes. No, I mean, I agree. Yeah, talking to the mic. Just talking to my you were like back this thing. So no, I mean, laughing in front of you. Yes. But I'm just saying that no matter what I did, the two of us should not be connected.

No, but it does bring in conversations about that.

We talked about 100 times before, right? It's like the whole thing about how when you're eating on a restaurant, everybody will check 15 25% not everybody, but most people will, right? Yeah. But you know, you won't tip your driver to get your home safe. You know, or to the person who buys your food and make sure that they do the right thing.

I mean, some people to I mean, Steven, I talked on Monday, what do you think? Where do you think the level of like food delivery is going to go? As as things start opening up? Do you think because it went from dog crap to like, amazing. like Steve was telling me some things like he did. For 10 weeks when everything went locked down. Originally, people were getting 50 $100 cash tips like outside. I'm sure we never experienced that. But I'm curious what your opinion is on food delivery. As things are opening up. Do you think how far do you think it's going to go back to the the crappy way? Or do you think it's going to be half or a third? Or what?

I'd like to think it'll be somewhere between a third and end to end talk today. Which I guess one half and two thirds. I think it's gonna I think it's gonna be better than half that well.

Oh, boy, here we go. Yesterday, Jason.

We should not have had alcohol.

Like no math. No geography on the show. Damn it. Right.

So I don't think it's going to be you know, the exact same as it is today. No, by any means. But I think people have grown to like, the service is service. Yeah. And yeah, definitely. So I think it's kind of fallback somewhat. Yeah. But I don't think it's gonna fold that much back.

Yeah, I guess according to Steve like, Denver is open. Their buyers are 100%.

Open. But how has that affected his his deliveries?

Well, I'm not sure he's doing really any gig work right now. Okay. Um, he's, he's doing work for his main job. You know, we never did. I never did that. I know. He's not taking passengers. I know that for a fact. But right. He was saying they were regularly 15 to $20 surges in Denver right now, like at midnight. So they're back, like almost 100% so I don't think Erna rapids is there yet. Do you even know the limitations on our bars are they is there still a curfew of no you? A we don't go to the bars on our personal time be we're not driving passengers are like so frickin out of the loop

and party I miss it like crazy.

I know. I know.

I just miss it.

Keith said people have changed their habits enough to make a stick also Russell's are better at food delivery than it used to be pre pandemic I and I think those are both right yeah, yeah, totally true. I honestly though, the fees are gonna have to come down for some of these companies to keep it because they're, some of them are only doing it just to stay afloat. Like try to stay in business during this pandemic. I feel like some of them will be like, yeah, I'm not paying 35% of my that you know, every dollar I earn an Uber second 35% or whatever the fee is,

the thing you have to run you have to remember is that person who gets delivery doesn't have to take up a table in your dining room for half an hour.

Right? Right. But my point is as the as as things open up more they they have the dining room filled they don't need somebody delivering food because they have it fall why don't why not do both? Well, I mean, you're still making money you are you provided the kitchen can keep up the kitchen can keep up and you have a staff person that can help track the orders and those kinds of things because I am worried that like right now the the restaurants prioritize delivery drivers because like, while not as much but but when they were close, close, like that's all they had was to go and delivery. I'm worried as they more open up that we're gonna get less and less priority. And you know what I mean? Like,

I know what you mean, don't you think that's going to create division as to what ORDERS WE as drivers are going to take and which we're not going to take. I mean, it's got to be No, we don't really it takes 25 minutes to get the food from that restaurant, man. I gotta go there.

Yeah, I mean, I mean, I do that now. But they keep onboarding so many drivers. You know what I mean? Like that those drivers will take those stupid ones. It's just like, just like passengers, right. I mean, Keith also brought up also pens, how many people died in like they used to? I know, a lot of people who are vaccinated haven't changed their lifestyle as much as I thought. Yeah, I mean, yes, her and I are both vaccinated. We're not going out to restaurants, or it's not to say I wouldn't, but I'm not making a point to do it like, Well, my wife and I have have a, you know, anniversary next month, and we're going to go very, very low. And we're still not comfortable going to a restaurant yet. Yeah.

I mean, and I don't know when,

yeah. So I think it just needs a general shift to positivity. Positivity mean, not COVID, positive, but just sure the numbers are going down. It's just kind of a regular thing. But these many surges that keep happen here. And they're just kind of delays the, you know, the recovery,

I think, for us, once both my children can be vaccinated. Yeah. And, and as you said, once the numbers are more, just under control.

Yeah. Because Michigan, it's come down quite a bit in the last week, but it was Michigan

is ridiculous right now.

Better than what it was, though. Sure. Yeah, we're down to the 3000s. Instead of it was like five or six there last week. But moving on, this is kind of funny. This is actually from Leo, appreciate you sharing that. So the picture on the screen for your audio listeners, it's a picture of Baskin Robbins in the era where Baskin Robbins right ordered ice cream for delivery from doordash. location at which my doordash order was dropped off was just outside the Baskin Robbins. So the tech says your order was dropped off, please refer to this photo for your dash or to provide to see or is left He's like, um, but Baba, this is not right. Why did you leave it in front of the store, not my apartment. And it's a little blocked out there. But it says the app said Baskin Robbins for the drop off point. So I feel like this is a dick move. You clearly know that I've had this happen before, right? I've had a guy only one time, actually. And we used to get that all the time of rideshare drivers because they'd be drunk. And they wouldn't even know what address they put in. But, um, I had a one time and I call them and he was three minutes away. So I said, I'm just gonna bring it to you. But if it was far away, I'd be like, because there's there's no way you can get it. I mean, maybe you couldn't get it adjusted, if you went to support just delivered it and say, but what happens if they didn't adjust it? So you drive 15 minutes down the road with the ice cream, and you only got paid for? So why isn't that built into the app? As far as like, Hey, you should like that. I

mean, it's literally 10 feet, right? geolocation services are good enough for that.

Yeah. Well, you feel like even as a back end in the in the app, somehow it would it would cross check the references to say, hey, wait, the delivery and pickup is the same address Exactly. Why

is that not building a security feature in the app? That was my first comments like what the hell? Well, I

think that drivers a deck? Like why would you leave it there? Call the customer? And maybe maybe he did? I don't know.

Maybe he just saw it as an easy way of making 10 bucks.

I know. But it's so rude that someone

totally is

totally is I'd rather him take the ice cream, then deliver it like that, like you might as well not waste it like, say it was delivered and then just grab it and go. I don't know. But that's the same as everybody else will take the photo off after dropping it off at the pan. I know. I just kind of feel that with that. I just feel like that driver was kind of a dick.

Absolutely. But yes, he was a dick. But my, my comment was, why is that not built into the app? Yeah, check for that.

Well, I think as a tip, we've kind of eliminated that segment just because I hate coming up with them. But I actually think of them as I'm, you know, just podcasting. But I think as a tip for a new driver, if that happens is call the customer and say Hey, what's up? And then at that point, if you don't want to deliver it, then you just cancel it and say, you know, driver, not there are customers out there. I don't know what I did. I had that one time with Uber. And I cancelled it because the customer wasn't there because they put the wrong address in and I just told him I wasn't gonna deliver it and they actually said it was fine. I actually got paid for it. They tipped and I got to keep the food. So

ultimately, it's it's it's the customers fault, right? Yeah, it is. But there's a nice way of of fixed

at least communicate with it. At least not just drop it off and he gets a picture of this. frickin ice cream in front of the ice cream store but

it is kind of a dick move right it is a dick

move and we're only looking at one screenshot so maybe they had a communication about it but my guess is he said peace out got his 10 bucks like yeah for said moved on.

So the next story here is I'd like to say it it's a it's a continuation of the automatic vehicle saga we you know, Uber did it a couple years ago and now Lyft did it. They stay bought they sold their autonomous car division to to Yoda. It's actually good news. So $550 million.

Yeah, that's it too. That's

hilarious. probably wasn't it was much more To be honest, they had done at a much lower level than then.

Because Uber sold theirs too. Right. Right Way mo was theirs right way, Mo way, Mo bought it? Something like

that? Yeah, it was something like that. But I think part of this division, part of this is also is that $200 million was cash upfront. Right? Okay. And then 350 million was over the next five years. But then there's an interesting thing as well, here it says here, the right hand and company says it will see an annual savings of $100 million of non gap expenses, which a claim to a better position to ultimately earn a profit. And here's the insane part. So Yoda has also agreed to use lifts fleet data as platform for any commercial services that eventually launches under its Baldwin planet subsidiary. So that I mean, that's a big part of where companies and a particularly good companies are going to be making money in the form in the future, is going to be renting out or selling the road condition data.


That they are collecting, you know, right, from all of them. I'm sure the apps are collecting ton more data than you think that they owe,

like, like right now.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And, you know, where are people going? What are the conditions of the road, most of it, most cars have at least a couple of sensors built into it. Now that is gathering data on decades. Yeah. So all of that stuff, it's going to be worth that data set, it's going to be worth a ton of money in the future. So just like Tesla today, is collecting just heaps of data of all the of all the, all the individual lanes of the of the road, you know, that kind of stuff. So So is these, you know, the good companies are gonna be selling that kind of stuff out. And so here's as part of this deal here is that Toyota is is, is agreeing to also using the fleet data and platform for for future use. So that's kind of interesting. And a good news for for Lyft as well.

I mean, I kind of liked that they're getting out of him, like, What are you guys doing? Like, let somebody that that's their full time job is to make autonomous cars, right, like, even Ilan, he's like, got this rocket thing. And this car thing is he's going to wait

he, yeah,

I mean, it's like, let's get a company that if you really want to do autonomous cars, you have to just do autonomous cars like sure. I mean, I can see I like a Toyota doing it because at least they're a car company.

Right, right. One, and they have knowledge in mass production and all that.

Exactly. Oh, yeah, they're much more apt to be able to have a car that doesn't kill people than Lyft or Uber. I mean,

right. But I think there's some benefit in the fact that it is a non connected, it used to be at least companies who wasn't specifically connected to any of the Big Three true, just to at least keep some of that initial r&d and that kind of stuff. On a more non connected basis. Well,

I feel like you're right, the big three probably have have the cash to get it through. But yeah, being the big three can also slow things down and be a little clunky,

what but here's the other side of it. Do you need to think the big three of the interest and creating automate, you know, you know, self driving cars?

That's a good question. Because people like to drive, you know, why are they going to make a car that people can't drive? I mean, I think they eventually will. But why is why is Tesla doing it then? Like what's his deal on it just because he likes it and he has a lot of money nice smart.

Well, I think there's still there always needs to be an industry leader in these things right? So I think that he's he's driving before he likes to drive this force and that kind of stuff.

Yeah, but but that's the thing I can you just focus on that like he's doing the underground subway and but he's

not though. I mean, is he done with that? He's out of those he's sold that to virgin? Oh, yeah. Virgin and took took that one over and he's really not connected much in in in the space race either. I mean, it's still his name on why

as I say every other day I see a rocket launch come up and come down and

yeah, he on about it. Right. But it's still kinda I mean, and he's still talking about it. Yes.

If you had the money would you buy a Tesla right now?

I have Tesla so you know, buy a Tesla know a car a car,

would you buy If

I had the money and, and yes and I wasn't in debt I would buy. I'll buy a Tesla. Yes,

yeah, cuz you can get a basic Tesla for like 35 grand. Right. And I don't think it's that bad.

I think ultimately one of the things that you're going to see at least the hope with self driving vehicles is less accidents, right? Which would mean less new cars being sold. Which then would think you would think to say that the big three probably don't have a lot of interest in kuredu in producing self driving cars because that will produce less accidents at least when when there is enough on the road. Yeah,

man, everyone make everyone freaks out when there's an accident. Or like, while this asshole wasn't in the driver's seat, like there was one just recently like, one was in the backseat, and one was in the passenger seat. Literally, no one was in the driver's seat, went off the road crash and burst into flames. They both died, unfortunately, but you're like, yeah, it's self driving, but you still have to be ready just in case the car leaves the road. I mean, can you imagine getting so comfortable with a self driving car in the winter in Michigan and not being in the driver's seat and just letting it do its thing? Oh, hell no. But the icy roads and everything like that see

the thing is still Jason if it was 99% self driving cars and the system would drive itself it would be a way safer if you remove the human factor all together. I agree but I mean obviously we're not there yet at all. No right but i mean invasion that what is that movie came out 1012 years ago with with Tom Cruise

minority report thank you Minority

Report right it's that we're going towards right it's those is the highways where these cars are just all driving crazy crazy crazy crazy. Because it's computers controlling them and they can they have reflexes is fast enough for that.

It's crazy to think about I don't think we'll see it in our lifetime.

I think we will but it'll be further down the road. Absolutely. It'll be another 1015 years.

I feel it's gonna be longer than that. Especially in Michigan when you got the snow and you can't see the lanes frickin Blizzard driving down frickin m six with a wind coming across it 80 miles an hour. And there's no way a Tesla's gonna be able to handle that

with the sensors. You don't need to see the lanes.

Yeah, that's true. Just look for other cars.

Beautiful handle, though, for

Jamie. She said screw self driving cars. Give me a flying car. I feel like that might be safer at this point.

You can buy a fine card. Jamie. They out there?

Yeah. Not for 35 grand like a Tesla.

No. And they actually required to have a you have to have a pilot license. That makes sense.

That makes sense. All right. So this is kind of interesting. It's kind of funny, Jamie chimed in, because she's been a big help with the PPP. But so on the screen here is a GoFundMe for, like Isha golden helped me pay back the PPP loan. I don't know. She said the feds are all funds are glad you appreciate it. We use to pay off all the fees owed to the government. Thanks for your support. But is this I don't know if this is from the original PPP loan that she's freaking out about. But she's she's actually I grabbed this last night. So she's actually made three grand, right? I mean, what, but I'm very confused.

But I thought the whole idea was for the PPP is you didn't have to pay it back. It was gonna be forgiven.

And even if you did, it's a 1% loan.

Unless you don't follow the rules.


Yeah, maybe she spent it on. I mean, it's approved

by the SBA, right? We mean, so somebody seems to at least follow the rules upfront to get approved by the SBA. And so somewhere along the way, she didn't do what she was supposed to do. Well, I

kind of feel like she, she didn't follow the Unforgiven part and spend it all and now they're wanting, they're like, oh, by the way, you owe us, you know, $300 a month for the next whatever, at 1% at 1%. But it's still you. It's it's you got to take away the 1% because I don't I probably should have read the terms a little bit better, but I just assume ours is gonna get forgiven. But I don't know. It's it's not like it's a an eight year loan or anything, right? It's like a three or four year loan. So if you got 20 grand, you got to pay 20 grand off in three years. I mean, you're making $1,000 payment.

I mean, it's not $1,000 payment. Well,

I mean, it's gonna mean it's not gonna be cheap. What's 20,000 divided by 36 months? Go math.

Go math. Well, I mean, it's not going to be three grand either.

No, but my point is, is like, whatever the I don't remember what the terms were. How you had to pay it back, but My point is, I don't know why, what she did or she must have broke the rules, but

she broke the

end. It's the feds. They're not gonna say you're excused.

It's like 600 bucks a month. 600

bucks. Did you do the math?

That's still a lot for a loan. 550 and interest.

Oh, Keith, five 555 He says,

Yeah, yeah, that's

still a lot. I mean, what it is, but it's a lot less than if you had a ball in the bank. probably bought some stupid shit with it. And then she's realizing now she has to pay $555 a month for the next three years to pay it off and can't afford it.

Well, maybe she should have read the file. Maybe

she should have and maybe I should have read the fine print to find out what my terms are. I mean, I know it's 1% but I don't know the length of it. So anyways, speaking of PPP. Oh, and if Mark was on here, I did change the date to may 31. You prick. wobbly, wobbly is gonna listen back to their ads like I've ripped down and because of their name not rep documents like wobbly. It's just a weird name but wobbly has been great. They are basically a company that's third party that helps you fast track through the PPP loan. My guess is that money is almost gone. I have not got an update email for them in about a week.

I saw a note today online to this dough money though.

Okay. Okay. Yeah, ends may 31. The programming but once the funds are gone, they're gone. So, you know, you could get just the first right and not get the second if if they ran out of money, or is it like you have to get both? I don't know. Okay.

Well, it's all based on how much you mean, you have to get approved for the full amount up front.

Okay. Oh, okay. So I guess if they didn't have the money for all of it, they probably wouldn't approve it for the first one. Probably not. But yeah, if you go to, slash gig economy podcasts or gig economy, I can't remember. It's in the description

thing. They both work.

Okay, you can sign up. It helps us to, they've been a great sponsor. And I think this is the last show for them. So

just to be clear, we love my womply.

Of course, we do just the name is just, I have this little fitness band too. It's like kind of like an Apple Watch. But it's not a watch is called whoop. Like what a name. Whoop. Is this some of the names that they come up with things like womply whoop, but anyways, they've been great. We appreciate them supporting the gig economy podcast, go sign up there. Go Sign up now Damn it, or you're gonna miss out on your money. And let us know if you have any questions or message Jamie Lynn Brooks. Thanks,

Chamberlain. Very nice.

Well, she knows what she's talking about. She's smart.

So this next one here I thought was an interesting I actually added it and and it was kind of a new thing, providing write a feedback. And I thought that was interesting. When you read a writer, three stars or lower will now share feedback with the writer and deactivate those who repeatedly violate our guidelines. We care about your experience and want you to feel safe and supported on an off the road.

This is really cool to see if it's legit.

Now, I didn't see whether it was Uber or left. This is left by What makes you say that? Oh,

that's 100% lift screen.

Okay. Apparently it's been too long since I've been here

early. It is because I is definitely lift.

Okay, so this is left?

Yeah, I really I really, I'm glad that they did that. I'm wondering if they're I don't know if they're actually going to do that. Like if I say this person's Bo smelled really bad. Are they gonna literally pass on the exact verbiage of that? Are they going to generalize? Maybe take a shower? Well, no, just are they going to generalize and say, yeah, the driver felt that maybe the hygiene may have been an issue or something like that. I don't speak

of that. Have you ever ever had a passenger that there was somebody like you would raise three stars for for this? Yes. Tell the story. Well, no.

I mean, there's been a lot of them.

I mean, if they're just anywhere, I'm sorry. Yeah, but any like for body odor or anything like that. That really just sticks to your mind.

Yeah, I mean, the body odor thing is such a, I try to take each individually. Thanks, Shannon. I tried to take each individual person's when they have a body odor issue into consideration, like, but if you're down on your luck, I get it. But if you're like, I don't know, it's like you Why do you smell like this? You know what I mean? Like, I feel like you You have decent clothes on like, why do you smell like, I don't know. I mean, I can't say that I regularly rape people poor for body odor, but I have if it's been so bad, like I don't I can't take this person again. Like I just can't do it. You know, and when you start driving regular shifts, at least when I did in the winter, I was driving a lot of the same people In the morning, sure. So if it was bad enough, I'm just like, sorry. I mean, I don't think it's as bad as like raping somebody because they live in the bad neighborhood that we talked about the last show. Yeah. But I mean,

I'm still a big move for doing that.

What the body odor or the bad neighborhood? Oh, that is a complete dick move. I don't know I got such a sensitive nose. I body odor really bothers me. It's not that hard to clean yourself. So But anyways, it is not. But I'm glad Lyft is doing this. I wish Uber would.

But more importantly, is it really true? Are they just saying

See, that's the thing is he said she said for days. And it does bring up a good point about we were talking about wanting to register the dash cams and stuff. I think we're gonna see more of that. I think they're going to be like, we're going to need to have some documentation whether I don't know.

So we're going to need smellivision

Okay. I don't think so. Okay, this next one, uh, you know, I guess we could have led with this, but this is a video of a driver getting choked. It's pretty long. I'll bump Bump through it here and there. But there are some glaring issues from obviously the passenger but even the driver to and see if you can pick up on that. But yeah, it was. It was pretty bad. So you're gonna hear it. Hey,

do you have the cops on the way? No,

don't don't.

So she's choking him. He's just sitting there not defending himself.

I think he's probably not trying to make he's trying not to make the situation worse. But I mean,

he's, he's, I mean, listen to him. Like, why wouldn't you just peel it off and get out? Okay, now he's starting to.

I want to get out.

I don't want to get out and have her run. And why is it I want to help you again. We've talked about this yesterday. They're videotaping like, right. I would have opened that back door. I would have grabbed that bitch by the hair and pulled her ass out. I just went off.


he should be getting out too. He had a couple of opportunities to drive.

Uber driver.

See, no one's helping.

My daughter put my hands on.

I just don't want to put

please. She bites.

He says I don't want to put my hands on her.

Yeah, I know. He doesn't but

Ryan woke up and started screaming

Oh, so she passed out. But

she I think there's mental issues with her.


That's it. I feel like it's more than alcohol.

Oh, no, I don't think it's alcohol. I think she got the cops on the way.

Oh, Jamie says there's interview said he was raised to never heard a woman I don't give a shit. I would have busted her a long time ago. He said it's fine. And now she's biting.

Man stop biting him.

All right now he's like I'm sorry. So now he gets out.


we need the cops here like Now

I understand why he just let her abuse him like

Wow. I mean, obviously he said he's he's been raised and ever heard a woman and and I guess that

hey, this is what I say equal rights. Women want equal rights if you're gonna hit me I might hit you back.

True. I know. There's there's definitely some sense and truth to that time. But I think situation although Right. I mean, here's the thing. So she's been fine all the way through the right and she's been sleeping while she passed out. Right from drinking. But do you know it was from doing window?

I just only can go off what the title said it. It said drunk woman chokes driver so I assume she was intoxicated. But you're right, I guess we don't know for 100% fact.

I mean, maybe it wasn't meant Until issues she had some kind of a tie. I'm not trying to say what she did was right. Right. But we don't know what happened.

Yeah, but the point is, is let's look we can only we can only. I always say that you can only make an opinion on what you can see. I don't know what happened before you don't know what happened after correct. But in that situation that driver should have got out of there. I'm not saying striker, but he had every opportunity. Right, he could overpower her. I mean, you could you could see that, but it's almost like he didn't want to overpower her to get out.

Yeah, I mean, I I have a lot of respect for the fact that he got the car out of the traffic.

Yeah, I agree. I thought

that was fine. That was interesting. And yeah,

I was totally fine with that. I just don't know why he didn't and then, you know, yet we've brought this up several times just the standby, like okay, she's videotaping good. What about those guys on either side like open the door several

big guys the big

guy. Like and not you don't even have to hurt her. Just take her out

of the car. Just hold her back

in I would get her out of the car. Right and then that's it. I wouldn't hold her there. If she wanted to run away. I'd be like, fine run away. Your

situation is handled.

Yeah, at least you're out of this guy's car and no one else is gonna get hurt. But yeah, but yeah, that was intense. I did really feel bad for that guy. But

Oh, yeah. Thanks, Tim. That was crazy.

Yeah. Kind of stressed me out. To be honest with you all that screaming.

So this next one here is a

I think it's I think it's photoshopped. But it's still kind of

Yeah, yeah. So it doesn't actually say whether jewboy left whatever. Oh, hey. Yep, okay. Yep. So it's it's a text stream from the Dasher and he said Haiti this year Dasha, there was a long line at McDonald's. So I went to get you something from Burger King. And she wrote What the fuck? Why WTF? I don't want no damn Burger King. Be grateful before I take a bite as little as burger.

So it is Photoshop because yeah, this is iOS messaging. And they don't Dasher doesn't use that. But I just I think it's hilarious that these are the things that I want to say to customers like, right? I'm not waiting in this line. And I don't know it was just kind of funny.

McDonald's on Michigan. Oh, gosh.

So this one is kind of a needy customer. This is through shipped. The from Reddit dropped this quickness? No, thank you. This is failure to communicate failure offer substitutions for items not in stock and Failure to follow delivery instructions result in a bad review and a low tip low or no tip. Delivery instructions Call me when you arrive in an apartment. I may not hear you knock building his ups building upstairs. All those things are red flags of like upstairs. If If it's not if you don't follow instructions, exactly. Like, Oh man, I remember seeing these on shift. And I'm like, who would even take that, even with a promo? Like if there was a $20 promo on that? I probably still wouldn't take it. I mean, there's plenty of money to go around with other orders. There's no reason why I need to deal with this crazy person. But I don't know. But yeah, just saying right in there is like a low or no tip right away. That's a red flag. Like, do you really even want to mess up this lady? Because a lot of times there's things you can't help you know, if they don't have the food, they don't have the food. Right? But or she's just been burned so many times by people not doing the right substitutions. I don't know. But,

but again, the other side of that is just communicate. Yes,

yes. But sometimes customers are

dicks. But so sometimes our drivers sorry, but they are Yeah, they are. There's lots of drivers who shouldn't be doing it.

Yeah. And I think with the pandemic, oh my gosh, can you imagine if you're used to like the level of ship shopping before pandemic I was really great. I'm not saying that people that weren't already great weren't great during the pandemic, right but there was so many new shoppers because they were hiring like crazy the amount of bad service that you would get I mean even Pete and I think even Sam had talked about just even because they know the business like they know how it should work and they were getting terrible service like not not like dropping it off not telling them that they're there those kinds of things so yep, do right by your customers people

come on, and they're gonna do right by you. Yes,


Okay, so this next one here is interesting article and it talks about how we ought we mentioned last year that grub hub got I think it was last year anyways A while back grandpa got bought by just eat a yogurt company right? Yeah, just he can just eat takeaway is what it's called. Yes. And so this one Here, it says that that grub hubs new owner offers a glimpse of a potential us strategy. And that's kind of interesting because the whole point of this article goes into my article my page won't scroll down what it says here just eat takeaway is prioritizing lower fees and fully employed drivers in its European market as its focuses on growing, share and deploy. The point here is fully employed drivers. Yeah, just eat takeaway on Wednesday laid out his plan to gain market share by expanding his delivery network investing in customer acquisition and lowering fees across is 23 global markets, which will soon include the US Amsterdam based delivery company is in the process of acquiring grub hub in a 7.3 billion transaction. So when we talked about last year, I had to have been approved, the process is still on the way that kind of stuff said to be completed in the first half of this year. And the strategy to tell unjaded JT is 2020 earnings call with investors provides a glimpse on how it might approach to new market, namely growth at all costs. But the big thing here for drivers is that one of our pillars of our delivery strategy is to price is to be the price leader in our industry, meaning offering lower fees, lower delivery fees across all markets compared to the competition, including free delivery. But the big thing here is that these drivers are going to be employed employees. Yeah, it's not going to be gig economy as you're used to it. And they'll have sick pay, they'll have you know, all the benefits of being a full time employee.

You know, we talked to Steve and I talked about London, he's got a contact in there. And they've become classified as workers but not employees. And he said, his contact there is randomly getting like $700 miscellaneous deposits $150. And he calls Uber and ask what they are and they're like, Oh, that's for your sick pay. That's for your vacation pay it, but there's really no rhyme or reason he'll just get like this giant ass deposit and it says miscellaneous on it. So it's, there's something in it's in London, that something that got approved that I don't know, it's not quite the same as like, the AB five but but it is kind of,

but I bet that what they're doing is they average out you Okay, so you're gonna get paid over the course of the year, we're gonna get paid for 10 sick days. Yeah, going to deposit like this.

Yeah. And in he still gets his like, he he's still flexible, though. He doesn't have to work a certain amount, or she can just sign on when he wants and he still gets all this these sick pay and stuff. So it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. But sounds like that those services in Europe are going to be that way you're going to be an employee,

right? So it doesn't mention anything about when you're going to be driving or working whether you're going to have that flexibility. So but it basically says that the underbid the burden is called scooper. Drivers are considered full time employees, they're paid a set hourly wage and receive benefits such as paid sick days holiday pay, and electric bikes for doing deliveries in open markets, etc, etc. So

yeah, it'll be interesting. Some of that stuff could come here. I don't know. I don't like it. I like being independent. I don't want to be an employee. I already have a job like that.

Right. But I think no matter what, there's a shift in how people work. Yes. You know, and it'll be interesting to see the next five years on how that plays out. Yeah, you know, and I think somewhere in the long there's, I think there is a flexible model where we can still be full time employees. But we have the flexibility of being gig time workers.

Yeah, I truly believe you're right. I think there's gonna be a hybrid at some point down the road, but I mean, it's like, everyone wanted the gig economy now everyone's trying to force it back into regular employment. I'm like, No, like, Can we have a happy medium? I don't know. I'd be willing to I'd be willing to think about it and talk about it but I'm not ready to speak like, because I like that I can just stop doing it from March to October without penalty. No one deactivates me. No one says I mean they bug you to get on the app but no one's like you can't do this anymore and I want to keep it that way.

Right But yeah, baby Well, there's there's flexibility in knowing that right? You can do whatever we want.

Yeah, exactly. And and I love the winner flexibility when I'm when I'm doing cake work. I my wife loves it too because I can take the kids all their dumb appointments and she doesn't have take time off for work and there's there's a real advantage to gig work. I really wet my whistle and it makes me think that I want to do it but then I also feel like I'm running my car into the ground to

one when it's time to be done with Giga you about ready to be done a gig work so it works for you. Yeah. You need that break.

I love it. I love the being able to switch it switching on and off. I'm just, it's always different every year with. With when I go back to gig work, things have always changed just a little bit. And

actually we should at some point have a show talking about burnout, just yeah, job burnout and Job Change and that kind of stuff. Because gig work is brilliant for that. Right? Yeah. For being able to you can just pick a new whatever you want to do today.

Yeah. You know, I mean, there's so many gigs out there like some I bet there's 15 or 20 apps that we've never even talked about that you can probably do.

Well, yeah, I saw the several apps coming to Well, I guess the American Marga whatever is here and several level about the whole handyman services. Yeah, I mean, that's interesting. I saw somebody had but that was a new one. I saw what was that called? Anyways, they had they had right on the on the front they were teaming up with with IKEA. I was Oh really? Yeah. And was being used as IKEA to collect together to put together furniture.

Well, I think the IKEA and they maybe they have it doing local deliveries from IKEA. Like I'm sure they have a delivery service for bigger stuff. Don't quote me. I've been to IKEA a bunch of times, but there's not run around Grand Rapids. So I don't know. You can

order it and have it delivered here. Oh, you can but that's just freight service. Right? Yeah,

I'd be it'd be interesting to do it the the Amazon way. Like you order it that day and a driver just the independent contractor goes and picks it up. And then they'll put it together for you and then you're happy.

One particularly I would be happy if I didn't have to deal with all the stupid cardboard and stuff and I just have my furniture done.

Oh, you don't want to you don't want to recycle it or burn it you want.

half the battle is trying to figure out how to what to do with that big box.

Give it to your kids. My kids like No, no. Trust me. I

have enough junk in my house. Yeah, no, I need more chalk. But it's more about I mean, lately, we can just throw it in the burn barrel and burn. Yeah, that's fine. But you know, some of those big boxes, you know, breaking them down and put it in the recycle.

It's a hard life, isn't it? buying stuff and having to put it together?

Tough? Yeah.

Well, speaking of money, we'd love you to support us on Patreon. If you go to search the gig economy podcast, extra podcasts a month, exclusive piece of merge. And then before show banter, which is this Yes, for an AI talk and shit. Whatever. You never know, just kind of life in general. Sometimes it gets funny. Sometimes it's not funny. But again, search the gig economy podcast and we'd love for you to support us. We have you get two podcasts coming this month. So May. So we are working just a little behind the schedule. It's been a crazy week so

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Oh, for the love of somebody buy a T shirt love of Pete.

So we got a couple of more to bang through here. And then, you know, we're getting there. Uber, let's talk about that. That's basically the Uber stimulus package that are trying to fund drivers to get back on the road and

give us life. I don't

know. I don't. Okay. Yeah, no, I'm just reading the article. Uh, yeah, no, it's you know, Steve and I talked about this from rideshare rodeo quite a bit. It just pisses me off that they have all this money to get new drivers or old drivers back on the road. But why not pay us more? You know what I mean? And I get it supply and demand now, but he was talking there was someplace was at Phoenix, they were offering $6,000 for 105 rides. Guaranteed for 105 rides. 6k. Right. I'm like, What the hell, like they're giving away and that was Lyft. That was an Uber. But let's do the same thing. But I don't know. How do you feel about them spending all this money and not just given us? How about bump everyone's rate up a little bit?

I mean, is that accommodating and do what they want, right? Well,

no shit.

But we I think that the bigger question is, if they just gave everybody a raid, would they actually get more people on?

Sure. I get it. I do get it. They have to spend a little bit on it. But what about those drivers that have been on the road and haven't stopped driving?

Well, absolutely. Yes. And they, it would be nice if they would if they would give them a little bit of an Attaboy. Right. Right. Nice.

Yeah. Because it's like, it's like when you have your cable company and they Don't give you the promos. They only give it for the new customers. You're like, hey, I've been a customer for five years. How about give me a little?

I think it was Jamie. Linda posted the link today to the $1,000. Which is a guarantee. Right. So it's 1000. Again, T for Uber, that I promptly sign up for, and I'm sure I won't do but that's again. Yeah, but I'm fine. I think it was five rights. And then you get $1,000

Yeah, somebody did the math. It's like 10 bucks a ride, right?

But it's, it's a guarantee. So if you end up not getting it, they're just gonna, you know, round up and get you Yeah, money out of it. So, yeah, but that's the thing. Interesting. And, you know,

I'm waiting for the three rides for 100 bucks, cuz I'm gonna do that for three rides and 100 bucks. I'm like,

I mean, I'm still not ready to drive passenger.

I'm not either, but for 100 bucks. I

mean, you can I mean, you take three McDonald's orders for on the box. No,

no, it's not Uber Eats. Its passengers. You can't take food deliveries for that.

Well, you can take food deliveries for the $1,000 guarantee. Oh, you can? Yeah. It's his passengers, aka our delivery.

Oh, huh. Well,

Jamie Linnea. I think you need to post that link one more time to chase.

They they've been messaging me today. Is that how you knew about it, though?

JAMIE posted a link on Facebook. And you had to click on that one. And then once you click on that, and sign in, and you get the offer.

Okay, interesting. Yeah, I noticed Uber sent me two notifications. They like Hey, hey, just checking in. You should sign see what's up. So I didn't don't know it was related with that. But Jamie said it had gotten the three gotten 100 for three rides twice. Oh.

But Jamie was that deliveries are just passengers?

I don't know. I feel like because I was doing Uber up until I went back to work I was doing Uber Eats every day. So I mean, it's only been it's been maybe like five weeks since I did it. Uber Eats or did any gig work? So I don't know if it's Uber Eats? I for sure would do it. I'd have that done by eight o'clock in the morning.

But as I said, I mean, I don't know quite sure when I'm be going out again. But sometime within the next week or so I'm sure I'll be going out.

Yeah, I really would like you to go out just to just see you can feel the kind of pain.

No, I know.

Oh, she says I don't do delivery. So it was people, huh? Well, I will definitely do it. If it's food delivery. Like, again, I can have I can have that done in like an hour. See set three rides $102 for only rideshare. Yeah, I think it's, it must be market specific. But But who knows?

Who knows?

Well, Ubers got lots of money. So. So do you can you got this one

I do. So this is a Reddit driver made me cash app him the amount I paid on the app. So I was taking a lift home from work since I currently don't have a car as I got into an accident. My job is 35 minutes away from my house. The driver had me cash app him the amount I paid on Lyft. And he would confirm until I sent the money. I cancelled the ride on the app. And I paid him he said that it's because of the fact that it's further out that there is far further out there. So he wouldn't get that much for the ride. But then again, the full amount I paid is also supposed to go to lift. I know that was stupid of me. But I had to get home. So I didn't put up a fight. Yes, I had to pay a $5 cancellation fee, I was encouraged to report situation to lift as clearly, as that's clearly unprofessional. And I don't know the rules will lift but I assume what he did wasn't allowed. I probably should have canceled and had another driver come get me but I just need to get home soon. What should I do if this happens in the future? And is there anything else I should be aware of? Also, I wasn't sure what flare this go under?

Yeah, that's a thing.

So anyways, obviously, you know, anybody who has driven a little bit knows the answer to this question. Yes, it's absolutely against terms and conditions. And no, you should never do this.

Well, the customer made it sound like the driver made her do it. Like how about you just cancel and get another driver? Like she said,

she said that, you know, she made it sound like it was definitely out there and the chance of her getting another ride. Yeah. And so she just really needed to get home. So he was using that. You know? Yeah. But I mean, I don't think I would have ever done that.

I all I may have said, Hey, would you mind tipping me a little bit more on the app because I had to drive out here on the only driver like I've done that before, right? Yeah,

yes. encouraged to tip

Yeah. And of course, they can say no, and that's fine. But then at least you still run it on the app so you know that you're driving under insurance. Everything's on the up and up and up. They decide not to tip then that's the karma that they have to deal with.

And I think that's the thing that the riders need to understand too, right? If they do this, there's no insurance. Yeah,

people don't think about that. Well, we were driving before we even had insurance, or we had insurance. But

But when you look at it from this, though, so it's the riders, what happens to the rider? If there's an accident?

I feel like, I feel like they're just going to sue left, and they're going to get paid. Even without insurance. And that's probably true, it probably will be they'll some attorney will be able to say, yeah, you know, this driver manipulated my my client to cancel the left. And it's, you hired them because he's a left employee or a left 1099 workers, so

you're paying out, but, but Lyft could choose to say, screw you.

Yeah, well,

he wasn't on the app. He did this. We can

do that. But then it would go to a jury trial, and then everyone be pissed,

right? All right.

That's true. This next one. It's just let's see deliveries. I knew Rex and no receipt. Have any of you had a delivery when no one showed up for the package? What do you do today I did an Uber x ride with the pack simply gave me an iPhone to deliver to his daughter. The ride was three miles and an $18. Search for total $23 no brainer. I've done this kind of thing dozens of times and receipt usually comes or recipient usually comes to my to my car to get the package no one showed up today, even after I texted and called the account or I waited like seven minutes was pretty generous. So I completed the ride in through the phone in my trunk. So no word from Uber support. No call from PACs. My first thought is to treat it like a lost item and ask for $20 cash for turning over the phone. So yeah, I mean, that's weird that they never call back. I mean, I don't know how after he posted this, you know, it could have been five minutes later, they call them back. But I don't know. Have you ever done an Uber x delivery? So basically, someone gives you something deliver like a car part or anything? I've never done it.

I've never done I thought

there was a pair of keys once.


Was there somebody in our group that went into somebody's house to get keys?

Chris rented and got a doc crispo soumis? Yeah, I think he got a dog from from from through through and through a a garage door.

Yes. Someone will. Yeah. Like he went back to let the dog out or something. I don't know how that popped into my head. Remember? What the hell are you doing?

But Chris would do it, dude. I mean, he didn't You don't care?

Wow. 50 bucks is 50 bucks. I mean, I don't know if it was 50 bucks. But no, I've never I've never done delivery. For like, someone handed me a random thing. But I mean, I think all you do is just wait until the customer calls and I don't know. I mean, it what sucks is like you can't sell the phone. So it's not like, you know, no, you can't you can't I mean, it's gonna get to come up as stolen. But why hasn't the customer call the back? I mean, the daughters probably freaking out. Did everyone die in this situation? The daughter and and the dad are dead. And that's why no one's asking for the phone. It's very strange. It's too strange to strange. But yeah, I guess Be cautious when you're delivering things other than people. Like not weed or drugs.

There you go.

This one's kind of funny. The grub hub is the worst was this.

So I read it, but I'm not sure I fully understood figure it out. No. Okay. So I'll read it though. So maybe you can tell me that. All right. So am I missing something? Or does this not make any sense? Two ways earn up to $150 bonus, cash and extra earnings this weekend. You can qualify for bonus earnings when you complete deliveries between 5pm and 11pm. Any day this weekend starting today for 23 through Sunday for 25. We're giving you a two ways to earn extra day cash one, maintain a 90% over acceptance rate and earn at 12% bonus to $12 bonus for every five deliveries or maintain a 50% to 89% acceptance rate and earn a $17 bonus verify.

Okay. Okay.

See it now.

So, if your drive was

if you're more picky, we'll give you I think they forgot they added an extra one. It was probably $7 for each bonus. But yeah, but grubhub is the worst with that they've posted we've talked about it several times. Like you can earn an extra $0 it says I'm like, Who's typing these numbers into this before they send the text out. Right. But I just thought that was funny.

I was fun and not I read it out.

I was wondering if I'll be honest with you when I saw it on Read it. I had to read it a couple times to to figure it out until I read the comments. Actually, I didn't even figure it out. I just went right to the comments. So forget dumb as

well. You have always been smart.

Yeah, right. And then just this last thing. Just kind of a ship shopper the guy did 141 items. The total was $51. No.


Thank you. The total was I'm reading like small text. The total is $513. And the dude lives in a mansion, but only 220 dollars. Yeah. Or she? Yeah, she'll never see me again. Readings didn't drop. I know the order was near perfect. So I don't know what like.

I mean, we know for a fact that people living in mansions generally don't know.

And I actually feel like $20 I mean, yeah, that's a big, that's a big order. But I don't know, like 20 bucks doesn't seem too bad to me know,

when and my wife. She's often said that this hope tipping on a percentage. Doesn't make sense all the time. No,

it doesn't. You're exactly right. You're not going to tip 20% on $500.

No, you're not. I mean, you're not gonna get 100 on tip. Well,

that's why I never understood with restaurant eating. Why? Why it's 20% either. Like, shouldn't it be like, I don't know. Because would you tip 20%? If you took your family out, it was a $500 bill at a restaurant.

You would right? Probably yes. Yeah.

See? So what's the difference?

No, I don't know. Well, you brought it up. You said no, no, but But yeah, you're correct. I was

actually trying to figure it out. Like why wouldn't you tip 20% on a $500. Meijer order? I guess I don't understand the difference.

No. And I don't either. But I really difficult for me to pay that 100 bucks extra? Well,

I totally agree. Because if I would have looked at the app, and I saw the tip was gonna be $100 would be like, I'm paying $100 for that. You know what I mean? But it's like, it's no different than I mean, I've never spent $500 at a restaurant. But you know, if I ever could, I'd be blessed. But But my point is, I think I would do it at a restaurant because but what does it matter? Like if your family was there and dropped $500 It just means the food is really expensive. What has the server done above and beyond if you spent $100 at Red Robin, and you got the same food. So what is the server done, the server's done nothing different. It's just the cost of the food. So it just seems right now with a big table where she or he is running around helping, you know, you gotta get a table of 20. That's different. If the bill comes up to 500. Then you've worked your ass off. You've been running around this table and getting everyone drinks and everything like that. So I don't know. I've seen it too, or Meghan's done shipped. And she's like, Oh, my God, 20 percents like a $25 tip. And I'm like, that seems really high. Like you do what you want to walk away.

You do what you do what

you want?

I don't know. As nice of you.

Yeah, right. Well, guys, thank you so much for listening to the gig economy podcast. We really appreciate it. Looking forward to getting those interviews out if you want those interviews first. And to get signed up for some of the stuff, go to gay economy. No, go to and search, the gig economy podcast. I think we're shooting to get Leo from Detroit on next month. And I think, Larry, I think he went to bed early. But we'd like to get Larry on to just to bring in another level. I know, he's been doing a lot of ride sharing. Well, not so much now. But studying for that test. But what does he say? Because $100 tip to a server takes into account table time and service time. That makes a good point. Remember, they don't make anything paycheck wise. My order should not be the same. Yeah, that's true. Because you're basically renting space at that table. So yeah, cuz I would always like if I would go in with my buddy, we would just have a coat like when we were younger, even as a because I've worked in restaurants my whole life, even as a younger kid. I would tip more even though we because I took that table. That doesn't make a good set. A good point.

Right. But I think it brings down to the fact that the system is broken. Like Yeah, because they shouldn't be paid 350 an hour, an hour and then for tipping.

Yeah, I mean, would you like to get rid of the whole tipping system? It

the tipping system is not existing and done Mike. works just fine. Yeah,

I think everyone doesn't want to do it because they're worried that the service level is going to go down. But if you're paying like, my boss pays me really well for my lawn care job. I take really good care of my customers. I take really good care of my equipment. I'm constantly doing the right thing. Not that I wouldn't anyways, I got a good work ethic, but honestly if I was making 10 bucks an hour or whatever, 20 bucks an hour What are you gonna do you know what I mean? You would hope that if you're making more money per hour but yeah, be curious so there's no tipping in Denmark at all.

I mean, you can if you want to you just walk in like that's not expected. Really interesting because the, you know, people were going to restaurants get, you know, a regular rate level paid money.

Yeah livable wage. Yeah that is interesting. What if we went to tipping at McDonald's so those McDonald's workers are only getting paid $2.50 an hour and then to see it like, reverse it.

That would be a shit show. I mean, they want 15 an hour, but we'll get in. Anyways, Steve, Jamie, thanks so much for commenting. Well appreciate it. I don't know where all our other friends are jerks. It was a little quiet in here tonight.

Not many Not tonight. No, no, I

don't know where Sam is. And john edit Janice or Larry has to get up early. So.

Anyways, thank you so much, guys. Have a good night. Thanks. Be safe.

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I knew it was coming in it still like incited panic in me for a second.

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Yeah, yeah, exactly. That's what I want to go to bed and

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We're gonna be a calendar edition.

Yeah, we're gonna be bent over. Yeah.

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I don't

know, Sam and I have been trudging through the gig economy. And yeah, I've had a lot Go on, but nothing that really stands out. One thing that did happen over the holiday break after Christmas, I took a route for a surge rate and got to the warehouse for amazon flex in the warehouse was closed. So there were about 25 cars there like going What the hell and so I emailed support a couple of times wasn't expecting any money, but they actually paid me a couple days ago. So I'm pretty happy about that.

So he returned to work after Christmas, like just take the day off. Hey, you know, again, I'll talk about how nobody takes enough vacation.

I know we

are the day after Christmas.

He got 66 bucks for free, man,

what's up with that? Yeah.

And I got another free route yesterday, I went to go pick up a route they they do something sometimes they overbooked now the warehouses don't create the routes somewhere else in the world. They do it. And I don't know, they predicted wrong, but I took one package and was paid $77. So yeah, I'm

sure that truck that you saw pull in was just late. And they probably didn't need all those routes probably in time. Yeah.

Could be. What about you saying? Well,

I mean, not really. Like instacart it's pretty straightforward and shipped not a lot of craziness really happens.



you know what's crazy is you're not in the center of your shot. You're like, that's

because my cat got up into my lap and I can't twist under the desk with her on my leg. Because she's too fat.

Just Just pincher.

No, I like her being here. Who is

every day is like a field trip. He says he needs that comforter,

I think is john.

Oh, is chocolate.

But she's being quiet. So

all right. She was whining earlier.

I guess I will mention that. Like I told you about that really good Costco order I had.

Yeah, Sam. Sam goes.

Once in a while Costco treats a few gems. I had a single order at Costco was a double but the second order was like seven items. And it paid me $118 to drive nine miles. Oh, yeah. It was a real good order.

What How did that happen?

It was just the tip was over. $90 for the one lady. Oh, nice. Yeah,

that's amazing. Let's see. Pretty cool. Stephen, Colorado. Happy anniversary. Thanks, Steve. Appreciate that. He has a podcast too called rideshare. rodeo. I think that's steve steve. I

wrote it. Okay.

After we you know, we mentored him, and then he started his own podcasts and started taking our listeners. Yeah, yeah, that Steve. Just kidding, Steve. Just kidding.

Sorry, Steve. didn't recognize you.

Oh, john, john. That's fine. Thanks, john. All right. Let's move on Irvine's auto repair Grand Rapids hybrid. They are located on Stafford just east of 131 off 44th Street. They are the studio sponsor and they have been sponsored for like, at least a year and a half.

Yes. For

Oh, at least. Yeah, they've been great. Clearly we're sending them some business so that's good. They are the best in the area. They always say they're not the cheapest, but they are the best and they will fix it right the first time. You can schedule online Irvine's dot com or call them 532 6600.

Check out their Google reviews. Christ mark and Pete. Hey, I'm doing an ad. Sorry.

You can check out their Google reviews 4.7 out of 276. Well, Sam drops a JC during the ad. We appreciate Irvine's doc Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid for supporting the show. Good lord Sam.

just opened the comments.

Oh you did mine. We're off to

that's why So sorry, sorry about that. Yeah. anatomy.

Colorado Johnson says, Steve, he was talking about how people need to do dumpling over instacart we have a couple people using dumpling in this market. He is Steve. But if you have like for the end user, it's a lot more expensive. So I mean, either way. I don't think it's too used here in the Midwest, but, but we know about it.

Yeah, we both use the timer to did seem a little bit more pricey, but you are supporting someone, you know, not a huge corporation, which is kind of nice. Correct. Yeah.

dumpling. It's just you as a shopper, you take the risk that you pay to use the service. Yeah, you have to earn that money. And I don't think a lot of people want to take that risk.

You know, when I did it, too, it was very clunky how I had to get her the order like I had to. I placed it on instacart. And then I made her you can add someone as a user on instacart you know what I mean? where they can access your list but then with with Meijer, I had to send her screenshot, I don't know, it was kind of a pain in the ass.

Well, it's because again, the dumpling platform is standalone and tie into into the other one, what instacart mean, gets all the mo instacart and, and ships, they get the information from the stores. Right, right. Kind of all kind of synchronized that way. So

all right, as we jump into gig economy news, I want everyone's predictions for the gig economy in 2021. Like, what do you think is gonna happen? I thought about this a little bit. And for me, one of the things is I think Lyft is going to get bought out by Amazon. I know they've been thinking about buying a rideshare company. And I think with how terrible rideshare has been, I don't even know how Lyft is still in business, to be honest with you. Like, there can't be any. I mean, I know there's some brides but I mean, they can't be making near what they used to be making the handling

the money way better than Uber is.

Well, yeah,

that's clear. But would you guys, I mean, what's your thoughts on Amazon or even another company?

I don't think Amazon would be allowed to buy Lyft No, I don't think so. Why is that? They're just gonna slowly create a monopoly with watch Amazon do it with so many things in the past that it might be the final straw that like people step in and say no. Hmm.

Yeah, I don't think so. I don't think that's gonna work either. I do think, though, that. I think as as more and more people are getting vaccinated and the pandemic is getting less, I think a rideshare company is going to have just a super strong year as people are just itching to get back outside. That's that's my prediction. That I think you know, once once all this is over, hopefully soon. are getting closer than that is going to get a much stronger year. What's going on, Sam?

Jason, can you hear the background?

Yeah, just listen to the cat fights.

Is that is that the kidneys in the bed?

Yeah, I'm sorry. No, you're fine. If you're watching the show tonight, you might get a cat fight.

One cat, one cat

fighting rhythms. Oh.

But yeah, and I don't disagree. I swear, I think people are gonna be itching to get out and go to the bars as soon as they can. But it's gonna be a tough return to what it was for lift.

Yeah. Anyone that's watching if wants to chime in on your market, if bars are open or whatever. I know. They're not here in Garner, not in Michigan.

There's one in I was in what Hopkins? Yeah, there's a bar up at Hopkins that can tell you that much.

Oh, there. There is a there's a lot of places are open that are under the radar. But we won't mention those. So

let me go and talk about that.

You don't talk about Fight Club. All right. So any other predictions? You guys think about the gig economy as far as like doordash or grubhub? or any of those food delivery things? I

don't know. I mean, Postmates is already bought up by Uber. Yep. And I mean, I don't think I don't expect any big companies to honestly burn the cash this year to purchase anything.

Yeah, that's true.

They're probably gonna wait, I would guess 2022 is probably going to be a bigger year for more acquisitions of the smaller companies. Why don't

you think Lyft never got really into the food delivery? Do you just think that the market was so saturated? They're like, not it's not worth it?

Maybe and just I think Lyft maybe it's just more committed to focusing on their core product and being the best version of it, which is, of course debatable, depending on your market. But I think that's kind of that's what they're known for. They're not trying to be number one at everything. They just want to be a good Which is probably

a good smart move, not try to be number one because they know that they're never going to be number one. Well, they're

focusing on what they're really good at. So that is that I think that's good.

Yeah, that is good.

So I think the more interesting question here is, is what's going to happen with what's gonna happen with all the? Oh,

keep going? All right.

Yeah, I got distracted by that by by the comment. What's gonna happen to all the grocery shopping services as things open back up? Because there's so many people getting used to it now. Right?

And then so nicely to what Marissa just said in the comment? Well, yes.

There you go. Hey, oh.

You miss?

Yes. Were you miss Sam? She you missed her rip it on. You

know, I know. I know. But but it's just I think the question is, how many people are getting used to it? How many of you don't want to go back to the store and do the shopping themselves because they realize, they also realize that they actually In fact, saving money, because they're only getting what they want. They don't get all the crap that they don't own. They don't they don't need right. So there's all that additional benefits of not doing it. So the whole question is, how much is that actually got went down? Or is it at all gonna go down?

Well, I agree with Marissa a little bit people are lazy dude, the like, was it you Sam, I was talking I was gonna order Ben and Jerry's and in like two pints with tip and fees was gonna be like 25 bucks. And my wife's like, She's like, no way. Like, normally I let you do whatever you want. You cannot you cannot spend $25 on two points. I agree. When Meyer is a mile down the road, and it's on sale for like 245

I chocolate cheesecake from my couch for like half an hour and shipped. And I didn't do it because I wasn't going to spend that much money for a chocolate cheesecake. But I thought about it. But

I guess my point to Marissa is like, yeah, I think it will, it will reduce it with their own pickup. But people are lazy man, they don't even want to go pick it up.

I don't think the concept of like grocery gig work will go away. It just that shipped specifically might take a big hit because Meijer is pulling back. Yeah, they're getting to the point where they don't want to deal with shipped anymore.

Well, no, because their competitor owns it.

Right? And I mean, if they can have their own staff do most of the shopping really all they need us for us to deliver it. You could use any service for that.

Yeah, I gotta tell you, then my staff need to really upped their game because we ever had a couple of times with mail that staff did. And they did such a poor job that

No, no, part of the reason that is is because the Meijer staff don't communicate if something's not there, and you don't have a substitution pitch. They don't contact you. They don't have phones. They have a little scanner, they don't have phones.

Whoa, that's a part of the problem.

Yes. So yes, that's something that you'd have to think about was that you need to have a way to communicate with customers.

Well, I'm glad that you brought that up. Because Hey, you shipped then don't use Meyer. Yeah, it's a little bit more. But if you can't communicate,

that is only if you're doing pickup, okay. Yeah. If you go through the Meijer website to have it delivered, it's still a ship shopper doing it as I order it. That's what the prepaids are. Okay. It's just been your order through the Meijer website. And then a shipped person shops and delivers.

But the deliveries isn't that much more expensive?

Well, it is.

But if you use if you go through ship, the prices are raised if you go through their regular price,

right? And then you just paid $10 for the delivery fee, which is cheaper than the markup if you do a big order. Yes. And you get the sale prices. So if something's five for five at the store, you actually get it five for five. Yeah, you don't.

So Marissa is actually right now he's saying somebody did the math once. And if you do weekly orders of 80 or more, it's cheaper to the ship anymore. Then it's cheaper to do Meijer.

Yes. So yeah, from my small orders, I still go through the shipped app, because I don't pay a delivery fee because I have a free membership. And the markup is cheaper for a small order. Hmm. But I have a big order. I do it do my own comm delivery fee is actually cheaper than the markup.

So you say you have a membership fee? Is that something anybody can do? Is it only because you are also a shipper.

Anybody can purchase a membership. It's like 100 bucks a year, which then gets you free deliveries as frequently as much as long as you spend 35. But if you're a ship shopper, you just get a free membership.

So that's essentially the prime model. Right. So are we gonna see more? We think we think we're gonna see more prime models for these types of services.

Probably instacart has one two, it's instacart Express, I think. You pay a yearly fee and you get a discount on every delivery order.

I mean, prime goes up every year. We just don't pay No matter what, right because it's easy.

You can't get well.

Speaking of prime, I mean, we're talking about you know, grocery shopping, Amazon's coming with whole foods like this year is going to be different we're not only going to be doing logistics for Amazon we're going to be doing hold food, whole food deliveries and everything. So that's really going to change up the game.

Well, and we are getting I mean, just here personally, however, we have getting more pantry orders now so it's just it's that's easier to

Yeah, I mean, I swear to God, I never look at any other site. I go to Amazon. I'm like, okay, here to ship. You know what

the most awesome thing whether the other day, right? Somebody delivered a 50 pound dog food to our door I didn't have brilliant.

Yeah, it's it's that was probably FedEx though.

Oh, maybe I don't care. But I still didn't have to ship it. I didn't have to go pick it up.

If just a Esper if you order from pet supplies, plus, they will deliver from the store to your house for free, as long as you spend like 30 bucks. See,

I didn't know that. But i prime doesn't have a cost don't have a prime, but your

bag of dog food probably covers it.

Well, Roy's already pretty cheap.

I was gonna say I don't buy that good brand. I buy the cheapo brand.

Oh shit, I buy my dogs. Eat like kings is frickin hilarious. Let's move on. Before one thing that I gotta say that Leo had a prediction about doordash. And they said they're going to lower it. Where's the comments go? Or was it?

I see it's the lower the base to win dollar God if

they do that is already so frickin low. I mean, it's $3. And

what's two more dollars at that point, people are still gonna do it. Right? I got

so many requests a day for $3 to go like seven miles to deliver some food. I'm like, Are you high? Like, I'm not even gonna buy

what you guys say you can make good money on food delivery. And I know you can. But I feel like when you start, it's just so hard. Because all you just get pelted with these five and $6 orders. And if you can't do four or five of them in an hour, you're not making good money. You have to be smart. I

mean, I've literally run three apps when I'm doing food delivery, Uber, grubhub, and doordash. And doordash is kind of like a filler. You know what I mean? It's like if I got nothing, and in a $7 one pops up. I'll take it. Right. But for the most part, it's Uber grub hub.

Yeah, it's it's a hustle.

It's definitely it gets very hairy carry, like, you have to know like you. Let's say you pick them up for doordash. And it's going five miles west. Well, I keep the other apps on what if a grub hub comes up? That's close. I mean, you're like, in your head your

other day when you were mad? Because you had to wait for somebody?

Yeah. Yeah. Like you're literally in your head making a map. And you're like, Okay, I can grab this one. This is going west jennison. It's when you eff up and you realize they're like six miles apart? And

you're like, Oh, yes. Yeah, it'd be nice to have a better map app that allowed you to add multiple stops more easily than the ones do now. So you can,

yeah, that would be pretty sweet. If

you could Google Maps, you can add stops along the way to your destination and see if things make sense. But it's time consuming.

That's the problem. You don't have a lot of time to make those decisions. Right. So it's quick. Yeah, just a tip for any new drivers or food delivery. You take a time and look at that map. They put those pictures on there and they look like they're really close together. Look at the miles and then even if you have to zoom in a little bit, take a peek because you can get burned real

quick. I did that the shift order I thought they were like a mile apart and they were 20 minutes apart. Oh. The guy didn't care. He still picked up Timmy gave me the rating. So.

Alright, we're gonna jump into our first picture. I have a lot to say about this one. Yes.

I think this is funny. So it goes you could have run the doorbell leaving notes please ring Bell fucking delivery guy you should know the ring the ring that goddamn doorbell dumb ass.

First of all, first of all, I'm impressed. Yes, we're read all the swears.

Good job. Offer to read and

I didn't want to but it's getting it. You know, Jason is always he always does this to me. So I'm, I'm actually I'm actually impressed that there's at least not one body part in there as well. But anyways, so what was all the things you're going to say about this? Cuz I think this is I mean, oh, he was fine. Like, well, it's I would not have run, run Nobel. I would not have I would just left it and then when I supposed to do

well, it's a constant battle with me because personally, I I always try to leave food or do my job like how I would want to be treated right. So when I get to the door, I always knock. When I leave the food. I do it every single time unless it says please don't knock. And I think but I've had you know, I think people don't like to knock sometimes because maybe their kids are sleeping and everything. But if I got food, I mean, yes, I do have my phone on me most times, but a lot of times those notifications come in and out, they drop down on the screen and they pop up and then you don't know they're there. If someone knocks I'm gonna know that immediately like, Oh, my foods here, so

I'm sure Franklin will let you know.

Oh, yeah. And winning he, man those dogs. But um, what do you what do you guys prefer? I mean, would you rather have someone knock? Or would you just rather have the app tell you?

I always want people to knock. You do? Yeah, yeah, definitely knock. You don't need to ring. my doorbell doesn't work. But

at least knock. I don't care cuz I am on it. I mean, I don't ever get food delivered. Right. But I wouldn't I wouldn't know.

I mean, I follow them. Like once I see the cars pulled into the driveway. Like I'm ready to go. But it's it's just what you do.

That's me. Yes. We're when I'm hangry. I'm like, Where is this MRI for? You know what I mean? Like I need you. Larry says he wrong turns. Yeah. Like Where are you going? Are

you picking up another order?

I never do that. Wait, wait. Yeah,

I just thought it was moved down the

street. Right. Yeah, I feel like you should knock. I think it's a courtesy thing. I mean, UPS does it. They honk their horns and they pull up. They deliver the baggage, they knock on the door and they honk their horn when they leave now.

I'm not saying thank you.

Yeah. So you're trained to do

I mean, I guess I wouldn't hear the horn.

They don't all do it. Because some people think it's annoying. But

yeah, you're sitting baby in the house or a loud dog that would be pissed if you knocked on my door. Well, most.

Most days, the UPS driver doesn't even come down my driveway. He just parked out there and he runs down. Drop the box and leaves again. Oh, yeah. You

can't pull that truck in your driveway. No, I

know. Yeah. I don't care. Do whatever you want. drop drop off the 50 bag. Pound a dog food. Oh, man, that

poor driver. Oh, Frick. I did. I deliver something heavy today too. And I was like, this sucks.

A package today?

What do you mean? She had a route?

No, she was with me. Oh, I didn't know she was with you. Yeah. What do you think a 35 pound box. So she dropped it on the ground there. What

are you bitching about you had your mom there the whole time to at least keep you company?

Oh, yeah. No. Yeah.

All right.

So what happened to my podcast when she's talking all the time? It was fine.

Sure, it was fine.

Hey, we're not responsible for the packages. The Packer should have packed it right. If it breaks, it's not our problem. Throw that shit in the back and let's go

when I get a package from Amazon and it's already super messed up and I'm like, oh, they're gonna think I did this

right? Or you get a package and there's like a tire print over it and you're like, Oh my god, it's all in one piece. So Alright, the next is a video about some the Lyft insurance and how a driver is not getting covered and then we'll talk about it.

A Schiller Park Lyft driver got into a fender bender and thought no worries. I pay extra for rideshare insurance. I'll be okay.

Right But he got stuck with a bill and he says his insurance company misled him. Morning insider timok. Nicholas learned confusion over murky coverage is a recurring theme in rideshare.

It was a trip to the airport.

A hot ticket for rideshare driver evicted

on disability. I'm doing this to get some extra cash but he wound up with a bill for that November trip a big one.

Almost everything I've been able to save since I've been earning lift.

You see Vandana backed into a truck at the start of the ride dumb as part

of the bumper had popped

out. The truck was unscathed, but his van had about 18 $100 worth of damage

that money and other bills.

So he tried to get his insurance company to cover the damage. After all, he pays an extra two founders for rideshare coverage.

They said Oh wait, did you have a passenger as well? Yes, I did. And she said well, you're not covered if you have a passenger.

He didn't like the smell of that. He says founders insurance told him since he was working only lifts insurance could handle it despite this special rideshare coverage, but lifts policy has a 20 $500 deductible so they couldn't help him with his 18 $100 repair.

My rideshare insurance that I've graded is basically just permission to use my vehicle that I own to go and drive for Lyft.

We hate to hear these stories, but we hear them all the time. Attorney Brian greening of the Chicago based firm legal rideshare says insurance is the most common topic. In his cases, he says some policies only cover certain phases of the job like when you're looking for a passenger versus when you're actually driving them. to adequately protect yourself. You need to go into your insurance company and say I want full coverage for rideshare work. greening says he'd like Uber and Lyft to do a better job explaining insurance nuances to drivers.

Magnus, as founder should have explained,

what logic would make anyone ever think that having a passenger in the vehicle isn't covered? Even though I've upgraded rideshare?

No, it's covered.

But now he knows a rideshare policy won't always prevent an insurance tug of war. Tim McNicholas CBS two news.

You know, Pete has gone through this, they stepped in, but that does bring up a good question. Does that? I mean, once you're on period two, and three are all that the rideshare apps responsible?

I mean, I think technically, yes. Because they do say they will insure you that time. But most insurance companies will cover

the deductible different gonna say I thought, Yeah, I thought I heard two that they will help cover the deductible. So

they would cover 200. Okay,

if your five theirs is 2000, your insurance company should pony up 1500. Right. And then you just be on the hook for the other three. Yeah,

it makes me want to talk to Jackie about that, just to the fact that I do have rideshare insurance. And I'm curious what would happen, but I mean, we all know the deductibles at least you're probably supposed to.

I should have not been a surprise for him.

No. And again, I mean, none of the FM I didn't want to ask if there was actually a passenger in the car at the time. I don't think

I think there was he picked him up and he backed up.

No, I mean, I know. Yeah. For mom or me, when accidents have happened. Like it's just been Yes, I was on a platform, this is what happened. And it's been fine. They just

move ahead. But it doesn't matter if you are. So basically, at least the two differentiators is it doesn't matter whether you're on the platform or not. But it is I used on the way to get a passenger or do you have in your car, though, that's, that's period two or three. Those are the two where Uber and Lyft. Insurance definitely covers it. Right. And so in those situations, that's what Uber and Lyft is first, but I'm like you I'm with you, Sam, I was on the impression that in those situations, your own rider will go in and cover up to the deductible.

Right, which I mean, that's what,

but it's an insane question to have have Draggy answer.

I'm assuming most of those, but that's usually what happens is that they kick in at least that small amount.

is talking all the time.

When I got into the accident doing flex, I had to have Amazon send a letter to me refusing to cover it. And my insurance picked it up.

Yeah, it's it's definitely. It's definitely you need to have the rider just, it's super cheap. So I mean, but you should call your company and say, Okay, what happens? Like, know your periods, give them an example, I had a passenger, I backed into just like this guy and say, What will you all cover? Like it was 1800. Like, you literally use that guy's example and say it was 18 $100 worth of damage is lifting. Am I gonna have to pay for that? Are you guys gonna help or what? Just so you know, right.

I think it's ridiculous that founders didn't step up and paid for that. There's no doubt.

Right? Well, I know we talked with. Yeah, Dustin says, unless you don't have the endorsement, then you get dropped. Yeah.

But that was the whole thing this guy had. Right. You had the founders writer? Yeah. Yeah. So there's, ya know, that writer is not I don't think I don't feel like that writer is like most of the other writers we've discussed. What do you mean, like most of the writers we've discussed, from the other companies would have covered that difference?

Yeah. I mean, you know, he experienced the same thing. They did step in and pay for it. But

you have a good Yeah. Bring bringing up a good question. Maybe it was because it was his fault.

Yeah, that could be an at fault state. And that is true.

I never thought about that. Yeah.

Yeah, he did. He did the deed. He did the deed.

All right. Yes. Well, let's move on while you talk a little bit about Uber and doordash. raising prices in California to fund driver perks, which we'll talk about a little bit later, too.

That's a fun article you gave me again,

I did. Hey, at least I didn't put any Anything with like sex or nudity tonight, so you should be happy that you don't want to feel awkward with that.

I'm not awkward. Did you have a slide for this? I'm

just No, it's just an article. Sorry.

No, that's fine. Okay, so this is an article from Bloomberg. And basically, it's all about as Jason said that Uber and doordash is raising the prices in California to fund the additional driver perks. And of course, this is all about proposition 22, which is an extenuation of that the other thing, maybe five, maybe five, thank you. That's what I was going for, which is all this thing that now are the drivers, as opposed to get all these extra benefits. So the idea is Uber technologies raised prices for customers in California on Monday and doordash, Inc, will soon follow, adding fees to find new driver perks granted by the state's voters in last month's election goes on to say the cost to Uber customer will vary depending on the city and type of service to company said, for example, each food delivery bill in Los Angeles is increased by 99 cents in San Francisco, it's an additional $2. And the surcharge for rides is 75 cents in Los Angeles and 30 cents in San Francisco. It goes as high as one dollars and 54 in less populated area. So basically what they're doing is what everybody said they were doing, I said just passing on the cost, right? And so, of course, how else are they gonna get all this this money? I'm not gonna go ahead and read the rest of the article, because it's just more of the same. Yeah, the idea is that, that, of course, all these extra perks that that drivers are not going to get it has the money has to come from somewhere. Right? So all it's doing is making the services more expensive for the users. And so now the question becomes, is that gonna? Is that gonna last long term is are people going to be okay with that? Are people going to stop using those things? So that that's where the big? No, so I said that we're gonna, you know, bite them in the behind, because people are going to stop, stop using them as much, but Well, time will tell.

Okay, this is gonna be a stupid question. But you know me, I'm super vulnerable. I don't care if it looks stupid. So prop 22. We were all hoping we were saying, okay, which way were you wanting to vote? I thought the rideshare companies got what they wanted. So why all of a sudden, are they giving these benefits to these drivers?

There was a an agreement made that they kind of met in the middle but still shifted toward okay. It companies.

Okay. The big

thing about promises in 2002 was whether or not that drivers himself was going to be treated as independent contractors. Right? It didn't, it didn't take away all the perks that they got by Eb five. Okay. So some of them Yes, but, but the big differentiator and the big reason why Uber and Lyft still saw it as a win was those drivers, I still? Excuse independent? Exactly. They're still independent contractors, which means Uber and Lyft, do not have to do all the FICA and all the other taxes. You know, every time. Exactly.

Okay. I was a little confused. But we'll look at some, actually real soon, about how they've kind of grub up this kind of change things in California people and drivers are

best. But I mean, I don't know what people honestly expected. I that's my thing. Insurance is going to be paid for somebody was paying for it. Did they honestly think that Uber was going to come out of pocket for it? No, actually, when the company hasn't ever been profitable?

Yeah. That's a dangerous word, Sam. That's exactly.

It does have revenue. They're just not profitable. But why do they have revenue?

Well, why are they not profitable? Because they

spend their money. They're spending too much money. But that matter is they aren't profitable. They don't, in theory on paper, have the money laying around, but Penny make

they make money hand over fist? Oh, I know. I know. But that's the that's ridiculous. Part of that part is the whole system tells them that they are allowed to be in a situation where they on paper are making no money, which is ridiculous.

I agree. I think yes, verse should be the CEO CFO and say, Hey, he doesn't our business. She's like, Jason, you're a spin and she

let you spend money, man. It's so good. It's all good. Sam, but it's just that's kind of my

guess. Are people really upset about paying an extra 75 cents for a ride if it means their driver now has health insurance?

No, I don't. It's not It's not the riders or the customers. It's, it's the drivers. But anyways, well, we'll talk about that a little bit later. Okay. The cost is

still being passed on to the passenger.

Yeah, exactly.

But you know how we're drivers are they see what the company is bringing it in versus what they're making? And they think they're entitled to a percentage. And that is not the case. Again,

it's getting more than 50%.

Again, for. I've said from the beginning, why they did that upfront pricing and showed the drivers, that was the biggest mistake both apps ever did. Like, I would be like, it's my company. I'm not showing you this. This is what we agreed on. If you don't like it move on. Well, they are still saying that, but the problem is people are seeing the giant numbers that are charging passengers. And they're like, what the fuck?

Yeah, because passengers are, I think more openly saying, Wow, I paid $100 for this ride. Yeah, we're like, oh, well, I got paid $15 for it.

Oh, my God.

Let's see. That's what that's what would lift that. I

think it is for the Uber. In regards to what

I'm sure that's based

that whole differentiation between what has been particularly I mean, I haven't driven for eight months, I don't know. Sure. But when I was driving back then, people were saying that the whole the whole surge price system with Lyft was broken, people are being charged 6070 $80. And the driver was still only getting 15.

Right? It wasn't broken. It just wasn't being you know, great for drivers.

Right for that one thing.

At least at least Uber had some kind of you will still get paid get paid a surcharge. Right, right.

Yeah, Lift. Lift effectively eliminated searches for the driver.


I forgot. forgot to tell the passengers.

Oh, by the way, we're gonna screw the driver, but we're still are we Yeah, we're gonna. We're gonna screw both of them. But you're gonna take most of it.

You're only gonna have to pay $97 for today's ride.

And they don't tip us because they think we just made $80 on it. Right.

All right, we're gonna jump in in the next video. I know. It's kind of some of the stuff is old news because we were on break. But this news? Yeah. Oh. This is a doordash driver conferences.

Can you can you just cut off the I can remove her? Yeah,

I can do that. No, I wouldn't do that.

Here's a favor. But you know.

This doordash driver confronts a CVS manager about not getting her food. We're not gonna play the whole thing, but just you'll get the gist of it.

I was just wondering why you said that your food never got delivered when I handed it to you. So you did uh oh, yeah, it definitely does. And it's like that's that's fraud. And now I might get charged for it says that you've reported that I never delivered your food to you. Well, according to my customer right now. Okay, that's fine. By saying it's fraud and stealing I'm sorry, but you know when when I'm when I'm getting in trouble for my job. Okay. I apologize ma'am.

The funny part that's a cop right there and they're like bought ready to get in a screaming match. The cops like yeah, I'm getting the hell out of here. I don't want to do a report. He's on break. Yeah, exactly.

Yeah. Sit down. Is it a carbureted event? Because

Nah, I think it's a cop. Yeah, I should fast for this I previewed a little bit

yeah, that's a real cop. Yes,

I got a text message from doordash saying that you have the nerve to come in talking to me when you have the nerve to report your food as never being received so I can get in trouble and have to pay for or lose my job.

Don't report it as being so you're saying you got your food to leave me alone. That's what I'm saying.

So please, please just laughed,

decided to save you got my job. Call the police. We can talk about fraud and

we can talk about

lady you're in my job or business. Leave me alone period.

I just wanted to put her mask. I know put your mask on. Yeah.

All right. Well jump out of that. Yeah, yeah, I like it a lot of the science Yeah, a lot of the signs are saying not just mass required mass

recruited around your nose and your mouth.

It's because very very few people actually know that you also breathe through your nose. It's no shit.

Anyway, so that woman lost her job as for as a Dasher because a you can't be recorded and post that shit. Like, what did she expect? I mean, she knew she was gonna get busted for your


No, ever but CVS, CVS did pull the camera footage and she did receive her food. So that she did that B was lying and just like,

did the fire the B. I don't know. I haven't.

I'm really comfortable with stealing.

Yeah, exactly. Like,

that's a really good point, Sam. And she's a manager. So it's like, clearly comfortable, but but yeah.

Well, I mean, that's not to ruin your future podcast, but the whole $8 tip video that's been going around. What have you seen this girl confronted her? About an $8 10

Yeah, it's on the show later.


I didn't read the articles that weren't mine. I reviewed everything I had.

Fair enough.

We'll be showing that later. This was just a planned. There you go. You cap for a good job.

Anyways, alright. Oil whoops, wrong one. Oil on demand oil changes for you as a customer. Or if you want a new gig, you can do that as well. Go to oil to sign up for doing oil changes or to be a customer. They also are offering jumpstart and fuel delivery. And again, you can sign up to get those services and you can also sign up to be a gig worker for those services. So go to oil sign up for either of them. And it's great, man. I mean, I I have yet to do a gig here in GR but I'm waiting. I'm waiting and we need more customers. So if you need an oil change a jumpstart now this winter, or if you run out of fuel on your dumb ass call, go to oil and get that service. I mean, I'm calling the possible future customers dumb asses.

I mean, considering what happened to me the other day, Jason, that picture I sent you.

Yeah, I was running really low too. But again, oil Lutra oil and then if you could follow them on Facebook to just search up oil Luber. That would be fantastic. And I wanted to

know to the Jason did buy a new pay to cool part of equipment. So he's very excited to be able to

I know it's a it's been in my car for a month. I'm like, I need the jumpstart. I'm ready to use that sucker.

Did you make the company pay for that?

No. Oh, no, no, no, no, it's mine. No, but now that you mentioned it I may expense that

All right, this is kind of a kind of a racist bullshit thing. Sammy, go ahead and read it and then we can talk about it.

So this is instructions from an Uber Eats order. It's from somebody in Australia. Just so you understand what it is yes, these are why they these are the specific racisms that exist. So the instructions are leave at door and then to the driver. If you're from India or surrounding countries, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. do not accept this delivery order as I will send you back and get a refund. To if you leave my food on the ground at my door. I will kill you. Australia is a first world country leaving it on the ground is third world when in Rome live as the Romans do live how we live here and leave your old ways behind at least have the decency to call me went out my door so I know you have arrived. And number three, I'm 100 meters from Stacy straight not 500 meters. Do not go back Google Maps as it has been placed in the wrong location. Oh, no. I think you can save that not

well. Here's the thing. So me being naive and wait, you guys always tease me that's not Photoshop. Right? You think that's legit?

Oh, yeah, that's

legit. Okay. There. I mean, Australia is like the South.

Is it? Really?

Yeah. If you are down

Why? Because saying

hey, Janice from New Zealand, that's a different country.


Janet's a lovely person. Racism is strong in Australia still. Hmm. Especially if you are not just if you're non white racism is very strong in Australia still. So I mean, it is here. Don't get me wrong. It's just towards different people. Oh, wait, there is racism and racism in America. I didn't know. Your accent. Hey,

special ones get that by the way.

There's a story to go with that. But I will leave that for later.

Yeah, yeah, I mean, so like, Yeah, he's a racist packin Probably shouldn't have his food delivered. But like the food on the ground thing, maybe, cuz like, there's more things that will steal your food in Australia, but like, I don't meet people at the door, so we're gonna put it on the ground.

Well, they're probably worried about an effin snake climate in there in the six seconds that it's on the ground, but I always leave it on the ground. Where do you

want me to put it? I mean, like, I have a grill. If it's uncovered, I'll ask you others to sit it on the grill, but like, if they put it on the ground in front of the door, like so what?

Yeah, God, I don't know, if I if I saw that. I probably would bring the food back to the restaurant and be like, yeah, I can't deliver this. This guy's a piece of shit. So

there was a post on instacart page that somebody put, they were mad because their groceries were on the ground. And like boxes of like snacks and stuff, because they cash goes out of boxes. Okay, so it's a bunch of stuff on a doorstep. But it was all stuff in packages. It wasn't even like raw produce sitting on the ground. It's all in cardboard or plastic. Yeah, right.

I don't understand that.

I don't either. Well,

this guy is a piece of shit. Alright. Moving along here to run a little long, little lean, or little long, little lean. This is one of the things that I want to talk about earlier. You want me to take this? Yes, for sure. Is this a driver benefits in support of California is prop 22. This payment helps guarantee minimum wage and health care benefits for a driver. So you don't have to depend on tips. And I know it's really hard to see. But on the bottom leave of optional tip for driver. It's like zero 50 cents $1 and dollar 50. Those are the options now. So a lot of the drivers are really pissed off, because they're not getting the extra tips. But

yeah, cuz I'm sure it used to say like 123 and five, something like that.

But if you look really close, basically it's like delivery fee is 650. taxes and fees is 371. Driver driver benefits is $1 50. And then the total was 3482.

I wonder how many people now look at driver benefits. And they're like, Oh, yeah, that's already a tip.

Yeah. But I mean, what's really $1.50 gonna do like, I mean,

I don't know pools. I mean, every single order has $1 50 on it. Yeah, what? It's like insurance. Everybody pays a little and then they all get it when they need it. In theory, if it actually worked well.

Yeah, I follow a lot of I do a lot of Reddit searching and a lot of those groups saying they're getting basically every orders like $11. And I'm like, I wouldn't, that'd be great for me here. I mean, right?

Yeah, we're in California. Yeah.

What would I want the you know, the $20 B dubs order I got today? Yes, I would, that would have been great. If

you didn't miss 311 dollar orders an hour. I had a pretty good hour.

But like you said earlier if you're living in California, that not so good. Right? Um, oh, this is my article. It's an article that we'll probably share on social media, but it's basically it's a Jalopnik article. And the guy says I paid $250 to drive for Lyft last year. So it's a long article, why he says basically said that he paid to drive for Uber. And you know, he didn't make any money. But what I wanted to kind of touch on is this is the the maintenance that he says that he he does, and I read through this and I was like, Okay,

did you?

I did, I scanned it up until the maintenance part. So three tanks of gas per week. I think he drives like a really small car. That's pretty noticeable. But 14 tires he went through, I'm like, Wow, so

it should still only be four here.

Yeah, so what hold on let me

Why is it 14? Why not? 16?

Well, he probably doesn't have I'll try if so he can just replace his front ones if he needs to.

I'm trying to find the timeframe that he talked about. Also, so it's for Yeah. 2016 so as for years 14 tires, let me scroll down a little bit. Full synthetic oil changes every six to eight weeks. That makes sense. brake pads and rotors are done roughly once a year. That's actually shocking to me because I feel like I go through brake pads. Way more than

Amazon Amazon's big part of that though. Yeah, Amazon messes

up our car is beast the shit out of the car.

Plus you drive like a maniac what what

I was just about to say that.

Um, so this is where I was like, this is where three lower control arms all for stretch shocks, drop mounts and strap bellows. I've never replaced any of that shit. Like it probably needs to be done but tie rods inner and outer and I'm like,

four magnets. If you Really don't want your car to have any squeaks and you have a lot of people who plop in the backseat

I guess but like sway bar links like he in

his car in mint condition that's what he's doing

so that makes sense. Yes If you like I probably need some sway bar shit and some tie rods and all that but as far as I can tell it runs down the road fine, so

yeah, you don't want a single Creek any noises if you want it to feel like a brand new car then yeah, you have to do that stuff regularly with what we do. Yeah. Especially drunk girls. They just smash into the backseat and they can shake the whole car even if they're tiny. Well, I

guess I don't understand like, what kind of car you driving that people like getting in the back of your car is gonna ruin your shocks. I don't know.

You've seen some of the people we pick up

Yeah, he's replaced a master brake cylinder like he's replaced so much. I

bought a piece of shit car

while he bought a Chevy.

Chevy sir. But see those things?

I don't know. That's not regular maintenance.

Yeah, to me. I'm like, I fix that stuff when the ship breaks like I mean as long as the car is safe to run down the road and it's not so loud that it sounds like an earthquake when you're driving it like I think it's fine. I mean, yeah, I could probably replace all that shit too but why do it if it's not broke?

things that get really loud if you're on the highway or when you're coming to a stop probably need to be fit or anything. Yeah, if it's not a problem he has little annoying but turn your radio up.

But but he's he's also going for the wow factor, right? Yeah, he's going for you know Poor me Poor me. I didn't you know, it cost me money to drive for Livia. Were you you you brought in 80 grand or whatever?


Yeah, if you're gonna replace every single piece of equipment on your car, yeah, you ain't gonna make shit.

Yeah, but your car is going to be in great condition in 10 years for I mean, nothing I guess because like you've covered it.

How dare you say that should be

paying for your time? Yeah,

yeah, I mean he obviously did a lot of the work himself so good on him like I'm not replacing a sway bar.

Yeah, he gets to two windshields and he even after the first one didn't get insurance on his windshields well

it's kind of a click not a clickbait article. But like yesterday said he wanted to have that wow factor for the for the article. Jumping into the next ad. Jackie, at Michigan insurance and financial services. Yes, Bert and I have Jackie as an insurance agent Sam.

I actually have Jackie's phone number right now that I got from

you got from Jamie

just got off the phone.

For God's sakes if you call her please tell her you heard it from the gig economy podcast.

I've spoken to her before and she knows our association

yeah Jackie's awesome. Oh, you can call her 269-569-6127 that is her cell phone or email her Jackie at Mia Fs calm She is an independent agent meaning she can price out several different insurance companies I'm not sure what yes we're ended up with I ended up with progressive What about you? Yes for

Jackie's job No,

I'm back was safe coping. Oh


I I bought my car back in the storage next week and I will be calling her to update my policy and change it to hopefully a cheaper one

so are you you're putting in like you're just not gonna drive it at all cuz I know yet yes for like put lower my Jackie had put lower miles on the black car and he saved like a ton of dough.

Yeah, I did it last year. were no this summer. Like right after I finished my internship when I stopped driving it was when we bought the other car. I didn't drive my car for three months. Oh, and I knew I wasn't going to be driving it because we had the Ford and I didn't need to so I put it in store I got like 250 bucks back well here's a comprehensive only on it. How does that work when

you have a lien on the car though?

I don't my cars.

Oh, okay. Well, there you go.

And you can do that.

Yeah, but yeah, my the Nissan is fully paid for so I can put that into storage.

Oh my my piece of shit. black car has low miles on it. Yes, that is true.

Man, once you start driving again, you're gonna be like I'm driving this car right off a cliff. I'm Going to get a new car like America's back, baby. We're going to party screw this Mazda.

I'm gonna I'm gonna go drive a new Honda. Yeah, actually. So I'm with Safeco right now they don't they don't actually offer a rider yet. But because I'm still grounded. I figured I don't need the rider right now. And so I will be once I'm back driving I would obviously be switching back to something that that'll give me the ride.

Yeah. How does that rider work with like food delivery? I need to call her Gosh, yeah.

It's the same thing. Jason it's the whole livery, what a library, whatever it's called. Right?

As long as there's still the same coverage from the delivery company. So if doordash is providing you the same coverage that Uber is like, you're good, but if the company you're delivering for offers, you know coverage that is very different, and I think you need full commercial for that

same point. Oh,

yeah. Oh, yeah. You you very well may technically need full coverage Jewson, but Shut your mouth. All right. Don't tell me I'm doing shipped. So

let's move on. I'll just read it. Sam. It's a grub hub. Whoa. So again, grub hub right if you want some said. The instructions leave at first set of stairs. Please do not ring doorbell or please do not ring doorbell please do not knock dogs. Oh crazy. Please do not ring Bell or knock y'all. Y'all always do it. Like people work graveyards in this house asleep during this hour. Tip $0. So the title of the post is I've never been more excited to ring a doorbell in my life.

So it would pound like the police.

I pick it. So what's interesting about grubhub is you don't see the tip until you click, you're heading to deliver the food, you see what you're going to make. So he may have made 10 or $12 and grub up made up for it. But uh, but yeah, when you see that $0 and there's any obstructions in there. I'm like, yeah, I'm barely gonna get to the step before I drop the food off. So just letting you know,

and you're gonna knock the door,

I would kick the shit out of that door. So

screen doors that are really loud when you touch them.

And say that again, or you were cut off.

I have one of those screen doors that are very, very loud if you touch them, the metal ones that rattle or,

or the or the one that you pull open, you let it go and it goes. Bam. Yes, that one to tip your delivery drivers, you son of a bitch. Okay, here's what Sam talked about earlier. This is crazy. Like we won't watch the whole thing, but I just can't believe this woman did this. So basically, she goes off over an $8 tip and you can watch what happens.

What is king?

I could speak to

actually he's telling her to leave it.

I'm sorry.

I need to speak to you. I don't think you realize where they're coming from. So I need to speak to you. Where the food you ordered is coming from I don't think you realize the distance that it comes from because then you would never actually have given what you would give. So I think you can come and see face to face. Because I drew 40 minutes. I drove 40 minutes and it was extremely far and I got it too early. So I don't think you realize where you went from.

I don't understand. I didn't

you ordered some comic and you're in town.

That's a 1520 minute drive.

You try to drive it I just drove it's 40 minutes. It's 12 and a half miles.

40 minutes to go to power my

boys I want

to adjuster tip. That's an $8 tip. Okay.

I can't believe she took the food back.

Yeah, I was gonna drive 40 minutes back.

I would have lost my mind if I had been him. Oh,

he was actually like he was just flabbergasted. I kind of appreciate he didn't freak out be like whatever fob I mean, she, I hate that I hate. I feel bad for people that are named Karen. But she definitely looked like a Karen like

she gives me

you know, realize where it's coming from?

Yeah, I mean, she tried to like pussyfoot around saying, I just want more tip. boohoo instead of being direct about it, but like, Who are you, but you actually ask people for more money? No, no.

I mean, again, she's gonna lose her job because it got it went viral. But I mean, like, you make the decision. She kind of lied. And I don't know what apps or what did end up being doordash I think but it's like, you know how far it is it tell you that it tells you the miles.

I mean, I guess technically, maybe there was really bad traffic, it maybe did take 40 minutes. But But


Anything else, you contact the company and say, Hey, you need to adjust my pay for this. Yes. You know,

you'd be surprised Yes. For then.

valid reason sometimes they'll adjust

then has reached out to both companies at a time in like when they I don't know they screwed something up and they paid them now not the full rate. But they gave him like a you know, $3 for bass or something like that. I was like, man, I need to do that more if I get screwed and just see if they'll

I had one. I had one New Year's last where they screwed up. Uber screwed up some pickup from the from, how dare you they've never screwed up on the Bob. It was New Year's Eve. Right? And and they I remember it. It was like a super search. And they never paid me to search. But they did then as I counted them enough, so they did find the pony up.

Yeah, what's with instacart? If usually, they're pretty good about putting heavy pay under orders that have heavy items. But the rules are finicky about how you go. That it has to be like more than three items that are more than eight pounds or some weird rules. Yeah, it's in sometimes they miss it. So if you just call and say, hey, these couple items met the limit. I should have heavy pay. They'll throw an extra five to seven bucks out there for Oh damn, that's

pretty good. A 50 pound bag of dog food is heavy.

You're obsessed with that? 50 pound bag of dog food?

Yes, you will pay heavy pay if you ordered that through a through instacart.

All right, yes. Where you got this one this article about Uber for lawn care and snow removal launches in Grand Rapids.

Can I talk about the the rates?

Are you talking about the rates and the the the response I got back?

to do my yard in the summer and just tell my landlord who never does it? Yeah, you could.

You're gonna have to talk to your landlord about that. So the company's name is green pale. And it's a company that specializes in both lawn care. And then I think I think snow removal is probably pretty new for them. But the idea was that just before Christmas, yeah, well, not not Christmas, New Year's. Fox 17 wrote that they opened up in Grand habits, add that to the market. They are pretty big company they have in a lot of different markets. 47 states 200 different markets and has been around for a long time. But the whole idea is just like any other gig economy. Company, I guess you can now go out you can load the app, the green pal app and you can get a quote for it. Now, Jason did go ahead and request quote for green PAL and from the company that launched last year. What was the name of that?

Mo and plows?

Mo on plows. Yes, yeah. And and that company now Jason has a pretty straightforward driveway. There's nothing fancy about that. And they wanted $41 for the one that was for more on plows and green pal wanted to send him a quote for $71 to mow his lawn in the winter.

Yeah, I know it was all

well it interesting enough, the inches on there had a price like it was like zero to six inches was this price and I'm like, but then then the description was like well, I only can mow at six inches. I'm like What the I don't need mowing and then they kept sending me text messages and emailing me. I finally didn't Did the app and blocked it all? So I'm not sure went to

their website real quick and there's a separate button you had to click for snowplow quotes instead of mowing.

I did.

Well, it brought me all the way through to an email. So it wouldn't

give him an email right now.

No, it closed it. Yeah.

But I'm sure it's just I you know what, Sam, I very well could have screwed up. I very well could have screwed up. But no,

I thought about when they saw that article, I thought about getting the app called, what was he we had him on the hand app, right?

I need a hand.

I need a hand. And I was thinking that might be an extra app to go into to try and find people who could could take care of yours. No problem for you.

Yeah, they're coming soon to Grand Rapids. I think they're launching in Lansing sometime this month, month, month, and then shortly after, probably maybe by spring and Grand Rapids. So

if I hadn't just saved up to buy a snowblower like I'd be tempted.

You bought a snowboard?

I did the summer I haven't been able to use it yet.

