So, you just got approved to drive for Uber or Lyft. Welcome to the club! Here are some tips and tricks as you get started. You’ll find a list of things you SHOULD do, as well as a list of things you SHOULD NOT do. Happy trails and safe travels!!

Here is 8 ways to be more successful as a new rideshare driver:

  1. Sign on to the app and take your first ride request during the day. Get familiar with your city in the day time when you don’t have to battle the dark of night.

  2. Take a ride as passenger. As a Driver you will get many questions about the rider app, and it is well worth it to know how it works.

  3. Research your city, what is it known for? What major companies are in your city, and where are they located?

  4. Use common sense! If something seems off it probably is! If you are uncomfortable before the ride even begins, just cancel it.

  5. Acceptance rate has no impact on anything! Do not worry about ignoring ride requests. The only thing that has an impact on your ability to drive is your cancellation rating. See below!

  6. Connect with other Drivers. Having a driver community around you will help keep your spirits up. Facebook has several groups, both nationally and locally.

  7. Treat rideshare as a regular job. Whether you drive part-time or full-time, you will be more successful if you set yourself a “schedule” and stick to it.


Here is a list of things you should NOT do as you learn the ropes of the rideshare industry.

  1. Do not let people walk all over you: it’s your vehicle, your rules. Don’t want passengers eating/smoking/vaping/etc. In your vehicle? You have every right to tell them that. Furthermore, it is important to know the rules and laws of your state, and enforce them with your passengers. The only one liable for a ticket is YOU, so don’t be afraid to stand up to your passengers.

  2. Do not chase the surge! Unless there is a major event or concert happening, the elevated surge could simply be a ploy to get drivers into a certain area. There may not actually be high demand in that area.

  3. Do not cancel trips frequently. Every once in awhile is OK, but try not to let it become a pattern. We know of drivers who were deactivated (temporarily and permanently!) because of their cancelation rating.

  4. Do not drive if you’re in a bad mood! Riders can sense your mood and their perception of you influences your tips and your overall Driver rating.

  5. Do not wait for and accept airport trips unless you have no plans in the near future. Sometimes you get extremely long trips

  6. If someone seems extremely intoxicated before you pick them up, just cancel the ride. (Unless you are ready to deal with having to clean puke and potentially other bodily fluids out of your car! Here is an article we wrote about what to put in your Cleaning Kit)

  7. Do not let the things people say inside your vehicle affect you. When people drink, they say anything and everything as it comes to their mind. They lose the ability to filter their speech. You need to have a thick skin while driving, as the first item on this list eludes to.

  8. Stay away from sensitive topics when talking with passengers. Generally religion & politics are topics to avoid, unless the passenger brings them up. Let the passengers lead the topic and frequency of conversation.


Welcome aboard. As you drive, you will likely find many other items to add to this list. If you think we are missing any, let us know.

One last piece of advice: You are an independent contractor as an Uber/Lyft driver. If you decide that rideshare driving is something you want to continue doing, then you should take measures to protect yourself. Make sure your auto insurance covers rideshare driving. Develop an emergency plan - what will you do if you find yourself in a tough situation with a passenger? Lastly, invest in a Dashcam for your own protection. We always recommend the Vantrue N2 Pro

Stay Safe out there !


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