As stated in Part 1, any driver with a few rides under their belt can probably predict with 100% accuracy their first interactions with a passenger about to get into their vehicle.

“So, do you drive full-time, or do you have another job?” is often the first question.

The second is just as predictable - “How long have you been driving for Uber/Lyft?”

I actually don’t mind answering the second question about how long I’ve been driving.

Why is that? Because 3 years is a long time! I love the ego-stroke I get from telling my passengers I’ve been at this for 3 whole years.

As I said in my answer to the first question, Uber/Lyft is a hobby for me. Typically, I am not really good at sticking with my hobbies (or much else, for that matter!) I have an autumn-themed jigsaw puzzle in progress in my basement. We’re entering spring now. I started it at the end of the summer. See what I mean? So to be able to say I’ve been a rideshare driver for 3 years is a major accomplishment that I’m pretty proud of.

Sometimes I do have fun answering this question. I like to catch my riders off guard by saying something like, “Actually, this is my first ride … “ (dramatic pause for effect) … “Since dropping my last passengers off!” That response reeks of a bad dad joke and gets many groans.

But in all seriousness, why have our passengers deemed it appropriate to ask this question?? Why does it matter??

When is the last time you asked the counter worker at McDonalds how long they have been taking orders? I wonder how many times baristas get asked “How long have you been making lattes?” by their patrons?

Does the answer to this question REALLY matter? Not really. Again, passengers, time to up your game when it comes to interacting with your driver! Ask us some better questions. We all have stories to tell, that don’t start with “I’ve been an Uber driver since…”