Well, well, how am I when I went and dropped the mic off. I almost died three times like you had.

I don't do the end of the driveway. Oh.

You don't use your little sidewalk right there.

I did my sidewalk.

Yeah, I know. That's all you use the snowblower for.

You know how to mix the gas. It's electric.

Ah, okay.

But the first day we had snow it was far too wet and far too heavy. Like I just have a stage one snowblower so it can't do like anything heavy duty, which is fine. I don't have that big of a walkway.

Yeah, the wet snow is the worst for any snowboard dude. Yes.

But once we get like, good, like, nice, fluffy snow, I can snowball instead of shoveling it.

Can I ask how much you pay for

150 bucks?

I paid $150 for my snowblower 15 years ago. Yeah.

can still work. Oh, beautiful. Nice.

All right, big glass gas blower and it worked just fine.

Alright, moving on.

It's too much work.

You know honestly, the gas I agree with you. I bought an electric blower and I don't have to mix the gas anymore. And that was nice. Now I don't think

extra gas and mine. What? oil and gas.

Yo you don't have it's a it's a two stage or whatever. So you have to change the oil. Well,

I have never changed oil in it. But yeah.

Oh my god for 15 years. You're lucky No wonder your frickin cars fall apart. Hey, I

didn't do well in that one once in a while.

Shot. Oh my god, god. You're pathetic.

Here you go, Sam.

You know, I'm teasing.

Oh, yeah, like three times a year. What's the big deal?

what's probably even worse?

Well, clearly you it's lasted you 15 years and you've never changed the oil. So I get whatever you're doing. Keep doing it.

Yeah, I should probably change though.

Yeah. Okay, so this is a picture that yeah, that's Jeff picture from fake doordash order.

Do you think this is fake?

Do you think this is photoshopped? Pretty sure.

I mean, there's going to be a day where you will be able to get delivery to the moon. You

know, you don't think in our lifetime? No. Oh no. It'll be $1

picture is like a look random location on earth delivering to a location on the moon from McDonald's. Actually, for $5.75 it is 238,900 miles I'm telling

you 575 I mean, that's just that's a ball and

only one hour.

Funny God where are we at here? Oh, let's add the day and then we'll move on tie axes skirting board tax and accounting called Dave at 616-940-1045 dude Now is the time like

you get a tax accountants are gonna be real busy in about two weeks yes time

Yes, please call him now come February. I don't know if he'll have room I don't know a lot of places and don't end up going to h&r block. Please use someone that you know, they're not accountants. They're just people that had went through the training.

How to do a 1040 and that is it.

10 for easy, right. So scrolling vortex and accounting again, Dave 616-940-1045. Please, please have someone professionally do your taxes. And honestly, okay, you can youtuber tube to protect that whiskey. That whiskey is getting to me a little bit. You can do TurboTax but I mean, like, if you have an account all year round, if you have a question about like, Oh, can I write this off or whatever, like anything though, you can email them they're gonna charge you for that because you know You you paid for them at the end of the year. So,

again TurboTax you could be leaving money on the table, your account is more likely to work harder to get you the best refund possible. 100% the least amount owed possible. Yeah. Right. For sure.

And if you're anything like Jason and have like 44th w

it's gonna be ridiculous this year.

That you've never asked me to do your taxes.

Yeah, I don't think I'd ever will. I don't trust you.

That's okay.

Although she gave me cinnamon rolls the other day aside those before I got to division.

I had one God,

mind you. That is 200 feet from my house. Right? Yeah,

I mean, come on.

Alright, tip time. So I don't have a picture for this. But tonight's tip is Know what? Your failure

I know I'm not a failure. So they brought it up further legal rideshare out of Chicago will now represent you if you've been deactivated. So here's a tip if you've been deactivated, please reach out to them. Now it doesn't mean that they are going to be able to always get you reactivated but this is where it's like good god if you have a dashcam for the love of god colleague or rideshare be like listen look at I got here. I didn't do shit. Like you know what I mean? So

this search that one have a dashcam

Well, yeah, of course. You can use the link in our description for the vantrue Pro. But yeah, you can call legal rideshare and they can help you if you got deactivated like fucking Tim burns. fuck that guy. Sorry. Was that too harsh?

Great. Yeah, thank you most is that john has never met any of us and he knows who Tim burns.

Screw Barry.

I did not know he was deactivated.

Yeah, he had a post on Facebook.

Apparently. Someone said he didn't have a mask on.

And it must have been like the second or third time. Yes. Everybody gets a warning.

Right so I mean, maybe maybe you should drive this mask. Yeah, that

you think you know he wasn't driving with his mask on? I actually hate that guy y'all because he was supposed to be on the show like like he canceled 20 minutes before the show started so I have Ivan vendetta you're still

friends with someone who literally slept through your show. Instead of showing up

who Gabe cough gave was working like a gazillion hours like I yes, we gave him shit but I mean, yeah, it's different. I can't believe you just threw him under the bus.

And the thing is also is this was not the first time

Yes, this was the second time right this time he just waited for like a half hour before the show. We gave

him the benefit of the doubt. Yes. And then he does the same the next time Oh,

that guy is so dead to me. What if I if I got a jumpstart and I rolled up it was him I would like burn out of there and say fuck you. Run away laughing see a sucker. All right. This is my shenanigan it's just kind of funny the instructions I actually posted one today that you get from and this is Amazon I think maybe it's not an Amazon. I don't know it kind of looks like a whole foods but it says leave it at my daughter. Please be swift with this submission. My wife is hangry I fear that my life may actually lie in your hand. She's a hitter and I made a horrible steak mistake of not reading her mind that she was hungry. 30 minutes ago. I fear that I do not have much time. Please hurry. I don't know how much longer I can hold her off. Godspeed. I'm counting on you. I love customers like that.

Did you notice something? No. delivery is for Nicoletta



Yeah, he probably ordered with her phone right.

Or it's a female couple.

What does even matter?

It doesn't I just thought it was interesting. All right, I'm

removing you from the stream. Yes, for fun. Okay, this next one

is fantastic. saw this on my mail rack today. There's a lot of reasons why your mailman might not deliver your packages, and this is one of them. I can handle the dog. But not a dog with an axe. legit y'all

I know you're most people listen to it. This dog straight up. It's not Photoshop. He's got an effing axe in his mouth and it's like a big ass German Shepherd.

Somebody must have like left it laying next to like a pile of oil I'm sure picked it up and took off with it. Or or the dogs can be frightening enough. pending on their behavior Yeah, this is a no go for me. This is a I'm gonna crack the door open throw your package on the ground and leave.

Yes, I almost do that with all German Shepherds because they scare the shit out of me but

my actually real traits in my car so I can distract them. Dude, I use.

I used that last week again this frickin big ass. I was like, Oh, I have treats I just spent I give them to my dogs because they're really expensive. No. Here's a tip. Here's a tip for if you're delivering if you don't have dog treats just in a high pitch voice say Hi, baby, you

want a treat?

Come you Come on. Let's get a tree. And as I walk up to the house, they're like, oh, we're walking up to get a treat. And then I dropped the package. I'm like, Come on, let's get a treat. And he walks back when I get in the car. I'm like, get the fuck out of here

on the dog is gonna realize what you're doing and you're gonna get your

butt. The word is getting around is

Yeah, the doc the talk.

Talking about you.

All right. Yes, sir. This is it. This is awesome. I can't wait for you to read this. I'm sorry. I interrupted you. I

think this is a perfect way of really keeping yourself motivated,


Have you ever heard a crackhead say I have no money? I'm not going to smoke today. No. They always find a way. Are you going to get a crack head out? honest with you today?

Nice job.

That's where you have to read. It. Sounds like one of John's inspirational Monday.


I was totally thinking that that for sure. That's what it sounded like. We we need to get John's gonna be on the show. Not really soon. But like, Oh, shit, that was loud. Sorry. Coming up in like end of February or March. So

of course, probably one of the Wednesdays when I absolutely cannot make it. Oh,

you're waiting for that? No, you need to be commenting and just rip and john a new be whole. Anyways, guys, thank you so much. I'm glad we wrapped it up before 90 minutes, baby. Yes. Thank you, Sam for guest hosting. If anyone's out there that's willing and wants to guess hosts. We're always looking for new people to step in. We'll even give you a mic not give it to you. But you can use a mic to use for the show. And yeah, all that stuff even if you're out of market will take care of it. So any closing thoughts for you to any any tips for the newbies? Nope,


Not really.

I just want to get back driving.

Yes, for sure.

I mean, I guess I I don't think I'm ever gonna drive again.

I know. Sam is gonna be having her big boy big girl degree and she's not gonna have to do it. Maybe just on the weekends for fun. Yeah,

I mean, I'll definitely still work like one day a week to save up for a down payment on a house but I don't know that it'll be Uber. Like close. Nice ship Sundays. Like I had this last weekend and I made 250 bucks in six hours. Damn.

I miss my therapy hours. That's what I miss.

Yes, where you can call me and I can act drunk on the phone.

If that talk to you.

You want to talk to young girl?

All right. All the people all the young girls, people with the short skirts that are drunk,

all the people.

Alright, we're out of here. Thank you. Stay safe.

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He's studying. He's

studying for some some major tasks. Even though we were talking earlier before the show started. he's retiring in like a couple of years and he's taken this major, major test. Hopefully it bumps up. It's

where we talked about his pay his pay a little bit maybe his pension. It's probably one of those things that pumps up his responsibility, but not his pay. Oh,

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Yeah, see, so there's a funny joke around her vines and us and Eric Zane show. So I always get so much shit from Eric saying that I always copy what he says because they sponsor his show too. Right and so I've heard him say Evie, but he typically screws things up so I was waiting for Megan she said I forgot to email she doesn't ever email me just to let you know she doesn't tell me anything. Nothing.

Don't make that's not true. Megan is the best. So apparently always over communicates it's

apparently it's Irvine's otter Irvine zugrunde habitat envy, Willie Irvine's otter, it's not Irvine's auto repair anymore. Irvine's in Grand Rapids hybrid and EV Oh boy. Well Evie is obviously for the Tesla's I assume while there's more than just Tesla electric vehicles. Yep. Any electric vehicle that's all electric?

I would think so. Yeah. Evie. Okay.

Um, so yeah, wait, there's

other electric vehicles and Tesla's?

Yeah, I know. Right. I want to Tesla so bad.

You're never gonna get one. How do you know?

Cuz I know your wife. Okay. Okay. It is Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid and EV. Okay. All right.

I love That name by the way Megan that's great. What Evie? No auto repair anger and appetite but and Evie it's a great name. Yeah. How can you not remember that? Yeah off the top.

I mean I I dream about it my sleep because I say it so much and then and then I hear frickin Eric Zane talk about it every single day, every single day. Anyways, any information you want to find out about the podcast, download it, videos, anything, go to gig economy hyphen, podcast comm also in all the descriptions on Uber on Uber idiot on Facebook or YouTube, there's a link tree link, and basically that has everything on it. So you can either go to our website or click that link. And that'll give you our website, give you the podcast, give you everything our merge, Patreon, all that other stuff, all the information, all the information is pretty sweet. I really like that. So moving forward as we're What are we doing here at the picnic? I just want to talk about that. It's September 11. I see my name blocks out the time, but that's okay. September 11 2021, from 12 to four, the third annual gig economy podcast, picnic and Riverside Park giveaways and food and maybe a petting zoo. So I mean, you can't go wrong with the petting zoo.

I still don't know where you're gonna get the goats on. But that's okay, I'm figuring out what

I'm going to try to do is go to get a pickup some piece of shit pickup and just drive down to the door and pick up some goats and maybe a horse and then just drag them to wherever

the farms are gonna, you know,

they're with goats and chickens. They're like a dime a dozen. They're just running around. Lose. No one even cares. So


but yeah, if you want to join us for that, that would be great. There will probably not be a petting zoo. But there may be be maybe Johnny Depp will be there too. So just saying. But anyways, yeah. Come join us. We have we always have a good time. Free food. And then there will be some giveaways. That's for sure. Yeah.

Yep. And Mike, we are watching YouTube comments. It's okay.

Yeah, I am.

Yeah, we are.

Yeah, we saw Hey, I'm trying to get the show started. Mark. Like, I mean, what are we doing here? I'm watching. I'm watching. You can comment on YouTube. I see you say gas, no mask and bearded freaks. I got you. Of course we have the merchandise. By the way. I was told by my co host to take my other podcast sweatshirt off. Because and and I was like, Why don't have any gig economy podcasts? Why don't you buy me some? And he said no. So now I have to wear this weakness? Not like you can see. No,

Yes, you did make some more money. Well,

and I said who made all the money so far? Anyways, now Mark's commenting on both platforms. Also, I want to mention our Patreon members, Keith from Georgia. Janet from New Zealand, Larry, of course, from Bowling Green at Samson from Grand Rapids and Ron G. From San Fran. And, you know, I keep forgetting and I'm such a dick. Steve from rideshare. rodeo. He's also a Patreon member. Speaking of steed from rideshare rodeo, it's a great podcast, you should check it out. He's more of the business end of right or gig economy. We're kind of the business end, but we like to share funny jokes and funny pictures and stuff like that. But I'm going to be on his podcast for the next two podcasts. So I'm going to be on a roundtable with lifting with Larry and a couple other people. And Steve, we're going to talk about food delivery. And then the following is the one anniversary of the rideshare rodeo. And since I held while we help Steve get his podcast started, he thought it would be cool to have me on and I don't know what we're gonna talk about. And

the funny thing is they wanted me to talk about to be on the panel, the food delivery wall and I went to Jason's like, that's okay, I can do that. But I've only done like four food deliveries in my life.

You know, it's funny. Isn't it so bad how we like read tax and we don't actually read them. I missed the part about food delivery. So I was like, wait, I don't want to be on two weeks in a row. Let's have Yes, Perdue it and then he's and then you actually read it and you're like, you see I said food delivery. I was like, yeah, that's not gonna work. So yes, I will be on for two weeks in a row. So you can check me there. He doesn't lie, but he doesn't do video. So you can check it out on the pod bean app. I think.

I would like to say though, that it is my goal to be back on the road within the next month and I will be starting with food delivery. Probably my goal is once a week, just to kind of get started. Yeah, but I will be food delivery, at least for you know, three to four months. I think I'm the same way past the summer at least.

Yeah, I think once I start back doing gig work full time. I think I'll start taking passengers again. Plus My car's a disaster. So that doesn't help.

I got a Yeah, I got to figure out some of my concentration. And I know Megan, I will call you a promise. Hey, Megan, I guess me the black car is a disaster.

I have his number if you want to harass him. He would you know he would love to talk to you and He will answer the phone. Promise. So, before we head in, we're not going to do stories from the road. We I just scratch that for a while you don't have it. We don't have any stories from the road because I literally am not driving right now. I found that when I drove during the summer and do lawn fertilization, I got burned out quicker in the winter when I went back to it. So it doesn't mean I'm not going to drive or not do food delivery. But my goal is not to do anything. Probably till the fall again. So

yeah. Hey, did you want to address Megan's question real quick? So Absolutely. Well read the question. Okay. Yeah. So the audio. That's right. So Megan asks, I got a doordash order. And the driver took my food out of the bag and wrote a five star review, please, on all the containers from qdoba. It has to be against some kind of rule. Right? It really bothered me. First of all, for me, I would have given that guy one star. Absolutely. And, you know, and probably even reported him, because there's no way that that he should, there's no reason for you to take those things, the containers out of the bag at all. So I don't actually know if it's against the rules. I would assume he is And particularly, definitely would be if it's if the bag was sealed, but I don't know how it is with Kudo. But Jason, maybe you can tell to that.

Yeah. I have a question which qdoba was it? is the one in Granville or the one on metrohealth. And then kidoz bags are not sealed. Okay. I don't know why they just don't. They're actually one of the very few that don't at least staple it or put a sticker on it. But I guess the reason I'm asking is because the khudobin on metrohealth is new and they're pushing reviews. They want review. So I'm just curious if it was actually from the driver. It was. It was from Cuba saying please review us please review us. Granville Yeah, they suck. They don't care. It's a disaster. Meghan's to the point where she wants to go to the metrohealth one because the Granville one is such a disaster.

Yeah. Yeah, I

would guess if it was the driver, that's disgusting. And I would report it to doordash immediately and get a full credit on the food. And yeah, I see that's the problem. Like, you want a one star on right. But why it's too bad. You can't communicate with the driver and say, Hey, man, this is kind of weird. Like once the deliveries done, you're pretty much cuts off communication, but that is weird. I don't. Why are you touching the food like, dude,

even if it is just to containers? No, don't

smell No, because you're actually physically still touching the containers where the customer is going to touch it to where I assume that the cute oh boy had gloves on. So literally, you are taking human fingers and touching it and then the customer is going to touch it. So yeah, I would be curious what the container said. I don't think the Granville one does it. Oh, you assume Grandville? Yeah, don't always assume that. That's another trick about the restaurants. It's where the driver is closest if he was closest to the Cordoba metrohealth. He would go there.

But do you think the restaurant would take the time to write five? I mean, five star review, please.

I mean, when you get when you get a new owner, like let's say he's the franchise owner of that one. He's like, you know, hard in the paint trying to you know, get good reviews. I guess. There's mechanisms

to do that online. I mean, that's just

right. That would annoy me. I wouldn't do it.

No, like, I'd

be like, this is annoying. not the only one

solid review.

I wouldn't go that far. I wouldn't go that far. So all right. Before we head into stories, when I'm talking about there's no stories. Sorry. Well, stories. Before we had the gig economy in the news, we're gonna talk about Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid located on Stafford just east of 131 shit. Irvine's auto repair, Grand Rapids hybrid and e v. We're gonna need a new logo like you know me. I'm just gonna read I'm Ron Burgundy. I'm just gonna read what's on the teleprompter and it says Irvine's auto repair although it doesn't say grown over cyber but anyways. 532 6600 or you can schedule on a line. Irvine comm Yes. Or you can schedule right now what during the podcast, I would allow you to be Oh, not pay attention if you want. Okay. Don't take my word for it though. Check out their Google reviews. It's I need to update that. That's probably either that's old. That's an old picture. But yeah, they're great. They do it all from changing an air filter in to get an oil change. Megan will yell at you if you change your own air filter. That's the only people that get that joke are me and Megan. So I hope she heard that. And yeah, they'll do it all from major injury and payer to just simple things so schedule online. Everything's COVID friendly. You don't even have to see him. Drop the keys off pick you pay online, all that good stuff. So Damn it yesterday. Just Realize I wasn't recording your your channel? Boy, I have to correct that. So yeah, Irvine's calling him out. No, I can't accept the stop the recording. Oh, it's a 4.7 with 306 reviews so it's gone up. It's gone up quite a bit. So

thank you guys. Alright, thanks

Irvine's first sponsoring the studio. All right, first up are Uber ordered to pay 1.1 million to blind passengers who was denied 14 rides. Step 14. Ride 14 separate times. Good lord. Let's see. Uber said it strongly disagreed with a ruling. They that what's interesting is the arbitrator also rejected Ubers argument that said it wasn't liable for discrimination because its drivers because they're independent contractors. But I think even if you're an independent contractor, you still have some sort of duty. Yes, I said duty to the people that are disabled to provide your drivers with training and still be responsible for that, or do you disagree with that?

No, I don't disagree at all. But I don't know it. I think it's a tough one. Right? Because why is it Uber responsible? They're doing everything they count on the platform? That's true.

I do is i'm not siding with the big company, because I don't want to be that guy. But I do feel a little bit like,

but but for some I mean, somebody has to be responsible.

Yes. And they are the ones that have the pocketbooks. Correct?

Correct. I guess why was it a bit? Why was he denied 14 times? You know, why is it because he was blind? It wasn't other reasons. Who knows?

Well, it. It says there's a couple Up, up, up, up, up, up up up above? I don't know. It was a couple of issues where they would just drive away or they would harasser. Yeah. I mean, it's just,

I mean, maybe we should talk about the bigger issue here is why would you eat? Why would you deny a ride? Because the passenger is blind?

I think it was because of the dog. She has service dog? Well, yeah, so that's where I think a lot of people are like, cuz Think about all those old guys at the airport. Right? They love to keep their car super clean. So when they see a dog, they're gonna be like, but

I know that but we all know that it's against Terms of Service to deny because of a service dog. Right? So at least Uber should kick those 14 people off the platform.

Yeah, I mean, I'm assuming they are. Yeah, she said she got fired from her job because she was late. See, one thing that is article brought up, this is what this platform was designed for by people that can drive like, how are you not taking this is for I mean, it's not like a wheelchair service. Don't get me wrong, but she will never be able to drive. So this is what an amazing tool for her to be able to get places.

But but but on the other side of that fact, though, is she shouldn't plan that that tightly on on that she can't I mean, it's not Uber drivers fault that she got fired because she was late. I'm sorry. That's Well,

I mean, if you deny the ride,

if you were, how close to when she needed to be at work. Did

she do that? I'm not gonna get super technical about it. I'm just saying in general, you expect when the driver comes that he's gonna pick you up? And who knows he could have been the only driver within 30 minutes and she had to wait another 30 minutes. I'm not saying Yeah, I know. You know, the dog ate my homework more.

There's more sides to it than that. Yes, I agree. I agree. I'm for me. The bigger issue is why did writers cancel? I mean,

because they're assholes. Well, yes.

Not drivers drivers. Yeah,

yeah, I know what you met the drivers. Yeah, it's because they're assholes. And people are. I mean, I would be a little weirded out to having a dog in my car.

I had a plenty of time.

Yeah, but you do think about it. Be like, Oh, this is gonna suck. There's gonna be hair everywhere. Whatever. Not that I would not do it. But I would think about it.

I would not. I'm sorry. I just I don't think about it that way. It Yeah, I never did. I had plenty of dogs. It's just it was full on. It wasn't natural for me to just accept the dog. That's just how I see it. And if there was hair, too bad, bad enough. I'll report it right. Yeah, but if it wasn't, I would go I'm gonna be nice.

Yeah, I'm gonna take care of you. But if there's too much here, I'm going to charge you 50 bucks.

No, but that's that's just what the that's the other side of that platform. That's what that's for.

Yeah. Yeah, I picked up to not to I picked up a blind couple over the mall a couple times at woodland and they had a dog And I didn't have a problem with it. But I also did pull up and go I'm sorry. I just did I don't I don't want it

but you didn't do you did not turn him down? Of course not. No, no, you still did the decent thing.

Yeah, of course I just saying I do think about it when like I'm just like, Oh, this is annoying. But I'm still going to do my what's right.

Whenever I pull up to a patent in ESEA for your child's car seat. That's what I'm thinking. Ah, this is annoying. Because now I'm gonna go, No, it's the worst.

You roll up and I'm like, I think it when I start taking passengers again, if I roll up and see a kid, I'm just gonna roll away. I'm not even gonna communicate with them. I'm just gonna be like, turn the corner cancel. I don't need my $5 or whatever. Just, I'm gonna move on to another place. I

still remember that one time, whether it was the father of the year, and it's just oh my gosh, with you. Oh, yeah, I was picking somebody. I was middle of the day. It was a Saturday afternoon. It was up on the west side, no, East Side. northeast side anyways, and I was picking up a family. And the kid was probably no more than seven. Right? Yeah. And I and I, he was out there by the road. And the dad was in, you know, kind of packing and everything like that. And I was like, and I just kind of asked the kid, you know, nonchalant. How old are you, son? You know, whatever. Yeah. And he goes seven and the dad turn around and like, you don't say I just got yelled at him. Right? Yeah. And then I was like, Okay, well, you know, I need to I need a car seat. And the car just and the dad just kind of went off. I think, are you serious right now?


It was just, and he went off on the sun not on me.

Yeah. I mean, the problem is, though, at seven is kind of delete that. debatable,

but he wasn't tall, right. I mean, he was obviously not old enough to have not have a car seat or booster seat anything? Yeah. Yeah. So there was just no

yeah, I'm not looking forward to that P. Who's on the chat right now. He doesn't do gig work anymore. Cuz he's a big boy. But he had so many car seats. It's not good.

We used to call them car seat, Pete

No, RC v. Oh, my God. I was terrible. Alright, what are we up to next? Okay, so this is kind of interesting.

Yep. So this is a it's a picture from grubhub. Well, it's a picture from Reddit on the grubhub grubhub drivers. Yeah, and so the pizza goes $14.12 to pick up at Wendy's and deliver to the parking lot at then the random you guessed it Wendy's shortest delivery ever. Wendy's was way one when his weight when harm I got when is was too much of a douche to serve a hardworking truck driver on foot through the drive thru. So he had to park and spend extra money to order it from Uber Eats. douche move Wendy's douche move worked out great for me though. And now So the interesting part of that is then some of the comments is should I lay the cash Should I cancel the order after I got the food then give them the food? Give him the food truckers are the life blood of America actually says she had i would i would have let him cancel the order. And then Damn, I did not think of that. I did text him while he was watching me sit at the drive thru. This is unreal. You guys make America run? Yes. I don't know. But I don't know why. But in a situation like this, I do. Whatever. It's fine. It's so But anyways, the big story here is and I've heard about before that that they won't let him go through

well, that every every drive thru is like that. They won't let you walk through for safety, which I totally get. But it does suck the but they

must have they should have a solution for that.

Well, they kind of do now you can order curbside so Oh, if he ordered on the app for Wendy's they would bring it out to that's since the pandemic before the pandemic they didn't have any of that.

Well better upside but didn't have the need for it because before the pandemic he would probably the truck and go into the restaurant. Yeah. Right. This obviously was in the time when the restaurants are closed. That no dining room?

Well, yeah. And at least in in in Grand Rapids. I only know of one Taco Bell and I am sure there's more. So if anyone's in Grand Rapids, you can correct me but I mean, I don't know all of them. But every dining room is close. except the one Taco Bell or the actually the drivers and that's not even open. It's the drivers have to go in to pick up the food. Okay, so anyways,

hey, Pete. Is that like a? I don't know. I can't I can't. I can't not. I haven't decided. If, if if Oh my gosh. Yeah. This is why he said hasn't changed.

Yeah. And then Ben says he's here for Yes, verse grammar. So I think Pete and Ben are on the same page. Oh, my

Okay, you guys need to go away.

This is a new app that yes profound. And I haven't looked into it yet, but it looks interesting.

So based on the pros, which connected me to independent contract work, easy household tasks that anyone can do. Plus I'm able to make my own schedule. top earners make more than $1,000 a week. I'm so happy I found handy for froze.

So it's another gig. Yep. Looks like some stuff that I even could do.

I honestly have not signed up for it. I have Neither but I don't know if they I think on a budget even i'd honestly don't even know

I figured that since you shared it, you would know I went to their website. It's

still interesting concept and as you said, this is things that you can even do. So this is you know, handy for pros. It's small things, large things, you know, it's you know, changing, changing a light light fixture putting in a new door handle that yes off as well. Yep. So little, little things.

Yeah, it's, I have, I'd have to look into it. Because I wouldn't mind like putting together furniture. I mean, I suck at it. But I mean, if you've got like a someone that has arthritis, or whatever, I mean, all that stuff you buy in the store nowadays, is basically you got to put it together. Right? And so I mean, I could do that but again, it would be a little weird. What

it's all the comments. Oh, god my goes handy. giggity

Chris says so you want a handy? Do you want a handy? Always every time I come over here the tables boring under here. But anyways, yeah, I would do it. But then it you know, it's like COVID and then you got you're going in someone's house. So there's some weird things I don't know if I'd want to go you you know, you get this job. You just pull into the no offense if anyone was in a trailer park is just, you know, it is what it is. It's kind of the thing, but you pulling the trailer bargain is just a nasty one. You open the door and it's just like, smells like death. And they're like, yeah, this is not worth what. I'm

putting it together. But you're carrying it yourself.

Yeah. I'm gonna do it on your deck. I'm less likely to get hepatitis out here and set it inside the trailer. So just not mocking handy, but just in general. So yeah, it looks like it looks like it's a cool little app.

Yep. And Chris was not offering by the way.

Oh, sugar jets. Alright. Okay, so yes, for your up for this one. I know this is your favorite.

This is another one from Reddit. This is Uber drivers.

I have been peeing in bottles for years still waiting for my body from Uber. So basically, this is just a you know, since Amazon apologize to their drivers saying they actually do pee in bottles and that they need to allow more time but it's I'm read the comment as both an Uber driver and Amazon driver. I've never piss in a bottle unless I choose to do so. Okay, that's the stupidest sentence I've ever heard. Don't get

me wrong.

Don't get me wrong. Amazon drivers that take their time seriously, you may see it as their only option, which is why it happens with them. But if you're pissing in bottles as an Uber driver, it's just because you're a weirdo.

And we all know Jason.

I know I didn't stop cussing p fuck shit. Damn soon. There you go. No, I'm not a weirdo. Like, who wants to go into the bathroom? Okay, it's three in the morning and you're out in the boonies. Like, okay, I guess you could just open the door then piss out. Because if you're

out in the boonies and there's rain in the morning, there's probably nobody around and just go into the field, man. Yeah,

and I guess most cities even jennison I think has a Speedway that's open 24 hours the one on Baldwin. So I don't know. I like to pee in bottles. Okay. Why did I say that? Did I just say that? That's not what I meant to say. I find it convenient. And I it's it's easy. I did it all day to day at work. I mean, I work outside. What am I going to do? Christopher says, What about Uber weed delivery? That's never going to happen? Because they actually said themselves until the feds make it legal. They're not going to do it. So that's never gonna happen. Or I shouldn't say never. But yeah, it's going to be down the road. So hey, I like I said before God blessed me with a tool to pee in a bottle. And I'm going to pee in the bottle if I need to. It's okay.

You can be in the bottle. You have my blessing to pee in a bottle. Thank you.

Thank you. Am I not a weirdo?

I didn't say that.

Oh, yeah, be you gotta hate bosses. Man. The side project that sucks. You better get working on that. They're kind of assholes. All right, next up is about social distancing, which is super hilarious.

Hey, thanks, Pete. By the way.

Yeah, pee go pee in a bottle. Alright, this is this takes social distancing to the next level.

No fucking way.

So he threw a bucket down from the apartment. Probably the third. Some guys gonna die. Looks like Jimmy John's. He puts it the food in the bucket. And and he just pulls it up third or fourth floor 123 4/4 floor. I mean, it's a way to do it.

How did you get his tip though? That's what I want. How is he gonna get the tip?

I'll tip you in the app, bro. Yeah, right, that's gonna happen. So that's a good way to keep socially distant Chris says he use iced tea half gallon bow. Where the hell do you put that? See, I use a perfect Powerade bottle or a vitamin water bottle because I can stick it right in my door. And I don't you know, it's easy to conceal. Except when the carwash guy takes it,

which has happened a few times one time,

all right, second ad of the night. womply. What a name womply. I talked about this last time, and they teased me that I ripped on their name. So womply is a has designed PPV fast loan to help the underserved self employed community access the PPP funds. They said there's about 20 days left for the first draw. And I don't know about the second one, or maybe maybe it's 20 days in general for the money.

I think it's Yeah, you have to sign up. No, I

think it's they're out of money and 20 days,

they said they're like, that's what I meant. Oh, it's not the second draw first or what? Oh, it's just apply within 20 days. Yeah,

yeah. And if you apply on that 20th day, you might not get it. But yes, per night. Nope. Oh, shut up, Mark. Where's the say that? Oh, that's not from that. That was that's old verbiage. It actually ends on May 31. Mark's gonna get kicked out of the show in about two seconds. So yeah, ends may 31. They extended it. So yeah, go ahead and apply. The link is in the description. I've already been funded. My first one, me personally, I am going to hang on to the money and then when it gets forgiven, then I'm going to spend it because I really don't want to. I don't want a loan. I don't need a loan right now. So that's what personally I'm doing. But you can do whatever you want. But there's two draws on it. I got a significant amount, like, a significant amount. So

what and yes, but you still needed it? Well, of course. I mean, that's, that's I mean,

the money is there for gig workers, right? Because the work was slow. So it's there, it's just gonna get go away, you might as well take advantage of it. So right click the link, I think it's womply comm slash gig economy podcast, but just click the link in the description. And don't listen to mark. He's a dick ends may 31. And I will change that slide. I'm making a note right now.

There's my note. Yes.

See, I'm making a note right now

change. Lee. So I'm gonna be talking about this story from the rideshare guy about Uber rolling back the driver features in California. And there's one particular driver feature that they're rolling back that people don't like to do rolling back, which is the ability to set your own price.

Honestly, I didn't even know that they could do that. I mean, I know I remember us talking about it. But I mean, what does that even mean? set your own price? Like you can set your own multiplier? Oh, no kidding.

supplies. Uh, basically, there's talking about one writer, they add, they talked to a one one driver. And basically he said, I used to drive with one point with that 1.8 multiplier as a regular. Yeah. And then he said, so in times when I knew there was nobody around. No, no, no one around. I would, I would make it a three times multiplier. And sometimes I was even testing with a five times multiplier. Wow, just to kind of see how it was going. And he was averaging 40 to $50 an hour night. Okay, by doing that way, but but so there, Uber is removing that feature now that you know because of Proposition 22. And and so so basically the gist of the article is that that that since Uber one, if you will, they are no longer kind of giving us all these extra features. So this was only in California.

Yeah, I'm gonna pile on that a little bit. It looks like I did a double article. So they had said, uh, later on, I added an article. That's basically what you're talking about. But they said the rider cancellation had increased 117% over the past year. So that's they're like, oh, we're not making money. Correct. Although if people need a ride, like, unless it's just like during party time, but most of that's been during the pandemic. So,

yep. I read another article, which we don't we don't we don't have it on tonight. But there was another state where there was talk about Uber had mentioned that they wanted to bring back the multiplier to that state, but they couldn't, because there was a constant. That state was still in a state of emergency. And so because of that Uber was not allowed to do you know exuberant pricing.

Yeah, you know, the state of you know, the last podcast was Steve mentioned that the multiplier is live and working in in Denver, Colorado, where he's at So, I mean, it they are bringing it back for some people, but I don't even know probably not Mike is where they don't need to, though. Why would they? Why would they don't want to charge the customers more? I mean, they do want to charge them no more. But obviously, you know, people get pissed off. They're not gonna they're just gonna cancel

which the story tool for this one here also goes that because they're they're removing the multiplier the said your price multiplied they're taken but they're bringing back up from pricing for riders. Yeah, so so that's kind of, again, two benefits obviously too for the riders and not so much for the drivers.

I feel bad that I didn't know that they could set their own multipliers, I never even realized that. So it must be at the beginning of their shift they're like, or when they sign on the app, they're like what you want to set it at? Yeah, it'd be weird because like you would compete with other drivers because the the driver, let's say you said that to driver a Is that too driver B is out 1.7.

Right now I'm

wondering how it looks on the rider and like how they can?

Well, it's probably gonna, it's probably going to offer the closest cheapest ride there is there's a parameter there.

I'd be interested to see if if the 1.7 guy wasn't quite as close. If they would offer that on top of the 2.0. guy that was closer and you could still choose the guy farther away. That will make sense. Yeah, would make sense. So you could decide who you want. Yeah, it's basically leaves. So that's super interesting.

I didn't know they were doing that. But I just want them to bring back the multiplier here and grant. Remember those nine saw? I still remember that New Year's Eve but I almost made 1000.

Dude, the Garth Brooks for me that Garth Brooks weekend I had a 9.9 multiplier. I'm like, not I made like $250 for like a 15 minute ride or something.

I have three and a half. I had about three and a half hours at New Year's Eve way I made constantly. I had $50 nights.

what's crazy is that people were paying that I know. Yeah. I mean, they didn't care. No, three $400 to get home safe. Okay. And what

was my mind was like, 510 510 minute rights and then now they were constantly 3540

All right, no, I'd walk. I don't care how cool that is. I would never pay that much. Screw that shit.

It was but people did.

I know. Those are the good old days. And now we're not even driving passengers because of this fucking pandemic. Alright, so let's see this one.

I still would be comfort when I come back. Probably in your Mazda? Nothing comfortable about the

masters. Nothing comfortable. Okay, so this is

a good one. That's a joke that Jason good. Yeah. Thank you.

Thank you. This is a video about no free rides. So we're gonna watch that real quick.

I remember this video. Yeah. That happened to my to me one time. Yeah.

I'll explain it once we're done.

No, cancel. By No, no.

Sorry. No, no. Why? Because the canceled does doesn't matter. I mean, you could go in and call her but she canceled. She canceled. Yeah, she canceled. You

may call her. No.

I can't call her. I mean, it's already out. I mean, there's no way for me to call her. I'm a total fan of this guy's phone phone holder.

Dude, I was like it's so weird. It's for the audio listeners. He's a bigger guy but it's like mounted up right by his armpit or a little bit lower. So he just kind of looks down like this. I'm like, how do you see your maps when you're but here's Okay, explain this to me is there's no free rides. How is that person getting a free ride just because they canceled when they got halfway there. And then he does it again. like

whoa, so the idea is right that once you're in there, then he's gonna take them home. Right?

Oh, that you're hoping that the guy's like Ah, that's fine. I'll just take the rest of the way home. Exactly. You're not even so I wonder how that works. If you drove let's say it's a 20 minute ride right drive for 10 minutes and then they cancel Do you get up till that point? Or do you only get $5 for the cancel fee? It's been so long that I've been in this situation I don't even freaking remember.

I don't know. I don't know either.

I thought there was a you got a portion of the ride plus the cancellation fee not the full like 10 million you

would get paid full all the time you sure? Well, that makes sense if you dead I guess because

ending the ride and canceling the ride are two different things like they don't

why are they even able to cancel the ride once it's been started? That's mean, why is that possible?

Well, because maybe they don't know. Tell the driver or that the car is or sorry that the writer is actually in the car. They don't know.

So Angela says she got nothing. And Christina says you get paid to the right ends. So it happened to me. Probably two and a half years ago. It was down on the strip down on we have a strip mall lions, whatever that thing I own you know, I own your thank you lions. Lions I own Yeah. And see it's been that long. I can't remember the name. I

know if you drive downtown. It's like a ghost town. It's so strange. It was on my own.

Yeah, I they fill up my car. Right. And and for some reason, they didn't have enough for the whole group and and they will find about it. But for some reason the guy with the phone and the ride did not come with us. He said I was gonna take the next one. Yeah, and I was stupid at the time. Right. So I saw driving, and I hadn't even gotten 1010 feet. And the road. Yeah,

cuz he wanted to request one for himself.

Then he cancelled the ride. Right? Yeah. So I just pulled him to the side so everybody out like Why? Cuz he just cancel the ride. Yeah.

You're like not a rookie. Christopher brings up you get paid till the right end. So I think it's different on who cancelled so if the, if you just say I'm ending the ride and just ride you're gonna get paid from point A wherever, even if you didn't make it to the destination. But I'm wondering if the customer cancels. So why

is the customer even able to cancel? They shouldn't what I want to know.

They shouldn't be able to cancel at once the cars moving No. Like the they should they should know, Uber should know that the car is moving and they're like, okay, you can't cancel the ride. Because we've all had it where they drunk cancel. They're not meaning to but they end up canceling. I literally think they're not trying to scam. They're just so drunk and run around with their phone. But yeah, I agree. I don't think they should be able to cancel once. I mean, but what happens if I guess they could say I want to get out here then you would just

they can end the ride. Yeah, that's different than canceling the ride. Right?

Yeah, you would think at least she said angel said took some over 28 and Breton downtown. I had no idea it was going on. Literally just disappeared mid ride. Yeah. I mean, when you're new, you just don't really realize what's going on, especially if you. Let's say you have the volume down. You don't hear the canceled thing. And you have another GPS app up. You wouldn't even know you'd get to the destination. You'd be like, Aw, shit, I just did not get paid. Like, where's this ride? Or you get a request? You're like, wait a minute. But

yeah. So I ended up it goes to us, you know, a nice person took them to the destination. We've all done that. I know. Yes. I've taken people to that destination, but not because they cheated, you know? Yeah. And that's Yeah, we thought that was a bullshit move.

We're, um, we're all we we've all been punching bags at a time. Absolutely. I mean, it's sometimes it's just part of the part of the thing. So you know, so

so I want to just follow up here real quick. Angela, what the what Banga Yuen.

She's from gr.

Oh, I didn't know that. Oh, thank you. Alright, cuz you've been on the stream before 20th and Burton had it make sense. So no mind.

All right.

So this one, this is your Yes, sir.

Thank you for reminding me. This is another Reddit. This is Lyft drivers. Bad neighborhoods. What do you guys think about three starting people just because they live in a bad area. Like they could be really nice, but you just don't feel comfortable there. So I think this is something we talked about many times about different ways of you know, figure out whether or not it's a good area and that kind of stuff. And I know one particular gentleman who was on on the show earlier tonight that had to leave Pete Excuse me. There was a couple of times where he wish he knew who you know who IV was on the other side you know where he wasn't that kind of stuff. So no I'm not a fan of three Stein people just because of where they live. That's not something that is the that that is

that's the biggest dick move. How How terrible you're like you're going to three star them because they're underserved, like

no that's good is that that's a really that's a big move. Absolutely. But you know those areas when I when I was driving at night in particularly in the beginning, I would stay away from areas after after one a

there's nothing wrong with staying away from the area but actually punishing the passenger because they live in a certain area is like that's a big move this total dick move. I couldn't believe that that person even wrote that.

So and of course the one comment that I'm going to bring up there is there is like go get a job scary people like you make me sick to my stomach. If you if you're that afraid to drive them, why bother? Go to Burger King and flip burgers, giving People low stars because of where they stay is just evil. And that's true.

I'm telling you that the guy that does that is the same guy that doesn't pick up the blind person with a dog.

That is true. I mean, that is true. Yeah. Yeah, I can't. But I think the biggest thing is that Yeah, you should not be driving. If you consider doing stuff like that. You should not be doing gig work in general. It's

just common sense. Like even him writing that if he was actually serious, like if you would reread that after you wrote that you're like, wait, I'm punishing the passenger. Because where they live, like, punish him if they don't tip you.

You know what I mean? Other behavior? Yeah, exactly. Because of where he lives, right. Yeah, no.

So this has been going around that I don't have any slides for this. But Uber has announced a to fill $250 million stimulus to bring back drivers. The company said that the incentives will help welcome back existing drivers and ensure first time drivers do well as they learn the ropes. Okay, whatever. I missed that when I first read it. See kind of cut out of course, there's an ad. So in Austin, for example, drivers are guaranteed 11 $100 if they do 115 chirps, the company said and Phoenix drivers are guaranteed 17 $100 if they do 200. So here's the thing, those are just guarantees, they are not bonuses. And again, 200 trips in a week.

So what why don't you tell the tell the difference between a guarantee and a bonus?

Yeah. So this is where people get tripped up all the time, a guarantee basically says, Uber will pay you and I know I'm not saying you guys are dumb when I'm explaining this, but some people literally don't know, right? The guarantee means if you do the 200 trips, no matter what you made, you'll at least make 17 $175

they will pay the difference between wide, you're made to the 1700. Right?

And don't, hey, they've done the math, they know how to figure it out. They're really not going to pay if they're going to pay much. It's going to be 20 bucks. You know what I mean? And there's a real good chance you'll probably make more than that. Right? So in that include, I think that includes tips to

it probably.

Yeah, so the bonus is totally different. Like if it's a legit bonus. One of them that's been floating around the country is the three rides for $100 I have not gotten that.

There's a bonus like that.

Yes. It's it's for drivers that haven't been driving for a while. So obviously I was doing Uber Eats so they're not offering it to me. But there's drivers in Oh, Sam's mom did it. She got offered it three rides. 100 bucks.

Holy shit.

I know you need to get back. Well, you probably won't. Well, I guess if you do get approved. And you don't drive? Yeah, thanks. Well, I mean,

I know you will get I am waiting for Uber to actually get me back on the road. Apparently my background check collapsed and is now taken three weeks to get that back.

See Chris said 100 for three is what got him driving again. That's the whole point. I would do it too. If I didn't I I don't have an inspection. If I was l legal and with inspection, and I got that offer, I would go take three rides for 100 bucks. I mean, 100 bucks, right? I mean, you know how much stripping I have to do for 100 bucks. I'm only getting quarters thrown at me. So you know, I'm gonna be out there for 12 hours.

You know, CMS sticks.

What seems a quarter stick to you by like a weird, Christopher says 200 trips is killing yourself. Yeah, that's killing yourself. I mean, that's bad. And I know Tom from Chicago, who he's gotten a ton of bonuses like he made what did he make? I don't know if you saw in the group it was like two grand for the week.

Oh, why bonuses

and tips. So yeah, definitely look for the verbiage of bonus if it's a guarantee. It's probably not i'm not saying it's not worth it. But you're going to earn every bit of that Penny curbed know that come out.

Every penny of that bet. Oh,

yeah. Sunday. We Got it. Got a guy that went to private school and guy from from Denmark. So then Mike, do you know what it is? No, I don't. By the way every time our interview earlier tonight said Jesper it just cringe. I cringe. I didn't want to correct them. I should have liked Okay, it's fine. I just hate it.

I don't know why. Okay. There are strange things every day. I'll be ready for that. Which strange things every day. are you delivering food for Brooklyn? Oh,

hold on. Hold on. I'm not there yet. This is just odd. Okay.

I know. I have a delivery delivering food for Brooklyn. She does not live here. This is not Silver Springs apartments. You have the wrong address. I don't want food. Her tastes sucks. So apparently, Brooklyn has been getting food there a lot of time. Well,

here's the thing too is the is the pin just dropping it where they live? I don't know. And is it literally the same address? Are these drivers not confirming like I don't just drop food. I look For the address like

well, but there's been instances though where what and so you say you look for the arrows I confirm it I


then there's been instances where where the pin is actually wrong for the ad 100%. Right. And so maybe that's one of those

but they're still not confirming it the only way I would leave that there is if it was the same street with the same number.

Even if the pin was wrong as always, you just report and get free food. Right? Exactly.

Exactly. I mean, how what kind of dumb ass I mean, if Mike delivers heard this from the mic delivers podcast, he would be ashamed at that driver. Like, how are you not verifying there's only one or two areas I go when I deliver and I couldn't tell you what they are offhand that the GPS is off. Oh, yeah, I got one. It doesn't really matter. It's off. Wilson. There's some condos. It's off every time you have to. Like if it says it's right here. It's usually 10 condos now the new condo is all about No it's not. It's it's across from those. But it's Wilson and not by you. Up and grandpa Oh, I get your but um, but yeah, it's wrong every time. So I know that going in there. But you just got to verify. It's not that hard. I know. And clearly, that guy gets a lot of food for Brooklyn inner taste sucks. She's probably ordered frickin McDonald's or something like that. But I guess if she did order good food. I mean, I would eat it. I would tell them. Hey, this is the wrong one. I actually I probably wouldn't. The first

time I weighed you never broken. Yep, this is me.

No, no, I would never say it's, it's for me. But if they just dropped it and left. And I'm like, What the hell? There's food on the you know what I mean? I have a camera that goes off when people come in or come to the door. But I don't know. Good lord. Okay, what are we up to Patreon? Well, if you'd love to support us on Patreon, we would love to have you we do an extra podcast what we were talking about earlier, we interviewed somebody that is going to go up on Patreon first and then to everyone else. cool little concept.

If we get two people signing up for Patreon tonight, I will get Jason a T shirt. Oh, sweet Jesus.

He didn't even say which tier so you can sign up for the $5 tier five tier doesn't get you anything from us just say thank you. You're just you know, tipping us in the app, but the unicorn gets you an extra podcast a month. Usually a live video or sometimes live sometimes not. You get the video and then you get the audio a special RSS feed for you. You get a piece of merge. And then the before show banter, which I've been terrible with the last couple podcasts. So

a good job of selling it right now.

I know. I know.

Yeah. The banter has been bad. But yeah, we would love for you to support us. I need a sweatshirt yesterday says if we get to I said t shirt. That's what you said merch.

I said t shirt.

A t shirt. It's summertime, I will take a T shirt. So if you go to search gig econ pod, I think it is I don't know, they don't let you put there's

a link in the link tree.

There's Lincoln link tree. And then if you do go to patreon and just search the gig, it will come up. I've done it before. So thanks, guys, everyone that's already supporting us on the gig economy, Bob. So this is funny, you know, I realized, like all the ones that you shared, I put my name on it. And it's not like it's just, it's just how it worked out. I don't specifically do that. But anyways, Yes, for sure. This is from Lyft. It says he obviously had a question about some sort of insurance or front seat passenger says hi, Shane. Upon checking on our end, the front passenger seat is not insured as part of lis lifts health safety commitment, the front passenger seat must remain empty. Both apps have done that for the pandemic. So are they saying that if someone does sit in there, they're not insured? I mean, that's literally what that says.

But I'm sure it is also to save money.

I'm sure it is to but I feel like this should be blown up more than when

our podcast Why does it have to be because they say it's against terms to have anybody sitting in the front seat?

I know. But I mean, you know, it happens every day.

Yeah, I but just just like we many years ago used to drive without the writer. Yeah, we took the chance we roll the dice every time we go on the road. People are doing that today.

You're right. And so if you hear this, do not put anyone in that front seat because your insurance company is going to say hey, you screwed up. You violated Terms of Service. I mean, maybe they will cover I don't know, but if the guy gets killed, they won't. I don't know. That's crazy. I'm not gonna mess with that. I mean, when I get back to it,

I mean, what happens if you break the law? If that's

not a law that's

technically let's say you are on the road, right? What happens if you are in an accident and for instance, you are an E braided The insurance or do the insurance

call you're saying you're saying hypothetical not driving? Oh, I think they do. Okay. I'm pretty sure they do.

I mean,

that's a really good question,

though, I guess, right.

Yeah. Mark says, I never knew that you weren't supposed to sit in the front. No. You're only a creeper if you sit in the front but no. When the pandemic started just

yeah, it only because of the pandemic, right?

Yeah, normally it was fine. But like an XL is now like 5x

plus five and and x is three, three.

Yeah. So yeah, it's just from the pandemic to slow the spread, I guess of Coronavirus is to six, six feet, right? Yeah. Well, it's not six feet. I mean, if you're driving your Mazda six, it's a Mazda? Correct. But yeah, definitely, definitely. Do not put anyone in there. I mean, I feel like the rideshare guy who's kind of the OG of podcasting and gig stuff should be talking about this. Because that that seems crazy that if that happened, I mean, again, the chances are slim to none. But that probably happens every day that someone Oh, yeah, driving gets in an accident.

And Jerry Yes, it is, it is just a COVID thing. And it'll come back, you know, once once to COVID lifts and everything gets back to normal, if you will, even the new normal will be back to having people sitting in in the past. Now,

I think I'm gonna keep it that way. No one touched my damn radio, I don't have a damn ox cord. I don't care if you're cold, shut your mouth. And let's get going. All right, next. And then give them a fast five star rating. Of course, always five star. So the writer verification, which is I'm super excited about it's not as exciting as it should be. But

it is kind of. So again, the big thing is when I first read the article, I read driver verification feature, right? As I wanted this, but then the big thing here is it's actually the writer verification feature, which is really cool. Because now they actually have to verify with a piece of with an ID, which is really cool. Because

Can I clarify that? It's not everybody? It's only for use a debit card? Correct? Yeah. Or, or a gift card? Okay. You just want to clarify? Yes,

yes. If you're using a, if you're using a gift card or a prepaid or something like that, then you have to verify. And it's for safety reasons, right, which is this is good for for the drivers, this is good for us to, to really kind of be able to to know who we could get in the car.

My question is, why don't they just do it for everybody? Like, I don't see why it's so I mean, it's more I feel like it's more of a I mean, it isn't a safety thing, but I kind of feel like it's something just to help them out.

But are they already doing it?

Maybe for No, I don't think they are I think they just they're acting like it's a safety thing. But they actually are doing it on the back end anyways, just to make sure they get paid. Meaning before they

Oh, that's good that I thought about that way. Yeah.

Right. So they're presenting it as like a new safety thing. But they're like all we want to get paid. So we want to verify this person is legit.

But if it's pre paid, aren't they

getting paid no matter what, that's true, if it is private, or a gift card, but you would think the money's already on there. What it What does it matter? So maybe it is for safety? I don't know. I don't understand. Like, why we can't just do it for everyone, then.

That's correct. I mean, I mean, but maybe we talked earlier today we had an interview It is very, very cool. new thing coming out for safety as well. But but just I mean, we talk about that all the time about safety for for us drivers, we see those huge the increase in incidents, we should call it with people and I have in a car stolen or all that kinds of stuff. That is just craziness.

Hey, I have a question for you kind of a throwback to the earlier about the the blind person winning that lawsuit. What happens to the guy that Uber Eats driver that died that we talked about last podcast? Is his family, okay to sue Uber?

No, I wouldn't say no. I mean, they I mean, they could say

the same thing. Right? And they will and they will win. I guarantee it.

But Uber didn't.

Exactly. I totally

get what you're saying. But it's literally the same thing. Uber that guy was an independent contractor.

But it's not the same thing. Right? His car his car was hijacked.

That's true. You're right. It is different because they should have Well again, it kinda is they should have provided more safety features for that guy. That's what the law that's the lawsuit will say.

But in what, in what sense? Exactly. I mean, he's an Uber Eats driver. Right? Right. Two people jumped in so random two people jumping into his car. I know my my point of view. was delivering, right. My

point is though that family could sue and probably would win.

Oh, I agree. But why would they win? Why no buts fault.

I know. But I'm wondering when they're gonna say when?

When they're in office and oh,

yeah, well, like, what what else could Uber do to make it more safe? We talked about why the company that we interviewed earlier, I think that's a step in the right direction. There, they're actually asking, I've seen a lot of the subreddit groups there. Uber's, asking if you have a dashcam. Can you register it? So they are doing more things to do it? But I don't know what else they could do?


I mean, other than having, I mean, in that situation, I know this is gonna sound ridiculous when I say this, but other than having a armed guard in the car with you all the time. That was the only way that guy would got not. I mean, he got killed because he tried to protect his car, but I mean, got killed, because those teenagers are pieces of shit. But my point is, there was nothing that no one could do Uber or the police or anything, because it's such a random act of violence. So

yeah, I don't know.

So the one thing I thought about and I did, I realized that this wouldn't have helped in this particular situation. But we have heard that in all the big cities there is that there's a big increase in hiring carjackings for summer, but I'm assuming it's because I'm sorry,

I hurt. Something fell upstairs. Megan just fell.

Honey, are you okay? I'm assuming it's because people leave their cars on locked and possibly even running as they're dropping off the food.

It was sorry. It wasn't that situation for that guy. But that does happen. Yeah.

So but that's the thing. I don't know. I mean, if I was outed, doing more food delivery, I would never do that. And particularly not in an area where we you know,

yeah, it can happen. Yeah, it can happen anywhere. That's funny, you bring that up, because I I don't know if I've talked about it on the podcast, maybe in the telegram group. But the my next car is going to have that NFC chip in it where I can just lock my car, which I do every time anyways. But where I don't have to fumble for a key. It's so annoying and doing 20 deliveries a day. And you know, I actually don't do it when I drop the food off, though. I never I leave the car run and sometimes the door open.

But it's also going to have as Michigan.

Yeah. But I mean, I think I would even in Detroit, or Chicago? I think I would I mean, depending on what neighborhood I'm in. But I mean, like, I'm not, at least at the restaurant, you're actually going in and I can't physically see my car. Right. But when you're dropping food off taking a picture. I mean, it's literally 20 seconds. I'd be curious if we did a poll

if I'm in people's driveway.

Yeah, that's what I mean. Yeah, like I dropping off.

I don't lock there.

Yeah, you mean the for deliveries he did.

Here like you son of a bitch got


All right.

So we kind of talked about that. Yeah, we really just have two more pictures. And then we're done. Oh, we flew through it. Yeah, we're at 104 or 104 104. Yeah, I was read as

an idiot. Okay,

this is hilarious. Always. I

need it. Thank you. You're welcome. It is mine. Yep, I am so big. I didn't notice that the pizza I wanted didn't add to the cart before I hit order. So I just waited an hour and a half and paid $15 for one side of ranch dressing and nothing else. But why do they deliver side

hairs. But what's crazy is that the delivery fee was $8.22. Like there must and he said he waited an hour and a half. So there must not have been any drivers around because they must have the prices when there's so is 99 cents for the ranch. $3 in taxes and fees. 822 for the delivery and the guy tipped


Oh my God. That's how high are you?

This is how high I am.

Oh my god.

Oh my god. So Christopher actually just had a question. And I'm going to bring it up because we have a question. Yeah, sound so so what happens when customers four year old kid gets in your car and you'll crash? So my assumption, Christopher is if the customer brings their own car seat, and the car seat is approved and valid, nothing would happen other than the fact that you let's say it's not your fault, it crashes, you know, you crashed or whatever. Everybody's insurance would pay out and everything is fine. Right? Because Yeah, you're following the rules and align our stuff now. If there is no car seat and said four year old is swung from your car and die. I don't like that. Then I don't know what happens. But I know you're in a world of trouble. Yeah, I mean,

you know, Pete and I kind of argued back and forth early on about providing

have you left the garden to live while delivered? I

think I think that's what he's talking about not actually driving a four year old meaning you leave the car running in the driveway and the four year old gets in and drives it, I think, I don't know.

Ah, and then he crashed your car.

Yeah. But anyways, going back to my original Goodman, I used to argue because I said, I might just provide a car seat. He's like, Yeah, what about the litigation if you know, the car seats bad or whatever, by? I mean, I think a jury would look at it and say, at least he was trying to be safe. But I think it's I think it's if you're going to take somebody I'd rather have my own car seat than no car seat. I guess I would look at it that way.

But don't take somebody. I mean, I don't know. I had a booster seat. To be honest. When I drove I had a booster seat. And I offered that a couple of times. Yeah, but only a booster seat.

Yeah, now I'm not talking like an infant seat. Yeah, I wouldn't even know how to install that thing. My kids are 2313 and 10. I haven't done that and a long ass time. So anyways, yeah, I think he was talking about if you got out, that's what he was talking about. I don't know you beat that kids asked and you go to your next delivery.

And then I think you get sued.

Alright, last slide for the night. It's nothing breaking or anything. It's just disgusting. So as doordash just says, handle customer. Please actually leave at the door. I have herpes on my hands and don't want you to touch me.

Okay, thank you.

So, basically, so there's different kinds of herpes, right? There's like the I'm assuming he means like the cold sore. But isn't that just on your mouth? Like, and then there's genital herpes. Like, are they all they're all different? Right? Like, what kind of herpes are we talking about on this guy's

doesn't matter. Your Why? Why does it matter? Good point,

it does not matter what kind of herpes you have on your hand. That's disgusting. Why are you putting it in? The frickin report? Like just leave it? I swear it had to be a joke. But Geez. cursor says when I was learning pizza is always told to turn off the car because you never know. Someone getting your car. I mean, totally 100%. Yeah, it could happen. And I'm sure it does on a daily basis. people's cars get stolen. But anyways, Well, guys, thank you so much for listening. Thank you, Mark, sort of. Thank you, Christopher, for tuning in. You're used to watch quite a bit and then you were gone for a while maybe because of the pandemic and then he's back. Yep. Thanks, Pete and everyone else that joined in.

What do we got coming up? We

had that interview, that'll come on Patreon. And then we got another we got got. We have three interviews this month. You know, they're not all going to come out at the same time. But right, some cool, some cool new. What would you call the one we talked about?

A tech thing? Yeah, service is safe, safe safety feature safety feature.

The next one is a possible new gig that you could do and the next one has to do with banking. Trying to help the economy worker. Oh,

yeah, absolutely. Oh, Jen. I didn't even realize you on what Janice

she's creeping in the background. Thank you, Jana, by Janet. Have a good night. Thanks, guys. See you guys.

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I'll take it you take it, take it alright. So yeah, we're gonna have just a kind of a different rundown tonight. Marissa is going to kind of give us I don't know some tips about shipped. We've talked about in the past, but it's always good to have somebody on here. Since I feel like shipped is blowing up just due to the fact that with a pandemic, in those things, there's a lot of ship shopping going on.

Here, there's a recent change also. Yeah. The rules a little bit. Yeah,

a lot. Actually, that's changed since your last ship shoppers, all

right. And there's some some sort of like, pandemic going on there make it because I don't know, I haven't

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know how quick Did you order them to have them by Christmas? So you're gonna have to look that up.

Yeah, that's that's not on us. That's not that's what i doing any shipping. So, um, okay, so what we typically do before we jump into the articles is stories since last podcast now. Yes, PR is not working.

Well. I have no story.

You have no stories. And and I don't know about Miguel. If you have anything that's happened recently. No, I

haven't been driving at all.

Well, you haven't. You haven't dropped passengers. Right.

I've been doing Ober eats.

Okay. How's that? How's that been going? Are you just doing Uber Eats?

Yeah, it's been pretty slow. Yeah. Like, I don't know. People aren't buying any food or there's more drivers. How? Who knows?

I think there's more drivers. Are you just focusing in Holland? Are you actually doing it in Grand Rapids? Mainly Holland right

now. So yeah, I'm staying in Collin. Okay. probably less drivers out there. Anyways, it is not a good not a bad idea. Right now. Hey.

Do you have it? Yes.

gave away a tip. Okay.

So, Marissa, what about you? Any anything that stands out before we get into your your main section later on? Yeah,

I witnessed a fight about masks. Oh, I'm there while I was shopping. There was a woman who was not wearing a mask. And I think they were already fighting about it in the store. Because I caught them in the parking lot. And the woman like there was a guy who I think was yelling at her for not wearing a mask. And she hit his car Doughboy. Like with her hand? She like hit the back of his car and he like jumped out and was like screaming at her. I like walked right

through in the middle of them. I

was like, okay,

so yeah,

yeah, yeah,

we're outside now. It's like doesn't even matter. You guys are

Yeah. Oh, man. I i've surprisingly haven't seen anything.

I've seen three.

Really? Man. When I when I go into the gas station, though. It just there's always somebody that's not wearing

a gas station.

I don't know. I don't say anything. I'm just like, whatever.

What have half the time the attendant isn't wearing the mask right either?

Forget it. Yes.

Forget it. I had a few things. Uber stupid. They two weeks ago ran me ran a background check and they decided to run another one. And I haven't been able to do Uber for like three or four days and it was supposed to clear today and I don't know why.

I just was wondering I still didn't clear today said it was supposed to

Yeah, I checked tonight. They keep sending me their support email like hey, how do you rate your support service? I'm like, I'm not rating you until I get back on the platform. Yeah, for sure.

I'm just I don't know why it took so long for support to respond to my email, you know,

wow. Yeah, they take what your job what your email what email?

It was that bad, bad joke or


So, so I'm not doing Uber right now.

So you got

Uber. So I'm not doing Uber right now. But one thing I did do a flex route the other day, and I delivered to this lady, it was pretty nice house out in new nica. And I get up there and two heavy boxes this fine. I'm like, whatever. It's, I was like, Oh, she was actually outside. She's like, oh, here, take a little gift card for Christmas. And I'm like, Oh, sweet. Thanks. So I left it in my car for two days, I didn't really think about it. And then I grabbed it. And there's Amazon and put the code and it was 20 bucks. Wow. I know, I couldn't believe it was 20 bucks. I'm like, that's awesome. That is so nice. And I noticed on Facebook yesterday that someone else was talking about it. So she's given them white light GaNS here in a week.

Wow. I couldn't. It is nice, though, that they use this time of the year to kind of just acknowledge the the people who are and servicing so

yeah, we I run into and I'm sure Marissa does too. But like people have like little snacks outside. Yeah, I got a Snickers like two days ago. Like I need it, trying to, you know, fatten up before the diet. But

you guys have a weird about stuff like that.

Meaning about,

about whether or not it's safe. You know, that's I mean, I'm not I'm not I'm just literally xe asking. I mean, I know they all individually wrapped or whatever, and all that stuff. But I mean, I don't know.

I've never thought twice about taking


No, I won't write in that basket. I'm like, Snickers Yeah. I every year I say to my wife. I'm like, we should do that. I mean, yeah, we never do. Anyways, and then real quick, we probably won't talk about it later. But anyone that does amazon flex head that has requested the Amazon rewards card, they have a debit card now. It is super buggy. I just want to throw that out there that it's super buggy. And I wasn't able to transfer money from my debit card back to my bank. So I actually shut the direct deposit off. So just wanted to throw that out there if if you? Definitely, I mean, it's a good deal because you get percentage back on gas and food and all that other stuff. So the gallon, Marisa, if you hear those weird sounds, those are people liking the stream and stuff. I know. Miguel knows. Know, Miguel. And the noises you hear are actually the Uber pink sound for drivers. And then there's a Lyft one too. I can't remember which one triggers that one. So just wanted to throw that

out there. It's just remit those noises. We haven't heard him so long. Yeah,

exactly. Did I talk about I talked about diabet. Didn't I

emerged? Okay. Yep.

Okay. Um, yeah, I just want to thank our Patreon members, too. We really appreciate it. So. So David, what is Patreon again? If you go to, and, boy, I'm gonna have to edit these out and post. Wow. It gets distracting. It's funny, Marissa, but when I first did it, people were so confused. They're like, wait, who's got their phone on? Because that's what it sounds like when you get a ride. Yeah, so this is amazing. Yeah, right, right. Yeah, if you go to and search the gig economy podcast, that's where we, you can join us to support us. You get an extra podcast a month. Usually we interview somebody that's got like a new app coming out. We just recently released on an app called lender that's not an app yet, but a gig called lender, you can check that out. It's actually in the Facebook description, the last episode, and then you get a piece of merge. And what else do you get? Oh, before the show banter, and yada yada yada, so

yep. And we actually have our furthers the way Patreon is from New Zealand so we shipped it to her So absolutely, we will go ahead and do that.

Yeah, Janet, kind of how long it took. I know, you'd think it was only like 21 days.

It wasn't too long. No, it wasn't too long.

Yeah, I shipped it from like, like cheap. It was like 12 bucks to ship this hat. And it was like 21 days so

so yep, no, it's it's it's pretty cool. Yes, please, please join us. Help us.

Right. We would appreciate it. Alrighty, let me see. Oh, that's not the right one. Here we go. Before we jump into a gig economy news, I want to talk about Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid called mF at 532 6600. Or go to Irvine comm to schedule online. Everything's COVID safe You don't even have to see him. I mean, you want to see him back into Jamie are amazing. But they're one of the best auto repair places in the country. Now they will say and I will tell you they are not the cheapest, but they are the best and they will fix it right the first time. If you look at the screen there, Google reveals like 4.7 out of five a 276 reviews so They're amazing. We love them. They've been a supporter for over a year from of our podcast. So five, three to 6600 or Irvine's dot com to schedule. Alright, so let's get back to it. Oh shit. Yes, guess what?

I don't know what?

I didn't read my article.

Oh my gosh.

I read that one. No. So we can just talk about it Uber asked us CDC to consider ride hailing drivers essential for COVID-19 vaccine just distribution. Oh, please don't play this video. Please don't play this video. Oh, I played it. What do you guys think? Yeah. What do you guys think about that? Do you think Uber drivers should be offered the vaccine like frontline workers?

Well, first of all, would you guys take the vaccine?

No, no, no.

I think I think it just is a hot topic right now. So um,

so Okay. I don't know, I guess you full time worker. And yeah, maybe that should be considered to get the bad thing. I mean, they they move a lot of people through the day like, can be? Well, I guess. Yeah, I

guess it depends on who else they're including? Like, are they including grocery store workers and gas station? People? Like, are they including everybody who was essential in the beginning? Or was Uber essential? back in April?

Yes. I mean, what? Yeah, I mean, yeah, you're right. Yeah, you have to add like bus drivers. And like you said, grocery store workers, I might see if they do it in separate waves, like, you know, maybe like the, the medical staff first. And then maybe like, grocery store workers and Uber drivers and bus drivers and those kind of things. But

like people who are for sure being exposed people who are 90% being exposed. Yeah.

The other side of it, though, is we all servicing people who are out on the front line every day. So it makes sense. It makes sense that that we get it right. I would I would take it absolutely in a heartbeat if we were to get it offered. Just because why not? Right. And when you are, you know, servicing. If, like Marissa, if you get COVID and you have to stay home. That's two weeks where you are not able to help another family who potentially is on the front lines. Right. So I think you have got you got to think about it that that way as well. We help we help out.

Yeah, so different at a loss if we're not able to work? Absolutely. Yeah.

Yeah. Again, I don't, I don't really care. Regardless if they do or not. I don't think they're gonna get it with them. I don't think so. I don't think so. Although there's like, a fear, like there's four or five people, you know, four or five companies that put out vaccines. So it feels like, you know, by January, there's gonna be so many of them. But yeah, well, I

mean, right now they're talking about whether or not we're going to get it first or whatever. So there's a lot of talk about that. Be I want to bring on Peter from the from the group. He his comment is he says he thinks if you're full time, and if you're working full time, then you should get it. But if you're just a part time, or maybe you don't have to, you know, so So, you know, I think that's a good comment. And if you know, maybe that's a good way of distinguishing between the two.

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, yeah, I would never it would be I mean, everyone, if you're gonna want it, you're you're eventually going to get it. But yeah, if you're driving 20 hours a week, I mean, there has to be some sort of like, you literally drive 40 hours a week.

And another thing I was thinking about earlier today is so let's see, when when the when when the vaccine is here, right, and we have it. Do you guys think there's gonna be a notice in the app, whether or not your driver is vaccinated or not? Are they gonna go that far? No.

It's HIPAA HIPAA violation.

I don't think that's legal.

Well, and that there's some truth to that. Marissa, that's absolutely true. But I can see benefits. I can see absolute benefits and knowing whether or not that you have it. The driver could put it in his profile. I think that'd be right. Yeah, you can write it in the profile. Absolutely. And then you run yourself and then you're not. Yeah,

maybe you would get more people wanting that.

Yeah, definitely. Uber's not going to be allowed to do that. In fact, my son got exposed last week to somebody and we don't they don't tell you who it was or how it happened or anything. They're just like, oh, by the way, and we're like, Well, what I thought like the eye contact or we're getting off. I'm gonna I'm gonna report. We're getting off topic. That's okay. No, I knew it was bound to happen. Well,

I think it's a hot topic right now. Yeah. Talk about how that's all gonna affect us.

So Marissa, Chris. I don't know how to pronounce his last name said that. He He's pretty sure that you delivered his groceries last night probably don't remember. Like, yeah, I can't

remember Chris, but it's possible. I've been working so

you didn't do a very good job.

Hey, I've got two months of five stars.


Wow. You didn't say you did great.

I'm only a 4.7. So I mean,

overall or your I think I think overall

I am no member I've only done 100. Right. Um, but like, I don't know, I just I just don't think when

was the last time you shopped has been

like a month ago. Okay. Yeah, cuz

you know, they do the last two weeks your for your last two weeks and then have a score for your last 50 days. And those are both 5.0. Yeah, but my overall score is four 4.9. Okay, how

many? How many have you done total?

I think it's almost 1600.

Oh, yeah. Wow.

Mm hmm. And how long have you been? Have you been doing chip?

almost three years.

Okay. All right. Well, we'll

talk about that a little bit more. Mark dammit. He comes up with the best jokes. Mark says a 4.7. Because of the Santa beard random beard. All right, next up is a yesterday's video. It's it's kind of

playing right?

Well, you told me you wanted to see it before. And that's why I kicked Miguel out of the studio earlier because you want

so here's a here's a video about a doordash and tipping. tipping.

Yeah, this is this is this, this podcast is tip heavy conversation. So I'm just gonna throw that out there. It's

good. We gotta gotta get some more people tipping. That's right. Just put in your food order with doordash feeling all good. Leaving that $0 tip for your driver. Here's what happens next, your food is about to be ready, it goes out to the closest doordash driver for $3. He doesn't accept the 35 seconds later, because the next doordash driver for 325, then the next 350, then the next 375, then the next four then the next 425 454 75 $5. Meanwhile, 35 seconds are going by in between finally a driver accepts it. Maybe 750, maybe eight bucks. The food's already been sitting there ready for about 10 minutes. Now it's at the 20th closest driver to the restaurant who now has to drive 15 minutes to the restaurant, the time they get to your food. It's been 25 minutes. Now they got to drive 15 minutes to your house, it took you 40 minutes. You're wondering why your food's gone. You're wondering my doordash charges you so much. You know why? Because they got to make up for the cost. Because you didn't tip you chose to leave the $0 tip. So guess what they added it on, they keep paying the driver. And when they pay the driver, I lose, you lose. We all lose. Tip your friggin drivers start with five bucks, get your food hot and fast.

Do high energy there. But there's some truth to it. Right? There's some truth to it. So because that's how these systems work. So that is interesting.

Yeah, I mean, I can give a little feedback about doordash. They all kind of work the same. But I've done doordash this week, just due to the fact because Uber is dumb. So I've had to do doordash and doordash is the lowest paying one out there, they actually give you a base pay of three. And then the tip is what you make on top of that. And I've seen orders for $3 350 $4 for 25. And what happens is he's exactly right, I get one for three, guess what? decline, the next guy gets it for three decline, decline, decline, decline, decline, decline, you know what I mean? And so then it sits there for a while. And then finally it gets up to let's say eight bucks. And when I see one for eight bucks, I often wonder if if it's been sitting there for a while, but I typically won't take anything less than $8. Because I mean, I mean, I'm not going to deliver something for three bucks. I mean, you're you're gonna have to be next to the restaurant for me to do that.

Can people tip after you deliver?

So I'm not sure on doordash. I know grubhub has enabled that feature they can tip after But yeah, I don't know. I mean, he makes a good point, though. We've always talked about that with Uber driving as well. Like there's a someone that's trying to get a ride that lives out in the boonies, and they like can't get a ride and can't get a ride or like, well, if you can pre tip if you pre tip 10 bucks, I'm gonna come pick you up.

I mean, I used to say that to anybody who was whenever they were in Allendale wanting to go downtown, I would say, you know, the moment you you ping me, you tip you text me immediately and say I will tip you $5 or something like that. Because then I will drive out to get you. You know, otherwise I'm not driving 12 hours 12 minutes to drive it down the street. I'm just not. But then go get the LTP on the app, bro.

I know that's what I'm

saying. And you run you run that risk. Absolutely. But you guys

all the time.

Absolutely. Yeah. It's and then you have you sitting there you'd never get it right. But I've had several times, Miguel where I drove out out to Allendale and they were nice gave me a 10 $15 tip. It's you know it They just do. I mean, I had one time this was back when everything was crazy time, right? I picked up it was a, it was at 2am in the morning, and I actually took him home. So that's always better. But it was a four, it was a four time ride until I made 200 bucks going from downtown to Allendale. Because they also tipped me $20. So hey, I'll take it by. Yeah, you know, sometimes they do one. As I said, whenever I picked something, I live halfway between downtown and ellendale. So that's a little easier. So whenever I go online, I always kind of I watch for the ones coming from Allendale because they want to go down to the to the to the Grand Rapids at that time. Until I you know, I'll go out and pick it and get them up. And then I say, when you got a home text to your driver immediately a letting them know that you will tip them and then do because then they will keep your otherwise they might kick you off because people they don't want to drive that far.

Yeah, I think a pre tipping option would be amazing in the Uber app,

just like it's doing Uber Eats now. Right? Well, there's the estimated with a tip. So I mean, yeah, that would be great. And Uber as well. Absolutely.

I often wonder though, now that grub hub, but they can go back in and change it I wonder and Uber you can to the first hour, they have one hour to change the tip, which is nice. I think Uber has actually done a good job with Uber Eats between all the companies like given the opportunity to change it. And if they don't, and they're like enjoying their food and the hour goes by then the tip is mine. So nice. Yeah. All right, let's check this one out. So this one, I'm gonna make this one big, small. So this is a text conversation. So this is the stuff we deal with. I'm not kidding. So this is your grubhub driver. I've left your order as specified in your notes. That's that's a default text in room 247 Yes, I dropped off the order room 247 that's what I Cress that's what I requested be brought and that's where it is. Food was dropped off at 247 was laid on the ground outside and I don't want to tell whoever brought it there that there's no dogs here refund my money. I don't get what that means. That's the gross Shit I Never ever heard of. Kind of cannot read this on my screen. I'm sorry. Hold on. That's the gross Shit I Never ever heard of refused to eat this shit for to walk or not to leave people's food. This is I'm reading what he typed so it doesn't mean it makes sense. I don't want it I mean, since it was so hard to knock in the door to present to me. grubhub deliveries are contactless due to COVID that's why there's a mask. I don't want this. I think he meant shit. I need my money return. Incorrect. The delivery was marked as con contactless, that's a hard word to say. You can you can contact grub hub customer support for refund Have a great day Enjoy your meal. So yeah, I mean, here's the thing. I think as a default on a lot of these apps, it's marked as contactless that was that's a hard word for me to see how slow I said that contactless. I knock regardless. So I mean, this is another one where he didn't knock he just left it. I don't understand people that don't knock, I would want somebody to knock. Because it's food, right? It's gonna get cold. A lot of people aren't glued to their phones all the time. So they may not see the notification that comes. I mean, it's probably just pops up and then goes away. You know how it kind of scrolls down and pops up. So yeah, I mean, I don't know why it's a big deal that he left it on the ground at the hotel. I mean, I don't know where the dog ship or

not eating the bag.

Yeah, I know. It's so bizarre.

I saw one this way. I saw one somebody, somebody had placed a food right on on the on the stone in front of the door, and the door opened out. So it would actually, when they opened their door, it would push the food off the ledge. seems stupid, right? Maybe. But yeah, that was like, Huh.

Drivers are so dumb. In fact, I had a delivery this week that said, Please don't put it in front of the door. And I'm like, okay, clearly she's had some issues where Yeah, I'm like, when people deliver packages to them, I always look when I deliver a package where the door opens. So I don't block it a so that when they open it, they can just grab it. They don't have to walk all the way around. I don't know. Maybe I'd be in to consider it. But

I mean, like because Pickens, you know, you look at a door. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

It's just customer service. I mean, like, I treat people how I would want to be treated. So anyways, Mark,

what about what about Do you have any weird like, drop off stories like that?

Kind of, I delivered an order last week. And it was a pork chop off and I usually send a text lay you know, show me to drop everything off on your porch and you text me It's all there. And she's like, Yeah, great. So I drop it off and get back to the store. And you know, I send a text when I drop it off. Everything's there, have a great night, blah, blah. And I get back to the store. And she's like, um, nothing is on my porch. And I'm like, my heart is racing. I'm like, No, I cannot do this. I am not a new. I will not accept. So she's like, so then she says, because we don't have access to their address after we deliver. So she sends me a text with her address. And I'm like, that was not on your account. I looked at my map history. And I was like, but you know, I try not to be like, this is your fault.

Yeah. So I was like,

Oh, I'm pretty sure my app said this. I'm so sorry. I'm jumping back in my car. She's like, no, so I call her and she's like, don't worry about it. It could have been she's like, it could have been me. I'm gonna run out and make sure it's still there. So then she texts me and she is like, yeah, I put the wrong address in my account. I'm so sorry. I was like, thank God.

So did you run back and grab it?

I was in my car. I was going to go back and get it for her. But it was her next door neighbor. I think they must have shared the account.


Okay, thankfully, she was like, I'm putting my slippers on going on.

I would like it. I'd be freaking out.

Right. Where's my groceries? Yeah. So bad for a second. I was like, I couldn't I can't do that.

No, I would do the same thing. I've had it where I forget the this week I forgot drinks twice. Now they got because they text because I always it's been with grubhub too. That's why it's I kind of like grub up because you send a stock tax. And then they text me back. Hey, was there a drink, I'm like, batch. So I'm like, turn around and like, one was like a kid's milk. And the other one was like a mountain dew. It doesn't really matter what it was. But but with doordash you like confirm delivery. And then there's no texting. It's like all through the app. And for grub hub, it actually pulls your SMS message. So you actually have you can contact you know, the customer through SMS not through the app. So thankfully, it was both with grubhub. And they're like, hey, did it have a drink? And like

I had one this week where she had ordered for fabric softeners. And I was like, well, that's kind of weird. So I asked her, I was like, did you offer these? And she was like, she said something about one of the items. And I was like, Okay, great. So she only wanted one. So I put the rest back. And then when I delivered, she sent me a text and she was like, hey, did they not have those fabric? softeners and I was like, I thought, Oh, I must have left the one that I got for her in the car. And I was like I'm so sorry. It must be in the back of my car and coming back right now and get back to her house and it's not my car and I'm like so confused like Where could it have gone if she didn't get it inside of my car? So then she's like, no, there was a there was a sale at Target. If you buy for you get a $10 coupon and I wanted all three of them but English wasn't her first language so it was like kind of a choppy text and I just didn't understand what she meant but it was like she wanted all four of them. I only brought her

what I bought so bad sees it happens.

I know all right. Yes, we're moving on. This is a kind of a scary video coming out right now and and i think it I think it probably is like a worst case scenario what what could happen but just shouldn't but go ahead and play the video.

Oh my God wasn't that bad? No, no, no, no. Why are you getting back in there? You put your fucking gun on me. I'm doing my fucking job. Now

Oh, by the way, he uses the F word quite a bit.

You know, we all watch what? Amazon tried a big ass and

I literally wave to your back and work.

Bro. I'm doing my job. No,

I want to

jump on a pistol in front of

you with your pistol gun show. No, no,

no, no, no,

no, I'm turning back.

No, no, no, no fuck that. I should call the cops or you would call them as you get away from the band. Anyways, we don't have to play all of that. But you get Yeah, you get the gist of it. Um, it is honestly he's actually in an Amazon van when I deliver Amazon packages. I'm in my personal car.

But the story doesn't we don't know that he's in the mo it was Oh, he says he's an Amazon driver. But you don't actually see the side of the van.

No, you don't but through the rest of the video. No, the rest of the video does say that. He's in a prime van. Oh, yeah. So but my point is is like We drive our own vehicles. Yeah, I have a sticker that says Amazon. And it's okay during the day, but still, even now they're like, Oh, they make you drive your own car. Now I'm like, I always drive my own car and I have to explain to them that amazon flex This is the overflow. Like every single time. I had a lady day come sprinting from her barn because she saw me pull in the driveway. And I'm like, it's okay. I mean, I wear Amazon fast. Like I step out, like, you see, like, I just don't have the van. And there's been people in the Grand Rapids group that have had guns pulled on him. Oh, my God. Yeah. Especially late at night. I try not to deliver at night. So I won't usually take a night route like a wall. Dark at 530 in Michigan here in the winter, so anything after that it's kind of sketch because you go out to the country, the city's fine. No, no problem in the city. But if you go out to like Cedar Springs and or Kansas City or wherever you move, man. It's It's dangerous.

But why? And this is what I don't understand. Maybe it's just because I'm not from here. I don't know. But why is your first thought to pull the gun? I don't get that

America, bro. Well, but

I mean, maybe right. So that that but why are you worried about your safety because somebody comes driving down your driveway in a van? I don't. I don't get that.

Well, especially like you're in your house. Right? I mean,

it's the middle of the day.

Well, I mean, it's it's they deliver up to 9pm. That for him.

I know, this was the middle of the day, right? I mean, what was he scared about? It's not like he didn't look like he couldn't handle himself. I mean, he Yeah, he was old. But he wasn't that old.

Yeah. I think people I just get it. Yeah, yeah. I mean, so anyone listening that isn't a gig worker. If you do see a car in your driveway, which I'm a neighborhood watch guy, I'm gonna be the 80 year old looking out the window every day, because that's how. So if somebody rolls up, I'm like, what's up? My daughter does the same thing. It's freaking hilarious. We kind of live on a dead end two. So I'm like, looking in the back like people will park back there. I'm like, what's up? You know what I mean? So I get it. But my first reaction wouldn't be to come out with a pistol. No, no, but I mean, so.

No. So Sam, Sam, the gun in the chat is Is she doesn't understand it either. And of course, Matt Maher gets the other side of it. Right. Yeah. So again, if you have both sides of that all the time, I just for me, I don't get it. But I also you know, then Mike is very, very, very different when it comes to those things. I don't know if you guys remember anything about this. But about 25 years ago, right now, there was a lady. She was over here from them, like, on a longest day and she had her baby with her. And she happened to leave her baby outside in the stroller in the bar, downtown Manhattan, which you could do any day of the week. And then like in Copenhagen, because you just do that. And she did. Oh, yeah, you can it's not a big deal. It was it was a police car came by they took the baby, it was a huge deal. And she was reported to the to the to the child protective services and everything, which is a huge deal. But it's just a difference in mentality. Even in a bigger city. Again, it's going back to this whole thing and why is your first thought to pull the gun I don't I don't get that.

It's the same reason why I'm gonna say this and we're gonna move on because I don't want anyone else to talk about it. It's the same reason we're still dealing with this pandemic. Alright, Marissa, it's your show. Cheers. Cheers. It's your time to shine, it's your time to shine. So Marissa is gonna talk about a few things and then we're gonna do an ad and then she's gonna wrap it up. So we just kind of split it up a little bit. So a couple of things I want to know about. You know, what your ship shopper wants you to know. And then like your best five star tip?

Yes. All right. Okay, so if you shipped This segment is for you. The first thing that I want people to know is for pickup orders. When we mark your order, as ready for pickup, we sit down and we wait for you. We cannot do anything else. Until you come and pick up your order. We don't have a place a safe place to put your cart we don't have We can't leave it with somebody we sit and wait for you. So please, please, please please please try to coordinate with your shopper and come and pick it up. ASAP when we're ready for you and then also along the same lines with pickup orders if you come late, we are marked late and we will be penalized for that.

Yeah, it's also good to just to clarify as you continue on that you want to present you know because you know as a customer Right. So some of the shoppers have never taken an order. So it's also good to think you know, as you're listening to this, like what the what the customer sees so you can provide a better service.

Yeah, exactly. The other thing as a customer, I think it's important to know that we can't add alcohol onto your orders unless you already have alcohol on your orders. So there's some sort of legal thing on the back end paperwork, when you first submit your order, you're signing something, and we don't have access to that a shopper. So it's a huge legal no no for us to deliver alcohol if it isn't originally on your order. So if there's something if there's like a beer or something that you want, that's not in the, in the catalogue, don't put it in as a special request, put in a different beer so that you have that already. And then you can just tell us that you want something else. And then another thing that's important, so we can't deliver tobacco, which includes smoking cessation, private products, we can't deliver propane fireworks or any live items. So can you get cars? We can't do gift cards either.

Can you add additional alcohol if they already have some alcohol? Okay,

yeah, we can.

That's so weird. I know. Like you've already like, I guess you're like opening the door. So they can add as much alcohol as long as they have like, give me a give me a Mickey's 40 or something. And you're like, Yeah, I'd like some, you know, founders. I'd like some new Hall. And then that's totally fine. Yeah, it's

totally fine. It's all just, it's just the legal thing. When you first submit your order, there's something that you sign Oh, is required for alcohol delivery.

So each time the customer place the order they sign this? Yes, like check a box and say, yeah,

it's probably a box that they check. And we don't have access to that a shopper. So we can't like have them sign the form or whatever to get that.

Yeah, Samsung order. When you order alcohol, you agree to be present? With ID. So how does that work with? Is it anyone that has an ID? Or do do you have to have the customer that ordered the shop?

It can be anyone over the age of 21? I can't have a 10 year old can bring me their mom's ID right. But we can accept any valid form of ID so we can do a passport or address. It can't be an expired driver's license, either. If you have an expired license, unfortunately, we're now

it seems that to me, that seems weird. Like, I agree. You're clearly this is you I see you on the picture. You're clearly over 21 just because it's

cheating. Well, they have to do that at the grocery store, too. If you have a an expired ID they're not supposed to sell it at the grocery store either.

Really, but don't it's because they don't actually get rid of the expired ID right. So technically, even if they get a new one they could, quote unquote, give the expired one away. Yeah,

that's probably why. Oh, yeah, that's

a good point. Yes, we're coming in strong. Logic. Yeah. Even from Denmark. He's like, Jason.

Since I was 13. He says,

right? Isn't your son 15?

Isn't your son 15? You shouldn't be bragging about that. I'm gonna send him this clip.

legal drinking age and then Mike is 15 right?

Is it really?

You can buy into 18 and 21. But you can drink you

can drink at 15. That is not Wow. is the same for tobacco.

They don't care. I mean, whether or not is the guy I don't know whether or not they did. There's no control. I mean, I think you have to take them to bat but anybody can go by to cigarettes.

Yeah, it's also interesting. And this is completely sidebar, but like, I was watching a tic tac the other day. Yeah, I know. I watched tic tocs all the time. So addicting. There's so addicting. It says you can you know, you can be 18 to vote, but and you can go die for your country. But you can't buy booze till you're 21 Yeah, it's so weird.

There's a lot of double standards going around there. Right? It's you know, yeah, America. America. There you go. So,

what's that?

says it all doesn't.

So what else can you tell us about? Uh, you know what your ship shopper wants you to know?

Yeah, um, our ratings are very sensitive. They're very strict about our ratings. So unless you have a specific reason to rate us down, please don't we could get fired. Sorry, Jason for saying this, but we could get fired for 4.7 and then you have a 4.7. So don't just give us a four star because there's always room for improvement, please and thank you. And then another thing is shipped has started bundling orders. So that means that we are being offered orders that are Two together. So we don't have a choice. We have to shop your order with somebody else's. And I know that that's really frustrating from the customer perspective. But please just bear with us. And we are getting paid less for them also. So yeah, I, I apologize for the slow communication and slow delivery, but it's a it's not our fault.

Are you kidding? Are you taking bundle orders when I have nothing when I'm not ordered or offered anything? So when you're like, it's like me with doordash, like, you're just like, dead in the water, you're like, I need a bit of work.

I'm not just gonna sit here. I'm like, okay, I could sit in the parking lot and make nothing. Or I could make 10 bucks and go do this

bundle, do you have the same kind of mentality? And I'm sure you're in some maybe or some Facebook groups, I don't know, that they're like, and I'm kind of like, I'm kind of a jerk like that with Amazon. So just real quick, Amazon starts out at a certain rate. And if you leave the routes alone, they'll go up in price. And some people take them at the base rate, and I get so fussy, but I don't you know, I don't I try not to judge them because I don't know what they need for money. Yeah, I just like yeah, for me $18 an hour to drive to Kalamazoo and back is just not was not worth it. But do you guys have that in your Facebook groups like

doubled orders?

Um, I'm not in the Facebook groups. I don't have a Facebook anymore. But I know a lot of people are like, let the promos go. But then there's also on the other side. If you if you let orders go to promo too much. Then they're going to hire more people. And then there's less orders for everyone. So there's a lot of push to like don't let them go to promo. Don't let them go to promo.

Yeah, I mean, it's kind of a it's kind of a catch 22. I mean, yeah, you don't want them. Yeah, I guess Amazon would be the same way they might hire more drivers. Oh, yeah. Just to just try to fill that but. So you don't have Facebook? Well, congratulations. Yeah, sorry. No, don't apologize. Don't apologize. I deleted off my phone. So that's I don't have it on my phone anymore. So I only get on it when actually I don't even post anything. It's just all for the for the podcast. That's all it that's smart, though.

You kind of have to be on social media.


Yeah, right. Right. So do you mostly communicate through Reddit? I know. That's how I found you.

