Hi, Jesper here. I have been rideshare driving for almost 3 years, mostly as a weekend warrior driving primarily Friday and Saturday evenings.

About 1.5 years ago I almost quit!

The honeymoon period was over, and it was no longer feeling like the needed break from my day job and home life. I did not find rideshare driving to be fun and exciting, and honestly I was not looking forward to going out and driving. It was very different than how I feel about driving today.

The main reason I wasn’t enjoying rideshare driving is because I was lonely. I had not spent much time or energy in the online Facebook groups for other local drivers, and I had certainly never stopped at the Uber Greenlight Hub in my city.

Last week, I took a drive with a great local Uber driver. As he drove, he shared about how his excitement for driving was waning and that he had not connected well with other drivers. I told him about my story and encouraged him to get connected by using some communication tools when out driving.

Here is my list of what changed my outlook on rideshare driving, and ultimately kept me on the road.

  1. Get connected. I started participating in some of the local Facebook groups for drivers. Soon I noticed a name a few times, one with whom I had not-rideshare-related friends in common. I sent him a PM and that was how I first got connected to Jason. Jason and I started to put our heads together and soon GR Rideshare Adventures was born.

  2. Communicate more. Jason introduced me to a group of rideshare drivers he was chatting with using an app called Telegram. When we go out, we announce it to the group so we know who we might run into while out driving. We talk all night on the app as we drive.. We say hello when we logon, goodbye before we log off. In between rides share about our experiences, either venting our frustrations or celebrating our wins. Earlier this month, GR Rideshare Adventures created a Group Chat utilizing the Telegram app, See below:

  3. Keep Building Relationships. Off the road, I’ve been making it a point to get together with other rideshare drivers. We help each other out with various projects, share meals together, and get to know each other and our families on a deeper level by spending time together.

An increase in your safety is an added bonus to staying connected with other drivers while you are out rideshare driving. All the people in our Telegram group are in each others’ corner. If we haven't heard from somebody in a while, we post a message to check in and see if anyone has heard from that person recently. It is very reassuring to know there are other drivers on the road in your city who have your back and are watching out for you!

Until next time, Stay safe!