I actually just made a Reddit to I was browsing on something and, and I just made it so that I would stop getting the stupid pop up like, oh, we're better than yet. You know, so I just made all that. And then I was so frustrated about pickup orders. And star ratings people rating down. So I was like, I want to tell people about this. You need to know how I don't know how I just I just feel like people if people knew that pickup orders were so inconvenient for ship shoppers. I feel like they would be more flexible. You know what I mean? Yeah, like, I need some way to tell people about this. So I just I don't try it on Reddit. And a lot of people enjoyed it. So

yeah, no, that was good. That was good. All right. Before we continue, I want you guys to get to another ad here. Our sponsor, I know segue here. Whoops. Oil We can't thank them enough. They are doing amazing right now. They're launching all over the country. So well oil Uber is, is basically you can get your oil change on demand. So someone comes to you comes to your home, they bring the oil, the filter, they change it right there, make sure everything's clean and all that stuff. They also do is they offer jumpstarts and fuel delivery. So if you're looking for another gig to do go to oil to sign up as a customer or as an another gig worker, I am signed up as a jumpstarter I'm not going to change oil. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to climb under there at someone's house. I just not that I don't know how to do it. But I mean, I don't want to be driving around in grubby clothes. You know, I got I got I mean I'm doing you know, we talked about 17 different gigs at any given moment. So I got to be available to not be dirty. So but if you go to oil to sign up as a customer or you can sign up as a tech they do. Like I said, I signed up to do jumpstarts and fuel delivery. You can do it too. We appreciate oil Uber for supporting the show. All right, where are we at here?

All right, let's

talk about your most embarrassing ship shopping story. Okay,

so I was living to this older guy, and he had made a comment about how impressive it was that I brought everything in one trip from the car and I'm getting ready to leave And he's standing next to the door and he puts his hand up like this to say goodbye. I thought he wanted a high five, because he thought I was so cool for being a one trick wonder. So I high five. He was like,

he was like, Okay, good man. And I was like,

oh, man, that

I'm thankful it wasn't a hug.

Right? Right. That would be crazy.

But that's definitely my most embarrassing.

No has that. So did you go I was gonna ask you to now with COVID is probably different. But I do ask people. Would you like me to bring the groceries into the house for you? Is that was that one of those situations?

If I'm, if it's an older person, and they open the door, I always ask and I would say nine times out of 10, they opened the door because they want you to ask. So I have brought groceries in for older people. But most of my orders are drop offs, except for alcohol deliveries. And I can kind of gauge where they're at because I always offer Do you want to sign my phone? Or do you want me to sign it for you? And most of them say please sign it for me because they don't want to touch my phone. So I'm like, okay, they don't want me in their house. Well,

it's funny because I when I started shift again, Samantha that's commented in the chat. She's been on the podcast for a long, long time. She's been a host and contributor, yada yada, but she said that she just signed it for him. She doesn't even ask. So that's what I started doing. Because I had one lady that I gave her the phone and she kind of hesitated. So I messaged Sam, I'm like, hey, are they What's up with this? And she's like, Oh, do to COVID they don't have to sign I'm like, that makes sense. I don't want to hand somebody my I think

they just changed it. I think they are requiring people to sign it now. Mm hmm. But I'm still offering Yeah, cuz like they're gonna make somebody do it.

Yeah. Like they're really gonna verify the signature.

Yeah, exactly. And most people just, I swear, most people just do a line anyway. So what I do for everybody, right?

It would be fun to write silly things out there and see how long before you got an email? Like, if you shipped this voice


When you're really done when you're ready? Yeah, you're ready to burn the bridge? Yeah, yeah.

That'd be a fun way to go. I like it.

Oh, do you ever feel uncomfortable? If someone Have you ever had someone say, yeah, you can bring them in. And you're like,

there was a there was one time that somebody lived way out in, like Timbuktu. And their address was actually not in the delivery zone. So they the address on the app was different from where they sent me.

I would never do that.

Yeah, I my husband was very mad at me for and it was really creepy because he like I saw him as I was pulling in. And then he went around to the back of his house. There was a fire going in the back of his house. He had a bonfire. And he just disappeared. And I was like, this is it. This fire is for me. This is my this is my life. And he had he had the door propped open and then I heard him say, oh, did come? Yeah, he just bring him right. No, I just stopped him writing friends writing go inside. But yeah,

yeah. And then you're not the wisest out of the driveway.

We do always talk and make sure Miguel is talked about this before like women. Right? You're driving like it's just a geyser such creeps. You know what I mean? I mean, we none of us are, of course, but maybe 20 years ago. But it's just so it's such a dangerous thing. Uber driving? I don't know. Would you ever do Uber driving at night? Or what your husband probably like, that's gonna be a no for me.

That's a no for me. No, I don't think I would ever want to do that.

Yeah, yeah. But she was mostly we have

we have some drivers in the group that female drivers and they have no issues at all. Oh, that's good.

I think it's just personality. Like, I know, we always talk about I know this is a ship segment but commanding your car. Like I always tell the female drivers like when they get in you greet them. You say Hey, how's it going? Thanks for riding with me or whatever. And then they're like, Oh, this woman. You know, you don't mess with her. You know what I mean? Like

it helps that everything is traceable. Like they have an account and like, who knows where they live and work? Well,

you put a fifth patrone and somebody and they do not care.

True. That's true. You guys are dealing with a lot of drunk people

a lot. Oh, yeah. A lot of drugs. Yeah.

So um, your next thing you want to do Talk about is your horror stories and it says you've been bitten by a dog. Yes,

I was actually going to segue into that because he was drunk. The dog owner was drunk.

I said the dog was drunk.

Um, the owner had just ordered a bottle of rum. And I dropped it off to him and his dog came to the door while he was signing my phone. So I put my hand out for the dog to smell my hand, and the dog bit me pull my hand back. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, what do I do? And the guy was like, Oh, don't worry, she won't bite you. And I was like, well, she just did your way. And he was like, Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. He freaked out. And I was like, no big deal. Maybe just put her away next time. And then I went about my business. And he texted me. And he was like, totally drunk texting me like, like, I should have my dog or he like, texted me and was like, I am so so so so so sorry about that. And I was like, no big deal. Seriously, don't worry about it. I promise I won't sue you. And then he kept making jokes. And then he's like, I should have my dog bite cute girls more often. And Oh, boy. like not even trying to be smooth about it. Like was he was like,

we're not doing? Yeah, yeah,

I was like, okay, you're drunk. I'm just not gonna read it out. Anyway. So and then I've actually had another dog. Like, ready to pounce on me like rallying with their butt up in the air like chasing me around my car. Yeah. It was like a six year old out in the yard too. So I was like,

are you? Do you have a dog at your house? I hate dogs. Okay, so yeah, that that's tough man. Being in the delivery business. You don't like dogs I had, I just, I

just pretend like I love them, though. Because they're like people's kids, you know. So you just have to

fake it. You know, you know what you can do? And this. I told this to Sam the other day and she bawled me out. But I don't have any dog treats. You know what I say? I'm like, Oh, you want to treat? You want to treat? Come? Oh, God, boy, come here. You want to treat, and I dropped the packets and I walk in my car and I get the hell out of there and like smile. I know. But I may feel bad for the dog. But I'm like, hey, they know that treat word like,

right. That's so smart.

Yeah, yeah, I mean, it's kind of mean or just try to have treats with you. But

I had a dog jump in my car and eat my lunch while I was delivering. I had my lunch and my passenger seat. And while I was delivering their dog, this big dog came tumbling out, jumped right into my car and ate my lunch.

You know, it's funny. I have to be careful with that because I actually leave my door open when I deliver for Amazon so that if a dog starts charging, I don't have to spend time opening the door. One of these days that son of a bitch is going to sneak around the back and get in there. Get my old granola bar that I have. Yeah. Funny. What other horror stories have you had and then we'll move on.

I think those are all my good horror stories.

Yes, sir. A lot of cars going on. I get lots of dogs get in the car. Well, yeah.

I was gonna say have you ever had you? Well, you don't you don't really do any kind of delivery. So you've probably never been a dog.

never hit by No, never bit by a dog. No.

What about you a gal you're doing Uber Eats? I mean, you do run into alone. You're quick.

Yeah. And I step on some droppings Where?

There might be worse

every day. I'm like, Don't cut the corners. You're gonna step on dogshit don't don't

cut the corners. I went to the grass and like went

through the grass. Well, I actually had one today where I it was like two o'clock in the afternoon and there was a dog out and it was head invisible fence. And that said it was contactless delivery. I'm like, I can't leave this here. So I'm ringing the doorbell. I'm like, nobody came. No one came and I went to go, I actually didn't have my phone on me when I do a delivery if I if I don't have to, like grubhub it doesn't make you take a picture, which is Yeah, only Uber Eats and doordash does. So grubhub doesn't so I just leave my phone in my car. Like I don't need to grab it. Drop it and knock on the door and there was a dog there and I'm like, What am I can eat. And it was a big dog too. And he's super nice. Like, I was like patnem I'm like, yeah, you want it was B dubs. I'm like, You smell these wings in here. Like me to buy me to it's two o'clock. I have not had lunch yet.

I'm good job not leaving those wings. dogs do not like chicken bone.

Yeah, she eventually came out because it was like I rang the doorbell and I was just walking back to my car to call her and she walked out and like, I'm sorry, I didn't leave it. I know you wanted it. But I didn't really want to leave it with the dog. She's like, yeah, that's probably a good idea. So all right. Um, so this one's kind of funny. Like I said, this is a heavy doordash or heavy tipping issue. So we're gonna watch another video about Oh, no, this guy. This hasn't do a tipping. Sorry. I kind of lost track of it. But yes, for Yes. We're headed actually see this on Tick Tock. So

it's pretty funny. All right, it is pretty fun. I have been in isolation, quarantine now, whatever you want to call it for seven days.

So when I ordered doordash today, I didn't exactly care how I looked. I went to the door and my boxers. As he handed me my food. He looked down with fear in his eyes. I looked down to realize that my whole Dick was outside of the box.

My first reaction was to say something funny, and I said, Oh, I guess he's hungry, too. And then suddenly cringed.

Moral The story is, does anybody know

how to use grubhub? Because I'm banned from doordash now.

Not creepy.

Okay. I mean, I feel like it's fake. Because like, how does that, doesn't it? I mean, you're married, like, how does that just sneak out? Like, it's very sensitive to temperature? Like, I mean, maybe he's bragging because it's really big. I don't know. But I've never really had it smoked out

if you didn't feel it couldn't be that big.

Oh, you got me on that one.

I always thought the fun part was was not about that. It was more that now he's all about you know who's out. I use grub up because I'm now paying

it. Well, yeah. I mean, there's so many. Don't worry. Well, yeah, he's quarantine. He wants to get his food. Oh, my gosh. All right. So yes, for insurance.

Why don't you give me that. So you always give me this

because you love insurance. And you know, okay, so

this is a I guess is the Reddit? I don't know. Yeah, read it. So can insurance company find out? If you are doing Uber after the accident? Let me know. Ben has had some experiences with that. And yes, they absolutely can. If you get into a crash and decide not to tell the insurance company that you do Uber, do they have a way of finding out directly by talking to Uber or the company or the agency if it wasn't mentioned in a police report? Or was just with doing eats and no passengers kiss? Just curious. Thanks. And yes, they can find out. And yes, if you don't have the rider, you are committing fraud. Just get the rider it's very easy. It's very simple. Most of the companies in our in Michigan now offered an accident most of the companies in on a national level. Yeah. Most of them is not that expensive. Yeah. It's a business expense. Right? You get to the doctor the end of the year. It's just

wait, what? I never did shit. I should go in there and do that. I never did.

costs you can? Yeah, it's like

another deduction I missed. I never thought about that.

Ben Ben, he just joined apparently he stopped by because you heard my mentioning

Oh, no, he lurks you know he lurks

he was in an accident two or three years ago, whatever. And within hours he was automatically banned from from it.

Yeah, they they have a very pipeline now that they communicate with and they because neither mana pay, right. So they're like, Hey, you know this guy cuz cuz the because Ben's insurance company knew that he drove for Uber. So they immediately sent to Uber like, hey, was he on the app? No, he was it. Okay. All right. I guess we're on the hook for paying it was

but they still turned them off. They still, they still immediately deactivated the car until Ben could prove that it was fixed. It was repaired. Oh, it wasn't even a big deal. It was just had the taillight that was broken. It's not like he was not able to drive. You know, it was Yeah. So that so yes, they absolutely. You know. And when you have a personal insurance, you cannot, you cannot I guess it's called do library livery. Or you want to say, which means you cannot make money using your car only on a personal insurance that is committing fraud. And they can cancel you for it. So it's just

here's a question for Marissa. And I don't know, what about shipped? Do they require you to have any additional insurance? I know you're not taking passengers. But

yeah, they don't require additional insurance. But they do require obviously general insurance but no additional?

Yeah, I wonder what would happen. So you know, yes, for is like, you know, he loves to talk about insurance. So I wonder what would happen if you got an accident when you were actually delivering someone's? I mean, you assume it would go to your regular insurance, but what if they said, What were you doing at the time and let's just say you didn't lie. And you said that, you know, that you were delivering for ship? Would they say oh, sorry about that. Um, we're not going to cover it.

I actually was in an accident, while going to the store to start a shift order and I Did not to tell my insurance about the accent and just paid for it on pocket. Okay.

I mean, it might be something to look into. But here's the problem like, you know, with rideshare, they have like a specific rider that's built in. I don't know if they have anything for for shipped. I mean, they've probably like, Oh, you need a commercial policy?

Yeah, I've never heard of anything, but I know that they shipped has their own insurance policy, and they cover if you're at fault for an accident, they'll cover somebody else's, or the other person's damages. Oh, they were yours, but they'll cover the other person's.

Okay. So the liability?

Technically, you're still is still the whole library issue is still there, whether you're delivering people or, or, or groceries?

Yeah, but I mean, I'll have to talk to Jackie about that. But before I the insurance company that was dealing with before that they did not cover anything but Uber and Lyft. They said that does not cover amazon flex. It doesn't cover shift. It doesn't cover

anything. But those riders is also specifically meant for those models. That's why they have the period one, two and three. Yeah. You don't have those periods and shipped.

Yeah, right.

But you still have the same problem. It's still the same technically. I would think we should talk to Jackie about that. Definitely. But technically, I would think that, that if you had an accident, either delivering the groceries on your way to the store technically doing the work. They could choose to say No, I am not going to call it the accident. Because Yeah,

I mean, they tell you I think you're right. I think technically they could choose not to cover it. Have Miguel Have you ever been in an accident at all while driving or not?

No, no, no, I'm a good driver.


you forget you forget that. We are good drivers, but everybody wrote a good drivers. Yeah,

we're all good drivers until we're not. Yeah, yeah. All right. Yeah. I've never been an accident either. Oh, speaking of insurance, I'm going to skip number seven, y'all. Jackie, let's do it. Jackie is the insurance agent of the gig economy podcast of Jasper and I, since that's who the podcast is. We can say that now right? Yes,

absolutely. Again,

you can call her at 269-569-6127 or email Jackie at Mia Fs calm She is an independent agent meaning she can shop several different insurance companies get you the best deal you know yes there's got a lead foot so you know maybe progressivism for him maybe say

Hey, hey, take a three year Hey,

I'm doing an ad here. I'm doing an ad here

dumping me into it that I know this season.

So yeah, she can shop several different shirts Yes, we're just recently switched and and she that number that I give you that 269-569-6127 is her personal cell phone. She's responsive she'll take care of you it's just nice to have somebody that just a personal insurance agent and Mark yes she does auto and homeowners yes yeah for sure. She does it all Yeah, I got my home with her too It's like almost a no brainer when you get oh yeah auto insurance like why wouldn't you get your

do both same time you get the you get the two paws discount

so right so again 269-569-6127 or email Jackie at Mia Fs calm it was

the one thing that was very interesting to me when she did my quote I didn't know about this. But since I've been home since April, since whatever I have not been driving very much on my one vehicle and have so she automatically put low mileage discount on that one. Oh, nice. isn't a discount. So if you if you have a vehicle that dies list your plant you're thinking is gonna drive less than 6000 miles a year. She's going to give you the low mileage discount which my blackcap I think I'll be lucky if I get 3000 miles on that one this year. Because I don't ever drive it.

So I drive 150 to 200 miles a day. Does that qualify for a low mileage? You do

the math

every month an oil change every 5000 my house? No that is probably not that is not going to fly. Alright, okay, this is freakin hilarious. So I got a full screen this sucker. So this is from Amazon. I didn't know you could actually chat with your Amazon driver but it says Amazon driver I am your Amazon delivery driver and you have chickens roaming here yard. I am afraid to come out. How can I deliver this package to you? I mean,


So listen, so Have y'all ever been around chickens like, like real real?

Yes, yes, I

have chickens are fine. roosters are assholes. I would be afraid of a rooster like We when we lived in Byron center was like allegan we had chickens we had like, I don't know, 10 hens and then for some reason we got we got more and one was a rooster. It wasn't supposed to be. That thing was in a hole. I almost cut its head off because like, I was done with them, and I had to kick them in the chest like I would try to go in and get the eggs. And that son of a gun he just like would not, you know,

he would not be bigger than him though.

I mean, nobody is terrifying when a bird you're still muted. morosa

Alright, again, when they put their wings out there huge stuff.

Yeah. roosters, it's like you see people running from turkeys to and I'm like,

oh, turkeys is much bigger than

chick. That's true. Yeah. All Hands are portable. So if you just need to pump that thing, just go ahead. But if that not that I'm condoning animal cruelty. I love animals. But if you are, if you're scared of chickens, you're gonna run into a lot of dogs and you maybe Amazon is not for you. Oh my gosh. I can't believe that. I've never seen anyone say I'm scared of your chickens. I word What do you want me to do with your package? Just throw the damn thing. Adam like cheese? Yeah, they're punishable. Like just get it done.

It's a chicken. I mean, come on. Hey, I'm

gonna deliver that package. I I do not bring packages back. So here's another one. This is your grubhub driver. Ashton, I left your order outside of your front door. Common. That's the stock text. Any reason why you place my wings like five feet from your door. Okay, this is gonna be controversial. He says, I waste the least amount of time possible and zero tip orders. He's like, how do I speak to your supervisor? Oh, I mean, here's the thing you chose to take that order,


You should do the job. If you chose to take it, you can be fussy about it. See? Here's the weird thing like on grubhub you see what you're gonna get paid. Like they don't tell you if it's tip or anything like it says let's say it says $10. Sometimes you look at it after you're delivered and or right before you deliver it. You can see the tip. It says zero tip grub hub has made up that money. But if you have a minimum that you're gonna make, like my minimum is like eight bucks. That's on you. You took it? Why would you be like, you know what I mean? What do you think about that? Anyone jumping?

Well, I mean, then he earned his here. He earned his low rating, right?

Yeah, I mean, his low rating. I mean, if you're gonna take like, like me if I took it $3 doordash. I know what I'm getting. I'm getting no tip. So why would I be pissed at the customer, I took it, I am an independent contractor, I have the opportunity to deny it. And I didn't I mean, my accepted three on doordash is like 14%. You know what I mean? So I declined more way more than I take because I'm not gonna deliver it for three bucks. So

well. And the other the other side too is the more he takes those orders with no tip, the more people continue doing the orders with no tip. I mean, it's learned behavior, right. So he is encouraging them himself.

In you know, that happens that was shipped. It happens with Amazon, you know, we used to get paid $30 an hour for routes. We don't see that anymore, then the minimum used to be 23. Like, now it's 22. You know, they're they're figuring it out. They're slowly just whittling it down. And if you keep taking it for cheap, cheap, cheap, they're gonna keep offering it for the customers do. They're gonna keep saying on off the tip. This guy is gonna bring me my food. But,

but yeah, you don't have the person for you don't leave a tip. Give me a tip. Something like that. Like, come on.

Yeah, I know. I mean, I just don't understand why people don't like why is it like you get your pizza? And you tip like pizza is the staple. Right? It's been around for forever. And that was the first delivery item. But I mean, it must be because people are delivering those $3 doordash orders and that's why they're not tipping. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I feel like for ship there's a little bit of a people don't understand they marketed ship shoppers as earning 20 to $25. Yeah. So a lot of people don't tip their ship shoppers because they think that we're good at you know, making lots of money. Yeah,

25 an hour. I mean, that's pretty sweet.

Right? you're rolling in the dog. Come on.

Well, it's kind of the same thing with Uber. They started out saying you didn't have to tip Yeah, and so that says Do they read

denic they say tips are never expected but always appreciated.

I mean, I they have to say that as corporate but it's just like really, I mean, I II I have shipped shop. It's a lot of work. I have been. I have sweat more and my pits doing a ship shop. Because like they're like you got to be on time and So you're like Holland App Store and yeah, I don't mind the heavy stuff is just like, I mind. You know what I like? And maybe they maybe they didn't do that. I swear before you couldn't look at the order back in the day, like

a couple years ago, and it's a new feature.

Okay, so now you can look at the order and like all this organic shit, I'm like, I'm not taking this. I'm never gonna find that stuff.

I don't know what that is. That is.

Yeah. I can't pronounce half this stuff. I don't know where it is

calling Megan. Megan, what is this? Why can I

know I call Sam. She gets so mad at me. Because when she ships shopping, she turns her notifications off on telegram. I'm like, Sam. Hey, it's me. Pick it up. I'll call her and she's probably like, I'm gonna stab him in the neck.

I leave me alone. And I can call Marissa. Nah, no. No,

I don't know. I was shopping for a while but we'll right now. Melissa, you can kind of comment on the bonuses that they've been offering and how there's no promos anymore.

Yeah, I think the bonuses are mostly for them to look good. I think they're mostly because they sent out and like they made like a public statement like we were doing so much for our shoppers Oh are offering them such and such amount. We've offered like 15 bonuses a record amount of bonuses. We've never offered this but this many bonuses.

But well, you know, like Sam and I when we were when I was starting shipped again. I only did promos, and all of a sudden they offer that bonus. And there's no promos anymore.

Yeah, that's the thing. Sunday's I mean, Sunday's used to be chaos like yeah, and we still are really busy but a lot less. No promos. I used to be able to ride promos all day on a Sunday.

Yeah, well, Sam used to work just Saturdays and Sundays to make her money during the week. Yeah. Now she

can't because no promo

I think it'll I think they'll go away after Christmas. Hopefully.

Yeah. And especially, I think there's a lot of new shoppers right now, too. And, like you said, when you're you do your first 10 orders in the honeymoon phase, you get all the good ones. And then after that you don't and then people realize how much money you're not making. So they kind of stop. It's not for everyone.

Yes. I mean, Sam said the bonuses aren't attainable. I totally agree. You got to do like 12 orders to get $200. So that doesn't sound like a lot. But you have to do that one day. Yeah,

I am there. There have been some that are like 18 for the whole weekend. Or I think one was like 12. Yeah. 12 for one day, they they're doing a whole bunch of I think they're kind of probably testing out. Yeah, it is. But they're Yeah. Do you

think they probably pay out less money when they do it that way? Because I'm sure yeah, I'm sure. Yeah,

I think that that I think that's the thing that is kind of the wrong thing about the whole k economy is just the constant search of new people doing it, which is it's feeding the mail, right? It's feeding the and, and and, and so they can change the model. Right? And yeah, and the people who have been round doing whatever it is, for a while, we experience like what you're saying, Jason, now what have you experienced that the client exactly like Jason says, For the flex stop being $30. Now he's 24. And now it's 12. Whatever. But because people take it right away, and there's nobody to teach them the ways of doing it. It's hard. Yeah. And then there's too many people who they just don't value their own time. Right. Yeah. And, and, and the whole concept of, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. No matter how much I'm gonna make an hour. I just need to make my rent, whatever it is,

and I totally get that I don't judge anyone. I do tell them, I would wish you wouldn't take him for 18. But I get it. I don't know your life. If you need to do it for 18 an hour like, I get it man like you do what you got to do, but I'm just saying it's hurting the whole package as a whole.

Oh, it is it's hurting all the apps, right?

Yeah. So well, I also think was shipped, they just changed their pay scale. So a lot of the veterans are a little bit peeved about the new pay scale. And it just like I've never, I've never, I've always loved working for shift. But now I kind of see the downside of being a 1099. Because you don't negotiate your salary at all. You take it or leave it and they're hiring a whole bunch of new people who don't know better who don't know how good we used to have it. And that, you know, they're not hurt at all by the veterans. Are the old people not working?

Yeah, let's face it. We're not, we're not true. 1099 because like, if you were a drywaller, you could set the price, whatever you want. I mean, within reason, if you set it too high, you're not gonna get any business. But yeah, we really don't have any say on our pay. And we can just be like, yeah, we're flexible, but this is what the pay is if you decide to do it like that. Is What You can turn it down,

right? You can turn it down, then you can say I don't want to do that.

Right. Alright, couple more. Yes. We're going to skip the one that had in there I really don't know but that was just kind of in there. This is this is kind of fine this all these crazy people on tik tok? I don't know why. I mean, I'm on tik tok way too much so that's probably why. But we'll do that one.

I am so mad just started doing doordash this was literally only my second order ever. I get that I have to go to Walmart to pick up for doordash Okay, the Walmart employees bring out an entire grocery cart of groceries. Okay. And one case of water. One case of Mountain Dew and one case of root beer. I'm like, Okay, I get it in the car. I go to the person's place. Okay, I start reading the instructions on where to put this stuff. Okay, reading reading. Instruction say take it to the top of the apartment building on it didn't take me 123 or four, five trips to carry their groceries. Myself sounded like the damn squeaker toy from Toy Story by the end of it. wheezing. Okay, I know I know. That's what I signed up for over doordash instacart and to top it off for you


high energy

Yes, yes. I don't know what I feel. Yeah, I mean that's another thing that if you're listening to this podcast and you may be new to doordash it's not just food they do. Walmart they do Michaels I got an Michaels no that Yeah, I got a Michaels order today. It was like for $10. But it was two orders. I think Ben did a Michaels wants he's like don't ever do Michaels. It's never ready. It's never they don't know what they're doing. So I turned it down. But yeah, I think it's Walgreens like CVS, all that stuff. I would turn down a Walmart pink sofa. I mean, she obviously is new. So she didn't really know. But

she learned she


in doing that no more. Yeah,

I mean, that's kind of why we did this podcast. So to kind of tell people like we're not going to tell you all our secrets, especially if you're in this market, because we want to make money too. But we're gonna try to help you and say, you know, these things are, you know, don't do that. Don't take a Walmart on doordash. So, Alright, we're gonna do tip time real quick. So this is actually from Marissa she says, never deliver produce, that's good enough are the best that's available but not perfect. Unless you check with a member first strawberries are looking good, but almost over the edge, almost over the edge of overripe tell the member the strawberries are looking good, but will probably last a day or two. Is that okay? remain hard packages all have at least one brown spot. Just don't throw them in. Check first. Um, I don't do that. Well, I

have a lot of members when I do it. It's always up. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Oh, really saying that? Yes.

That's a good tip, because I'm

going out to chase your 4.7.

Yes, ouch. Yeah, look at Ouch.

Yeah, I mean, I do look at I don't just throw it in there because I bought in strawberries, or Megan has my wife and and she flipped them over. And you know, or like, the next day? They're like, what the hell? Um, I don't know. But do you do that every time or just only when there's a question of like, maybe quality like, ooh, they're not. They're all looking pretty sketch.

I do it for anything that's not absolutely perfect. If it's not absolutely perfect. I send them a text and let them know do you sew on it or not? Because they're paying for it. And it's different when you're shopping for yourself versus when somebody's shopping for you. You know what I mean? If you bring yourself home moldy strawberries, no big deal. Yeah, if somebody else brings you if you're a Karen, if somebody else is doing well, the strawberries she's getting a three point average or whatever. Yeah, I

mean, you got to look at your produce, at least I mean, like I said, I look at I flip the strawberries over I look on the edges and I'm like, okay, I don't see any mold or smokiness or everything. But

I'm surprised at how many people don't want things that aren't absolutely perfect to there's a lot of people who only one perfect produce

like that's why Megan Megan, we've done shipped a few times. She's like, I'm just a little pickier. And I'm like, it's okay. Like, I totally get that. But it seems to me I'd be like, that's fine. I'll eat it. It's Yeah, it's not the end of the world.

We had we had the groceries delivered last week. And another tip I guess is to make sure you read it in the instructions. It's about you want it my wife ordered a bag of apples. We got one apple.

Oh no. Oh, that's

awful. Did you guys get refunded? You can get refunded for that.

It was it was through my or so we didn't actually pay for it until the end. So you put you know he put in the order. But a pay for actual so we didn't wait okay to pay for the apple. But it was like Yeah, we got one apple

Did you guys share it? Did you cut it all off and ration it?

Usually the eighth the day

All right. Uh,

let's see. Yep. Last add and then we'll be moving on. Scrolling bar tax and accounting. This is the time we're gonna get so many Tax Questions. Yes for in January. Oh, yeah. And I'm already dreading it.

We don't want to ask and you're gonna ask scrolling worse?

Yes, Gordon Moore tax and accounting their local here to Grand Rapids actually, Granville 616-940-1045. He can help you wherever you are. You should use a tax professional it always pays out better at the end. Yeah, you can go to h&r block, you can do TurboTax. But the one nice thing about having an accountant all year round, you can shoot them questions. They're like, Yeah, I got your email and be like, Hey, what do you think about this, you know, is this you know, can I write this off? or whatever, you know, it's just, it's just good to have it done. I know everyone tries to save money, but it's worth to have a professional to do it so

I can only I can only say what I said the very first step before the very first time I ever used a tax accountant. I thought it was gonna be $800 and he found enough that well, she did found enough I got $2,000 back. Wow. Yeah, it is well worth it because you don't know what you don't know.

Yeah, it's amazing what you can write off for Uber driving I mean, the miles are huge for one but I mean, I write off my car washes I write off. I don't know if I'm gonna write off satellite radio this year because I've been you know, not taking passengers but yeah, car washes satellite radio mileage.

I don't bill

I Well, the phone bill gets a little weird. I actually bought a work phone this year for Uber and Lyft. So I can write that off but home office. Um


You're gonna get in trouble. You're gonna get audited. All right. Do it. Don't do it. Don't listen to yes for cost carton bar tax counter. Calling call. Oh, listen. Yes, sir. We are not tax professionals. No, no, that's Miguel is are you moonlighting? Alright, we're gonna do some Facebook shenanigans, and then we'll get out of here because I got a PR so bad. So I thought,

what was that?

I gotta put Oh, no, Pete. I got to take a purse.


All right. Does everyone know what wapa means? No, no. Yes. For you don't.

But now I say yeah,

no, don't don't No, don't say what it means.

Well, you're getting the picture.

Well, I'm not gonna. I am not gonna say it. But I thought that was funny. Actually, Ben contributed to this. And Bob stands for weekly Amazon packages. So let's see. Sam says no more carwash. Shut up, Sam. My car washes. Alright. So this is interesting. I'll let Marissa Take this. So can you read that or not?

Yes. Is Call me if you are outside. Don't just throw it on the porch. You didn't

want to use the swear words. You don't have to know the guy says effing. Time

by the way.

Yeah, effing Call me if you're outside. Just don't throw my ass on the porch. So if you look all the way up, it says customer requested drop off. Contact them after dropping off the order. Again, I wondering if these apps are putting that into just default and customers are missing it. You think that's what it is? Yeah.

But I always confirm with my customers too.

Oh, do you

know? I'm I always send a text mm away. Do

you want me to leave it on your porch? Jason 5.0 I can say Hey, he's

a four nine bro. Like, let's not get crazy here. All

4.9 that's out of 15 1600 yeah, that's

pretty frickin awesome. All right. This one? Yes. For you can read this one.

Yes, of course I can. So I took Lyft as a peasant tonight, the writer named Sharon took me to cyrillus on 28th Street and back home Hold on, hold

on. What is surreal is yes, we're,

I'm not gonna mention now. We it kind of everybody knows what

people do in Grand Rapids. But

what about people in New Zealand? So that is a store where you can buy grownup toys. Okay, so the writer named Sharon took me to surrealism 20th Street and back home so I can pick up some goodies that I ordered online. She told me it's her birthday today, so I told her to wait a few and I had no idea what to get her for her birthday. I brought her a silicone cake. All balls that is


kigo whatever. See, you have so much fun with this. Right? Okay. You're gonna give to me. She's smiling. A happiness was fantastic. Happy Both this year and see Yeah,

yeah, what?

You always give me these,

because it makes you embarrassed and it's hilarious. I mean, why would you if that is actually true that's super weird. Like you don't even know this person you're going into a sex store and buying like kigo

she just came from the store herself. Right? So that goes to the store. True. She had ordered something from in there to pick up until he went in the garden man. Additional, you know?

Yeah, but isn't that weird? Like, Oh, absolutely. It

is on Amazon. Yes. I mean,

again. I guess he's got game and he's comfortable and doing that. But man, that seems so weird. Like Sam has given me like production tips and telegram. And I'm like, like, I really can do anything about it right now. Love you, Sam. All right, last one. So this is kind of funny. It says me getting into Ober. Hey, how are you? Me getting out of Uber. Good luck with your custody battle. There's no way the courts won't be able to see what an amazing Mother You are you stay strong. Amber, I love you. I mean, it's like we're bartenders. You know what I mean? Like the conversations that you have. It's just, it's just so funny. Yeah. So, uh, well, guys, thank you so much. I know this is kind of a longer show than normal. But we had a bunch of other people on. And Miguel, thank you for coming on. Marissa, do you have any any closing tips or say tip your ship shopper?

Yeah. Tip your ship shopper come to your pickup orders on time.

Do you think Marissa, you need to take your husband's advice and stop doing those damn pickup orders?

I know you're right. I do. I do.

He tells you.

I've always listened to your husband. I wait, wait a minute.

Well, guys, thank you so much. This is actually the last podcast for 2020 for us. So this will get this audio get posted on Monday. But we think everyone will still be kind of in and out of social media and all that stuff like that. But make sure you join the diet bet and you can check out our merge too. If you want to get a T shirt, we would really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. all that fun stuff. Be safe, wear a mask, all that good stuff. So come back next year.

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What music is that? It's the Irish music. Hey, guys. Welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. I thought I'd change it up. Yes. His face was priceless. He was like, What

the hell do I want? Do we start with a technical? I mean, let's Good job, Jason.

This is the real one. So hey, guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. Megan. I know you can hear what could you hear? We weren't saying anything. I mean, what are you doing? Tonight? We have Mike from Mike delivered. Megan. Well, I am being nice to her. She said you didn't we know you can hear you right like we're breathing heavy into the microphone or what? This studio is sponsored by Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid we can't thank them enough for supporting the show and Megan is one of the employees I don't know I hate saying that she's the employees like she's the owner's daughter and works there I don't know how he

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huh? I don't know why my anniversary isn't coming up anytime soon. Is that what you're talking about?

Oh, no, I'm not I'm not talking about

Oh, you're talking about the third yearly. manual and the Yeah, annual whatever. Park tech that picnic Thank You see, I

know more beers for you,

well, you kind of just throw these things at me It's crazy. So the third annual picnic in the park, which is on a special day this year, it is on 911, actually. And it's the same location as last year. So it is in Riverside Park. And if you will sign up for our newsletter, you will get it there. But it's also going to be posted later this week on our website as well. So we'll have all the stats about that. But basically, it is one of the big part 10 grand habits and if you're not currently whatever you want to come go ahead and schedule a hotel room Come on in for there'll be lots of fun. A lot lots of free food. Hopefully some just good opportunity to get to know other people in the in the rideshare. Not in the gig economy.

Yeah, Mike already booked his plane ticket. So No, I'm just kidding. I got like

two tickets, two tickets, and it's in like 20 seconds. Wow. I'll

see you guys there.

I'm really I'm really smart with with apps and equipment like Unbelievable. Unbelievable job by may see you there.

We knew that Mike? Yes. So we had you on a couple

things. If you want any merch from the gig county podcast again, go to the website, click on the merge button and all kinds of T shirts or you can get a comforter, you can get a throw pillow with our logo on it. Maybe yes, maybe we need to do like cartoon headshots. And we can upload that too. And maybe it'd be fun. Also, thank you to our Patreon members, Keith from Georgia. Janet from New Zealand, Larry from Bowling Green Samson from GR and Ron g from San Francisco. Also real quick, the telegram group, we're looking for new members and that if you click on the link in the description, we all talk gig work. Okay, it's been a little light on gig work because of the pandemic. But it is a fun community. If you're ever bored driving or delivering food or whatever. And you want to join with a bunch of like minded people that do the same thing. Click on that link and download the app. And then of course rideshare rodeo him and I are kind of friends in the podcast business. You can check him out. He's got great interviews. He's His name is Steve. He's out of Denver, Colorado. If you look up rideshare rodeo podcast and any of your podcasting apps you will find it there. And finally Mike from Mike delivers podcasts Mike and I I think I introduced from a guy on Twitter that really loves you. Door Dasher. What's his name?

Remember? Well, I don't know either right now and he does like both of our shows. So good job by me starting off with I don't remember. Yeah, I'm not sure. But yeah, he's an awesome guy. I know. He follows I send them a DM saying thank you. So I feel bad. That bad now in a sense, but yeah, he introduced us. He got us connected. He said, I like your podcast. Mike. I like your podcast. And then boom. synergy brought us together.

Yep. And Mike. Mike has been on. Not this main one. But we did an interview with them. And then I've been on his show. I think that's it right? Just one each. This is the third. That's it.

Okay, one on one. This is number three. Yeah. Number 3111. Yeah, that's right. Yeah,

I tell you, if you are, especially if you're a delivery driver, because Mike currently only delivers for one.

overeats That's it. Yeah.

Damn it, Mike. And then that bonus is huge. And then there's, so if you do deliver just food. I mean, if you're a rideshare driver, you're gonna get a kick out of it, too. But you will listen to Mike stories and be like, dude, like, I've literally been in that position probably today. And I'm super pissed at it as well. So yeah, check him out. Mike delivers podcasts as I said that right?

Yeah, no, I appreciate that. Yeah, just give my stories from the road as an Uber each driver, I'm in northern New Jersey and Essex County. So talking about all the crazy crap I see on the road, talk about all the people I interact with all the frustration and the anxiety and the energy that you get at restaurants when someone says up before minutes. And you know, that means it's gonna be 17 minutes, all of that stuff. And then I like to interview different celebrities and friends and talking about their experiences with food delivery, and my wife and I as well. We'll get the food delivered to us and then we'll review the experience so we kind of put it all together full circle. Put it with that and all things UberEATS so it's fun.

By the way, I saw that BK chicken sandwich what the hell dude, that thing looks so gross. That lettuce. Yeah, it was you know, the

funny thing about that sandwich is it's disgusting. And it's terrible. But I loved it at the same time. People like the some of these chicken sandwiches because there's a nostalgia feeling to it so my wife and I wanted to review because like the big craze now is the chicken sandwiches. Yeah, so I wanted we've been trying all of them where we did last month. And the BK one was disgusting, but part of me really enjoyed it. I don't I it's hard to explain. I don't like man. I think man AIDS is the most disgusting vile thing on earth. So I got it without the Manet's. So when you look at the photo and you see it on my Twitter page, yeah, it looks pathetic. dire. I mean, it looks the chicken looks pathetic. It's got like, little lettuce leaves like flying in the air. It doesn't look good. So that's true.

I was more worried about the lettuce. I'm like, this is this is bad question. Have you had all the chicken sandwiches at Wendy's? Are you got? I know you hate Wendy's? Right? Is that it? Was that somebody else?

I like Wendy's to eat it. I don't like Wendy's to pick up from it. Okay, based on the way at least here in New Jersey. When you get there the orders not ready. But I enjoy spicy chicken sandwich when I was a youngster. I liked it. Yeah, it was good stuff. Yeah, I'm

addicted to the psagot Ranch chicken sandwich. I always order it spicy. No tomato with a strawberry lemonade. And it's gone like this. Probably Manet's mix ranch on it. And then it's got bacon. All dude and lettuce. Seems so weird. Why that he doesn't like Manet's

strawberry lemonade. What's

so good.

Mike, have you had their strawberry lemonade?

I have not had their strawberry lemonade. What makes it so good? I don't know. The sugar? Probably lemons. Yeah, probably all of it together. Is it really strawberry? Or is it really lemonade tea,

I would say strawberry that.

That's like I had to dig in that I added. I'm digging that.

So my next time you get an order for Wendy's and you can not take it right? Then you should go ahead and put it and kind of talk about it on Facebook and kind of talk, you know, tag, tag that profile and see if you can get a little bit of, of kind of badness from their profile, because they have they have really, then Wendy's is known for just harping at everybody. Oh, yeah,

they're brutal on Twitter.

They really are nasty. Who did they go after they had somebody that they burned? Really? Well, I can't remember if it was like there was a sports reference they did. I can't remember exactly. But they they do go after people. That would be an honor. I mean, I'd love Wendy's in their x million amount of people went after me. And they were like, Hey, you Mike delivers get better at delivering food or whatever they want to say, Yeah, I'd love that. Bring it on Monday. You're like, Bring it. Bring the heat.

So you are officially officially been been encouraged to to do that. Mike, come on. All right.

I'm ready for it. I'm ready for it. I'm like Wendy's. Bring the heat. Let's have some fun. Let's go.

So Megan, comment in the chat said Do you guys know that she can't run a minivan for spring break because of gig work? I wonder what that was? I was wondering about that, too, what that meant. So it gives us a little bit more details that Megan, I don't know if she's still online. But she said it a couple minutes ago. But we'll let her respond as we move forward. So what we typically do on the show is we do some stories from the last podcast, I definitely do have some stories. But Mike seems to like I actually feel kind of guilty when I come to the podcast, I love stories because I probably work more hours than you. I just don't, I don't know if I'm not looking for them, or I need to write them down, or whatever. But I don't have the stories like you do. But here are my lame stories. Compared to Mike's that I see. Two things happen, I delivered to the same house on two different apps at the same time. So I had Uber Eats running and doordash. And I get an order for Starbucks. And then I'm like driving to that. And then I get an order for McDonald's right across the street. So I at that time, I didn't know it was the same house. And so I make one up and pick the other and then I actually run two phones. So I hit navigate for them. And they both had the exact directions. And so I'm like, Oh, they must be like neighbors. So I'm driving along and then it's the same house. And then and then one said hand to the customer and one said take a picture. And I'm like, Okay, what do I do here? Well, she happened to open the door and I just I got such a kick out of and she looked like I was high basically Starbucks for the parents, McDonald's for the guys.

What was the what was the tip? Like? Were they consistent with the tip on both? It was one like a great tip. And then the other one was like, but this person sucks. But this person is awesome. No,

no, because I don't take shitty orders with bad tips. True. So I mean, it's a fair point. I mean, unless they I've noticed with doordash if they start stacking them, I never take the stacks anymore because every single time the stacked order is a shitty order and there's barely no tip on it. But it makes it look interesting. The right for for one more mile, earn three more dollars and it doesn't sound like like, Oh, one more mile $3 but sometimes it's a different restaurant. Like it's not the same restaurant so it might be across the street. So you're actually doing more work. So I've been declined in those stacks except on Uber. I mean, Uber doesn't cheat you the base pay so Uber stacks are okay, but yeah, the tips are similar. I mean, I again, I thought It was hilarious. And she kind of looked at me like maybe she was hung over. I don't know. But it was early in the morning.

I love I love that. I mean, like, to me, it's somebody that's interested in saying telling stories from the road. If that happened to me, I mean, it would be the highlight of my week. That's easy, the same, the same house to different I've never had that happen. I've never Nope, never had something like that. The only thing I can think of that was similar. It's the thing that jogged my mind that I thought was kind of similar was I picked up an Uber Eats order, and it was at a Chinese restaurant. And I drove it to somebody at their house, and it was leave it at the door. And when I got to the door, there was another food order that was waiting, which I've seen a bunch of times, I guess if like, one person wants this for dinner, and the other person wants that for dinner, but then I got there and the other person also Ordered Chinese from a different restaurant. Okay. I was fascinated that there was like a bag in my head. I'm like, there's a battle going on in this house where they were fighting like I want to get from Chinese restaurant a, I want to get from Chinese restaurant being like, Well, you know what, we're just going to go our separate route. Because I think this place is better. I think that place is better. I was fascinated by that, that we get Chinese food at the same night at the same time to different restaurants. I thought that was incredible. Yeah.

I mean, you talk about first world problems when you're fighting over, you know what I mean? are like, I getting my Starbucks and the kids are going to McDonald's. Like how great do we have in America that you have the money to do that you tip on both of them? I don't know. It's fascinating. Yeah, that's the first time it's happened. And I don't probably the only time it probably I mean, what, what is it again? It was a Saturday or Sunday morning. And I know people are gonna hate me for this. But I find those mornings profitable in my area. I do very well, because there's not as many people out. I don't do the late night. I do the early morning. So. So yeah. Christina asked, Do people really do that to phones? We have I know

of several drivers in our market who does two phones, definitely.

I think when I just did rideshare. And I just had Uber and Lyft. One phone was probably okay is two apps. But literally, I have four or five apps running at the same time. I know it sounds bad, but sometimes. And sometimes I get overwhelmed and I have to turn one of them off. So having two phones gives me the opportunity to kind of break that up a little bit. So I'm not on one phone all the time. So yeah, I use an Android phone for doordash and amazon flex and I use my regular personal phone for like Uber Eats and ride share, but I don't do ride share right now.

personal phone being your iPhone.

Yeah. My iPhone. Yeah. And yes. To your chagrin, I am actually enjoying the Android phone I like the the overlays and that kind of stuff. So as much as I love my iPhone, I have enjoyed the now it is a Google Pixel phone. It's not some Samsung.

Wow. And that's the thing too, right? I mean, pixel is meant to be just that standalone, it standalone. There's not a bunch of additional software bloatware. bloatware to just make it worse. And so they I find too that the pixels work better. I've had Samsung's in the past too. And I just I like my pixels, they work a ton better.

And I know Mike's got an iPhone

Well, I'm I have an iPhone so I'm curious like the you know how you are going back and forth between two different style of phones like for me because I've only had an iPhone for so long if I'm like, you know, swiping and then with this, you don't swipe you do something differently, that would kind of freak me out and get me nervous. Then you have the ability as a true skill to go from a droid or whatever that the other one was. Yeah, to an iPhone. I mean that to me beyond. Beyond that you're managing seven apps at the same time with your you know, with a blindfold on how the fact that you're able to just switch between those two phones is very impressive. Well, I

appreciate the compliment. Thankfully, Android has started to mimic a little bit of the iPhone stuff for so software.

It's really the other way around. Well,

okay, well, Android is notorious for a back button. Well, I don't have that on my Android phone. I swipe up just like I do an iPhone. So it hasn't been as as troublesome but you would love the overlay. Like the overlay is sweet. And what I mean by that is you can have different stuff on different apps and see it at the same time. Oh, wow. Yeah, it's it's pretty nice. But it also can get a little hairy carry. So yes, I do use two phones. I actually recommended this phone I have is through xfinity mobile. It's by the gig and then and I'm going back to work on Monday and my gig works gonna go way down. So I'll just use my phone and turn that one off so then I don't pay for service for six months now fire backup in the in the in the fall. So

you got you got you have this organized man. No, I'm not. That's the

you're getting there. You're getting there. So why don't you tell me about your story. I'm interested as I read what it could be.

Alright, well, this this week, I picked up food and I delivered it to somebody That's really boring, but I'll spice up the story a little bit. There's more to that. And on the instructions that said, this is the kind of content you get on my podcast, I delivered food dropped it off. It was a great time. unbeli and they tip $3 incredible stuff. But what happened was they had a note and it said, ring the doorbell. Wait for me. Come meet me at the door. Handoff the food. So I rang the doorbell. And it was like two minutes later. I'm like, Alright, it's been two minutes What's going on here? And just as I'm like, should I call him Should I ring the doorbell again? Just as as I'm about to ring the doorbell he opens the door. And he There he is. And his pants are unbuttoned fly down and kind of opened up. But they're, you know, when you have your pants on, I'm not gonna I won't say but we have your pants on. But they're with their up, but they're just they're open your hips

or your hips are holding them up. But they're just like, open. Yeah.

So I'm like, Okay, what now? I'm like, okay, so there's so many options to what was going on? Right? I mean, I know for me personally, when my pants are like that, there's like four different things that are a possibility. But now I'm like, what, what was he doing? Was it something you know? That's like a lot of fun that you can do something like, or was it something like you weren't feeling well? Or was it going to the bathroom as like, and he was like, I gotta go get that food. I couldn't take another six seconds to put up my pants. I'm like, Well, I don't know. Did he wash his hands? Because his pants are like that. So I just have so many questions that I want answered. I didn't ask him because I felt uncomfortable about that. But that's basically where I stood with that. And I just want closure on why why the guy didn't you know, complete the deal with pants.

Yeah. What did he think you were gonna take the food with you?

I mean, why, like, just you can hang out for another 20 seconds. Zip that bad boy up, put the belt in the buckle. We call today was a really good order. It was like 14 minutes to make $11 it was like, quick, snappy. I was gonna hang out for a little bit. I was fine with it. But I'm

really hoping for that, you know?

Yeah. Well, now I'm like, I want to know what happened with an opportunity.

Yeah. So that was a better tip there, Mike. Oh.

Yeah, I don't I don't know if I was in the mood for that tip. To be honest, I had a lot more deliveries to take care of that day. And, you know, the podcast is Mike delivers. But we're not going that far. Right. Fortunately,

he only delivers food, not tips. Right?

Not me, not me. So this literally made it interesting, I

think. So I sent a referral to doordash for Mike, he hasn't started it yet. You're gonna find the platform a little challenging. Once you get used to it. You'll I think you'll be okay with it. But one thing that I found that is frustrating with doordash is so like Uber is like, what? So what do you do on Uber, which I've never had it happen? Now remember? Ubers? Probably third on my list as far as activity for me. Okay. What do you do when someone's not there? And you? You're supposed to hand it to them? Is there a timer or something

like, yeah, there's a timer once you give them a call, and they don't, they don't respond. And eight minute clock starts. And it's like 759 748. So in theory, you have to wait those minutes. Yeah, it's eight minutes. But I honestly, that rarely happens where it gets down. I've only had it happen one time or went down to zero. every other time. People are usually there. I mean, I gotta be honest. But yeah, that's what happens. And then and obviously, with the pandemic, there's been a lot more contactless delivery. So the majority of my deliveries, I'm just, you know, interacting with cement and just putting it out on the ground and making sure that the food is not angled in front of the door, so when they open it, they can actually pick it up. So that's really it. I'm not I'm not getting that far. But the clock will start and one time it got to zero just one time. Okay,

so doordash is a five minute and I've never had it with Uber. I don't I don't even mess around with it anymore. I don't even wait. I just said handed customer I know that's not right. But I'm not waiting around for five minutes. Oh, it seems like an eternity. Like when you're when you're hustling. It's just like, I can't wait five minutes. I'm sorry. You're taking a shit or whatever you're doing or Yeah, your pants down to your ankles, not waiting for you. And then you get the obligatory handed customer and then the note says put on front porch. So doordash I bet half of mine say that so it's super frustrating but well that was very interesting.

That was the that one stuck out to me The guy with his but what I guess I'll just close it off with this was he seemed like there was nothing wrong with it. Oh, he's like casually interacting, like, okay, thank you so much. I'm like, No, you don't that doesn't like if my pants are down and someone's at the door. I'm hiding stuff. I'm not I'm not interacting with somebody like thank you for giving me the mail today.

I appreciate it sounds kind of odd to

train funny.

So funny. All right before we jump into gig economy news and I'm talking about Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. They are located on Stafford off of 44th Street just east of 131 you can schedule online or call them at 532 6600 My goal is not to have it be my car and there between now and the fall that's my goal. I got like four days left.

Not gonna happen

Josh your miles. But they have amazing Google reviews. I need to update that picture because I think it's a 4.8 now with almost 300 reviews. They're amazing. They're the best in the area. They also are hiring so if you are an ASE certified tech and don't want to work weekends, give them a call. Oh great Meghan Ceylon. She just gonna. So there's a there's a podcaster called Eric Zane and I basically their big sponsor or vices of his podcast, and then I poached them. And then Zane always says that I just basically say what he says which I do because I listened to his podcast all the time. Anyways, no one cares about that. Call Irvine's f5, three to 6600 or Irvine calm. Yes, bird Did you call yet?

I did that because I just haven't yet. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to spend that money on that stupid guy. And well, if

you're gonna use it to deliver I mean, that thing's gonna fall apart on your second delivery.

I get two deliveries out of it.

There's a to it to hell of deliveries right there. Yeah,

they better been great. They better.

I yeah, we I got it. I gotta figure something out. I don't know whether whether I want to put any more money into that black cow. Just let it die. It's one of those. I got to figure it out.

Eddie. Eddie. Quit spamming Mike's Patreon on here. What the hell?

Did he hop on?

Can you see the comments, Mike? No, I can't see. Be able to see the comments. So up on the far right corner. It should say comments.

Yeah, maybe they're not coming in. Maybe I have to login would that be?

Oh, nope. Oh,

he's well, he'll be bad guys.

Take the go. Oh, did you kick up maybe?

I tried to I tried to go in the comment section. I'd screwed it up on the comments any say

that? He said everyone joined slash Mike delivers pod

of course, as you can. You can say it but then you have to say I was three times now. That's how it is. That's so funny.

Eddie's Eddie's a good. A good fan. Good friend of the I love that.

I love that. Thank

Thank you, Eddie. You're a good guy.

You're hustling so that's awesome. That's all right.

We're all hustling. Alright, first up. This is kind of funny. This is a picture out of Detroit the Reddit group while actually I think it wasn't the Reddit group in Detroit but it says instructions I know this is doors dashes is handed to me. Can you come to the side door I owe the weed man money next door and he was gonna see I'm getting food I just told him I was Fw up I don't know what that means.

I do know I have no idea

something some basically it sounds like he was just broke yeah and that's what he wanted to do. So but

yeah wanted money

but he wanted That's funny. Like you wanted food Yeah,

yeah. What are like 2021 story in a pandemic with like food delivery when like your big concern right now are getting high because whatever's going on sucks but you want to eat your food at the same time you can't I mean talk about a dilemma in your life like holy crap thing I know that like I need my weed but I also need my you know my BK chicken sandwich without the mayonnaise on it a little pieces of lettuce. That guy's got a lot to deal with right there he does.

How dry was that sandwich by the way with no man he didn't put any kind of like no, I

think I just think man is is useless. I think it has no flavor. I think it's slimy i think it's it's got

to get Did you at least put like like what to call catch up? Yeah, man. I was gonna say I was saying with

mustard miracle.

Miracle What? no miracle. That's that's nasty stuff.

No, it's just nasty. goes great on a BK sandwiches. Yeah. You've never had I've never had Miracle Whip on your burger king. Oh, I love it.

What are you guys doing?

I had Miracle Whip but it's nasty. I like milk.

Yeah, no, it was it dry. Yeah, it was it was it was really dry. And that's something that I'll admit, like, I don't put band aids on these things. So every time I'm like, this is dry and it could use something and my wife will be like yeah dipshit that's why they put the Manet's on Yeah,

you're right. I will say though Burger King I don't go there often but they do heavy Manet's thing it's pretty like having all their stuff. Yeah, yeah, Eddie says you don't like eggs either?

Yeah, I don't like it. Oh,

all your secrets out my

Yeah, what else you got? Boy?

Well, this is my fault. This is on you guys because I you know I did a nice little tweet there and yeah, now it is all over. Yeah I don't like I don't like eggs I don't like Manet's I'm picky about cheeses. This is coming across like a terrible either, but I really and I mean this and I'll defend myself here. I pride myself on eating pretty much anything like if you like give me food. I will try it I will eat it. I love all sorts of cuisines. I'm all over the map with things I'll eat. There's just a couple of things. I'm really really picky about the one of the most in particular eggs. They really skeeves me out. I've just I can't do eggs. They really creeped me out. I just a guy piatti of diners, drive ins and dives doesn't like eggs. So there's I think there's people that are like anti eggs. I think it's a thing.

How about fried liver? Come on You like that?

I would I would try it. I don't know if I've I haven't had it maybe in a while, but I would eat it like that would I'd be more scared to go in front of a plate of scrambled eggs than I would to be to have like, here's a nice fried liver sandwich with a couple of onions on top. That would really Excuse me?

Yeah. Friday was delicious. And I'm not sure I would want a sandwich. Yeah, you know.

Let's see it. Let's Let's have some fried liver. Let's do it as a community, right eggs. Hey,

on a cold on a piece of rye bread. That's delicious. All right.

I like the only eggs I like is scrambled when they're runny or anything like that. It's nasty. I grow.

Okay. All right. Here we go. Anti eggs. I'm telling you that like No, I don't. I just don't. The hard boiled egg. I'm like you're out. People go to a restaurant or they get the Devil Devil thing. I'm like you're going to a restaurant. And you're spending nine to $11 on this when there's other things on the menu. Like there's fried calamari on the menu. You've got some buffalo wings on the menu and you're gonna go get this egg that split open. It's writing down it out here. What the hell's wrong with people?

It's running out of your burger all

gooey. People thought yeah, that's the whole thing. Like, you pop it in runs all over your burger. That's such sophisticated BS. Give me a break thought runs on your burger.

I only probably only need three to four eggs a day, you know? No bad.

Oh, that's it?


All right. Let's move on. Do

you like your eggs? Alright, I'll stop. I'll stop.

Anyway, anyway, I like him. But anyways, are you gonna play the next one?

What are you gonna describe it? Or we're just gonna play it? Well, you always do. You always do.

You don't put them in this

point of God, what is the point of me having you present if you're just gonna, you're gonna


Well, this put something out there. So this is a tick tock. And it is a a recipient of a delivery. And she has a few things to say.

And a gift card from doordash for my birthday from this summer that I hadn't used. So I was like, oh, today is the perfect day to use it. Because I would really like to eat my feelings today can suck it. So I ordered some food and the doordash guy hands me my food and then says restroom. And I said I'm sorry. He had a mask on. I couldn't really hear him. And he goes, can I use your restroom? And I said, No, no, you cannot. And he looked at me like how dare I and I was like, single female. Today would absolutely be the day that I get murdered by some stranger. So no, your dude go pee in the bushes. And if you think you're going to come into my house and have diarrhea,

you have another thing coming.

I'd rather get murdered first.

I thought it was funny when she's got a good point. But but but here's the thing, though, to the delivery drivers. He didn't know she was single.


He might have he might have known that. I think

he noticed that. That's always the struggle out in the road. Right is going to the bathroom. And I said I guess with you know, even with the pandemic, it's it's a little. I mean, there's very few restaurants I guess chick fil a doesn't let you use the bathrooms. You now have to pick the food up in their lobby. But they have everything blocked off. Like it's like a little entryway. I would say most

Johnny's Come on what's the big deal?

Wow. I mean, yeah. But when you're going into restaurants, it's very convenient. If you have to go to the bathroom. For sure.

Just do it before you pick up the food.

Yes, that that is a serious issue. I mean, I can tell you in this area, at least in New Jersey, and it's opened up a bit, but there was a point where everything was closed. I mean, and I mean, there were times where we're like this is this is a problem. Well, yeah, not not. I can hold it in. I mean, this is a problem. I'm 37 I'm an adult so I'm pretty good at like holding in my urine and understanding that going in your pants is wrong and appropriate and would look bad. And the probably wouldn't help me on my deliveries and would feel uncomfortable. So there was one time I had to pull over and I had to go behind a dumpster. I was like there's just nothing. There's just it's either this is better than the other alternative. I had to do it. We still have a lot of restaurants like McDonald's is Yeah, no go I personally would never ask anybody to go in their house. No, I rather I rather just go in my pants then have the embarrassment of asking like somebody Hey, can I use your bag? I'm so socially awkward. I would have no interest in that. That gives me you know, so much fear. What's that? You know, Jason

does he has a bottle in his car?

do you do that?

I respect that. That's that's that. That's that lemonade you were talking about from from Wendy's, right?

Yes, I am a savage everyone. It's the joke of the telegram group. It's a joke of this podcast. I have worked in a field where I'm in a truck. For my lawn care job. I'm always never near a bathroom. I mean, what are you going to do? I mean, you just, you gotta go, you gotta go. And thankfully, God blessed me with a tool that I'm able to do that. And it'd be suck it suck if you're a woman, but yes, I do have a bottle. I do.

What happens to the bottle? Oh, that's

a funny joke to

questioning so get ready for it gave just said there's.

So the bottle is like right in my door. And so I pee in it. And I just put it in the door and one time. So there's a carwash brand. I don't know if you have it in New Jersey. It's called Mr. Mr. carwash? I don't know. I don't think so. But anyways, they have a little detail thing where you can pay a little extra each month on top of your car wash plan and you drive up and they like wipe everything down real quick vacuum or mats or whatever. Well, one time. I had my bottle in the door and the guy took it out and threw it away. And they gave me such a hard time because like that guy touched your pee bottle. You are a savage. Oh my gosh. I'm glad Gabe brought that up. So if I do go there again, I actually hide it in my I have a trunk space. I have an SUV, which really doesn't have a trunk, but it has some hiding spaces in the back where I hide my drugs and stuff. Right? That's where I put the bottle if I take it to the carwash, but yeah,

how many ounces?

Oh God I didn't can believe anyone asked that. I don't know. 12 ounces. It's a vital it's a vitamin water bottle

is that I don't I've never peed in a bottle. Something like is that one sitting robot? Would that fill up? Oh, that's too so you get two sittings in that it's

two and if the second one is really full, you are flirten death right there. I'm just throwing that out there.

My I am impressed by the level of detail.

I talk to you Mike's great

fascinated by this. That's really, really interesting. So that that must that must get scary, though. When you're on like the second second. Go. Yeah. And you're looking at the bottle and you're looking down your means the same time you're managing two different apps because you're running for things and you're peeing in a bottle. You got your three hands working here. Yeah, that's pretty crazy. Yeah.

And, and I will always my car has tinted windows on the driver side and the passenger side like the back. It's 10 and all the way around. I will have that forever. My next car. If it doesn't have a tent, I'd be like I'm taking it right to the 10 shop. I'm like, tip these windows up.

In my car, I need help tint the windows.

Yeah, and get a bigger now

you know what? time you get Jason's car in the bottle. Now I have to

get rid of the bow before I bring it in. I'm not gonna lie. I've left it in there before when I spend a shot. All right, moving on. I'm cutting this out on Monday. I this is

I'm putting it back in now. That's funny. I like

your questions, though. I appreciate that. You got it. Okay, so this is another one of those videos of this is what you don't do when you deliver food. We'll play that real quick. So for the audio listeners, guy walks out there's a camera leans against the door. It looks like a McDonald's bag. I swear it looks like a hashbrown he's this watch this guy's Tell me if you think that's right. Or he's pulling it out of the bag.

Oh, yeah, that's a hairstyle

or something. It was something maybe skinnier than a hashbrown No, it's

my dog.

Is it all right. Like it was a brutal film. Yeah, it's so odd, like

so he's down.

It's only 10 days old.

Yeah, it's not that all. Oh, and look at the screen. How you know who that guy is? I mean, holy cow. That's a perfect screenshot there. But yeah, I don't I honestly don't understand why people insist on doing this. Everyone has a camera, everyone.

So why do it in front of the house. When you get there? You had the whole delivery to eat the food. You're going to do it now. I wonder if he just gets off on that. Like it's his thing. Like it's his calling card. Oh, let me see if I can risk it. Let me eat this hashbrown in front of the door because you had the whole drive, whatever. That was where it was just him in his pee bottle to hang out. So I'm surprised why you didn't you know. Sorry, but seriously, just him hanging in the car. going on.

Yeah, I agree. I think he gets off in it. We had a video once or a guy had like a pint of ice cream is rubbing on his crotch right in front of the camera before he delivered it like seconds before the customer Why are you serious? Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like what? What are we doing? I mean, it's even odd weird man that people have cameras. I mean, not that I look for him. But go ahead

you're seeing videos of delivery drivers. resealing packages after they're done taking it. Yeah.

Right. If you've got the state you've got the stapler in your car, you know you're serious.

Oh, they go to the turns are having the actual tape from the restaurant to figure out how to get a roll of that so they can tape it with the right tape. What the heck is wrong with people?

There's got to just be people get into hot like high off that that is their move to do because it's disgusting.

Yeah. I got nervous today cuz I was putting a straw in a you know if it was McDonald's, I think maybe it was Panera. And they seal their bags too. And and I broke the seal a little bit. I'm like, Oh, great. This guy is gonna think I did something inside of his bag. Right? By the way. Does anyone notice if you're on doordash Panera fired all their delivery drivers and is now only using doordash. And it's a

shit show.

I just wait, wait,

wait, sorry, say that. So they used to do local deliveries.

Like they had their own delivery driver? drivers. Yep. So they fired them all. And these managers I've talked to every one of them in the area cuz I do doordash and they're just they're just so pest. They're struggling.

Pin air is one of the places that at least for us in our area. You don't have to like get showed your code to somebody. You just pick it up and sign it out. Hmm,

I don't even know what show your code means.

Oh, you mean like it's like hey I'm so and so with Uber Eats here's my you know I'm x 275 diner, the name Seth this one they're just like there's the food on a bat on a on a on a on a bench or a Table Table. Take it sign it out that you took it and go I mean so anybody listening in the northern New Jersey area if you want Panera Bread for free like you could just do it. It's It's It's It's crazy.

Well most are restaurants around here like the whole not carabas Let's see noodles and company are cute Oba there is no sign out, you walk up and just look for your name and you grab it.

I can't I can't believe that that like I like the idea of efficiency and getting people to know their food fast. But you know, I mean tongue in cheek with this. You have to have some level of you make sure that the right person is getting the food because me is somebody that uses UberEATS that has it delivered to my house. I want to make sure that I get my food. I don't want somebody to steal it. It's crazy.

Yeah, I noticed every once in a while like Tropical Smoothie will have their bench there. They have this cubby thing. They'll have it turned. They're like oh, someone got popped someone Someone stole so for like a week or less they do that and then they get sick of it. And they move it back and then they start putting him back in there but yeah, every once in a while I think someone does steal food and I mean, it's so I can't believe people do that. I know. I know it's the world I get it. There's a lot of dirtbags, but I would never steal somebody's food. No Why would you do that? But I no one ever asked. I go into keto but they don't even bat an eye. I grabbed the name and I move on out. No one says a thing. All right, what do we got next? Ooh, this nasty nasty one. Yeah, this

is a this is a fun video as well where there is it's three three drivers, three riders in an Uber car. I think goober anyways. And there is there's a fight happening. So Jason, you may

oops, that did not work. Well.

You should play it.

I know I hit the wrong acid but I hit the right Shut up. I

hate you.

You may have seen the latest upsetting video of yet another Asian American being attacked over the weekend and Asian Uber driver was caught on by a woman who even ripped off his mask.

It was all out war in an Uber over a mask. Three women are hassling the driver because he says one of them refused to wear a mask. Watch as she does the unthinkable coughing on the driver. Then the irate woman grabs his phone and rips off his mask. The driver says he even drove them to a gas station so she could buy a mask when they first got into his vehicle.

I never said anything bad to them. I never occurred.

So who is the woman in question we've learned she has dozens of modeling pictures on Instagram. Today she is apparently admitting her outrageous behavior.

All I did was smack take his mask off and cough a little bit but I don't even have Corona.

She claims the driver was trying to force them out of the car. Police are investigating the incident.

In a statement, Uber called the behavior in the video appalling adding that the woman no longer has access to their app and Lyft has banned her to.

So first of all eight Asian that guy was not Asian. Am I am I wrong here that? I don't understand that that really? He was? Yeah, I

would. I would. First of all, when I heard that, what's the point? What's the point of pointing out that he was Asian?

I think there's some there's Asian Americans are getting attacked recently. And I think but I agree why pointed out it was just some asshole passenger treat. But

you're right. He wasn't Asian, right? Like

it was more for wion than anything. But anyways, um, that lady's a bitch. Like Eddie said.

Oh, I guess India Asian? I know.

That's a good question. Because then I think then then that is correct.

But anyway, again, you have put us in our place. Thank you, Eddie. Thank you. So Eddie, any

promos you want to drop in there.

But I mean, I all I could hear in my in my in my head was when I heard like, Do not touch my radio. That's what I kept hearing. So that's a joke. I

don't I was very very strict with passengers. I didn't love to touch my radio. I don't have an ox cord. Don't touch me. Don't Don't touch anything.

I mean, that's your it's your cars, your property. It's your it. Politely want to ask, Hey, you know, can you turn the music data on or whatever, but no, no, no, no, no.

That's a different right? You either do that treat other people's property with respect, or I don't. And this lady had absolutely no respect for the drive on none of them had any respect for the driver at all right? I mean, to them, he was just doing a feeble service for them that right I mean, that's all it was. Yeah. And that was the disrespect from the get go probably since they got in the car is my guess.

Yeah, it just seemed as if I mean, that she wanted to pick a fight was kind of the vibe I got and she was looking for something to get after him. And you know, you gotta respect these times. And if you got to wear your mask, you got to wear your mask and that's when she said he even drove to try to help her get one and then and then they they have the the the vo in the middle there where she's explaining herself as just like, I may have coughed a little like both there's a video camera that's

doing this. It doesn't make you sound better. I may have coughed a little it's there is no level of coughing like right now.

comment about I don't even have coronas.

Well, thanks. What was interesting is that I think so sweet. Yeah, the driver was rolling with it until she grabbed his phone. As soon as you could see his eye like even right before she did that he was kind of laughing at them being shitty to him. He's like whatever he just can't wait to get them out right then and soon as she grabbed his property like I surprised he didn't smack her in the face to be honest with you

see, I've only done the the the food delivery so I'm like I'm confident I know that if I'm picking up a pizza it's not gonna like jump out of the box and slap me in the face like alright good there. I'm gonna be fine. This is this stuff that like that happens a lot with I'm not to this extreme level what it would have rude.

Oh, on a on a bar a bar night from nine to two. Before Coronavirus. Right pre pre pandemic, pandemic, you would have at least one or two people that would give you attitude about something.

But most people didn't get bad though.

They never got violence.

No, no, but I mean, I had we've had a couple that was one time I had a party trying to steal a ride. And I had to throw them out of my car and it it could have gotten bad. This was all I had. I have a an Excel and so I had it was six young guys and two of them was just yeah, it would have gone but if they would have started being physical. They would have beat my ass. There's no doubt but no,

they would have no idea what you're making

but but but yeah, he liked he liked when I threw them out he kicked my door so bad. I still today don't can't believe that they didn't make leave a mark. Oh, yeah, it was it was crazy.

You definitely have to have a pretty thick skin when you're driving late at night. And I thought so that's why I get in confrontations. I've kid I've picked people up and I'm not kidding you. I've driven three tenths of a mile and I already know is the problem. I stop and I kick them out. I'm like, I'm canceling. I'm not gonna charge you just get out of my car like and their reactions are just they're not happy about it. But it's it's always just one asshole in the car and the elephant. It's mostly a woman and I don't know what it is. I don't know. It's it's most Women and and it's usually one and the rest of them are like, Judas Priest like, what are you doing? Now we got to get another Uber. But the one that's the problem is usually just screaming at me, but I'm just like, I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna deal with that cry.

I don't understand why people can't be nice. I it's just such a simple I'm not like I have bad days. But I don't think I would ever get to the point where I'm just like, slapping someone in the face or yelling at someone, we get to that level of disrespect and anger. What? Like, please, this is I'm trying to make a couple of bucks. Yeah, I'm not here to be the bad guy. Don't get mad at me if your day was shitting. Right?

Yeah, well, but that's exactly what you said to yourself out you out here to make a buck a couple of bucks. Right? You are hustling to them? What you're doing is nothing. Right? That's the thing. You're just you're just doing a measly service, your service to them is less than the person bringing them in their food at the restaurant. Right,


I mean, honestly, that's what do you have to look at it that way? Because that's the same reason why absolutely nobody will tip us. Are these the same people who don't tap and try thing? I mean, yeah. But luckily, and the reason why I started out so much, and I still love it today is it's like a one out of 100. That's that way. Most of the people, most of the people are respectful and nice. And they appreciate you taking them home. And and want to do the right thing. Don't take the car, all those things. Right. And so that's why I like it. Because then you get a good talk out of it. You get to, you know, and yeah, they might be drunk. And yeah, it may it makes it more fun. And maybe they're young people, maybe they're old people, I don't know, whatever they are, you always end up having a good time unless they are disrespectful. And as Jason says, he just throw them out. Most times, I would just take it out and take him home because that's the person I am. But But whereas he would throw him out, like, you know, oh my god.

I think it's interesting when you when you were just saying like the way they viewed the driver, and I like candy, but I was signing up for Uber Eats At first I was like, I'm not doing Uber Eats I'm not, I'm not. I'm not doing that. Like this is beneath me. But, but shame on me because I mean, this, I love it. I love doing it. And like anything else, there's gonna be moments where you're stressed, and you're angry, and you're upset. But I now I'm like, I like doing this more than anything I've ever done. It's, it's for me, I like having the control. I like to having the options. I like having my space and time. And it's relaxing. And it's fun. So I when you said that it kind of just jogged in my head. You know, and shame on me if I thought that way. If this is totally wrong, obviously change it now. Like I'm proud. And I like obviously I have a podcast, I enjoy sharing stories of things that happen, because I think it's so awesome and cool. So you know, I just I thought that that story kind of resonated with me.

My awesome. Yeah, I love your attitude around that. And it should be that way. But one thing that was Yes, for one of his points was saying that no one ever tips when you take riders like, it sounds strange, but I always comment on how like I got your body, your human being from point A to point B, and you didn't hit but I brought you your chili dog and you give me a $10 tip. And it's like,


that's that's just the the mentality that needs to change. Yeah, because there's it should it should not be that. But that's just the whole food service idea. Like, I'm gonna go order a pizza, the guy is gonna bring me a pizza. Here's a couple of singles I have in my pocket, right? That's kind of just been the way of things. But you're right. I mean, in a lot of ways. No, no, no, this is fact me delivering you a pizza. And if I don't get the pizza there, that's way that's annoying. You're hungry. But if you were, you know driving a human being and something were to happen, way more serious and way more valuable than the food that you're transferring. So if you think about it like that, like I'm taking you I'm keeping you safe. I'm driving you I'm doing the best job of looking out for everything right? If it's just me and I get an accident, for example, your food screwed, but you're okay. You're maybe

not though maybe not the food might not be screwed. You might still be able to deliver it.

I mean, that's true.

limping in there, here's your food.

And you're still going to give you $1

Well, hey, it's better than getting nothing getting stiffed.

I had one time Mike where somebody took the time to give me a one cent tip. I want to and the thing is that takes that takes real effort because they have to click other and they have to click on 0.0 dollars you have to actually do that. It's not just a percentage another they had to actually make that choice to give me a one cent so that was like that was like a slap in the face.

Oh yeah. I had a one cent tip also one time, so I but my thought was maybe was an accident and he was trying to do more. I don't know

one sentence Hey bro nuba you have to click other and then tip something that's like a slap in your face.

I really is that that's like, That's sick stuff like here's here's a penny. I know one penny. Yeah,

I don't understand people. All right, yeah, moving on. This is a short one I'm going to boost the audio so you guys don't talk but this is interesting what this guy found at a hotel and I'll try to talk about it after it's done. I don't want to talk during it. So

we're doing doordash right now delivery. She's

gonna hear something coming from the room.

So if you couldn't hear basically he was somebody was getting it on when he did the delivery. And, Mike, this is a perfect opportunity to talk about your hotel. Yeah, story. Story. Well,

I just I just love First of all, I would that he didn't show what the food was right?

He did

it. What's that?

He did I miss cat factory?

Oh, he did. I apologize. I was I was so and know what happened. I was so interested in listening to what was going on behind the door a split second. But I I have said this on my podcast. And I believe this. Whenever I get a delivery that's going to a hotel room. It's annoying, because yeah, then you got to go in there, go to the elevator, go up the floor, walk down the hall. And time is money. So that's true. I can't argue that it takes time. But I love delivering to somebody at a hotel room. Because to me, it's like you're getting to go to their bedroom door. Like if you were doing a delivery as an Uber driver. And they said come to the house. I'm at 17 you know, love lane. But when you come in, there's the doors unlocked open the door, go up the stairs, make a left second door on the right. That's where I'm waiting for the food. That's basically what you're getting, you get to go to their bedroom. So to me, that's the ultimate intimacy of delivery driver. Customer Relationship. Now, this was the ultimate example. I've never gotten this lucky, where I've gotten to see two people making love. I mean, that's tremendous. But I've seen people in their underwear, I've seen people come out at post sex. So to me, I think it's so exciting. When you get to go to a hotel room, you don't know what you're going to see. I've had people ask me for cigarettes and hotel rooms. I'm telling you, it's like the wild wild west when you get in there. So if you're a delivery driver, and you listen to this, and maybe you had a mentality beforehand, like hey, it sucks to have to go to a hotel room change the way you think you might see something you've never seen before. I like to say delivering for Uber Eats is kind of like baseball, it's really boring. There's a lot of boring moments. It's just like the same thing over and over again. But then there's those moments where like, I've never seen that before. And I've been watching baseball my whole life. That's what it is like is a new brace driver. It's the same thing. And when you get to it when you get to a hotel room, I mean, the fun possibilities are endless. So take advantage of it. I love that story. I am I you know, kudos to that I'm so jealous of that delivery. experience that I saw that video when the production and your pre production meeting. Yes. And to go the notes, I saw that it went oh, my God, why is that never happened to me. I was legit jealous.

I'm actually quite impressed that he recorded I'd be so nervous to record that and they'd walk out or something like, man, but yeah, I've never encountered anything. Anything that exciting. But everyone loves to hear other people having sex. I don't know what it is. It's like, it's not a creeper thing. It's just like, Yeah,

man, you get it? No, absolutely. I mean, it's like, you know, I would say like, I don't I don't watch golf. And then I'm like, Oh, I want to you know, I wish I was golfing. But you're here sexually. All right. All right. That's something I wish I was doing that

100% 100% Awesome. All right, we

have a right

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Yeah, they just make everything easier. It's like having an accountant to do your taxes is just kind of like, the IRS has gone broke here. Take care of this, you know, as long as you're honest with your accountant, like if you lied to your accountant, he's gonna be like, Sorry, bro. But anyways, yes, Bri you're up?

I'm up. I might not following along.

Yeah, we're gonna talk about Uber and Lyft. Finally, yeah, driver. So

that that is correct. So basically, I was thinking about that a little bit earlier, when they were saying that there was we would see showing the story about the three female riders behind the car, they were ending that interview saying that she was no longer able to use the platform. And she actually said, they said that that was the case of both Uber and Lyft. And that made me think of this article here, which is now that Uber and Lyft, to find to finally share names of drivers deactivated over six are sold and all those serious incidents. So what they're doing is and whether or not they've actually done this longer or not, who knows. Right? But there's I think there's been times where I think that they may have been sharing that information anyways. But what they're doing now is they're using according to the article, they're using a service called hire, right, which is a third party service. And they're using that to share information, not about the drivers, not about the people, the gig workers, but about the people receiving the service. And I think that's pretty awesome. If there is if there will obviously also drivers but also riders that if there is any riders that has our users of the service that has been what's it called, like, charged with a crime? Yeah, exactly right charge of doing something stupid, or that kind of stuff, then they'll be able to share that. And they'll be able to get kicked off both platforms at the same time. And obviously, you can think of other platforms doing the same things as well. If there's other than, you know, in the future. If there's other platforms and then lift an Uber, you have this higher, right, you can go into if you have a bad profile on hire, right? Well, guess what you might have them, it might be an opportunity, you might get any, you might have get approved for any services, right, the future pro for gay economy, which I think is really cool. So the article it says says, I'm trying to find my tap Hagen. They basically said that Uber and Lyft have largely operate in silos when it comes to deactivating drivers over the most severe reports of safety. And so in this case, here, they do say drivers, but obviously, it can be used for both drivers and riders.

Why it can be but are they that's what the topics been on Twitter is about they should be swapping passenger wants to

exactly. Know. Absolutely. But I think I think that the article kind of insinuates maybe that at the end of the day, they do right, and they do talk about the drivers. So basically, the most severe reports of safety incidents, potentially allowing bad actors to hop from one platform to the other. Now the company is say that they are ready to change that announcing the creation of an industry sharing safety program Thursday to relay information about drivers and delivery people deactivated from their platforms over the most serious safety incidents, these incidents will include sexual assaults, which ranged from non consensual kissing of a non sexual body pod to rape and physical assaults resulting in fatalities. And then they go on to talking about how they want to use this service called higher right. And that kind of stuff, that some of the numbers that they mentioned in this article, I feel is super low. But who knows? I mean, they say, you know, in the many, many years that Uber has been working, they only have had Ubers report revealed that it had received 464 reports of rape on this platform, which I think seem seem

Well, it's what's the definition of that, and we're not going to get into that. But also the that's reported how much how much goes unreported. That's just like everything. Right.

And that's correct. And then they have say they have among almost 6000 reports of sexual assault in 17 and 18. alone. Yeah, so. So that's just kind of any kind of sexual report. It says, Uber said he was committed to finding a way to share the names of drivers who has been banned fall platform for the most serious safety incidents without a ride sharing peers. And so that's why they're going to be using hire, right, which I, I looked it up on the web, I looked up their website, and it almost looks like it's also a platform to be to use for background checks, background checks. I'm wondering if that's what they're doing is they actually switching to utilizing hire right for background Jack's as opposed to what was the old checker So, check our ch e ch e ck er,

I mean the bottom line is is that it's good for business it's safer for drivers and passengers well not drivers they're the problem but I would like to see them do it with passengers it's gonna be a little bit harder because that's their bread and butter right I mean, I guess we are too we're out there driving but you know, there's always been a joke of passenger around here that switches to platforms changes name changes, phone number and all that and he's able to use it even though it's a piece of shit.

So I think it would be I think it would be very beneficial if if the recipient of the service was also checked.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. But that all cost money to

you but you can make that easy you can make it you can adjust that

even if it easy check even if it's 10 bucks a person that's a lot of riders on the platform that they would have to pay for. No, I

absolutely but what if it's a flat fee service and all you have to do is you have to make sure you stay off that path. It doesn't have to be it doesn't have to be a as as big as a background check I said doing for the drivers. Yeah. Oh, it could just be a blip maybe you're just a just check check your I don't know probably not your social security number but some kind of other identifying information against the list. How

about when you get in and then before you ride you have to get that analyzed like an antigen test. Hey,

I had that in Denmark before the lead me into the country. I

know. Alright, let's move on.

I don't know what this is. Like that, huh?

Yeah. I don't know what this Tic Tac is about. I forget what did i right. Oh, driver. Okay, so this guy, actually, I feel like it's kind of a setup. But this guy quit his gig job like right in front of a customer while he's delivering the food. I don't know. What do you think my Did you watch it? Do you think it's a setup? Ah.


wait. Let's see. Let's see the video. Let's play. Alright.

Not too much. We got a bit of an issue here. Yeah, this wasn't worth my time whatsoever. I make them $7 to drive through. I just drove through to get there. I know what these rideshare companies charge and what they do. At that point, I appreciate a definite positive review, considering I just went through, if not whatever. gratuities involves getting some effort for what's being delivered tonight because I'm getting it. Other than that. I don't care about this driving service for people. It wasn't worth my hesitancy to come out here for this meal. So at this point, because I can cancel your upcoming from whatsoever. You expect this door to door delivery and like every person I deliver to no matter what their stature no matter what neighborhood they live in. Zero tips. I don't know what I see. on your end to my end. I don't I don't know what I believe. But I've driven for Lyft and Uber. I'm not sure I can raise my voice. I'm just telling you like, look at it right now. It was super sketchy to get you. Exactly so I hear what you're saying. I love the strip in your face. A great accent. landscaper You can also score zero stars, you can record me whatever I quit the job and I'm just gonna keep it

drives away.

Now I

I don't know. It didn't look like a setup, man. It didn't

it's you know, it started out like it sounded it didn't look like a setup. No, it didn't. But the conversation kind of led me to believe that it might be but then towards the end I don't think it was I think that guy actually quit right on the spot.

Yeah, see, this is like my my cynical minds like this may be his his little move that he uses. So he can like try to get some free food at the end of each night. I'm quitting and then he drives off and he loses. Like maybe he looks at it like Alright, this meal cost I would have gotten paid 18 I would have gotten paid $7 So what I'll do is I'll quit for tonight. Take the dinner leave I just paid my family's meal because this actual food cost $54 then come back the next day and he's able to you know get a free meal out of it. But seriously speaking I think that was real I don't think he really quit though. I think he was just so furious and angry in the moment that that's what he said to the guy took the food pissed off and now I don't know what happens after I'm sure he got it this is real got reported like hey, I just want you to know, gave me that the business split off my food but that's what I kind of think happened.

Yeah, I would definitely if I was the customer. Mr. I would send the video to whatever app he was using to to do that. But yeah, I mean, he's gonna get fired. I mean, if I don't understand, like, why I would at least left the food, like food is really not that big of a deal. But maybe he was making a statement saying like, he was gonna take the food cuz I would have been, I may have like, read him the riot act, but I would have still gave him his food like, I'm not I mean, you know, I don't know.

And I know that from delivering food. And Jason, you can speak of the moments where you're, like, so frustrated with the other person and you're angry, and you're upset. But you got to at some point, you just have to like, you can't, you can't do that. Whatever that was, you can't do it. You have to just I at least bite my lip, hand off the food and move on. Yeah, but there are times where there's things in my head where you're like, you know,

I'm gonna say this,

I'm gonna say that I'm a bad man. But you got to be smart about, you know, if it wasn't if they did something wrong, or like, for example, you talk about the people that went in your car and were like real jerks. Yeah, but if this person just like not tipping, that's part of the game.

You're the dumb ask that took the order. I mean, if if,


If there's no tip on it, I mean, if you're just trying to break one off on this guy, but you're the one that took the order, I never want to throw the order in the first place. And, and we talked about that 100 times, right? It's

a gig economy is about being smart with your time, it's about knowing the right thing to do. And it's also about taking sometimes you're just out there for the you know, you do it and you make it up in the long run.

Yeah, are people taking bad orders? I mean, I guess my boy, yeah, I can speak from the Uber end of things. I'm like, Okay, I know that if I played just wait another minute to two minutes, something like why would I in my right mind, spend, you know, 5025 minutes to make $3? Like, are people legit saying Yeah, let's do it. I don't know. Is that

Is that a thing? Well, the joke is like on doordash is your this guy's a top Dasher? You know, they try to like, make you feel important. If your acceptance rate is 100. And you're all this stuff. So of course, if you want to keep all those numbers up, you're gonna take those $3 orders, which is the dumbest thing you can do. But yeah, people do take that because why are people still not tipping? That's why they don't understand, you know, that right? The movement that's going on right now is called decline now. Decline all those law orders. Don't take those. And hopefully, in turn, people will realize they're getting their food an hour and a half later. because no one's tipping.

So is that is that this is interesting. So is that what happening is if everybody's declining, then it just the the the pay rate goes up? Because they've doordash has to get the food out the door?

Yeah. And it's not it doesn't go up by a ton. See, that's the thing. It'll go like learning five cents each each time or maybe a quarter or 50 cents, every like 90 seconds to 180 seconds. I'm speculating. I'm guessing. Oh, no, I got here. But as you know that each person that declines, but then by the time you figure it out, I mean, once you get up to seven $8, it's probably been sitting there for an hour.

That's so funny. You say that because there'll be times I typically take orders that have tips, but don't get tricked every so often.

Oh, yeah, we all have a tip.

And I'm like that food must have been sitting at that subway for an hour and a half. It had to have been because it finally got up to a rate based on my calculation in my brain that I'll take like that food, how many people passed it over till it finally got to me that that's the answer to that this stuff. This kind of like like inside baseball. And this part of things is fascinating to me. Like, I'd love to be able to talk to somebody from Uber from doordash. Like, yeah, their brain on all this. So interesting. Well, it's funny,

that they're never gonna tell you the secret, right? No, no, of course, but I get that. But as Jason just sad. And this is what what the people again, they on the other hand, the people receiving the service has to learn that if you're willing to tip three, four or $5, you're gonna get food that a fresher, hot, fresher. Yes, just what it is.

Yeah, the last podcast we talked about. It's like a bid, you're bidding for these drivers to come pick your food up, you know what I mean? Like, oh, I'm gonna throw a bid out of like, $5. And one drivers like, Ooh, that's not good enough for me. But then another driver might be like, Alright, I'll take that bid, and I'll go do it. I actually had late food today and not my fault. I have a certain criteria that I go by doordash had some peak pay today. So I hit my criteria. And I was looking at the times on it. And the only reason I got it is because the peak pay was there. And it kind of tricked me right? Because I didn't they don't say this plus $3 it just kind of shows up and I'm like, Oh my God, this food has been sitting here for 45 minutes. I'm like, I feel so bad because they think I'm the asshole that hasn't, you know, I've been out you know, you know, peeing in a bottle and you know, in the budget, and I'm not delivering their food, but I'm like, I just got this order. I don't dick around like when I get an order. I go right there like there's no

screwing around or so. Would you say then like if the bigger the, if you've got, the bigger the tip, and I'm sure there's this is not an exact answer. And it varies in a lot of ways. But if you saw like the worst possible delivery, that food would would be easier to get than if you saw one that had a higher tip because it's you're like first to it, and it's probably fresher. Is there like kind of like a line? You think that works with that? Well, yeah, I'm

always impressed when I deliver food, and I pull it out of my bag, and it's still steam. And I'm like, this is how you deliver food. This customer knows, hey, right, you know, I want my food here now. And once our people figuring that I mean, it's not trying to be mean to the customer. But like sir, like, I'm sorry, you paid all these fees, like this is the reality of the platform, you need to tip or you're gonna get cold food. And it's like, right. It's frustrating, I get it when I've gotten cold food before. And for whatever reason, I tip just fine. And it just didn't happen. Right? And it sucks. It's like, especially like, if it's wings or something. It's just like, it's just not the same at all. I'd

always say if if you know, I know people, like I'm not gonna tip I'm paying all these fees. I mean, if you're paying 46 bucks for this food, and instead it would have been 51 and that like, then don't do it at all, then don't go out and get the delivery if everybody's in a different financial position. If, if the 46 to 51 is that big of a deal for you. You shouldn't have been making that order to begin with. Yeah, like that's my mindset on it. Tip and you get your food faster. Don't complain about it. Or you know, like you've already spent 50 bucks throw a couple extra dollars out there at this point. It's worth it for you. Don't take it out on the driver.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, go to the grocery store. Spend 20 bucks. Right? And do that instead. Yeah,

I get it though. I mean, I'm a good tipper. But I do get it when I when I add up on those platforms. I'm like, holy shit. If I would just go to this friggin do it myself. I would say $30 You know what? Crazy, but people are lazy including me. So

including me.

Exactly. Ah, let's see. I

am. Let's see.

What What did we do?

What are we missing?

We need number eight.

Okay, what what is that? Hold on? Oh, God, let's have a crack. Sorry. Yeah, we're gonna skip my Amazon article, because we're running a little late on time. But yeah, we definitely need to play this is not a food related, but you will definitely take time.

No, dammit, I

did it again.

Driver the other day, I wanted to give you a quick little follow up since you gave me one of the five stars. You know, I let you plug your recording and play three quarters of the three doors down album. I let you run my heat in my car in the middle of July with a cheat index of 96 degrees outside and the other passenger you brought in pretty sure he sold the book cites pizza, five, GM the back of my car. So all things considered, but this is your problem. Like were you born this way? Or did you get raised to be a dump? Because I'm convinced it was inevitable and it was going to happen in the review section you wrote not enough. Not enough. Not enough. What? Not enough? Five GM Look at there possibly not be enough up? I'll tell you what, I think there isn't enough stars in my rating, and brain cells in your skull. I'm gonna register a business in your name just so I could talk it on Yelp. You will never write in a Prius like mine, ever again. I hope you're happy.


wow. That's what everyone wants to say. I want to secretly I want to think it's Leo from Detroit because he drives a Prius. But

unfortunately, it could never happen. Right? Because we don't know who gives us the writing. No. I would love to do it, man.

Yeah, yeah, it would be great.

You guys should set up like a hotline for yourself that you can use and just vent and just like, just pretend to that person isn't just record them and just let it out and just release that moment. And that frustration well that

that's what the telegram group is, and then our awesome moderators, topic, but that's true. He saves all those audios when we're ranting and then he plays them back on. Monday recap on like, awesome. This is what happened with Jason over the weekend. And some of the things that come out of my mouth. I'm like, man, I was very frustrated at them.

week later listening back. Oh, that was me. I gotta

Yeah, my dad was just the best when you're driving a night. I mean, there was times but when you're driving by yourself, it gets so lonely, right? But when you have that telegram group, or you can just talk with people, you can talk with people, and you touch base with people who at the same time, it just completely changed it for me. It was nice day because all of a sudden you had this community behind you. I had several people are driving at the same time with chit chatting in between rides, right? And it's just it's just lots of fun. And then you know, then you have that you have that and it's that way of getting rid of the of the of the frustration of frustration in the middle. Exactly, you know, and that was many a time where you're like just oh my You really want to yell bad thing thing? Yeah, right.

Yeah, Mike, I

definitely think you should start a telegram group or WhatsApp or whatever in your area. I think you'd really get a kick out of it. Just advertise it as a delivery driver app. And I bet you'd get a bunch of people on there that

I'm in. I'm gonna I'm gonna annoy you later. Oh, you're gonna help

me do that. You cannot annoy me. You can not annoy Yeah.

That's, that's a cool idea. And I think that's fun, too, because I've talked about you get frustrated. But for the most part, out of all the 1000s of deliveries I've done. If I were to think back and say like, what frustrated me I couldn't even tell you. I mean, it's just more of like, overall moment and variance. Right. Like, in the moment unless there's something really nasty going on with like the customer, Jason, you talking about kicking people out? Or, like the videos we saw? For the most part, it's just, it's just the nuances of the bullshit that happens up. Yeah, you're waiting for the person didn't understand how the app works. I got into a fight to data fight. But somebody today was telling me I said, Hey, I'm picking up for Seth. And then they told me there's no Seth at the restaurant. I'm like, I'm at the restaurant. It says Seth. And she that he then proceeded to say, Oh, I thought it would he thought like I don't remember now. But the code at the bottom spelled out a name. He thought that was the person that we were going back and forth. And I was like, it's it's Seth and he goes, No, it's Irene. I'm like, it's not Irene. It's AI r e n e on the code where they couldn't find the food. story. I tweeted it out. It wasn't Irene it was something else. I tweeted out, but I was like, Oh my God. I was like, it was like who's on first talking back and forth? Like it says it says

it's not the code. How frustrating so what do you do all day you love to talk and you are you not talking to anyone all day.

I do a bunch of different podcasts all over the place. I've done three three mic deliveries a week. I do a basket to basketball podcast that I do on the side also and then editing podcasts all day for my company, which I love. So no, but

but when you're driving around, do not talk to anybody.

I call my wife. And I call my wife I call my dad. And then I have like a rotation of the

bed. He talks to Eddie. I think he talks to a


Eddie, I can't see the comments from Eddie.

Eddie says is one idea. What's your name was the name today? One idea one idea. Well,

that was was Thank you. My height man coming in. Yeah,

I was great. Yeah. I don't know why you can't see the comments. But anyways.

Yeah, no,

I I totally get the frustration. But I that you know what, yesterday brought up the telegram group. It's just nice to be like, no, it's cool. Literally yell the word app as loud as you can. And then you just like,

Okay, I'm good. Let's go right in like everyone else. Totally. I'm gonna totally do that.

I think you should build a pretty good community there.

So cool. I'm looking for that sounds fun.

I'm excited about that. Alright, and the last article, driver assaulted. I can promo this but basically, just another person that assaulted a driver and it just this shit needs to stop. So I'm gonna play that and then we'll kind of wrap so.

You're gonna go to jail.

You're touching me out.

He goes

out on my car.

Get out of my car. You're dangerous to me.

You're heating me

up. You're going to jail.

Okay, well, that was fun. And weirdly in that video. Whoops, that's me. Big Screen. That's gross. Weirdly in that video the sunroof was open. It was like raining inside. And did you guys notice at the beginning

I did not see that.

I always notice all the weirdest shit in these videos. Not the actual topic.

Yeah, I was I was spending moments I go and she has the same water as me. That that's like what I was zoomed in on.

Yeah, you need to change. And if she has the same water as you but it's just it's just another thing of like, this is how you treat a driver. Like, I think you're just a piece of shit in life in general. Like if you're gonna do that, possibly knowing you're on dash cam or whatever. You're just like, you're just a giant pain in the ass and

yes, get out. Yep,

he was calm too. And he knew what was going on. Like, you thought maybe there was that one moment where she stopped. There's like a couple seconds of like, this might be ending. But then he because he was so calm. I think that triggered her to get worse. And instead of like, he's like, you're in trouble. You're in trouble. You're in trouble. And his demeanor really, really irritated her to take it to another level.

Yeah, what some Something happened before. That's what I want. I want to see. You know, what, what caused the situation Why? Why was he throwing her out of the car? What was going on? That's what I I want to know the story before the video that was Yep.

Yeah, you know you never get to see that how it actually happened it's so frustrating for the driver and you always think to when you're looking at the driver Why don't you get out of the car but there's something about your own property when it's your car that you feel like you shouldn't you should defend your property because I think I would do the same thing. I mean, I guess if it started hurting if she started actually like causing me physical pain in my head, I probably would get out right,

but there's something about it, you would have smacked her.

Like, I'm not afraid to hit a woman if she's assaulting me. I mean, like, I'm not afraid to get anybody if they're assaulting me. I don't care who it is even a 10 year old kid I'm going to knock your ass out I'm sorry.

I think what goat was needed to be said here is that Jason is really a gentleman he is and I'm not I am I'm not just saying he's definitely demons but that's not it. But he also is aware of when people are abusive and and yeah, you just there's things you do not

I have a I have a lot shorter temper. I will I will admit that and I have less tolerance for bullshit in my car when it's I take my kids in this car like what the hell do you think this is like everyone thinks like they can just do. Yeah, I know Mike, you can't relate. And I swear to God, you better you need to drive passengers. Once this pandemic is over. You need to feel our pain on time.

Now. You're making me scared. I don't want to do it. Now. I'm here.

I love it. I love it. I love cars. And I gotta say one more thing. Eddie, you need to contact us because we need to get you on the show.

is Eddie a gig worker.

Oh, he keeps he keeps talking in? Eddie.

He's Well, I'll say this, Eddie. Check out our podcast long term. You'll love it if you'd like Eddie says what would

you do if a cat named Leon would attack you? Is that Leon your guy that you have on the show?

No. Well, it's this is so confusing. So my friend. My best friend's name Leon. Yep. who I met in Virginia and him and I are like brothers. Yep. And then I named my cat after him. Oh, and my cats. Leon. I love the friends alive. He's not dead or anything. Okay, but I just thought it'd be funny if I'm like, I was really upset that my wife got a cat and I was like, really against it. I was kind of being an asshole about it. Okay, but now like my cat and I who's passed out over here now my cat and I are like inseparable. I couldn't love my cat more him and him and I are bros so I love my cat. That's shout out to Leon the cat.

Leon the cat. I'm not a cat man myself, but I think they're cute as hell. So you see Leon, I know everybody says it. But I'm telling you this cat will change your view. My kids weren't so definitely allergic. It would be fine. But

yeah, anyways, but

yeah, that's two dogs dog.

Yeah, two two dogs.

I love my puppies. Yeah. Alright, so Mike, I want you to give your What are you laughing at Eddie?

Eddie says Leon's okay.

He's okay.

Oh, man, you're gonna have words after this. So Mike, I want you to promote anything you want to even your Patreon. We appreciate having this been so fun. Sorry to keep you so long. I don't want to

know it's all good. This has been like therapy for me. I really enjoyed it. So thank you guys, for coming on. for allowing me on I appreciate Yeah, yeah. Mike delivers pod mic delivers. That's my Twitter Instagram. Mike delivers pod if you want to follow me there Adventures On The Road. And then Mike delivers podcast. You can find it where all major podcasts are found. And I go on there and just kind of do this thing rant about stories from the road. Different people join me friends, celebrities, Jason, you popped out with me for a little bit. We had a blast. Yep. And just talk about food delivery, talking about different shit that I see. And then also, my wife and I review food for that comes to us and we kind of get a little background into our life which is which has been cool too because you think you know everything about your spouse and we've actually learned a lot from that and during the pandemic we had nothing to do so. We just were like let's talk about waffles from I hop.

I totally want to copy that Mike I want to do the thing like I feel it would be so fun. Just as a little like side side project to literally do it the food No, I'm not copying you. You're doing

I don't see TMI no name, bro.

You should you should do it. It's fun. Seriously,

any good food? One thing you keep you brought up celebrities twice. I want to know the celebrities that you've had on your podcast.

Yeah, I just say that. I haven't. I just do that. I kind of lost people in

this how when you're confident with stuff people will believe

anything. I've had some fun people. The nothing I mean, like Adam Richmond The Man vs food guy. Oh, yeah, I had him on blast. The Sklar brothers, who are some comedians I had them on. I'm a big basketball fans. I've had some random NBA players come on that are like I had one Detroit Pistons but I can't remember his name. And he got Cuz he went to MIT he was played at Michigan too. Okay, so now I'm really doing a terrible job with T's Richard Jefferson, former NBA player came on the podcast. So I've had I've had a bunch of people in probably space and on some others I'm not like, it's not like coming on Mike delivers. It's Brad Pitt talks about does he get nannies on his Uber Eats delivery?

You find out I mean, a boiler

I live. Right. So just you know, it's fun. And we've had some cool people and it says you're in Barth,

Eddie says,

would you say

about barstools? barstool sports I've had some people Frank Fleming if you know who that is know him and I did deliveries together. That was kind of fun. It's like

if you give Dave Portnoy a on I am I will never be like you will be the bomb. If you can get him on.

I i've i've texted some people there because I used to work at CBS Sports, right? I've got all these random connections. So I've kind of used that. But I'm one guy, Barstow KFC barstool. He texted me back. He's like, let's do something. And then I haven't heard from him in 18 months. Oh, no, I've been kind of awkward. You want your iPhone? It's like blue, blue, blue, blue. Blue. Blue. Probably should give up on that.

Yeah. Probably should. Well, real quick. Eddie brought up food bracketology. Is that something that you're doing soon?

Yeah. So tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll all unleash this. And this will be my project tonight. I'm having fun with that. My wife and I and nobody's ever done a food brand before. This is a completely original idea. We're gonna take the 1616 spots that my wife and I just have done orders from Okay, and I'm putting them together. For example, it'd be like I hops, Christmas pancakes, versus you know, some ways Italian sandwich and then we're gonna do that people can pick who they think people will submit their bracket. Alright, winner is going to get like an Uber Eats gift card night and then yeah, my wife and I are going to pick the winners and see who can do it. So yeah, that's my little project for one week

for why can't you think of this shit? Like we could have done something like that. What are you doing over there?

Absolutely. Nothing. Exactly. Alright, guys,

did you have to say yes. Where I cut you off earlier.

I was gonna mention to my that I had three Knicks players in my little

you know, I hate the Knicks. I this is a I I'm DVR in the Nets game. So actually, I'm like, I bring this up to Eddie. I'll spoil it for me.

Yeah, well, too late.

You hope if he if?

If he wrote it in I'd like legit. Don't. Don't tell me. I won't say it anyways, that would piss me off. But I am a diehard nets fan. I'm from New Jersey. I hate the Knicks. I do a podcast about with a I do a podcast with a Knicks fan, which is kind of cool. So we have like a good time, but it's like two teams that despise each other. Who were the next I'm curious.

Oh, I don't know. I don't.

Three Giant Man in a monster was the Mazda six.

Yeah, that was the time I drove my gear like my well, so this was in 16 1716 or 17. The fun part was, at this time I was driving my small Mazda three hatchback as an Uber car. Right? Nice. It is a tiny car downtown. And these three seven foot two black guys getting my lilica and I'm a big guys it is. So it was that was the fun part of this story. We all sat like but they were they were cool about it. And it was fun. And they weren't going they weren't going very well.

They were the de leaguers because we did have a D league here for the

pillow. Okay.

Yeah. Small. Yeah, it's not it's not daily. No, no.

Oh, actually, I'm lying. It was a rec league team, right? They were coming out of the gym.

And they were wearing jerseys.

No, I'm lying. It was actually 11 year it was 311 year olds leaving practice from middle school. And their mom couldn't go get them because her car broke down. And that's how I actually picked Yeah, and they were all three foot six.

Yeah, tell the truth. Yes.

All right, Mike, hang

on the line. As I sign off, guys. Thanks for listening to the gig economy, gig economy podcast. And of course check out the mike delivers podcast and we'll see you in two weeks

and take your calls. Of course.

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Neither. Post us post them us. It's like It's like the mailman but in us.

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Yes, yes, yes. So we've before we get into the gig economy news tonight story since the last podcast I know it's been a little lame lately, just because none of us have been working. But Chris has been working and I have been working. And even Yes, PR has a story tonight. So yes, we're once you get into your story while I'm kind of getting myself situated, and we'll kind of go from there.

Sounds good. So we, as you all know, and I got a little bit of flack for this one from Jason. I gotta say because I kind of through it. I'm a very, very last minute, so I apologize, Jason, but last week, let's post our last post. Oh my gosh, last podcast. I wasn't here because we actually ended up doing a surprise. Like a quick trip to Tennessee. I was Supposed to be a quick trip anyways, but then, you know, everybody knows the comfort vehicle, right? We have the comfort it died. It did it transmission went out, we coming down the mountain, we've been up in Tennessee up seeing there's a spot you can see on a good day you can see seven different states by day at the top of Smoky Mountains and and coming down that the transmission went out. Oh, it's just it was not a good it was not a good feeling, man, all of a sudden, I was a big clump. And we started not going very fast. So we kind of kind of get in first. And that was it until we coasted all the way down the mountain. And at one point we had like 15 cars behind us just honking at us. That was real nice.

Oh, that

that's got to be like tons of pressure. Like Like, it was

horrible. Because there's there's no signal right in the mountain. So it's like, it's not like we can pull into the side and get it get it get a guy to come to us because there's no way. So I said no, no, we had come we're going down. We're going down. So once you go back into Pigeon Forge, you pull into the first part of it good. And then you figure out how to deal with it. Yep. True enough. After we called six different auto shops, you finally found someone who had time to look at it because everybody else was scheduling 10 days out. And again, I was in a two day trip and Tennessee had no intention of seeing a doctor for two weeks. That's crazy. Yes, it was ridiculous. But long story short, we were able to leave that Friday, three days later than we was originally doing. And the guy who did the job did a great job. He found me a used transmission put it in and did a really good job at it. And we got back home. So those are all great things. And luckily we have some some things in place that that Yeah, can end up costing us 3000 miles we didn't want to spend But hey, that's what happens. Right?

Right. So I'm glad you made it home safe. Thanks for can't thanks for scheduling vacation on frickin podcast. We

Yeah, I know. I know shit. That's

all right. We had Pete he stepped in with a pink shirt. And he he he did a great job. We're gonna misspeak. Um, so yeah, I'm back to working full time doing gig work. But the problem is, is this week spent a little sketch today was not good at all. And I think it's just because it's around the holidays, maybe food delivery was good tonight. But we had the podcast. But yeah, I things have been going well, it's it's been a different kind of schedule, I actually don't get up in the morning and drive passengers. I definitely just started lunch about 11 to about two and then sometimes to get an Amazon shift. And then I go out and do food delivery at night. And honestly, it I've been able to hit my goal every day only working about six hours. So it's been kind of nice. It's actually a different switch from last year. I used to get up at like five in the morning and do passengers. And that's just terrible. So I don't really have anything that right off the top of my head that's happened. I did a little shift for a while been doing quite a bit of amazon flex. But nothing really has stood out that I can talk about. So what about you, Chris? I know, do you?

What is this stuff you can't talk about?

No, like nothing like been crazy. That's happened. It's just been, you know, just kind of normal stuff. I mean, a few ship customers that were boujee. But other than that, nothing big. But Chris, you are driving packs and doing food delivery. Do you got anything? Any stories or what's been going on with you?

So Monday night, I picked up a guy second week in a row that I got him. And I'm like, Hey, I think I had you last week. He's like, Yeah, I did. So he's like, hey, do you mind if we stop at the speedway on the way to work like that? No problem. And so pull into the speedway and he runs in and he was getting some stuff for to take to work with them. And guy comes out and he's kind of comes over to the side of my car. And he's like, Hey, he's like, Hey, can I call my wife? I'm like, I guess I said, He's like, yeah, I've been walking, trying to get home. And from my work and my wife, I don't have a phone and I can't get can get my wife and or girlfriend. I forget what it was. And I'm like, yeah, you know, I'll give her a call. I said, you know, it'll be on the speaker here in the car. Just kind of lean in and you can you can hear so my packs is inside and he's getting his food. I dial up the number he gives me and it rings close to voicemail. And he's like, yeah, that's voicemail. I'm like, okay, didn't sound like voicemail sound like she was kind of talking to him. And he's like, No, I have this voicemail. I'm like, okay, so I hang up a call again. And and he's like, you know, she's, I don't know, she doesn't have the phone or the kids got the phone or somebody got the phone. And I said, you know, can you give me a ride down the process. So this is 36 and Burlingame, and he wants to go down to Prairie and I'm like, yeah, you know, I said, Well, I have a passenger. I said, if it's cool with him, then, you know, I'll take the passenger to work, and then I'll bring you back to your house. And he's like, nah, nah, go ask this other guy. So it goes to the pump and ask this other guy. And, and he kind of my passenger comes out, I kind of explained the story to him. And he's like, Well, yeah, I'd be cool with that. I'm like, okay, so start backing out. And I could tell that the other guy wasn't going to give the guy the guy that was asking me a ride. And so I roll down my window. I'm like, Hey, you know, if you need a ride, we can I can take you because he said it was okay. Yeah. Like, Oh, that's awesome. And then my passengers like, well, I'm really early. Like, if you want to, you can bring him first and then bring me to work. Damn. Like, yeah, I said, I said, it's on your dime. I said, it's, you know, because it's the right is going. And so he's like, Yeah, no problem. So I'm like, Hey, you know, get in. So I bring him down and bring him to some apartments off the prairie. We pull and he's like, Where's my truck? He's like, my truck is gone. My truck is missing. I'm like, I you know, I don't know. Yeah. So he's, he's like, this is weird. He says, My truck is gone. And she's not answering. I'm like, you know what, it's not her problem anymore. Get

get the hell out of my car.

So, so I bring the passenger, and he ends up working over by 36. And Roger B. Chaffee. So bring him on over and he's like, yeah, you know, I'm glad you were doing that. It's really nice and all that, but I just don't want you riding by yourself with this guy. That's nice, you know. And so I'm on the way I was explaining to him about another passenger I had or not passenger, but I had a food delivery and I'm walking into the store and this guy comes up to me, he's like, hey, Kenny, this is 28th Street. And Patterson, basically, there's a kiddo go over there. And he's like, Can you bring me to Kalamazoo? And I'm like, Kalamazoo. I'm like this. This is like an hour away. He's like, yeah, yeah, I'll pay you some money or whatever. And, and I'm like, I don't know. I got it. I got this food delivery. So I go inside the Cordoba to ask about this. This guy that's been sitting outside waiting. And so this is a whole nother story, right? So I'm asking the people in qdoba, the employees, the manager, I'm like, Hey, what's the story with this guy out here? You know, is he been waiting there long? What's it? What's the deal with them? And they're like, yeah, we didn't even know he was there. I'm like, Okay. Well, in the meantime, I'm inside getting the food. The guy comes in, and he goes in uses the bathroom comes out, why come out? And he starts getting on my case, like, Well, you know, well, I told you who I was, and that I needed a ride. And that, you know, nobody believes me and anything like that. I've been working here all day, and I just need a ride down to Kalamazoo. I'm like, Look, dude, I said, Just Just take it easy. I said, You know, I had to kind of do some verification of who you were, what the deal was. And I said, I said, tell you what I said, you know, I'll bring you down to Kalamazoo. I said, but I gotta deliver this food first. He's like, Oh, you do that. For me. I'm like, yeah, just said, all your stuff in the back. So he throws the stuff in the trunk. And I, he gets in the car with me, and I go drop the food. And down the Kalamazoo, I go with this guy, and he's just chatter in the hallway and say, guy, you know, I was working for this guy. And I, you know, asked him to either put me up for the night or, you know, let me give me some money to get back to Kalamazoo, there's no buses, there's no nothing. And nobody was willing to take me or anything like that. And, you know, he says, I'm a Christian. And you know, I got this going on. And that going on, I'm trying to get things back on track, and I'm working and doing that. I'm like, you know, whatever, dude, I just want to keep you down there and drop you off and do my good deed for the day. And so I got him dropped off and started heading back from Kalamazoo and just finished off my night. And this other guy, the first guy that I picked up, you know, before telling him this whole story about the other guy dropped him off. And he's like, he was really grateful and and like me helping out other people as well. So that was kind of,

yeah, that's good. You didn't so you didn't charge him for the ride. You

did it for free. He gave me like 18 bucks. But you know, Kalamazoo ride should have been about 65. Yeah,

well, sometimes you got to step up and do those things. But you do have to be careful too, man. I can't believe you picked up that one guy. You're way nicer than me. Like Ben super nice, too. I'm just like, Get the hell away from my car, bro. If you don't if you didn't, if you're not the customer, I don't really care. I mean, I'll call the cops for you.

I know. I you know, so I weigh my words. I'm weighing my good deed thing for the day versus you know, making some money and and sometimes you just get that little voice in Have you gone like, you know, this guy needs a little? Yeah.

Yeah, I think it's more than a good deed for the day. I think you've I think he wrapped up a week with that one. So, right.

When I said don't talk my radio

Yeah, I don't know I don't have an ox cord. Don't touch my radio.

The guy did ask to play his own tunes and oh, for now. Now,

you sit back and shut the hell up. You know?

65 bucks. You can play on jazz.

I'm okay. You know, I'm kind of like, what do you got? Y'all want to hear if you got something new? He's like, Oh, yeah, I get new stuff. And I didn't like it. But of course never.

All right. Before we get into the news, I just want to shout out you know what, one of the things that at least I'm thankful for, for the gig economy podcast is our Patreon. And so I want to just give a shout out to them. Keith from Georgia who's been around for a while Janet from New Zealand, Leo from Detroit, Larry from Bowling Green Samson from Grand Rapids, Miguel from Grand Rapids, Kevin from Grand Rapids, and Ron g from San Francisco and Michael from Ann Arbor. So thank you guys.

Run, run D talk at all. I'm not you know,

Ron G is I don't know anything about him. He's not in the telegram group. He is just a Patreon member. But he's a new one. And he get on telegram. It's

fun to hear you guys from other places. Yeah,

yeah. And, Ronnie, we

know what tomorrow is gonna be like, from talking to Janet. So I know. Right? That's

the cool thing. Yeah.

Um, but also, I want to just promote our last show, we had a bonus interview that the Patreon members got first is a new app called, I need a hand with Michael, who's actually a Patreon subscriber. So he subscribed after we did the show. So it's not like he did it. So we would do the show. I want to clarify that. He just loves us so much. But yeah, check out that app, we're actually going to be featured in that coming up in December, and they're gonna kind of come to Grand Rapids. I won't explain all what it is. But the link is in the Facebook description. You can click on that and download that show. It's about a 30 minute show. So

it's a really cool app. It is like the concept.

Yeah. And he's not he didn't do it for profit. So you'll you'll hear my shocked voice on the interview. like wait a minute, you're not trying to make money on this. He's like, No, I'm like, okay, I don't know where to go with my questions.

He wants to take people to Kalamazoo.

Yeah. Yeah, call Chris he. He's up for charity apparently. All right. We want to thank our studio sponsor Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. I was just there yesterday I got how this how it figures right. So yesterday, the Amazon routes are just popping like all day, surge rates and today dogshit and my car was at Irvine's yesterday getting I had to have some with my heater wouldn't do defrost. So that was expensive. Just because the part and it was a pain in the ass to fix but got a loaner car from them. That's one amazing feature with Irvine's you get a free loaner car but call them at 532 6600 or go to Irvine comm to schedule I forgot to pop out the thing I got this whole stream yard thing is so new to me. There we go. There we go. Yeah, Irvine Zack, I

didn't want to say anything. No,

tell me yell at me. Because we might be doing this for a while. So the tip I like that. Oh, you just got a tip.

Yeah. Yeah,

well, the rest of this month I know it's not much left but they are giving free wiper blades with any service. So give them a call. You can schedule online everything's sanitized and yada yada yada. So we can't thank them enough for supporting the gig economy podcast. Alright, let's get back to

I gotta remove it now there.

I know. I'm doing like seven more jobs than I normally do. Because the stream yard. Okay, where are we at here? First up, oh it to me. So I just want to get a disclaimer. There's some pretty heavy language in this next video. So basically the N word. Not that we condone that, but this is kind of why drivers need to be protected and you need to be on your game. So I just wanted to throw that out there before I played it, but we will play this video and then we'll talk about it and I'm going to bounce it out like a big boy. Your

Fuck you.


Filming saying that nigga continue saying that. What's the senator? Do you notice San Diego.

Do you notice in negress because I do Joe stop. I'm videoing. Stop, stop.

I'm videoing

you stop.

I know.

You have your license plate.

You should never take.

No You will never. You will never drive. Yeah.

You will never drive I hoppy. No, no. No. Just

put on my Mac.

Hold on.

Hold on. You're

so fucking stupid idiot.

Thank you. Yeah,

you feel good? Fuck you.

You feel good now? Hold on, hold

on. I'll feel better when I pitched

in here. You pitch in your car.

When I'm going to pitch in your car, do it.

Yeah, I'm not you stupid fucking.

Do you feel good?

Do you feel good? As you're recording recording him saying nigga to okay. He's done his job.

Thank you so much. Have a good

night. Wow, that was that was rough.

Some people um, so

a follow up. That guy did lose his job, which I'm happy about. But man, how calm was the driver? Like, I can't believe he's like, yeah, go piss in my car. I'd be like, I'd be jumping over the car. Taking that drunk ass down be like, yeah, kissing in my car.

But he handled it very professionally.

He did it. I'm glad he videotaped it because no one needs to be treated that way. And gosh, that was disgusting. And

one he also knew what not to do. Right cuz you excited? I mean, if he would have jumped over and he was they pick out what I heard him. Yeah. And so he did. He did exactly. The handling is wrong. Oh, yeah. But, but he would have hurt him. I mean, he was a big guy.

Yeah. Pretty drunk.

Yeah. So this is just kind of a just be always aware of your situation. I'm glad he ended because clearly that he ended the ride whatever happened before must not you know I must not have a dash cam. But another reason to get a dash cam. You can always it could it

could also be that he couldn't record it inside and he didn't want to share he's maybe he's in a state that doesn't have that. The two nodes you know, whatever. So who knows? Yeah. Buy out.

But clearly something happened in the car for him to end the ride. So yeah, that was but definitely I

teach your car use use it the rules and don't don't. Don't be like that. Alright, so

next up. This is for Chris. And stupid screen. Let me do this. I can just read them. Chris. That's fine. Your old man eyes. Do you think some of these are meant for you? Cuz you're driving Pat passengers right now. And yes, for an IRA. Do you think the driver app should show other drivers? Like the rider app? Meaning I guess meaning like, you know where the other drivers are? But what are your thoughts about that? Well,

I flipped back and forth. Sometimes I don't maybe you guys do too. Yep. We used to. Yeah,

I but but what

I did that the other night because I'm like, why am I not getting any rides, but then I took a look. And I'm like, Holy cats. There's like four other guys right around me. And it's like, well, no wonder I'm not getting us. And I was in the so the Grand Rapids they give us a zone at like nine o'clock at night. And I got in the zone. And I'm like waiting for, for rides to make an extra I forget 12 bucks or 18 bucks for two rides in a row. Right? And, and I'm sitting there for like, 20 minutes. I'm like, Okay, this starting to not get worth it. Right? Yeah. And so I thought, well, let me look and see, well, I ended up there's like four or five other cars, right, you know, in the area. So I just got out of there, I moved to a different spot in the zone. And, and then I got a, I got a ping. And it was over in the Granville area, and she canceled. So I went back to my spot, got a ping again. And same person. She canceled again, I got a ping again, same person just canceled again. So I was trying to get my first ride of the two in the zone. So then my second ride, it could be wherever, you know, to to complete it. And then I was just going to be done for the night. So that's i was i was Yeah, that's why I used it that time.

So would you would you think would you benefit from having knowing how many brought drivers are around you at all the time or?

I think so. Because so you guys probably have also seen too with if you have Uber axon and you're moving into a surge zone, then the surge zone starts going down as you're moving into it. If you can see other cars that are moving into it, you may decide, you know, maybe I'm not gonna go in that direction because it's not i'm not it's not worthwhile. Yeah. I mean not not that you're chasing the surge anyway, because It's just bad idea, but sometimes you're close enough. And the other thing I'll do is I'll turn it Uber x off. Often I did, when there was not as many drivers out as there are now, I was running comfort all the time, and hardly Uber x. So I can go into a surge zone, get up to five to $7. In, you know, once I get up to five, I'd throw the Uber axon and and I take an Uber accept, you know, with an extra five bucks on top of it, no problem. But even now, though, I will, I'll turn the Uber x off and use my comfort to get into the zone and then turn that Uber axon. Once I'm, I'm in on a, you know, five plus ride. So, yeah, I

think I think Uber would want you to know, because they don't want everyone clustered in one spot anyways, especially if there's no rides, they probably would rather you go, Oh, I'm gonna go, you know, three miles west or whatever.

It isn't a surge zone supposed to help move

drivers around that. That's the idea, right? But whether or not it actually works, or whether or not Uber using it to their advantage, or who knows, one thing

I've thought about trying to do, and I don't know, if you guys ever thought about this as just watching the app for a day, and seeing where the surge is more most frequent. You know, it's like, okay, off, you know, in this particular spot, it's always surges at this particular time, you know, and so then you could know, like, okay, at two o'clock in the afternoon, or five o'clock or seven o'clock at night, whatever, get in, get in this area, because you're going to be guaranteed a certain amount. So, you know, you could start there or whatever, you know, just or if you happen to be in a particular area, you know, that like, Okay, get over here, and you'll be better off. Yeah, yeah, I

think it's a good idea to do that. Although I may get a little. I mean, for us strategy, guys. It's okay. But it may get a little cluster II on the app, if you got all these cars, and you're like, Okay, where do I go? But I think I early on, he used to flip back and forth. But then it got to the point, I was so busy when I was driving. It's like I didn't even really need to worry about strategy. But,

ya know, lately I well, until I would say in the last couple weeks, I haven't had to use the old strategy. Mm hmm. because there hasn't hardly been any drivers out. And, you know, because I was like, Uber Eats. I mean, it was like I was getting orders all the time. And, and then drivers to riders, people were people during you know, June, July, August. They were so so thankful just to get a ride. Yeah, that was kind of cool. So

cool. All right. Yes, we're going to talk about insurance army. This is, which is this is frickin ridiculous. So let me get to

it. But there's no way it's right, though. Yeah, I don't it's gotta be gotta be a mistake.

I mean, make

it better not be. So the thing is here, they what it says is the premium for the rideshare policy will be $32,482 for 12 months for the initial payment to start off 5524 followed by 10 Auto drafted monthly payments of $2,695 and 84 cents. If you'd like to move forward with the pause, you have any questions, please email me back. And I'll reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Well, the ridiculous part is that is that they not like did they not proofread the email when you know, before they sent it? Or? Or what? Like, it's just like,

a shout out my butthole before? Well,

I mean, Hey, why

don't you think a lot of that is automatic, though. And it's just simply a mistake.

Yeah, it probably is automatic. I mean, everything is auto they just plug in the numbers in a soft piece of software and zip. You know,

maybe it's even because he's not maybe it's spelled based on his driving record. Right. And, and it's because he's so high risk that they want to make the money and who knows. I mean, that's,

that's pretty ridiculous. But

algorithm company came out with like, $32,000 in rideshare. Insurance. Yeah, no, let me just not drive and just,

yeah, then I'll make more money.

I know.

All right. This one, this one's kind of cool. Bear with me. amazon flex rewards. I was pretty excited about this. They've really never done anything. And Kristen, Jesper don't do any flexing, but a lot of people do. And I do a lot of it. And they kind of have a card, debit card, but you can earn up to 6% cashback and that's the most I've ever heard of. Now you do earn points. And it's a three month term. So obviously you have to do a lot of blocks. And that's how you earn your reward points for like how many packages you deliver. I think you get Like a point per package, and then you get like 100 points per blocky pickup. But uh, yeah, I mean, I think the only benefit for me would be the the debit card. I'm not able to use the Uber one. We've talked about that and less times, just because I still don't know what is going on with that. But the the funny part is, is the amazon flex is using green dot the same company that Uber is using. So I may run into the same problem. But 6% I mean, that adds up. That's that's pretty good kickback. What was Ubers? Max? Five? I

think five? Yeah.

Apparently you can get like priority access to scheduling blocks, but I don't take blocks at minimum anyways. So it wouldn't be, you know, it wouldn't be beneficial to me. But yeah, I thought that was I thought that was amazing. Very interesting.

I think it kind of just speaks to the changes the constant changes in the gig economy. And though what are they always continually trying to do to get new people signing up for for doing the services and, and just kind of keeping people on there? So yeah, it's, you know, it's constant change, right?

Actually, we

don't have a tip tonight, but I'm just gonna say it now that just popped into my head. I couldn't think of one. Here's a tip. If you're an amazon flex driver, and you're new. Don't take the blocks at 18 an hour, they will go up? I promise they will. And if you take him at 18 you're gonna drive to Kalamazoo an hour one way. So you got two hours of driving. Plus you have to deliver your route for $18 an hour?

Mm hmm.

Not good. Not Yeah. Yeah, honestly about it. It's a cycle. But every three months, they seem to hire new drivers. And they all take the 18th and then they kind of figure out the game. And then then all of a sudden they're all surging again because everyone knows and then they hire more drivers. And then it's like every three months it's a complete shit show. So

Oh, accident over there. today. prime prime van got hit and Walker Walker in pulling on the 96 Oh, really?

I think he was still loaded to Oh, man. Yeah, well, we have an article tonight about another prime man. It's like two in a row. So before we jump in the next article, I want to talk about oil Luber, which I got to switch over and make

it mega, big, mega

mega Berg. Just want to thank them so much for being a sponsor of the show. And they sign up for another three months. So if you guys are interested in changing people's oil, or

all the other service, yeah, the jumpstarter jumps up

in the food fuel delivery. get her done, sign up, go to oil And get signed up. You can also get your oil changed. I'm I'm waiting for my oil to be changed. So well. I'm not due for one yet. That's what I'm trying to say. So I can use their service. But yeah, go to oil as a customer or to sign up as a tech. We can't thank them enough. I think they have some news coming for someone. They're partnering with somebody that we kind of had an interview about. So I'm super excited to see where that's gone. Yeah, for sure. So all right, let's get back into the screen. There we go. Yes, for you are

talking about Lyft and how they want to enter the food delivery market.

Well, why are they waiting now? Like now they're like, oh, by the way, we're not making any money even more because the pandemic maybe we should do something else.

Well, so that you know, that's basically that's what the article is saying that you know, in the ever three month exercise and how much fun they are losing known as a quarterly earnings call. sf based rideshare company Lyft reported losing about $240 million in the third quarter, which is considered good into the can Valley terms. Oh, and Lyft stock is up.

I sold my I sold Nicholas I bought $5 of each and it was just it was like negative 46% on like the return and I was like I sold it for like almost two bucks.

My Tesla is still through the roof. So that's what's scaring me right now. So anyways, so basically they're thinking about getting into it and they think that they have a way of getting into it without without even costing the traditional two to 3% of food costs for the restaurant, so that's pretty interesting. It's not surprising given that Dubai spin off has been Uber's only financial bright spot during the pandemic. And Silicon Valley investors do love copycats. So that's what they're saying but the the writer of the article does mention that Lyft currently has a have a relationship with grubhub and think that if lifts do enter this market, they can probably kicks that relationship goodbye. So you know that that kind of go in if they're gonna enter into a, into an agreement, do it do it? Yeah, I don't do it food delivery, that's probably gonna go against what you know, kind of be a competitor of grub hubs. That's not really gonna make much sense. So did I

miss it? If you read it, I was doing something else. Not that I wasn't listening, sort of. were they? Weren't they gonna like do less fees for the restaurants? What was it wasn't?

That's exactly what that's what they're thinking. And so lift thinks that they have a solute solution offering lower delivery fees, and maybe even no fees at all, based on trade publication babalawo, saying that, what's happening to us on in times like this, when they sell food on a platform like Uber Eats, they get charged 20 to 30%. They lose 20 to 30% of their revenue to that platform. And so lifts thing they can do that much, much cheaper. That's how I was thinking about, you know, they normally charge a certain percentage of the food cost.

I wonder, I wonder what doordash is fees are? I don't ever really hear anyone talking about I feel like they all have to be somewhat similar.

Yeah, I don't I don't know. Exactly. But I do know that we are talking about one thing that we talk about lately is showing the three times I've been out doing food delivery. The three times? Yeah, I know. We talked about why. It's never it's never worth it. Right. I don't care.

What are you talking about? I make my living on food, mostly food

delivery? Oh, no. And I know, but for me, I just, I don't care enough about it. It's just, I don't it's Yeah, it's one of those things, I just really don't even enjoy it. But what I was trying to say is, one thing that we have regularly seeing is that sometimes the platform signs up restaurants without even signing up the restaurant, right? So they will list that restaurant. And then you have to go buy the food or the food, buy the food with that special card. And then at that point, Uber and Lyft are then just getting, you know, selling in adab prices.

Yeah, I do

have a story about that make making money that way, right. That's that that's one way they've been doing. But But restaurants don't like that at all. They don't


Several the restaurant that no one's doing that. They say no, we're not doing that.

Well, here's, here's what I don't understand. So I had an incident. It's a restaurant called chubbies. Don't ask me why it's called chubbies. It's over by metrohealth. And Byron center. Well, I guess that's Wyoming. I went there during the day. And I think it was like during the week, and it was fine. I ordered the food forum. Normally I order on the phone, but for whatever reason, I missed that this was an order and pay. And so I drove there. And so the next day, I'm like, it's the weekend and I go to order and she's like this is for Uber Eats. And I said, Yeah. And she's like, well, we're not participating. I said, Okay, well, I was just in here yesterday, and there was no problem. Well, the, the owner doesn't want to do it. So we kind of gotten a little bit of argument. I was like, I want it it was a good payout. So I was like, we please just make it for this time. And she wouldn't do it. So I was very fussy. But what I don't understand, I know they little they lose a little bit of quality control, right when they're having someone else do it. But why wouldn't you in this pandemic situation? Why wouldn't you want to make as much money as you can and get your food out the door? As much as possible? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, they really have an emotion

they really have. So I don't think they're losing anything when we order it from them. Right? That cuz there's nothing that they're paying for on the plant? No.

So it's a win win. Oh,


Yeah, I don't get it other than not being able to control where their food goes. Right. So if they get a bad review, um, they you know,

so I feel I'm speculating very strongly that Uber Eats is using advertising dollars to try to get these restaurants in through that system. Yeah. Because the payouts on doing that particular type of delivery are phenomenal.

Yeah, I love doing those if you can roll over to the side of the road and order them. I right away, if I as soon as I get an order, even if I'm going to deliver another one, I just pull over find a, you know, sidestream call, order the food and keep going on my way. And by the time I get to the restaurant, it's usually ready to

go. Yeah, it's, uh, but I think what they're going to do is come back to the restaurant later and say, Look, this is what you've done on this through our platform. And you need to sign up, or we're going to just cut this off. Ooh. Right. Yeah. Let's say they're getting 20% more business through the Uber delivery platform. And then Uber comes back and after a while, and so Look, you know, why don't you sign up? This is we have proof of what you're doing. Yeah, this is how much money you've really made, because we know what your cost is and where this is. Yeah. And if you didn't have our platform to do these deliveries, you wouldn't have made this money.

Yeah. Right. And they would have to No, notice the spike. If a restaurant is keeping track of their numbers like they should. They'd be like, why are we? We make it like 15% more a week, like what's going on?

And I don't, when I do the order, I do not say anything about it. I actually order under my name. Yep.

I've learned my lesson to not go in a restaurant because and then I don't bring my bag in there either. No, yeah, I just leave it in the car. I just like it for Jason.

They like, there you go. Well, the only problem one I had was new Halloween night where I picked up a belt line bar order. And then when I came out to the car with the delivery, the app got every day had a bad night. Yeah, had a bad night, and Halloween, and it froze. And there was a car next to me. And I was trying to find out where to deliver the food. And it wouldn't go to the next stage. And the guy in the car comes next. And he's like, yeah, we're Ober eats. We've been stuck here for half hour or whatever. Figure out where to go. And I actually ended up calling the customer to find their address and ended up from beltline, bringing it over to Stan Dale. and was able to drop it off. The app was still froze, I just kind of like quit using it for the night went over to lift. And but I didn't have I got my money for because I had to pay with my own car. Yeah, I got my money for that. But I haven't gotten any money because it was a to ride class. So I was supposed to make like an additional 12 or 18 bucks. Okay. And it was a second ride of it. I was in a surge area, plus the delivery costs. So I haven't gotten paid for that yet. And I've I'm in the process of finishing that. And that's been since October 31. And today is wow.

Yeah, yeah. And I know today they had a there was an a couple of Amazon servers down. So grubhub was having trouble shipped was a complete shit show. I guess they couldn't process orders. There was no communication. So yeah, I as well have paid for an order that I thank you for bringing that up. I'm going to check later if they finally paid me because I did get paid

today. I think there needs to be they need to do something different with that, because I need verification somehow that, you know, it supposedly is on that particular ride. But I need to know like later on that that's been covered. I don't know how that Well,

yeah, it's weird because I send a screenshot and say I paid for it. So how do they know? I

mean, they know I've actually had I took pictures, I had the receipts I had, I wrote down on the receipt, the address that I delivered it to Yeah. And you know, the permit number and I asked the girl's name and I you know, I said, Look, I'm having problem. Problems with this. If you could please verify with Uber that everything has been covered up if in case they come back to you. So then I had to also show that I paid for it on my credit card statement. Okay. To over Yeah, I'm

sure I'm

never really quick. I'm paying that back. Because on their honor app that says Don't worry. We will pay Yeah, we'll cover that. Yeah,

yeah. So I have to follow up with that was only $18. But I'm not, you know, I need my money back. But so

they send out that card now. All right. So you have a new book right now a debit cards, you can use that to pay with no right?

Yeah. But for swordfish has one too.

Yeah, they all do. grubhub does, too. Yeah, for some reason. I've never had it. But you know, last week I went to a pizza place and it didn't work. And then of course, you look like a douche canoe because your card was declined. You know what I mean? I can't even afford an $18 pizza. Yeah, know what I mean?

Twice. It's like, it's not my frickin card. Oh, I didn't even have brought it

twice. I was like, Okay, here's my visa card, like I wasn't

gonna stand there and have run it over, then I'm using my card that I can get some airline points on to so well, I'm gonna use somebody else's money. I'm gonna get some points for me.

Well, they got to make it a little difficult to get your money back. Right? Because otherwise you would do that. Right? You would just every order you'd pay with your own card if you knew like, they would clear it that night. And you'd get your money back. Why wouldn't you do it that way

get rewards. So yeah, but what they're doing too is they're adding it to your total right? So you look at your dollar amount and you're like, no, wait a minute. I have $91 for that food order from sushi place was not my money that I made. This is right, you know?

Yeah, you got to keep keep track of that stuff. That's another tip too. If you're out there and doing stuff, keep your receipts even if you paid through Uber and then you know at the end of the week after it pays out then I would pitch them. But

yeah, you just got a pile receipts, you know, and I'm like, yeah, you never know. You can use those as your your receipts for tax purposes you know, hey, nope,


yes for said that he doesn't represent the gig county podcast without payment.

It was a joke. No, I would never know. I know.

All right, moving on. So

credit card statement.

Right, right. Right. So this is kind of funny whether it's fake or I don't know. For our audio people, there's a like a $7 $8

I think I delivered that to your house Jews or excuse me, sir.

I'm a once a month are over here. Okay. So that, you know, and we do missionary we don't do it that way. So

you would tell us Yeah, right. I would.

So there's a tip of $8. And a note says, Please leave food here on the step and their stick figures. They're going to town busy town. And it says Don't interrupt

balloon animals

balloon. What

is a very famous radio show in town and every time they talk about that, they say they do balloon animals.

Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, I

didn't know that. That's funny. Oh,

yeah. But uh,

yeah, that's, that's pretty hilarious. So again, don't know if it's real or not, but it's still freakin funny.


All right. So yes, burrs got a tick tock video. Well, this is more just kind of a, it's kind of a feel good video, right? We'd like to put these on sometimes. And just we talk about how we're bartenders when we're driving people around, and sometimes people just kind of open up to you. And you're like, you got to be ready for that stuff. Because sometimes it's super emotional. So I'll play that video, and then we'll kind of talk about it. Let's see if I can

say, Why do I have to play the video?

I know, I know. Shut up. Like a tirade, like, I don't have enough to do. assholes.

I'm driving for Uber. And so this guy gets in my car. And he immediately asked me to play country song and I was like, Okay, I can get down some country. I grew up in middle fucking nowhere, Ohio. I like country. We're good. Let's do it. And he was like, oh, where'd you grow up? You know, like, small talk. And I told him and I was like, Yeah, I mean, it's it's probably not like as bad as like the rural south. But it's I mean, it's still pretty conservative over there, whatever. And he was started asking you like, how it was growing up with parents that were conservative, all this stuff. And I was like, well, it helps when half your siblings are gay. Haha, as a joke, and then he starts crying. And he was like, I think I'm gay. Oh, my God. Don't tell anybody that. Oh, my God. I've never said that before. Please don't tell me you got it just sat in my car for an hour. Because I'm the only person that he's ever told that to before. And we're getting coffee on Sunday. So

please don't tell anybody. No, let

me take coffee on Sundays.

Yeah, yeah, that's a good point. Are you getting coffee just to chat or, or? Yeah, but it's just, it's nice.

I'm working this out. We have coffee with me. Right?


Man, I'm kind of kind of in between. But that that does suck. If you are. I can't believe in today's age. You're like, you feel like you have to be like, hold that back. Like if you're gay. Like, who gives a shit? Like, I mean, I feel bad for

those families. But it's just not you don't talk about stuff? No, yeah. It's this whole, the whole concept of coming out is still a big thing. I'm pretty convinced. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Especially in the African American community.

Unfortunately, unfortunately. I have to say, unfortunately, because yeah, you know, people should be able to live their way they want. Absolutely.

What is your craziest kind of? I don't know what someone's told you in your like, Okay. I'm sorry. I mean, I've had girls cry. And I'd be like, yeah, that guy's a douche. You know? Like, I don't know. I'm like, she's probably part of the problem, too, but I can't think anything offhand. What about you? Yes. For Chris.

I'm sure. One, don't the only one that came to mind is is my is the guy after the concert. And he was a complete douche. And not that anybody ever told me but he was just a piece of work, right? Yeah. But yeah, I don't know. Nobody. I mean, often people would would do the whole bartender thing and and kind of tell me stories and stuff. But again, same time, but quite often you just try to say a couple of words. And then you know, the years right and, and move on. So it's mean, I don't know. Nothing comes to mind. Nothing really comes to mind.

What about you, Chris?

Oh, gosh. Where do you want me to start? Well,

let's not make it a 10 minute story. We still got a bunch of articles to get to but give me the short version.

So one time I picked up this gal and like, picked her up at a house and we're driving along and she's kind of quiet in the back and We're kind of, in a sense, something was not right. and ended up she was had two houses and was trying to get rid of one and we're just struggling with it and didn't know what to do. And so, you know, I, you know, have a faith. So I'd like being offline, maybe we can kind of work this out for you a little bit and so kind of talked her through it and she ended up just bawling in the backseat of my car and yeah, go sorry. You know, I hope it works out for you.

Yeah, like when you're done, you're like, Okay, I you know, this is a good conversation, but get the hell out of my car.

So I did have a drunken nurse one time and that was she was a

she worked with kids and I know if I ever shared that video, I have a whole video so Yeah, I think so. We need if we get ever get john on here, he just talked about the cooter lady or the, or the hound dog. What was what was that? Uh, I can't remember. But he's got a great story about that about like, the the lady had married him three months ago. And she was hoping he died, or I think that's the same like, was that I know, I'm gonna struggle with it. But maybe when we get him on here, we'll

talk about you know, after a while, we get so many there.

Yeah, I know. And this happened. He told about this about over probably a year and a half ago. And

there's probably been a while 10,000

voice messages.

You never know if it's a real story from john.

I don't know. He is a pretty good storyteller.

He is a pretty he is that

all right. He needs to come to the you know, to the picnic one of these years or you can actually know who he is.

Yeah, I mean, I think I think we get him on here. Now that we're doing remotes for a little bit. He's got the internet. He's got a camera. He's got the equipment. So Pete said I had a girl I picked up downtown to watch her boyfriend smash your phone on the ground. I immediately pulled up and told her to get in and didn't even know she was my passenger. Oh, that's rough too.

How many times have had the one he who was it? The head the one that passed out in his car on the way out to Grand Bailey.

No, who hasn't had that?

I've had that happen several times. But

he had the cops and everything like come in at the gas.

No, that was Justin us. Hi, Justin. That was Justin. Yeah. But yeah, who hasn't had a passed out? Grand Valley girl. All right, before we jump forward.

Your Man you just specify judge? Geez.


I mean as a passenger relax

as a passenger.

Yes, sorry. Me office. That's the name. We made it. We made it call it it's my office. But that's just the gig economy. pronunciation. Michigan insurance and financial services called Jackie at 269-569-6127. Or email her Jackie at mia Yes, birds now.

Am I gonna save you a ton of money?

Yeah, yes, it is on board. Can

you put an A in there? No, no.

What do you mean?

I don't get it.

All right, whatever.

I'm gonna use a s

m i a m Oh, geez. Chris. Idiot. Anyways, call Jackie at 26956 960 you can't talk to me when I'm doing an ad like it totally throws me off. If I have to actually spell or do any math. I'm screwed. Caller at 269-569-6127 or email her Jackie at EMI especially with insurance reform. If you're up in the age, older age bracket like Chris's age, you could probably save some money. But give her a call. We really appreciate Jackie. Appreciate Jackie supporting the show. Get Insurance Co y'all. You shouldn't just be going with the same company for 20 years like you definitely need to get an insurance quote because the prices have changed and you want to make sure that your your guy or your gal is not taking advantage of you with prices. And she shops around for you. Yeah, just for one company. Yeah, sell some independent broker or independent agent and she doesn't like the word broker. I say that all the freakin time. Um Alright, so speaking of Amazon this sumbitch Oh, hold on. Shoot.

I not I can't say that I I've recognized that

move. why you've done that before.

I've had I've been maps throw me down the wrong so

Amazon delivery van gets extremely stuck falling GPS down a California four by four trail. You know what's interesting with Oh, Judas mod. I'm looking at the pictures in the article. There's more pictures than that. So what's interesting is out of all the companies out there Do the all the apps as far as whoops, wrong one. You know, like Ubers got their own built in app. Does Lyft Are they still pop out? I can't remember.

Christmas on my map mapping app.

Yeah, GPS. Yeah. Amazon's GPS is amazing in their in their app. It used to be sketchy, but it's really good. Now, mind you, I'm not saying that if you're in the boonies, it won't try to take you down a two track because I had that the other day. Where it said, I mean, you could probably get through it. It was one of those seasonal roads. But as far as like accuracy, like where the houses and everything it is spot on, so yeah, that guy had a bad day. I don't think it's as bad as the guy that went on the damn golf course. The last show, though, and frickin drove tried to drive under the bridge where golf carts go like a douche canoe.

I mean, come on, think? Yeah,

I that's just you. Come on. It's it's not a hard job.

What do you do that before?

I've gone the wrong way. Thinking. Yeah, but did you? Because you're following the map? And you have no, you know, no idea where the heck you're going. Right, right. And so I'm going, you know, I've gone down roads that ended up being dead in and it's actually the road over. That's the way you're supposed to go through. So

yeah. Sometimes when the roads are closed, the GPS can't figure out exactly where you're at. But yeah, we've all taken wrong turns for sure. But

oh, no, not because of them. often do you do wrong turns because of the map? So the map is actually directing you. Right. And you end up taking you following the map but a wrong turn, right.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they're not bulletproof, y'all, so you still have to have your awareness around you. I mean, driving on a golf course. Idiot. So

yeah, you go

for Yeah, so yes, for let's talk a little bit about I know this is just local for us, but we thought it was kind of interesting.

The Bob so the bob is on sale. So it's for sale. We all we tried to buy the Bob and 20 Monroe live many, many times on the on the podcast and other places. And it's a big, pretty big venue downtown Grand Rapids, which you know, compared to California, it's it's a tiny venue. But but the the big old building, which is the the name of the Bob,

What is that sound?

Oh, Chris is pouring a drink.

Oh, there we go. Sorry about that.

He's got his pants off.

For me, guys. Anyway, so the big old building, which is what the bob stands for, as well as the 20 Monroe live venue, they're both for sale. And if you have that nimble sum of $33 million, we can buy both the buildings. Yeah, that's it as a package deal.

I mean, it's cheap. I think we're pretty close with our Patreon. I mean, we should just take that slush fund that we have

maybe one more page, just one

more, we'll push this into the $30 million range, and we can buy those bars.

But yeah, no, I think it's pretty cool. I mean, we've had a lot of stories about the Bob has lots of stories. It's it's one of those spots that you know, people will constantly pick up in front of them even though there is no pay gobbling

nightmare, and

it is just a nightmare. And, and and yeah, was he? Yeah, we Yes. I mean, I would constantly ask people, you know, call people and say, Hey, you got across the street, even though it's it's a pretty busy street in the middle of the night or whatever. I'm not picking you up within for i'm not i'm not risking a ticket. And right, almost every night, we would see the police pulling up and giving tickets left and right. So

yeah, I definitely. I'd really like to see the bob change a little bit. Yes, we're and I kind of talked last week about it a little bit and said, you know, it'd be really nice for them to you know, like, maybe it wasn't yesterday, I don't know who I was talking to. But

I don't remember talking to you about. It was somebody

so when it when it first happened when we were first starting to get tickets over there. I actually called Bob up and talk to management. Yep. And I said, this is what's happening and somehow something needs to change, that your customers are coming out, you know, out front. And that's not the place for we can pick up I said, you know, maybe you can talk to the city and try to get that as a designated spot. Yeah, pick up so we're not getting tickets. And the management person that I talked to at the time actually says why use Uber and Lyft all Hot and you know, I? That's terrible. I'm like, really bad. So,

yeah, I mean, they got to work with the city and you know, maybe that person you talked to thought it was bad, but then you bring it up to you know, the owners. They're like, yeah, we don't really care. We're not working with the city on them.

Well, and I know several people who who call the police and the police says there's nothing we can do. It's out of our hands, because it's done by the it's done down by the

it's a traffic line,

it would, the township has to decide that basically in making those changes, Uber, right, police can't do it. And and, and the Bob can do it. It's one of those things that they have to decide to put money towards changing that lane, as you correctly say, from a traffic lane into a pickup.

Well, and that's the problem, too. They didn't anticipate, you know, when they built that building, they didn't anticipate what who were left wasn't even around. Right. So

the builder was always there. They just restore it was an old factory.

Yeah, well, they figured people would just park in the parking ramp in that would be fine. But then Uber and Lyft came around and people don't want to drive anymore. So correct.

Yep. Anyways, one of our funds are $33 million guys. Anybody want to team up and buy the building was Come on. Let's go. Let's do it.

It'd be worth waiting the price go down. Yeah,

it'd be worth buying 20 mineral live I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to buy the Bob. I mean, clearly, they're hemorrhaging money because it's been closed. And they're like, I we need to get the hell out of this. So

yeah. Well, the Gilmore group is a really, really good group. Yeah, number of restaurants around the Westside Misha they own the 20

min row to

Yeah, okay.

It's the same company. Yeah. Same owner. They

don't that they designed it and everything. So

yeah, they definitely. I mean, that buildings not that old. So I'm sure I have. I actually

took Mr. Gilmore home one night. Yeah. Did he tip? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I forget how much but he did. It sounded sexy. It was it was a good ride. That's good. Right out to ADA. It was further out. It wasn't just ADA. It was it was a little bit further out.

Yeah. All right. So whoops. All right. This is Oh, did I not load the video? Son of a


Hold on a minute. I just realized I just loaded the I know I just loaded the screenshot. Hang on a second. Okay, there we go.

In the meantime, we'll say hi to Chris Cooper. How you doing Manny? video?



Christopher Cooper,

I'll play it again. I crystal. So basically, this is it. Let me stop it. So this is a an Uber Eats delivery and they're all been caught contactless. Mostly most people do that. I always when I drop it, I always knock on the door. Now this looks like somewhere probably in New York or somewhere where there's apartments on you know where they probably you'd knock knocking would do will do nothing. But let me play this real quick. And then we'll sorry about loading that. Go to guys walk by and pick up the food.

I don't like this. I'm gonna bring it

Why did they why you know what?

Why? I'm sorry.

Oh, somebody did leave it.

There you go.

I swear he said stupid ass right at the end there when they were driving, or when they were biking away. But yeah, for the audio listeners. Basically, there was two. I don't know kids or maybe young adults walking by and they saw the food and picked it up. And then somebody either the driver or the deliver. Somebody said, hey, that's not yours. What are you doing? And going back to what I said is like I always knock on the door. And then I text them. Like, each platform has a different way of doing it like Uber, you actually if it's contactless. You take a picture. If it's not, you don't have to take a picture because they're expecting you to meet the person at the door. grubhub no picture you just text them say hey, I left it were the delivery instructions said so.

I like the picture. Yeah, I

do too.

I've had people though, coming out the door and I'm taking a picture at the same time.

Yeah, I try to have my camera like when it says take photo as I'm walking up. I have it ready. So The second I take it out of the bag, I take a quick picture because it looks weird, right? You're like, why are you taking a picture of my food? But yeah, I so far, you know, Ben got kicked off that Uber Eats platform, which is very strange. He had like an 82% rating and I'm like, I'm 100% Why?

What did he do? Yeah,

exactly. I mean, how hard is it? You frickin drop the food off and you take a picture and you walk away? I mean, other than if you're like, stomping on the bag of food when you leave after you take the picture. I mean, other than that, like, I'm not sure what happened to the mascot. I don't know. I'm assuming day.

I think I got busted for that. Because

you did you get a complaint?

I don't know. I got it. I'm like, Whoa, why did I get a negative here? And oh, I've

never even I mean, I guess I can look

in my mark your mask on when you're dropping it off?

I do I do when I drop the food off.

Do you have it on in the car?

No. You're not required to. I don't have any passengers. So my food, my foods in a hot bag anyways, so I don't really need to worry about it. I mean, I definitely cough on it as I put the food in the bag. No, I'm kidding. anyone listening this?

Is that before I ask you to take the top?

off? You know, McDonald's?

You know, makes me wonder sometimes because it's like, you know, the Vegas sealed. Supposedly, most of them get on the package, right?

I mean, they kind of took it away a little bit they took away that used to be like remember, everyone was putting their groceries inside their. You know, their garage.

I know people that were like cleaning off every can be they were bringing into the house. Yeah,

yeah, definitely store right. Um, so where am I unmuted Chris because he's like, hitting the mic and driving me nuts. Where are we at? Okay,

yeah, to get power to his laptop, I'm sure. Oh, is

that what it was? All right. So this one is interesting. I actually had speaking of McDonald's, or talking about McDonald's but sealed bags, they seal everything. They put the drinks inside and everything. I made delivery today and the sons of bitches that McDonald's on 44th Street. I don't care if I'm throwing them out. There's suck every time I go there personally, or with my partner no 40 Sorry, I should clarify 44th and Granville, that my or that McDonald's sucks. But anyways, I'm like, he's like, he gives me the bag. I was like, Is it all in here? It feels a little light because it's sealed. You can't see and he's like, well, the tickets on the thing. And I looked at the ticket, had the drinks on it. And I'm like, okay, and sure enough, the lady texted me. And I had a good interaction. She was very sweet. I was like, I'm sorry, called grubhub they'll refund you she's like, okay, thank you so much. Now this interaction on the other thing, well read this. So it says this is your grubhub driver. I left your order outside of your front door. That's the standard text. Does no peppers mean more peppers to you? customer. I have no control over how they make your food contact grubhub for a complaint on your food. So so far fine. You're an idiot. The past customer. Again, no control over your food call grubhub whatever dude, call grab Bob if something's wrong with the food, learn how to read Okay. And then he drives like no hablo English. So, yeah, I, I understand people get frustrated with when they're corrected.

I hop off of Plainfield in 96, I picked up there and brought it to the guy dropped it off. He's like, I got the wrong food. I'm like, Ah, this is what they gave me. Yeah, call call call, I hop up. And

so I actually will verify the name even when they hand it to me before I leave, because a lot of times the name will be on the receipt and they're all different. If the name matches for me, I'm fine. But I always verify the name.

But like I said the name to the gal when I went into the hopper and picked it up. So I assumed everything was good, you know? Yeah,

I mean, some of those places do take out amazingly like chipolte Lee. It they rock it out, man. I never have to wait I walk in there. I mean, they are they have like an assembly line just for takeout. It's just like you doba

is there there are places so you know just talking about that a little bit. I went to Mr. burger last week on Saturday at Michigan. Mm hmm. And, and like, they need to figure it out. And some of the Taco Bells too. They need to figure it out. It's like you guys could make way more money if you would figure this out. And do like these other restaurants are doing because you suck Add it is your your your food is bad. You know? For instance like Mr. burger on Michigan, I don't know if the rest of them are the same they have they have the drive thru. So as a Uber driver, I had a colleague order and so I called the order and I got there ended up having to sit in the drive thru lane. Yeah, well, they were backed up, like all the way around the building. I'm like, great, you know, and so had to go through get to the speaker. I'm like, Hey, I'm with Uber. I got this order. Oh, you're that big order. Yeah. And I go up, I use my card to pay for it. And I'm thinking, what you guys need to do is have Collin orders, set up a table on the inside a, you know, A through F or whatever, you know, set up the different things like ketover does, and have people come in and pick up their order. So that they order ahead of time you got 1520 minutes to prepare it. Put it in the on the on the table outside people could come in, pay for it, take it and leave Uber drivers, Lyft drivers, grubhub whatever, whoever can come in and pick it up, pay for it and leave. They could do three lines out front. Like they do like chick fil a does. You go to chick fil a. They are frickin awesome. I'm sorry, the 28th Street and a belt line chick fil a, they have 40 cars there. I bet they get them through in less than 10 to 15 minutes.

Yeah, and what's interesting about chick fil a is they they come out to you like you don't even have to go and you just pull on the spot. And they're like, they bring like, I don't even know how they know. It's my order. They just come to my car. Like I was like what

the hell I didn't even know anyone is awesome for chick fil a is like, okay, so if you're going through the drive thru, they come out with the iPad, you order your food you pay for the food, they're your stock, if you're ordered it Yeah, you're gonna wait. Right, you know, but they get you through fast. Yeah. So you get your food right away. I mean, and it's like, okay, we need to figure this out. We need to know how we can get the flow going. So we can make optimize the dollar amount right now. And a little amount of time as possible. And this

is why No, no chick fil a has ever gone out of business because they got their shit together from from A to B.

And the kitchen is made for that. And you're not going to get the same atomistic burger. They have the kitchen. Right?

Yeah. Well, that's why.

Mr. burger, I understand what you're saying. Yes. Mr. burger, if you would call in your order from your house in your home and pick it up. You got 1520 minutes to put get that order ready. That's plenty of time. Yeah, plenty amount of time. And if you were sitting down in a restaurant, you would expect your food in that amount of time.

I wish McDonald's would do that. Like, let me come into the restaurant have a table there too. It's kind of the same thing like it. Or even

McDonald's. So they got they got the 123 you know, pickup spot. Mm hmm. So tell the Uber driver to go to one, two or three? Yeah, no, bring the food out here. And they could they could be so much more efficient with a McDonald's then

McDonald's is always slower, though.

Yeah. They don't have they don't have to be fast, because everyone will still go. And honestly, the lot of these restaurants with the pandemic, like, you better get your shit together or you're going under because people are not going to tolerate slower food. So

well, if they've seen the restaurants that are figuring it out, know how to do it fast. People are going to catch on. And if they're not if the restaurant is not understanding what the market is telling them, but you need to figure it out much faster than what they're doing. And they need to get a group of Uber drivers in there to talk to them and ask them what's going on. Get us in there. We will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Yeah, McDonald's wants to be a sponsor, the show will happily take their sponsorship money and we'll get that shit running. Great.

I work on that for you. Yeah, that would be great.

And another thing this is kind of a tip like when you're doing food delivery we talked about strategy for drivers when you're driving like one times ago. know those restaurants in your area that are shitty, like I tell yester don't take McDonald's yesterday, I took a McDonald's a day because it was slow. It was $10 and 50 cents. I'm like, okay, that's that's decent for McDonald's. Like that's a decent tip. I waited in line for 20 minutes at that stupid Granville McDonald's. Because it was already I mean, I literally

it was over 20 bucks. He would have waited. Yeah.

Well, it was ready. I got the notification. I grab up, they pressed, ready to go. And I still waited in line for 15 minutes to get that food. Oh,

and then it was a sure so they should tell you to go to you know, one, two or three. Yeah, we'll run it out to you. Yes,

yes, exactly.

I've also so the other thing I've wondered because they they often tell you just pull up to Window number, you know, the second window, right? Mm hmm. So I wonder if I could just bypass and slide in. At the second man, you're

gonna get somebody to stab you in the neck. I

mean, But they tell you that right yeah. So they're like just pull up to the second window.

Yeah. I'd be better off watch. Oh

yeah. Okay, so I picked up yesterday at the one on division at the McDonald's yo vision and ha Whoa. That there's that one and the what's the chicken place over there? Popeye's home? Popeye's chicken coop? It's like so anyway, I go into the McDonald's and I'm in a thing I get up to the first window and the guy's like, well, you can go over the hump and then drive around and then go up. We've we set up a window for you guys. Oh. And so there is a window division, the McDonald's at division and Hall. Mm hmm. There's a window for you. If you just go right around and you park in the spot and go up to the window and you you just you ring the buzzer?

Oh, you got to get out of your car.

Yeah. Oh, no things by No.

Not division Hall. But anyway,

let's move on. But But you bring her but you know, you give them the code and then and then you're on your way. Yeah, I have to sit in line and wait for right. Yeah, even with those guys there. Honestly, those guys there are word. Some of the nicest. They're like, have a blessed day. Have a blessed day. Oh, yeah. Have them in that that store where we're like,

I know I tease them. I tease the area, but I'm sure they were fine. No, I

know what you mean. Yeah. Like, try to stay out of the area like enter or stay in your You're watching 360 when you're

right, right. All right. Well, guess what it is tax time. What it's only November now be ready. I have another podcast I listen to their tax guy also is started to advertise to so we're not too early called skirting board tax and accounting. Dave at 616-940-1045 he is gonna hook you up, he's going to help you get through those 1099 tell you how much you're gonna have to pay or not pay or get money back. But don't do it yourself. Don't screw around with that you have the backing of an accountant so if you get audited, they have all your shit and they can make sure that you're doing you know everything's on the up and up. So call Dave at 940 1045 does not have to be just in Michigan or you can go to their Facebook page and contact them as wow Thank you to scrote and bartacks how Dean just

real fast with the before I move on the first time I did a an accountant back many years ago, I thought I was gonna pay $800 and I end up getting $2,000 back so there's a big huge difference in you now using an accountant because they know all the things that you don't know. So definitely,

I mean, you know, I've done terrible tax before I did gig work when I was doing simple and it's it's okay, it works. But if you ever get a have a question your end up googling it. Like you're it's hard to figure out if you do know exactly what to do. And honestly, my account I think he I didn't use day, but I have someone else that that I've used for years. And I think it was like 275 or something because I have he like rolls his eyes every time I roll in because all my 1099 shipped Amazon Uber Lyft grubhub. I mean, there's like eight of them. And he's like, oh boy, man who put me to work but yeah, call Dave don't wait, start doing it now get a relationship going get your information in. And so when you get all your shit, and you can find out how much money you're getting back. So we don't have a tip tonight, but that's okay. Before we jump into Facebook shenanigans ad for us, we would love you to be a Patreon support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. slash the gig, Bob. Yep, the gig econ podcast, get an extra podcast a month and we're working on exclusive merch just for Patreon. Now you're not going to get well you will get one piece free if you join for two months to $10 here, but we're actually going to actually create some merge just for Patreon members to buy so it's only for you. No one else can buy it. So again, thank you for Michael and Ron g for signing up. We really appreciate it search the gig economy podcasts we would super appreciate the support we really really like it. I love the song by the way. I could just listen to this and this doesn't even have any words with it. Alright, let's get back and finish this boy out. Chris is muted. Sorry about that. You're getting another drink. All right. Okay, this one? Yes. We're asked me. Okay, I'm just gonna read it first. It's a shipped shop. It says requested product jello, instant vanilla pudding and pie filling available with five of these be okay. sends a picture The customers like yes, that works just fine. Are these individual servings I need enough for a banana pudding? Yes. She's like pudding. pudding. Oh my god. Yes. It was like, what's up banana pudding? And I'm like,


I knew I was mad. Right.

I hope Emma's Yeah. So

I guess if you have a banana pee there, you got bigger problems. I'm just gonna leave it at that. This next one? Never in my life. What I have imagined that my hands would consume more alcohol than my mouth. Oh, that is so true. I am definitely like, every time I come out from a restaurant, I have hand sanitizer and a pump like in my door and I just like take a little hit of it, rub it, rub my steering wheel my keys and then go on to the next one. But yeah, my hands are getting so dry. I definitely have to put lotion on and then Yes, sir. This one's for you, buddy.

I yeah, sorry. I still don't get it. Right. But why did my Uber driver eat Ober eats driver send me a picture of me taking my food into the house.

I think it's just a silly, a silly little thing, right?

Oh, no, the guy. So the guy had to take a picture on the Uber app. Right? Yeah. And so he ended up going back to his car or going Oh, and the guy actually came out to get the food.

Yeah, I forgot to take

that where I've saw you know, people are coming out the door while I'm taking the picture. So there Yeah, picture.

Yeah, that's that's true. I never. I never thought about that. Now that thanks for Chris for explaining. Thanks for

expanding to he's obviously the Uber Eats delivery expert.

You know, I prior to pandemic, I quit doing Uber Eats Me too. I think I didn't know what this is. This is this is not worth it. I'm not worth You know, I'm getting berated by the restaurant. And yeah, the summers aren't tipping or doing anything I was making like two bucks. And I'm like, this is I'm not doing it. So I forget like three or four weeks into the pandemic. And I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna turn this on and see what happens. And it was,

I mean, it's gotten even less now. It was booming earlier in the pandemic. Now. There's still decent runs, like I almost everyone I get is at least $10. Although I did get a $4 one the other day to like, I mean, it was a close delivery. I'm like, I don't get off my couch for right.

So you know, you you interviewed me? What was it? August? I don't remember July. And I was like, Yeah, I don't want to tell you how good I'm doing. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I mean, it's, it's good. Now I've always done grubhub Uber Eats has always been the bottom of the barrel. Like even before pandemic I did grubhub in the winter, to supplement you know, other things. But yeah,

so what I find funny is like, okay, I do. So people will tip on Uber Eats I in every almost every delivery, you get a tip on

I've never had them taken away.

Never. Maybe I've had a few where I did not get a tip on but so when you do a regular ride, right, Uber x ride Mm hmm. You don't get a tip. Yeah. If there's even if you've got a frickin dollar every tip, I'd be happy.

Yeah. I think what it boils down to is it's always been implied if free delivery gets a tip. Like it always says, and and Uber taking people around is always such a new thing. relatively new. And when Uber started saying you don't have to tip at the beginning, it just that was just kind of the thing I've always joked about I get you, your human being from A to B and you didn't die and I don't get a tip. But if I you know, if I get my your cheeseburger there in time, like it took me 10 bucks. I'm like, I mean, yeah, and I and

I mean, you've seen some of the tips, right? Yeah. For over anything. Yeah, race and you're like,

some of them are nuts. Right like that. Well, that McDonald's run today. That reason I got it was like 1050 she tipped me 750 I'm like, kind of McDonald's run lights, like, unheard of. Right. So

so and and so the thing that bugs me though, is that Uber kind of has topped it out. Right?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it is what it is. But we got to wrap it up because we've been online for an hour and 25. And, but Chris, I appreciate you guys hosting. It's been great. I think next week as I possibly have Miguel and then somebody that's like a professional ship shopper. It's all gonna be remote again, but she's gonna chime in on some stuff. So Sam, no, Sam was coming in in January. But no, this is somebody that does a lot of it. She's been on Reddit a little bit. We connected on Reddit and talking to people actually talking to people that use ship as a customer, so it's been kind of nice to for her to be like, Hey, listen, this is what this looks like. So just remember your shopper is not you know what I mean? Just those kind of tips. Right? It'd be fun.

You get me back in January.

Did you sign up for two?

Yeah. Oh,

I don't know. I have to look at the schedule. I only work two weeks in advance. So And just a reminder, December 9 as our last show for 2020. We're taking the rest of the year off. Over thanks, Euler. Yeah, we're taking the lot the rest of the the year off. So enjoy your Thanksgiving. And we'll see you on

Thanksgiving. November night. Thank you. Thanks, guys.

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Hi guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. joining us on this Wednesday at 9pm. Eastern. We are all remote again. Yes sir is back from New Zealand. Larry's here again from Bowling Green, Kentucky and then I'm here from beautiful Grandville, Michigan this studio is sponsored by Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid and we will talk to them in a few minutes.

So I my friend New Zealand all

of them did I say New Zealand Janet


Shout out to Janet for things she took a nasty fall I'm sure pictures. Yes, but she just want to send our best wishes to her and for a speedy recovery because that was a nasty fall.

She's doing okay though. She's Yeah. Yes, he's doing good.

She's a trooper.

Yeah, she

looks like she got in a fistfight Not gonna lie It's it's

I think it was with the cement though right? Yes, yes. Yeah, no, but nobody actually hit her

I guarantee she won't step over that baby gate again she will move it and walk through and then and then re close it so if you guys can share the show any in any of your Facebook groups Twitter if you're on YouTube, please subscribe and and you know like the post we'd really appreciate it. Also anything you know gig economy related you can go to gig economy slash Nope. hyphen, podcast calm. Also in the description. There's a link tree which is kind of a cool feature if you click on that has everything gig economy related our website how to download the podcast, all our social media merchant, all that stuff. So want to thank you, the Patreon members and that's Keith. from Georgia Janet for New Zealand not Yes, for Leo from Detroit, Larry, of course, from Bowling Green Sampson, from gr Miguel from Grand Rapids and Ron g from San Francisco. We really appreciate everyone supporting the gig economy podcast. And then of course, our telegram group where you can see the pictures of Janet's blackeye. If you're curious, not that you shouldn't go there for that. But I'm just saying if you do go there,

you can go and wish her you know, good. Good. Good wishes and a quick recovery.

Yes, right. Yeah. She seems to be doing better. Yeah, but it looks a lot worse than it probably feels right now. But yeah, that link is actually in the show description. So if you click on that you can join. We talked about gig work. We talked about cats. We talked about gummy bears, you know, whatever.

All the important stuff.

Many, many, many more subjects. valic. Gummy Bears. Well, they wouldn't be bears. They'd be phallic pieces of gummy candy. Try not to say the word dick.

But you're, I think gotten on a tangent already.


Already. didn't take long.

So I you know, I this is the portion of the podcast. We're talking about stories. And thanks, Michael for and I just don't have any I don't understand. Like, I'm not doing people. So maybe that's part of it. Or maybe I'm just not looking for him. But I feel bad. Like I'm out there 40 hours a week doing gig work. But I'm just not having terrible interactions. But I know Larry had a funny interaction. Why don't you tell us about that, Larry?

Sure. Yeah, Saturday night, I was out driving, it was about 2am. And you know, starting to starting to wrap things up and got a got a call for a ride. And it showed me that it was gonna be a little over 20 minute ride. So you know, that's good. And especially that time of night, not much else business going on. So get there and the timer is almost running out. So I'm getting ready to call them and the girl comes out, and I don't want to use the name. So I'm going to use I'm going to use boyfriend, girlfriend and passenger in this story. So the girlfriend, this girl brain comes out and she's like, please don't leave my friends here. It's my birthday. And she's here celebrating. She's a little drunk. She's a lot drunk. Please don't leave. And so she paid me 20 bucks. I'm like, Hey, I'm not going anywhere. 20 bucks, I'll say for me to keep me around for a little bit. So when she goes back in, and then she comes out a couple months later, she's like, I promise she's almost ready. Please don't leave. I was like, you know, I told you when we some you know, I'm not gonna leave. And she's actually me and my boyfriend are gonna ride with you because she's pretty drunk. And we just want to, you know, we don't want to dump her on you. I was like, Well, I appreciate that very much. But now it's like a 45 minute trip and I've got to take a piss. And but luckily, luckily I would have never done this but I had the boyfriend I had him as a passenger several times. So so I knew him so I know he's cool. So I was like, hey, it's gonna be 45 minutes give you can Mind if I run into issues your restroom real quick. She's like, Oh, yes, no problem, no problem. So we walk in immediately. It reeks of weed. I mean, thick, thick cloud of smoke. You know, and there's like five liquor bottles on the coffee table. So I go use your bathroom real quick, and I come out. So the boyfriend's sitting on one side of a couch, the girlfriend's sitting next to him. And the girl who's supposed to my passenger is giving her a full on lap dance. I mean, full on lap dance. And oh, my God, all right, you know, showtimes where we need to get this ball rolling? I need to see that, you know, so. So we in the passenger are heading outside and that the boyfriend girlfriend are getting their stuff together. So we're about halfway to the car and the drunk girl goes. I forgot my glasses. Can you go in and make sure they get my glasses? I'm like, Okay. Oh, back the door. Come back. Well, the drunk girl has gotten into the front passenger seat. And she's, and she's taking her shirt off.


was she was she was probably hard, right?

Yeah, that's exactly what she said. Yes, exactly.

She's like, I'm

so sorry. I was just it's so hot. It's so hot. I just had to take my shirt off. And I'm like, well, honey, that's fine. I'll turn the air on for you. But you really need to push her back. Yeah. And about that time the boyfriend and girlfriend Get out, get to the car and they talk her into putting her shirt back on. So it was very interesting ride. And then we finally get her get her to her apartment. She's talking nonsense, the whole 20 minute ride just nonsense. And we get to her apartment. It's kind of around this curve. And so they walk her in make sure she gets in, she saved they come back out and worn out going back around the curve and all sudden, I see something in my peripheral vision. And I look over in this girl's rundown running out to the car, same girl. And she's got this doctor suits. You know, Dr. Seuss hats, the big puffy hat. Yeah, it's got birthday candles all over it. And so she's telling her friends, she's like, it's your birthday. You have to wear the birthday hat and she James. She's like, okay, I'll wear the birthday hat. I wear the birds. So get them back home. It's another 20 minutes. They give me another 20 bucks. So I ended up making 90 bucks on the ride, which took about an hour. So not Not bad. Not bad. You know,

there's some days Larry, I say. I really miss taking drunk passengers. And then I hear stories like that, Mike. No, no, nope. I don't know. I don't know how you did that and how patient you were, I wouldn't even gotten to their house.

Here's the funniest part of the whole thing. I get home about 315 330. And my wife always wakes up just a little bit when I come to bed and asked me how my night was she always asked Did you have any you have any funny stories or memorable stories by this story? You know what happened? And she's like, oh, okay, and she's so used to the craziness. Doesn't even phaser right. I tell her next morning. I was like, I really have to just give you props. I was like, most wise would freak out. Their husband said Yo, yeah, does your comeback in my car. This girl's got no shirt on. And you're just like, oh, okay, it's another night. Yeah. good night's sleep. Well,

yeah, that's how you know you're a rideshare veteran that

Exactly, exactly. Okay, whenever you know. Just another night, another night

in Bowling Green. Another dollar. So

I gotta tell you, Jason, I miss I miss taking the drunks on, do you? Oh, yeah, I did I find it so far. I know. That was a big part of the big part of my favorite things. It's just because you never I mean, it was really never bad. Right? Well, and there was a couple of bad ones, but they weren't the drunk one do it's just this just stupid men. And it's just

Well, I feel like you both are more tolerable of stuff than I am. So I think Oh, yeah.

Don't touch the radio.

So I think I probably my stuff. I probably amp up more than I probably need to. But what I told Megan earlier, my wife I was like, I miss I missed the night and the camaraderie with my friends. That's what I miss the most. I don't miss them. I miss like us, like, Oh my gosh, I almost had a puker and like, you know, just the a little bit of adrenaline there.

It's It's so weird. Now, like I said, I say it all the time on the telegram group. I'm out here, you know, Thursday or Saturday night. It's just dad. There's nobody, you know, it may be me. You know, maybe, john, he's not on that night very much anymore. No, you know, every now and then Chris will be on or somebody you know. I don't know. But it's it used to be I mean, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was just gosh, you remember waking up to 100 messages

1000s of messages.

Well, anyways, also that was What kept you going that extra night like it did God God got to be 130 Okay, we got to we got to get Come on. We got to keep going till three o'clock and come on. We got to get that.

And I don't miss being zombie over the weekend, though. Like Larry runs on like two hours asleep. I don't know when he when he goes on when he tries to lose weight. He doesn't eat for two weeks. I mean, it's like a dream.

He's a machine.

He's a machine. So I just I don't miss being a zombie on the weekends. Like I work all weekend but I'm like working during the daylight hours, and I'm usually done by like five or six at night, and then I was like, Alright, time I don't.

I don't think I'll ever see myself going back to driving as much as I was before. But once one once I get the vaccine vaccines, I think I'll go out drive

probably at least once a week. Well, the problem is the the bars aren't I mean, they're closing at 1110 or 11 o'clock. I

mean that your

time I want to drive, yeah, ours are closing at midnight, or they're supposed to close at midnight. There's a few of them that are not closing at midnight. I know because I'm picking up people from there. And, of course, the college kids, they're out. They're out there going to fraternity houses or sorority, they're out all hours, and they usually don't head out till 10 or 11. At night, you know, that's when they're going out.

Yeah, right. Yeah. So I wonder if that would change. Like in GR I'm wondering how those late nights are I mean, and then it's, you know, 25% capacity, at least for a couple more days.

So yeah, they just went to 50. Right. And then the the curfew is now 11 o'clock, so?

Oh, that's not too bad. Yeah,

I think we went to 60%.

Oh, yeah. Bars back open here in Ohio till 230. Tip Deaf said from awesome. Wow. I'm

sure I'm sure we'll get that pretty soon. a month or two. And then I think we'll be back.

I did read something that it you know, it is what it is. When I when people say I did read something like it wasn't from the Daily Mail. I swear to God, it wasn't

on the internet that it was fake. Yeah, it's true.

That they said that everyone, every adult in America by the end of May. There should be enough vaccine for every doll doesn't mean everyone will have it by then. But there should be enough.

Isn't that what Biden said today? I think he said something like that. No, I don't know. The play. He was talking about capacity. I thought I bet the same thing could be Yeah,

yeah. I'm I got my first first shot Saturday.

Oh, yeah, that's right. That's right. Oh, we're talking about shots. I gotta bring it up. JOHN from North Carolina posted a story today that says in the North Carolina State of North Carolina,

I know what you're bringing up.

This is crazy. It's in that state. If you go to a vaccine place, and you have smoked at least 100 cigarettes in your life, you can

get the vaccine.

Yeah, I don't I don't know who came up with that one. That's that's pretty weird. I mean, when I went to get mine, I mean, technically, I wasn't. I was going to be eligible on Monday. Monday, they opened it up to all sorts of essential workers, including food delivery drivers, so and it people so a well, we're gonna have to go anyway. But Saturday, my sister called and she's like, they're on the radio, you know, begging people to come in because these vaccines are going to go two ways. Yeah, they don't have enough people. So we had to sign up. And when we sign online to sign up for your appointment, you had to bake whether you were like, you know, emergency personnel or childcare.

So when you call yourself a childcare worker for the day, like okay,

I wonder how I kid Yeah, my childcare work.

I assume when they throw that call out, and you go get that one that you're eligible for the second one regardless, like thanks,

so yeah, cuz I already scheduled my next appointment.

Okay, cuz I often wonder like, what if they don't have enough for when you need the second booster or whatever?

Yeah, supposedly. Yeah. And they didn't want once he got there. They didn't ask any I mean, yeah, that'd be your you know, your ID. insurance card knows it. You know, this game.

He does the National Guard help there too. Yes. Yeah, they're doing they're doing it here as well.

Yeah, they were stationed all throughout that what they took over where I got my shot is in our mall, but we had a Sears that went out of business a couple years ago. And so they took over that whole old Sears space. And so they had, you know, gigantic spaces where you could be far apart and, you know, long winding lines and different waiting areas and stuff like that. And the National Guard are stationed all over helping route people.

Yeah, the people I've talked to said, it's pretty like boom, boom, that's like get them through, get them through. Apparently in Grand Rapids. They're vaccinating like, 5000 people a day. Really? That's good. I heard man that's getting through. That's but you got to have a pretty good system to get that many people through in a day. Yeah, they shouldn't put chick fil a in charge ever. They'd be done. No kidding. Or that joke that we had I don't know a month ago. Amazon, you know, you have Amazon drivers give it

just come to your house. Yeah, for sure. Roll up your sleeves.

Yeah, roll up your sleeve. here's here's your package of paper towel. And here's your vaccine.

That's kind of like the guy who did my Oh, did my antigen test and then like, Oh my gosh, I think it was brand new ism. He was just there was one it was a nose test and he just that that

he jammed it up there

I think okay, again, stop now.

They put so far up one of your fingers moves, he was poking.

It was crazy. And

hey, all right. Well, thanks for the storyline. I appreciate that before we get into gig comment, gig, slowdown Jason gig economy news, your words, use my word. So we're going to talk about our studio sponsor, Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We can't thank them enough for supporting us. You can go to Irvine comm to schedule all your services, maintenance breaks, whatever, they service everything except German cars. Volkswagen is Volkswagen German. Yes, yes. Okay. So no, Joe, the Germans No, no German cars. But everything else. So 532 6600. You know, I don't know what else I talked about them so much. Like they're amazing. I had my car there last week. And yeah, I mean, you're not gonna go wrong. It's gonna be great. Everything's sanitized and all that stuff. What were you gonna say?

No, I was just gonna say actually, the thing. I'm gonna take my black car and do to kind of get an idea of No,

no, no, no, just push that one off the cliff. We've already established that.

They don't even the bodies acceded in fairly good shape. Well, they're probably from the two big bumps in the back. But I don't know. I see the dad of buying a new car. Of course. I don't want to buy a new car right now. And it's just

yeah, I mean, I know what it is. We're getting like another payment is just like the worst. Like, once you pay a car off, it's like,

I know it needs. I know. It needs new brakes and paths alignment. So I just wanna I just want to see you'd love to see it. Yeah. No, Megan, you don't want to see it. It's just, it's so sorry. Just bring your checkbook. I'd like to get an idea of how much it's gonna take to kind of get it row safe. That's all.

Yeah, yeah. You haven't had the best of luck with fixing that car for whatever reason. But

yeah, somebody else on the stream in this room had kind of helped me with with the break last didn't do too. Good job.

What? Oh, you?

Definitely was Larry.

Yeah, drove up from Kentucky to help us with his breaks.

No, no, it wasn't Jason's fault. He did. He definitely did everything he could. It was just I was just such a weird set of brakes.

Yeah, your car's weird. I know. It's a Mazda. What can you say? Okay. Hey, so let's jump in. I hate Mazda. I feel like Mazda is like the the redheaded stepchild of the foreign cars. You know, you guys it really is. I mean, Mazda is just a Ford. So, but wait, is Mazda is monster foreign car?


Okay, that's what I thought Japanese, right? Yeah,

I have no idea. Okay. No, I know. It's fun. But well, I

feel like like the Ford dealership sells Mazda. But anyways, you got Honda. You got Toyota. And then you got the Mazda like

see Megan to stand with me.

What's that good.

Season? masilela. Good. I'll stand with Yes. Megan, Megan. She's off.


She's watching. Hiroshima, Japan.

It is Ford. She says yeah, she

just wants your business just kissing your ass.

Hey, that's okay. Alright, so

the first one is kind of Christmas related. And usually I guat I don't know. It's a tic tac. And it's I'm trying to explain it for the audio people. You can hear the words in it. But basically, it's one of those Christmas lights, setups. You know how people put those to music, or like fun little things or whatever like that. That's what it is. But it's about delivering a pizza in 30 minutes or less. So I'm gonna play it so hopefully, it'll transfer over to audio but here we go.

This is Jonathan. I'm delivering your order from brands pizza palace. I just got caught by a roadblock or something. There's just a bunch of cars on the road. You're shooting let me get down underneath my seat and get my gun

ceasefire ceasefire delivery that's gonna be free but not there at 13 minutes. If you don't move, I'm gonna take you out. Okay, I'm almost there. I'll see in a few minutes. Pizza still fresh.

That was great. I don't I don't know if they recreated that somehow on the internet or I don't know. But that was I randomly saw that on tik tok. And I'm just like, what the hell? This is the funniest thing ever. So that was pretty funny. I think that's like a throwback. What didn't dominoes Wasn't they

used to be 30 minutes or free?

Yeah, like What a dumb thing to do. You know, drivers are just like 90 mile an hour down a residential to get there on time. They did it for quite a while but they did tell some kid got run over and then they're like

shit, we got to Yeah, we got to stop this

kind of funded, they just opened the dominoes and then my one was been there for many years. But in the city I stayed. They just opened the Domino's restaurant and I didn't really they were all excited.

I mean, it's okay guys. But don't you have anything local? That's probably a little bit better.

No, no,

boy. All right. Moving on. Let

us we're going to talk about left school screwing up. They made a boo boo. That's for sure. So this is this story is about rabid city, which is what state I forget why that was. Anyways, I don't even know that it's south. South Dakota. So basically, Rapid City, South Dakota and Lyft forgot to pay the city tax, I guess. Or the city fee, which sounds so weird. How do you forget? First of all, how do you forget to pay it? And then second of all, why doesn't the city just kind of move on and let them do it and kind of get them out? I mean, obviously, they got to get their money. And it does sound like they kind of did theirs to really get to do it. But lifts have kind of had a messed up. So basically the ghosts, you weren't gonna play the video, right? Yes. No, no, that's fine. But that's fine. So basically just goes that, that the AB axes went down and stopped working because Lyft forgot to pay the city fee. And it's a yearly thing. It's 15 $100. Which would, you would think that for lift that will be an absolute drop in the bucket? Who cares? Right, right. And now it's like, like, Okay, why wasn't this just normally paid? So they they were talking about the I guess he is this is he the city Commissioner or something like that. So I've gotten some guy with the city they're all kind of had been talking to lift back and forth about this money and and lift kind of was claiming and accounting era new accounting software, and then they send the check to the wrong spot. Oh, no, it's just a bunch of, I thought it just sounds almost felt a little bit like just kind of talking around the bush or whatever. And then it made it made no sense because

Laurel and Hardy run in lift.

I know just just send this send jack, come on. Anyways, long story short, they went down. And then the story, the article was from February 19. And then it goes from as a Friday, they were back. And and the the payment was in and the lift I was was again able to operate. So I guess it got back. But they were down for a couple of days and was creating quite the hub book and Lyft drivers were not able to make any money. So

I'm, I'm curious if like, they gave them a bunch of reminders. And so they're like, you know what, screw these guys, like we sent them like 10 reminders. It's 15 $100. Like

they did that. That's that's exactly what happened. Oh, he was like, he was like, you know, we talked to reach out to them three times, we gave them the benefit of the doubt, just shut them off. Yeah, I don't blame him. What was interesting to me and someone kind of thought that went through my mind is first of all, Lyft app doesn't just stop working, right? So somebody from Lyft will have to have to stop it from working, which means they knew that they weren't going and kind of get the fee. Get they weren't going to be legally able to drive in the city.

Yeah, why not just pay it?

that's confusing. So you're saying that Lyft would have to shut that area off? Why would they shut it off? Why did they just keep it on and say oh, well, you missed the payment. Here's

a big penalty if they kept you know, they kept the tax. Okay, I guess.

Yeah, I know what Yeah, cuz bases. They'll be operating. They'd be operating in the city with a license.

Yeah, same government people are

all Yeah, no, that would have been, that would have been super expensive for left.

Oh, that makes sense. I guess. It just seems ridiculous for 15 $100 where I like

my biggest thing is just pay it just pay the most How

many? How many? How many millions or billions of dollars last year, and I can't can't chunk out 1500

Yeah, clearly. And then all the excuses, like blaming some new new accounting software and then they send the check out but to the wrong locations. Okay, somebody, somebody needed to get chewed out over that one. While I'm hoping Somebody lost their job. It sounds like something

I needed to because they certainly weren't doing it.

What city was it in?

Kota rabid city, but it was weird because it says it was rabbits in South Dakota. But then it ends by saying that as a Friday the shipping is in Kentucky and Lyft drivers able to upgrade. So

what? Yeah, that's strange.

Ah, I hadn't had any outages here. That I know.

So I it was just weird. But yeah, it's it's it quotes Rapid City, South Dakota. Who knows? Anyways, though, that was interesting story.

It does happen though. There was a story recently, not rideshare related a Citibank someone at Citibank paid the loan too early. And it was like $550 million, or something. And the creditors were like, yeah, we're not giving that back. So the judge roll, they didn't have to because they were owed the money. And they didn't take it under false pretenses. Right? And I think like, I don't know, to me, it's like, it's Citibank. Like, what's half a half a billion dollars? And like, that's no skin off your nose. But you know, somebody got fired for that, too.

Oh, definitely. Yeah, yeah.

Moving forward. One of the topics. Are you okay? Yeah.

Maybe try to mute your mic next time. Before

you do that, that would have been good.

I would have been nice, because I can't edit that out. Moving on. One of the things that I've been seeing, and I'm sure you have all seen is these new stories popping out, which about doordash. And the decline now strategy. I think a lot of the stations are repurposing the same story, but I've been seeing it pop up all over the place, even locally now. And so basically, what it boils down to is the drivers are sick of, you know, making little dollars $3 $4. So people are starting to band together and say, Hey, you need to start declining all these. So it's an article by Vice. They talk about different strategies and certain things on how to make, you know, optimize your your dollars, and in most of the things they talk about, as I do that already. You know, I won't take a $3 order, right. $7 is my minimum now have I taken a six or a 650? Yes, I mean, we're all we all make mistakes, right? We all

are really slow day, or it's, you know, right across the street. The problem?

Yeah, right across the street. The problem is you take that $6 one on a really slow day. And then two seconds later, the other app jumps up with an $18 one, you're like some of them.

They gotta cancel.

The first one

is gonna be awful late.

Yeah, hopefully

you don't already. Look at once that once I have the food, like, if I'm in the restaurant, I will not cancel it. Like if I'm there, I won't, it has to happen like in transport or in transportation to the restaurant, because I'm not going to screw somebody like that, like that food's gonna be real cold. But so that's what that's been going on. And I hope a lot of the apps do it. There's apparently a workaround in an old Android app for doordash. And there's some steps that you can do. And you can basically see, so doordash likes to hide the big part of the tip behind, like, like, we're at the Wizard of Oz, like behind the curtain. I don't know why they do that. They give like the minimum that you're going to make. But it let's say the customer, tip 20, they might show you, you're going to earn 13. I'm like, I don't know why they hide that. But apparently, this is a new version of this app with doordash. Not new version old version. It has to be on Android. And you have to go through all these steps. But apparently, you can see exactly what you're getting paid when you do this. Now, I don't know how doordash hasn't squashed it. I don't know anything about coding. So

I'm sure there will squash it soon.

Yeah, yeah, right there. And they also have another app. That's kind of like Maestro, and and I'm sure you can make a lot more money that way. Cuz Guess what, when those $3 comes in, it declines it for you. So you don't even have to hit like, you know, too far away or too low. So it is it does cost money though. Something like that. But, guys, if you're a driver out there for any app, do even Uber, Uber Eats or grubhub don't take the low ones. Just don't do it. And eventually people are gonna realize that if they don't, if they don't tip their orders gonna sit there like I see pictures all the time. All these orders at AAA, I'm like, these are the ones that didn't have. They're just sitting there because eventually the cities or the people in the city that you're living in is gonna get caught catch on and they're gonna stop doing it hopefully.

Right? You would think so?

Yeah. So what do you what do you think about things that circumvent the apps out there? Do you think that ethical Do you think I think that people shouldn't do that or what?

Yeah, I mean,

in general, you're both here.

Go ahead. Yes, fine.

I, obviously the it's not how the apps are intended to be used. I think that I don't like him. But I know it's possible. And I know that divers or people who know more than most people will do a lot of stuff to try and find those help those gaps. But I do. I like it when they, when they close those gaps, so that it gets gets to be the same for everybody.

I get the fairness of it, I totally do. But then I also look at like, I don't do anything with those things. I just do it myself. Like whatever. I that seems like too much. Maybe the like the maestro app, maybe might be easy, but the other one seems way too hard. Like you have to do this all these steps every time you log on. So it's not like it's Oh, well. Yeah, I wouldn't Oh, yeah. Care for that. Yeah. So it's a lot of work. But my point is yes, for with this is like, yeah, you want to make it fair, then why won't doordash make it fair? That's the problem. I think if they would show the money up front, I think people wouldn't go circumvent it, because then they're like, why would I take this $7 order? That's gonna be $7 where I can take this $8 order where it's actually $12. But doordash didn't tell me that for whatever reason, right?

Well, it's probably because they, they, I mean, they they know that if they make that public, a lot of the small orders are not going to get picked up like, yeah, you're probably right.

Yeah, I would say that's definitely the reason, you know, they want to make sure, or they want to, you know, have the expectation somebody is going to pick it up and with somebody thinking, Oh, it only shows a but maybe it's really gonna be 13.

I think I mean, I think the, if they were to actually show it, one would think that it would be easier for the people ordering the food to kind of put two and two together and maybe start Oh, no more. And so it will be for a brief for a brief period that they that the cheaper orders didn't get picked up. But you never know how it's going to be as you as you always isn't, has said many times before, Jason, there's always some knew the driver who is just gonna take everything.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the newbies are always gonna, you might not know better.

Yeah, I guess my only tip for doordash the other apps I haven't quite figured out doordash. And this is from this is from Gabe, he I kind of was realizing it was doing doordash. But he kind of like confirmed it that anything over seven or 750 typically is going to be a little bit more when you because you find out how much you make once you complete the order, right. So I said 750 it'll say, Oh, 850 You got it. This is $1 more than what you were quoted. Typically, if it's seven or 750, you can be sure that it's probably going to be a little bit more. But I see these huge ass orders on Reddit. Like, I've never gotten a big ass tip. Like it's maybe been like $5 more, but they're like, Oh, $40 extra, like what the hell?

I mean, you gotta you gotta remember that it's only the people who really have something to share to share the will.

That's true, right? Yeah, you're gonna see that liars.

Yeah, that's probably a half a percent of what is actually out there. But I'm

sure $30 Yeah, 30 somethings the biggest tip I've gotten on a food order $30 tip here was on the seafood place. And it was probably $90 where the seafood. Yeah,

yeah. Well, you guys got a tip. I mean, and we're gonna talk about we have another video of a guy. It I have a different attitude on this one. I had an attitude at the beginning of it, but then I kind of read the story as it kind of developed over time. So I kind of changed my tune, but we'll talk about that a little bit. Jason changed his tune. I know like I used to be Republican. Oh, nevermind

we're not going politics right now. Oh my god.

I am gonna turn republican tomorrow when they you know they're gonna integrate Trump to my right

is that what's going on?

Yeah. Oh, I

better I better get my gun and run down to the Capitol or something. Yeah,

join the fun

right all right. Yes. For How are you doing? How are you?

Are you failing fast?

I'm on the struggle bus I am I'm still

we got a if you're tired, just pinch your penis head that'll wake you up. Oh, hang on one sec. I'm glad you rolled with it. I was waiting for you to yell at me. But you rolled with it. I love it.

I'm still I mean, I came back from then Mike that Sunday night and I'm still just kind of struggling a little bit with getting used to this this time difference and I've Last two nights, I've been waking up at 330 in the mornings. Yeah, morning, it was a little early. I woke up at 415. I'm getting there. Can I get better i'm i'm a little bit on the struggle bus. So, but I don't think the next one was me wasn't a rideshare guy.

For you. This is your last article. The rest are pictures and videos.

So again, I know we've talked about this a ton before, but again, it just reiterates that you need to have your own insurance. Basically, anybody who has been driving Lyft and Uber for a long time know that Ubers deductible is 20 $500. And now, so is like Uber

Lyft, Lyft, Lyft.

Uber, Uber is raising that deductible to 25. As well, I guess effective March 120 21. So basically what what this article is saying is, is it's just that you got to make sure that that you want you have you know, additional insurance. This, this particular article is from the rideshare guy, which is another big podcast.

Here the he's the Oh, G.

Easy, Oh, geez, if you want to go there, go to the rideshare guy and talk Ryan Oh, read his article, he there's a lot of a lot of good information, there's a lot of ways you can also kind of get some quotes there as well. I mean, no matter what, you know, you should always get new quotes every year as you're figuring out what it's gonna cost for you to get auto insurance. But make sure that if you are driving Uber or Lyft, make sure you get that extra additional rider. And make sure to ask that your rider will cover the difference between your deductible to lift the Ubers. Because they don't know they don't automatically do that. But there's some of them that will. So basically most most agents going down is in most insurance. Most policies today, we haven't adoptable for you know, 500 bucks, something like that, maybe 1000. So whatever you have, make sure that that this that the right I say stated that it will cover that difference between theirs and yours. So that's the biggest thing there. And then just get the quotes and make sure that you have that right, because it is super important. Yeah.

And just have a conversation with your insurance agent about those gaps and what happens in these scenarios, because we all hope that it doesn't happen. But in a heartbeat. Yeah, it could sound dumb ass pulls out in front of young. Yeah.

And I think the biggest thing is it used to be that you could drive without it and nobody would ever found out find out that's not the situation anymore. Knowing Lyft or Uber, we'll find out you might as well just realize it and so if you don't want to get dropped for you know, for for driving, for driving without

the rider,

the rider and potentially actually commit fraud, then you've you just need to get it So

would that be technically fraud? Because I mean, the policy states you can't use it for live. Was it live live livery every

livery as a technically, technically it is fraud and they can drop you Yes.

All right,

moving on. This was kind of funny. I mean, I see some crazy stuff when I deliver. And so this this format, kind of kind of got it. It says, For the audio listeners, he drops the food down in the mat says, I'm so glad you came. And then in parentheses, it says that's what she said. And if your office fans like I love the office, it's one of my favorite Shows of All Time. And I just love all these. These. What do you call those? I want to say floor mat but no mat doormat for God's sakes. There was one I don't know if we shared it on the podcast, but it says come back with a warrant or something like

is it the original meme?

What this one?

Speaking of the office Jason, you know when we had to work today,


pretzel day? You


We did? That's amazing committee. pretzels,

the planning party committee.

Yeah, I'll have to call them that next time. You should

you should if you love the guy that shows great. I bet is the best. I watched it so many times a day. Where are we at? No, we

actually had pretzel day on Monday, today and tomorrow because they're trying to cover all these people who are working part time from home. And then as people who work everyday from the office, we get pretzel day, three days.

Day, you get all the fun toppings.

Not as many as I had. But they did have the head like peanut butter and Oreo. They had camo they had beer cheese. They had mustard marinera they had about eight or 10

I don't know how I feel about sweets on my pretzel. Well, I know the sweet salty works like a payday candy bar, right? Like they're delicious. How can you go wrong, but I don't know. good karma on my pretzel that kind of like

I that's what I had today on mine is very good to try that.

So before we continue, we are actually looking for more sponsors, of course we have Irvine's auto repair. If you are a business out there or want to be a sponsor on the show, we would love to have you. But in the meantime, we want to talk about the podcast ride share rodeo, that's our buddy Steve from Colorado. We're I'm actually going to be on the show. And Larry was just on his show. I'm going to be on sometime in April for his 100th episode or his one year anniversary or something like that. So check out his podcast. He's got a lot of cool interviews he has. He's had Larry on there. The guys that own Maestro, I know I talked about them earlier. How was how was your interview with him? What you guys

saw it was great. It was great. We had a lot of fun. I enjoy being on the show. We got a really good time. And it was funny. I think it was a day or maybe two. After I was on a show. He texted me a picture. they'd gotten 18 inches of snow in seven hours.

Wow. Yeah. He lives near the mountains.

He does a lot of skiing. And then afternoons like look, it's all melting away. That's 18 inches of snow in seven hours. Oh my gosh, this this city would be shut down.

Yeah. But yeah, check out his podcast, you can download it. And he you know, podcast platform. It's rideshare. rodeo. He's been in the gig business longer than us. But he just, you know, started his podcast about a year ago.

Got some great shows. Yeah, great topics. Yeah, yeah. So

check it out. I'm looking forward to being on his show. So. So we talked about tipping earlier. And I probably should have put this picture with that. Just kind of an interesting thing on Reddit, from the doordash. Reddit, if you ever want some entertainment, follow the doordash. Reddit, it's really good. It says the customers tips are not tips. They are bids. I will keep this simple. Your tips are poorly phrased word for your bid for a contractor to complete a service for you. We choose which bids to take. And we will choose. We will not choose to lose money each order is a new job for us. And we may choose not to do the job you're trying to offer us. I thought that was great. I mean, we all kind of know that that's kind of what it is. But I thought he worded it perfectly. Like we're independent contractors, you're you're thrown out of bed like this, this this, you know, you know, as a customer, you're looking, you know, obviously for the cheapest bid. But we're not looking for that. And so if you're going to throw out a crappy bid, we're not going to take it.

And I think a lot of customers have never would never think of it in that way. Unless they saw something like that, you know, they just wouldn't come to mind. Yeah, it really is. It's a it's a bid. And they just think, Oh, I'm dipping a little bit. You know, that's that's probably good enough. But yeah, you got to look at it from from both perspectives, because you're out there. Got they're putting all these miles on your car and gas and then being out in the weather and dealing with all that stuff. You definitely want to make a little, little extra there. Yeah, I

just don't think people realize that. I mean, I bet I would be interested if doing a poll just to throw it out there. How many people think we actually work for the company? Like

I just had somebody last week they're like, So Sarah Zuber on this car. Is this? Yes, yes. Yeah. No, no, this is my car.

Yeah. So it makes sense that there would be some people that wouldn't understand that like, Oh, my gosh,

yeah, yeah, I'm sure they think we're driving, you know, grubhub vehicles or whatever.

I used to get that question once a week at least. Yeah.

Oh, when you were driving? Oh, yeah. Yeah,

I got that a lot. And it's the first time in a while, but I used to get it a lot when I first started for sure.

Yeah. So again, this is just a bid for for contracting us if you're gonna throw out a bad, a bad bid. We're just not going to take it. And yeah, I don't know how else you can get the word out. You know, you're on Reddit. I'm so involved in that community of food delivery workers. It's like a no brainer to me. But you know, Joe Blow on the street just doesn't doesn't understand that. And I always said, if you could tip five bucks, no one was gonna bet you about five bucks. I mean, I mean, I'm grateful I get if I get anything, but I wouldn't take it if it was $1 that's to be honest with you. So but I mean, five bucks. Like you're already ordered $40 worth of food. What's five freakin dollars. I do get it. I do get it because like when we get it to and I'm like, Oh my god, it's gonna be $40 and then I got a tip. I'm always gonna tip like it's always coming, but I do. I do see where they're coming from. Because once you add up all the shit, but like he's doing a service, like, even if I wasn't a gig worker, I always tip pretty good. I mean,

yeah, I mean, that is, as part of part of your brain, you tip somebody that's that deliver something to you know,

here's a here's a hypothetical, and we kind of talked about this with AB five and all that other stuff. But would you like if doordash or Uber or grubhub? paid you $11, which has happened in California, per order flat each time? Would you have that over? You know, the chance of you getting a $20 order or a $3 order?

It has to depend a lot on the on the parameters they put around it? Yeah, because I've delivered food to Portland, Tennessee.

And I don't know where that is as far away. It's about

35 minutes. That's not 40 minutes. Yeah. And I did it back to back one Saturday, those people were working at work at a member filming center, and they were on their lunch break. Hmm. And I'm like, have you ever thought of packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? You're paying like, way too much for this hamburger? That's cold. Yeah, not that good. By the time I get it. Yeah. Even though I hadn't been in a hot Bay. You know, it only does so much. I don't understand it. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, if there were certain depending on the parameter. Yeah. Like, you're only gonna have to go so far and, and things like that. But I don't know. I don't know if I even that. I don't know if I take it because it's part of it's, you know, part of it's the thrill of the hunt. Yeah, it's a challenge. It is. It's part of it's a game and a challenge in same way with Roger grabbing. Yeah, that's part of it. So yeah, I don't I don't know. If your $11 an hour job, I'd go deliver pizza, that's, well, it

doesn't mean you're getting $11 an hour, it means your love and dollars in order. So sometimes you can you can have three or three orders in an hour, then you're thinking Oh, you're I bet 30 bucks, you know, if

they would if they would put parameters around as far as how far I'm gonna have to deliver, I would certainly consider it.

But like we said, with the California thing, there are some rules that you have to follow with that, you know, so it's not like it's like every orders. You know, you can just do whatever you want. So that kind of throws the independent contractor portion. Yeah,

there's always pros and cons to it. For sure. Yeah. Go, I really enjoy the way it is. Right.

So the next article, I don't really have any video on anything. But Uber, there was a guy that developed a Chrome extension for Uber, and he drove actually has a bike delivery guy. He did like 20 or 30 deliveries and then realize that he was getting underpaid. So he developed this extension. If you guys want to I will give it to you. You just pm me and I can give it to you. But I tried to look for it on the the store and I couldn't find it. But basically Uber shut the app down because it was a fringe moment, you know, obviously copyright on the word Uber, but apparently he got it back up. And I used it and I looked at about 30 rides, and they shortchange me on three of them. So we're not talking a ton but like each one they shortchanged me like two tenths of a mile, which again, it doesn't sound like a lot but if you're going over millions of drivers,

yeah, thank thank you how much that adds up. You know, we

had Mike delivers on he just does Uber Eats. I'm gonna give him this extension. It's a little it's not clunky. Once you get it installed. You basically have to look at your earnings on your desktop. You can't do it on your phone on Chrome and then it lights up green if it's good and it lights up red if it's bad. You click on it's pretty

cool. What he did I definitely check that out.

Yeah, we're we're trying to get him on the show. Not on the the main podcast but for an interview. And yes, for you're falling asleep. If you want to bail you can I totally, I'm totally fine. Here. Yeah, I'm totally fine. If you want to.

Is it cool? I gotta I gotta go. I don't

know. I

missed it. I will get you. Yeah, I

saw you dozing off. I'm like, it's it's good, man. I got you.

Yeah, Megan. I'll give you a call.

It won't be tonight though. No, probably not. All right, buddy. Have a good sleep. See me? Or guy Holy cow.

Boy, yes. For four years, pig went over to visit mom and now he's,

well, it's funny when different jetlag. Yeah. He flew back on Sunday. And he's like, oh, I'll be fine. I was like, are you sure about that? Like you? I don't think you're gonna be fine. You better take a nap on Wednesday. Yeah, and I don't think he did. You know,

I can't I can't really say too much because I've never flown that far. Me either. By any means, by far this outflows from out to California. Yeah.

I saw I saw his eyes closed. I'm like, yo, just go to bed. It's fine. Well, I

didn't know whether to say anything or not saying why first

i thought his camera was freezing, then it then I saw him opening and closing again. I'm like, nope, he's dying. He's dying on the vine. But anyways, it's called Uber cheats, you can try to find it in the Chrome Store and the extension. Like I said, I couldn't find it. He sent me a direct link, but we're gonna have him on the show, just to kind of talk about it. Because like, Hey, can you build one for doordash? Can you build one for grubhub? Like we want to see and, and again, are you gonna stay online? He knows that you're not going to call Uber support for like 25 cents or 50 cents? Because who's gonna stay there for a half hour and chat about that? Like, no one? No one's gonna do that. But you may find one that's pretty big. So who knows? Right?

I'd say it wouldn't surprise me. No, no, you you've heard those stories ever since I've heard them ever since I've started driving rideshare these people that claim that they're always you know, shortchanging who is I said, Who's gonna sit there and manually take the time to to look it all up and run it to their most people are not going to do

I often wonder if it's, um, some sort of GPS drift like it? They have a purpose, you know, is it a bug in their app somewhere that

it would be interesting to see if it ever goes in your favor or if is always in to your your detriment all most

of them are either right on or no, it never known and there was like ever in your favor. It was I think I checked like 40 of them. There was one that said it was like it was barely in my favor. And a couple of them they were it was not in my favor. But it was it was a such a low percentage that it could have been an error. So they they still greened it, but hey, you know, just take a look at it. But the two or three that I saw were 17%

Oh, so that's pretty good. chunk there.

Yeah. And like I said, I don't do Uber all the time. It's part of my tool belt. But I mean, if you did Uber Eats all the time. I mean, it could be you know, could be 510 bucks a day.

Yeah, just think just think how much that guy that made $1,000 in one month doing Uber Eats if he could have made if Yeah, anybody were really no totally.

Okay, let's do this real quick. This is just kind of funny. Another kind of door or something that you see when you're delivering as a deliveries please do not ring doorbell then our dogs bark we yelled at dogs for barking dogs get sad for being yelled at us. Thanks for contributing to our dogs mental wellness, which is kind of funny. Whatever I've seen those that's a stay safe wash your hands oh and call your mom she misses you and I just thought that was so funny. It's so good. Yeah, she probably does you should probably call your mom because she does miss you. So that's right.

Be a good be a good son. Yeah, call your mom

you're probably not doing any fuel food right now right you're just doing mostly passengers now right?

I'm doing mostly passengers and that's mainly just because more what I enjoy but I'll turn them on especially if it's slow but lately Roger has been so busy has it there's there's definitely not near as many drivers as it used to be I know a lot of them like I said are still caught up in the background thing. I just don't know but I've had I've had several people tell me Hey, I was trying to get her out earlier I said no drivers available or I've had I've been waiting 30 minutes for you know for for some you know driver to to get here.

So I think part of the problem is is the community doesn't know that you're out there you know the pandemic i mean you know it's still pretty slow here as far as you know we talked about earlier on the show or maybe that's part of the problem that people don't you know, the drivers are out there because they don't know that people are really looking for the rides

Yeah, but yeah, I'm trying to get out you know as much as I can while I can you kind of kind of make a what was good before we break search problem by game?

Yeah, yeah, be interesting. This one next one's kind of funny. It's just who even how does this even happen? This I can tell you this is doordash because I see this all the time instructions leave at my door. I get charged for every text please ring doorbell but do not tax. Thank you. I'm like,

Is this a joke on like a 1983 phone plan? Yeah, like,

when was the last time i mean it's it's I bet it's been a decade since they charged for texting for me but I thought that was comical. Again in the doordash right if you're a doordash driver you got to check it out. Because they have some funny stuff in there for sure. Right,

I need to get into Reddit more Well, I don't need to because I don't mean something else to you know

I love writing time I love

I mean when I want us to when I use it I enjoy it. I just don't I've never gotten into a regular habit of getting in there. Yeah wisely if I'm going for a purpose specific thing. I don't Yeah, meander around in there, but I get I really got a lot of good stuff.

Yeah, I get most my stories. from Reddit, it's Yeah, I'm in the Uber group, the doordash, the grubhub, the shipped all that stuff. And a lot of its pictures of customer interactions, which is kind of funny. But sometimes like that guy that he talked about the bid in, you know, instead of, I'm like, Dude, that was brilliant. Like, we all know, that's what it is. But when somebody actually wrote it down, and you actually read it, you're like, yes,

this is what it is. Right? It explains. And again, like I said, I think as as if you're just a customer, and you've never done it, I don't think you would think of it in that way. But if you heard it, or read it, I think you would think Oh, that makes sense. Yeah, it makes sense to me. I wonder in that

I've always had the conversation of like, I think every person growing up should work in a restaurant, like your first job, whatever, maybe for a year or whatever, going through high school, you kind of get it, even if you're not a server, you just kind of get how that whole system works, right? Some people hate the tipping system, whatever I don't, I think it's great. When I get great service, I reward it when I get poor service. I don't I'm sorry, you make that 50 an hour, but this is how it works. So But anyways, we shouldn't get too deep into that. Right? Um, next one's kind of funny. It's a little video. It's Family Guy. Hopefully it won't boot us offline. But if it does, a while, it's it's quick enough, but it's about the things that you need to become an Uber driver, according to this, and obviously, it's not true, but we'll play that real quick.

It's my dog's cat.

Oh, and I know you didn't ask but I am quick to anger. Okay, great. Now get out there and try to kiss as many ladies as you can. The record is 60 and a month you sir, are officially an Uber driver.

So basically what it's saying is this the joke of like, Ed doesn't matter if it's your car. It doesn't matter if you have a driver's license, whatever you can be an Uber driver. Oh, optional. Optional. Yeah, that's that's always the the running joke with that. Okay, last spot is for us Patreon. We'd love for you to support us on Patreon Larry, are found I think you were the first one. I was. Thanks for signing up for the email threads too. By the way a hole now I actually got to create a newsletter.

Don't Don't do this for me.

I'm not gonna I got a Ben Ben showed me a screenshot out of that. But anyways, we would love for you to support us on Patreon you get an extra podcast a month to get a piece of merch and of course the pre show we kind of talk shit and have fun just kind of like we do on this. So it's just kind of an extra extra podcast of us just having fun, but well worth it. Yeah, I appreciate that. Larry, we we'd love for you have to support us. It just kind of goes into our part of you know, helping us pay the bills like the stream aired cost money. editing software costs, money, all that stuff costs money. So if you could support us, we would super appreciate it. Alright, we're in the homestretch. What do we got left? Oh, you're up, Larry. I do have a video for that. So do you want me to play that first? Or do you want to talk about it?

Yeah, just go. Yeah, if you wanna play that video that alright. Hey, welcome

to disclosure with the SEC just now live says that it is seeing a recovery in ride sharing even sooner than it had expected. It says that it expects improving losses for the current quarter and adjusted EBIT loss of $135 million. That is better than the 145 to 150 million that it previously forecast. Now this comes on the back of improving ride sharing trends. lifts as the last week of February was its best week in terms of volume. Since pandemic lockdowns began the month as a wholesale daily rides grow 4% from January and Lyft expects recovery to continue into March with ride sharing volumes turning positive year over year. On the back of this disclosure. We are also watching shares of Uber Lyft shares they just popped more than 2%. Uber is up that much as well. We did hear from Uber CEO Dara khosrowshahi yesterday, who also said that they were seeing some green shoots, but it was quote too early to tell. Well, we will be speaking soon exclusively to lifts CFO Brian Roberts. So we will talk to him about this update and what it means for ride sharing and recovery for the rest of the year.

Alright, so yeah, they're just talking about Lyft is Salva last week of February was their best week since last March when the pandemic kit and to me in my market that has been I can see that as true. I said we were talking earlier. It's been extremely busy here compared to what it was even just you know, a month or two ago. Even though restaurants aren't fully open. They're supposed to be 50% capacity. I think some of them are pushing that closer to 75 or 80%. And the bars are supposed to be close at midnight and some of them are not doing that. And I know the college kids are tired of being cooped up, because they're they're out and about whenever the pen is decent at all. So it looks like things are maybe picking back up. And you. I know, to me, it kind of gets a feeling that we're kind of starting to see life and it's how this whole pandemic thing is starting to. They're certainly not anywhere close to being normal. But, but you can see we're kind of moving in that direction, at least a little bit. Whereas, two, three months ago, it felt like we were still smack dab in the middle of it. Yeah.

Do you think? Yeah. Are you doing any Uber to? Or are you just Oh, yeah,

I'm doing I'm doing Uber Lyft. grub hub, and sometimes I'll turn around. But in regards to ride share, do

you feel like that Lyft is busier than Uber right now?

Definitely. Here it is. And one of the one of the people in our local group said that, you know, they had some passengers down, they can never find they've been having trouble finding an Uber driver. So that switch. Oh, totally to lift it. Sure. So yeah, lift is definitely picked up here in relation to what it used to be as far as how many rides I would get on Uber. How many I get on lift? Get a lot more on lift lately, huh?

Well, that's a good sign. I was happy to, to hear that, to know that, uh, you know, things are turning around, which I kind of know that, but I just don't, I don't see it here. Even though our numbers are real low. I just don't. I mean, I'm not out enough at night to see or I don't know, I'm like, I don't know, it's hard for me to find out if it's actually coming back. I mean, it's, it seems busier. It's not on the weekends when I'm driving around. But

yeah. And you know, thanks that good news of that strong weekend lifts only gonna lose 135 million this year.


you again, yeah. So moving on, I'm gonna play a video of a driver crying about an order or being emotional. And we don't, we don't play these to be mean to them. That's, that's not what it is. It's just kind of a time to learn about what's going on and why he's upset. And maybe he didn't do the right thing. And maybe he needs to focus on some other things. But then there's kind of a cool story that follows us. I'll play his original video on tic that was on Tic Tac that went viral. And then we'll kind of talk about what's happened since then.

We always wish that people who order Uber Eats or doordash understood what it's like to be a driver. Like, I just spent 45 minutes on a delivery, and had to pay $3 to bring this person their food because there was no parking, no free parking anywhere near their building, and they refused to come out and meet me. They tipped me $1.50 and Uber paid me 250. Like,

I got approved three times the rent

for income in two weeks. And I can't, and it doesn't matter that I'm working multiple jobs. Does it matter that I barely sleep and can barely afford to feed myself, but to be homeless for the third time since May?

And it's hard because people don't tip their delivery drivers. Like how hard is it to throw us five bucks?

pretty emotional. I get it. I've not been in his position where I'm up against it. You know what I mean? where it's like, I I'm very blessed. But just my heart goes out to the people that are up against it. And you know, people

that depend on on their gig work money to survive on, you know, hats off to them. Yeah,

it's stressful.

I mean, it's it is I mean, I can imagine be very, very stressful. I

do it full time. Ish, full time ish in the winter. But I'm, you know, I'm married and my wife has a job. So that helps if I was just supporting my family on gig. I'd be working like 7080 hours a week. Oh, yeah, definitely, definitely hands down saying this job. You're not gonna get rich on you can make a living on it. It's a jlb. Right. So I get what he's doing a couple of things. I mean, again, we talked about, he actually brought up the $5 tippy thing, right? What's five bucks, which would help the parking thing? I don't know where he's from. I don't know his situation. I would never pay for parking. I would just, I would park illegally before I paid for parking. Because like, in my head, I'm like, yeah, I'm not gonna pay for parking. Like, I'm only making this much. And he took the order with $1.50 tip. And again, I don't know his situation, I would never take that. So I want to say, you know, I, I know we go hard in the paint to people about that. And like, Don't take it, don't take it. But I again, I don't understand your situation. We have the same thing with amazon flex routes. They start at $18 an hour, they go up from there, people leave them alone. I get in conversations with people outside the warehouse, and they're like, I take it for 18 I don't have a choice. And I'm like, I get it. But it kind of hurts us all in the long run. But I understand that you're independent, you

got to do what's best for you.

Yeah, do your independent contractor. You can take it for that. That's your choice. You Even though I don't like it, it's still your choice to do that. So hopefully, I'd like to reach out to the guy and say, Hey, I understand like, Can we talk about some strategies? Like what are you doing? I'm like, I'm not the end all be all food delivery guy. But I mean, like, what are you doing maybe that maybe you can get some tips from me and I can help you at least make a little bit more money. So I think I'm gonna try to reach out to him and see if he's interested in a conversation. But it went viral. And he ended up getting a ton of money sent to him because he had his Venmo a lot of people like, he's just like a normal Tic Tac or like, like us, I don't know, if you're on like me, I've done a few videos, whatever. But he had his Venmo on his account, and people sent him a bunch of money. Well, he gave a ton of that away, cap what he needed, and he gave most of it away. And then they did a GoFundMe in the same thing. He's giving it all away. So he kind of it was super cool on today's show interviewed him. The only caveat that and again, it's his choice, but get up a follow up video. And he talked about blaming the companies that pay their drivers super low, that they should pay a minimum wage and use Loeb loopholes and blah, blah, blah. I don't want that I like the independent contractor. I know you do to Larry. So I don't I don't really agree with him on that. But it seems like he's, you know, it's turning around. I'm just I'm, I really love when people give that all that money. Oh, I'm not all of it. I mean, he should keep some of it. He's right. And he needs to

learn. That's what people sent it to him for the you know, they weren't sending it to him in expectation that he was going to give it away. They wanted him to do better situation. But it's neat, though, when you see somebody that's not just, you know, in it for the money. And don't just keep it all and yeah, he bought you pay it forward.

He bought an adaptive bike for a little boy with special needs. He spent a bunch of money on blankets food to give to the homeless. And then he set up another GoFundMe that will be specifically used to give aid to delivery drivers. Which I'm surprised no one's done that yet. You know, um, who's the guy that owns you're into sports, super rich ballroom sports or barstool sports, the owner of Barstow, he set up a huge fun that has like, a billion dollars in it for companies during the pandemic to give money to them, if they send a letter in and they're, you know, they're vetted and everything like that. I would be great if somebody did that for gig workers, like they fall on hard times. So it's like Alright, here's two grand to get you to pay for your router

for other like said other kind of industries, and I've heard it for people in the arts in different places. Yeah, I'm surprised at that. Or maybe it's been done, hasn't it? Maybe it's been done this I haven't heard about it, but I have not read or heard about that happen anymore. But yeah, it would be it would be neat, you know, these people that are dependent on it. And you know, they're they're surviving and provide for their family. And you know, we're out there working their butt off and sometimes it's just hard to make it

Yeah, it is and and sometimes you're just up against it sounds like he had to prove how much he made to get this apartment. And so this money really helped him out. So I'm, I'm just I'm just so glad that he gave some of it away. You always see these. These GoFundMe is the stupidest things. Now, this isn't stupid, but there was one where some lady mistreated a barista at Starbucks. And he got like, 150k out of it. And he was like, I'm like, wait a minute, like, he just had a shitty customer. Well, the problem is she went, she made it go viral, and it made her look bad. So everyone, you know, someone created a GoFundMe for on that, but I'm just like, Oh, it's crazy.

I mean, you can dog me pretty good. 450 grand. Yeah,

I mean, you can call me

every name in the book. You got it.

I might even let you slap me across the face for 150 Grand 50 grand.

Yeah, and I won't even press charges. Okay, yeah, that's another rabbit hole.

So let's, uh, let's do your article. And then I think we'll get out of here.

Alrighty, so, lift is bringing back something that you know people from my generation and older are more used to. We're used to calling a cab you know before rideshare is here. If you needed ride, you didn't have a way to get there you call a cab. Well Lyft is opening that back up for being able to call a number to over your left if you don't have a smartphone or, you know, you just don't like using the apps. I know. I know. There's some people I know my mother is prime example she hates a cell phone. She doesn't want anything new the cell phone, she'll barely talk on one. And, and she I think she even still has a flip phone. She had a shatter iPhone and didn't care for it Really? And so yeah, so for people like that, who might not want to overdo the app Lyft is introducing It's, uh, I don't know, if it's a it's just, I'm not sure if it's 800 number. And I noticed in just in certain markets right now, so they're probably testing it out. And, you know, this is a big announcement for Lyft. But actually, last year, Uber was testing out the same thing out in like Arizona, okay? Well, it has a lot of things there.

I don't have a problem with it. As long as it's not like gogo grandparent where it's a separate company from Lyft. And so it's hard to get ahold of the customer. Like you can't actually get a hold of the customer. In the gogo bear, you

have to hold on that.

Yeah, it's a nightmare. Now I've lived is like actually facilitating, or they can actually send us text messages, like they're talking to the customer on the phone. And they can be that middle person. And I can actually get a text message from left saying, Hey, there, you know, the person moved or whatever, they're actually on this end. If it's not like that screw that, like, yeah, you

always need a way to contact the customer. Because there's just times where they're, you know, the GPS could be being, you know, acting screwy, or, you know, if it's a if it's a elder person, you know, they might and they're not probably not used to using ride sharing, they may not know what to look for, or what to expect and what to expect. Exactly. So, yeah, it's crucial to be able to have some way of contacting whether to text or phone call, you know, if they call, you know, they should they should be able to, well, no, I guess if there's not an app, I don't know how they would route the calls like they do now. You mask their phone number.

Well, yeah, that's what I mean. Like they could call but that needs to route to us or or Lyft needs to collect the information and send us a text message like Ryan, where we can use the con to contact the passenger if we need to clarify where they're at, or, or anything like that. Yeah, I did like two of those gogo grandparent one. And after the second one, it ended up being a communication debacle. And so now when it pops up, I don't even take it or if it did, I don't know. Maybe they started hiding it. And if I figured out once I accepted it, I just cancelled it. I'm

like, it might be interesting how it comes up on the app to like, if it's Yeah, their name or is gonna say lift or it's gonna have a note to tell you what their name is. or that'd be interesting to see, you know, video of how it would look on the driver side when it comes up. But again, they're just testing it out. I don't know that something?

Yeah, they test a lot of stuff. Oh, yeah, they do they test something? How

many times? Can we features have we heard about that? they've tested? You know, we are you what, year ago? Two years ago, you're gonna be able to your favorite you have favorite drivers, you know? Yeah. And then it just kind of disappears in the wind. This

similar thing about the landline happens to ship shoppers every once in a while that the person has a landline. I'm like, Are you kidding me? I need to call them every time there's a substitution like, I would immediately cancel if I saw accepted it, and they had a landline. It's like, I'm sorry, I really am that you don't have one. I mean, maybe have your grandkid do it for you or something. But I just I'm not gonna spend the time calling you every time I need to swap out this yogurt. I just right. Just not sure. It's a little insensitive. But

yeah, and I know Uber I think they still have it. I know. Usually you can always order a ride through you on on like a desktop computer or laptop. But yeah, through the web browser.

Yeah, I think you can still do that.

And I think so too. And I'm not sure if I've gotten any rides like that. So I don't know how that communication would work. Yeah, I

don't know either. But I think you can. Yeah, I

think so too. Oh, just want to give a shout out to Antonio. Yeah. My stay 100 podcast co host. We record a good episode tonight. Yeah,

job interview. Just you too.

We had an interview. We had a guy. He's a barber, barber shop here called skills. I got like nine guys that cut hair and has a really dynamic place. They have a lot of fun. They're like, no, it's not your own. Kind of.

It's not your Supercuts.

No, definitely not. Definitely not. So yeah, it's good, good episode. That's cool. That's cool.

So yes, we're not Yes, we're clear. Larry. It was Yes. First turn. It's hilarious, because it's kind of true. It's a meme that says on the top buses. drives for Uber for three hours makes $10 and on the bottom. It's a guy like homeless I guess, pain analysts that stands on the street for 45 minutes makes $100 which man we've all been there. Yeah. We've all been there when Uber when it's like, you're out there and it's slow and you're like, Oh my gosh, I made not for three hours. That's a little extreme, but I've been out there for an hour before and made 10 bucks. I mean, yeah, yeah, I mean it, it can happen, but definitely. Alright. And then real quick for the tip time. Larry brought up a good point. guys get out and move. You know when you're out and about driving, especially if you're elderly,

not the elderly Larry. Yes, life. You're out early like me.

I think I have you out more gray than you are like 10 years older than me nine years. Yeah,

come by babyface. If I grew my beard, it's gray. Is it? It is? Yeah.

Yeah. Just get out and move your body a little bit, especially if you're a rideshare. Driver. Now, if you're a delivery guy, like even food delivery,

I'm out.

Every 10 minutes, probably Yeah, yeah. You

don't have to worry about so much. But man, I know. I'm right. I know. There's times I've been rideshare driver and I look down. It's like, Man, it's been 10 hours. I haven't gotten out this car.

Right? Yeah. And it's dangerous for blood clots and stuff like that. I'm

not saying Plus, it's just not good for your health. I mean, no general health at all. Anyway, you know, even if you're not getting blood clots, it's just not good. You need to get up. And, you know, I try to now that at least every two hours, you know, the house does get out of the car and stretch and walk around the car. You something like that didn't always happen, but I'm not trying to.

Yeah, plus you're not stuck. You know, you're sucking down junk food and caffeine. I mean, we're not all there eating bananas and water. I mean, I do bring water with me every every day. But you know, it's just, you know, you're just sitting there. So just get up, move around. And don't take those $3 door dashes. Exactly. Exactly.

Well, Larry King dollar amazon flex, right.


Unless you need it. Like I I know, I come off so hard. But I'm not I really am sensitive to people that need it. I think

the main thing is everybody, you know, everybody, you have to pick your Yeah, what you're willing to do? And if you're willing to do that, then then that's your choice. Your decision, you know? Yeah, I know, I started out doing when I first started doing food delivery. You know, I was taking $5 orders and stuff. And it's kind of gone up. But generally, I mean, unless it's really close, I generally don't take much under $9. Okay.

Yeah, I mean, I'm like that on the weekends, but um, you know, during the week, so that's different, for sure.

Yeah. And that's all dependent on how busy it is. And you know, what time of day, what's going on?

I've had a slow week for food delivery. It's bear spares, sparse. There we go. It's been sparse. I don't know why it's just come to a screeching halt this week.

Yeah, and it's weird how that happens, you know, and all the geek stuff, it's up and down, you're on, you're on a roller coaster. And sometimes, sometimes, you know, it's gonna be really busy or you know, it's gonna be slow, you're generally the first couple months of the year we know, things are generally going to be a lot slower than the MGR after New Year's, you know, you have sides Valentine's Day, right? You have kind of a low and in business and everything and re spend all their money on Christmas, but then it starts picking up back up around March around this time of year. But it's weird and like here, I know, right here on the weekends, especially is very dependent on what's going on at the university. Yeah, yeah,

I think this week, it might have been the weather it's been kind of turn nice. So when the sun's out food delivery is gonna be slower people aren't gonna stay in their offices they're like you know, I'm gonna get out I'm gonna get out and go get my food today because

right here when when it's warm and safe whether the especially the college kids you know, they walk up to a lot more you know, you'll see right and walking downtown from campus because it's not that far. But if it's you know, if it's snowing like it was two weeks ago or 10 degrees or flooding like it was Saturday and Sunday, I mean it poured Wow, where we had lots of flooding here. I said our schools are actually out two days here for flooding because roads couldn't be that's a great pass and but yeah, when when the weather's bad, and you know a lot more people were calling Ubers but then again, yeah, sometimes it means they not gonna go out. You know, depending on how bad

alright Larry, well, thanks

again. Where can people I know you're not recording on your podcast, but where can people find the one you recorded with Antonio and then where they can find you online? Sure. Yeah.

My other podcast I do. Tune is called stay 100 podcast and still still hoping to ramp back up lifting with layer one now I've got you back out driving again. And I can find me on Instagram lifting with Larry to Instagram deleted my original account on Twitter. Live with Larry. Facebook working with Larry. So thanks for having me on the show again. It's Yeah, it's always fun. Sorry, ran Yes, we're off it looks like he can get some much.

Oh man. I

fell. I know that feeling like yeah, it's not good. Yeah. He's not going to I mean, it went from like, the last 10 minutes before he nodded off. I'm like, oh boy, we're sorry. He's leaning back in his chair like, oh, we're circling the drain. We're circling the drain.

So all the signs were there. Yeah.

Alright guys. Well, thanks so much. Hope you enjoyed this show, and we'll see you in a couple of weeks.

All right, take care, buddy. I

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yes for that was me. Oh, my bad. I can't access the comments.

You can't read it on your iPad.

Yeah. Oh, I'm logged I'm logged in as dammit dot

bat. Download it back on your phone. All right, just do it. So I am back. Yes, I have been driving or I should stop say driving. I mean, most of the gigs involve your eye on any. Like gun moving, right. Yeah, none. I'm gigging I'm back to gigging full time and I'm really enjoying it. We'll talk a little bit about some of my stories. I don't have anything that stands out a lot. But there's some different topics we're going to talk about that will probably trigger my memory a little bit about that. So also, I want to promote our last show that we posted. It is with lead ship shopper. So if you are a shipped shopper out there and new and want to hear some tips, if you go into the description of at least the Facebook post, you can find that link and you can download that episodes about 30 minutes. It was good. It was good to learn some things I learned some things and I'm a ship shopper. So I'm almost at 100 shops p I'm at 95 Oh, total since I started.

So I only been doing it

probably two years. So it's not very much but seems like a lot. Yeah, my ratings sell 4.7 that's not good. That's not good in the in the shipped world.

So why don't get them good orders. Oh, yeah. Get you some regulars. Buy some hula hoops.

I mean, come on. You know how that goes. Yes. berzon. He's in Tennessee. Dave the Uber slave. Thank you so much, Janet. Thank you for for tuning in. We super appreciate it. All right. Before we get into all of this, it's so weird. Not having Esper here. Yeah. There has been at every I'm pretty sure since he came on every single show, maybe one he just about

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system working,

what's not working in the comments, really. And my last pass isn't working for Facebook.

Okay, so just a heads up like Pete and I both deleted Facebook on our phones. I still get on it on the desktop when I'm in the studio. Oh, but apparently comments aren't loading on on the on the

on the phone app on the iPad. Yeah. And then on my phone. I have to log in with my password for Facebook, which is I don't know what I don't know because it's one of those weird so LastPass


down. No, I have to you have

to put your main one in your like, I'll screw that. I don't know what to tell you there buddy. Well, I can see it on stream yard. Okay. I don't know how else I can show you Mark says he can see the comments on his iPad. Just force close it and bring it back up again. What do you come on? What do you new shoot? Alright, so, first on the agenda tonight, new privacy features for Uber and Lyft, not Lyft just Uber. If this shows a little off the rails tonight, I mean, I'm fine. I'm not I'm just out of my element. It's just crazy. But, um, so basically, requesting a trip on the way during the trip after your trip, it's just telling you what they're going to release as the driver and what they're going to release as a passenger. So you can see the rating can see the address. And then after the trip, you can see the approximate location. So just another step for Uber trying to reduce. I mean, I don't know how this has reduced the sexual assaults. I mean, I think for them to reduce that kind of stuff they need to if they get better if riders get bad reviews or bad ratings, they should kick them off the platform, right? I mean, I get it, it's money, but that's going to reduce the assaults. So according to Uber safety report, released in December of 2018, more than 5900 riders, and drivers reported Uber rated related sexual assault in 2017 2018. Honestly, that's way too much. But for the amount of rides it takes for two years. I mean, what is what are they consider a sexual assault? Like? Like someone? That's a good question your beard, right? I mean, that tactically is an unwanted Yeah, approach. But you know,

what I find weird is that they don't say anything about Megan shrim I guess this is more lift. But there's nothing in there about making sure everybody has a picture the

passengers. See, Ubers never gonna do that because of people being racist. That's the problem. And I'm surprised that Lyft doesn't do that. They're supposed to be more woke than Uber. And I wish everyone did. Just for like, security purposes. If If so and so, you know, this looks like you and then yesterday rolls up of the I grabbed your to this for somebody else. Yeah, like what's going on here? But

I doubt y'all need to stop being racist.

Yeah, I mean, I don't think that's ever gonna go away. I think it's always gonna be something where

you always always see, I'm just I don't ever think about that. Because that's not how I operate. You know?

No, but a lot of people do, right? I mean, they do. Yeah, look at all the crap that's been going on. But yeah, it's it's not cool to do that. But I think that's why they don't put the pictures out there. That makes sense. Could be like that other ride share we talked about last week where now I'm getting cold at 66 in here that Windows only open a crack. Where you they wanted to get the passengers background check.

I'll close it. What? What app was that?

That was the one I don't know. I don't remember they were trying to get it funded or something like that for development. And that's what the Bitcoin one. Yeah, the Bitcoin one. So

that's never gonna happen.

No, that is definitely never gonna happen. Alright, so what else we got here? Oh, fuck fate. I mean, this was Tim's article. Hang on one sec. So Uber is gonna start doing reservations. Larry, I'm gonna bring you in after this article. Basically, like, what it sounds like it's Uber reservations. Uber reserve offers drivers more control of their schedule, to ditional earnings opportunity as drivers overseas receive 72% of the reserved fare fee, regular Uber rates for their city share, like 72%. I mean, I, as I was reading this article, I'm like, what's the reserve fee? Like? two bucks? It's actually eight to $12 for a passenger to reserve a ride.

So what is the difference between reserving a ride and schedule? What are they scheduling a ride? Yeah,

I guess it's just the the skin in the game. So like, if that person doesn't show up, they, the driver gets the full rate of the trip. So perfect drivers is that Uber and Uber reserve riders canceled less than an hour before the trip was scheduled to start the driver see the full fee associated with the fare meaning it's logged as a $50 trip the driver will see the full $52 trip. If it's canceled within that timeframe. And you'll receive 72% of the eight to $12 paid by the passenger. I think there's just more skin in the game. Like the passenger is going to show up. And but so you're wanting to know if the driver doesn't show up? Yeah, what

if the driver doesn't show up? Huh? What's the day like? So does it pick a driver ahead of time and say this is a reserve?

How does Uber reserve work for drivers as a driver you need to be on line an hour before the scheduled trip. In an Uber app, you'll receive trips heading toward your reservation in the meantime. So maybe you, you, I read this article, this is from a driver. It didn't say so basically, huh. So you must get you must, it must pop up and then you just grab it right? So then the rest of the time you end up getting rides towards that so you don't miss it. within the app itself, you'll be sent navigate toward or your reservation when the time is right, comes to do so to look like the image above on the right. My thoughts as drivers, she says there's upsides and downsides. Like I can see happening already. Sometimes it's difficult to find a passenger. So being on time, it's not always possible. Yeah. But also, I would not be happy with myself, I arrive 30 minutes early to the destination set outside waiting for the schedule, right? Because they get 30 minutes to like, that's their flexibility. So you could visit 10 o'clock pick up you roll up at 930 they have full 30 minutes before they can come out. Yeah, I know. I don't, I don't want to get there and wait there either. That'd be terrible. Right? So they're launching in some of the major markets. I wonder if it's

like how Lyft you go in there for scheduled rides? And you assign that to yourself?

Yeah, it doesn't really say in this article. I'm assuming it just pops up, you just look for reservations and grab them.

As a consumer, I would, I would hope that the drivers get like biffed pretty good. If you accept a ride, and then you, you know, show up 30 minutes early, and then you leave because you don't want to wait, or you don't show up at all. As a driver. That would suck. But yeah, but how are the consumer like?

Yeah, it didn't, it didn't really say any penalties for the driver. But yeah, what's keeping him from saying ask screw it?

Yeah, you know what I mean? Cuz 72% of the company times, and we've talked about it, like we showed up to a scheduled ride. You know, 15 minutes early, and

you're fussy at 15. I'm out. Yeah. And that's, I knew where it was going. Like, if it was gonna be a $75 fare, right? Or maybe it's just like, you roll the dice that the passenger is gonna cancel. And you get I mean, I don't know. Yeah, it doesn't really say that. But um, I do like, if the if the, if the customer screws, you, you at least get the full fare, which is great. But yeah, I mean, it is 72% of eight to $12 going to keep you there for 30 minutes. I mean, what's several 75% of $10? Was that 737 50 for a half hour? I'm just trying to do round numbers, because you know, math.

Yeah. I guess it depends on where if you do you know where the rise is going to go? It doesn't say, Well, I mean, if you're a diamond pitch, then

Yeah. Or if you're in California, that you get to see where it goes to but

brings up a lot of questions.

It does. Yeah, and surprise how expensive that is, though. Eight to 12 bucks. And it all depends

on I'm thinking there's got to be like a pretty significant detriment for the driver. If they don't show up or they show up and leave early.

Yeah, it doesn't say that.

This isn't the customers paying. You know, all of that then.

Yeah, there's

got to be a balance. You know,

there definitely is I'm going to share this in the chat so you guys can take a peek at it if you want to. at your leisure. take a gander ppds nuts. I love that guy. He's comment on some of our stuff. I thought he was always trolling us like, uh, but anyways, he's comment on some of our videos. Like I always smashed drunk girls, like one of those comments was, so I thought he was just like, trolling us or whatever. Okay, Larry. Oh, I should probably send you the link that might help. Let me do this. Coming Your Way, Larry.

Larry, Larry.

Larry, Larry, Larry. Pepe is not in the house. Trying to catch up on the comments. I was hoping you could watch the comments still, that

we're gonna get into. It just won't give me the option to show the that's so weird comments. Like, even if I hit comment, to make a comment. It pulls up the video. But doesn't.

That's so weird. I wish somehow I could share the if I knew this ahead of time, I would have just given you this monitor.

Yeah, I just I didn't.

It's alright. We'll see if Larry. He hasn't looked at the message yet. So I'm on Larry. Yes. It says a way to go. Jason. I don't know what that means. I don't know what that means. All right. Moving on. Ah, I think that those are the only two rideshare things tonight. Why don't you? You want to do yours? Oh, yeah. It's just funny. I actually have see this is the stories. I have a story from this. This link Really? Yeah.

Alright, so it's a comment. And I don't need to go the link rag industry. Yeah, okay, so since passion is out of their mind, if they think this is acceptable, and the pickup note says, I just want someone to bring me a six pack of white claw, 50 bucks. And then the first comments 50 is 50 like fish say it's 50.

Like we say in the group 20 bucks buddy is 20 bucks, 20

bucks or 20 bucks doesn't

really matter how you make it? Well, it does kind of thing. So my story for that, first of all, what do you think of that? When you see that? Would you do that?


probably not. No, one of the reasons.

License issues are age.

That's a big one for alcohol. Yeah.

I mean, if if I would ask them to send me a picture of their license or something, maybe. Here's a.

Here's another problem. I don't know, what if they just get an ID for someone in the house? Right? That's, I mean, when we do it with ships, when we scan the license, whatever they do, after we do that, that's their business. But that's, this is all through the app, and everything's legit, but doing it on the

50 bucks is 50 bucks, though. So I can guarantee you that probably 5050 of the people that get an offer like that are probably taking it.

So here's my story with it. I did a food delivery. Random like, early Tuesday at like, loving 15 some guy ordered I hop 1115 and I'm like, Okay, this is weird from Granville. So I was like I took it, it was a pretty decent tip on it. Well, I don't know what the tip was grubhub it just shows you the amount you're gonna make on this. Oh, hands down like so it was enough for my I looked at it. Like I think it was like 16 bucks. Like, that's fair. Nothing much going on right now. Yeah, you know what I mean? A little far of a drive because it's up. Wilson in Richmond, so a little bit north of Lake Michigan drive. Oh, but anyway, so it was a little bit of a drive. And in the notes, it says, Hey, grab me a pack of cigs. I'll give you 10 bucks plus a tip in the app. So I've been a little slow today. I said that. I said, Okay, this is what I'll do. I say you vent. I'll give you my Venmo if you Venmo the money $10 plus an extra five ahead of time, I will do it. That's what I was going to text them. And I texted him, I'm like, Hey, you still need cigarettes? He's like, Ah, no, because people people understand when they're writing comments in there. It's not for that order. It's directions to your place. Like you can add comments. So every time someone orders that pops up, but I did think like if you Venmo Me the Money, here's my Venmo link. I'll do it. What do I care? Right? I mean, I'll pay for your cigarettes, but it does have the little the legal thing again. But I mean, it's 1115 in the morning, the guy I think works third shift I my guess is used to get into breakfast. Yeah, whatever. But I think I would do it if they prepaid. like everyone's got Venmo now or, or cash app or whatever, even alcohol.

Because alcohol is a is a is a bigger beast. Yeah. And somebody had pack of smokes.

That's so true. I don't know if I do the alcohol.

That's it's a tough call. Because 50 bucks is I mean, depending on what day it is and what your money goal is. walks is

50 bucks. I mean, I try to make 60 at lunch, right? That's my goal, right around 50 or 60. Now, during the week, the weekends are different. It's a lot busier. But uh, yeah, I don't know. I don't think I do alcohol. I think that's, I think I draw the line. Yeah, cuz if a kid smokes a pack of cigarettes, it's like whatever, but Okay, we're gonna try to add Larry. Hello, Larry. Larry. Hey, what's

going on guys?

Is there any echo for you at all?

No. Sounds great. Sweet. Yeah, I had to turn I had to lower the volume on the Facebook page, but I can hear you to the stream yard so

Oh, okay.

There's there was an echo. But yeah,

yeah. Maybe that's what was going on with Sam. She somehow had something else on I like these headphones you got on. They look very familiar.

I wonder why. I swipe those when I was down your studio.

I am missing one.

No, no, no. That was that was on the equipment list you sent me?

Oh, okay. Yeah, they're great. I think they leak a little bit of audio sometimes if you have too high but well, Larry, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself if people that don't know you and and just what you do and all that stuff?

Sure. Well, I'm full time I'm a computer systems engineer for the city of Bowling Green Kentucky. But in the evenings and on weekends, I do gig work. Mainly rideshare Lyft and Uber, but also do grub hub. roadie Uber Eats a little bit of this and that but it's mainly rideshare

Okay, and how long you've been driving,

been driving for three and a half years now.

Okay. I have a little story about Rody, all these things are triggering stories. So I tried to I tried to you know, I i've been laid off for two weeks, and I you know, you got to relog into all your apps and I logged into Rody, and it said your account is locked. So I sent him an email. I'm like, why is my account locked? Oh, you were inactive. Do you want to be reactivated? Yes. Okay. Wait a couple days? wait a couple days no response and I get the the the response? Well, we haven't heard from you. So we're gonna mark this ticket is closed. And I'm like, No dude like I want to be in so I emailed them back, and I'm like, never heard anything. So tried to log in, same thing. Exact same scenario. If you Jason, do you want to be an active roadie driver? Yes, please unlock my account two days later. Well, we haven't heard from you. So I just I just deleted the app. I was like, I'm done with you. I mean, what is going on? Yeah,

I mean, I mean, me.

Did you do? Have you done?

I probably done maybe like 30 or 40.

Okay, we've done more about them.

Yeah, I did a lot in the winner like later at night at the airport. You know, when I was hanging out the airport,

and playing golf with the old guys.

Now this is during the winter. I was not detailing my car. But no, I would get a lot of bags. But I mean, it wasn't really super profitable. It was basically like, there's nothing else going on. So

yes, he said we don't have an airport, you know, here in town. We we get very few roadies here.

Yeah. Yeah. It's there. I mean, it's there to use if you you know, want a little extra money. But now with so many other apps. I mean, if it's not poppin why even bother with it?

Yeah, I mean, unless it just pops up and I happen to see something and it's worth it right then I'll grab it. But yeah, it's mainly been medicine here that I've prescriptions that I've delivered. Okay. and deliver two hours one time.

I will like the bird I will.

They were plastic the plastic that you put on your porch? Yeah. That would have been that would have been interesting. Oh, yeah. I got to TSC and I had no idea what it was. The guy went back in the bag and it comes out with these two plastic outs. He's like, there you go. That's what your cheese Louise.

So as far as Uber ride share rides, you know how many you have approximately for both platforms? Um,

let me see. I can pull it up here real quick. I've got my phone. I think on Uber. It's around. Maybe 3500.

I see. I thought you were a lot higher than me. I'm.

I can't remember though, for sure. I can't remember where you find it on the app nowadays.

I think I'd look in your ear. Good old Keith. Larry. Such a hoot with these owl stories.

Hey, no, yeah, see what I've done. 2700. Okay. And lifts significantly less than? Okay. Probably 1600 or something.

All right. So how's that podcast years coming?

Well, I've been doing another podcast now. I do the podcast with my friend Antonio.

Oh, yeah. You're still you're still doing that.

Yeah, we've been doing it. We've we've probably done as many of those now as I've done just mine. Oh, wow. Generally about he's pretty good about having somebody lined up about every other week here. So we were supposed to do one tonight. But the lady she has a five year old and she couldn't get a setter till next week. What's uh, we're gonna interview her next next.

So you're, you're on like, it's just like an interview show. And you're a co host?

Pretty much. I mean, we talk about really all different subjects. We did a couple episodes about the pandemic we talked about. We did one show just mean ham on being you know, hustler, being a go getter, you know, working all your gigs, making money doing what it takes. Last one we did. We talked to a guy who's a realtor. He's developing kind of his own kind of realty website. Okay. The way we're talking to you, I think, this coming week, I think she owns it like an auto glass repair shop. We've had a couple of singers on there. So yeah, just a little bit everything.

So the question is, why have I been invited as a guest? I'm a hustler. I mean, come on. I love I love podcasts. You know, I love to talk. I can't shut up.

I'll see what I can do about that. But I in my defense, Antonio is the booking agent for the show. So he he's the one who's who's booked all the guests.

Well, if he is he who's doing the editing is he doing it to

um you know, we don't do we really don't see much editing. Okay, we

need that we need to have a conversation after this show which are rookies over there. Oh, kidding.

No, no, no, no, you know, my show, you know, I spent hours but he he. He just likes to throw it up there. So So yeah.

So during this pandemic, have you been driving passengers?

Ah, when COVID first came out, the city of Bowling Green, where I work at our city manager came out with kind of some rules and regulations since they were having probably, you know, most people work from home, they did say some I did lay down some rules about what you could do and what you couldn't do as far as your secondary jobs. And rideshare was not something that they were going to let me do. And so I switched over to doing all food delivery, and did that for about six months. And as y'all know, food delivery was off the chain. So I was making as much or more doing that than I was doing, you know, driving rideshare. So that was fun and kind of got, like you were talking the other day, Jason kind of kind of got to where I like doing food delivery on time. It's kind of nice. At first, I hated it. When I first did, it couldn't stand it didn't want to do whatsoever. But if you do for a while you're like, hey, it's kind of nice. Like listen to my music. I can. No, I have to worry about sort of puking in my car. Yeah, I worry about it being clean all the time. Well, that

Yeah, the clean thing is nice. If you look at my passenger floorboard, there's Wendy's bags and straws and water bottles. But I also think why people don't like food delivery right off the bat is because you don't know the strategy around it yet. You're feeling a little out of water. And once you figure it out, you're like, Okay, I got this, like I have my little areas I go to in my area to sit and wait for, for deliveries and in the big

thing is figuring out on the apps like making sure you look and see where where you're delivering. Yes. Because those squeeze that map down here. It looks like the delivery is not very far. Yeah, except the ride is like 30 minutes away. Oh yeah, for number pain. I'm not have done deliveries that far, but not for, you know, not for 10 bucks.

Yeah, the problem I'm running into is grubhub. I'm on the schedule. So I'm kind of and I have Uber running also. And sometimes I'll get a nice Uber one that's a little bit further happened today. And then I'm like, denying all these grubhub ones and then I'm taking right should I have done Uber one it's and grubhub you turn it off, they give you like five minutes and they're texting you saying hey, they're basically like you got enough time to go pee, you need to be back on the app and so it it can get a little challenging juggling

apps. And during during that time I did do a schedule a lot of blocks. But now I don't ever scheduling blocks and I really have not been able to tell any difference what's really

we can tell it because we get I get the the crappy ones. I get the $7 Taco Bells or the $6

Well, I just declined the

Why do to even if I'm on the schedule or not. I don't take anything less than 10

Yeah, and you learn to during the during the pandemic when all the lobbies are closed what fast food place off not to accept because I'm not gonna get stuck in Taco Bell Hill drive thru for 30 minutes for

$1 McDonald's on Michigan Street,

the Danish who's not here who is who is making comments. I told him several times, please don't go to like fast food. Like Like, you know, Wendy's is okay. It's a little step above like Taco Bell and McDonald's. But you're gonna wait in line, you're probably not going to get a tip. Or you know, it's just not worth it. So,

yeah, Taco Bell and White Castle. Here are the two I just

I've never had White Castle.

My castle is so good, man. Is it?

Yeah. Larry, is it good? Is it better than in and out?

No, see, we have we're the only place that I know of in the country that has White Castle and crystal. We haven't both. If you go anywhere North it's all White Castle. If you go anywhere South it's all crystal

now. Is that a situation kind of like? checkers and rally's was actually the same company. Are they two different companies?

Oh, they're two different companies. Okay. Yeah. I like crystal a little bitter. And I'm like why castle? Fine, but I got I got burned last time. I went there about two weeks ago and got something really late night. After I'd been working in the food. You can tell they've been sitting there for a while now. Also got a big chocolate milkshake. Had a real urge for chocolate milkshake. It was so thick that it you couldn't get it through the straw. So they want to see it at home with a spoon when I get home. opened it up and there's a big black hair inside there. Oh, yeah. So I'm done with White Castle for the foreseeable future. Oh, man. That's, you know, you can

go to the grocery store and buy like the frozen white castles.

Okay, like can you buy it in our groceries?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah,

not they're not as good and you don't get the crinkle fries.

Well, you can make your own crinkle fries. You can but yeah, so to answer the question, you weren't you are taking passengers now. Now? Yeah. Okay. So

about probably six weeks ago, our city manager said things that he's up enough so he's restrictions. So I started doing makes a passenger food. I turn them all on and whatever hits hits. Okay. So yeah, especially a lot of times during the day, on weekends, I'm doing a lot more food. But you can definitely tell also that there's less drivers in or used to be. Hmm, I've noticed that because, you know, I used to be here I would sit for 10 or 15 2030 minutes sometimes between rides. Yeah. And especially when I first started back with rideshare it was just back to backs. I think more of the drivers are slowly coming back now. Because there for a while I would only see like, three or four other drivers in all Bowling Green. Wow. It used to be wherever you went, you went up and you'd see the maximum amount of drivers she has sent her home. Yep. So yeah, it's definitely scaled it back on the drivers.

So Larry, if you don't mind me asking, what's your facemask policy? And have you had any riders that have like tried to fight you about either Uber or Lyft rules or your personal rules?

Now I've always been pretty good I keep packages of disposable masks the ones that Uber or grubhub or somebody sends to us every month or to keep them in there and if they don't have one I'll give them one everybody's been you know pretty cool about it. And you know, it's um, we've had so many like warm sunny days that I've had the windows down here lately and you know, gravel drive around with the windows and everybody's enjoyed that.

Yeah, it's been nice up here to key says they don't call leiria Hill topler Hill topper hustler for nothing is that where is he just come up with that or

they call you that? The the the university here is Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers. Oh, that's the name though.

I often wonder why Keith's got a bills hat to like maybe he's from Buffalo because does he live in Georgia?

He went to he went to school at Western. Oh, he did.


Yes, he did. I can't remember for sure where he's at now.

I think he's enjoying us. Georgia. Yeah.

Yeah, maybe. But yeah, I'm pretty sure he went to school Western.

Alright, Larry. Well, why don't you give everyone like one tip. Any of the apps that you think like, Man, this is this is something you really need to focus on? I don't know. I'm putting you on the spot. So?

Oh, well, let me think. Yeah, my biggest tip, I guess said, This popping in my head is, is make sure if especially if you're doing food delivery, make sure you take a little bit and make sure you know where that delivery is going. Because I used to burn me all the time when I first started it pop up and that, you know, it looked like the delivery. And the pickup and delivery were just right and few miles of each other. And then when you actually accept it, you know, they trumped the screen down so much. And it Yeah, it's 20 miles away. Like dang it. They got me.

Yeah, yeah, definitely know your area. Look with our shirt. Take the time to do it. Especially now Uber is little quicker. You only get like was like 30 seconds. As that little timer goes. But grubhub you get about a minute out of it.

grubhub is more of a pain to cancel an order once you've accepted. Yeah, for sure. You know, where it's just you know, you swipe it up and cancel it but Uber they are grubhub they want to they want you to explain why they want you to call them. Yeah,

yeah. When you when you first started the tip and you said something, take a little bit. I thought you're gonna do a joke, like, take a little bit of the food off the top. take a little time. I'm like,

No, no, don't do that.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I don't want to be on on some viral YouTube video. Right?

Unless you're unless it's your page and you're making the money.

Exactly, exactly. Unless it's something good.

Yeah. Hey, Larry, before you go, what, um, what service were you in?

Oh, um, I

was a I was a combat medic in the Kentucky National Guard. Okay.

All right. Well, thank you for your service, Larry.

You're welcome. And it's been a pleasure. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Well, enjoy. Well, you've already eaten the food but enjoyed the the glow of the smoky bones and the Dairy Queen. Oh, and

yeah, it's funny cuz actually, me and me and a buddy of mine. He was in service we we obviously have together on Veterans Day and go get some free food. So we actually smokey bones for lunch today. And then me and my wife went to smokey. Oh, your

poor wife later on tonight. That rooms gonna be there's gonna be like a fart fog. over the tire.

Top. Baked Beans

inside. Oh my gosh.

Your poor wife sleeping on the couch tonight.

She's a saint.


she is. Well, Larry, thank you so much. I'm glad this worked out.

This was fun. This was fun. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you having me on. All right. Have a good one. All right. Have a good rest your show. All right. Bye.

Well, that was fun. It's fun. Yeah, like a Larry.

I'd love it. I'm glad at work two must have been Sam. I'm to say operator error on that one. Way to go, Sam,

you broke it last time.

All right, sorry for that little delay. I thought it was fun to talk to Larry. He's he's been one of our Patreon subscribers from the beginning. And we really appreciate his support on the show. So hopefully you can get me on the other show is on I'm always looking to be guests. And I want to, you know, you got to share the podcast love, right. Okay. Next up from Uber, Lyft, a new app helps gig workers find where to whiz. So what is this app called again? The Wizard. Hold on. I thought it was in my it's just named Wiz. We're actually going to interview these guys next week, described being developed by gig workers for gig workers whizzes a bathroom finding app that is partnering with restaurants to provide gig workers with some smutch. some much needed relief.

It's a bad time to kind of work on that, because a lot of the restaurants have their bathrooms closed. Yeah.

So we're going to talk about that. And I want to encourage him. And to expand that to let drivers maybe, I don't know, somehow you can certify that they're rideshare drivers because yeah, a lot of restaurants. I mean, if it's fast food, it's closed. Yeah.

And I don't think just go to Johnny's on Michigan. Yeah.

So we're going to talk to him about that. Basically, with attempts to incentivize restaurants with free advertising exchange for bathroom access and promotional offers. So it's not a bad idea. Most drivers aren't going to use a restaurant to go potty though. go potty. What are we cheese? I mean, I don't even have toddlers anymore. I'm like, I got a poppers. Maybe Donegal body. I don't think I mean, I would never go into Logan's to go to the bathroom, right? I mean, it's probably cleaner. But I mean, it just

a lot of the times I'm going to that's we're messing up. We're so busy trying to decide whether to go to Speedway or Johnny's should have been going to Logan's where,

but how many times you go to Johnny's and not grab something to drink or a snack out of there, because that's why you're kind of you're kind of going to pee and you're kind of grabbing a snack. Honestly, the last thing I want to be doing on a Friday night is walking in Logan's,

you know when I'm already probably hungry. Walk around in there and strong stakes and yeah,

like, wow. And then even if they're partnering with with let's say then you're like, Oh, no, I'm not here to you. I'm here to whiz. I mean, like you're gonna have to say that every time because they greet you. When if they give you a little quiz. Yeah, a little bad. You hang on the door. You know, they bring up to bathroom access is a problem for like, homeless people and everything. I totally agree. What what could we do? What could somebody create that? You could put it on the side of the road? But it's not like some porta potti like, I mean, or maybe it is but it's just a little better. You know, the porta potties you open that up and I mean, you're just looking at loads of shit and they're NP like it's kind of gross. But if you got to do it, you got to do it. But it is something to think about I mean, we always Mark I am the one that peas in a Gary Bell I'm sorry I do that's called me a savage. I don't care she then. I mean, if you gotta go You gotta go right I heat then I pee in a Gatorade bottle. I've yet to be caught and in my daytime job or my gig job. Okay, so we're going to talk to them next week. This will be a Patreon only for a while. So if you want to hear it right away, we got a bunch of them in there a new app called wonder where you can get your you can wash people's clothes. And it's very profitable for the Why

should I should really like look into that

as a customer or

as a as a worker? Of course you got to go get to pick it up, right?

Yep, you got to pick it up. You can go to a laundry mat. If you go to a laundromat. You can write all that off. Now you can in your home too. But it's a little I mean, how do you track how much water raised or how much electricity you so while your your hourly hourly rate goes up at a laundromat because it's quicker? I mean, you got five washers, I mean, you can have all of them running at the same time. But you do lose a little bit because you have to buy you know the time for that stuff. But yeah, so go to slash gig economy podcast if you want to get first dibs on some of this stuff. launder is everywhere, but it's not. There's no customers here yes for an hour.

I think they do background checks on the people that do it. You

know, because

I can't you if you get some perv and you're

there that's the number one. You're talking about the undies? Yeah, the number one question they get is the underwear and they're like, you can just wash your own underwear. It's probably like 1% of your total Daily laundry if you think about it, yeah. But I, you know, I can't remember in the interview, if they did do background checks, they have a ton of insurance. In fact, I'm telling you the whole interview, go to patreon and listen to it. It'll come out it's coming out in December for for all you cheap Fox. I just said it. I was gonna stop. But then I just said, um, the insurance they have if your machine breaks at home with you pinky out. Yeah, I am kind of. I was hoping that if your machine breaks, they'll cover it. Really? Yeah. And then the acid is like, Well, how do you know, it's a job for Lunder? I'm like, well, that's what insurance investigators are for. They can figure that stuff out. Yeah, I mean, but the insurance is insane. Like if you rack you know, because you're supposed to check all their pockets, let's say for whatever reason you had a pen in the load before for your home and then it ruined. It's covered. Wow. So great insurance, which is good. But not to spoil.

I won't spoil it. But you should definitely check it out. Because the pay. The pay is nuts. It's nuts. It's it's not going to spoil it. So go

check it out. In fact, when I when he told me how much the worker gets paid compared to what they're making, I'm like, how is that even sustainable? He's like, Don't worry, I got you. I was like, Damn, this guy really takes care of his workers. Right. So pretty nice. All right, my God, we're like 40 minutes in we're only on our second ad spot. Where are we at oil Ober. Joe go to oil. They just signed up for another three months. Thank you guys so much for believing in us. They need new technicians. What oil Uber does is they are on demand oil change company they come to you. So they need customers, you can be a tech or a customer doesn't matter. All oil And now with jumpstarts. I just bought my jumpstarter. So Brian, get me some business over here. I am ready to rock to help people. Nice. You can do that too. You don't have to just change oil, you can do fuel delivery or jumpstarts. So pretty badass oil for all that information to sign up to be a tech or to be a customer. It's all right there. We can't thank them enough for supporting us. And I'm really hoping these guys take off. It's It's It's a great idea. And why would you want to pay for those really loud? Sorry. You know, I think about the jumpstarts. You know, to go through your insurance app. I mean, especially if let's say it's bad weather. That's when everyone seems to need it, you know, in a bullish course. Right. You're gonna wait three hours to get a jump right. You call oil Ober or you request one. There's drivers driving around with either jumper cables and or jump box. And we all know Just be careful when you're doing it. We talked about this last time. Yep. So thank you oil. boober oil Uber for supporting. Okay,

this is just a Alright, so this next one is a guy that lost my spot. All right. It's a video of a door Dasher.

Yeah, we've seen people steal food. You know, eating off the chicken nugget. Yeah. scraping off the spaghetti of that guy in India.

Yeah. But this is something I haven't seen before. So this was pretty interesting.

Yeah, it's very short. But we'll play it and we'll just describe it for the audio listeners. That's it. The comment is do you think cameras didn't exist? Hope doordash fires you? So basically, it's she comes in, she drops the food. She takes a picture of it. She picks the food up and walks away with it. How did she think that? Like? Am I missing something? Is there some sort of loop to not get fired from that?

I almost wonder. I mean, when I saw it, I was like, This can't be real like somebody. Of course you think that about a lot his videos that you see you're like, somebody can't be that stupid. I know like reaching and like that guy who ate the chicken wings on the way to the door like, Are you that stupid that you?

Well that guy wasn't even the member in the article that wasn't that wasn't driver. I'm passenger. I think he was like, bombed, right?

Where the guy I mean, any of the guys, the guy who was sipping the drink at the door?

Oh, yeah, that one. Or the guy that rubbed the ice cream on his nuts. Like, here's a tip for all you new people. There's cameras everywhere, everywhere. Every house. I mean, you can get a friggin camera for like 30 bucks now and it works great with high def, so don't do that don't steal food. Like what does she expect that? What does she think is gonna happen? Yeah. I mean, you have a car. You're not that broke that you can't eat right? It's very bizarre. Why did you look that way?

I don't like the corner. My eye looks like thing was shaking. I was like, well, we have an earthquake or something.

I don't know. Maybe I got a little excited.

Okay, this kind of

this one kind of goes hand in hand. Yeah, I'm

trying to find gosh. Oh, here we go. The tech says this is your grubhub driver David. I love your order. outside of your front door, so that's a pretty standard text. Now with the pandemic, it's already pre written for you. That was that 603 at 611 says don't go away till I verify please

I'm at home like feet up on the on the couch watching TV. Yeah, that man's later Yeah,

that's my last delivery of whatever the day I'm gone. I I drop it and leave. I mean, first of all, it doesn't matter what's in that bag. The driver has nothing to do with that right? He can't control it. Even if you complain, he's gonna say you're gonna have to call support which I've noticed Uber Eats and grubhub are really good with the customers they usually give you credit for whatever is F dot.

I ordered a Uber Eats. Last week. I ordered a will just say I ordered an item and didn't come right and I got a $5 credit.

What do you mean the ordered item? Listen, I

ordered a Big Mac with extra meat. Okay.

You got me?

You get me coughing you got me?

Oh, yes, PR Don't be talking about London calm. They're not they're not paying for this crap. You're banned.

Alright, so this next one is an app that is available on is it on both stores? Or just Google? I assume it's on both?

Uh, yeah, it is. Okay.

It's called neighbor. And it is a space sharing.

Yeah, it's like Airbnb for storage or storage. Yeah, I'm gonna play this video. It's dumb. I YouTube was down. Before we were I was gonna actually pull a video with sound, but I'll just play it anyways, I don't even know if it really shows anything. It's no sound. So it doesn't really help our audio listeners. But I did look at if you go to tickets, let's see if it pulls the app up or the website. Now it's like or something like that. But yeah, there's stuff in this area. I looked at it Oh, yeah. It's it's live here. So basically, it's just like Airbnb for storage. But I don't know if I'd be like, if I had a two cell garage, right? And the person says why park on this side and then you can store your stuff in this side. Okay, what do you start a car? Okay, fine. That would be totally fine. But if you had a bunch of boxes and furniture like in the wintertime, my car melts in the garage and all I mean, that seems weird that you would do that. I don't know if I would

also brings up a lot of you were talking about how the laundry service launder launder. Thank you. Is all the insurance. Yeah, you wonder about that for I mean, you think you need a lot more insurance for storage?

Yeah, I mean, it's probably one of those loopholes. Right. We should ask s Jackie about that. Yeah, because I mean your homeowners insurance covers everything in your home but what if you're making money out of it? Because now you're using your home as a commercial? Yes commercial so that kind of throws everything out the window as we found out with Uber and Lyft yeah rideshare But yeah, I don't know. I don't know I mean, I guess if I had like an empty shed I would do it like that's not attached to my home right? I don't know

I just to me I just don't know I just don't know people who have like random space to be storing other people's stuff

well, first of all what I was gonna say is like people have so much shit like I can see the need for it but like everyone although people watching online can't see it but through that door under there the entire thing is could fill with stuff. Now you can't stand up in there it's like it's you have to it's like a crawlspace but I have plenty of room to do it. But would I do it what I want someone else's stuff in there I would just feel it's awesome. I mean potentially a fire hazard


I mean, why would it be a fire hazard

I don't know

it's more issue with a flood Yeah, everything I have in there is in totes just in case we have like you know the flood from Noah you know man, I already have water issues in my in the backyard there so everything I have in there is totes But yeah, I don't know. I mean, just throwing it out there if you're looking for another gig you got an empty storage space I think it's or neighborhood calm something like that.

The name the app just called neighbor so yeah, see a website on there.

Yeah, um, the thing that's my bad My bad. All right. Just want to touch speaking of insurance. perfect segue. Perfect.


a Jackie from the office. We made that up. There's no that's not a word. It's it's Michigan insurance and financial service. Me AFS my office. I don't know. Jackie is my agent Jackie. Is you aspers agent he just switched. She can save you a ton of money, especially with the insurance reform please call her at 269-569-6127 that is her cell phone doesn't go to the business line or anything or email her Jackie at Mia Fs calm. She saved me a ton of money. You work directly with her. We don't want to say broker What did we establish last time?

I don't think we did you think you were going to talk

to her? No. But But yes, we said something and insurance. independent agent, independent agent. Thank you. Jackie is an independent agent. And she basically shops a bunch of insurance companies and finds the best one for you. Yes, it was shocked how much money he saved and either his guy was ripping them off or Jackie's amazing. I'm gonna lean towards Jackie's ma right? Of course. But yeah, she saved me a ton of money. So your next, your next on the list. Thanks, Jackie. You're next to 69569 6127 or email Jackie mia All right, I'm up next. This mic stand is really getting in my way. Like, can you notice I'm kind of like, like, bear like, I don't know, the monitor is all screwed up.

Okay, you know, your again is the ones that hang from the ceiling.

We've talked about, you know, yes, we're out of town when the boss is away.

Why I brought it up.

Let's play. Let's go to Sweetwater calm and start doing it. All right, this is out of our ship shopper group in Grand Rapids. In the first sentences sometimes I really asked myself are bundles worth it? So for people that are new, and I they weren't doing this when I was doing ship back in January, but they're not bundling orders together. Like you'll get a price for two, instead of like being wanting to, like normally you could accept those two on their own and you'd make more money. It's kind of like where grubhub will give you like I had it today I got a Panda Express for like $11 and like, Hey, would you want to add this one for five more dollars? So you're getting five more dollars but if you would get that separate? It would it would probably be 11 or 12 right? So they're trying to bundle it together because you're already there and I didn't take it because it was the first runs of the morning but so this is a text exchange with customer it says Wow, this is the worst order I've ever gotten. This is the customer you just rang my doorbell at 10pm and woke up my two children who rings the doorbell by the way like at 10 like maybe a light knock you know and if no answer like idiot what my two children who does that you didn't let me know you're on your way. There's a tech there's a spot in there it says on your way Tech's hit it every time guys used to substitute items without asking when you were supposed to contact the member. You contacted me an hour and a half before you actually delivered me things, then proceeded to deliver them two minutes before the cut off as a customer. This is horrifying as a ship shopper. I can't fathom this. Do better. This is embarrassing. I've been a ship shopper since 2017. And this is the worst shop I've ever seen. He says Hi. Sorry, you feel that way. I apologize. I looked in it looks like I got everything correct. Besides the Hershey candy, I apologize. I'm sorry about ringing the doorbell that was a bundle order with $3 order and I had to make a lot of substitutions for her. I also met to send you on the way text but apparently, I did not hit that my apologies. She says I figured you didn't it's obvious you made substitution because you put too much on your plate and you didn't want to take the time to see if I wanted that substitution. It was a lazy move. If you can't do multiple shops in the time slot then don't. I'm not paying for a wrong item because you bit off more than you can chew. It also has nothing to do with you bring in someone store at 10pm on a weeknight. Don't apologize for someone feeling something that's called gaslighting. Okay, she gets a little crazy at the end, either apologize for the quality of service, which is poor. That's not my feeling. That's fact or saying nothing but thanks. I'll be sure to mention this when I report this stage q

need a drink after read all that? Right? Yeah, I mean, that guy did everything wrong. I'm not gonna lie. It's stressful to take multiple shops when I take your Are you forced to do that? Okay. Now a lot of these smaller ones, they're bundling, which I won't do. I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna get paid less. Just because I'm in the store. It's still it's everything is the same amount. I can see it for food delivery, because you're literally walking through the door, taking a bag and putting it in your hot bag and then walking out. Not that much work, right? Are you doing a ship shop, you're getting paid less for that second order, but you're still doing all the shopping, you're still checking out, you're still driving to the customer's house. Like none of that's changed the instacart

was doing that too. When I was doing instacart in the middle of COVID. Okay, there were you know, I'd go to try to find some orders and they'd be like, three, two or three of them all bones up together and you know, I'd never done grocery really, I had been signed up for a while but I've never done it because I didn't need to you All right. rideshare Yeah. And, you know, I just like, I don't I'm not at the point where I feel comfortable doing two or three order shops yet. I'm trying to survive doing this, you know, 25 item order, let alone,

right. It is stressful because they at least on ship, they really penalize you if you're late. Yeah, like it's a big, it's a big hit. They do not like it. Which makes sense, because people are there for that hour. Like, yeah, if you're home, you're a stay at home mom or dad or whatever, it's fine. But so I would never take an order. Like, if I take two orders, if they were over 20, I would get stressed. Yeah. And I'm not as organized as a lot of these people that are doing ships. So the

other thing, you know, when I was doing doing shipped, it was like, everything was always gone. And you know, there's couldn't find anything. Just

It was like, when the pandemic started, right. Oh, yeah, I bet that was a nightmare.

Just I don't have no, I can't do this.

Well, I'm and I think people have started getting used to this, like saying that wasn't there. But I think early on, people are probably fussy, but then they're like, this is the reality. So you either deal with it? Or, you know, don't get it, you know, right, you shipped. What else was I gonna say? Oh, they now are offering early drop off. So that's cool. So that kind of helps you on on time, like it shows you early drop off is okay. So if it's scheduled from 4pm to 5pm. If you want to shop it early, and get it done with and get onto something else, you can do that. Oh, nice. So that's nice. But the bundling is horseshit. Yeah, so I'm not I won't say I won't ever do it, but I probably won't ever do it. I mean, it's just as much work. Why don't you pay me the same amount of money right? Like it's stupid. Yeah, I didn't share the pictures of this because they were kind of gross.

Yeah. So this next article is, I found it just kind of randomly. Was Uber passenger was 20 claims driver grabbed her and hit her in the face when she tried to hold it the UK is that UK site your UK mail? It is I got like ads popping over everything. Even on my tablet. Oh god. Oh, I just clicked on.

Oh, no. Great. Not gonna virus. I told Yes. briary bought the already bought the arms. But yeah, so Pete's gonna want to get this up is going to talk about some girl

that got sick. When she tried to escape after he started asking weird sexual questions. And so the driver apparently slapped her and hit her in the face. The pictures are are bad. Yeah, they're pretty girl I was a slap in the face is not like is pretty bad. It's way worse than a slap in the face.

It just brings up what was the whole scenario around those two anyways, it was just a random pickup. Like,

yeah, yeah, she was taken over to her boyfriend's house, when he started asking like weird sexual questions. And she tried to pretend that she was on the phone yoga. And then he refused to stop at a gas station apparently and then turned into a dead end. Hmm.

Yeah, this is where zoom right in Detroit comes in as a female you can request a female only driver female only is that the right way to say?

Like a female? Just request a female driver.

Yeah. You don't have to say the only part. Because Yeah, okay. You can request a female driver, which is great. And I wish Uber and Lyft would do that. It would be a game changer. I mean, yeah, it would suck that you wouldn't get the as many rides as a male. But I mean, if you're, you know,

here's what she said. She said, girls, please never get into an Uber alone. Yeah, and if you do, sit behind the driver.

Hmm. That's a really good idea. Which as a driver Hey, we hate Sam. Sam. Sam is she was taking Ubers for a while. Like when she had all the car wrecks. Yeah.

17 car Actually, yeah, the 72 weeks.

With 17 apps.

It makes sense. Yeah. But when I try to think of my safety, as well, yeah, I don't want somebody sent behind me.

Yeah, but are you gonna say something to somebody? I mean, I don't know. I wouldn't either. No, it would just be I would be on alert. Yeah. Like it would, it would, the spidey sense would be up and you're like, Okay, this person sitting by me. super weird. Especially if you and then you get people to sit behind you. Maybe they're just oblivious. Because they still just have a conversation with you. I'm like you're talking to the back of my head. Yes. On the other side. We're kind of angled back and forth, right. Oh, crazy. Yeah, Carol chimed in zoom right to safer for women for sure. Hundred percent. I mean, I you have a daughter I have a daughter. like yours is old enough to use the right chair might not quite there yet. But I want them to be safe out there that freaks me out. Like there's creepy guys. I mean screw bird. I mean all those guys out there. What

are you laughing at?

You say screw What?

No, I never said anything of this.

What are you talking about? These headphones growing out? Yes, we're time for new headphones.

I'm a pulpy they don't even think that I would even try to say that. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Okay. All right. This is like shipped heavy. This is from I think a Oh yeah, this is from a shopper. Alright, so yeah, just go ahead and not look at your phone rant. I know my texts are going through because I only had a few customers. I only had a few customers answer me right away. Remember when I'm reading this sometimes it you know might not be English, or, you know, I typed it. But my last six customers of the night nothing list of subs. I texted because three of them put in notes text me for subs, I think did and you didn't effing respond for the entire effing shop. Some of them didn't want me to substitute on my own until I asked them first. And I did. And they completely ignored my messages. So help me if I get complaints to them, I'm going to effing lose it. And if you're not going to look at your phone, put in notes ahead of time you ephors I know we don't really say it. But that was a lot of apps. I wasn't going to rant on that. I like that. I like that next that that next comment. The people who put this is from the Yeah, this is a comment that people who put text me for subs are the types to ignore their phones when you do just that. Why though? I don't really have an issue with that.

I'm not like I did when I was doing

instacart people wouldn't text you back.

Or I would text them. You know, a couple things. Like I said, when I was doing this, it was right, the beginning of COVID. So totally out. Yeah, your text was always out. Yeah. And they wouldn't respond or respond. And it's probably I don't know, if it was two thirds of the time, but somewhere between a third and two thirds of the time. I'd be in the checkout. Oh, can you grab this instead? No. Should have answered 15 minutes. Well, if

I'm at checkout Peace out, it's not happening. I mean, it's it's definitely not happening. And I won't I'll actually make a substitution if I don't hear from them. And I mean, would you rather have I mean, there are some things that my wife buys from Meijer that is like, No, nothing like if you buy an any if the off brand. I'm not going to eat it. Right. But I actually would rather like I had the deli was closed. I think the deli is closing a lot early. And I had a roast beef shop. She did texted me back. And you know, she wanted half a pound, but it was close. I was like, hey, do you want me to grab like the box stuff? And she said no. But if she didn't text back, I probably would have grabbed up, you know, whatever, those containers a pound or half a pound roast beef. Because what if it's for sandwiches for the kids in the morning or husband or whatever? Like I would rather have it? I don't know, some people would like don't do that. But I don't know if I'm doing that. As

as a shopper, you're better off substituting anyways. Yes. Because if you remove the item, you make less money, right? Because the money you you get. And I don't know if it's probably exactly the same for ship too, right?

Yeah, I think is it per item? Yeah, I think you get a base of like, five bucks in this like 7.5% of the total? Right? Something like that now. So um, yeah, I mean, it's, I would just Yeah, but I would just be pissed as a customer if now if they did it without texting me, right. But you're also you know, the rerouting the phone number through their system. So I mean, ship goes down sometimes. So I don't know that guy saying like he had the last six. Not texting back seems a little extreme.

I had a day when I was doing instacart at all day where nothing was going through and was going through and I even asked a couple of the other. Oh, they same thing.

So must have been on there. And yeah, so that's like a nightmare, right? I would stop shopping that day. I would be like, Alright, I'm taking the rest of the day off.

I mean, that's one of the things that contributed to just not doing Yeah, you started at the worst time. Yeah,

it's better now. I mean, I've done two or three since I've been maybe four or whatever. Since I've been back and they barely have. Everything's in stock. Yeah, I mean, although I haven't that you still

can't find like a lot of baking stuff, though. Oh, really? I haven't been in the like when I went. I made blueberry pie last weekend from scratch. So good.

You did or your streaming partner.

Well, I made everything. Oh, you did? Yeah. I thought she was watching her. She was streaming in California. Oh, okay. I like cooked along.

Okay. I thought you would like to youtuber together on streaming and you and she was baking it. Okay. Does she have a baking stream? Is that her thing?

She's got a lot of things makes cooks Games Video games. Nice.

Okay, so anyways, shoot.

I don't know what Oh, yeah.

You are having trouble finding supplies? Yeah.

Is there What do you mean? Yeah, they were like there's still like when I went in there, I had to get some Baking powder or something and like the yeast completely sold out? Yeah,

man if I would have known that we up at the cabin my mother in law's cabin that's like Amish country. There's yeast for days. Yeah guy brought some down for my my, my other buddy. He's like if you they have anything up there even some of the spices like I had to buy all spice and the Meijer ban was completely sold out. The other brand was completely sold out. Wow. Yeah. It's just like if you're gonna make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, you

better start buying spices now. There's

your warning. Yeah. Oh, man. That's bizarre. All right, last article before we jump into Facebook shenanigans, and so yeah, no, this isn't me. Oh, yeah, it's fine. While it's fuckface. But it's real quick. Basically, the DOJ do treatment of justice. But why would they clear Ubers? Like, that doesn't seem seems weird. But the US Justice Department has cleared Ubers 2.6 5 billion acquisition of food delivery compact yet.

They're said to clear it. No. And they think

no, it says the us the right. The first sentence says the US Justice Department has cleared Ubers

the first sentence on article I didn't go into the article. I just went by what the headline said, Oh,

you're right. You're right. Anyways. So basically Uber Ubers buying Postmates so Postmates is live here. I've used it. It's terrible. No, no, as a customer, I did it as a driver. You don't even know what you're getting. Like you don't know any money. And I looked back at some of my Postmates deliveries last winter. And they were like $3 plus $1 tip for dollar. Like I was just throwing it on easy to buy me a two king size candy bars. Yeah, I mean, it was but that that some of that was even food delivery. Like from Wendy's and I'm like, who even does this Postmates anymore? Why would you even do it for like $4 somebody tipped $1 I don't know. I don't like their setup. So I'm curious to see what Uber does if they like just keep Postmates around now I know Postmates in like California is huge. And my guess is the prices are a little up but around here. I don't know if

I can't imagine they're gonna keep just Postmates do like

they do everything do everything. You can get anything delivered.

I just I still like and I said this last show too. But it just it's mind boggling to me that Uber has already gotten into like delivering other random stuff besides Yeah, they already have that's one

you actually have neither of us it hit the mic. Yes, sir. is usually the problem. He's adjusting his shit up and down.

Tim oh

you're right they already have the infrastructure if that said some something up and like, Oh, hey, bro. Someone just bought a microwave from BestBuy? Can you go swing by and pick it up and deliver like, and lift was supposed to do something like that? They wouldn't? I don't know. But

I don't think they'll keep I can't imagine why they would keep both companies.

Well, they're not going to get rid of Uber Eats so I hope they shut Postmates down because the way they do it. I don't know anyone that would want to use Postmates as a driver. You don't even know how much you're gonna never sign up for Postmates so it's not worth it. They're still I still getting requests cuz the other day it was a little slow and I got one. But then I got a grub hub right away so I never took it but yeah, it pops up and you just go and you do not know how much you make until after the trip is done. I don't like that. Like every other app. They tell you how much you're gonna make. You know my unless the guy like Uber's like you're gonna make $10 including tip now when you when you when you post the when you're done when you deliver it. It doesn't have the tip on there. One hour later it shows up. Yeah, so they have an opportunity to go in there. Take it up. Honestly, no one's ever done it. For me. It's always showed up.

See I happen allows me I was doing instant one out a lot. Well, I mean a few 10s of instacart.

Yeah. You mean the tip veining? Yeah, right, right. Yeah, Larry said a. Larry. That blueberry pie got off track. I know. He started.

So good. Was it good? So good.

Good for you. That's great. Yeah, Larry says I don't do post mates anymore. I mean, when every other app is showing what you're gonna earn, why would you do one that you're just like, well, I'm just gonna roll the dice. I might make 20 bucks, I might make four bucks.

Also, if you're making three bucks,

I'm not kidding. I'll show you a parable. I'll show you at the end of the show. The base was three bucks and I got $1 tip I'm sure delivered across the street. Like, I know. No, it was bad. Well, I see people on Reddit bitching about Ubers $2 and 50 cent base for deliveries but I've been pleasantly surprised at Ubers even their order ahead ones are pretty profitable because they pay you more for that. Huh? If you order ahead and then you pay for it with their card. I just order it I pull over the side of the rode, and I ordered the food right there when I get it, and then I continue on my way. So that way you're not waiting there. But yeah, he says, I think it'll take a year or so to spin off the Postmates brand. Uber said, The batching technology Postmates has the one thing it does better. Oh, interesting.

Yeah. When a company like that buys another company that does the same thing. Yes. For like the Talon some.

The one the Civic thing, huh? Yeah. Although Postmates I did make good money. They had an exclusive deal with Apple. So I was doing I was delivering thousands of dollars worth of Apple products around Christmas. I wonder if they'll do it this year, too. And you would make it was like a minimum of like 10 or 12 bucks, but then they would double up on them and you would get the same amount for them. And they didn't like put them together like they do with grub hubs. Yeah, that's right. I totally forgot about that. It was actually kind of weird because there was a big process with cuz I mean, I deliver an iPad and Apple Watch and an iPhone in one delivery. I mean, you're talking or Mac. I've had Mac books in there. I'm like, Yeah, man. That's amazing. Yeah, mark out his watch lover by Postmates. So I think yeah, I think in the Christmas season, it's booming. But I mean, right now it's probably not but but but but the day after Christmas, or not after Christmas. day after Thanksgiving. That's probably I'll probably turn it back on again. That wasn't bad. Although I've been trying to stay over on the west side, like west of 131. So the only Apple stores that woodlands. Yeah, kind of gotta be out that side of town. So all right, let's get into Oh, wait, I almost forgot. We have a new sponsor. I love that site we use that's like, this seems good for taxes. Alright, skirting board tax and accounting. They are local to Grand Rapids. You can call Dave at 616-940-1045. So we're talking about taxes. Like he signed up for three months. So we'll be doing some in January too. But now's the time to talk about taxes because y'all know on January 1, you'd be like, Oh,

how do I do this? 1099

I want my money back. And he's gonna help you through all that.

Because I'm sure most of you aren't doing quarterly.

No, I know. I've never done quarterly. So get with him 940 1045 It doesn't matter if you're in Georgia or whatever you can do your taxes. I don't know about the state one I don't know how that works if you have to be licensed for the state. I don't know that works. I feel like you can do taxes anywhere I better clarify that with him before. But anyways skirting board tax and accounting 940 1045 we super appreciate Dave for believing in us and you need to get a tax done by a professional don't frickin use TurboTax don't go to h&r block. Pete. Didn't you get audited or something? Didn't you? Did you get that straightened out? Yeah. Well, you better call this guy Well, no, you probably should call h&r block, because apparently he owes money to the city legibly. Allegedly. Don't go to h&r block either. Honestly, most of them are not tax accountants. They are just people that are trained off the street to do your taxes. So just FYI. 940 1045. Thanks, Dave. All right. Now we'll go to Oh, tip time.

Tip time. tip toe.

I actually don't have a picture. Here's your picture. What do you see there?

Not a damn thing. And that's

what I want to talk about. I have seen so much. When I go into restaurants, these doordash drivers. It's mostly doordash and Uber Eats not so much grub hub. No bags. Nobody has bags. What are you doing? Like I would be so I would be so pissed. Like it's already gonna be lukewarm when it's coming to you. Like Have you ever gotten an Uber Eats delivery where it's been piping?

or whatever?

I mean, depending how far away Yeah,

I mean, I don't think so.

The only place that I know that the food is piping hot when I even when I go pick it up somewhere. Sometime it struggles was a wing doozy

I've gotten Little Caesars delivered a couple of times to doordash Have you but that being said I live like a mile away not even probably like a half a mile from that one right there on

fuller and Oh, yeah. But the wing doozy I don't know they put their they dropped the wings in there. And then there's like tinfoil in there sound off. It radiates the heat but you open that sucker up and it's like a furnace. But yeah, please do put a bag in like, I will. I'll let you know if you're listening to the show and you delivered to me and you have no bag. I will be reporting you. I mean that I think about McDonald's drivers. What about them? Because they put the pop in the bag. They do. I mean that we can't control because that bag is sealed. So I put it in my hot bag. I mean, that's where it goes. All my food goes in hot bags and every single time and last is a nice Um, well, even an ice cream delivery I would put if it didn't have anything hot next to it. Yeah. But yeah, I don't see very many hot bags anymore. I think all these people jumped on with a pandemic and they're just like, it's fine. I don't know to me I'd be fussy. Maybe I'm old man. fussy, but no, I agree. Yeah, well, you're an old man too.

That's true. Shut up. Mark.

Don't be a spoiler. What the hell we're not done with the show yet.

What did he say? He said,

What is this popping up? What happened about Amazon driver in that job? I don't want to say at all. All right. Uh, I'm up first Facebook shenanigans. All right. This is from our boy Yes, bird, the Danish mumble mouth. It's from Wisconsin somewhere it says folks this has really nothing to do with rideshare but I thought it was good. It's a picture of a looks like a Toyota Corolla.

That's what it looks like.

And it has a snowmobile on the top. It says folks don't try this at home or state patrol friend stop this vehicle Sunday on us 63 in Polk County, because this isn't a safe way to transfer to snowmobile. If you're transporting equipment this winter you're advised to safely holid secured on a trailer or in a truck. Man I'm what's odd to me. First of all, that it's on top of a Toyota Corolla it's hilarious for

second of all, it's it's loaded wide instead of Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. It's opposite it's loaded the opposite direction the cars

traveling Thank you. I didn't know what kind of words

so it's not aerodynamic. So why wouldn't you? I mean, was I don't know why he did it that way. Oh, probably because he wanted to go through his windows but you still shouldn't be able to strap it through the windows. out what an idiot. Yeah. Larry says use a thermal bag. Yeah, Larry. He knows he's a professional. But yeah, don't transport snowmobiles on Toyota curls. The funny part the he snapped a picture and there's a big ass truck right next to the the car in the road. You like bro? Stop. I bet you that's the craziest thing he said. I don't know. He's a state trooper. He's probably seen a lot of things some crazy shit. Alright. P

Here we go. Skipping.

Oh, shit. No, it's just out of order. There you go. Mark. So

well. This is an this is actually Michigan. I didn't realize this. Yeah,

it's in Detroit area.

Does Amazon driver took a wrong turn onto a Michigan golf course. And drove into a tunnel.

Yeah, first of all, there's several several things wrong with this one. The roadies on is wide enough for a car for one car like it's it's it's it's wide enough for his Amazon van. How did he get on there? I mean, do you ever watch the office or your office fan? Okay. There's a car in a couple episodes. Yeah, there's a scene where Michael and Dwight like follow the GPS and drive into like, enjoy. It's like no stop is like no, this is where the DPS has to go. This is kind of what's done that here. Yeah. in water.

When I when I first started doing Uber and Lyft. I was always using the the internal Uber GPS because it was back when I started it was so much easier than trying to tab back and forth between the apps. And there's an area over by East beltline and Bradford right there. By the college. Yes. Got a lake back there. Yes. And one of the roads dead ends into the lake. No kidding. But on Ubers Uber zap the road goes all the way through. And I was driving it was like 11 o'clock at night. So it's pitch black out. And if there wouldn't have been a barrier across the road. Wow, let's hit because I had no idea. I've never been over that area. I was like 15 feet from from water.

That's crazy. Yeah. Yeah, I've been using the internal app and Uber a little bit more lately. It's just nicer to it's been pretty accurate. Yeah. I've also been pleasantly surprised. amazon flex their app when it first started was terrible. It's really accurate now. Yeah, it's been nice to have have it inside the app. It's just easier.

I go back and forth. It kind of depends on like, I say I go back and forth. Yeah. I haven't been driving him in months. But I went back and forth a lot because it kind of depends what time of day you drive. Because ways is just so helpful with like, the trash grams and rows that are under construction. Yeah, actually, like, downtown when a random ass road is closed. Yeah, one day and then open the next.

Yeah, ways is great for that. Uber's not gonna get you on that. Yeah, I mean, it's old data that they're doing. And this is for our guests that was in earlier

got this one buddy, right. Oh, can you go I can't hear you speak. Okay.

So this is kind of just funny. It says, pass California ballot measure allows Uber Lyft to categorize workers as car parts. The funny part is is like, I'm pretty. I would say I'm internet savvy. And I saw that logo. And I know that's the onion. Yeah. And it's Bs, but I guarantee some people fell for that. 100% Oh, yeah. So apparently are working as car parts now. So Well guys, we appreciate you we appreciate Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid for supporting the studio and supporting us. We really appreciate everyone. Oh, I made a new slide for Patreon. I'm going to show it new song two. Let's not wait till it kicks in. That's a good riff.

That's a good one.

Anyways, well, I see my little sign blocked the lot. I forgot about that on stream yard. It has the little gig economy. So go to search the gig economy podcast, extra podcast a month, and we're gonna be making some exclusive merch just for Patreon members. So yeah, not just a hat, not just a hat, you might be getting something exclusive, you can only get on Patreon. So slash the gig economy podcast five or $10 a month. We'd really appreciate the support. Like the song man. Some of these songs I'm like, I wish there was like words to it. It's good riff. So Well, guys, thank you guys so much. Thank you for chiming in. Thank you for commenting key. Thanks for being a Patreon member Janet, you to know who else is on? Well, we had CPA hustles I don't know. He said hello, fam. I'm sure he's just looking first. So we had Chris posts. I don't know how to say his last name. Chris. Post him us. post them us. post them us. He signed up for Oh, that's one thing I need to say he we are going to start doing rotating hosts the Esper. Like I said, I don't remember the last time yesterday has been gone. Yes, sir. And I will be on. If you want to be on and you're not from here. We would love to have you on. Maybe not be for the whole show. But we'll give you some articles and things that you're maybe you're passionate about in the gig life that you're doing and to talk about. So Janet, that's open to you in New Zealand.

I'd be fun. That would be really fun.

Like two o'clock there. I think when we go live at night, trying to see anyone else in here. But anyways, if you want to be a guest on the show, we'd love it. Next week, Chris is postgame. This is going to be on we are opened two weeks. Sorry, I keep saying next week, two weeks Chris is going to be on December 9 is gonna be our last show for the year. We're taking the rest of the year off. I think the next podcast falls on like December 23. So we're not going to do that. So we'll be back in January. But just give you guys a heads up I probably won't be posting any content. I don't have time to do a best of it's a lot of work. If we took good show notes like during the show. It might be easier but Gosh, I don't remember. So two more shows left for 2020. So, Alright guys, thanks so much. Have a good night. Bye.

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What's going on guys? How's everybody doing from around the world and around the United States? y'all doing well? staying warm? Yeah, I

feel like we need to get Janet in here. And just like just bring her in just for like five minutes. Be like,

yeah, that's to cover cover another part of the globe. That'd be that'd be pretty sweet. Right? Right.

He's out driving right now.

Probably. What time Yeah, so

she's only she's only one of those that works anymore. Yeah.

What is it like? 3pm there the next day?

Yes. Correct.

That's crazy. Yeah,

it's three. Yeah, I

think he's five hours earlier than it is here. But the next day, the next day, which is crazy. Which is crazy. Because like I feel like Denmark's like close to New Zealand like a lot closer than we are in the States. So I'm like, why is it still messed up?

Me and geography. Yeah, they're like 18 hours ahead of you guys. And I'm 16 hours. I'm six hours ahead of you guys.

It's weird. Oh, wow,

that gets crazy.

Hey, I was told there'd be no math involved in Yeah,

we got our two worst subjects math and geography and we've we've already hit on both of them. Alright, before we get into the stories, I just want to thank you to the our Patreon members of course Larry, from Bowling Green. Thank you long supporter Keith from Georgia Janet from New Zealand Leo from Detroit Samson from Grand Rapids Miguel from Grand Rapids. Ron from San Fran and Steve from Colorado. We can't thank you enough for that. Also, speaking of Steve, in Colorado, if you want a podcast to check out which Larry's going to be on real soon, it's called rideshare. rodeo. It's on all the platforms that you can get podcasts from. But he has some great interviews. It's a good podcast to listen to a little bit different from ours. Ours is more. I don't know, it's infotainment, chemistry driven. His is a little bit more serious about gig work. Not that we're not serious about gig work.

That was serious.

Seriously funny.

Yeah, there you go. There

you go. But, um,

but um, and then, of course, our telegram group, we had a new participant he has his business name on there, but I don't remember his real name. But uh, welcome to what was it Florida sales and service or something?

for sales and service?

I don't know why. I don't know. I thought I thought for sure. I had to keep the delete button over his name because I thought for sure he was gonna start selling product when he got in there. But

he did. And far so good.

So far, so good.

There you go.

So I realized that this ad spot in the wrong spot, but that's okay. So before we jump in, we're going to talk about stories Larry's gonna kind of talk his game, what he does in Bowling Green, and how long he's been driving and yada, yada. You're on Larry go.

Alright. As far as stories, probably the the most normal thing that's happened last couple weeks out doing rideshare. About three weeks ago, I picked up a passenger who's probably about 1230 in the morning, and pulled into the driveway. And there's two cars in the driveway, and she was sitting in one of the vehicles. So that's a little little weird, right off the bat. And you know, last night that late at night, and so she gets in the car. And as you all know, you can tell when a pastor's upset, usually something's going on. And I could tell it looked like she'd been crying. And so you never know how to broach it. You know, some people just want to be left alone. So I tried to usually use a little bit of humor. So always just tell him like, Hey, you know, seems like you seem like you're having a rough night. And now if you want to talk, you know, I grew up with five sisters, I'm a really good listener. So that, that kind of breaks the ice sheet a little bit. And so she kind of started talking to me, and she said that she just had to get out of her house because her husband was in a rage, and he was being abusive. And you always hate to hear something like that. Yeah. And she never really would tell me kind of exactly what went down that night. But she said that she said she you know, she said she very easily could have had him arrested. And that a year ago that he actually broke her wrist? No. And yeah, and so I was like, Katie, you got to get out of there. He's gonna he's gonna hurt you, or he's gonna kill you. It's like, it's not you know, you've been with him long enough, because she was in her mid 40s. It wasn't like she was a 20 year old. It's like, you know, what's gonna happen. And she agreed, but it was the same story that you hear over and over, you know, she talked about how they made her feel worthless, how he cut her off from friends and family. He told her it was her fault that he did the things she did, he did because she made him mad. found out she was going over to say, someone that she worked with stay at their house, and she was really going to try to get away from him. And so when I got there, we were still talking. And so I was like, hey, look, listen, I'm just gonna turn off the app. And we'll sit here and talk until, you know, as long as you need to talk. And it's just one of those times, it's not always about the money. You know, sometimes you're, you feel like God really puts you in a spot for a certain reason. And you just got to be there. And yeah, and kind of open yourself up and say, you know, what can I do to help this person out because they're in a bad spot. And so we talked for about, you know, five or 10 minutes, and then I asked if I could pray for her. And she was very, very grateful and thankful for that. And I know, I know, it's not politically correct thing, especially today as a COVID. But, but and then she got out and I was, I was making sure she got up to the house and, and she gave me a big hug, you know, and I saw her like, Look, I'm praying for you. Look, I don't I don't want to read about you in the paper. Yeah. Yeah. So make sure you follow through. And I really hope I run into her again. Because otherwise, you know, you don't know the end of the store.

Yeah, that's true. I mean, you you all have those moments where you think you need to step in Ben's king of those.

I was thinking about that. He's got a couple of good ones. Yeah,

yeah. You never know what to do but I have that I've had have had that before in the past where you're just like, they start crying and you're like, oh, man, what do I do here? I mean, I know it's awkward but it's probably more awkward for her or him or whatever then then the person than me. So the good job

doesn't handle he doesn't hate handle feelings. Well,

excuse me. I have a podcast all about feelings by the way. threads podcasts life unfiltered if you Want another one to listen to? Oh, yeah, just Hey,

why don't you put that in your name? Jason.

Yeah, exactly. threads hashtag threads. Hashtag thready anyways, so tell me a little bit sorry. Yes For I apologize. Go ahead.

No, go ahead.

I was just wanting Larry to tell a little bit where he's from how long you've driven for people that are just new listeners. Just just kind of the just the lay of the land in Bowling Green Kentucky.

Sure. Yeah, I'm from Bowling Green, Kentucky. We're situated not quite halfway but almost halfway between Nashville Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky. So we got to you know, major cities kind of on the side I was about 60 miles north of Nashville about 110 miles south a little our towns about 70,000 population about 35 square miles. So not a not a really big city at all. And been doing rideshare here for a little over three and a half years started out doing Uber added lift within a couple weeks. And then like a lot of people resisted the urge to, to do food delivery, didn't want to do food delivery, tried it out timer to didn't like it. And then COVID hit and all sudden food deliveries all I could do during the day I work as a computer systems engineer for the city of Bowling Green and they said that's too risky. You can't do rideshare so for about seven months, I wasn't able to do rideshare so switched over to food delivery, and was making more money doing that than I did doing rideshare. But then they they said I could do ride share again and I enjoy the ride share I enjoy the interaction. Meeting people have an Instagram called lifting with Larry, where I post pictures of selfies I take with with some of my passengers because about 80% of my rides are college kids. Western Kentucky universities located here about 20,000 students and they eat up they have a lot of fun. kind of gotten well known around campus. A lot of people get in the car and ask if I'm lifting with Larry. And I mean, it just it makes me laugh. Where else would would 320 year old college girls get so excited about a 54 year old man picking them up in the car. They get so excited. It's hilarious. He cracks me up

man Larry, you need to you need to go on tik tok you need to start becoming Tick Tock famous.

That's what somebody that's what that's one of the people told me when I when Instagram took away my account a few weeks. Yeah, somebody said oh yeah, you just need to get on tik tok. So I'm exploring that.

Okay, thanks for that. Yeah, I know. I know. Tic Tac is a lot stricter with I don't know video violations. Like I see a lot of people like Tic Tac took this down, like for violence or you know, Saks or whatever, but

I usually don't have that going on in my car. Not when I'm working. When I'm working right.

You leave the camera off for that. There you go. There you go. Cool. Yeah, it's crazy how

you had to say violence and sex at the same time.

Well, hey, you know, hey, oh, hey,

Larry, I don't usually hear about that.

All right, we're gonna jump into our first ad our studio sponsor. There we go. Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid located at on Stafford just east of 131 44 Street, call them at 532 6600 or schedule Irvine's dot com of course I was there this week it went well. Got some transmission fluid change spark plugs, just kind of some maintenance stuff. So that was great. You can do everything online which is super cool. And they send you a text with pictures of your screwed up shit. And so then you can be like, oh man, that is pretty messed up. And you can accept or decline anything you anytime you want to do that. Like you don't have to do everything. They're not going to force you to do it. But they obviously do recommend that you do everything on there. I never do. You know, it just is what it is. So probably next month I'll get some more maintenance done but yeah, 532 6600 or Irvine's dot com. Thank you for supporting the gig economy podcast y'all. All right, so first up, so this is going to be this woman is a little whiny. And I want to I want to watch it. She says we also send Peck pics of the not screwed up stuff. Yeah, but those aren't as much fun for you. You don't make money on those. Okay, so this chick I hope Sam still on because she can bring a little light to this but we're gonna watch a video it's about a woman that is a instacart shopper and she's complaining about Costco. What was that? Larry? Are you did you just turn your phone on?

No, no, I was just looking at the comments I was trying to watch. Look into comments to see if anybody from Bowling Green, you

can look you can look, you can look down in the comments on stream yard, can you?

Look, I do not see any comments, you should be able to see him.

You have to switch to tab to the left

or the all the way up in the upper right says comments you click on that you should be able to see the comments.

Okay, there we go. There we go caller, this technology stuffs way over my head. I

know. I know. You're good. You're good. Okay. So basically, she's upset at Costco for how much she's making and blah, blah, blah. So we'll play that. Sam will probably have a good take on that. All right, let me bump this out. And there we go.

Guys, I just want to tell you, please don't ever order Costco through the instacart app. It says that if you're a instacart shopper, you don't have to wait in the lines because they're partnered with Costco. And I don't know why. It's just like, You're like an employee, basically. And so I went to go in, and they're like, you need to go wait in the line. And I'm like, but I'm like, instacart Shopper. She's like, it doesn't matter. You need to go wait in line. So I was like, Okay. And then I called. And I was like, I was told that I didn't have to wait in the line. And the administration office where I was at ancaster. Hamilton said, No, you need to wait in line. And I said, I've only been being paid $12. Like, I can't stand in a line for an hour for $12. And just like what's not my problem, you're only being paid $12 for an hour. I just I can't get over that level of disrespect. Especially in these trying times when people are just trying to make money to make ends meet.

Okay, so

I totally get what it was she was from?

Yeah, well, she put it on the internet. So unfortunately, that's where it is. I'm not I'm not really. She's, you know, while Sam went right there. Wow. I'm not gonna tell us how you really Holy cow. I am not gonna show that comment. You can look for yourself, y'all from? So I totally get she may. I always try to, especially since the pandemic started, when I see people upset or whatever I kind of say, what might they be going through right now? You know what I mean? So I try to give people a little bit of grace. But the whole thing about standing in line. I know Sam had said earlier, that used to be a rule that you could cut the line, but apparently they changed it. But I mean, she's the one that took the order for $12. Like, that's where my frustration of her posting that comes out. Right? Like, why would you do that?

But that comes down to learning the system and ethic. You know, just like anything else. We talked about 100 times before. That's what differentiates the experience to gig gig economy worker with the non experienced writing. Yeah, she probably didn't. She probably hadn't been doing it that long. As you said, Jason, why are you taking that $12 order


And then that's that's that Sam's exact same you know, common don't take those orders. It's that easy. And I think what they don't realize it's it's it's, it's both hurting them now. And it's hurting everybody in the long run, right? Yeah. Because as long as somebody takes those cheap orders, like you said, I was out when I was out trying that one time, Uber Eats don't take the McDonald's orders, right don't take the 350 orders because it's just not worth it. Yeah. As long as somebody takes them nobody's gonna change

Yeah, and I and and i know each market is different, but Sam has told me some of the moolah she's made out of Costco before. Yeah, she can make a lot more than $12 per order. Like Sam would clean up at Costco. I probably shouldn't have said that. She ain't doing it now. I don't give a shit. Hey, if you want good money from instacart go to Costco before they open

that's the thing you have to if you if you learn again, learn the system learn what's the right way of doing Cosco then you can make some money apparently.

Yeah. So no, wait. She's been doing that very long if she got this upset, it's something like that. Yeah, she's definitely not been in the game. Why

is it where why is it millennials and God I No offense, any millennial in here, Sam? Why do they make videos and cry like that? I don't know. Like, if I was that upset I that's the last thing I would want to do. Is is do that. share it with the world. Yeah, let's

see if it'll go viral.

I mean, what is the point of

doing that video go


what i think i think the I mean, that is it right? That's the whole reason for doing take tiger and stuff like that. It's like people will do that. And they will just say whatever they want to, but they wanting to blow up, right? Hey,

I wanna, I'd love to blow up on tik tok. But I don't have that much talent. I'll be honest with you.

You can't want that good either. Neither, neither the one

who uploads?

That's true to Shay. All right. Yes, girl. Let's talk about gig work with the Biden administration.

So it? So I gotta be honest, that the article is pretty boring.

Yeah, just give your spin on it?

No, I know, basically, the big thing is that the bait, the Biden administration is going after proposal 22. That's basically the gist of it. And that we're probably gonna see some some potentially gonna see some changes in California, and some other states when it comes to that whole debacle. And certainly, we have not heard the last of the how the whole gig work classification thing out of out of California, basically, the Biden administration, and they have, what's the code, they're protecting the right to protect, and the right to organize, act with, with what's the labor rights bill that came out last year. So the Biden administration is grabbing on to that one is really hoping to with that one, and some other things to go back and make some big changes to that whole thing. And hopefully get rid of proposal 22 and at least over overcome that and kind of get back to where where unionizing is possible. So that's really what it is. And I think we'll see some big changes there in the years to come.

So yeah, it is interesting with a democratic president now what's gonna change a little bit because typically, in generally, they're pro union.

Right. So

but they are they are talking about and and so basically, the whole article ends with saying that we do know that things are changing. And it'll be interesting to see how it is kind of like the whole workforce is changing, you know, yeah, it's just what the gig economy is doing. And so they do know that changes that changes are necessary, also to the old way said, it's not the old ways isn't going to be the necessarily the truth, either. So I think it'll be interesting to see, what are they going to do? And how are they going to, hopefully introduce laws that will in fact, help the economy while not ruining the model? That's going to be the that's going to be the interesting part here.

Yeah, you know, what, really, it reminds me of what's going on with the gig economy is, and maybe I'm way off base, and please don't get me out of the bus, which you will I know, anyways, I don't need to give you permission. But it's kind of like the cable companies and the the streaming apps, right? Like, the I feel like the government doesn't want this gig to work. They want their money. And they're like, trying to stop it down. Like, same with a cable company, like, Oh, you have to bundle your stuff and like, Oh, hey, no, we don't need to use this anymore. And so it's just this fight back and forth. And I kind of feel like it's the same way like, No, we need to go need to go to work. Like, you know, the normal w two and you know, we need our money, and then all this gig work comes up, and they just want to get more money. And so I feel like it's kind of the same, not quite the same battle, not apples to apples, but

yeah, and in the gig economy companies, just like they did in California, they're gonna they're gonna throw so much money at any state where they're trying to, you know, classify as employee. I forget what the amount they they ended up paying in California, but it was a lot.

I think it was 200 million. Yeah. But,

yeah, they had this. Sorry, and so have made a profit while they had a 6.6 point $3 billion loss for the quarter for the year. I couldn't quite remember the quarter. I'm probably the quarter. Again, if we ran our family budget that way we'd all be home. Yes.

Well, if you're if you're on a budget like that, you get elected. Isn't that how it goes?

Oh, wow. All right, moving on. No, on that note, so I got this email the other day. So some deliveries This is from Uber. On your screen. It says some deliveries now require a pin at drop off. A pin is a number that helps confirm that the customer received their delivery, you'll be notified an app when you receive an order that requires a pin. Only certain deliveries will require one. So you know, we all know why they did that. Right? I mean, it's basically for people that say they didn't get their food. It's just for scammers trying to you know, beat the system, which I saw a lot of people shitting on the pin thing and I'm like they're doing it too. It's a benefit to everybody, right? We don't to get rid of it. We don't because we could get deactivated from that. So I'm happy to use a pen if someone does it, or if it requires me to. But yeah, the pen

doesn't bother me. I've had it come up a few times here lately both with a rider and food dude. Oh,

and so how does it work?

Tell me exactly what happens when you get to the house and it says when you arrive at the delivery address, the apple prompts you to enter the PIN, the customer will tell you the four digit pin for their delivery. After entering confirming the pin you'll be able to mark to the delivery as completed. So with COVID with a with a drop off, then they're gonna have to text it to you clearly.

Yeah, if they don't come to the door, I mean, yeah, even with the even with the contactless delivery, half the time people come to see me come pull up, and they come to the door. Yeah, I

don't understand that. Like,

I don't I think it's just because the default I think, like I know grubhub and UberEATS. And most of them especially during the pandemic, they set the default unless you change it physically change it. It's set up as contactless Oh interest and people don't know that. So they assume that you're gonna get you're gonna knock on food. So I know some people I've seen him give me weird looks when they come out and I'm in my car. But you know, that's their fault for not knowing.

Yeah, nothing scares me more when I'm listening to like music or podcasts in my air pods not when I'm doing food delivery, because I don't know. I guess I'm more tuned in maybe with Amazon delivery. I'm just kind of in my own little world but nothing scares me more someone popping out that door to grab the package when you're just going to set it down. It just scares the ever loving shit out of you. You know what I mean? Because you're not expecting something like if if I had someone delivering a package even non pandemic, I'm not gonna like bust out the door and try to grab it from

scare the crap out.

Yeah, let the guy do his work. Like he just got to put the packets down like pick it up and wave to them but don't scare the shit out of them. Tip for all the people out there. Good lord. Yeah,

I'm not. I don't tip by the delivery driver. Yeah, we

know that's what $3 doordash orders decline.

boxes are all dented. Yes.

I thought you're gonna say $12 Costco orders

man it's funny all comes full circle. It does. It does. All right. Yes for you want to explain this video real quick?

Yeah, so basically.

Yeah, Sam, it's worse when people show up behind you though. Yeah. Yeah, I honestly like a lot of times when I'm delivering Amazon. I'll keep one earbud out just because I'm like listening for dogs and stuff like that. And it man it scares the shit out of you. I'm jumpy already. Okay, sorry. Go. Yes.

No, that's fine. So the video you're going to stop playing right now is about an interesting new restaurant, I guess showing up on the doordash and all the all the food that you can buy it is?

No, no, no. No, it's not that video. Sorry, buddy. This is the one with the luggage. You shared this video. Okay, so this video basically is about somebody. Yeah, your head where?

We're at number four. My, my my bad. All right. Sorry. So yeah, basically, this is somebody pulling up and and there's a lot of luggage. Yeah. And it's weird because there's only one person.

Yeah, I feel like I feel like that happens though quite a bit that they they send somebody a had with all the luggage to make it easier because obviously we're gonna fit but obviously your audio listeners it won't make a lot but yeah, so I'll play that. And sometimes it just won't fit is the title of this.

Can you? Can you kick Sam through cuz he's a little bit too annoying.

Yeah, she's she's pretty. She's pretty feisty tonight. So

he's on top. All right.

Was she drinking tonight?

I don't know.

I hope this song I assume this song isn't copyrighted. Yeah, hopefully it's on YouTube. So. So you pull he pulls up. He's in like a sedan? I think not nothing.

I like the song.

He's like, that ain't gonna fit the guys like Yes, it will. And now he they spend the next like three minutes. I mean, they it's probably what Eight. Eight pieces of luggage. All

those four suitcases right now. And there's the fifth one.

Six jigsaw playing


Do you have big suitcases to not grab a little one? No. They're all like,

well, they they moved it a couple of times because I seen that green one go in the back. But yeah,

it's like paying Tetris.

So what would you do in this situation? Would you guys even pick it up? You know, I think I probably would have one on his lap too. That's the body in that one.

Look at this guy's beard. It is massive. My camera.

I like I like, Oh, yeah, man. That was sweet.

That's nice. Yeah. Yeah, I

don't know, I've had that same situation where I'm like, that ain't gonna fit. And usually, I try to argue with them shockingly. And say, this is not gonna fit in here. We can pick we can fit some in there, but not all of it. But

I had a situation back when was probably two years ago now maybe two and a half years ago. And it was it was caught after 12 I was like one of the light the last flights coming in from the airport. And this family had rented a vehicle. The problem is just the rental shop was closed when they finally got in. They hadn't really checked checked on that. So they couldn't pick up the they couldn't pick up the van. And they were on our way down. I forget. Fair the name of the city anyways, they are an hour south. And they were six people and then they had the luggage of six people. Right? It was pretty tough to fit it in the van. But I got it. I got it. And but it was they had some of them had it on their laps and stuff. And they took it well. So and that was he I think that was even also maybe even a couple guitars and stuff. So

my problem. My problem is is I have trouble. This you'll you'll be shocked by this right? putting stuff together. Like I don't have that brain where I can take a 2d object and make it like 3d in my head. So like literally, when I have to move something, I'm just like, Nope, it's not gonna fit. And then my wife's like, okay, let's look at this. It'll be fine. And whatever. Like, that's why I see two pieces of luggage. I'm like, Nope, not gonna fit my SUV. Forget it cancel, move on.

So you're not good at the spatial stuff.

I'm not good at the spatial stuff. Well, she's like, no, Tetris brain. Tetris. I'm fine. Because you don't have to move things three dimensional. You could just it's two dimensional. Yeah, so I can do Tetris. Just fine.

I go to Walmart and had Walmart pickups before where I didn't think we were gonna get. I mean, they've had two full cars full of groceries, and then like three people, and we put it, you know, fill my trunk up. And then fill the all three set in the back and I filled my front passenger seat up. Was that in your Camry just barely fit? Yeah. Oh, wow.

Yeah. To Cart loads of groceries.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Those are the times you're like, man, I might just cancel and keep on slowly.

They would cancel so fast. Like,

you should, you should just take all the groceries and say, I'll just come back and get you and then just Yeah.

Well, the problem with that kind of delivery is you're kind of doing two things. You're kind of delivering the food. Yeah, you're not bringing it up. But it's like you're gonna make three hours on that ride. Let's say it's a short ride or whatever. And it's like, is this even

worth it? And then you get there and then then they got to unload it and, and you know, you know, nine times out of 10 they're gonna live on the top floor of an apartment building. You know,

you know what I would do I unload it right on the sidewalk. I would help them unload it to the sidewalk and out of my trunk.

Right trunk. Yeah, that's it, you know, unless I mean, there's there's certain special circumstance Yeah, I've helped you know, elderly lady carry some groceries in but for sure they're able bodied people. Yeah, it's out of my out of my trunk and I'm on to the next ride. Yes. And yeah, you can always tell them that. Hey, I've got another call. I gotta go. You know?

I got a bad back. Oh, my back.

All right, next up. This is kind of interesting. So this is from Uber Kansas City had a rider getting with a bowl of chili. Oh boy. As we are driving he takes the lid off and starts breaking crackers in it. I told him to cover it up and don't spill he says you worried about getting chilly on your seats. And there are people who wish they had a car to white chilly office seat. It's all about perspective bra. Ah


So back to this as you can see your rights.

You know, I don't know if you guys are office people but the chili reminds me with Kevin spill in the in the office. I'm like I can just see that happening. That's so funny. That's that's Good scene that whole that the office is great.


what is the weirdest thing you guys have had someone getting a car when I know Larry's got to have something weird.

No, let me think. I mean the outside wall weird.

Yeah, those are live hours. Can you imagine if it was like a trainer like a hawk trainer like hey, I need to get over here like I forgot my cage the cages bro he's just gonna sit on my arm I would like that's where you tick tock that shit right there cuz that's going viral?

Yeah, definitely just pull that right off the bat game.

What about you? Yes.

I don't think I've had I don't think I've had any really weird stuff that been tans party.

So I think Ben had those dildo straws that got left. That was like a laugh.

bachelor party bachelorette party.

apart. That's it. Yeah.

Well, it could be a bachelor party. It could be it could be Yeah, I mean, there's nothing wrong with nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with dildo straws. You know, it can go either way on those. It's great. But as

you're just asked, john, you're going

Oh, man, Sam, get on it. Send some more. We got his address. Yeah, I don't understand people's audacity though, of getting in the car and just expecting it's kind of the same thing with food. Like you pick people up at barcodes and on the hot dog vendor, you know, and they get in you're like

oh, yeah, yes. I mean, the nervous some people I had to do. Thanks, Lisa. Put his bare feet up on my dash. Like Dude, I will put you out Well, that's just like on the corner.

It's like disrespectful and gross. Like I hate it when my wife puts her bare feet on my dash you know what I mean? Like like don't

let anybody put their bare feet on my dash I mean she's

I've had I've had girls do that to me just like it's like normal no

guess what's gonna happen if you're in a wreck their knees are going through their chair

well I don't care about that screw there

but I mean I just tell them that

yeah, that's

their feet is gonna go through the windshield

yeah their knees are gonna take out their their eyes

yeah yeah that airbags gonna go and boom Yeah, not it's not gonna be good.

Well speaking of air gross Yeah, that is gross. Speaking of airbags oil that was a bad transition. Oil.

Are they replacing airbags? Yeah,

right they've gone from oil changes to airbags y'all know if you go to oil you can sign up to get your oil change done on demand they come out to your house you can also get a jumpstart or fuel delivery. Basically, if you need to jumpstart a field that's hard to say for me fuel delivery and I'm had no whiskey tonight. If you know Yeah, I know. I told my guy I'm going to start like halfway I can't start at the beginning because it gets sloppy at the end. But if you go to oil you can sign up as a tech and or a customer you don't have to change oil you can do what any of the three services that they offer. But yeah, and you can sign up as a customer to so yeah, go to oil Luber calm on demand oil changes. Prices are competitive to valve lean or whatever, but why not get it done in your freakin driveway. Like, that's amazing. I'm still waiting for my jumpstart. I tried to share it around but oh, what I was gonna say is like, Why go through insurance company. Like if everyone needs to jumpstart like these cold temperatures, right? You're gonna it's gonna take two or three hours for a record to get out to you. You know what I mean? But if you go to oil Uber it's gonna send a text to one of the texts in the area. 15 minutes just like an Uber ride you there. I think it's like 30 bucks to get a jumpstart. And if you need to get to work, it's so worth the 30 bucks. Yeah, insurance, you might get it for quote unquote free, but you're gonna wait three hours to so. Yeah, if

you're just freezing your butt off.

Yeah, yeah, you might. You might lose your job. So well.

I mean, I'm just I look at convenience like sometimes. Yeah, you have to pay a little bit more for convenience. But it's sometimes worth it like if you're late for work or your your wife's given birth. I mean, you just never know when you're gonna need a jumpstart.

I don't know. Brian said no airbags.

Yeah. Yeah, he's, he's, he's the owner of oil.

So I like I like how you went from late from work to give him

to give him birth. Hey, you know me. I'm extreme.

from one side to the other.

Just a little. All right. Yes, sir. Let's talk about Amazon being shady. I think we have two stories tonight with Amazon being shady. This is about them installing cameras.

Yeah, no. So the cameras so basically. Let's see.

Brian says we don't do birding either. Hey, you're missing out. You're missing out. Well, not half. Half the women don't have kids but maybe 40% of the market. Brian. Let's get on that.

Be like a doula Uber

Don't say that. Uber is gonna do something right now. You better verbal trademark,

verbal trademark What you say? Yes, sir.

It's a doober. Anyway.

So this is an article from Fox 17. And is all about Amazon that plans to install cameras inside delivery vehicles. And of course, you go there right away that they're being shady that the point of the article is that they are doing it to kind of just help, I guess to watch over the drivers, right. But the idea is to kind of keep them more kind of structured and do better and that kind of stuff. They want to install the cameras and kind of get them going with something they called the ivory, which is an AI enabled cameras. And they want to kind of try and use that to just what is the word I'm looking for here, they The goal is to reduce collisions and encourage drivers to be safe when making deliveries. That's kind of what it is. So yeah, I mean, they are going to be obviously monitoring inside the vehicles, but, but their goal is to try and make a better product. Right? And so at least according to the article, it's gonna be inside the their own vehicles first. Right. But then again, what's when is next? Are they gonna be then asking us to to to augment our vehicles?

Yeah. So I have a lot of thoughts on this. One, all these? Of course, all these DSPs are delivery service provider. The Amazon bands that you see actually aren't they don't work for Amazon. They they have a contract with Amazon. So I'm wondering, does Amazon have their own own employees where they actually work for corporate Amazon? I don't know if the article states that I'm not sure. But I understand the state doesn't say that. And I'm there may be some out there. I don't know, in this area, there's not. I understand the cameras, I totally get it, it's gonna be safer. But here's the problem. Amazon warehouses are not the one that we pick up at. But like, you know, where people work at where they actually put stuff in the boxes. Why are they already are micromanaging them so much. I mean, they time their bathroom breaks and everything. So the drivers are the last kind of Hurrah of like not being super scrutinize while they work is regards to safety, I totally get that. But I think it's actually going to slow the process down of delivery. Because these people aren't going to tap their phone while they're driving because the cameras gonna be on them the whole time. So they're gonna make you stop in going Park and then look at your phone. So I actually think it will slow down the delivery. And then how are you supposed to pee in a bottle if you got a camera in there?

Very carefully. Right. Exactly. Very carefully. I think I think the other thing that I was just thinking about right now is if all you need is somebody to push the push the pedal and turn the wheel, and you no longer want the experience of an experienced driver, then that's not going to be that's not going to be good, then we are we are just one step closer to, to the to the self driving and self delivery, right? Because here's the thing. We know that a good experienced human driver will be able to do it better, and will be able to know all the things that the app doesn't know because that's the only thing that they gonna want to do as you say, they want to keep you keep the hands off the phone and all that stuff. Well, if that's the case, then the next step is going to be Why did you turn here when the app set? No, it goes straight? Why turn that? Because I knew as an accident that they and it was going to be better, more efficient for me to go that way. But the app did no. Okay. Exactly what you said your point exactly Jason that we need to have a system where you can trust Yes. Like the driver more and and and because we haven't drive will you pay a driver to do that we'd pay him for his expertise to do this. And and we're not there yet where the it is to the point where that can do it and be just as good.

What kind of two points points with that. I feel like like even in my small business, they track our speed and our location and I'm okay with that because you don't need some driver going 85 miles an hour down the highway. I'm totally okay with that. But having cameras in the car is weird. super weird. Like you trust nobody at that point. But you make up a good point about the technology. I actually feel you're gonna see drone deliveries from Amazon before you're even gonna see self driving cars because how is this how is this package going to get from this van? Okay, you can go from point A to point B down a straight line. How are you going to get the package to the house robot.

But how it's got to be quick. I mean, these drivers like there's no robot out there, right now that can be as quick as We are

I mean, we can carry with you, Jason. I think the drones are definitely closer. I know they're testing those in different places. And I see that as much more realistic.

Yes, I asked for them.

Yeah, in the near future, then the automated driving

because you get the automated go ahead yesterday. I know there's a little bit more of a delay since you're in Denmark for whatever reason, but

I was just gonna say that that the whole drone delivery has a lot more like political so far that they need to be approved first. I mean, there's there's a lot of loopholes that they got to go through before, that's all

but I mean, as far as like efficiency and safety I honestly think the drones are safer. Yeah, there's a shit ton of thanks, Jimmy. There's a shit ton of drones in the air but I mean, if it's all Amazon drones, they know where they're all going.

Yeah, and Amazon's got enough money to pay enough lobbyists to get it done.

Yeah, you're bitching about Uber? Wait till Amazon starts paying lobbies

Yeah, they own everything.

I'm sure they already have all right.

What do we got here? Okay, so this one's a read you hear this from doordash Reddit group says rude This is kind of hilarious I some of these when I read them I don't know if they're exactly true or not so but I'll read it anyways. Just got free food for the first time not due to cancellation I picked up some food from Baker's and headed over to drop it off it's apartments by the university he puts the leasing office as the address and puts instructions saying a different address and apartment number I call him and say I'm pretty sure I'm outside your building he goes it says building number in the instruction and hangs up okay dude real cool. Try to call again no answer so I call support new addresses different say addresses different he changed it I say I don't want to take the food he was a tech support says let me call him guess what he was addicted to the support guy to support puts us on a three way call. I yell at him. He should be nicer to the people who handle his food with profanity he says I should be fired and hangs up support guy was baffled and didn't know what to say. I did get a full full pay and food so that thanks for being a dick James no fuck off. So again, I don't know if you know how real this is or not but I I kind of hoped doordash did put them on a three way call. whether it'd be on accident or purpose I

don't know. Either way be funny.

Oh yeah, I don't I don't understand people that are aggressive to food like again you get tip more on food delivery than people delivery so you just like food is like the end all be all like someone's delivering you hot food. Why would you be a total dick to them?

Yeah, like you're too lazy to get out. Go get it yourself. But yet you're gonna bitch about it when when we bring it. Something's not exactly right.

Well, it's not even that he's like the numbers into thing and just to hang up on somebody. Yes. But I have to tell you and you know this I had, I think one of my shortest deliveries actually today. I do have a story from today. It's not very exciting, though. I ordered from China CEF. China. CEF. China chef. Shut up.

What did I say Jeff? China chap,


China's chef on Lake Michigan drive you know where that's at by the Walgreens right across the street, the new apartments that are by the Aldi. That's where my delivery was this point to two tenths of a mile. I couldn't believe that. I

mean, how much do you make on that one?

So interesting. You guys are gonna laugh at me. So I was towards my end of my goal time and I'm at that point, I just want to be done. So I took it for $6.50. But it literally was across the street. So I was like, yeah, I'll take it and I just wanted to be done with my day. So that would

blow your standard as usual.

I know it is. Usually it's like $7 750. But you know, time of day, remember we talked about that? Sometimes? It's

Yeah, I've got on grubhub non dollars is pretty much.

Really? Yeah, well, again, you gotta know time of day and location. Like if it's two o'clock in the afternoon on a Tuesday. I'll take a $6 if I'm close to my goal.

Yeah, yeah, that totally the context definitely makes a difference. Saturday night at six o'clock.

China to Jeff.

viewer question here, Jason is did you go on tik tok and cry about it afterwards?

Ah, I didn't have an idea

yet. Yes, sir.

I should have I have not gone viral. Oh, I know who Jimmy is. Yeah. Hey, Jimmy, how's it going? Okay, so this is crazy. I have not seen this anywhere on social media. I feel like I should post it like maybe we could actually go viral. Alright, so I'm gonna play this. Hang on one second. Should I load it? Oh, yeah, I did. Okay, so for the audio people, it's not gonna really matter. So basically this is me a screen grab. It says Why are gr admirals stations showing up on grub hub? Basically, he posted a screenshot of grub hub called Admiral and 28 story that featured a super swanky menu. And as we're scrolling down, it has duck liver plate for $9 scallop plate turkey soup play, I'm going away fast. I can't even read it. So it's Admiral. I mean, what would you guys say? Gosh, if anyone owns Admiral and here's this Admiral is like the ghetto gas station of Michigan. I feel like I mean, if you're gonna get shot, you're definitely gonna get shot at an Admiral. But um, I don't know. He saw it on grub hub. And he just started looking at it. But yeah, you basically there's a text from telegram coming through. Yeah, you basically could order all this Twinkie food now the guy did call the admiral and ask about it. And the people at Admiral did not know what the hell he was he was talking about. So I don't know. It's the weirdest thing. I'm I probably should have just popped on grubhub tonight to see if that was still active. But that's gonna be you know, the last place that you're gonna want to get Twinkie food as an Admiral. You're gonna get cigarettes

and care what gas station it is. I'm not getting duck liver.

Yes, no.

I mean, why?

Less? I'm using it for bait.

Yeah. Why would you get it anyways? duck liver, Judas Priest.

It's delicious. Oh, don't go there.

You eat some weird shit. Yes, bro. I'm telling you.

Hey, I'm from Denmark. Yeah, it's

true. Hey, Dustin, thanks for chiming in SAM. No, Jimmy is not a the kid that did the documentary. Nope. He, he? He's got an app. We haven't talked about it yet. But uh, yeah. So that's who Jimmy is. Yeah, you guys should check that movie out. It's already out. I need to buy it just to support them. Well, I mean, I already got I already got to see it. But anyways, so it's a good movie. It is. If you are a gig worker, you will definitely love It's called lapsus li p s is you can get it on Amazon. Or to watch. You should. Yeah, it is actually really good. I mean, for what it is. Um, it's not a blockbuster, y'all. But I mean, if you're a gig worker, you'll totally get the movie and understand this guy's pain.

Well, it's really well made. It's, it's Yeah, so for

a smaller budget it is. Yeah, it is really well made.

Remember, the driver x movie that came out several years ago? Wasn't it?

Stuber? Or is another one not super? was it?

Was it the comedy, but rider X was? More? Kind of you? Yeah, it was a weird we had a weird ending. Anything that had some big name actors in it?

I don't even remember it. What was the gist of it? Yeah.

I was just a guy who owned a record store out in California. And of course, you know, record stores not doing well. And he lost his store. So he ended up not being able to find a job really, because he was you know, getting be older, and didn't want to take this any job. ended up driving for a rideshare company and they call it rider at our driver X was the app instead of Uber, but it was, you know, is this based on the Uber app, you could tell and just kind of showed him going through progression learning how to how to become a rideshare driver. And then again, like I said, it got really weird at the end. You know, there's

a, we interviewed him a while back, Joe Bianca Bianco, we read his book at drive to kill it, there is a little stretch at the end, it gets a little long in the tooth, but I can see it's basically about an Uber driver that basically lost everything and goes nuts and like starts killing people while he's picking him up. So

I mean, it's a family movies, which

family friendly? Yes. So Dustin, brought up a good point. Not talking about the lift rate cuts. Honestly, I feel like I'm so out of the loop with with rideshare work like I I knew about it, but it just

I read I read several markets where they were cutting it going down and a lot of places were going down to 60 cents per mile. Okay. Which is Yeah, I mean, I'm, I don't talk about my rights, because I'm afraid somebody's gonna spill the beans and they're gonna cut them so I don't say anything.

No, it's fine. I'm honestly like, Lyft I don't even know how they're making it now. Like at least Uber has a lot of other sources of revenue. If Uber would stop spending all the damn money that they make, they could become profitable. It doesn't surprise me that they're cutting rates

They have any interest in being profitable rumored to be on

no I don't either. I don't think that's in their claim right.

Thanks Philip.

Yeah, I

I don't know I mean, it doesn't surprise me that they did that they that they cut rates again I I honestly I am so out of the rideshare churchy shortly shore got $1 25 a mile.

Yeah Dustin, I'm pretty close to housebreaking cam less than 10 cents away from me on that. We're $1 17 a mile in Bowling Green. That's crazy. We don't have to put up with the northern attitude.

Whatever Are you getting like six is just snow tonight.

Three to five. I just had to throw that out there. My ex wife's from New Jersey. So

yeah, Dustin. Dustin's in Jersey, too. I think her Wait, did he move on jersey.

He moved to Jersey from Florida, Florida.

Had Jersey's probably got frickin more taxes in Florida does. Anyways, who knows? Um, Sam? No, it's not based on the Kalamazoo psycho. But it's kind of like that. It's a decent book. It's a fast read. It's called the drive to kill. You can get it on Amazon. Okay, doordash they spent $5.5 million to ever advertise their million dollar charity donation? Yeah, what do you think about that? Like? I don't know. doordash? Just seems that's shady. Why would you spend that much money?

Yes, you

made a good investment.

I mean, after the game, they announced they had raised 1 million for this charitable effort. Why they don't mention is they spent 5.5 million to buy the ad slot. Yeah, why? Just if you're so into it all.

Yeah. If you're so support the nation.

Yeah. Like how much? Five and a half million.

I mean, that's ridiculous. I

think I'm What? I always see that shit like, and I thought like everyone wasn't gonna spend a lot on Super Bowl bat ads this year like the beer companies where I saw a bunch of beer ads. What did they just like try to bait each other not to do an ad and then right at the last second, they all tried to they stab each other in the back? I don't know. Yeah.

Anyway, it was a great Super Bowl. The best

I did. I did want the Bucs to win because I just like as much as I hate Brady. I kind of like them.

I'm a huge buccaneers fan.

Well the Bucks aside with Brady. I mean, how can you hate a guy that's just a machine? He just wins? Yeah, when he's the best all time after after winning a Super Bowl with a is this is first year there.

Yeah, that's not your there. That's Yeah. And they couldn't even do any any preseason practice or game. I mean, cuz of COVID. Right? Yeah. Because the COVID and he went there. He has more Super Bowls than any other NFL team has. Oh, wow. him personally. him personally. Yeah,

that's crazy.

Yeah, he's the goat. No, no doubt for sure. I used to hate playing against him. But because he was so good. I

mean, you wouldn't hate him if he wasn't any good. But Dustin, the Reddit commercial? I don't remember that one. I did watch the whole game. But I think I had plowed the night. Yeah, it was.

I think it was like a five second commercial.

Oh, they're all Was it the the bat the the Wall Street guys? No, no, that could have been it. The Wall Street betters or whatever. Brilliant. Jimmy I think that Tom Cruise is Tom Brady of Hollywood. Oh, gosh. ban you for that? All right. This is Jasper's. This is just kind of funny.

You can show the photo. Yep.

There we go. So this is if you're an Uber driver working from

Uber driver working from home, I like that. Good. You have a good, good. Like, what is that steering wheel for your for your Xbox or whatever? Right?

That does bring up a good point. What happens when you're they have self driving cars? And is that something that we would have personally like, we would still work for Uber, but we would never be in the car. It would just you just you're the liability

is that is that take? So would that be a remote working? remote working Uber driver? Is that a self guide? Because it's not self driving, right? If you're driving it, but remote? Well, no, no, you

cannot do that. That's dangerous. You need a self driving car completely. But you would still you would still have to monitor it somehow. Right?

It's like the drone pilot on your you're sitting at home and they're flying drones.

Drones are a little different when they're in the air by themselves. Yeah, yeah, no, I

I totally agree. That would be you'd have to have, you have to have about 20 screens so you can see all around you Shooting all around the back of the car and everywhere else

yeah cuz doesn't doesn't a Tesla have like a ton of cameras already like yeah,

they have to you have to any any self driving car has to have a bunch of sensors, whether it's cameras or LIDAR.

Interesting. All right. Speaking of cameras and money, Patreon, we would love you to join I say way. Thank you, we'd love you to join us on Patreon. If you go to and just search the gig economy podcast, you get a piece of merge, you get an extra podcast a month and you get before show banter. Sorry, this music is so loud it's it's runs on the same channel that you guys are all on. So I should have took the music off. But anyways, go to slash the gig economy podcast we'd love for you to join us. Lately, our extra podcasts have been like, basically, you know, interviews that we do you get to get get those first a new gig that might come out a new app get a chance to grab it before anyone else. So but yeah, you don't hear the music, Sam. That's weird. You guys hear the music? Don't you?

It's in your head. Yes, yeah. Yeah,

but not very loud.

Yeah, I just bumped it down. But anyways, so yeah, go to support us. We haven't had a new Patreon in a long time. We would love to get someone else. We do need to plan something for March yet. We've been pretty good. We've been good as we're having we we put down a lot of interviews lately. And it's been I've been rolling

and rolling. Join the Patreon. It's worth it.

Yeah. And I want to give somebody some new some new merge. I'm waiting to design it, but I'm not gonna design it until we get another one.

But Lera we might join. It's like a telethon. We need somebody to join tonight.

Yes. Can you save this podcast? Where's the Michelle? Or no? What's the name? the ASPCA commercial? What's that chicks name that sings this. Oh, Sarah McLaughlin

will remember you.

All right, Larry, you're up, you're getting the next couple articles. All right.

So first of all, I want to talk about two new features that Lyft is introducing one of them is called ride for others. The second one is called lift family. So ride for others. What it does is allows people to order a trip for like a friend or family member. And as drivers. We know this happens all the time already. Yes. But it can be kind of confusing. When you pull up and you're supposed to be picking up Fred and you pull up and there's a female standing there. And you don't think that's your passenger, and they start getting in your car. And then you have to work out, you know, who order this ride and all that kind of stuff. So anyway, this ride for others feature, if you're the passenger, it allows you to give you a notification when the driver picks up your passenger. And you can also track their progress, I guess on the app. And it says according to lift, the feature is going to also reduce driver confusion. So I'm assuming on the driver app, we're going to get a notification that who the actual passenger is Oh, that would be so nice. So yeah, that'll be good if that actually happens. And then the second feature the lift family, currently, they're just trying it out in California and Oregon and Washington State. It says it is kind of gives a little more functionality to family accounts. So what you can do, you can add five family members to your lift account, and just set a single payment like a credit card for everybody to use that account. Okay, says it's important to note that all riders must be over the age of 18. They put that in just for Pete. Good. Oh, pink Sharpie,

ivory bitch.

So yeah, it says blue family account holders, the person, they have access to all the family, all the rides and all the trip details and everything that so it's probably going to be their mom or dad. And then also they also have the option to request a ride for any of the other family members that are on the account.

I mean, they have new these new features in order to pay for them. They had to cut the rates in the entire country.

Well, that was Yeah,

yeah, that's why I'm saying this is lift so they had to cut the rate selling off. Doesn't Uber already have something like that where you can request a ride for someone else? Or were they testing it? I saw

I think they maybe I've just tested I've never seen it. I've never seen like you coming up and telling me that you know the rise for somebody else. They may have it on the passenger side

live. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Okay. Interesting. Yep. Yeah. Be nice. That'll be nice. Cuz Yeah, I mean, y'all know it happens so often that, you know, you pick up somebody that's not who it says on the app. I mean, I have customers that I've picked up irregularly here. Bowling Green, we have a lot of repeat customers. Now I have had this cropped picture up probably a dozen times. And I know when it comes up and says, you know, Landon, I know I'm not picking up lately and I'm picking up his girlfriend. Well as he always ordered ride for

Yeah, that feature works great. If they use it properly, you still gonna have the same issue where they're like, yeah, we don't need to put the name but that would be nice to know, ahead of time that you're not picking up. You know, you know, Joe, you're picking up Susie. But,

yeah, and it helps especially if you're picking up in a crowded place like a you know, a concert or something like that. It's not so much. Not so tough. If you're picking up in a house and you know, somebody's staying out there. You figured that's probably the right thing out there. One o'clock in the morning.

Yeah, cuz Yeah, actually, if you're looking for a male and the female is actually getting in the car, you're like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is not Joe or whatever. You know. Exactly. So well, Amazon. Yo, what's up?

It could be Joe. It could be Joe how he identify?

Well, that's true. I mean, were you? That is totally true.

We're all inclusive here.

Yeah, absolutely.

Oh, my God, Who

the hell cares? Okay, so um, no, we do care. Like that. I added some new drops. So Amazon got sued by the Federal Trade Commission, shocker. Yes, they're gonna pay their flex delivery drivers, almost $62 million. So when I say flex, I do flex delivery. But this is for this the whole foods and grocery delivery, the ones where you actually get tips, I don't get tips on delivery my package I should, then I won't kick it. But. So basically, what it is, and I think doordash got dinged for this too. But they quote the 18 to $25 an hour. And you keep all the tips, while basically they redid their pay system. So that, you know, if their base rate was, you know, Amazon term, that area's base rate was 14, if the customer tipped for they would bump it up and said, Oh, you're making $18 an hour. I still think doordash is doing that shit. I don't know. I just have a feeling that they are I don't know why but I

barely do doordash I mean, it has to be really slow for me. Yeah. And then I mean, the last four or five times I've turned it on, I immediately get three orders that are under, you know, $6 and I just turn it off. Yeah, they are they turn me off. You know, they cut me off. say if you're not gonna accept it, they're gonna cut you off. Right? I don't know what it is around here. It just seems like doordash is my son does doordash shop near where he goes to school up near Cincinnati. And he does really pretty well on it up there. Yeah, it's really how it's your regional different apps are better in different places. Yeah,

I would say grub hub is the best app here. I know. I've talked about it before then maybe Uber and doordash. But here's the thing, like if you want to stay busy, doordash is where you go. Because those I mean, it's nonstop. Now a lot of our $3 orders basically the customer didn't tip. But yeah, it's doordash is the busiest here, I would say.

I'll turn it on. Like I said, if I have, I'll turn on Lyft and Uber first. And then if it's slow, I'll turn on grubhub. And if it's really slow, I'll turn on your dash. And I'll never turn on Postmates

No, God, no. And they're bought by Uber anyways. Yeah. So I don't know how to beat the doordash. Like, I don't know if they're I'm not smart enough to figure it out. But I just feel that they do. Sometimes you'll see the base rate supposed to be three and all of a sudden it'll say two. And then the customers tip there. And I'm like, why did it go down? $1? I don't know. It just it frustrating. It is shady. If it's $3 base, it should be $3 base every single time. It shouldn't be if the customer tips a lot. It's kind of the meaning of the base. Yeah, that's the whole point of it. That's how we make our money is on the tips. Not the I mean, it's only $1. But still Why the hell are you doing it? So

yeah, yeah, basically. I mean, $1 from the thing how many delivery drivers they have that adds up?

That's true. Yeah. Yeah, that is true.

They tip the platform. No, you

exactly. I mean, why wouldn't you software? Yeah. Well, so Amazon got caught. Surprise, man. We've had a lot of new people like in the stream tonight. Thank

you, Nicole. That's all my fans.

Oh, is that that's what it is. Are you serious? Are you alright, Larry wants to hit on the vaccines. And then we got a couple more pictures and wrap it up. All right.

Yeah. So Ubers going to partner with Walgreens. They're going to be offering free transportation to Walgreens stores and some off site vaccine clinics also says they're going to give one Quick Access to pre scheduled rides on Uber app whenever Walgreens vaccination appointments. And then it also is they're putting a new in app features that are designed to connect people. Active drivers, delivery drivers, and, you know, the freight carriers to do for freight. So people use Uber Uber Eats, are delivering for Uber or Uber Eats or Uber freight could possibly be delivering vaccines, which is kind of scary, but


I don't want when we mix it with this. I wonder what a little mountain dude Oh, do

you mean no Baja Blast, bro.

baja blast.

You guys have your damn baja blast. Pedal your

step there man. Shoot that right? Yeah.

Those packages.

I mean, I I do definitely. I love that Uber is doing this for the underprivileged underprivileged areas, because I wouldn't want transportation to be the one reason why you couldn't get the vaccine. I mean, I'm sure they could figure it out. But it is always nice when these companies to step in and do that. Jimmy loves ya, Larry, by the way, he says you got a new fayose Jimmy.

Oh, hey, Jimmy. And, yeah, it is nice to when they do stuff like that and give back like, I know, when they when a elections roll around. They always offer free rides to the polls, things like that. So it is good to see. I mean, you know, they're doing it for PR, but it's still it's still serving a good purpose. Yeah, I

mean, if it benefits people, I'm fine with a PR I mean, spending five and a half million on a million dollar charity. That's bullshit.

Like that's bass ackwards. Yeah,

they Oh man, so much hate for that. All right, dessert plate well deserved. So this is this was in our local group says avoid the McDonald's on Michigan, which you should anyways, it's a disaster. Yeah,

even I know that. Yeah. Yeah. Go to McDonald's on Michigan.

It says got to the pickup window, and they claim not to have the order at all, but I heard the girls in the back laughing See, we ain't got no time to make that effing doordash bowl. send those a holes on? Oh, it says see more. I didn't click on see more when I screenshot this, but, but basically, they were basically saying that they weren't gonna, you know, make the food for doordash. I often wonder if Shut up, Sam. I often wonder I'm just reading what I see. She said say this Where's often wonder how much they actually hate the doordash. And the Uber Eats and all that stuff as as an employee, of course, the cut, the company likes it because they're getting their food out there. But I tried to be a little bit. Go ahead. Yes. For

the Michigan street McDonald's employees is so slow as it is. I mean, I have no idea how they ever do anything?

Well, I think it's like, I don't know. I don't know why they are. I don't know if they're like, well, we're the only McDonald's in one square mile. So if you I mean, I I really don't know why they're so incredibly slow.

We have a McDonald's like that here on Russellville road. And it's I literally when I first started doing Uber Eats and threes. I didn't do reach for a long time after that. I was in their drive thru for 45 minutes all night. And I was like, not again, not not, not would not happen. You know, that's great. Yeah. If I received an order for McDonald's, that McDonald's will not take it.

And as much as I tease, yes, we're not going to McDonald's. I will do McDonald's orders a if they pay a lot, and depending on the time, if it's 11:30am for sure. If it's 1230 Oh, hell no. You know what I mean, just because you just got to know your time. But yeah, I often wonder if they do really hate. hate us drivers go in there. And I try to kill them with kindness. I'm super sweet on them. Just because I know they're probably frustrated a little bit. And they're like, especially when a place is busy. And they're like, oh, we're dealing with this effin you know, dude, that's delivering for doordash I could give two shits about

Yeah, it's funny, though. Because you have you have polar opposites on that? Because there's a bunch of the workers at fast food places who are always I mean, I can't even count how many free Baja Blast I've gotten from Taco Bell. You know, come through like, Hey, man, you want something to drink? And that's happened to me McDonald's. I never get that. Oh, I get that a lot here.

You get you get a free baja blast. Yeah, I don't know.

It must be southern hospitality or something. I don't know. It must be. There you go. But anyways, speaking of Taco Bell, this was at my local Taco Bell. Now that they've COVID is switched a little bit at least at Grand Rapids. Some of the restaurants are wanting you to come in, which is weird. Most of them are still the lobbyist close although talk about lobby is closed they if you're a delivery driver they they want you to come in. So it says Do you have your back? No, these are just for your audio listeners. This is just a piece of paper taped up. It's not. It's not from corporate or anything of that. So it says, Do you have your bag? We can help you? If not, unfortunately, we cannot. And then on the other side, it says no bag, no service. So this has kind of been a hot topic. We talked about this in the podcast. Mike delivers podcast, you guys should check that out. Super good podcast, Uber Eats delivery driver out in New Jersey, that has some great stories. His podcast is awesome. It's not as long winded as ours, I'll just let you know. So that's good. But it's interesting because we talked about the bag and I always use a bag and the parently. Taco Bell says they're not given the well you can see my bag in the picture. That's my bag right there. I didn't even notice my back was in the picture. But yeah, so I always use a bag. What do you do? Larry, do

you have a bag? Always? Yeah, I always have. You know, I think I think I lost the one that I think Uber gave me. Okay, so I've got a Postmates bag that I usually use. But I've got grubhub bags. I've got a couple of those as well. Just like the Postmates bag a little bit. It's a little easier to carry. It's not quite as bulky as the the grubhub bag is just seems to work a little better. But I'll have it. I have a couple. Yeah, a couple of them in case, you know, that's a big order. Sometimes I'll use, I'll use more than one.

I ended up getting rid of all the app bags because the zippers kept jacking up on me. They were very poor quality. And I ended up buying too hard to go. Yeah, I ended up buying two bags off Amazon for 20 bucks. And those things are like, awesome. I never have zipper issues that close and open just fine. I've done it 1000 times. So

I'm sure I'll end up doing that. Jared kabyle. You know, we could make $50 and get the Uber Eats back.

Oh, you know, I got that email the other day. Dude, we need to have our own bag. We need to get on that. We could probably sell a lot of those. So Jerry must be in your market. How about Starbucks, Larry? That has been my worst. He says,

Oh, hey, Jerry. Oh, and once I had a Janet to Hey, Janet. So now we are international.


Even more international, I should say Yeah. Extra International. Jerry Yeah, I've had, I see the one extreme or the other with Starbucks. It's either you walk in and they've got it ready at the counter ready to go. And then there's other times it takes like 30 minutes. And you know, I've gone I've gone up there and and and they're not consistent either. Sometimes they'll put it out on the counter, where the food is that everyone else has come in to pick up and then other times they keep it up by the register. And so you never know what to do. So you always have to go up and ask them at the register. And then they'll go well, like it's over there on the counter. Like Well, last time y'all had it up there, right. Yeah. You know, if they were consistent, it'd be easier. But yeah, it's one extreme or the other. It's never kind of a just okay, it's either it's ready to go right when you get there or are you seems like you wait a long time.

So I don't remember I had a huge Starbucks rant and I may have done it in the gig economy chat, which you can check out. We have a telegram app, which is a messaging app that the link is in the description. You can join our group but I ranted and ranted and ranted about Starbucks that was in line right I get all the way to the window. I waited for like 20 minutes and I was like, is your lobby open? They're like, Oh, yeah, you could have came in and got it. I was like

yeah, I had that happen at White Castle

by Mike Are you shitting me?

Yeah, yeah, that makes me so by having a White Castle the White Castle gets so backed up. And during the pandemic they're so random like their lobby will be open yes, sometimes it won't. So then you know, you don't want to sit in the long line then figure out the lobbies open so you park in the go in Okay, today. It's not open yesterday. It was open. Oh, like, Dad just drive you crazy. You never know which one is going to be. And that happened with me with Taco Bell. I

got in line. Thankfully, it wasn't too long. They're like they wouldn't even serve me in the drive thru. They're like, this is the taco bell that had the the note so my guess is they're real followers. They're like, nope, you need to park and thankfully I was able to scoot out a line. I didn't have to wait all the way through it. Oh, yes. Our Taco Bell's here. Once you're in the drive thru line, you're locked in,

you're locked. You're locked.

I don't understand why they do that because you know, you might need to bail sometimes, you know, and we

and we have, we have one Taco Bell here. This is kind of like the McDonald's. We got we got a couple of Taco Bells that are fine. And this one Taco Bell I will not. It's the one closest to my house actually. I will not not take delivery. I don't know what they do. But like the last several times I went there, they would take your order at the window. You pull up to where you pay and get your food and they would tell you to go around to the other side of the building. And so every car was doing that. So so they were like they were lined up around the whole building. And and it was like that all day by and they would still be doing that. That's like this is not how draftees are supposed to work.

Yeah, the dry Jews have been around since the 50s. Y'all like what are we doing here?

Exactly. You're not inventing the wheel here. Right?

Right. All right.

That's what I won't. I won't accept the delivery from there at all.

All right, we're gonna jump into the tip time Larry's got the tip tonight. So I'm super stoked for that.

All right, for the tip. Tonight, we're gonna talk about why you might want to consider getting an umbrella insurance policy. I know, we all have insurance, and most of us have the, you know, the riders on our insurance that cover rideshare. But you may want to think about adding on actually an umbrella policy? And what umbrella policy is, it's just a best way to explain it. I don't know, it's just a

does it just add like,

it's above and beyond what you would normally have? As for people who either, you know, you might have a decent network and a lot of assets, or somebody who's at significant risk of being sued, which as a rideshare driver, we really are, yeah, much higher risk of being sued. And my insurance agent actually brought it up to me not because I'm rideshare driver, but just because the fact of how many kids we have insurance. He thought so yeah, he brought it up one day, I was changing insurance cars and a car or something he's like, you know, you really should talk to us about adding an umbrella policy because, you know, with with, I think we I can't even remember how many we have on our I think for right now that are you know, 22 or younger on okay. And so it's something I'm really going to consider doing because if you shop around, it's really not that much more than it adds significant amount, like most umbrella policies, why I'd like a million dollars, okay, which to you. Because a lot of people will have the bare amount that your state requires, right, and you can go you can burn through that if you have an accident, that's your fault, and you've hurt somebody that can burn through that really quick and next thing you know, you you, you can put your your house and everything else at risk. So just just talk to your insurance agent, I recommend you shop around insurance once a year. It's easy to get stuck in with one policy or one agent. That's right. And you trust and you're like I'm sure I'm getting the best rate but a lot of times you're not if you check it out.

Yeah, I wonder I often wonder with you know, yeah, the riders only for rideshare I don't think it covers you for like food delivery and shit like that. I often wonder those are very gray areas. It's hard to get any solid information on Yes, what happens? Well, they're gonna have to change just like, you know, the cable companies, right? Like this is this is kind of the new way of people doing extra work and using their cars. So you're gonna have to, otherwise you're gonna have frickin You know, you're not only gonna have pissed off people when you're not covering them. You're gonna have like, expenses out the ass. So it's probably a better do something.

Yeah, they've got to get together because I mean, it's never going back delivery has picked up so much during COVID. Yeah, and people are getting used to it. Yeah, I'm gonna go back to the way it was ever. I mean, I know people like to go out and eat, but the levels are never going to go back down to where they used to be. And, and also the not only that the food companies, delivery companies, they're expanding their range so far, right. I know when I first started for grub hub. I couldn't even get it delivered to my house. Okay. I mean, I live a mile outside the city limit, probably. Okay, now, I've delivered food to Portland, Tennessee twice in a day. Wow. Like 40 miles from here. Really? Yeah. That's crazy. It is crazy. And it was exact same place. I went down there. They took a delivery. And they have a it's a it's a fulfillment house. It's like a Macy's warehouse. And this guy was on his lunch break. And I No sooner had handed it to him. I was halfway back to Bowling Green got another call right back to Macy's, the same place, really. And these people are on their lunch. I'm like, have you ever thought to pack in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Like you're paying like $30 for this burger.

Well, and that's and that's why I think you're right about it staying around because even today, like I was doing some other gig work earlier in the morning. And I threw on like I did throw on doordash and Uber. I was like delivering like breakfast food. Like in the middle of the week. Like in the morning. I could see it on the weekends, but like, What are y'all doing?

This this past past Saturday. I not too repeats a to a little community called Auburn and it's down toward where my wife teaches and it's about it was about a 30 minute drive and I know these people had before. Food, you know, Uber Eats and all this came out there. They could not get any kind of sticks. I mean, they're out in the boonies. It's one of those. It's one of those when you get out of the car, like I have my baton in my back pocket. Yeah, you're out in the sticks out in the boonies and you're always worried about a dog running on your frickin. You just don't know what's gonna happen. Well, guys are being able to, you know, get food order food at home for the first time.

Yeah, but before I wrap, why would you if you're 40 minutes away from the frickin pizza? Like who who's gonna do that? Like it's going to be cold even with a hot bag. It's gonna be cold. That's stupid.

I do it though. They do it. Yeah, whatever.

spend your whole paycheck on cold ass pizza.

Well, I love the people who order milkshakes. or ice cream. Yeah, all right. Here's your here's your slush. Oh,

God, I know like Tropical Smoothie to like, you pick it up and you're like, I see it moving when I grab it. Like how long has this been sitting here? Like I I went right to the restaurant. But clearly, I'm not the first driver that got this order

machine when it's like 95 degrees. Oh, geez.


gotta love it.

Gotta love it. Well,

Larry security, right. Yep.

Larry, thanks for joining us tonight. We appreciate it. Yes, sir. Thanks for staying up. I appreciate your dedication to the podcast.

Hopefully you can be motivated, super dedicated. Yes, sir.


I slept.

Yeah. Well, hopefully you can have a little snack and go back to bed and sleeping in the morning. But thanks for joining us. Thanks for everyone that liked the stream and shared it and we're new tonight. We super appreciate it and we'll see you in a couple weeks. Have a good

night. Appreciate your time. And thanks to my Bowling Green Pete for tuning in tonight.

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Oh no.

Wait, wait, wait, this is thread seems.


Holy shit. I was just saying to the guys. I'm like, you know threat. Threat doesn't doesn't stream anymore. So I all the settings are the same. Wow. That was awkward. So anyways, hi, y'all. Welcome to. I'm gonna piss everyone off because I want to vote yes, on Prop 22. Tonight we have

Jasper and Pete. Hey, and I'm gonna know

your vote. No, you're off the show.

This studio is sponsored by apparently threads and Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. We'll talk about them a little bit later. God That was funny. But Ben's gonna get a huge kick out of that. So yeah, tonight we're gonna kind of I'm going to kind of go over some things we're going to talk about proposal. 22. We've already had some Uber or Dave, the Uber slave is mad at us because we're I can't vote. We're from Michigan. So but we feel that you should vote yes. Because you want to stay independent. You don't want benefits. This is not what this is about. We're going to talk about somebody that was charged with an assault after farting in an Uber. That's awkward. We're going to talk about an aunt tripping on acid we're talking about Uber was sued for rider ratings to fire drivers. What else what else? We're going to talk about

restaurants stealing tips, and much more, but lots of fun stuff.

Yeah. And we want to hear what you want to talk about to you know, put it in the comments. We'd like interacting with y'all. And yeah, we we super appreciate it. Just so everyone knows it is Pete's last night on the show. He's pissed. He hates us.

I'm not sure why but

I it's because of the beard. It's because of the beard and look at my beard and look at that.

I'm sorry, do you need me be sorry


No, actually, it does look like you did something with it.

So it actually was trimmed a little bit when I got my well you haven't even seen this hold I knew I could take out I got it cut short again. Wow. It's not long but yeah, my my haircut lady decided I need to trim that up a little bit. So she helped me out but it looks really good. Thank you. So Pete is working full time. Time for an insurance company and he's not going to do any gig work and so yeah, he's gonna just not be a regular but gonna step in as a Yeah, I'm not going away no as a co host here there and and

he'll be back sometimes

you just gonna have to deal with the Esper and i times i hope that's okay Jason so it's just you and me I guess

yeah maybe I'm gonna dry pasture one day and like the house is gonna be burned down

maybe it maybe I'll quit to what?

Oh my gosh if it's just me This is the last podcast you all here so you better get it get your get your digs in before you go on if you can share the the Facebook page with anyone else that you that might want to know the show or want to listen to the show. Also, if you could follow us on YouTube, subscribe and like that would be great. We also have a telegram group where we talk to different people throughout the world New Zealand, North Carolina.

We don't have anyone in California let me say North Carolina you have to say it like North Carolina.

Is that how they say it? Yeah, like the song? I don't know that song. Yeah, I mean, my my. I'm sorry. This is awkward. so awkward.

If you click on the link in the description, it'll take you to the telegram chat so you can talk to us.

Urban similans is talking about urban cap

Who said that? Did you use it?

I said, Irvine and I said that's what I heard. nice haircut. Oh, Megan. Megan is in for

podcast shenanigans. So

Oh, is that? Is that Meghan? No, it's Megan.

I'm just kidding. Probably don't know because my Megan is spelled different. But anyways, no.

Speaking of Irvine's we have to show a video. Hold on. Let me get to that. This is what they do at Irvine's. Just kidding. They have fun. They fix cars, too. So let me see. Yes, sir. There's one for you for hitting the mic. All right, here we go. Here it is.

supposed to do with that airbag.

That was Yeah, I should have explained it. That was an airbag that they had to detonate so they thought let's put

it in a pumpkin. If you ever had an airbag go off. Yeah, don't worry friends

when I basically drove in a big hole on 131 and my air and put $1,000 worth of damage. And so now the airbag went off. How'd that feel? It's frightening. And I had airbag burns. Yeah. Because I was driving like it actually burned where my tattoo is because I was driving like this. And it went off and it just

my brother. His airbag went off in an older car that he had. I think it was a dad shadow. Okay, and if you remember those Yeah, I do. I just dated myself here. Yeah,

they were not the most quality

automobile. But yeah, it went off like broke his glasses on his face. He had like burns all over his face.

Yeah, I just had it on my arm. My are mostly scared the shit l every time.

Speaking of Mark Mark

marks always got our jam. Yeah, it scared me. It was so loud. My ears were ringing for like, I don't know, half hour. 45 minutes. But Wow. You wanna hear the story about that? You know? I've never

heard that. No. This the same level you have?

Yeah. Wow. It was almost brand while brand new to me. Okay, this is embarrassing. So, you know, on the highway, they cut out like these huge sections of concrete. And they repair them. Right. They you know, especially on 131 that's not as a construction. Yeah, it's always under construction. So I was it was raining. It was like 230 in the morning. I'm tired. Okay, and I go over so the cones stop and I go over to get off I haul speaking of haul and there was there was no there was no cones in front of the whole I drove right in the hole right? It was probably three feet deep. And then I went down and then of course I didn't go back up and smash right into it and airbag went off

to get airborne.

No, I wasn't going fast because I was it was raining and I was slowing down to get over so I was probably I was probably doing 2530 but enough to pay the thousand

dollars going that. That's I mean not that slow. But I

mean it destroyed the front end.

I like how you say there was no no colon there wasn't sure

I actually took a picture. And I there was no corn afterwards. No, listen.

You will notice yes for that. Jason's got some

what some hand movements tonight?

No, maybe it's the haircut. It is I feel lighter. No, but listen, listen, I'm serious. Like you're you're cutting my story off. I took pictures of it there were no cones. Like when I got out I like once I maybe a minute or whatever a guy drives by construction worker. I start rolling film. He's like, Oh my god, there was no cones there. Holy cow, we better get that taken care of I go you think you didn't

pay for that? Did you

know I sent it to the insurance company. I sent him the video. They're like, Oh, yeah, no problem. We got this and I never paid a dime is everything got fixed and

they send it on to the company that was like the government. He

basically says he goes, You know what? You're not gonna have to hear from me again. This is all taken care of. So

you have to tell Megan that story tomorrow because he's like, Whoa, what Megan Irvine? Why? Cuz he's like giving him you know, faces like, she's never heard about that.

Are you flirting with Megan? Because he

was Nah, I think he did. Paying attention to the chat, man. Maybe you should do that.

I have Jason, can I do that? No, I have many things. To focus. I just do the back.

Alright, let's get into the news. But before we do that, enjoy my new slides. Our studio sponsor is Irvine's Auto Repair in Grand Rapids hybrid. You're located on 44th Street just east of 131. On Stafford you can call them at 532 6600 or schedule online Irvine's dot com if you notice in the slide, they have an average of 4.7 rating with 276 reviews. And I know for a fact if you did them if you go there they respond to every single one of them negative or positive. So 532 6600 Irvine's dot com this is the last week breaks for breast. So I mean, actually, this doesn't matter. Because you will get this on Monday and it'll be November. But if you're listening to the live stream, if you're watching now you can still get the deal. So yep, head to their website, schedule everything online,

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Did you say try to find a vaccine?

Yeah, for breaks for breasts for breast cancer. There's no vaccine for cancer dude. What do you think they work on all the time? Yeah, super. vaccine. What do you think HPV is that your daughter gets at the at the doctor. That's a vaccine so you don't get cervical cancer?

Whatever, whatever. It's a cure for cancer. Well, instead of actually I guess that's,

that is a cure. My daughter gets a vaccine two shots for HPV. And the boys get it too. I guess

I've never heard explain this, I guess. Yeah, I'm for cancer. Well,

yeah, that's actually I got that from them. So if you think it's bullshit, you

know, and Megan, Megan put me in my spot. Sorry. Thank you see,

breast cancer vaccine me so but, but how crazy it is that with the HPV that my daughter gets it and she will not get cervical cancer.

Like that's awesome.

They need that for everything. So one day, we'll kick cancers ass.


All right. Sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

Oh, no, I want you to brighten. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

Okay. As long as you admit it, okay, so

I'll tell you,

prop 22 we're gonna watch a video of someone that wants it and does it and let's just have a discussion. So I'm gonna play that real quick. And then we'll come back and chat.

That's right. Well, many rideshare workers call this decision of victory, many worried that it could affect their bottom line. And even though Uber and Lyft are expected to appeal the decision, they are spending 10s of millions of dollars to bring the issue before voters in November,

independent contractors have been keeping a community society moving

out. Porsche was grateful to switchover from driving for Uber and Lyft to delivering groceries and food during the pandemic. But feels like California judge's ruling suddenly threatens his freedom and flexibility. We have the option to work

either during the day

in the middle of the day, late at night,

Porsche drives in San Diego he says handling deliveries on his own time is an ideal gig for an army veteran. But in a stunning decision Monday, a judge is ordering Uber and Lyft to stop classifying their drivers as independent contractors and instead make them employees as stipulated in California's A B five law is called independent contractors. They don't have to pay their their fair share. Mike Robinson drives for Lyft and is a member of the mobile Workers Alliance which hopes to form into a union. He's part of the gig economy workers demanding minimum wage overtime, sick leave and other benefits the law affords them

have been older. We need medical insurance.

This is more about unionizing drivers than it is about drivers getting benefits due to Bell maintains independent contractors can actually earn more than full time employees. I was a full time driver. And I was making approximately $30 an hour. She's counting on the November election when voters will decide on Prop 22 ballot measure backed by Uber and Lyft would override a B five by classifying all gig economy workers as independent contractors.

We're gonna keep fighting. We're not going to give up.

So we'll drivers on the other side,

will Shriver support prop 22 it allows us to keep our independent

contractor status and flexible schedule. How that

shakes out, we'll know when voters turn in their ballots in November. As for the author of AB five San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, she is praising the judge's ruling tonight for demanding quote, Justice for hundreds of thousands of drivers seeking benefits in California.

Alright, we're back.

Such a sensitive topic. Absolutely. When you get hate before you go live, it's usually maybe you

should specify out to start by talking about you know, AB five, prop two and not a beaver. So prop 22. What does he mean? And what does no mean? Let's stop by that. Yeah, I

think most of the people that listen to our show and obviously follow us are want a vote of Yes. So basically, if the no vote goes through, Uber has to classify their workers as employees. All right. So they have to offer benefits, sick time, like everything you do for a W two employee, not not an independent contractor.

And if we if we go yes, then we got to do everybody gets to stay as independent contractors, right.

And now now there's obviously probably more details than what we're just saying. But that's the gist of it. That's

the basic gist of it.

Yeah. And there's just there's I feel like I see more vote no, when I'm on Reddit and stuff like that. But it's like, Why Why?

It's kind of worded weird. Those maybe if you don't understand it correctly, that well,

that's part of the that's part of the problem is that depending on who's putting out the surveys, right, they're wording them, you know, oh, I don't want to say confusingly, but confusingly

Well, that's what legislators do. Right. Both sides. They're both doing it right. I mean, the vote yes. Or vote? No. I mean, I I just to me, how is that sustainable? It's not sustainable. I mean, I know they have gobs of money, but, I mean, it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. And I I personally feel Uber and Lyft are gonna pull out for a while if that gets so and then what do you got? You ain't got shit, then you don't have anything. So Dave. He says, and so Dave is is on from from YouTube. And he goes, I'm driving in California. We are voting no on pro proposal. 22. So Uber can't keep effing us over a union union gives us a seat at the table to negotiate a better deal. But and and we understand that you guys want that we all want a better deal. The problem is, comes with strings.

Well, yeah. And do we do we really want that better deal? I mean, do I don't want to give up my I don't want to give up my status of independent contractor. I didn't want to have this as an extra eight to five job.

Yeah, I mean, I want to reiterate what yester said, I think all that would be great. I mean, I'm not saying I don't want any of that stuff. But we're not really taking Uber side, we're taking our side. Exactly. I want to be an independent contractor. I don't want to have a boss Tell me when I can go online. And when I already have one of those bosses. It's not a bad boss. But I mean, I have to be to work at 730 every day, and get my work done. Now, you know, I went out today, it was slow as hell I said screw it came back and did some editing work. So I mean,

Dave, we can we all agree the fact that Yeah, they have taken too much of the pie right now. Those things we agree with that. And we don't want him to do any of that thing. But we don't believe at least the three of us in the studio right now. We don't believe that the answer is to become employees.

me read something, but I found an article, okay.

That was a little loud, because I bumped up for that video.

The most murky benefit is guaranteed wage for proposition 20 to ensure 120 120% of minimum wage, and 30 cents per mile for drivers adjusted for inflation,

wait 120% of minimum wage, so they would get paid 120% of minimum.

But there's a pretty big catch. The guarantee is only for engaged driving time, right? defined as the time between accepting a service request and completing the request.

So not sitting at the airport, right? So you actually have to be in transit. Well, we kind of talked about the Seattle one where you said that you at least had to have that one ride. If you had that one ride and you made three bucks, you at least would get 16 for that hour. So it's kind of something like that you have to be

but I don't I wouldn't want to drive Uber if I made the $16 an hour No. Why no.

Someone from actually periscope I think it's our first comment from periscope says it's better remain independent contractors. You need to want to take away our freedom. I mean, I am not a I feel like there is unions for the right thing like the basketball Union, the sports union is bullshit. I think that's dumb. I think, you know, a union for a worker that is in terrible conditions like, yeah, I, I get that if it's a W, you know, they already get benefits or whatever. I mean, I don't know, I flirt the line with it. I'm not against unions, but I'm not for them. I'm just like they have their place, but not in rideshare. Not in gig economy. That's the whole purpose. You're gonna kill the actual gig economy if you do this, not just for Uber and Lyft. But for Amazon, then doordash. And all the other ones. I don't care if they fund

it. I don't care at all. They started the proposal 22 because they don't want it.

And they already gave California the cat's meow. Anyways, before this, they were like, letting them know how far everything was like, and you didn't even have to have diamond status. Right?

Again, again, they we were not necessarily on Ubers side.

No, I'm on my side. We just

don't want independent contractors. And if the answer not to become an independent contractor is proposal 22, then let's Well yes, that's what we are saying. But we don't want any of those. I mean, we just don't think that that being an employee is the right answer. Because here's the other side, because we don't want to Well, here's the other side. Dave and I know I'm speaking a lot today on YouTube, basically, what's gonna what's gonna stop them from just firing you. Right? or giving you less work, or and all that. I mean, we can't get you have all then you have no control. The

problem is you shouldn't have said the firing, because he's going to jump all over you on that because drivers get deactivated all the time for no recourse. That's where I feel like, and maybe that's not a union, but some sort of coalition would you know, because you get the activated, you're like, there's no recourse. You know what I mean? At least if you're a W two employee, you get fired? Yeah, you're an at will employee but if it's a wrongful fire, you can sue them and say, Hey, this wasn't correct, right? First of all, check out Dave, the Uber slave his YouTube page, it's really good. He's got a lot of good videos, even though we don't agree, he's still he puts out a good product. Yeah. I've talked to him before, so just throwing that out there. But um, I guess, you know, he says, how what killed gigs. I just think when you get the government involved, and all this extra rigmarole it just eff things up.

What, and I think the biggest thing for us, at least with gig work is the flexibility. And you're saying how is it going to change the flexibility? I think it will mean, all of a sudden, if they're your boss, they're gonna determine when you're gonna work when

you're gonna drive. Yeah, you're like, oh, and your rating is a little bit lower than then driver, Joe. So guess what you don't get first. I mean, it happens with grubhub. Now, if you want to get the first shot at the schedule, you have to have a high rating, you have to have a high acceptance rate, like that's already starting to creep into the apps. If you do this. It's gonna be all the time. So I don't know. I don't know who this on Periscope. I think it's Joe on. I don't know, go 29 if prop 22 fails with Uber and Lyft hire only a certain amount, of course.

Yep. I mean, you won't be able to do both platforms. No,

yeah, that's another

good point. You and I there's, I mean, I'm almost

I don't know, could be that would be that would be part of the rules at once. So I think I think the really cool thing, we have an opportunity here, Dave. So I'm gonna I'm gonna ask here and you respond. come on the show. Let's do an interview. Let's talk about this. At our next one of the next future

shows the problem is is voting next week?

What the let's talk about the result afterwards. Yeah, we can do that. Yeah, I mean, it

is another thing. If proposition 20 passes, it would prevent local governments from passing laws that require companies to provide additional benefits protection for gig workers not including proposition 22. That's because of the seventh seventh eighth provision. single sentence on page 18 of the initiative requires a seven eight vote of both the State Assembly and Senate in order to amend proposition 22 in any way. This particular requirement is unprecedented. Some propositions have required two thirds or three fifths, but never seven, eight.

Wow. Wow, that's crazy. Sam, Sam brought up a good point to your ability to turn down rides will be gone. Now. These are all speculation. Because if you turn down rides and be like, Oh, we don't need you anymore. Right. By by

what and so Dave says we can't find too many because you have to have some drivers. Absolutely. But I mean, so we end the Michigan market right when Grand Rapids Michigan market and there's way too many drivers his it is I bet they could find a half two drivers and there's still be plenty of drivers to cover them. Well

even says in LA he it's hard to get trips anyway. Well, this is COVID world right now, too. So you know what I mean? You can't really judge the amount of rides you get via COVID. But yeah, I mean, that being said, I mean, we're looking at it just from a different perspective. You know, we We don't do it full time. I mean, when he did it full time, I'm sure he would still want to remain an independent contractor because

you just you look, I was working three days a week. Yeah, I mean, we talked about this a lot of times I would stay home. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of the day Thursday, I'd like go out for a little bit Thursday morning. But I would bust my butt. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Yes, you couldn't do that. You can't do that. As you know, as a regular regular worker, right. It's the freedoms that you're allowed being independent contract.

Now one thing I would like, this is way off, not way off, but a little regulation of how many drivers they do not allow on line. So well, I don't want that as because I want to go when I want to do it. But they need to go by demand. Like I wish. I don't know. Right. I mean, maybe I'm flip flopping not flip flopping. I want my independence. But I mean, you talked about the saturation of the market. So sometimes you can't even make money, which again, you go to go like, Hey, I'm gonna do something else. I'm gonna do food delivery. I'm gonna do I mean, new new apps keep opening up. If you join our Patreon, we've interviewed two companies yet that I think are going to be a game changer. They could they had

to certainly have the potential of being game changers,

and they're not rideshare companies. So if you join our Patreon, you get early access to it.

So Dave, contact us on team at gig economy good gig economy gig economy dash

Yeah, we couldn't buy that. Yeah, didn't want to give it up whatever

gig economy dad don't get economy das podcast calm, and then we'll set something up. And or maybe just send us a Facebook message. Or you could do that. And all the things you bring it up right here. We don't agree with that, either. Oh, yeah, they shouldn't be doing I'm playing the game that way. There's no way there's no I agree. 100%.

Yeah, it's it's it's a good discussion to have. I'm not saying we're we're for Uber doing all this stuff. Like I think some things to change. I don't think they pay us enough. But I also don't want to work for a boss. I don't need benefits. This This was set up to be I mean, and nothing against p I mean, I do this full time in the winter. So it's, it's with me too. It was set up to be kind of a gig kind of thing. It is it is a challenge to do a full time not so much anymore, because there's more different options, but just, you know, I don't I don't want somebody to say Oh, because I even thought like, just for an example. And gigs gonna be a little light this year. Maybe I'll get a pizza delivery job. I'm like, No, I don't want to work on a schedule. Like I'm doing snowplowing this year. I'm like, how am I gonna do that? If I got to go out and plow and I got to go deliver pizza. I was like, yeah, screw this. I'm not going to get a pizza. No, that mean, so?

Yes, RM says, you need exactly the number of drivers for the amount of riders. Even if riders wait a little longer. They will insist that drivers are back to back non stop.

I still remember when we just started when we this is when I started for you know, I guess three, four years ago. We went back to back all the time. And that's when it was what it was fun. It wasn't so much about the making money at the time. It was just it's being fun with your back to back. Good. I don't want to sit still.

No, no. I mean, now today was obviously today. See, this is a good example for new drivers. Let me just throw this out here about how you have to have a little bit of a

sorry, I'm sorry. He's plowing and learn on line. Oh my god, I can't know.

Somebody I know who's our who's our Patreon from Georgia. I feel bad. I forget his name. He pops on anybody who's like oh, I hear you're driving a Zamboni now. The joke you know what I mean? What is his name? I feel so bad. It's not like we have that many of them or anything. What was I gonna say?

I had a good point. But you new drivers.

Oh, for example. It's still a skill today. It's been raining for the last two days. Great time to deliver right. today. I was like, I'm gonna go out. I'm home for my other job. I'm almost wrapped up. It's beautiful sunshine. It's the middle of day on Wednesday. And I'm in Granville, which is a suburb of Grand Rapids. How many deliveries Do you think I got? Or that were worthwhile? Yeah, I got to one I went to the restaurant and it had already been picked up. And the other one I got one more and the rest of it. I never got a ping. You got to still do the work to find the money. So you can still do it. But anyways, that's my little, little tangent, but yesterday is going to talk about people farting. And I can't wait for that because It already smells in here.

It was it was Pete Hey.

We still use that or is that trademarked?

Okay, so the article is from the New York Post, which is I don't quite know the the whole thing about this website. Certainly not. It's very just kind of If he funny

no no the New York Post is not the website is just full ads. It's stupid you better mute it cuz it's probably okay

so man is charged with assault after fighting in Uber and this whole thing is just drange. And so you came in was has been charged with assault after allegedly fighting in an Uber and attacking the driver for protesting. He behaved in an unattractive manner that night defense lawyer Anthony bignault told the Bristol Crown Court about his clients behavior. The difference

is that is that is that a farting term?

difference incident reportedly occurred last year when Kingswood James mallet 35 Let It Rip in the back of the ride ride on the way to a local nightclub with a few people. This was the final straw for the Uber driver named Alexander bond Jeff, who had allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of other passengers, according to court testimony. So basically, he had a bad day. And then this guy fights in the back of the car and just it's just been enough. Yeah, exactly. So Alexander just had enough and they stopped fighting.

I was waiting for a break. And

so basically James got said vonshef told malad to leave the vehicle were upon the Fletcher and fair offered to fight the driver and struck him in the hat bunch of reportedly responded in defense by punching the mallet in the face, not going into the ground. So they got it. They got in a fight for that. The biggest I mean, so it goes on and on and on. The biggest problem i think is it's kind of it ends on a on a on a kind of a bad note to deal has proven worse for bond chaff. So basically, the guy who fights gets a fix on a $50 fine 120 hours community service. And the guy the guy who was the driver, Bond czev ended up losing his job his vehicle in his house and has since returned to his home country of Bulgaria. I mean, obviously it was a little bit worse for him. He shouldn't have reacted the way he did. Yeah, it's it's it's bad that that the drive of fights in the in the vehicle, but that is what it is. We all deal with stupid stuff all the time. I mean, I've had many people puke in my car and you just deal with it. You move on. Yeah, but he had a bad day. And that's what happened. And it's just, you know, I think

there's more I there's probably more to the story.

I mean, you'll get half the I'm sure there's much more to the story.

Yeah, I'm sure there is. But

yeah, so I guess the the end of the story is don't fart. fart in your Yeah, just,

um, you know, if you're gonna do it just crop dust as you get out. Like,

I know, I had somebody do that. Oh,

gosh, I had it several times. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, or what happens is they fart and they're sick. Look.

No one's gonna want to sponsor the show. We're talking about farting.

Yeah, yeah, x is three.

Yeah. Earlier he was you know doing this up and down for I need to swap his out because his for whatever reason is loose right there. Anyways. What was he talking burning? farting? Yeah. Talking about no one would sponsor this show. Oh, no, they go while they're sitting down. I do it at my own house and you get up you're like, Oh, God. Oh, God. My wife's like, what did you do? I'm like, that was like 20 minutes ago. I don't know.

Oh, man, what's your boys?

All right. All right. So this next one from one of the Facebook groups is passenger. Why do you guys always do that? Me? What's that? packs? Run red lights? You guys always do that? Me I ran a red light when packs just now see you didn't even notice. Me You mean left on red. You can do that when it's one way streets. packs No you can't. me Yes you can. I'm positive pack Seriously? Me Yep. 100% packs. Oh shit. Me. Yeah. packs I've been reporting over Uber drivers for running red lights. What do I do me? data packs maybe call Uber and try to retract it could be deactivated for that tax. What does that mean? Me fired it means fired. packs. Oh shit. I mean, yeah.

Yeah, I mean seriously, they could be deactivated or that I mean if you get a safety violation of like running red lights like I mean, the first one you're probably okay but for chance you got another one then you for sure out? Yeah. So yeah,

America is weird, though. We are. It's just my family when they were first over here. I'm from Denmark when they came up with the first time and I would always do you know as we do all the time, we took turn turn right on a rat. And he's like, what are you doing? Here? Why no, but you can't in Europe. Oh, you

guys got shit to do, man, we ain't got time to be like

doing the red light

you ain't going nowhere and paying 80% taxes so I go to university for free. I mean, come on universal health care. We got shit to do.

You guys driving the left hand side of the road to No, not Denmark drive on the wrong side of the car.

Nope. That's in Britain. Well, what's weird about Michigan today, for people that are listening or watching in Michigan, you can turn out if you're gonna turn left and it's a blinking red light. That means Hey, you need to stop. But when it's clear, you can go but no one does. They if it's clear, or rush right through, like no one stops. So that's a little freaky for people that aren't used to that kind of stuff to the you know, if you're got somebody from out of town, you're in your Uber and they're like, what the hell

or Michigan left?

Michigan laughs So those are fun two days that he has a video where passenger farts in the car and they couldn't stop laughing. They're pretty high to that. farting and high or bad combination that is like, you know, you know that that's just gonna go crazy. Okay, this got to give a shout out to Gabe for this one. He shared it. It's a picture of like, drop off instructions. I don't know what app that is. I've never seen that one. But it says drop off instructions. My aunt is tripping on acid. And she needs food leave on the porch because she doesn't want to put clothes on knock though. So she knows it's there. Thanks, Mike. Can't make this shit up. I mean, now you guys are the what the Photoshop snobs is this photoshopped or not? Doesn't look like it doesn't look like me either. But I bet

bullies it's very much lined out correctly. If it is. I mean,

I don't know. I don't know if it is either, though. Yeah, I don't know. It says Uber ride on there

were no no, that's overlay for Android. Were iPhone, guys. We don't get that sweet little overlay. Yeah. So they basically that Uber will be on it. It'll Why does it do that? So you can access it quickly. Is that basically it's going to Yeah, yeah. Instead of like searching for it. So

that is pretty nice. Santa says Can we turn left onto one way is in Michigan on red?


Yeah. About

on red, though.

Yes. Yeah. On a one way.

On one way. We just talked about it. In the frickin

No. One way have to relearn. Oh, wasn't blinking at one we have to go left.

Right. Yes. She wasn't thinking. No, no, it's just the article doesn't say it was blinking. Yeah, we just talked about it'll

specified if you can't,

yeah. No, I turned left on red all the time. I mean, we don't have a ton of one way is and I mean, Selman gr but not enough that I feel like I've turned a lot. Maybe. Yeah,

I guess I have to. Yeah. I mean, I've had to, again, like we don't have guard. He got time to wait, we got time for that. We got time for that.

All right. Where are we at here? I'm on that page. A Yes. for Uber

driver. Again. He got

all the articles at night. Sorry about that.

This is a follow up to the other one.

I didn't want to make Pete do a ton of Article since his last night.

So this is so nice. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, this talks a lot about the things that Dave actually was just talking about, which is the other side of proposal. 22. Yeah. One of which is, which is to coercion, basically. So the article talking about how Uber is, I guess misusing or kind of using their platform to to have people come in and kind of vote yes. For the for the

I mean, do you blame them though? I don't I mean, their platform, they can do whatever the hell they want.

Well, yeah, they can, but they shouldn't. They shouldn't. I mean, it's why.

So what is your What is your problem with it? Does it make sense? Because it I mean,

well, as one of the I agree with what he was saying is so they're giving away free food at at the at the greenlight hubs, what because they're using those for for voting mode in places so so they're basically coercing drivers to come in. And while you're there eating their free food, your mind is a vote.

Oh, is that? Okay? I didn't really so

that's what they're doing. And and then they are doing then they're putting apps all over on on the platform. And there's some confusion and there's some disbelief as to whether or not if you if you are clicking out of the apps too much if you're not getting rides that kind of stuff, because it's connected.

Yeah, I mean, I don't I don't mind them showing me a message in app but it would be weird if like you came into the green, the green light hub, and they'd be like, oh, by the way, why are you here? Why don't you vote for this like,

free lunch come good Freelancer the green light hot button. your minds will vote right. Yeah, I don't agree with that. That's not but that's the only that's the reason why this should be no money in politics, period. But

it Yes. Berg, President

I got my vote 24 I can't be president. I'm not born on American soil.

The podcast won't be the same.

I don't want Trump to come and get me.


I am not elite I'm legal. All right, Pete the alien

podcast won't be the same without Pete's pink shirt.

Well, Mark can come wear it instead.

Alright, so this next one is, Uber is being sued for using biased rider ratings to fire drivers. So Uber is aware. This is what this guy is saying. Uber is aware that passengers are prone to discriminate in their evaluation of drivers but Uber has continued to use this system that's making it liable for intentional race discrimination former driver Thomas Lau said in his complaint,

I was wonder how you gonna pronounce it I will read a log with you.

Over prompts customers to rate drivers on a scale of one to five stars, and then deactivates workers who average rating it deems unsatisfied. unsatisfied, according to the lawsuit. law says that while driving for Uber in San Diego, he experienced such signs of bias such as customers canceling when installs photograph, or asking an unfriendly matter where he was from. He claims were terminated in October 2015. Because his average customer rating fell below its minimum of 4.6. The 4.6 cut off automatically deactivated anyone who look different dress different talk different or act a different Lau said in an interview.

Yeah, I mean, it's tough. I mean, there's always going to be that discrimination. Unfortunately, that's I can't I can't

speak on being discriminated against. But I can speak on that. I 100% don't agree with Ubers rating system.

Yeah. Well, how how do they change it? What can they do better?

Well, I think for one, if they're going to allow riders to score below a three i think is is a fair, no. Yeah. There has to be unintentional. And relaible reason. Yeah, you just can't do a you can't just get stars and or one star. Yeah. You know, hit a button that says my driver, what's

gonna stop them from lying, which they do? I mean, how do you how do you vet that?

I think I think lift system isn't all that bad. It's the same thing. But if they don't vote for you, if they don't rate you at all, yeah, it's an automatic five.

Well, I can't. Okay. Well, I kind of feel that and I know, Uber has, what, how many drivers? Millions, maybe I mean, one movie, kind of wish that they would be like, Okay, this guy's been great. Like, up till now. So okay, let's, let's address it. Let's talk to him about it. But let's okay. Like, if I don't know,

the problem is they have one of one of the problems is they have a system where you get voted on, but you can't. You can't find it.

Yeah, and you don't know what it was like, you could be like, okay, like Sam says, I have dashcam I you tell me what time which rider It was, like, I mean, I know they don't they think maybe the driver will have some retribution because they know where the person lives or whatever like that. But I actually had a lady tell me that,

what's that? She was afraid to rate her other drivers badly. Because she was afraid that they would come back.

I mean, so it's, it's funny you bring that up because I watched started watching the Uber videos that you get five bucks. I don't know if you've you guys have watched him. There are there's like five or six videos. It's like 25 minutes of training about sexual harassment whenever they but they actually I actually did learn some they bring up a good point it could make someone be uncomfortable. You say, Oh, you hadn't home. Like even though like I pick somebody up from the airport that might make them feel uncomfortable. I didn't even realize because you're just like making conversation and they may not want to know where that you know where their home is. So those videos I actually did learn something which shocking Usually, it's just bullshit.

Some people. I've had people before who have had been dropped him off a couple of houses away because they don't want to

we had that one time out 3200 to one and maybe they were doing a different house and I didn't know and as I drove away, they walked down. Yeah, but I've only had one person say I'm gonna drop me off about three doors down and then I'm just gonna walk to the house.

I had Yeah, I had one day was three girls, they will all know probably early 20s. And and they had been dropped them out the outside of the trailer park. That was it.

Yeah. I don't think it happens very often. But she said Sam says I've had at once obviously don't know what that means. I feel like that's a joke that we know or a story that we know but where she's had to drop somebody off, not at their house. Yeah, I've had it once. Obviously. That doesn't do anything for us. So let's move on here. But I'm a woman.

Are you a woman? woman?

Shit, where am I am totally out of my lucid

ad spot.

Oh, it is all right. Speaking of ad spots, I don't know why lewbert calm and I just saw on the stream that they now have put it up mirchi services is live on their website right now. You can sign up to be a tech. And you can only if you want, you can only do the jumpstarts, which I'm excited about. I'm sorry, Joe. Well, I'm not an oil change guy. I think it's still a great service. But I'm gonna, probably this weekend, buy a really awesome jump box. and sign up for that. Don't you just use cables? So in situations where you can't, well, I will have cables too. But you do run the risk of damaging your electrical system. I mean,

is that real, though? Oh, yeah. You know, we might we should talk about after the spy. Yeah, let's

talk about after that. So if you go to oil you can sign up for on demand oil changes as a service get done at your house. Or you can sign up to be a tech you can change oil for people. You go to their house, you change the oil you get paid. So go to oil, oil to sign up for either getting the service or attack and the sign up to jumpstart cars. So that's awesome. I'm glad that they sweet. super sweet. I cannot wait to do that. I will probably sign up after the podcast and

after Yeah, I'm not I'm not an oil change person. I can sign up to do jumpstarts to find out about

Yes, that's super easy. And so Oh, back to the jumper kit

a real thing.

Someone that's watching the show right now please fact check it Mark Come on. Like let's figure it out.

Like I feel like I always hear about you know, oh, you could damage your battery if you move in a little bit. But that's I mean, I guess I don't hear that

I don't hear the the battery I hear that your electrical system where if you get a surge from the other car because what if there's a screwed up or whatever and all of a sudden, I mean, I've jumped start probably 30 to 50 times now I'm a little different because I have equipment that sometimes dies and I have to jump started so I've done it more and I've never had an issue. Yeah, so but I will bring cables just in case because those boxes sometimes. I mean, you

got to charge them regularly. Me Jamie Lynn says I was told not to give a jump with my car when I bought it. Yeah.

Again. I mean, I think there is there is a chance that you could screw it up now. Again, if you did two jumpstarts a day for six months you maybe you never nothing would happen. I mean I think there's a risk with all that. But I mean I guess it's a risk of hitting a gigantic pothole

that's rude. Last night you're here on the rag

out of here

got you out of the camera right now.

Pretty sure mark that if the cables Connect incorrectly there's a chance that the cables might burn and smell really really really really really really bad. Really bad really bad. Well, I may know that from personal experience. I mean

Jamie Jamie said hybrid if that matters so that might be a different I mean

I guess I can see that

all electric and there's 15,000 volts on all electric but there's $15,000 worth of batteries in there so maybe you don't want to jump start but if anyone can fact check that

thanks everyone under Jamie Lynn's

a hybrid if that matters I don't know the next

comment what's the next comment say shut

desert dick. Anyways, I'm gonna sign up for it I'm gonna get a nice jump box Sam shut up

definitely definitely gonna jump box

Yeah, and don't get So did you and I talked about those little square ones that you can get that was it you

I have it's just about the size the same size as a phone

extra extra foam batter right so my boss bought one from Yeah, he bought one from Costco thinking that this thing is gonna do great. The truck battery was dead. You put it on there it didn't do

shit. Not fun drunk battery. I had one just like that and it could it could just about starting escort starter

Yeah, I told my boss I'm like this isn't a one time it's

an f3 jumpstart a Honda Fit with that maybe.

So I told him he needed to buy the nicer one so I'm gonna buy a nice one. Yeah, so anyways,

and then maybe I mean you probably not getting China getting paid for it. But what if you also get a compressor? That might be nice. Good. Maybe one that has both.

Well, yeah, then it helps you. I mean,

Well, yeah, but when you're there anyways, you can check there, check the air and

come on man. Then we talked about this last about doing all the extra stuff.

Yeah. Well,

how are you? Good? How are you? Good?

Good. I know we were just picking on Jason but come on now.

Yeah, we only picking on Jason tonight. Come on my bed.

Oh, you guys had a pre meeting.

We should pre mean about him. We should pants him as he's walking. I'll tell him the livestreams over just make sure it's only as back end we don't want to show gonna tell you. Alright, moving on. Yes for this is the rest of these are kind of pictures. Yeah.

Hang on. Hang on.

No. So ever prepared.

I am I was Hank. I was talking.

Yeah, you get all excited. Pete I don't have to tell Pete. Hey, Pete. He just rolls he just he here's the pause. I know I'm stuck with your

just deal with me. Sweet Jesus. Someone helped me.

Whatever happened to God's gift to ride share?

That's what it is. Right.

Right there right to trip.

So I can't I can read what it says.

And then the comment says it's in Biden's laptop.

So but

yeah, the way you give it to me, because I get it might not. It's not It's not. It's not Joe Biden. It's in Hunter's laptop. Oh, yeah. But anyways, but yeah, I'm pretty sure that trip is done. No.

Larry posted some in the chat. They're like doing deliveries now. So I got in a huge fight with somebody on Facebook. Recently calling another company that we had an interview zoom. That's that's live. You heard the interview for that. If you listen to the podcast, boom, right zoom ride. Thank you. Good God. Like it's just another trip. I'm like, No, it's not it's not a subscription base. But for those of you out there that see those companies that are subscription base, please don't. Please don't do it. Don't do it. You should not have to pay to be on a platform. No, they pay you that's how it works.

Now there is certain models of Uber where you can pay a little bit to get more back. Yeah, some markets. Yeah.

I guess.


Yeah, what were you guys laughing I feel like I missed something. Oh, Mark said why? why not bring them a dozen doughnuts for free to who?

Mark said that about the I was you? You're the people. You're starting to batteries. Oh

yeah. Oh, what are we gonna do like ship shoppers? We're gonna put gift cards and hula hoops in the damn thing. If you missed that show, that was last time that was last time frickin Yes. Or wanted to basically rub their back.

All right.

Oh, I didn't see. Pretty much. Oh.


Got it. All right.

This mountain Mike's location uses doordash for its its delivery services. They

pocket all the tips the customers leave for delivery and tell the drivers the customers didn't tip. I know for a fact. I have first hand witnessed the customers app versus the restaurant tips. It's always zero. It's a shame they are thieves. Okay, before you read the comments, explain what is going on there. How would the restaurant see the tips if it came through the app or? I'm confused. It says they use it for delivery they pocket all the tips that the customers leave for delivery. And tell the drivers the customers didn't tip. I'm sure maybe they have one delivery account. And then they paid the drivers that way maybe Yeah, I'm kind of confused because the app is between you and doordash it's now doing you doordash in the restaurant.

The restaurant signed up for one delivery account through them and is using that to pay their drivers with me.

Maybe maybe they're not actually a door maybe they're not doordash drivers their work

for it worked for the restaurant. They're

sealing the tip so you can continue on I was just confused by that

does the drivers This is from I lost my place. Sorry. No, you're good. says Hi. Thank you for your feedback. doordash charges $9 per delivery of any order we have to make ends meet. Due to pandemic we are short staffed and having difficulties hiring new staff. Thank you for your understanding as we move through these uncertain times. And somebody commented the drivers have to make ends meet as well when they get $180 worth of food to deliver in a customer asked they received the $6 tip or an $85 order in a 20 hour tip then doordash pays his drivers $3 to deliver foods you contracted out to them to deliver

See I read the rest of the comments earlier. It doesn't make sense our theory doesn't make sense because it's like I can't comment on doordash policy the driver can work for us and get paid hourly plus tip so is this even is this I don't even understand this. Sam says maybe the restaurant is the customer and call drivers that way. Maybe. I mean while I when I initially scanned I'm like this is bullshit but now I'm reading it I'm like I don't even know how they're doing it. Maybe we should skip this article. Yeah. Oh shit. I got an article next. I didn't even read it. Damnit

talking about me not being prepared right? Again, you almost said the F word again. I didn't I said what the

anyways it's not it's kind of older news but lift deal with with it what am I doing? What is this article about? Oh, okay, so Uber rival Lyft is announced it will be partnering with grubhub This is such an older article that Yeah, so providing its lift pink subscription members access to grubhub free food delivery another person. Well, that's kind of cool. I you know, it this one article I saw and then I really haven't seen anything else about it. But the food delivery service has exploded during the Coronavirus with onsite restrictions in many places. After Ubers failed bid for grubhub agreed to buy Postmates for Uber bought Postmates. What kind of podcast is this? Had? I'm overwhelmed, I'm hot. I'm embarrassed that I didn't read this article. It happens like at least once a show one of us does it. So anyways, apparently lift We are experts

don't do it. We're experts.

There'll be partnering with grub hub. They're not buying them. So I think it's a good idea. They should all be integrated anyways, I mean, Lyft what's Lyft gonna do? I mean, there are at the bottom of the barrel, they're only doing rideshare and some, some delivery stuff, at least Uber, it's got Uber Eats, and that that's exploding that saved their ass during this pandemic is, is that Uber Eats? So yeah, I don't know why Lyft is not doing more, maybe they don't have any money. So.

So Sam said, maybe the restaurant is the customer and call drivers that way. So basically what happens is, you call the restaurant to order. The restaurant places the order on doordash to get a driver to come pick it up. Oh, that makes sense.

But so then how does the restaurant keep the tip?


so how did they do that?

So that mark part makes sense. But how they're the customer? If they're the customer, then they would be the one tipping, right? So how are they keeping the tip because the customer that cause the original order? Is tipping, like my credit card or something? And then the restaurants using doordash to place an order.

Oh, so they're not giving the tip. So when Okay, so the which is

such a weird way, just sign up and use.

So doordash doordash? Is the drivers coming to pick it up without a tip right? No, they're not getting one. But they're still picking it up. But the customer called Okay, I get it. Thank God for Sam. Yeah, I was very confused on it. That is shady. And then they say it right on their Facebook page. Like oh, times are tough. We'll figure it out. We're all figuring it out too. That's douchey I hate that company. Not doordash but the other one that's mountain bikes. I don't think that we haven't I've never heard of them. I've never heard it either. But speaking of saving money, Guess who's back?

Meet me at

Michigan insurance and financial services. Jackie, she is back she especially with the insurance reform. Now it's time to save money if you call her at 269-569-6127 or email her directly Jackie at Mia Fs calm you know, now's the time to say money Christmas coming up. You know things have changed. As far as the rates go, you want to make sure you have enough protection. So give her a call. We love Jackie she's been on the show before for the new people she I don't know what was it like was that before you for a while it's been like six eight months but color 269-569-6127 Jackie is my insurance agent. And basically what she does is she's kind of like an insurance broker. You call her and she checks with a bunch of different companies and figures out what's the best for your needs, the best price for you and etc. So 269-569-6127 or email Jackie at mia

I think she's actually exactly like an insurance broker. Not kind of

well I feel like she heard me say insurance broker what and she goes well that's not it and I didn't get an alternative like what else should I call that? Well,

I think they call independent agent so they don't they don't sell for one agent correct one comp company they would sell for multiple Yeah, so they're calling the right solution for you.

So I need to say independent agent instead of insurance broker you don't know but you really don't know. No. Okay, speaking of zoom,

so this one is a good one gonna be a picture and this is of

this is from Leo from Detroit. Yeah. And this is just basically what a screenshot what

he got it. So I'm trying to figure this out. So the seven minute total ride, right. He had he had to go 2.2 miles to pick up

distance a pickup 11.2 miles time to pick up two One minutes, so

we had to drive 21 minutes to get there. He didn't take this ride

right away. So he had to drive 21 minutes to get there to make $5. So, that being said, zoom actually pays you a premium when you do long pickups like that, right? Yeah, it's if you listen to the last podcast, it was a bonus episode. With zoom. She talked Carol talks about it, but I'm just curious. I just like all the information like they're telling you everything up front.

When and honestly, this isn't any different than getting a call downtown to fucking Allendale. I mean, sorry, but all the time, you would have to do it.

Hello. We had three almost and he just dropped it. Yeah, but you wouldn't. But see, the thing is, you wouldn't take that one. Because you see how short the

ride is? No, I know. But as you're saying, at least they're giving you the long pickup fee. And

yeah, and I don't know what that is. And it's different from Ubers. Carol. You know, it was a 30 minute interview. I'd really like Karolina to be on the show. Like I want her to come in and sit down like in studio and talk a little bit more in depth about it.

what time of the day was this?

That is a good question. Because honestly, oh, it was 2100. So that's 950 at night.

Yep. Oh, okay, just kidding. Why won't you say I saved cuz that's during the day during the slow time? I mean, you get for those rides?

I mean, you get five bucks. The estimating bucks. I mean, it's been plus your you would get paid to get to go. But I wish it would tell you like you're getting an extra $4 for this trip, because it's more than Ubers it's not. Yours is pennies.

But But eventually, eventually, you'll know how much you're gonna get to pick up. Yeah, just like getting to know one.

Right? So I just thought it was.

I mean, if I okay, at nine o'clock at night, it's not really all that great. No, during the day, like

right in there, they're at a soft launch right now. Like they're not even officially launched. So this is all new. I know. There's a lot of drivers out there that are excited about it. When we interviewed and we saw the map, and there was a lot of cars on there, and he's not getting a ton of requests, but

I'm telling you what guys, Jason is being giggly about this. I know the interview like giggling

I'm like everyone thinks I have to say just a preface they don't we don't they don't sponsor us. Like they're not as I'm just excited of how I'm passionate about all the features they have that I want.

Right well and and more than anything, it's it's it's a contender in the market. Yes, it's a third player, and it could have the potential changing the rules

is entered the game.


And you do make more but when they talked about it in their interview, it wasn't an exorbitant amount, which I'm okay with. Drivers just want a little bit more money. And they want some features that are a little bit better. They're not asking to get all the money from Uber. I mean, I'm sure some dumb asses are like the ones that are gonna vote no on Prop 22 you're gonna you knew that was Calvin. Okay, speaking of dumb asses, so I'm gonna try to explain this. So I found this on Reddit. This guy, but basically he's trying to start a new rideshare and it's it's weird, right? It's this on this lab fun. You have to vote to get it funded or something like that. But they use cryptocurrency. They're gonna background check the riders like safety rideshare drivers should not be placed in unsafe working environment. What is again, prop 22 we only require drivers to be background check if dev is able to that's what's called DB is able to save riders money in your riding cost is a $30 yearly background check provided by the writer too much to ask. Okay, that's fucking Whoo, damn it. That's not gonna happen. They're aiming for a 10% commission rate. I don't know. It just seems and then cryptocurrency like someone commented, like, how no one even knows how to use that and I he's gonna back it by crypto. So it'll look like a credit card when you pay for but it's actually crypto is

so like, unreliable. Oh, yeah. I know some guys who were almost millionaires and then dead broke the next day, and then almost millionaires and then dead broke. Yeah. They're like, it's so bad.

Yeah, it's just

maybe someday it'll be great.

Yeah, I don't think so. I think the whole idea behind cryptocurrency is just

Yeah, no, it says we aim to improve safety on our platform by requiring drivers to be one year vetted. rideshare drivers have respectable ratings.

So Bala tile.

Yeah, I mean, the kryptos. To me, that's the biggest problem. I don't want a company that's dealing in crypto because I've guarantee the next day they're like, Oh, yeah, we're shut down. We just lost $2 billion, right. Like it just seems weird, but yeah, this is an app you want to stay away from. I mean, I don't even think it's an app. They're just trying to get it funded. It's this weird like, like I said, lab fun. I don't know. Stupid. Don't do it.


no dumb.

Shit. We never did a tip time. Son of a bitch. Anyways, yes, for Europe next. This is kind of odd. But, sorry, what

are you jumping on? I'm like a

kid in a candy store, right?

Everybody, if you lock your keys in the car while it's running, and it's a newer car, mine is in 2015 you can press the keyhole or little square by the door handle and pull the door handle at the same time. And it'll open. I spent $75 to find this out. It's worth it to try now with the windows just in case it ever happens.

Okay, you This is stupid cuz everyone would break in everyone. I think it was unlocked the whole time. And she just got it. She was like, Oh, sweet. Jesus

was open gonna be the same on every make and model.

Well, I mean, who would even do a car like that? I mean, with the internet out. You can just Google that and be like, Oh, I can break into all these cars. I think the key is while the car says if you lock your keys in the car while it's running. Oh, did I miss

that I was running.

Oh, maybe. Oh, shut up mark.

I could do but I still don't think it's the same idea. It's like that for every make and model. Why would it be that way?

I don't know. It just seems okay. So while it's running while it's running, though, no, it doesn't how many carjackings happen you go to frickin you lock your your lock? I guess you're right. But I mean, if you knew that that happened and you walked up let's say you're like you're you steal cars. You know this make it Mater like Oh shit, they left the car running. It's locked. I know how to unlock it. Baby. I'm sure that it probably

trips. Those those tricks. Mark says the Father has NFC chip and will unlock it when it's well. What's cool is

my wife has that. So it's it's not even that. I mean, it's a nice, it's 2016 it's four years old. But it has it's loaded. It has that feature. She has the key in her purse. She just walks up and grabs the handle and it freakin unlocks. It's

right insane. We had his NFC

Yeah, it's great. We had a car when I was at the pizza shop. We had a car. Somebody came pick up pizza at that store. You park right in front right by the front counter. Yeah, it's probably is that the 44th and Byron center? No, no playing field store. Oh, did you say that? I was not reading. Okay. But just like the 44th Byron center store. It's right there by the front counter. But the lady left her vehicle running. Walk inside to pick up a pizza. Yeah, we ran out to cover your car.

Yeah, I mean, I'm sure I'm sure it happens. I mean, so Samantha says that she can't even lock her car if the keys isn't it? Yeah. See, that's the that makes more sense to me.

Yeah, that yeah. I can't lock Yeah, my car we even when it's off if the keys are in it. Every other door will lock except the driver door so you don't lock your keys in the car. I don't know how she was able to lock it with its running. I don't know where Anyway,

I'm gonna try that with the

shit. I gotta move on. Oops, sorry. Free plug. Sorry. You're gonna try that one with the Honda?

Oh, it might work. I don't know. 15. So

yeah, it might work. It's hot down here. I just turned the heat off. It's me.

So there's no tip talk. Keep going.

Yeah, I'm gonna keep going. We'll wrap this sucker up. How long have we been podcast and

on 10 minutes,

or 10 minutes? Pretty good.

Okay, who's up first? Oh, me. Yeah. Uh, oh. I forgot our Patreon ad. Dammit. We'll do that. The end. Do that. All right. When you find out it's an apartment delivery. And it's Kanye being Kanye.

with Kanye faces. It's got so

I actually don't mind it. Like why do these people Okay, do I want to carry six cases of water from Costco up three flights of stairs? No, I would be pissed at that. But if you're making a delivery for food, it's like okay, it's some stairs. You probably need the damn exercise. Anyways, I know I need it right? It's just kind of funny when they

are fussy. I don't need to exercise.

Yes, you do. I ever heard you walk in this morning my temple

chapel for food.

Hey, no. Hey, hello. Kadam I accepted it. $2 and 45 cents order. I was dying to Holwell there because there's a comment. And the comment the note from the customer goes leave a door. Do not knock dog will bark. I will yo shit well. Good real.

Yeah, I've seen that quite a bit

$2 and 45 cents.

That's what I do though. When I ordered delivery from somewhere. It's not to some lead on the step. Yeah. Don't ring the doorbell.

Well yeah, I totally get it for sleeping kids and if they have dogs in Kids are sleeping. You rang the doorbell guess what's going to happen?

Samson stfm Jesper. Yeah. What

she told you shut up? I didn't do anything. Yeah, I don't know what she's telling you to shut up for.

Alright, so next one. In order to protest the new Uber. Uber Eats 250 base pay. I'm going to decline every offer until my acceptance rate is zero percent. Then I would delete the app. Uber is garbage.

Oh, get over yourself. Like

well go to fucking California and sorry. Go to California and vote no. Oh, she was laughing at the temple thing.

Yeah. Everybody knows it's it's interesting.

Well, guys, this has been fun. It's hotter and shit in here. I got a I don't know. I think I need to open the windows when we podcast while you're gone. But I want that gigantic buggin don't see it around this time. Well, I have a frickin screen but yeah, I need to open the windows. I just turned the heat up. I heard it kick on again. I'm like, oh my god. I'm sweating. And I'm in a T shirt tonight. Buddy Pete wear shorts. I think about

my brother. He my brother picked me up to bring me out here. And he's like, you got shorts on? I'm like, Yeah, man. It's not as balls in

it. I think you know, it's just so closed up and you know, the door close. And it's not the big bodies. It is the big bodies and we're just running our mouths for Laughing Laughing Oh, yeah. And I should probably close that vent when we're podcasting. So. Um, john was over in YouTube the whole show not commenting. Thank you.

Hi, john. rude.

No, he was a little bit. Oh shit. Hold on. We got he was the everyday is like your field trip.

It's my anniversary today gonna say Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. happy

with your wife.

Hey, it's been like, a touchy subject that I podcasts on an anniversary. Now mind you. We have a weekend scheduled in two weeks. So anyways, Jamie says I'm having a hot flash. I didn't mean to

touch on that.

Yeah, that's a touchy subject. That's a that's for threads to talk about. But speaking of money, no, I had terrible transitions tonight. If you want to know about extra gigs, when we interview tonight, why don't we interviewed last Wednesday at one we're interviewing next week. Next Wednesday. We're going that we're killing it. We're killing it. Go to gig economy. No, go to I know I still can't get it. Go to go to search the gig economy podcasts, you can join the $10 tier and you get free merch. Just talk to emerge person today. So we're getting that signed up. And you also get one extra podcast a month. You get to this month because we've missed September. And then you get behind the scenes before the show starts or dark shit and all that stuff. So and happy birthday to our good friend john volet. I don't know if I said that. Right. He is probably the Oji of the telegram group. I mean, as far as like,

a fan almost said Who cares, but I'm not gonna

Oh, wow. Oh my gosh, he received that

job. That's something he would say.

That's something he would say

he goes, thanks. Yes. Let's

see Genesis. Have a great fortnight might miss your next cast as I'm away on holiday. Yep. Well, we appreciate Janet from New Zealand.

We don't play fortnight Yeah, what's up with that? Have

a great fortnight. What does that even mean though?

fortnight is like is a term? Yeah, but

is it is it for I want to say like a fortnight it's like 40 days. Hey, Siri,

what is the Forte? My fortnight it's

fortnight. I put it up the speaker do it again. Do it again.

Try it again. Put it up to the mic so people can hear it at least.

What is a fortnight in terms of


She's an answer from I fortnight is a unit of time equal to 14 days, two weeks.

Oh shit. Two weeks and she called us. Wow.

My brother says back to it. You know what, listen, hey,

we've talked that we're not geography people. We're not tying people.

By the way. You can go on holiday.

Two weeks. Hey, you know why she go on holiday? Because she's an independent contractor. So vote Yeah.

On that note,

good night. Have a good night.

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Alright guys, welcome to the gig economy podcast. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. Tonight we have yes for remote Chris in studio. Of course Jason in studio. Yes was on a little mini quarantine as he's traveling to Denmark in the next couple of weeks. And we want to we want to keep him safe. So this studio is sponsored by Irvine's auto repair and Grand Rapids hybrid. So yeah, thank you to them for that. Hey, just a heads up if you could share this with everyone. Unfortunately, Facebook took away my ability to mass share, I used to be able to like click all the groups into this a share, share. It didn't have to do it individually. So I only did it a couple times. Maybe I was too spammy, or something like that. But uh, yeah, if you could share in any of your Facebook groups that you're in, that would be great retweeted on Twitter, and, you know, smash the like button, subscribe on YouTube, we would really, really appreciate it. So what's going on any stories? Chris, I'm gonna go to you first.
Do you have anything offhand? I
do have one. I do. Okay. Why don't you jump in first. So Grand Rapids people know the woods. Oh. So typical. Is that open again? Yeah. Over serving. Last week, Monday, as always,
on a Monday,
we could go Monday. So I go there to pick up and this girl's trashed and trying to put her in. I'm like, I'm not taking her. I'm not taking her. And then this other chicks like, well, I'll go in there. I'll go with her. I'm like, Well, how far are we gone? You know, I'm like, I don't want her puking in my car. It's only two miles. I'm like, okay, so she gets in to bring her up to what's another? There's an apartment complex with a Cuban restaurant underneath it. Oh, I don't know. I've been so long since I've been outside. Yeah, there's a grocery store. He weighs about two miles. So I brought her in there. She gets out with a gal and she can't walk. I mean, literally, she could not Whoa, it's off track. She was and she's sobbing in the back of the car and other lady's like, talking to me. I understand why you don't want to take her I'm an attorney or whatever. And I get it. Like, whatever. Well, that makes me feel better. And she says like, what can you bring me back? I'm like, I said, Well, yeah, I guess all I said I have to shut the app off or whatever. Yeah, sure. I'll pay you 20 bucks. Okay, I'm only getting 20 bucks. 20 bucks. Yeah. So she gets the gal out. She walks over to the door which I couldn't see the entrance to the apartment. So she she threw her phone in the backseat with the month the door. So
The drunk Oh no, the one that was gonna give you the 20 Yeah. Okay,
so I wouldn't leave. Yeah. Oh,
she's she's a professional. Yeah.
She's Yeah. So she gets over here and brings it down to the door. And she kind of pulls back with her purse and she's like on her crouch down and trying to look into the purse gives me the one finger like Hang on a sec. Yeah. Okay, you know, whatever. Looking through the purse. Well, next thing you know, she goes back and then she gets in a car and I said, Well, you got her inside, right? Yeah. Like you got her inside the apartment cuz I couldn't see where the girl yeah, she goes. Yeah, I left her in front of her door. I'm like, go like,
well, you got her in the main hall. Why couldn't you? I don't know. Oh, cuz I'm thinking like,
do she could have left her right outside the door.
I hope not.
The story. Oh,
good job.
So So then, you know, I'd missed a ride or canceled a ride brought her back without she gets out of the car and walk straight back into the woods. I'm like, roll down my window. I'm like, Hey, where's my 20 bucks? Right?
I got three bucks for the round trip ride. And she just kept she didn't respond. She just kept on walking. Yeah. What, uh, oh, yeah.
From Chicago.
Oh, man, that'd be so frustrating. I
was not
in those like, retribution for that either. It's not like you're probably you'll never see her again. Right?
I mean, not now, though. You're never gonna go off the app again, Chris.
Well, I know. Right? Well, normally through the phone in the back of the car. Right. So you're kind of like,
Yeah, right. Well, she's saying to you that I'm willing to commit. So this is what I'm doing.
So hey, Chris, I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I need to go back and check on the other person again.
I did not.
I wouldn't either.
Did you guys see that? There was a GVSU student who just died of hypothermia last year last week? No,
no wear out their
hip. They found her on the field.
Oh, that was okay. You wish that she was that was it was it? It was in Grand Valley. Right. So yeah, I
don't think that was hyperthermia. I think that was a murder.
Yeah. No, I'm pretty sure there must have been another one. Unless there was another one because there was a murder. Yeah,
that one? No, it wasn't that one. They deemed an accident from hypothermia.
Because about a month ago, I was driving through Grand Valley. There's a bunch of cops there. The next day. I read the article, and they
this was just a couple of weeks.
Okay. You made me nervous. yesterday. I thought you're gonna say like, downtown on Fulton. I
was like, No, no, no, no, no. Oh, that would mean and she. She's probably fine. I mean, we've all been there. waiting.
Yeah, we cannot we can all share. She's fine. Yes. We can. Thanks for their reassurance. Yeah. All right. Love you, man.
Um, so yeah, that's crazy. So our mind is definitely not near as crazy. It's not crazy. I just, anyone that does flex out there knows that sometimes it can be a little. No. It can be challenging at times. And so I went to the warehouse. anyone that knows flex gr six, so they're very disorganized. The new warehouse out near Steelcase by the chair plan out there. It's by Dean transportation. I don't know it's hard to tell. It's like behind Steelcase. There's a bunch of industrial but huge warehouse,
that the patterns are off. Uh huh.
That's Gaines Township. This one's in by Steelcase. Oh, not Steelcase wood. I know what you're talking about. This is Steelcase steel, the corporate headquarters. Oh, 44th. And Eastern, really?
Mm hmm. Okay, it's not the new one.
Nope, nope. This is this is another warehouse like the walker one. But anyways, I go there, and they're having trouble. And I get my route. And they're like, yep, it's all good. And it doesn't have any the numbers to organize it. So I'm like, okay, whatever, I can manage it. Then I get out there and realize it didn't like whoever did it and optimize the route. So it'd be like, delivery here. And this apartment. I was in Lowell. And then it would go three or four miles, and then it would bring me back to the so. Yeah, so I had to look at the map each time so like this cluster at the apartment should have been let's say 1234 it was like 613 25 so if you win order, like it said you would have been doing this the whole time. So I didn't figure it out for like 10 minutes and then after I'll Oh, it was frustrating. Yeah, that typically doesn't happen. But man when you're used to like, being organized, you get like a beard doing anything. You
get pissed when there's no efficiency to Well, yeah.
And you so used to do GPS like if that doesn't work, right? You're like, what?
So you're saying a person has to manually map over, like, optimize those out.
So I think normally I think Amazon corporate does it, they optimize it through software, I'm sure. But for whatever reason, this, this this load, the whole warehouse is like that at the time when I went and picked up, the whole place was like that Not a thing. Nothing was ready. So they're like, oh, here, let me override it. I scanned it all. Yep, you should be good to go. I kind of looked at it and like, it looks fine. And then I started going, but I think when they manually do it, they have to manually probably hit an optimized button that routes them correctly. But yeah, that was true. That dude, tell me about it. I mean, I still finished early, because I'm a champion. But I mean,
experienced experience.
But I mean, that that's exactly it. Right? The experience is what made you realize that and you were able to do it, but what if an inexperienced driver he would still be doing it
quits and then there's more for us?
Yeah. Well, I, I can see an inexperienced driver bringing the load back to the warehouse, which you could do if you wanted to, and just say I can't do it. I can't figure it out. But I mean, I would never do that. I'm like, I'm delivering these packages. I don't care if it takes me until 10 o'clock. I'm not coming back with a package. I'll throw those things on the roof before I bring them back to the warehouse. So hey, but which by the way,
you would never do? Correct.
Good call on that. Hypothetically speaking,
I would never ever throw boots on the roof.
Yep, that too. All right. Before we get into the gig economy news, I just want to say thank you to all our Patreon is key from Georgia. Janet from New Zealand, Leo from Detroit, Larry from Bowling Green Sampson from Grand Rapids, Miguel from Grand Rapids, which we haven't heard from a gal in a long time. Like I tagged him in the telegram Group A while back like, hey, just checking in. I'm good. And then it was like radio silence again. And then Ron g from San Francisco. We appreciate y'all supporting us. Also, if you want some gig economy podcasts murcian go to red bubble comm slash the gig economy. I think just go to red bubble COMM And click just search for gig economy podcast,
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What was that again?
They can click on the merge button from the website.
Yeah, what's the what's the address?
I don't know. What is it?
Stupid hyphen or whatever you call it scares me up every time.
Jackie cow economy gig economy
gig economy hyphen
I There you go. Yeah, yeah.
The link, the link is in the show notes. So are in the rundown. We have linked if you click that gives you everything the website, the download your Patreon all that.
And obviously another great way of getting rich is to become a Patreon.
Yes, yes. You get free. We haven't had a Patreon in a while. We need to get one so we can send out some.
I think so. Hey, Larry's he knows the woods. Yeah, there you go. Good. Yeah. Yeah,
he knows what it's like everyone in our group knows the woods. And the Bob. Yeah, those two things. The speaking
of that, yeah, speaking of
speaking of Bob What?
No, nothing keep going.
When you use that phrase. That means you want to speak about it. Come on.
Yeah, but then I want to know, but I was gonna say somebody stopped myself. So I'm not doing so just keep going.
Alright. Oops. There we go. Irvine's auto repair and oh, man that looks horrible. Grand Rapids hybrid studio sponsor, us. You can get your car fixed with them, we would appreciate if you do their number is 532 6600. Irvine's dot com average rating of 4.7 out of 276 reviews, although I need to update that because this has been on here for like three months. So I'm sure it's much better or more, more on there. But Yep, you can schedule online. Everything's done kind of remote ish. You don't have to meet anyone even though during COVID everything sanitized. You can get oil changes. The one great thing about oil changes if you go there. They check over all the other stuff too. So which can be good and bad because then they can say hey, by the way, you need all this fix. And then you can decline it or accept it and they'll do it right then so please support the sponsors that really helps feel us their numbers 532 6600 or Irvine's dot com. All right, so I forgot I need to get my software up here. Talks amongst yourselves.
I just noticed that john and Aaron is gonna be in the parking lot.
Okay, so there's a joke behind that. Do you know the joke? I know you've been kind of
a joke. Hey, boy. I don't know the joke.
You don't know the joke.
Is it the follows on?
It's the father son thing and I told them I said you guys cannot come on together. It'll be chaos. Because chances are Aaron will probably come here in studio john will be in North Carolina. It'll be just a shit show. Oh, no. Ha.
I thought Aaron was up. No,
I mean Big Rapids. It's an hour away.
Oh, I see. I thought he was
x rated show.
Yeah, we already market explicit. Is there a double extra explicit? So yes, they john is gonna be on sometime in March. I think sweet Larry is going to be on the lat February. I don't know. The only
way we can get him on the same show is if john axes drive to Ghana, then it's okay.
Yes. You? You got it. If john drives to Grand Rapids, you both can be on the show at the same time.
There you go. Joe.
It's been recorded. It's on record. I
put them up in a hotel.
Oh, look at that. Oh, you can drink whiskey. Chris brought some great whiskey. There we go. Right there. Nice glasses. It's a little strong. So we'll see how the rest of the show goes. Certain of watered down a little bit. Yeah, those little bite yet first. All right. First up on the agenda is that okay, so everyone has to do the COVID check with the mask right? And sometimes it works sometimes. I don't know. There's no rhyme or reason behind it. You had experience with that too? What do you mean? Like when you have to sign on? You have to put the mask on. Alright. Do the verification. Yeah, well, this is what this This video is about. I don't think there's only Volume One I don't like is every stop you have they have this COVID thing that pops up. So get kind of gets in the way of Oh, see. I haven't taken passengers so so it's when when passengers that says have you sanitized? Oh, it's remember your COVID precaution? protocol.
Yeah. Okay, though, for the writer. Oh, I don't need to see this every frickin time. Yeah. Can we just skits in a way of trying to do something? Yeah,
I think you should be able to check it like at the beginning of the day, like you always do it and be like, I'm gonna do this. Yeah. I mean, they think we're stupid or something. But here's the video. See ya. Yeah, I'm sure totally. Yeah.
I should make this bigger.
Thanks for verifying.
It goes a little longer. didn't check the bottom two boxes. Well, he
does. He does. He's proving watch. He actually goes online to show that they actually did it because I think people were thinking that maybe that they didn't. Yeah, there's a little sound. I don't know where he is New York. Is that Manhattan? Alright, I got to play. I want to play it one more time. So I'm gonna go to Maine. Alright, so he's taking a photo of himself. He's wearing for people that are listening the podcast, which most people do, he's wearing a ski mask with a cutout for the mouth and the eyes. His nose is covered though. Yeah,
I mean,
See, this is why like, this is why it makes you think like, do you really trust Uber's? Yeah. system. I mean, how is it even approving that? I mean,
it's scary saw the mass thing I post? Which one? The dancers at New Year's Eve.
I don't remember that. I'm so in and out of that group when I'm not working.
So there's two dancers New Year's Eve night. Time Square, right? on national TV. Somebody caught a picture of them live and it's freezing cold out when they're dancing. Literally, you can see the air going through the mask. Oh, really? That's fun. man like you see it going through you see the air coming up out the side. So it's like well, what good are these things?
Oh, they were they work you need to wear two of them. Remember? Dr. Fauci said to format six. Yeah. All right. Yes, Bree, you're up.
I am up. Hey, Chris,
can you try not to put your nose right on the microphone because I'm hearing you go. Like maybe I don't know. No, that doesn't work either. Just put it up like to your mouth
right here.
Cuz you're like
yeah, Chris. Just don't breathe at all. So yeah, hold
your breath.
This article is from motherboard. And it's about instacart will lay off all of its unionized workers and it sounds very impressive right there. Right. But the story is actually about instacart fighting whooping whopping 10 employees who voted to form the first and only Union and the on negotiate platform as a Mariano's grocery store in Skokie.
Isn't it? 1000
No, no 10 employees.
Oh, I thought it was like 1000
No. Oh,
but they're just all the 10 employees that voted for the first and only union.
Yes. Okay, it's a Mariano's grocery store in Skokie, Illinois, inspired other instacart employees to organize their co workers at grocery stores around the country. So but this this particular article here is about those now it does goes on to talk about that, according to the UFC w instacart is firing nearly two of its 10,000 grocery store workers as part of these layoffs and offering as little as $250 as severance, but the actual the actual article itself talks about local 1546 in Skokie with the with 10 layoffs. So that's kind of interesting, but it's like,
it's more of a just to get the union people out. That's really what I think I did, which is kind of shady.
Exactly. So they do go on to that. And and I say the decision to terminate the employees were unionized with the United Food and Commercial is part of a larger series of layoffs that instacart announced on Tuesday, the news was buried in a blog post and the layoffs impacts into the instacart in store shoppers, so. So basically, even though instacart and a lot of these shopping services is doing really, really well. They're still doing, you know, a series of layoffs and so forth, which is interesting. Why I wonder why they're doing that. Why?
I think it's just because of the Union part. They're just they're sending a statement by saying, Hey, we don't want you to unionize. Here's what we're doing. Yeah, you know, in a roundabout way,
right. I mean, it's the same thing as as with the whole thing in California and Uber, you know, right ride hailing services and, and all that stuff over there. Yeah. Yeah. So it also says that, which I didn't know. Maybe it's because I'm disconnected right now. But instacart is preparing for an IPO. Oh, 2021. So Wow. estimated to be valued at $30 billion.
I don't even know how that is 30 be like, I can see like 150 million, but $30 billion.
Well, we all saw the other day. How GameStop all of a sudden Oh, gosh, groups are crazy amount like overnight. Yeah,
that's worth 95 bucks a share now.
Yes, yeah. So but it's not cool, though. I mean, I yeah.
Stepping into those. Those one percenters? Right. Do you feel like this is a total digression? While I loved what redditors do, why does Why does everyone think that like the wall street like those people that are doing that are dirty? Like why don't why is everyone they just jealous. They're rich.
So So what they normally if you'd really look about look at it, what they're doing. The whole the principle behind short selling is is really you know, it's wrong. Right? How Why can you sell something you don't own?
That is weird. It's illegal by the by the law though, right?
It's a legal thing to do. Sure. But it's I mean, Elan musk to tweet it out and you know it says that you know, you can't go over to a to a car lot and sell them a car you don't own this car. I'm gonna go over to the other lab and borrow it from him Hang
on one second.
Yeah, that's true. And then though then the whole Robin Hood thing where they wouldn't let you purchase that pissed me off
and and so what they're doing now I don't know if you've seen that they actually leaving Robin Hood Robin Hood and because of that lots and lots and lots of people who are using that is jumping ship the ash and two other ones Yeah,
I was talking about that last night if if if stash had done that and wouldn't allow me to purchase it I would pull all my money out. Oh sure. And go somewhere else all my money I have 15 $100 in there but
there's no there's no reason why Robin Hood did that.
Because yes, Robert told me to buy 10
Yeah, he actually owns a little bit more Tesla I owned point seven five like set like what am I what am I trying to say?
You almost have a stock
I almost have a share one share.
Had to dos dos de la Doge
you have to dos I did. Oh, is
that the Bitcoin thing? My $100 went to 1800 it did it Really?
Did you cash out? It is oh smart man. gotta know when to cash out.
I'm like sitting there on Thursday night. I'm like What in the world is going on? And you will like sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell. Like I kind of waited a little bit and then so then I waited overnight and then the next morning I'm like, you know what? It's gonna go back and I got out of it and then I got I took a grand out and then I'm like okay, I'm gonna get another 1800 out so I pulled that out and then I put it into theory. The theory is gone up so really what's that? That's another Bitcoin
oh it's another Bitcoin I'm so out of the loop with Bitcoin I don't know anything about it the only reason I know when you brought it up is because I've seen it on Reddit I'm like 100 bucks I'll put 100 so I don't know how I heard about those. It was
like I put 100 bucks in it I got 42,000 coins It's so weird like it went from I think I got it for like point 002 and it went up to point eight Okay,
that's just weird that that there's nothing there it's just someone's valuing it for whatever reason, like there's no well didn't Elan musk create that.
I don't quite know who created that but the same thing that happened with Tesla right i mean it's why is they have value so high
well Tesla at least has a product
Well yeah. And it's great but they can't produce them fast enough.
Oh my point is is like when when you buy stocks you're investing in a company like Monster Energy they're they're delivering a product what is the Bitcoin doing? It's just like this fantasy made up thing?
Well, no, it's not. So Bitcoin is way out of my lane. Bit Bitcoin is they produces keys for the encryption that's what it does. And so but
then with Bitcoin there's only so many keys that are available.
Right? And so what happens is they have to be mined they have to make more so that's why the mind can actually mined
the energy to do so.
Why exactly and so a lot of people using series of graphic adapters because the graphics adapters have stronger CPUs than normal computers to mine him with and yes this is all getting way out of hand.
I mean, I know about so like in low low energy costs areas they learn a lot all these miners out there, right, right, right, Utah. Not a lot to learn.
I have a I have a little bit of Bitcoin, but I'm not making any money on it. My my focus is on stash.
I got in early enough on Tesla's I made a fair amount of money on that one, but yeah,
yeah, well, anyway,
you better take over our Uber jobs. Anyway,
everyone was talking at the same time. What was that?
Tesla's gonna take over Uber cabs.
Ah, that's way down the road.
That's way down the road than way mo Well, we
talked about when we talked to our last episode, you guys should really check that out. It's called lapses is a new movie that's coming out as well. And we interviewed the director and he talked a lot about how the automation is so far away still, because people are still dying. You know, they're not. They gotta go like six months without someone getting smoked before they're gonna release it to the public.
Don't you think? Oh, wait,
look at some of the drivers you get on a road. True.
True. True.
How many times you squared A
swear? Oh, I mean,
Pull it off in front of me like
a lot of mF ORS. Yeah.
It'll be it'll be 10 years before it's common does know does?
It's tied into what 5g right. What is the speed of the data? Oh, yeah,
it's supposed to be pretty neat. Okay, we gotta move on. We got we got people commenting on our show about bitcoins which I appreciate not sure how he even found this freakin show.
No, I was just gonna be I'm gonna common it's and fit and finish this discussion we can move on to the next one. But if you go back to the whole lapses thing, that is also has something to do not necessarily Bitcoin, but it's all about that whole high. Why do they call him quantum quantum computing and and and economy? So if you guys have anything in that, you should look at that. watch that movie. It's really good.
Yeah, I mean, just another plug for them. If you're a gig worker, you'll feel the pain of this the star of the movie like the frustrating part of like, just around the gig where the company kind of FCU and like talks about how amazing you are and how we appreciate you but on the back end, they're like a few creating robots to like basically beat you at your game. Right? So yeah, it's good.
I talked about the algorithms all the time. It's
Yeah, it's a if you go to was it lapses, just search lapses and you can download it on any iTunes video on demand? Well, it would be
automated The
12th Yep, the 12th February, February. All right, man, I got so distracted. I didn't even know what we were doing here. So yeah, we're going to talk a little bit about this murder of a stabbing death of an Uber Eats driver. Who, who was the mother of three, which is just sad. And the suspects were 14 year old boys. And they've been charged with capital murder and a random stabbing death of Ryan, Lindsey Graham, a 31 year old mother of three who was killed while working your side gig as an Uber Eats driver. It's just it's just gross. How do 214 year old boys get wrapped up in something like that? And to be and to be totally random to?
I mean, it's just like those kids that did the Walmart. stabbing.
Yeah, that that girl she was really it was just one live live fed it. Oh, really? Was that an Uber thing? Or was that a rideshare? thing? Oh, man, but stupid.
Yeah, you know,
just just be safe out there. Like when you're out driving? Like,
just you wonder if she had a camera?
I don't know. I don't know. I don't want to see that. But Oh, I
know. But if that would have hindered somebody doing something that they know that Yeah, you know, it
didn't know cuz you were talking about that. last show, Chris. That was that was a gig worker that had the whole his murder was recorded on the dashcam.
Yeah, it doesn't prevent it. Yeah. We talked about last show, didn't we? Yes.
Yep. Yep, there was a he picked up a flex driver, at least as soon as though he picked up somebody who worked at an Amazon facility picked him up at an Amazon facility, a 19 year old kid and he pulled a knife a knife on him and yeah, tried to cut it, cut his throat and forced them out of the car. And yeah, backed back over, drove into him and begged over him several times.
I just want to clarify it was not a flex driver. It was an Amazon employee. Sorry.
Yes, yes.
No flex driver would ever do that. We are independent contractors, and we're all angels. And we never deliver packages. We never ever jokes. All right, yes, bro, you're up.
So I'm going to be talking about minimum wage. So basically, it's just talking about a new study that find that Ooh, Chicago, particularly Chicago, Uber and Lyft. Drivers are paid way below minimum wage. So this is using numbers from 19 to 2019 and 2020. And basically the same that rate heart rate. Right here, I'm used to calling them rideshare drivers, but for some reason this article is referring to them as ride hailing ride hail.
I mean, I can go for that.
Yeah, I guess so. I'm gonna say so. Hmm,
sorry, I'm gonna change it. Chris, you when you present yourself, you need to say you're a ride hailing driver.
So basically saying that ride hailing drivers brought in less money than the statewide minimum wage after expenses and taxes. And of course, it's a discussion we've been through many times, right, but, but here's how it's going here that the interior found that Uber and Lyft drivers and cargo paid way below the minimum wage in 2019. They say that the treatment by the transportation network provider, which you know, in this case is Uber or Lyft. Drivers as independent contractors suppresses their earnings shiftings income from workers to the executives and shareholders of the company.
Well, yeah, of course.
Yeah. So so basically the same head that drivers for Uber and Lyft and via may make between 19 and $23 an hour, I think we as a service just for Chicago, right. 19 $20 an hour in gross earnings. But the study found this does not account for significant expenses and taxes. And in 2019, the minimum wage for $13 an hour once you encounter those things, but the average driver earned $12.30 an hour. According to the study. In 2020, the minimum wage was $14 an hour but drivers only earned $13 and $62. Now, do you think that's correct,
though? Do you think that they earned I think
so. I don't know if you remember this or not. But I took about two years ago, I think I did. I did a ride to Chicago I based on that. I did. I did a big study where I kind of worked constant numbers and a big part of that. number crunching is the depreciation on the vehicle.
Yeah, but that's such a subjective thing. Like Chris, I know that you're driving it exactly right. I mean, that thing's probably it seems like it's been a good car for you. Yeah, I've heard you complain about it. Just doing your regular maintenance. Yeah, I mean, and the M pesa. And Volkswagens don't depreciate near as much as like a Chevy or Ford
but My guess is that those articles and those numbers are taking depreciation into the consideration as well. And using using the national wide, like average. Yeah, net nice the nationwide ways of of average ways of calculating the depreciation, depreciation of the vehicle as well. Yeah. And and it's just you just never know, right? Yeah, I mean, I still remember from. So this is obviously in Grand Rapids. But if I would have made 13 to $14 an hour, there's no way I would have done well, but I mean,
like, if you do it, if you're making $30 an hour, what do you estimate your expenses are? Like for that hour? eight bucks.
Oh, at most, at most, yeah. Yeah. Because I wanted the biggest reasons why I always drove and again, I mean, it's because for me, all the mileage was a huge.
Yeah, 55 cents a mile average. Right. But it's a write off
of my regular taxes. That's Yeah, right. For my day job. So there was a huge benefit to drive.
Yeah, I rarely pay taxes on my gig work. Yeah, I know, once you write off the $55 or $55 a mile God, can you imagine $55 a mile. I mean, once you write the 55 cents off,
I mean, it's other than the depreciation. I'm like, I'm doing like 30 40,000 mile. Are you? Yeah. A year? Yeah.
I mean, how much of that is personal? Six months.
driving your day job to Chris right.
Yeah, yeah. Cuz my day job I do sales for the five state region. So.
Okay, so your that's some of it.
I'll drive to Indianapolis and back and, you know, like 1200 miles,
okay. Yeah, but I mean, when when you talk about depreciation, so like, I look at my car, I'm gonna ride that sucker to the rims. Yeah. So the depreciation doesn't mean jack to me. Like if I was going to sell it. Of course the depreciation would be huge. Irvine's is checking in. Thank you guys so much. Yes. Go to Irvine's if you need any of your repairs. Except Volkswagen. Chris. They do not work on Volkswagen and need some help.
Yeah, I mean, do you have to go to the dealer? gone to the dealer Bo, they've been? I've not been happy with them.
Yeah, that's the frustrating part. Apparently, they're super complicated to work on. But if you need the work. Oh, yeah. So rebates are doubled right now. So if you did have service with Irvine's in 2020. The year of hell, you can get those doubled. So I definitely need to.
So what does that mean? I'm just asking because oh, yeah,
so I'm gonna get the numbers wrong. And I'm sure I'm not sure who was on if it's Megan or Jamie. But basically, every penny you spend, I think they give you 1% back in a rebate. So yeah, so you get an A, you get a $50 check or whatever, whatever you spend, and then they're doubling it. So $100 off, so
but is that? Is that cash in your pocket? Or is that again to this towards future repair? Yeah, yeah. Which makes nice Oh, yeah.
Yeah, for sure. So if you do have a rebate out there, I know Samantha does. If you need some work done, get that done. Oh, it's 2%. Okay, I'm a dummy. What's
that? That's the double right. So the double to two was all
okay. Yeah. All right. Sorry. So normally 1% like, she likes
I always found it funny too, cuz I got turned on to Irvine's from Zane show. And when he first started, they first started sponsors Zane shows some of the ads. I was like, I know that's not correct. You better stop talking. Stop.
Jason is right.
Oh, so it is 2% Normally, the comments are gonna be 50 $50
to $100 that's what I liked. I think
for this month, if you earn 50 you get 100 we're waiting for confirmation. Because it's like 15 seconds. Fine.
We just want to get it right. We just want to get it right. But no matter what, guys, you have to use lines because they are awesome. Yes. Oh, yes.
I love the technology that they implore like I don't like they take pictures of everything and send it to you. And then you you're like, Okay, it's accept or decline and a lot of I feel guilty declining them because I probably should get them done. But when I'm already spending like $500 another repair I don't want to drop in over two or three 2% normally, okay, so I was wrong. It's 2%
but you can double it. But right now it's a 4% Why?
I love Megan. I miss her. I just texted me the other day and said hey, I have not heard from you in a while. What's up with life so I can't wait till COVID we can COVID done and we can open up a little bit. I'd love to get an event at Irvine's. I think that would be super Fun. So
that would be a lot of fun. Oh, all right. What
are we on here? Oh, I'm up. So let me get to my slide, please. Uber is buying an alcohol delivery service. And thank you for Chris for showing that for called drizly for 1.1 billion. They say they're broke. And they have earnings report and they didn't make any money. But they can buy shit for $1.1 billion.
So what are we doing here? And they just do it in the stock? It's not a question I thought it was.
Let me check here. I'm the one that has this article. So I should have I didn't read it. Sort of. Oh in stock and cash. So the Yule drizzly is a market drizzly what a name? drizzle is, it sounds, it sounds like the word moist marketplace will be integrated with the Uber Eats app. So the company will keep the standalone app, but it will be in the Uber Eats app. I don't know why there's not more alcohol delivery. I mean, if I was getting shit faced at home, and I needed more booze, and of course, how many people do you take? Well,
you're not driving, but how many people go to the party store and go back? A lot. Yeah. And you're ready trashed in the car. Yeah. But if you delivered is needed, like I picked up a truck driver last night, pick them up at you know, buy his truck from to the party store gas station, you got a case of beer, and he went back, but he didn't have a round trip. So I had to help them figure out how to do a round trip on it.
Are you pretty strict on that? Not just driving back? You know what I mean? Because it used to be like, you'd be like, Oh, it's fine. I'll just turn around and then go back. Just keep the meter running.
I do either.
Cuz it can get weird, right? Yeah. And they're like, why did he drive? Why did he drive back to the house? Although you could say hey, you see where he lives. We literally went to the store and back right? But this this kind of goes along with the same thing that go puff that was supposed to launch this spring? Or sorry, last spring, where they would deliver like Monster Energy. sex toys, you could get straight up to get sex toys in ky
the convenience store.
Yeah, it was like a convenience store like but and you paid for like $5 a month for the delivery fee and then and the prices were not bad. I mean, they're a little elevated. Maybe like 1% but I mean, I would so do that. I'm so lazy. Like I would love to get ice Ben and Jerry's delivered to me. People do that on Uber Eats Well, that's ridiculously expensive. I
don't know. I I've done it. I can't tell you how many times I've done it.
I've done it too. I've
I'm like you will go into some comedians starter like yeah, it's cooler. I pull out a bag. You go delivered. Ben and Jerry's two containers are so
stupid. I delivered biggby Coffee other day. It was a mile half delivery. I ordered it a coffee and a bagel. I made $15. So so he probably paid like 25 bucks.
Maybe because maybe the they're eating it. I don't know. I haven't figured some of that stuff out. Because like, I've done a Starbucks run from East Grand Rapids all the way to 60 68th and Kalamazoo
from East Yeah, a big be run. No Starbucks. Sorry.
It was like one glass. One. One coffee, one coffee.
And how much did you make on it?
I don't know, like 12 bucks or something? Yeah. What is the customer paying? Well, I don't think they're paying. I think the deal is with Starbucks between Uber and Starbucks. They're like, we will do this for you. We will eat the cost whatever happens. Because we want this business. Yeah. I don't know. He's like doing the card right for the restaurant. Yeah. So they're not making any money on that. They're trying to get that restaurants business for later on. And it's part of their advertising the car
thing I totally agree. They're trying to get they're trying to like, hey, look at the stats.
Yeah, exactly. The data. So like this. I don't know if you've gotten a thing for this week from Uber. We're doing a huge push. Yeah, I got a text on eat. So we want you to drive. Yeah, like I'm not driving.
Yeah, I know. I saw that text too. And I'm like, I'm not doing anything. I'm not doing anything different than what I'm doing. You're not paying me any money. Yeah, they're just saying like it could be busier because we're like doing something could be busier. Famously, I'll tip you in the app is the same. The same line. It's
like, like, I got a text this week is like, Oh, you made $200 less than the week before. I'm like, yeah, you guys are screwing me over because you reduce the bonus aspect. Well,
you've heard john talk about like, oh, take two rides or two deliveries get 15 bucks. I'm like,
and we talked to a guy that last night. Oh, did you know 10 o'clock at night it was 18 bucks. And you have to start in a particular area which is like from Burton, Breton, Burton, Breton, Breton, and Eastern out to wherever. And yeah, you got to be in the zone for your first pickup. And once you get that first pickup, then you got to do the second one. And then you get that $18. Yeah, so I did it. Well, I got into the pickup last night. And I thought, I'm like, how come that? I'm not in the zone? Yeah. Well, I look back at the promotions. And somehow they changed it to 11 o'clock. And I'm like, Okay, I'm pissed now, because I just drove from my house in hudsonville all the way just to get get in the zone to make 18 bucks, because I figured if I did two rides, I'd probably at least make eight bucks or rides at 16. On top of the 80. Yeah, for an hour. I'll I'll make 30 some bucks. Yeah, that's 34 Yeah. 30 some. Keep going. So I got in there. I did you know, and then all of a sudden, it popped back on. I'm like, the frickin listening to me. mean, so, so all of a sudden things on and I got, I got a request. And I made like, five bucks on the first one and two bucks on the second one. So I made seven bucks for a plus the 18. Yeah, I made 25 bucks. Not the 30. Some you wanted? Well, that just totally depends on it. Right? That's true. Yes. What I have had is, I've done two and then gotten a third one, which gave me another double 18 Okay. So then I'm like,
so this is on Uber. Yeah. Why am I Why am I not getting because I'm not doing rides? Maybe it is the right thing. Or I feel like john John's was a ride or food delivery. It didn't matter. Well, then
I have the thing. Like if I do 20 rides between Monday and Friday morning, yeah. Sometimes they'll pay me 40 bucks. Okay, sometimes beyond that's worth it, right? Yeah. But this week was like 10 bucks or 20 rides. I'm like, yeah, you guys wonder why I'm not making my $200 so
well, Chris looks that up. We interviewed a guy. And that's gonna come out. Not this Monday. But next Monday is same. Mike delivers podcast if you want to check that out. It was really good. And he talked about the incredible bonuses that he lives.
Oh, yeah.
1550 for two trips. Yeah. That's not bad. Yeah. But again, I wonder if that's Uber Eats or so? 10 o'clock, right? Yeah, no, it's
not it's it's false. It either eats or
why am I not getting those?
Anyways, uh, you know, you do flexes and keep going.
Cuz he, yeah, they hear what else you're doing? Yeah. That guy. He's like, that
guy has too many baskets. He ain't got no,
no, no, that guy has a an acceptance rate of 6% we're not going to send that to him. But yeah, right. But um, yeah, so check it out. Mike's delivers podcast. That'll be out in a couple weeks, but, and I'm gonna be on his show this.
Yeah. 1515 tonight, so get me out by 10 by 10. Oh, you
got 12 minutes. I
don't know where it's between 10 and 11. If I do two more rides, I'll make my 10 bucks extra two. So that actually would be at 25.
Yeah, I'm not getting any of those. That's bullshit. Like, I need to get some bonuses. I mean, I actually keep Uber on all the time. I just don't have rides on right. So maybe that's why who gets a doggy pickup. The doggy pickup? I don't have that either. Do you have that option? I do. I don't have that option. Oh, maybe it's on there. I don't even look at rides. Turn
it on.
But anyways, so back to what you're talking about. Ubers buying alcohol delivery. Before we continue I want to say that Gopal is going to really hurt Uber's business because the liquor store runs well, this is probably why they're doing it but even convenience or runs or anything like that, like the $25 that it was gonna cost me to get Ben in two pints of Ben and Jerry's on Uber Eats or grubhub or whatever. That is gonna go away when go puff comes to the area. So just throwing that out there. What do you give them the strange look for
Larry delivered to doughnuts at 1am
Yeah, yeah, I mean, he said stoners
was probably because his two stoners who want to do us
Sure. I'm gonna go back to via Yes, we're talking about it earlier. They actually are in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, London, Amsterdam Berlin and Milton ki ki ons. I don't know. Just if anyone cared. I had that up but I didn't want to not say it. So. Let's see.
who's who's next. That's
me vs birth. Thank you for so this is I love these. I've seen so many of these. So this is kind of a difficult pp. What do you get a drink? Oh, boy. You can't be going out doing rides after a second glass of whiskey. Alright, just a little splash. Anyways, this is a text from grubhub Tell me why. Okay, and I have some feedback on this. So this is the customer. Tell me why when both the restaurant and I are on one street you go across the city. driver? What time were you promised your order? driver? 230? What time did you get it driver? 232? I asked a question. Driver or sorry, I asked a question that was the customer driver. Thanks for the dollar five buddy, have a good day. Customer Go fuck yourself. So little miscommunication there. And so what I want to explain is sometimes where we all are running multiple apps, and sometimes I have to deliver my grubhub or, or my Uber Eats or my doordash before I get to your order, I try to be as efficient as possible. And this is why you have to have a hot bag. Because if you have multiple orders, you want to keep your customers food hot. But I have had somebody text me I've had one time kind of the same conversation like, Where are you going? You're going the wrong way. And I had to go like two miles to deliver one. And then the other one. I base it on who tipped the best?
Whoa, how do you laugh? But there's nothing I know. I think that's valid.
Cuz like Uber Eats, you don't know until you kind of know. Now they do. You
know, you kind of know like, if you get a $10 one, you can kind of guesstimate how much they've tipped. What were you saying? Yes.
No, it's just gonna it's kind of valid. You laugh, but it's a valid reason. And I think that it proves that that you really should be tipping. Yeah, instead of what you should be tipping. Yes. And and what it's worth is like,
I keep saying that if I got at least $1 from every ride, I'd be happy.
Yeah, I mean, and you do 20 rides and extra 20 bucks a day, if you did if you worked every day. I mean, that's that adds up.
Yeah, just $1 But well, then the weirdest thing is like, so Uber Eats people tend to tip or Yeah, doordash or whatever. So why are they tipping for food? What's the difference between picking you up?
I've talked about this 100 times. It's it's bizarre. It's just the culture of always dipping for food. Exactly. That's
exactly what it is. The culture is that you tip your delivery driver.
I feel like we should have some sort of retribution. But anyways, hey, if you're listening out there, and you're not a gig worker, if you don't tip and I get a $3 order from doordash I'm declining that thing so fast, it's gonna make your head spin. So if you want your food delivered hot and fast, a couple bucks, y'all I'm we're not asking for a $10 tip. Like two three bucks just to cover our expenses.
Going back to that post, I think I mean, the delivery driver had a valid point, right? Your food is supposed to be there. 230 you had your food at 230 to
two minutes late.
Yeah, you're fine. it this is this is Yeah, Pete we have to treat this as a job. We have to do it most efficiently. And you know, and most effectively, so we can get the most money out of it. It just is See, I am
sorry. I swear I apologize. Go ahead. I thought you were
I was just gonna say I had I had that happen once to me back in a year and a half ago, diving. And it's one of those things were you know, it was so big. It was a busy night. And my my next fare was queued up. Immediately after he got added to my queue. He called me and I had people in my car, right. And I picked it up. And I have I have you know, it's all on Oh, my speaker system. So I picked up and you know,
it was on your Bluetooth and you had customers in the car?
Yeah. I wouldn't be that guy going.
Hey, mother, effer. Anyway, I
pick him up, you know, I just I do so anyways. So he goes, why are you driving away from me? Because I have people in my car. Well, I will just come pick you up,
I will let you know I I've experienced the other side of that I've ordered on Uber Eats and it does say Hey, your drivers doing another order. The problem is, if you're on Uber and you're doing a grubhub order, they don't get that message. They don't know what you're doing. But I kind of relate back to like even the company I work for I work for a small company at six of us. every customer feels like they're the only one and that's just in your business. I'm sure that's it like their problem. They're frustrated. They don't care about your if you're being efficient. They don't care if you're trying to maximize your dollars. They want their whatever their is right this second, it doesn't matter. They don't realize we have 2000 customers and you're not the only one. While we try to make you feel special. You're not the only one.
My point is as long as we are doing what we say we're going to do.
If you show up 20 minutes late shouldn't be
a problem. Yeah,
you show up 20 minutes late. That's a problem. That's right.
But it that didn't happen. So no, in this case here the person ordered it was in the wrong The problem
was he got to see where the guy was going.
Well that's the thing you can and I often most people don't pay attention to that because I think I'd get more text. That's said Hey, where are you going? I see you get cuz you click I got your food right so they think you're coming all sudden you know Ivan rest and you're going out to freakin Genesis like the orders I've heard and I've addressed you like bro Where are you going like but yeah I've only had at one time most people I don't think pay attention so they don't all right oil Luber
you guys are you doing this? I'm jumpstarter fuel delivery I'm not changing oil I don't want to carry around tools in my car but
are you making? Have
you done any I haven't done any yet. This is why they're advertising on the show. So this is for customers and or gig workers, but oil if you need a jumpstart, if you run out of fuel, or if you need your oil change, they'll come to your house, change your oil right in your driveway, make sure it's clean. Everything's good. You don't even have to talk to the tech or anything. Did you have a question? Okay, you acted like you did? I'd love to answer it if you did have one. But yeah, I'm signing up for jumpstarts and fuel delivery. If you need a jumpstart, it's 30 bucks,
like, anytime, anytime. So like, two in the morning. And you get a call and you're like 30 bucks.
Well, the customer pays $30 I think the I don't know how much the tech gets paid. Well,
basically what I'm getting out of bed at two in the morning,
of course, I'm not either I'm only doing it when I'm online. Like if I have to take it. You don't have to take it. Oh yeah, it's not like you're you just it sends a text out and says, Hey, anyone wants this in the area. And then somebody grabs it and goes, does it so? So yeah, oil to sign up as a customer or a technician. They need new texts, and they need customers. I want to jump somebody's car. That sounds weird. But I really want to and next week highs of like 10 for like the first four days. So you're gonna have some dead batteries, y'all call oil Uber or requested don't call? I don't know. Anyways, I got passionate about that. So yeah, I'm really I'm really hoping they're slowly growing. And I'm loving it. And I'm hoping that they sign up for another three months. So if you're out there, and you sign up, say you signed up from the gig economy podcast, that would be great. Anyways,
yes, for you are up. Absolutely. Are you gonna put the picture up?
I'm working on it.
It's a standard joke, right? It's the How are the roads? No.
This is not that. That's a joke. This is actually legit from this gentleman.
Well, yeah. Okay. So is it busy today? he posts? And because and Kevin has no day homes?
I don't use August. They're up there. Yes, sir. I at least I block out the guy that posted it because we're probably going to assign him a little bit, Ben. So
Christopher goes, Come on, tell us where to get go get the rights, how the roads are. And while you're at it, can you give me the support number and how's your file my tax
that's so true. And then goes
on for the cost of $0.
So the reason we're bringing this up y'all is like I totally get you're looking like how's the business out there I get it. And that while that was generally a kind of a okay thing to say like he was just generally asking, but you do see a lot of posts online. We're like, Hey, where's the hotspots? What do I do with this? It's like, we're here to help you guys. We're an infotainment podcast where we give you infotainment, we're giving you information. And we also, you know, do dick jokes. You know what I mean? So like, we're trying to have fun, although we've never done a dick joke, but my point is, is like nobody's
coming on. Ah,
that's a throwback like only like 10 people know about that. I love that. You brought that up. Yeah, if you join your Teller, if you join the telegram group, which is the link is in the chat, you can find out about gummy dicks.
anyways, I digress. You know, people aren't going to tell you their tips of like, where their hotspots is, and I would never expect anyone to know if you want to pay me like how Ben says like, Hey, you pay me. I mean, I know. He's literally not saying to pay me. But I mean, bullet point is like, we're not gonna give all this information out because we're all kind of competitors. Even Chris sitting across the table. I tell him to stay out of Grandville. I'm like, Listen, bro, this is my hood. Even though he lives in hudsonville. We like live near each other. I'm like, Hey, this is my HUD like, do not take my orders away. It's just common, common sense. Go ahead, Jasper.
I was just gonna say I think what goes hand in hand with that information is also that what works for you may not work for me. 100% you have to go out there and that's what gaikwad is all about. Yes, there's things that that works for some and then there's this. There's ways of doing it. But you have to make it your own.
Yeah. It's like me going out at 10 o'clock. Last night to try to get an $18 to ride. Bonus.
I'm still trying to figure you out Chris, you work a daytime job and you're out at like 10pm at night like,
I'm like, john,
what do you sleep like two hours a day?
I need eight. Oh, I mean man alive like not a morning person at all. Are you? Are you grumpy in the morning? Don't even talk to me till 10 Oh, I have such a morning person. Like don't even turn the lights on until nine. My wife's the same way she I have a red light in my bathroom. I joke about this. So I bought this red light. Okay, because like on a submarine if the submariners when they come up out of the water and yeah, when they have red lights, they actually can see better at night. Oh, interesting by the red light for my bathroom and I have a separate switch for it. And it turns red light on and it doesn't hurt my eyeballs.
That's hilarious.
I love it.
That's so fun wife. She's
like, whoo. Now she likes it. Really?
It is weird though. When you go to the bathroom. If you turn the light on at three in the morning. It's like, shoot you in the face. Like it's so fun to read. Like Megan is a she's a nine o'clock riser to her natural rise time is 9am like on the weekend. I'm good.
Like staying up late. Well see, I look at you cuz you like stay up late. Not really. But you know, you'll be out two to three in the morning.
I mean, back in the day. I know.
But still and then you'd be up.
Yeah, because my kids woke me up. You got older kids?
Yeah. I got two new grandbabies.
Oh my gosh, your grandpa
So anyways, to wrap this point. Yeah, to wrap this point up. It's okay to ask kind of how business is but no one's gonna give you tips. No one's gonna tell you where to go. All that stuff. And yeah, and
you should definitely get a tax professional to do your taxes. Well, we'll
talk about that later. So. Okay, what are we up to now? I'm getting behind that we gotta read. We gotta we gotta hustle. Okay, this is hilarious. So this is how to order through shipped and this can be applied to like any app. So on the screen it says how to order with ship. order your food. Remove your house numbers. Turn off your lights. Outside life's to outside lights to set your phone to do not disturb and hide. I mean it happens like if you it's a rideshare pickup. Exactly. It can be applied to food delivery and everything. I actually feel bad because my numbers are kind of peeling on my mailbox. And I don't have them anywhere on my house. I'm kind of feel bad but y'all turn your lights on for God's sakes like what are you doing? Like if you're expecting food or you're expecting food delivery from shipped please turn your lights on.
Or even if you're going out for
a ride Yeah, turn the light on. Yeah, like it's like okay I'm on the pin I don't know where the heck your house
right Oh, it's so frustrating at night. I hate delivering some guy gets in the back of your car you're like hey
what's the name sir? Yeah, anyways, I just thought that was kind of funny
night I was trying to deliver what one of the two nights I actually went out and did ob I was trying to deliver a an order up in an Alpine there's one of those apartment complexes Oh God nothing
if it's at night and you're in like your creek or Alpine slopes?
Well I never haven't done a house numbers on it.
Like what? So there's there's one on 28th Street and the maps brought me to like down to the dead end of the street but the apartment complex was on the other side. Yeah, so I had to like drive around not according to the map.
I have an apartment I have an apartment that I don't know if you've delivered to before but it's actually in your neck of the woods on Quincy and 32nd I don't remember the name of them but it's so odd where the the building numbers are like it's not you know, you go to Grand Valley they put them right on the big thing. Oh
at the top abcdef
Yeah, exactly. This one is like hidden it's the word it's like Valley View apartments or something that's like Quincy and 32nd It's a nightmare. It's so so hard to deliver at night. It's especially with your eyes I see what you're doing with your glasses there. I will let you know I did but I did go get some glasses for at night because I was struggling driving at night a little bit but
I don't struggle at night. It's just this distance thing like right now between here and there. Don't you don't Can't you get bifocals to do that you can but I actually see better without.
It's so weird. But that's annoying. I wouldn't want to do that. Yeah. Anyways,
I have bifocals. I'm getting old.
And you're okay. Yes. We're looking at it. Look at this picture. I clearly didn't put anything on there. What Why don't even know what the article is.
So this is the left test program.
Where did the picture go? I don't know. I asked up I'm gonna go I'll go back to us, Chris and I've been sexy.
So basically it's a it's a it's about a new lifts test protocol. This is a new Yeah, January 22 2021. Today, it's pretty new, I guess. So it's a test program where Lyft is offering drivers more rides in exchange for a 10% pay cut. And lift calls a priority mode drivers calls it poverty mode. Because it didn't really work. So basically, this person, earlier Philips, in late September, God, she got what she described as an irritating email from Lyft, the ride hailing company was reaching out to drivers like her to notify them about a new feature called priority mode, turn on party motor, and more that email boasted when drivers opted in and said they'd get a handful of priority hours per week in which they would get more rights than drivers who were not using the feature. But the catch was that they would get a 10% pay cut. What she was experiencing was that what she was experiencing was that when he turned it off again, she was getting almost no rides really. Yeah, so that was kind of what ends, which is really bad. That she said it didn't really make a big difference. It wasn't really that worth it for so much. But then what was even more was that once she turned it off, she really wasn't getting anything out of it. So that was she calls it a bust. And it really didn't really do much for her at all. But we talked about other people call it you know, I think Google was doing that once to having this this new program. And it really didn't end up doing it in some markets where you could pay what was it like you could buy into it for like 100 bucks a month or something like
that? Yeah,
yeah. And you would get a lot more right or you didn't you they would take no fees, or whatever it was for I know that was so there's there's lots of different ways that they're trying to do these set themselves apart to get more in more arrive to the to the people and try and get to try and keep the drivers on the platform, I think is also what they're trying Don't
you think these programs though, are really kind of manipulating the driver to be totally get the acceptance rate up? Like those kind of things
go to this make more money? I thought was I explained to a guy last night like it's like a video game? Yeah, you got video game designers running the Uber app. 100%. Right. So they're like, Hey, I'll give you this much money to run in this direction. And if you do, you're gonna get more. Yeah, it's gonna be better or Yeah, you get the pot of gold.
And again, sometimes it's the bad guy.
Right? I mean, it's like,
I guess it's the bad guys, but don't go to jail and don't shoot anybody.
Wow. I mean, it's a joke. He's talking about like a video game. Like Antonio. Yeah, it's, it's always manipulation. Like, they're always trying to out psychology us. Right, right. Just pay us more. Right? You don't need to give us all this bullshit. Like, just pay us. That's, I
think that say that all the time. Just show me how I can get a bonus. Like if you're gonna give me 40 bucks to do 30 rides? I'm gonna go for it. I will do it. Yeah. You know, because 40 bucks is worthwhile to me. Yes. But, you know, $10 for 20 rides, it's 50 cents a ride. Yeah, you know,
the shitty part is is like same to those $3 doordash orders. People will do them. That's why people keep you know what I'm saying? What?
So they're the new people. Right? And then they go away?
Yeah, yeah, they do. I mean, but the point is, like, if the reason you keep seeing $3 doordash orders, which is basically no tip is because drivers are taking those $3 orders, right?
People keep taking them.
So do you ever have it a $3 order? And then you do get more later?
I've never What do you mean, like if you don't take it?
No. So if you do take a $3 doordash order,
which I've never done, but anyways, go Go ahead.
So late later on, once you finish the delivery, have you gotten six or seven or more? Oh, so
doordash is. So here's a tip for y'all. This is gonna be our tip time tonight because we're running long doordash if you get a $7 or 750 cent order, typically the tip is higher for whatever reason doordash hides the tip behind. I don't understand, like a lot of times, if it's a $7 order, let's say right, it'll say oh, you earn $9. That's $2 more than than what we quoted. Oh, right. It's very weird. But if it's $3 it's always $3 if it's $6 it's always $6. So
in the end, you do not know Iraq. They're keeping any part of the tip see that doordash got sued for that, because they're being a weird shitty about it there because I hate it. So Uber started that too, right? Because before it was like, okay, you had the order delivery, and then the tip would come later. But now they include, at this time, your potential
potential tip unless they take the tip away, right? Yes. In which I've only had one person reduce it, like half the rest of them are automatic. Like, no one changes it. So anyways, we're getting in the weeds here. stuff people want to know, I know that's true. That's to say the doordash. I'm telling you, if you get a seven or 750, chances are the customer tip more and you'll get it on the back end. But again, why is doordash hiding that? I don't get that what is their? What is their endgame from hiding? What you know about the tip, like I don't get it, I'm more likely to take the order if I see a higher tip because
like sometimes I've well. I've gotten pre Uber each changing, adding the tip and prior to the delivery. Yes, you would go and do a delivery and then you would get like a 1518 $20 tip. Yeah, you had no idea. You're gonna get it. You're hoping? Yeah. I mean, I would rather hope than having them tell me because no, no, I want to know No, because I want to know, well, the customer ahead of times already put in? Yes. It's like maybe they're gonna give you more. They never give you more and 1529.
I would rather know that's why I love grub hub because it would tell you right up front, like you're gonna make $12 on this order. Cool. I'm gonna take it. If it says I'm gonna make $6 I'm gonna decline it right. I want to know upfront. I love that. I'm an upfront guy like, hey, you're gonna get this much. And Uber is your could get this much but they could take it away. Or you could
do like a $6 for dollar McDonald's and get a $10 tip.
Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Antonio says that's why I like Uber Eats and grub up. Thank you, Antonio. doordash is shady AF. They are shady AF. Like, any company that hides the tip behind whatever reason is shady AF now, will I still use them? If it's slow? Of course I will. I want to get paid. I'm not taking a $3 order though. Okay, so we're gonna do this. I'm gonna put this main screen this is a this is Amazon Tick Tock. Alright, y'all. Oh, there we go. No, I would never do this. No, watch the ad yc ad. So it's playing again. So basically, for your audio listeners, the delivery kicks the package in the air, the delivery driver then throws the door takes a picture. The guy gets a notification he comes out he waves to the the delivery driver and the guy whips him off. That's pretty much how it goes sometimes.
always like,
I coming up the steps. I'll like talk. If I know it's like clothes or something light. I like toss it and then take a picture of it in the air. No, I'm not that
way. Anyways, never get a picture of the person in the door.
Yes, I get a lot of dogs. A lot of dogs that are around me. We'll talk about that later. I know that's a sensitive subject for you. Alright, what's next here? doordash plate. Oh, I missed the tax add. But we'll go back to that. So this is kind of interesting. So this is a text exchange between a doordash customer and I think it's just anyways, I don't know. I don't know who it's from. But it says I feel like a God was showing off when he was creating you like there's somebody creeping? Damn you. You had me looking back. So anyways, it was like a like, I don't know if it was the text to the driver. They were trying to flirt and Oh shit. I gotta put this on the big screen on because I can't read it here. I'm teasing Chris. Hold on a second. I'm fine. Where the hell is it? Did we skip the
your orders your way out of order? I
Am I? Yeah, you skipped the whole Oh my
god. It's a whiskey dammit, Chris.
Okay, so try trying to figure out where you're going.
Thank God. Yes, was around. So anyways, I'll go back to the dog bite. So doordash helps us Hey, this is completely unacceptable. We're sorry, you had to go through this. We'd like to take a look into this please. DMS, of course, the standard talk or the standard stock text. And she's like, hey, Jordan, thanks for reaching out, but I'm not interested in preventing anyone from earning their side income in the midst of a pandemic. This is just for laughs and giggles at this point. And the added point though, that maybe they shouldn't be able to text after delivery. Which brings up a good point. Yeah, I get texts from grubhub 1520 minutes later we saw last podcast they accuse me of eating their wings. Have you had that happen? Yes. Oh, no. Mind you it didn't happen. Was it good?
Right? We joked about that grubhub didn't reach out the customer. I think they were joking. I kind of feel like they knew me. Oh, yeah,
I saw. I saw that exchange. Yeah,
it was very weird. I'm
like, I don't think they call you by name.
Yeah, but they know my name because I delivered it. With
your name, Jay. Chris, you don't use your real name on the app.
He goes by Casanova. All right, we're going to the dog bite and I know this is a sensitive topic. So this is what the amazon flex drivers group know. We'll talk about that I didn't I don't have any pictures for that says keep safe out there guys delivering out in the backroads of Hopkins. I guarantee it was out a gr six. And as I'm walking back to the car to Pitbull mixes Dart at me, happens all the time, didn't think anything of it. One takes a chunk out of my jacket and the other takes a chunk out of my right thigh family was home to help me with bandages didn't call 911 because they had two middle schoolers at home and didn't want them to lose two dogs on top of being stuck at home during COVID. Remember, these are only packages, it's not worth losing a chunk out of your life considering its gig work without health benefits. So someone posted huge props are not calling 911 seeing the big picture. Someone else posted the big picture, sir, if two dogs run out to me like that, and are aggressive, I'm gonna do whatever to defend myself and I would have called 911 and see the big picture for what these dogs will probably do that to someone else. But we didn't do nothing to avoid this happening in the in the name of seeing the big picture. Okay. thoughts on that? Yes, for?
Well, first of all, I like to point out I think pitbulls has a bad bad rap as a breed.
I think they do. But if you if you own them right there and look them up.
Exactly. That's my that's my point. If you're if you're doing right by them, they're they're great dogs. That's my boy I'm trying to get at. So I don't think you should. This is not about the the pitfall of them. The dog should be that way. That's my point. Exactly. And but I also think that I think that the second texter has a huge point. You can't You can't chalk this one up to the bigger picture. Ah, not because you don't know what's going to happen next. Yeah. two dogs are gonna turn on the kids.
Yes, totally.
Well, not just the kids. But neighborhoods. He makes a good point that, I mean, everyone gets Amazon packages all the time, there's going to be another driver that drives up there. And I've had a couple of times where I've thrown the package on the top of a car. I've driven up rolled the window down, had the package threw it on the car because I didn't want to get out because he saw a dog. Not because I saw it but I saw the hair on the back of his neck and I
I don't mess with you did see the dog.
I did see the dog. No, no, yeah, I should explain. I felt that that dog might not be the best friend. We might not be best friends. Even with a treat I have in my car. We don't we're not going to be best friends. The hair sticking up in the back of the neck. I love German Shepherds, but they're very protective of their home. Yes. And I had one the other day and I did but the hair wasn't sticking up. I did get out and it was fine. Yeah. Right.
I was just gonna say I've seen German Shepherds being just as aggressive. Oh,
yeah, more aggressive. They're
very protective. And pitbulls. Yes. Yeah.
So tell me about let's do your story. And then then
I know we've talked about it. But yeah, last spring I did an Uber Eats delivery to the house and the Pitbull was running out around the front yard and actually had gone into the street and stuff. Well, then he had gone into the house. So I thought okay, here's my chance. I'll just run the food up while the people there were moving furniture. So they had a truck backed up to the front door and the front door was open. Oh, yeah. So I got up there, I put the food on the thing. And I took a picture of it and the dog came flying out of the house and literally jumped off the porch latch onto my arm and bit me hard. And now enough to break the skin through my coat. And he like go went back into the house and then two dogs came out. I ran back I got back into my car and the owner came out and I was like, you know, I was literally shaking. It's so scary. You know, because I i when i first got there and I saw the dog outside, I wanted to think the better of the dogs, my German shepherds and you know, I'm like, Okay, I'm not gonna be afraid of this dog. It's gonna be okay, everything's good. I'm just gonna bring it up and I think this literally jumped off the porch and laughs
I think you probably scared it because it didn't you like laying the food down and he came out the same time. It was Like this symbiotic like, no, because I had backed up to take a picture. Okay,
but still Yeah. But I can see him, you know it was protecting his property. Yeah, whatever, you know, I got that. So, and I didn't do anything for two days. Yeah. And I really didn't even know I was bit bad until I got home because it didn't break the my coat. But it still bust through even though after I got home, and then I took my coat off and I pulled up my shirt. I'm like, oh, cats, you know? First my skin. Yeah. And so and so then I finally reported it to Uber. And they're like, well, we can help you with the, you know, work with their insurance. Yeah, there's something I was like, well, you guys aren't gonna do anything for me. I mean, if you didn't have to go to the ER or anything, they're not gonna do shit. Yeah. You know, I still got to puncture holes on my skin. Yeah. Did you go to the ER, I did not. Yeah, because it didn't. So it didn't break the coat. So the tooth didn't actually get into my skin. Right? So that's why I didn't do what I did. Yeah. Then like, a week later or two weeks later, I was doing another Uber Eats delivery and a German Shepherd came flying out of the house. I had the hair on the head that he actually burst through the door came out so frightening. And you know, I'm like, and I was trying to be direct Yes, that that does help. No sit. Yeah, like just be it be big. Yep. No sit and he he backed up and he kind of backed up. Yeah, the owners came out like are really sorry. And all that and the lady is like, you know, he doesn't buy he doesn't mind. Like effin Hey, when they like look, I got bit by Pitbull two weeks ago, right? I'm not taking any chances here. So then after that, I got this guy. It's a little Yeah. Right. Yep. palm. It's a pepper spray. I have kept it in my pocket since so what's what do you think? What's so special about that? Just it's, it's just small, but okay, I can shoot up to 10 you know? I mean, look,
don't press it. No. Can you imagine if you press Yeah, yeah, you actually have to flip it. Okay, guys.
So but it can clip under your belt, and it looks small. So fits in my pocket. Yeah, you know, and it's like, okay, at least I have something. So you know, to Jasper's thing. I looked up. pitfalls. Yeah, more bites are done by pitfalls. Yeah. than any other. It's true. And what there's a video on YouTube, you can look it up this this pit ball is running down the street. There's a couple coming out of a church where they're like nine year old daughter 10 year old daughter and literally the dog ran past the dad pass the mom who was holding the daughter's hand bit the daughter young on because it's the weakest link at that point was like, and they were like, Where did this come from? I mean, they they're walking out of church, right? Nothing expected and yeah, dog attacks them.
Yeah. I mean, I don't want to shit on pit bulls too much.
I know. I and I'm with you on that. I get it. But
so you still have PTSD from that, like, every time a dog barks you're gonna.
I'm like, literally when I check when I come up to a house. You're constantly
looking for?
Well, I'm looking for if there is a dog, right? Because you can see tracks. Yeah, like, like they have a place that they come out. Yeah, they get tied or rope. Yeah.
That's tough. I get it, man. What I typically do if a dog runs out, I have treats in my car before I get out. I treat them from the car. And then when I get out, and then I usually split it in half. It's gonna Sam gave me some trees because I kept lying to the dogs that I said I was gonna
kill him.
She's like, You're an asshole. Like, here's some trees.
I'm like, I
have two dogs at home. I could bring my own But anyways, I treat him when I get out like half of it. And then when I'm walking back, I treat him again. But you should keep treats with you too.
Yeah, I haven't. I haven't not done that. So but between that pit ball and the German Shepherd, like within two weeks time period,
I can feel your like I feel your pain because I know delivering packages or food. It doesn't matter. Like I you know, I
look at like the male guy today. I
saw a male guy and he's walking around. I'm like, every day he's thinking all the time. That seems stressful. Well, he knows his house. Like we he knows his route. He's going to the same route every time. Yeah, right. Anyways, we got delve deep and he's
getting a lot better paid than you are Chris.
Yeah, for sure. Government Benny's
government money. All right. Well,
you know, guys, I appreciate everyone listening. We're gonna kind of wrap up the show and just kind of end it on that because we're about an hour 25 then but before I do, I wanted to let you know that we would love to have you support us on Patreon. I put this you know what I forgot. Hold on.
I was gonna start carrying numb chucks and just
I know I saw that. Hold on. I totally forgot. We got to do this first. Thank you. Yes. for not telling me Oh, you probably sent me a message, didn't you?
I did y'all Yes.
First got me. Hey, taxes. Yo, this has gotten complicated. Do not do TurboTax they sent 80 million stimulus checks to the wrong bank accounts. Do you really want to use TurboTax? Please don't use TurboTax don't do them yourself skirting more tax and accounting 940 1045. He's filling up right now. We're almost done with the ad campaign. He would really love for you to call him right now and schedule it. He can help you anywhere you are. Michigan wherever he can. He's gonna make it right. You know, yes. He tells a story where he did his taxes himself or somebody else. And then he brought him to his accountant. And he ended up making what like a couple grand. Yep,
yep. I when I when I brought him there. I thought it was gonna pay 800 bucks. When I got him back. I got two grand back.
Yeah, get the professional they will get the money for you.
They will get no fight for it. Because Yeah, yeah. Is it is cheapest? TurboTax? Of course not. But even with me with my 7610, nine or 1099? I think I pay. No, I haven't not used skirting board just because he's a newer advertiser. But my account, I think I paid like 250. Right. Yeah, it sounds expensive. But then you actually have an accountant that you can, you know, feed back to if you have Tax Questions or benefits or anything like that. Okay.
The other thing when you have an accountant, if you happen to be multicol and if the IRS wants audit one audit, then they'll help you.
Yes, for sure.
They'll help you get ready for the audit. So
yeah, TurboTax ain't gonna do shit for you. They're gonna be like, ooh, sorry. Here's your download. Good luck. Yeah. So, yes. All right. So back to Patreon. We would love for you to support us. If you go to and search the geek economy podcast. There's a $5 tier, a $10 tier, the $10 tier gets you extra episodes. In fact, Mike delivers podcast got put on there last night. So they got it a couple weeks early so they can listen to his podcasts early. And but yeah, you get merged next, or podcasts a month and before show banter. Probably should do after show banner because Chris has gotten me frickin buzz, man. I apologize for the end of the show being a little sloppy, but Chris gave me a little more in my glass. And I'm like, good, Lord. So I want to thank you all for listening. I want to thank the new people, Tim. Apparently he's from Bowling Green. Antonio. Yeah, check out oil you should do it, man. They're always looking for people to sign up to change oil.
I have both Tim.
What's up?
What about Tim?
Oh, the nine millimeter and the mace Yay. We're not gonna get into that. That's your own personal decision. But thank thanks for all the new people that joined in I I super appreciate that. And like I said, if we'd love to support go to search gig economy. podcast. Tony, I love it. That whiskey is worth it, man. Keep it up.
All right, y'all have a good night. All right. Thanks, guys. Bye. Bye bye.
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Like, Oh, I think I think AB vi came first it did 22 comes to kind of help. So okay, yeah, I think it's it's probably no, it's it's 25 right now it's 22. Okay, but I think it's all about implementation of AVI file. Okay,

yeah. So we're gonna watch a little Tic Tac video. I'm not gonna describe it. At first, I want to, I want people to hear it, and then just kind of give the feedback on it. So my California

peeps, are you seeing this prop 22 being promoted everywhere on apps? Apparently, companies like Uber, Lyft and doordash and instacart, etc. has spent over 180 $5 million campaigning California to vote yes. From my understanding of what prop 22 does is that allows companies like Uber, Lyft, etc, to keep drivers as independent contractors. Now, why I'm really suspicious of this moment is because do you see the yes 22 site? It is way too nice to be designed by a coalition if y'all know what I'm saying, seriously, look at this, it's too well designed. Now, if this passes, there's a lot of hidden clauses the apps don't tell you about. Apparently, when someone Sue's you under Prop 22, they sue you, not your tech company, and you're liable for all charges. And you have to keep in mind that tech companies control surge pricing, meaning drivers are basically dictated by how they're paid by the tech company, and they don't set their own price, which is what an independent contractor does. If so many tech companies are banding together and calling it a coalition. It's definitely for the benefit of them, not you.

I honestly think that that's all in there anyways. Like them suing us, I don't think they're gonna sue like, do you? Don't you feel like that's already in their terms of service or whatever?

Probably, yeah. It's been too long since I read the terms and toes or maybe never.

But yeah, I, I don't know it. What it boils down to me is I want to be an independent contractor, yes, by probably the definition in the dictionary, and it does not follow true independent contractor because you can set your own prices, I get that. But what I'm saying is I just want the flexibility. Everyone thinks that they're going to have that flexibility when that passes, and it's it's, it ain't gonna work.

But can you really set your own prices as a true independent contractor? I mean, I know if I if I'm,

if I'm a drywall guy, and someone calls I can charge whatever I want. True, but you can also then not get any work. Well, well, right. I mean, I mean, you're right. Yes. You

know, I want $2,000 to put on one sheet of drywall.

Right? Well, you have to be reasonable. But I guess my point is, is they're not it's you're not a truly independent contractor. But I don't I don't want to be an employee. And I'm no no, I'm man, guys, if this passes, how long is it going to come before it comes to Michigan or Florida or

anywhere? I think the big thing is gig economy is here to stay. Yes, it they're going to find a way around it. There. Yes. I there's no doubt in my mind that that the standard eight to five, being at the same factory or whatever for 30 years that is gone that that Yeah, we're gonna be there anymore. And we already seen change in how people do work, and it's going to continue changing in how people do it. Yeah. And it's going to be some kind of a hybrid between the gig economy, you know, a day today, and the full time work we know today, right? Where's it going to be? I don't know. But I think right now the gig economy we see today is very much pendulum swung the other way, and it's gonna land somewhere in between, of what the to what the two jobs I was like, give some flexibility to the people, but to the workers. Wow. Also, obviously protecting the the employers.

So Can anyone give any feedback of how this would be good for drivers? Other than like having? I mean, obviously, the benefits, but do you really think that we're gonna be able to provide all that like, no, no. Would they pull out a California? I don't know.

That'd be weird. Because their base there,

right? I don't think they would matter. I don't think they would, it would matter to them. No, no, they would pull it out in a heartbeat if it if it made sense.

I have a question. And maybe you guys can answer it. Are they back in Austin? Because I know they pulled out of Austin, Texas. Are they back in there? Are they all don't know, I haven't seen? Yeah, I'd just be curious. I know there's other rideshare companies in Austin, but I didn't know if

another back end was in London.

Yeah. But they I don't think they ever actually pulled out a London right there was there was they were they were gonna do it. But then they were saved in the 11th hour,

something like that. Yeah. And they must have a lot of lawyers on payroll to keep up with all that. I mean, they have to spend all our money with some nice parties. Remember, we talked about that? Sorry. Good. All right. So you know, during this podcast, if you guys want to comment on that I know there's not too much live chatter going on right now. That's okay. But if you if you do want to talk about the prop 22, I want to hear your feedback as well. Why and then is it as is that? What do you guys want? What do you think? What do you think prop 22 would help you? And what way? Yeah, I mean, the way that that, you know, the people are saying is the benefits the the fair wages, but I mean, what's a fair wage?

Right, right. I tell you what,

my heart like my gut like dropped, though, when she mentioned that. They sue you instead of the company.

Yeah, but I think they already can do that.

I don't. I mean,

I don't know. I mean,

what are they suing you for? Right? A car accident, right. insurance company takes care of that? Yeah. I mean, I guess if you sexually assaulted somebody, I mean, I guess they could go after you. But then you're gonna be in like, jail. So that you have bigger problems?

I don't know. I just feel like hesitate. You just like small claims court or something for negligence or

I guess, but I feel like they can already do that.

Well, this is some small claims is not civil suits. No, it's not. So that that wouldn't be the same. Yeah. Small Claims is mean. somebody forgot the laptop in your car. And yeah, you don't have it.

Yeah, I just feel that you could get sued anyways, I don't think she and again, I just saw this on Tick Tock. Y'all are may talk. Actually, I don't know. I think someone I don't know. I think I actually saw it on Reddit. But it's from Tick Tock. I don't know who this girl is or anything. So I just wanted to have it. spark conversation.

Yeah. So no, absolutely. Let us know what you guys think. Do you guys think that prop 22 and a minimum fair wage and moving away from the working model we have today would help you do you think that would help you? I just

I just feel like it's just I don't know if we can, but I think

it has to do with the market. You're in as well. Yeah. I mean, I there's no doubt in my mind. It would kill Gravis market. I think it would it would not work at all.

I'm at least I'm glad that they're leaving it up to the the residents. Like it's a voting thing. And if they voted now, now it is but I mean, if they voted in then there's really nothing you can do about it. Right?

Stop driving. Yeah.

I mean, you're gonna end up stop driving, because you're not gonna be able to get on the schedule, because they're to have enough right drivers. Yep. And then and maybe Uber will base it on, like rating. And all of a sudden, if you have a little bit of an acceptance rate, like once you're an employee, they can do whatever, you know what I mean.

When I exactly now they can fire you whenever they want to. Right. Yeah. I mean, they can say they can, but they can. Hey, I want to say welcome to Nick and, and and Galen, thank you for joining us.

Yeah. All the volumes down. Yeah. That was getting me some buzz. GALEN said Wish I could get some rides.

Yeah. How's that going out there. So we just heard that people are starting to slowly start taking driving passengers again, right. Yeah. And so we want to hear about that. You guys. Taking passengers. What kind of What kind of precautions are you guys taking in your car? Obviously, you know, everybody has to wear masks. are you guys doing anything more than that? That kind of stuff?

You know? Yes, sir. And I were fighting before the show about a little bit. He

just read I

know, I see this black guy, or whatever. And I processed what we talked about, but I I wouldn't hesitate to get a divider. I mean, I don't think I would have a problem with that to put one in there.

Yeah. I mean, yes, but but it's the writers there is it is the drivers, no writers there yet in good habits. Are they? I mean, I

don't know. I mean, I

there's lots of times where I see lots of big surges, but at the same time, people are complaining there's nobody there to to do to pick up.

I feel like there's something broken with a surge right now. I've heard a lot of

Yeah, I think they fixed it now. But there was an issue.

Seth on YouTube said

I don't see prop 22 working for part time drivers like me. The reason I do this, because I can work when I want. That's 98% of you. Why would I Why don't want it to pass because like I want to be able to just turn it on when I want to.

Exactly. So Miguel is saying that right now there's a promotion going and there's way too many drivers out there. You know, so there's no path no riders,

Nick is from Detroit aces. It's dead in the de la. They anyways. Alright, let's keep going on the next article. Yes for me.

Hang on.

It's your I'm sorry. I surprised you. Talking about the shift. Yes. Yeah. Shoppers for the holiday season. Yes. A lot of regular shoppers off.

Definitely. And I kind of heard I was surprised when I read this article, because I was kind of hearing I heard that, actually from Sam, that it seemed like ship hasn't been so busy lately, but maybe, I mean, I know they're, they're winding up for busiest season. So anyways, the article goes shift is adding 2700 new grant avid shoppers for the holiday season. And more than that, you know, throughout the entire country. They're adding just a ton new new shoppers. I wonder

if they're the like all of them that came on with COVID they just been shitty and they've already been fired or quit or went back to the regular job or what

Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. So But anyways, the CEO goes we embarked on the holiday season like none before, and taking proactive steps to ensure we can help American families get everything on the holiday list. groceries essential gifts, essentially gives home decor and apparel in a safe, affordable, convenient, convenient way. Ship says that they will continue to keep shoppers safe by providing PP equipment such as gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. And they add that financial support will be offered to those who may be unable to work as a result of Conan COVID-19. So I think me I guess it's okay. But I hate to create another situation like we're having right now with Uber. What just wait, there's way too many people out there. Nobody has anything.

Right now the shipped app has five orders. That's it open in the metro. And

at like, nine, it's 930. It's getting a little late man is

little late. But I mean, think two months ago when there was like, yeah, hundreds.

Yeah. Hey, I want to go real quick back to what we were talking about with the prop 22 Seth made a good point, also, I think would lead to scheduling. And that would make it harder to run multiple apps. That is a really good point about if you're driving for Uber and you're not gonna drive for Lyft or vice

versa, they're gonna put the foot down and oh, yeah,

and I have trouble with that on grubhub. Because I will pick up a shift on grubhub. Let's say it's three hours, but I have Uber Eats on to and then it's tough to juggle that. Because if you sign off grubhub they give you like five minutes and they send you a text like hey, you need to sign back in or we're kicking you off the schedule. So right when you're you're kind of even though you're still independent contractor for

him, it was dry.

Yeah, but the

con tractor

I was wondering if you're gonna catch that. I was fighting down a burp and then I just let it go. I'm sorry for anyone that heard that. The word and the burp, knows. I'm still an independent contractor through grubhub. But you still kind of feel like an employee when you're on the schedule, right? So that's a really good point. Sorry, I didn't mean to sidetrack you. So what do you think about I mean, if they're gonna add a thought, is that just 1020 700

not just the file for Grand Rapids. Yep. 2700 new Grand Rapids shoppers.

That's not the forums, the forums, the Facebook page for shipped and Instagram. here locally both have like so many people complaining about all of these shipped shoppers and instacart shoppers that are like fly by night. Yeah, I know just breaking all the rules don't care.

So one thing for people that don't know what shipped and I just posted an interview with Kristen we did it a couple months back, but we gave it to Patreon first but then wanted to get it out to everyone else. She's the lead ship shopper. Yep, she said that that honeymoon period that we talked about the first 10 you get first dibs. But then after that, if, if you're not good if you don't have a high rating, you're not going to get the shops now. I don't think instacart is like that. It's just a free for right. Yeah, as far as I know. Anyway, Yeah, I think so too. I don't think writing is super important. Yeah.

instacart but every time I go to Aldi I see more and more instacart shoppers. Yeah, I mean, it's definitely a growing service.

So I feel all the has a curbside service. Now I wonder who shopping for that? It's

It's the instacart shoppers. Okay, so it's just like the mic it

is anyways, it must maybe that's why you're seeing more, so they're not actually delivering it?

Well, so they have a big area up front where they put all the finished orders. Okay. And then when they pull up, I think maybe it is actually an employee who brings it out. Yeah. But somebody carries it out to the car. Yeah.

I would hate to I hate to say this for instacart shoppers, and no offense, I told my wife about the pickup and she's like, ah, if all the employees do it, I think I'm okay. But if if if a app base person does it, I don't think I'm interested. And I think it kind of we've had some issues with instacart before shoppers just not caring. Yeah, like, this is my food like, right, you know, the produce, like, give directions, and then it's just like, but you even look,

but that's what it comes back to also with what Kristin was saying, right? It's like the good ones gets weeded out pretty really good, you know, really fast with bad, bad bad ones. Good, but not instacart. No, that's true. But yeah, yeah. All right, moving on point.

So this next one is

this is great.

It says from Reddit, it says I made my own Google ad to mess with Lyft. And says, says Lyft. tipping is now mandatory. So drivers can make a livable wage. If you don't tip they make about 350 an hour. Also, you can get to 711 to buy a candy bar lifts Need a ride, get a lift.

So that was the ad that he created. That was the adequate and then read the comment or the the initial poll. And

so Lyft came back and it says lift. Hi there, tipping is completely optional and not mandatory. The wording of that ad is misleading. And we'd like to bring this to the attention of a specialized team of hours. Can you please send a private message with a direct link to that? What

will the ope the original poster said hey, lift I was searching for your app so I could download it to call for a ride and I came across this advertisement for you. I didn't realize that I had to tip my driver. So that's that's that's how it's hilarious and then less like we DMS I hate that. Anyways, I feel like I want to reach out to the guy that did the ad.

Next one from prompt to man. The next one says lift the specialized team already makes a livable wage. So you don't have to tip them either.

I didn't know people could do that like you can create an ad for for a business and not have any verification.

Well this is just you can you can I'm sure he didn't it wasn't live this is just using AdWords to set up that oh you think an example app? Oh yeah. Well,

lifts responding though.

Well, cuz he's posting a photo. He's posting a screenshot to them that he's not he?

Oh, yeah. Right. He does. Okay, I see what you're saying. He probably okay, screenshot

as long as you know, I don't

know. It looks pretty legit to me.

Well, cuz you can anybody can sit up, but this is an AdWords.

All nerds. Okay, we don't all know that. nerd, Doug. If you want to talk podcasting nerd out with you, but Taliban. I don't know what the hell an ad word is. Alright, so this next one's mine. It's just kind of funny. This is a little. And what add would this picture for our audio listeners is it's about the debate. So it's been a while. But it's it's a poll on a news. Probably some 24 hour news site. But how did the debate make you feel? first answer? Ah, 69% second answer. I longed for death. 31% The third answer? Can you hire a newbie, a newbie to run you over? 19% I just thought that was funny and informed was 70%. That's this the shitty part is like the actual legit answer is the lowest one.

Did you notice how the total is more way more than on a present? Oh yeah, I just didn't even realize that

math. Can you hire an Uber to run you over? Can you hire should it be? Can I hire anyone

who wrote this? This fake news?

Of course. Okay, fake news whoever whoever had the Photoshop

right? Yes sir is going to talk about we got a lot of shift articles in this yeah

tonight. So this is actually a good story and I posted it in there because you know, it's just always good to to run by those and kind of have the good the good stories The Good News come up and you can I

tell you that my response is not it's not a good story. So just read it. You can we'll talk about it because you are. You know, your heart is like, yeah, you told that to the zoom ride people that I'm heartless I said ADB bro. No, ox Don't touch my radio.

I'm not crying, you're crying. So anyways,

I sound effects.

Back in May, I placed an order and asked the shopper to check target for a hula hoop. She's not fine one. Later in that day, she came back with a hula hoop, and a card and a gift for my other daughter who was graduating high school. We had a sign in the yard. Since then, I've seen how about while shopping and we talk The only other shopper that stops and talks. Fast forward to the other day. And she claimed my order. And we were talking on the port and I told her that insulated bags are awesome. They fit so much next days he shows up with two backs for me. There's so many days I wonder what I've done to the to be in the position my family's in and wonder when the good I've done will come back around. Well, here it is someone showing us kindness my six year old daughter was even teary eyed from the gesture. Thank you Evelyn from Lakeland, you rock. So it was just somebody who took the extra time and the extra effort to just do a couple of nice things.

While I think it's nice, I mean, this is what I talked about with those ship shoppers like, how can I even get close to getting a shop when you're frickin buying gifts for your people? Like, I understand the thoughtfulness but like, I've never actually now that the pay that you get seems to be pretty reduced. Yeah. So you're on your shop and I spend in half the money and cards and yeah, and that's why I'm so frustrated with ship because like, I mean, I like

i would i would understand more. I think if she said that this was a lady that always does her shops, but it appears just from reading it that it's been twice that she got her. And I'm like, you know, okay, if you if you shop somebody all the time, you know, week after week, okay? You know, you guys build a relationship. And yeah,

I can see it a little bit. Right? You started somewhere. Pete, you start that relationship somewhere by

buying all this stuff for somebody.

It's not that she's buying stuff. A hula hoop is three, four bucks. It's the it's the attention to detail and the willingness to step out. That's that was what I kind of I that's what caught me on the story. I thought it was cool.

If we were playing Call of Duty at Comic tryhard.

You all you also just have a have no hide. Can you pull your mic?

I'm not merging them. Yeah,

it was it's pointing to your chest, your neck. So

you're on my chest is talking to

Yeah, your boobs

don't want to have them too. So

I think she's you know, I get what you're saying.

I do too. I'm looking at it from a perspective of like being a gig worker. This is like, this is why I'm not successful on ships, because I'm not going to do that. And so I'm not going to have the highest rating. So let's go get the chops.

Let's go back to the you know, so I not everybody remembers Ben but Ben was one of the founding members of the GR rideshare was and now the gig economy whatever everybody remembers Ben, everybody remembers Ben so he is he used to many moons ago and way before even Uber and Lyft was even a thing. He used to be part of a ministry downtown that would drive people home. Yes, right. Isn't that the same thing? is out there showing love? Yeah, out there showing compassion showing that you care. And yeah, it's a $4 hula hoop, but

well, and a card and a in another gift to freezer bags.

No, I understand but but it's just for some people the GI economy is not all about making money.

That's true. But But don't you feel like that's a little over the top like how are How are other people supposed to compete that have to have that in mind. She's She's

not doing it to compete, right? She's not doing it to be better than you. Oh

no, she's not she is cuz then the shipped platform, the higher the rating the more shops you get,

but she doesn't care. She may not care. I can't say she doesn't. I don't know her. No, I, but she may not care about that at all. She may just actually have Evan have Christina's mood in mind. He dm or

WhatsApp ask her.

So we don't know. Right,

right. We're both speculating, but I just wanted to look at it from a guy that struggles on shift because I can't get the shops because I don't have

both. So how are you gonna get it? You gotta get those who love rings. Okay, get those cards. Get those extra gift. You know, daughters,

you know, from now on, everyone's getting a $50 gift card and their groceries. Might as well. I mean, I like being poor. Oh, my goodness.

I mean, at some point. I mean, a lot of shops. You know? I mean, you're getting what? 15 to 20 bucks. You're spending $4 on a hula hoop. That's 616 you made you buy into freezer bags. That's you know, what are those like four bucks apiece at Meijer?

freezer bags? Yeah, I don't know. No, this demo backs

thermal bags. Yeah, for probably six, eight bucks.

So you're looking at eight bucks you made?

I mean, I guess I would

I would isolated Yeah, sure. It's isolated. But it just, I, I have it on there. Don't touch my radio.

That's all I can say.

I have it on there. Just to put in perspective on what you have to compete against as a ship shopper. That's really all the reason I taken the counter argument. It's super nice. I love that people will go out of their way to do that. Because we need more of that. Right? In this world right now. Especially with all the crap going on. But all right, Pete's gonna talk about Uber Eats and they want to deliver. I mean, what are they going to start doing weed? I mean, they're delivering everything else.

So what they're doing flowers.

Yeah, flowers and pet supplies. Flowers. So the latest update to Uber Eats app will make one thing obvious to consumers. Uber Eats wants to expand beyond delivering pizza, tacos, noodles to also delivering flowers, pet supplies, convenience items and unique finds from local shops. This is Uber Eats entering its next chapter of maturity. So the head of product for Uber Eats coming to place for instant access to local commerce. And really, this isn't a really a huge surprise to me. At least we know. We've talked about how they're expanding into delivery with Uber. delivery. I think that is what they call it one. Yeah. Yeah. So I've always thought to myself, why they haven't they expanded into stuff aside from food sooner. Yeah. Because they already have the, the network and the

Yeah, who didn't? Yeah, yeah, they have the technology. Who does the like the Home Depot runs? Or like for the bigger? Is that a? Is that an app that we know of? I don't know. Yeah, sure. And is that an instacart? Is that a but isn't?

I think there's at least one big difference for for just entering that market. Right? It's a different insurance, right? Because now if I if I'm driving, big items, big ticket items, delivering a big trend TV or whatever. Yeah, I mean,

because Best Buy must I don't get

no big screen TV. Oh.

Oh, Nick brought up a good point. roadie, duh. Yeah. roadie does like Tractor Supply. I think they do Home Depot to

Larry delivered to massage therapy. Oh, I bet you did.

I was gonna say some really nasty

notic because it's Larry. He's just such a nice guy. I feel like he's like, Dad, like, I didn't want to embarrass him too much.

That's right, roadie. You wanted to pick him up again. The next day. They wouldn't let him right. Yeah. I can't believe I forgot. roadie. Yeah. I was thinking you were talking about a different one besides roadie so I was like, what's the other one? Besides? Is there another one there is another one because Gabe was doing it for a while he signed up for it oh really deliver for he did some BestBuy things. And something else but it wasn't. wasn't ready. And it wasn't Uber obviously.

Yeah. That reminds me like I get so many apps. I'm gonna have to re sign him to deliver.

Deliver. Deliver.

Yeah, right. Like D Li ve Rs. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, never heard of that. Yeah.

Interesting. Huh.

But it didn't do much. I thought, I think that died pretty quickly.

It's not around anymore, though. I don't think so. Joe says Uber connect in my market delivering packages. Well,

where's your market? I mean, just make sense. Like, I have all this infrastructure already set up. Didn't

we talk about like a bazillion moons ago with Lyft that they were going to start Integrating that because they're like we know where you are. So we can imagine the the coding for

what they were supposed to do that during COVID. Right. Like one of the things that they were supposed to set up for the drivers was that you could deliver, like medical supplies or stuff like that in your downtime while you're slow. And then it never like material at least at least in our mark. Yeah,

I never heard

some of those things that testing some markets. Yeah. So Joe is in Baltimore. I know we talked about Uber Connect before an earlier episode. Yeah, talking about that at some point, but they're testing in some markets and apparently they have it in in Baltimore right now. That's pretty big city. Oh,

yeah. Yeah, I would love to do that. I actually enjoy doing amazon flex, like, Yeah, I don't want to be out there for 12 hours delivering packages, but it's really nice to get a three four hour route. And just like go I don't know, it's just a break from passengers. Obviously, we've had a long break right now, but in general, I still

miss it, man. I know I do.

But I love the packages because it's all it's a challenge for me. I my my brain is so production oriented. Like when I get 50 stops. I'm like, Alright, I'm gonna bang these out. You know, man. Yeah. Larry said lift talked about hasn't done anywhere. Any Oh, yeah. Yeah. Anyways. All right. Our next sponsor is oil Luber. I didn't have any good transition for that. So oil They are new into the market. They are out of Ann Arbor. They are a mobile oil change company. Yep. They'll come to your home. To change your oil. All you got to do is pop the hood. Yep. And, yeah, they reach out to us. And they said, get the word out for us. So if you can go follow them on Facebook, they would really like that in oil. And also, there's a new gig like this is this is like a twofer for y'all. If you need your oil change on demand. Yep. Or if you want more gig work, you can sign up to be a technician. And soon hopefully, by the end of the month, Brian told me he they're gonna have jumpstarts ready to go. I tried. It's not quite ready yet. So right.

This is a startup. But the cool thing about that is for everybody who is out there already is no burning and lifting around, put a put it put us some jump box in your car and sign up for the for the jumpstart service. And it's an extra way of making an extra 1015 minutes.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure. And if you know how to change oil, they're looking for that too. So Yep. Yeah, go to oil to sign up for being a technician or getting your oil change and on

to be the other end. Right. I think

that's for ambassadors.

Okay, I really apologize.

That's right. I don't know if he really wants to talk about

don't don't confuse them.

Yeah, dude, oil.

nerd. All right, back to the show. I set


Do you guys see my telegram message?

Now? Okay. What's telegram?

What is telegram?

You're up? Yes, sir. We're going to talk about zoom. Right? I just

said look at telegram message. Well, look at

telegram it doesn't take 20 minutes to do it.

Okay, when pizza up. That's what's going on. But you're up first. Nice zoom. Right. So that's a brand new platform opening it up. They're doing a soft launch right now. Right. And they are they are from the Detroit area assume right calm, my assume right calm and it's a new competing platform to Uber and Lyft. And it sounds so exciting. We have some just really crazy cool new features, new ways of getting paid that the whole point is is going to be much safer to be a driver and your writer and well driver, writer, and you and as a driver you end up getting keeping much more of the of the fare. They are talking about having cool new features, test pay for the day. And then keep to keep get to keep all the fares as all you can do. A commission a commission base where you get to keep everything about 20% cool new features. As a female rider you can request to only get female drivers you can request to get a ride with a with a car seat, and just just a slew of awesome cool new features that I think we actually didn't we have been talking about needing in hooba enough so that's that's really cool.

And yes for that was a great synopsis. You nailed that sucker. Oh, yeah. I we interviewed him at seven tonight. And I man I was blown away. And they had a map behind them.


That was a lot of cars.

It was a live map. It was I think it was probably made out of 636 inch TVs. So there's a giant TV screen behind Yeah, but it was really cool. And they had I think it was probably a 250 cars on that man.

Yeah, I'm sure they have a lot of people that are approved and have it on because they're hoping to get a ride and they're getting there. I mean, they need lots of lots of customers. So what markets are they in right now? So they're in Florida,

there's an area or they're working on Florida working on Florida, but they are still only soft launching in Detroit.

Yeah, okay. They're they I think they got the license in Florida, but so it's gonna be soon. But yeah, we told them, they said something that we tell them to come to Grand Rapids, or like Grand Rapids is easy, because they obviously have looked into it. So whatever the easy part is, meaning

they made it sound like providing that the soft launch go. Well, that made it sound like most of Michigan will go fast.

Yeah. Mark asks, Can male riders request female drivers to know? This is only on a rider and so riders? No, male riders cannot ask for females. You frickin creep. Anyways, but yeah, that that, uh, I was super stoked. Yeah. during that interview,

it was a great interview, and just Yeah, very, very excited about what's going to come there.

And Carol, that's a moderator and one of the trade groups actually works for zoom right now. Yep. And it was fun to talk to her. She's a driver. She knows our podcast, which was kind of cool.

I think I think that was one of the cool things, too, is they actually took and they went out and talked to drivers. Yeah, in there. I didn't say what do you guys need? You know? Yeah, that one. And so a lot of those features that that put into this right is a synopsis of having talked to veteran drivers. So people have been doing this for many times for many years,

I want to give a little small feedback, and I didn't talk to him on it. I know I said, I would tell them, I don't think it's that big of a deal. But they can turn your camera on in the car if an SOS button is pressed by either the driver or the passenger. I mean, I know it's just for safety. But when someone has and it's in the terms of service when you sign up for it, right? That you sign up for that. It just always and it's really hard to trust. I'm not saying there anything bad about them, because I think they're gonna do great. But if you had to sign up for Gmail, right, and they said that they could turn your camera on at any time, if they felt that something was unsafe there reading an email, let's say that you were typing, I'm going to kill myself, I'm going to kill myself or whatever. I know. I'm going way off topic here. I remember, but would you be okay with that?

Why wouldn't you? You have nothing to hide? Well,

sort of liberal says.

Pretty political now.

It's a pretty, I mean, it's a slippery slope. I mean, I can see it both ways. You know, I think it's right off the bat. It sounds like a good feature. But yeah, when you can when you kind of

think about it, dig down into it, because I'm sure.

So here's, here's a question. Yes. Are they ever going to be getting that feature approved in a dual consent state?

No. Huh? That's a good point. You just thought of that, didn't you? Yeah.

Yeah. That's a good that's a good point. Single consent state easy, right. Michigan

absolute? Well, here's the thing if you if probably in the terms of service for a rider says that if you accept it, I think that probably overrides the

it can though because the other party that's also being recorded did not consent to it.

Yeah. Their terms, their terms, they consented to it when they said I want to ride so in the terms of service for the rider, it'll What

if there's a third person in the car that didn't consent to it?

And then he got me there. Okay. He got me there. That one got him.

Well, Michigan and Florida are not two parties right

now. No, I mean, that's something single consent states are easy, right? Yeah.

I think I would be okay with it. Until like you start hearing stories. Oh, yeah. My camera was recording. Okay. Yeah. Done.

Yeah, I mean, again, they're,

I would not say, Man, cuz you if they have a tech error, and like, something accidentally, like, turns down the camera.

Well, that's the thing, like I'm at home, or somebody hacks

the app. I mean, there's there's some issues there. I mean, I'm not a tinfoil guy. Like I'm not sitting here cuz I'm not I tend to trust technology over then be like, I get that like, wait,

that's not right. Yeah.

Well, that's for a different day.

But yeah, it's a it's interesting. I think it's going to be great. I would love to have that because then honestly, if someone does, well, here's the thing. And maybe we did ask them but if someone does have a complaint for you, is it recording all the time? Like I don't think it is, but like how could they? You know, I'm saying

I think the biggest thing here is what the way they were talking about it. It's not until you push the nine one Right got

the SOS button. I honestly would feel more comfortable if they had a dash cam in there that was their dash cam that they could access anytime I would have much more I'd be like whatever take it don't care. My phone I take my phone everywhere. The basketball not the shower but in the bathroom in the bedroom. You know what I mean? Like I don't need nothing on only fans like

what what's on the fan? I don't

know. I've never been there. I just heard it on talk about a podcast But anyways, anyways, going back to zoom That being said, I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm not worried about it. I mean, the discussion point right

now you brought up you know dash cam now then I kind of give you a dash cams, but they are gonna give you the ability to get they had like a UV light that that cleans out for bacteria. Oh, yeah. And and they give you they have the option to give the drivers like a separation and the divider. Yeah. Now those are free. No, but there's an options for reimbursement of that cost. So that's really cool. I thought that was huge.

Yep. And it just this it's almost seems too good to be true. Like that's why I'm really worried that they may not get what they need. Like I'm really worried about that because I'm like so excited about like, I want you now come to me that was very sexual. saw what I meant but as soon as I said it I was like Nope, that's getting laughed

out tardy


it's live I can't change it. Sorry. Oh,

all right. Anyways, my zoom rights calm.

Go there. Sign us especially if you're listening. You're right or sign up.

Yep. go sign up. If they're not in your area if you know you might get right now still sign up you absolutely. The quicker you guys sign up, the more the more they will get the attention of your market and get that yes.

Or sign up as a driver. He's already denied. I'm not. They said speeding, they called lifts. And they said hey, you know, this guy is like, Oh, he's a lead foot. Don't even

they didn't deny me yet. I haven't. I haven't given up giving.

After they called lift they called vetoes to see how many times you feel

Oh my god, how

many times you hit the curb coming in.

such an idiot. Alright.

Alright, so this next one I'm before I get into it, guys. I'm gonna ask everybody in the chat. Has anybody been downtown? In ridden the scooters yet?

No. No, I seen one.

Right. I've seen him too. But so the next the next article is spin which is who is running all the scooters downtown. They have a bunch of job postings available for being a charger doing scooter delivery, maintenance specialists, mechanics, collectors, Operation specialists.

All for the scooters off of the school. Yeah,

I guess the reason I wanted to talk about it was it's not like gig work. So it's it's like you have to be on the clock from like a certain amount of time you drive a bunch of vans around and bring them back. So I wanted to say like 15 our 20

says earn up to 25 an hour.

Okay, full time. That's pretty good. It's not bad. I mean, I don't know if it was if you were a W or 99 or a W two. I don't know. But Has anyone seen those scooters? Anyone from Grand Rapids? I think

I saw a photo of one on

I saw one. I didn't see anyone seen him. But I

haven't ridden I'm waiting for the story. Now. Oh, yeah, guy gets killed because he was drunk. He fell into the street and I feel

like a lot like I don't I don't dislike our downtown by any means. But I feel like our downtown isn't really set up the greatest for foot traffic. No, let alone scooters. Well,

here's the thing can't so those scooters have. Can they go on? Are they on the sidewalk? Or do you have to ride them on the road?

how fast they go.

So I I some states, you're supposed to ride him in the road. It's illegal to ride him on the side.

Just like technically, it's illegal to ride a bicycle on this. Oh, isn't it?

I was gonna say isn't it the same rules at the bicycles? So bicycle has to be on the road unless there is a bicycle path.

Right? That being said, I gotta pee. I don't care. I'm just for some reason. I thought your article had a picture. So I was like, that's why you didn't go on like, you know, I don't care. Just keep talking. I'll be back in a minute. I drink like a bunch of water except headache.

You Bye bye.

Yeah, so. So scooters, it'd be interesting to see what they're like operating areas too, because a lot those got to be geo geo zone right?

geo Yeah, geolocation. Yeah. But I mean obviously, and the areas We can drop them off a rechargeable, right so those are like a charged man so you can get in touch again. Yeah, no, you gotta ride.

Thanks for the follow jack. But I didn't see when I was downtown, which was like once and I wasn't even all the way downtown. I was close to downtown. I saw one of the scooters. But I didn't see any charging stations. Okay, well, I don't think I think they pick them up and they get charged that way. You put it Oh, like when I was in Tulsa and used the scooters, there wasn't charging stations.

Well, so when we I saw I saw some of the setups in Chicago ones and they were definite charging station for you drop them off and pick them up now. Okay, so you would like take them to one of those areas. And that's how you got to pay electricity for that. While the city like subsidized or whatever, then I'm assuming Yeah, you you you pay for that that way.

So my sweat pants so Nick says in Ann Arbor you have to write them in the road right now, Nick, the question is, do they get written in the road? Or is it on the sidewalk for the most part are people actually follow the rules? I wouldn't

want to ride those suckers. I mean, if even if they go what probably 10 miles an hour.

Look at look at last. Was it last summer it was last summer it wasn't this summer look at last summer. How many pedestrians got hit? It was around talmer

was drunk driving. But still but yeah, it's the same same result right?

Like Can you imagine being on a scooter downtown? Oh

no, no. So oil Uber is actually on here tonight. Thank you guys and this ain't an IBO pickup in an hour guys pick up and charge them and

right that was the the job offers that they got for Grand Rapids. Okay, so they have a team that goes out and charges

See I wish it was just more of a gig where you just be driving along be like had no for the night you're like you know

I'm gonna Mexico it is in some cities. Yeah,

it is like I heard or line. Yeah, yeah. Nick says in the road or get a ticket. Oh, wow. I mean,

yeah. You know how busy it is downtown in the summer. Like, it's gonna be crazy once you get drunk people driving,

right? Well, when we get back to normal in here, I'm being ignorant or the bars open in Grand Rapids right now.

Yeah. Oh, they are ones that last time.

You have no i think i think you have to be 70% of your income has to come from food. Then you can be open, right?

It's not I saw that somebody posted in Grand Rapids. Like the anchor was open. And I'm like they're not 70% food.

Well, they may claim that they are.

A bunch of bars got shut down Flamingo.

Oh, yeah, that place is a dump anyway.

That places a dump. I wouldn't be caught. That's I was gonna

poop on him. But

that's unfortunate, right? Yeah. Oh, man. There's some shady shit going on in that bar. I'm telling you right now. I don't like to pick people up from there. No offense.

Well, I can't I can't even place it.

It is near the salmon zoo. Yeah. Closer to the zoo on the south side of the road. Kind of kitty corner from Joey's ever. Yeah,

yeah. No, they lost

her license to for a while. Yeah, yeah, that's another

that was before COVID. Yeah, that was that's

such a such a burrow bar.

Not too far from puppets. But Joey's is right across the street from puppets. Yeah, but then Flamingo. Yeah, they're all kind

of cool. That's not quite as far down as okay. Yeah.

All right. That was one time. It was so funny. I picked up a a, it was a wedding party, and she was definitely not done being out partying. So I picked I picked them up. They were done with a with the reception and they cleaned up everything. Yeah. And I took him to puppets.

What kind of life what kind of marriage Are you gonna have to

know we're going to Butbut and he was already

drunker than drunk. I cannot cast the stone. So when I got married, the bar taps was around. Oh, yeah. Remember tabs? Yeah. I went there after reception. And God drove. Like I got spilled mustard. The hot dog out there. I Oh, I said Megan's you

news? Yeah, it's gone.

I said inappropriate things to her friends about certain body parts on me like it was like, it was me to before me to my wife. Megan's like, Oh, my God, I'm married. But

can I get this dinner? No. It's been less than 24 hours.

All right.

Moving on, I thought this was interesting email. I don't know where I think I saw it on Facebook. It says hi, Josh. From left, we received numerous reports from passengers that you're not ending the rides at their drop off locations, thus causing them to be overcharged for the rides. After further review with our risk team will be deducting a total of $261 and 46 cents from future earning rides. You did not properly end. Please know Lyft reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of ride fees if it believes you To the fraud abuse lift payment system.

Look. I'm not saying that's never happened to me, or I've never done it. But you got to be trying. Yeah, I $160. So to access

that website, what do you do? So you drop the peasant off and you don't drive?

Basically. You drive somewhere because I've done it. Not on purpose, but I've done it.

I've done it on accident. I've done it if the rides too short, if it won't let me close out, you know, when the ride around the block happened

once to me. That has been too short. Really? Yeah, that's it.

Okay. I've had a bunch of times.

I it was so crazy, because I had to I took them from Stella's to around here whiskey. Yeah, that was practically what it was. Just there it was. What was that? What is the the food joint on the other side? Yeah, exactly. Two minutes. And it was too short.

Wow. I feel like that would have been long enough.

No, that's not long enough. Oh,

yeah. percent i can tell you a fact.

Yeah. But then I drove up to be to be dubs Neverland.

Yeah. And then the vetoes eat more pizza.

Yeah. Um, so I brought that up. Just I didn't know Lyft could just be like, yeah, a few. I'm taking $261 out. But if they're, if that's based on just the extra, he must have been doing every single ride, yeah, unless he's like going for five minutes and then doing it. But honestly, if you're a writer and listening this podcast, first of all, I don't know why, like, get off our stream. But

use your writer doing this.

know, if you're a writer in general, we don't want your stream.

Why not? I'm just

I'm just teasing. I'm just giving you please pay attention to your driver. Because there's a lot of drivers. I think when they're intoxicated riders, they just they don't care. They put the phone in their pocket till the next ride. So

just be vigilant all the time to hook up to your ox.

Yeah, then your one star.

Star. Just be vigilant. And when you take a ride, just make sure that the driver is doing the right thing.

What and while we will ever do that, but the driver has to just be respectful. Don't do that.

Yeah, well have ethics, right? I mean, it's you're stealing. You're stealing from the customer. I mean, let us look at it this way.

Your average ride is what we'll just say average ride is

10 bucks. Right? Right.

ish. That's 26 rides. If they did double what they were supposed to. Yeah. I mean, they had been skimming like, a ton because I'm skimming $10 at a time.

No, no. Yeah. So yeah, it could be like a couple weeks worth of

and now. They only taken what they can prove. And why didn't they just kick

his ass off the platform like that? I mean, yeah, you we teach you you got to lead what but like, you're good, dude. I think

by the way, I think what they're doing is that getting them money, and then they get no,

that's true. Go turn that back and then we're gonna kill Yeah.

Oh, by the way.

You seized and it says right here that he was not allowed to sneak Yeah, right.

They probably eventually did take him off. But speaking of ripping people off slash the

i like i like i like

it is a shit on us. It was a good segue. Yes, we are behind this month. But we're gonna have two episodes for you this month.

Cool. Awesome. Interviews scheduled?

Yeah, two new apps. One is going to be live soon. Probably December January one, probably not in the future yet. But yeah, if you go to slash the gig econ podcast, or just search the gig economy,

they won't weigh in on like it yet. But then the markets, they're coming into some pretty cool features.

Yeah, it's an app that you gig that you'd I don't know if you'll want to do it sounds a little weird. But there's people doing it. And

I Why not? I'm just excited about all the cool new gig opportunity. Right, coming.

Look, how much has it changed since we started back in the day? I mean, there's probably 10 apps right now in Grand Rapids that you can use them on, but anyways.

No, non mine. Yeah. Yeah.

I wonder how many people get that. Like, I mean, anyways, go to patreon and search the gig economy podcast, you get a bonus podcast a month you're getting to this month, you get a free piece of merch, and you get

before the scene after two or three months, right? It's two months. Yeah, we

got to get at least $20 out of you.

I mean, come on that we're on a shoestring budget over here. Yes. Where does the lobby spend shit. So

there you go.


All right. Pete, you're up next.

Alright, so this next one

speaking of money,

Yeah, it's from a person on Twitter that said, um, I just realized that Uber has taken 577 out of my bank account every day since October 7.

And this was posted on the 10th. So in the 10


first of all, who's got who's got 1500 dollars in their checking account? That's pretty nice. It's fine to have that.

Well, we're not

over saying, Oh, are you bragging that you're rich? No,

but people have that. That's it. I'm not rich. I just don't think it's done a reasonable.

He's off. He's done. dunzo. He's bragging about how rich he is. My point was having that amount of money. Like it was a joke. Yes.

No, I know. But it can already be called for I mean, right. Yeah. But yeah, it's just, um, my takeaway was is Uber isn't doing that. Right. I don't think so. No, you're telling was that?

Now the comment I'm in the comments kind of hit it. Right there is it's very unlikely. It's very likely someone hacked your account, Uber can get in big trouble for that. I would file a complaint with FTC right away. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I don't think that Uber I think that she,

yeah, but how? Okay, so you think she's a drug? I thought she was a passenger. How is the passengers account getting hacked? And how would Uber like, so she must be a driver, then?

I assume she was a driver. Yeah,

that's what I assumed that is weird that they can just take money out of your check. I mean, I get it as a rider because you're paying for a service. But when you're a driver, I guess. I know. Just what wears me out when it goes down.

Details. Really?

Yeah. So not enough detail. Technically, technically the way we getting paid. That is a car. It's a two way connection to your bank.

I go to a yeah.

Oh, yeah. What?

But yes, they can take thing the both take money and give you money. Right. I

didn't think that I didn't think Uber could just take money out of your checking.

lifted into the last guy.

Yeah, that's true.

It's an AC h connection. And you can technically do both.

Even on a debit card. If you're using a debit or credit card.

There's Yes, you can do both. But they are not allowed to do it. Right. It is technically possible. Yes.

But I didn't know that. I just assumed she was a passenger passenger. Not a driver. But

I still don't think Uber doing it. You don't think so? No, I think the account was hacked. I don't know.

Either that or someone is getting some. Some Uber rides on her. Right?

Yeah, yeah, that could be too although that's quite a bit of Uber rides around Salar so

but then no matter what just call your credit card and dispute the charges. Hey,

I have a digression. Speaking of credit cards, I had a Patreon $50 withdraw in my checking account or but not Patreon. Only fans know i mean shed busted hopefully doesn't listen this podcast. Hey pal, I had a $50 pay like $50 even right. And I go to paypal my paypal account there's no record of it because I buy stuff with PayPal all the time. Like it's just easy to me when you're buying stuff online instead of getting your cart your credit right? I mean, I just use PayPal. There's nothing in there. So what do I do? Call my bank and dispute it like yes. So then my next aggression is I waited online or on the phone on Tuesday, so I can work in be on hold because I just have bluetooth headphones in for two and a half hours to get a hold of the bank to stop That's crazy. Isn't that craziness? someone bought our bank got four words for you. Oh he says if you say Bank of America

Chemical Bank link Lake Michigan credit union.

Okay, so this is

our focus we need to talk about first of all yes chemical TCF took over it's been a disaster I guess like Michigan I think they are one of the best banks and credit unions or credit unions in Michigan. Their app sucks their their mobile app is terrible. It's very clunky new stuff coming. Oh yeah.

Yes, they they I I've had there with them too. And they say that all their systems are getting improved. They know they're behind. Yeah, but it's getting much much better.

I'm not saying I'm old but I've been with them since they were teachers credit union. Really?

Your Honor. I love everything I have with them and I have been I was fifth Fifth Third would stay shot.

I don't like them you know I'm at the pump that

Chemical Bank was okay. I was okay with them. They were a little behind I'm not impressed with everything FTC or whatever. That's all Yeah, I think oh my god. I mean, I

understand. I understand COVID but but call screens Like what?

She probably heard her name that

my wife joined The stream Jason

Well, she can look at the bank.

So we I have a story to okay about TCF. No, no, but about credit cards, listen to this and apps. So Julia has an app has a tablet, right? Yeah. And she apparently signed up for and I, I it taught me a little bit because I thought I had all these things blocked. Apparently I didn't. She signed up for this stupid little app to make to make dog and cat talk, right? It was a three day free trial, right? Guess how much that cost every month?

I think you think us was like 250 bucks. $212.


And it's total bullshit. Wow. Right. And I'm still we're still trying to get that dispute. I'm pretty sure we are gonna get the money back. But it's a $212 a month to use an app.

Yeah, it's just a scam. It's for the kids who

are paying attention to their kids.

But it's like that is we did kill us.

Yeah, it is ridiculous. But anyways, sorry about our digression about the fangs.

Oh, and apps. Then.

Be careful out there guys, because they had taken taking your variety we just

talked about before the podcast. How older people struggle with technology and

awkward and call me Oh, not you.

I mean, you are old, but you're the oldest one in here. Call me old. You are beautiful, though.

Yeah, no, that's okay.

All right. What are we doing? steaming packs, okay. thieving packs dropped off a packs as she was exiting vehicle. And she asked me if the keys including key chain on the backseat were mine. I told her they weren't but I would return to the previous writer when they reported them loss. She sees that she snatched them up and said, I like the key chain. So I'm going to take them again. I said I would return them to the owner. Her response was fuck them. I was stunned as as she walked off to her job at McDonald's.


I mean, it doesn't surprise me.

But that video we had last week where the guy got right to steal the tablet and then still stole the phone. Right?

Yeah, I don't know if Yeah, the last

week, but maybe it's two weeks. And we also talked about them driving around with a MacBook for like seven to seven days in the back of the car. Like I was just an idiot.

Yeah. How did you not know that? There was like, you should check your car. Here's a tip y'all check it before you start. You should? Some people say they check it every time. I think Ben did. I was like you're full of ship and you're

not looking. I swear there was one time I had a a wallet in the back of my car for seven days. And I could not find I know I had

that happen where you look in it. I mean, there are a lot of crevices and especially your van. I mean, nothing's huge. But uh, yeah, you should check your car at the beginning of shift for sure. At the end, just look back. And I will like when I drop somebody off, I might look back at the back. Right. But I'm not like getting out of my car. Me What?

I did the same thing. I mean, when I was working Fridays and Saturdays all day, I would start you know, I check the car in the morning. Yeah. And then it's like somewhere around five in the afternoon or whatever. I check it again. And then at the end of night.

Yeah, at least you know, that's just like to find out that people that the person who dropped the wallet got it back. Sorry. Yeah, got it back to them.

I've had people request crazy stuff. Hey, man, I love my iPad in there.

No, you didn't know you didn't.

You didn't. I've looked I know an iPad didn't slip down the crevice. Like it's, you

know, it's my iPad now.

What do we always say if you find a phone in your car, though that fucker right out the window? No, don't do that.

No, just turn it off. Yeah, somebody's showing up to your house

right in the middle of the night, Ben.

That's what I was gonna say. Ben. Ben share that story threads last night. Tune into that. All right. Yes. For last article before.

So this is a Yahoo Finance app. Seattle approves minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers. So this is another minimum wage. Yeah, we didn't talk about this, I think, right. Am I I saw it in there. It was after the date of the last podcast. So I said No, we didn't talk about it. But so this is another one, you know, a little bit connected to the whole AB whatever. And I maybe five top 22. So but this is in Seattle. So Yahoo. So here it goes. This has to do a minimum wage law. I believe it's Seattle, if you aren't Uber or Lyft driver, I can't imagine this. It says a couple people talking together. It's kind of weird. So but big thing is obviously the Seattle is now jumping on the bandwagon of approving minimum minimum wage to Uber and Lyft drivers. And what they're basically talking about is that they are proving I think they're saying 16 done. As an hour, as a minimum minimum drive after expenses, as well, yes, but it's also, and this is why it's getting gray areas, right? It's only when you're on when you lie when you're Yeah, if you don't have a ride, it's exactly the

way that if you take a 10 minute ride, you just get paid for that 10 minutes.

What the whole point now is, so that, I would think the only way it could work is so you're taking a 10 minute ride, right? But but that ties into your 16 minute give parents

if you only did one ride and you only made eight bucks, you're still gonna get the 16 for that hour. Well, yeah, but right. That's the whole point. Yes,

the app has to guarantee you at least 16. But the moment you have two or three rides, Now, obviously, you're more than that, that you minimum minimum,

but but then it does, then then you are getting paid. If you're not taking a ride, then I mean, you have to be on the app. I'm saying like, okay, you sit at the airport, let's say, right, and you get zero rides for the whole hour, you get no requests, not by

one, but you're not getting paid. Why they don't have a fare. The point is the amount, the total amount of pet fares you have for the hour is going to give you $16 or more.

Okay, so if you don't get off fair that hour, you don't get paid. No. So what's the minimum wage then?

Yeah. Well, you have to have a fair. That's weird. But But I think that that's how they protect themselves against offering rights, you know, taking?

Well, no, that is fine. Because if you don't take a ride, then you don't get paid. I'm saying if you don't get a request, right? I'm saying not. Not not accepting. I'm saying just a request in general, like it's deader than a doornail, which could be in Seattle. But I'm saying so you don't get paid $16? Yeah, at least. So that's

from what I could read in the article. No, then you have to have a ride. So

you basically have to at least have one ride an hour to get that 16 an hour. Right.

And but but more importantly, what they're saying is this is another situation where this is not what the drivers want. No, they don't want this. No. And this Yeah, it's just it things are changing. Be aware of what's going on in your market and just have an opinion about if this is actually what you want. Right? You know, it that's that's the big thing. We can expect many other cities and states around the country to sort of issue a similar sort of mandate, as we see in California when lift heavy human lead denied implementing adea 85, which did go into effect. And in November, we should anticipate that prop 25 to potentially create that third class of employee will potentially get passed when you say prop 25. That's what the article is saying. Yeah, prop 25 I wonder

if that's something in Seattle, maybe that's where it because you were

talking about prop 25 in California.

It's prop 22

whatever. That's what I'm

trying to clarify. I thought was another one in anyways in Seattle. So

So anyway, so they're talking about creating a third category, you know, you have your employees and you have your gig you have your contract workers. Yeah, there's got to be a third which is kind of an in between. So but yeah, again, people I don't think drivers wanted that's all somebody wants it. Well, yeah, but isn't it just isn't adjusting the government. Yeah, they want their tax. They want their tax money, right?

They still get it we still pay at the end of the year. Stupid. But

yeah. All right. Ah,

thank you so much. Whoever did that. No, that's our tip time. Oh.

can't keep up all your Let's try it again. What

is that? Okay, Google. How did that even happen? We weren't even talking it was

my phone is off. See? And we're talking about

cameras coming on

with apps running

in the background. Anyways, tip time so I saw this on the Reddit group. Uber drivers on Reddit it says if you opt to refund a rider does the entire refund come out of your earnings or just the share you got paid so first of all, what is the answer to that?

Does anyone know

when do you get paid?

Right? Well it says I had a ride and I forgot to check before I started turned out to be a round trip to a notoriously so pack McDonald's drive thru the only way to know that I know of is to hit arrive and stop and then end the ride. No, that's not the only way of doing it. Hold on. I know. This is why it's a tip time. There's lots of air parentheses if I'm doing this wrong, someone please tell me. Yes, sir. Tell them Yes, you're doing it wrong. Okay, you can just cancel the ride. The rider asked me if you get a $72 back and I honestly don't know. First of all, if he said that before I ended up getting Like, I'm staying on. Like, I'll sit in this drive thru. I got my comment immediately says I got paid about $9 for the ride since there was a driver surgeon for 575. If I try to refund the packs, will it take that $9 out of my earnings? Or I lose a 72? He was charged No, you're not gonna lose the 72 if it's just my portion that I give up what happens to the rest of Hooper? Keep it How can he's gonna get it back? I know. So well. First of all, the 72 was probably what he was quoted for the entire ride. There's some mis communication going on there. Like that guy did not pay 72 for what that driver did. But damn if i like i said if he would have said 72 I'd be like, I'll sit in this drive thru right?

You're probably gonna make 50 bucks off that. Yeah,

so Uber doesn't keep it everyone gets their money back. If you refund a rider you don't get paid. Like it's just like it never had.

It's your choice to cancel the ride.

Yeah, well, he stopped it like a dummy.

Instead of canceling the ride, right? If you would have just cancelled it, that would have been fine. No one would have got paid no one would have got charged it would it would all be good. I just

want to know who's paying $72 for McDonald's.

Well, clearly there was a surge. Right? There's a 575 search for the driver. So we know we've seen some of those rates. These people are paying like especially on Lyft we're not we're getting paid pennies and they're getting you know charging the customer $100

I we've been talking about that now. What?

How much Uber and Lyft gets and how much you get

heavy bag talking about? You're talking about that. I'm just like, I can't fathom in my mind. I

was hungry. He was probably drunk and he was

drunk. I am. Yeah. And $72 Hell no.

No, I'll go eat out of the freezer section at Meijer before I do that. Right No way,

because it's right next to the Ben and Jerry's.

Well, I feel bad for this driver. I feel like I need to message them and say hey, do you need some help? Hey, Brian, you're driving like let me just give you a few tips just just to help a brother out you know what I mean? Once

you check out this Facebook groups called GR right? Yeah.

GR Rideshare Adventures

you on Facebook? It's called a

good kind of podcast. Yeah.

All right. Let's jump into social media. Get the hell out of here cuz it's hot as hell on this. I even turned the air on a hot thing. Speaking of hot our next shenanigans, it's for audio listeners. It's a big I wouldn't call it a rape van. Because it's not a Reaper van. No cuz it has windows all the way around. Yeah, but it says Cougar Uber Xl 35 Plus, and then on the back it says Got Milk. I mean, what does that mean? Mother, I'd like to

wear where

I might swear but I'm not gonna say in that form. It's just funny. So I enjoyed that. Jasper.

It is funny. So this is a guy's it's not that there's no right it's that I'm just going so fast you can't keep up apparently. So this is a photo that takes you to a shared on our local group in telegram and it must have been and and obviously an app failure because apparently he was going to 179 miles power I mean a 35 mile must be in a Tesla

Can I ask a technical question? Is anyone monitoring the Facebook feed I have there literally been no comment there has

been nothing going on. I just I don't know what's going on. It's quiet.

I was wondering if stream yard was glitching I think it is I was on stream yard isn't because I asked cuz he's on regular feed.

I'm on Facebook too, but I think Facebook is glitching

Oh okay, cuz I mean there's no that seems odd for us to not but

26 minutes hadn't been anything yeah. Anyway, and I even tried to be a refresher. Hmm. Anyways, I don't know what that boring Sorry guys. Yeah,

don't say sorry, guys. Oh, well. Somebody who said oh, what's you said break away.

Oh my break your break.

I'm gonna go Alright, this is Peters. All right,

PSA, if you

live again, so grip.

If you pick or peel your toenails or fingernails and leave them in people's cars. You are a disgusting human. How hard is it to not peel off a part of your body while in my car? Like GFC stop being trash. Okay, what is g? Jesus fucking Christ. Yeah,

that's bad.

That's bad. Okay.

Stop being trash.

Ryan from oil Luber. We're just in awe. I know you're all dead on me. Now. No one's talking that's it broadcasts

over. You know, that that one reminds me of a guy that I picked up over The northwest side, I pick them up twice. And both times when I want

to turn the corner, same guy that tried to not pick up all the time.

No, no different guy. He's on the west side. I agree. Yeah. Both times I had to make a right hand turn. So I look in the corner of my eye. dude's got his phone and hand on his

groin area. So

you can

both times but yeah, the same guy. The same guy.

Oh, yeah. Did you report him

now? Oh, it's even worse. I didn't. I mean, I didn't turn and look and say Hey, man, you grabbing your balls. You just have a grand. You know?

You got a dashcam you'd be like, what? I couldn't see. You couldn't?

Right? Yeah, I was gonna ask What's the weirdest thing that people have done in your car? I mean, just like gross stuff like toenails. I've never seen people like painting nails. I definitely

had a close sex experience. Not me, but people doing it in my car. Are you sure? Oh, yeah. Yeah,

I had a girl that like was I put a video that's on my my Instagram, but she was like, putting in weave? What nodding her hair.

Putting it in? Yeah, well, so but you have to cut your hair.

She was like cutting hair. She was doing something like she was like cut she was definitely cutting did you do Did you report I dropped her off and I pulled around the corner. And I got out and there wasn't a single hairs anywhere. What did she pick them all up? She must have put them all up. vacuum. I mean, I looked I was like this girl is like doing her hair in my car. Like I was expecting to find stuff everywhere. There was nothing interesting. Yeah,

I haven't really I don't really have any stories of like anything have got to go out during the daytime.

Yeah, this was when all the weird stuff

this was the right out to to college town. And they moved halfway out that they moved from the middle seat to the backseat.

Oh yeah, they got that van. Doing something that share the van sure doesn't quite get to the back. Nah,

not all the way back there. But yeah, I'm thinking about getting the new version of the van true though because it's a bigger screen better camera. Yeah, I only if I start driving and then you got the

rear camera. Now. It doesn't. It's rare for the outside. So if you get rear ended or Yeah, whatever. But yeah, it's nice. I know. I haven't finished that review yet. So

Carol, my teeny thank you so much for for for the CFO tuning in tonight.

Oh, Carol. Yeah, I didn't know what Carol's last name was,

either. But she's apparently Martini

Martini. Yeah, I'm really stoked for zoom. So I know we talked about it earlier, but come to Grand Rapids, sign up, sign up everyone sign up. So I think that's it, y'all.

We got anything else. I think that I

turned the air on. Feels good. That's Yeah, I know. I get it gets so damn hot in here. I got

so hot anymore.

I'm hot. Yeah, check my

undercarriage. Shitting Oh, yeah. You have to go that table that's

so long.

Because you have to go there. Oh my

gosh. All right, y'all. I got no easy guys. Please subscribe to the podcast. Via Patreon.

Come on support us.

Yes, we're tough talking. Sign up for Patreon. Damn it.

guys can't wait to come to Grand Rapids.

I know man. I'm telling you

if Hey, Kelly come to the picnic next year. Oh, gee,

are you really promoting the picnic for next August already? Cause I

am they better maybe the third year in a row. We

got a stupid COVID xover we got to do like we got to have a get together. Like just maybe go to puppy. No

say we're supposed to have that puppies get together.

He knows I

know not vetoes. I know I kept telling you I kept pushing back the day and then I gave up and you're like Hey, bro, this is supposed to be like last week. I'm like it's COVID like just delete it. Alright guys, have a good night. Yep. Thanks for watching and all that fun stuff. Bye


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Oh man you are in for a treat. This is a bonus episode we interview Noah Hutton from the film lapsus no was the director. And this film is kind of about the gig economy which fits perfect in our podcast. Here's some of the press notes real quick, an original sci fi world and timely political themes. The film imagines a gig economy organized around a boom in quantum computing, where predatory corporate forces threaten everyday workers tasked with the work needed to lay this new quantum infrastructure in rural areas. The work takes the form of laying cable through huge swaths of forests connecting massive cubic transistors. The film portrays human laborers who are forced to work without basic protections and are often robbed of their routes by automated cabling robots. These themes are central to some of our political discourse surrounding the 2020. Presidential campaign, raised by Andrew Yang Yang and others about the threat of automation and the issues faced by the gig economy laborers around the world. They're also a part of a growing awareness of the exploitation of workers subcontracted by tech giants like Amazon, kept on timers and forced to sacrifice basic physical comforts in order to compete for their paychecks. And there's a bunch more things that they written, and I've included those in the notes. But we had an incredible time talking to Noah, it was really cool to watch the movie. And if you're a gig worker, you're gonna, you're gonna feel some stuff like you are going to have emotion. watching this movie, what this character is going through, it was so well done and had it like I said, we had a fantastic time then with Noah, and watching the movie. So listen to the interview, the movie will be out February 12, on all video on demand platforms, and anywhere locally, you just have to check your theater if they're playing it. Obviously, with a lot of theaters being closed, some of them are doing it digitally where you can kind of rent it. But you can go to Amazon, iTunes, anywhere you get your video download. And I encourage you to do it. Because if you are a gig worker, you will definitely enjoy this movie. Thanks again guys for listening. Enjoy the interview.

It's fun. It's fun, though. It's fun. But I mean, again, being honest with you, though I know I'm transparent isn't this is the first movie I've been asked to do an interview with. But it's exciting, right? Because it's this the whole connection to the gig economy. It obviously makes sense. And it's it. Both me and Jason was very pleasantly surprised about the movie. Gotta say you guys did a great job. Oh, man.

Thank you. Appreciate that. Yeah, scrappy production. We did our best. Yeah,

I watched the trailer and I'm like, Okay. Okay. And I think it I think it helped, that we're all gig workers. So I could relate to a lot of that. So why don't you just why don't you just tell, tell us how you came up with the idea about this?

Yeah, well, the idea came from from a personal experience, I'm someone who hasn't ever worked specifically in the gig economy. But I've been an independent contractor for about a decade now. So I've been I've ever since I graduated from college, I made my living. By starting my own, you know, LLC and serving my services as a video editor and videographer at large for nonprofits, small companies, you know, getting it then I got into more commercial work, living in New York. And so, in doing that work, and kind of making my way for a decade, in that capacity, I started to feel some of the stresses of the independent contracting life. And I think that served as kind of a foundation for this for the subject matter. But the world of the film of lapsus definitely has more fantastical elements in it. That came in more than just the sci fi genre, seeing the quantum computing coming around the corner, and imagining a world where all this new infrastructure work might need to be done to service quantum computing. And so and then a lot of little elements you see in in our world today that are percolating, like delivery, automated delivery robots that are that companies are trying to roll out and literally roll out in different cities. And and then, you know, I guess the last element to, to mention, which is a little more of a far fetched connection, but I have a background and being really interested in brain science and neuroscience, I studied it as an undergraduate in college and I never really got into being a scientist, but it was kind of just Brain Stuff was always really interesting to me. And something about creating the world for this film, felt kind of like imagining the world of a brain and making all these connections all the time and the idea of cabling in the in lapsus, where these workers are constantly asked to new connections in this world, but each individual worker, if you think of like, each individual cell in the brain doesn't know what connections they're making, they're just sort of a cog in the overall machine. I guess that that was another kind of AI conceptual layer.

That's pretty cool. I must say I am. And I promised is not to get too deep into it. So I'm won't but I, I did the whole, the whole idea of the gig, it interests me a lot. And for me, I'm a person that I need to understand it and need to make sense to me. And and not it doesn't quite yet, but I'm getting there. I'm getting there. But I also understand that that's not really the important part of the movie. Obviously, it is, but but talk a little bit more about the interactions, you mentioned yourself, you brought up the whole, you know, the robots, and the cobblers and the people working and bringing the cables around. Right. Talk a little bit about, like, just just the aspect of that, from when you first see Ray, I guess out in the forest, and I don't want to talk too much, of course, about the movie itself. But just just this whole thing, how did you come up with that whole aspect of the community? And those kind of things just doesn't make sense that question?

Yeah, just sort of like what you want to you're asking a little bit more about the mechanics or keyboard and and the world and how I kind of

thought of the gig? I think I was but I'm not sure we need to go that deep.

We just mentioned a few a few things about that. That one of the things I was I was inspired by for this thinking about this gig is high speed trading? Well, you know, the way that high frequency trading on Wall Street works, a lot of it has to do with geographic proximity, and a terminal, you know, in lower Manhattan, exchanging information with a terminal and Trenton, New Jersey versus a terminal across the ocean, there's going to be a different frequency there. And I'm sure many people are aware that that's going to affect the volume of trades being done, and therefore even the price the traders are, are bidding at and so forth. So I was thinking of a world where that whole system has to run on quantum computing. And that was a there's a there's a bit of a leap here, because the thing about quantum computing is, it does require new infrastructure you do you need new fiber optic cables to connect quantum computing terminals, I don't think that high frequency trading is going to be replaced by quantum computing. And we're going to need to literally do this out in the woods. So this is where the, the the fantastical leap of science fiction comes in a little bit. Sure. If you'll just grant me, you know, if you watch the movie, and you you buy this world, the premise of it is enough to get out into the woods with this main character. And by that this story, places him there. And the whole point of the story really is meant to make you feel like Ray is an every man who he misses because he doesn't necessarily have to understand how the science works. No, we don't I hope as an audience, I hope you don't, you know, people don't feel it, they're missing something because they aren't. Okay. And so out in the forest. What these companies have essentially done is to enter automation into the woods, Sara Lee as a force that's going to be completing routes and, and phasing out humans. But I would, I would argue that in the film, The autumn, the force of automation, we can talk about maybe how this relates to the world where we're in today, the force of automation is more to encourage humans to work harder and faster. So in a way, it's it's meant to push the humans to sleep less and work harder. Because these little robots don't seem to me like they could take over the job completely from the humans there is still going to need a human workforce, to get them across bodies of water and through brush, etc. and then and then the you mentioned, the idea of community out there. And I think that that's something else I was interested in is the way in which many of these aspects of the of into independent contracting and gig economy life are billed also as sort of a lifestyle. And these apps have a like a community aspect to them. Because one of the unfortunate results, I think being an independent contractor is you can feel very atomized and cut off from the world. So you do see these companies trying to inject a community attention to their products.

Right. And I think you'd hit the nail on the head right there. We we as a group, so we call ourselves an entertainment group, I guess. And we're not connected directly to any other gig economies other than the fact that we do them right. You know, Uber and Lyft and flex I think we have a lot of ship shoppers we have we touch everything, but what we've been trying to do For now, I think close to three, maybe even three and a half years, we have tried to build a community not dependent on the gig, but the surrounding around the fact that we are all gig workers. Because exactly what you just said, No, it was exactly true. I, you know, I was finding myself when I was out driving, primarily weekends. It was it was just lonely, you just kind of you will yourself and in between the ride, you weren't, you weren't talking to anybody weren't doing anything, right. And so what we have now, we have a pretty active community, we'll be using apps in between rides to talk to each other when we you know, when we are working. And it's much more, it's just as much getting out there to make money as it is getting out there to spend time with your buddies. And so that brings that that other aspects. So that was very interesting how you brought that into to the movie and you see several plays, I think there's several key areas in the movie where there's really portraying that very well. And so I appreciated that. I thought that was really cool. Now, let me go back to touch on one thing that you mentioned that you said, You don't think that robots is going to take over? Like tomorrow or soon? And maybe not. But let me so let me try to draw a parallel to, obviously, Uber and Lyft. Right, right away, because the big fear there from a lot of workers is that maybe not tomorrow. But very soon, self driving cars is going to take over that job, right? It's not going to be the robot that's going to do it for us, it's going to be the self driving vehicle. And it's we know it's gonna come down at some point. But definitely, it'll be a and the fear there is it's going to be a system that's safer and better than because we remove the human factor from the driving. Right? Why wouldn't it be that for in this perspective?

I think I think it would, eventually I'm saying the level of automation that's portrayed in the film, okay. Is is almost like it almost feels like these are robots from the 90s there's a retro sci fi element to the world of lapses. Sure. And that's on purpose. It's just because I also feel like in relation to your question, self driving technology, it's uh, you know, self driving cars, that the promise has been there for over a decade now. We've been hearing non stop about it. And company after company has gotten close. And then they've had a big test or something, you know, something has, we've been like, it's right around the corner, every publication is trumping up some new rollout, and then some sort of awful tragedy happens. And you won't get heard there's an accident, you know, these cars still can, as far as I know, the AI can perfectly tell between sand or snow, what kind of surfaces? So, I mean, yeah, sure, eventually, that the technology might get there. I don't think we're there now. And I'm, I would even bet not there in the next five years. I'm moving pretty slowly. So the world of lapses is meant to more closely resemble what I've felt living the last 10 years of a world with AI promises right around the corner, but the technology is actually still much, you know, it's much inferior to the intelligence of the human worker. I want to create a sci fi world where robots could clearly do it better than humans, but they're not. Because once they are, I agree with you, the market forces will just push humans right out of the picture. Right? We need to be ready for that to happen. We need to think about what what what can those workers be doing if they're not doing that? Where will the jobs be?

So switching gears a little bit, I want to talk about you filming in the woods. I thought that was pretty cool. I you know, obviously you have really nice cameras tell me some of the challenges of filming. And I mean, it wasn't a set, we were straight up in the woods. And then one thing I thought in this is just totally random. But Ray had trouble getting out of that 10 every single time. It really caught my attention. I'm like he that's that poor guy. Every time he's trying to get out of that tent, he almost trips.

Yeah. I wrote this film for the actor, Dean imperio, who nobody will have heard of, because he's not been in any films before. Short Film a decade ago, but he's been a friend of mine. In New York. He came to New York as someone who wanted to be an actor, but he got more into playwright, the playwright world and writing for theater. And I just, you know, met him through a common friend and, and I could see that he had that quality still in him that charisma that he could hold, you know, a leading man. He could be a leading man of a film. So I thought when I was writing lapses, he'd be perfect for this role. That kind of every man, blue collar worker who comes in and and sort of the world is just like Passing him by. So so as you know, he, he's a guy who doesn't camp. And, you know, I have camped a few times, but Dean has never camped. And so bringing him out into the forest, I would often like set up a scene and have him get in, help him get inside a tent. And then just ask him to get out while we were rolling. And that would be how many of those are just, you know, natural captures of Dean trying to figure out tense, okay. How to like build a tent, which is which which is in the film, too.


Interesting. We got totally frustrated with that. So that was that was like, almost documentary. Yeah.

So tell me, did you have any challenges filming in the woods at all? Like was? Or was it just was it pretty easy?

It was tough, because it's summer. And there's, you know, it's hot. There's mosquitoes. It's, it's low budget, indie filmmaking. So people are doing more individually than on a bigger set where you have, you know, more PhDs and stuff helping with every department. So everyone's taking out a little bit more work. And pushing themselves. And, you know, we made sure a lot of indie films will go six days a week and take one day off to try to, because if you're especially if you're bringing people out to a location, yeah, putting them up at a hotel or something. So we were putting people up at a local motel, shooting a lot of this in state park land and also some private property. We just because of the quality of work was so hard. We did do two day weekends, which I think was important for morale, and, you know, physical recovery. So I think that helped but you know, shooting in the woods is is that in retrospect, it felt like we were on at camp or something like it always, always, like close a little bit more in your mind. Yeah, retrospect, but it was it was definitely had its challenges. Interesting.

I thought I read somewhere that you guys did it in a in a, was it surprising? 29 days or something like that? shooting was like very low?

Right? Good. 26 days?

26 days? It was just amazing. Yeah. And I gotta tell you, I did not think that it felt to me, like a low budget movie. You know? It was it was it was very, very well done. I was ssmu. Yeah, it was just like any other movie? I did. I've seen the movie. So. And I thought that that the casting was super strong.

Good. Well, that's all you can that's casting is, to a certain extent, the cheapest thing you can do, because you it's really just a decision you have to make of who to do the part. Right. But then, you know, if you certainly if you're casting actors who will need to be paid a lot than it stops being cheap very quickly. But we were working with a cast of, you know, some people who have been in some some high profile projects, but certainly no household names, no stars, per se. So there was a certain humility about the whole production. We were all in it together, which is a nice, you want to try to engender that, you know, that that ethos on set? And we definitely had that going for us.

But I think that works very well, as well with the fact that it ties into the gig economy, right? Because I think it wouldn't have been the same if you had taken three or four very, very big names, and throw them into the gig economy. I don't think that would have worked.

Yeah, I don't think I don't know if we believe it. I mean, I saw there was that film about Uber? A couple years ago. Yeah. Which still is stupid. I never watched it. Stupid. Yeah, I saw it. I couldn't watch the rest. I gotta see, that's when you know, if you if you're an actual gig worker couldn't watch stupid. rails on that show? It was just, yeah, no, it was stupid.

I'm sorry.

Well, what one of the things you brought up emotion with me when I was watching it, because some of the frustrations that Ray was having, I'm like, I have those frustrations, like trying to get ahead, trying to do more constantly hustling and hustling. And so I had frustrations and I I was like, I liked his attitude of like, I'm gonna get this done. Although with him and I, I don't remember the female leads name, but I, I kind of wanted, like a relationship to happen. I was kind of like, okay, where are they gonna, like, get together? I don't know why, but that's how you know, it's pretty good. Because I was like, creating my own stories as I've watched.

I think without saying more, I don't think that that's a little open ended.

Well, I like kind of delicious tension where where people are, you know, they're on the cusp of friendship or something more and like, you know, something in the air. There's that scene. There's a scene where they're in the tent together. Yeah. And you know, it's kind of like, well, I guess I'll go back to my tent. I don't think I think that's like To me, that's like people kind of ships passing In the night when you meet like another Freelancer or something and yeah, you know, share notes for a while, at like a bar or something. And it's like, well, we I guess we're just talking about work. Okay, we're going on. Yeah. And a lot of that lifestyle, I think is sort of like ships in the night.

I actually think you, you chose completely right there because it was so easy to take it to the next step. And you decided not to. And so I thought that was great. That was that was that was boiler alert, there's,

they don't get together.

I was worried I was gonna give something away. But I mean, it really has to do with the movie. But

I want to, I don't want to say too much. So we are in a medium sized market here in West Michigan, and probably shielded a little bit from key comedy in like very, very large cities. So I think there's a lot of things that we don't necessarily see. But I also know and have read a lot about a lot of the things that people do do on the different platforms. I am, of course talking about the whole, safe, not safety, but the whole like aspect of misusing the platform that cable, and you could talk to him about that, of course, as well. The whole the whole concept as to how Ray gets the medallion, which obviously is not completely kosher. And that kind of stuff. What do you think, in your personal opinion, you know, this is this is all, you know, difficult. And of course, it's hard to say how do we how do we make things more safe, but what could you have done? What could Kaypro have done? To prevent some of those things? And what could we do in the future? in all things economy to to make make sure that these different platforms don't get misused? Do you think?

Yeah, that's a? That's a interesting question. Because I think what I was what I was thinking of, more so than the way in which any particular platform is has users sign up and create IDs and everything, I was actually thinking more of the New York City, taxi driving medallion system. Oh, which, if you if you're familiar is like the process of getting a medallion to be in New York City cab driver is arduous, very expensive, and, like the medallion itself is becomes like a prized commodity that gets handed down through generations, to relatives when someone you know, retires because it's that valuable. There's a limited amount of them, you know, so I was thinking of what if what if a gig economy company had adopted more of a medallion type system because this labor is so sought after they had to, they had to somehow winnow it down. Now, I don't think that that's the way in which Uber or any other platform right now works, if you go through their qualifications, you can have a driver now you might you might be in an area, a rural area where you don't, you know, there's not a lot of rides available. That might be the challenge you're up against. But platform security right now in the gig economy. I don't I'm not I'm not aware of people, like misusing, you know, I know, like, but what I was thinking about is, there are there are services like grub hub, I've read about where you if you don't take a certain if you don't accept a certain amount of low dollar orders, like if you're not taking enough $3 ORS, you're not going to get to that next tier of orders, you're not going to see those $12 orders or whatever. And, and maybe you guys are familiar with that. Yeah,

I've definitely heard about that. I don't know if I've experienced it myself. But I think it's more of a rumor kind of thing, but Okay,

well, I Sir, I've never worked for grub hub. So I'm just reading. Yeah, this is maybe this is speculative journalism, but for me, you know, my as a as a filmmaker than I, my mind runs with that. So yeah, I but I was thinking of like that. That's the kind of way that these platforms could be misused. If someone transferred their ID, their account, someone else. And they've, they've put in that time to get to those high dollar orders, and they give it to a new newbie, and all of a sudden, that has, you know, top tier orders, but they haven't put any time. That's a similar to the world of lapses.

Correct. Correct. And that is, that's definitely a way that that that I mean, it's not confirmed as to whether