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Recently, Jason picked up an active duty young man enlisted in the Air Force who was going home on leave - to Traverse City. This was Jason’s longest ride to date. The passenger was not 25 years old yet, and was denied the ability to rent a car. It seems the rental companies are not making it easy to rent a vehicle these days.

TC Trip 2

Jason did not ask for a tip beforehand, and he did not receive a tip afterwards. Seeing that the gentleman was active duty, Jason chose not to bring anything up to the passenger about the costs involved with long trips before they set out to Traverse City.

Below you can see the numbers from my trip to Douglas and from Jason’s trip to Traverse City.


As you can see, Jason’s hourly rate is around $3-$4 per hour, based on how you look at it. And as stated before, the wear and tear is likely estimated way too high. Additionally, another aspect that we tend to overlook is the depreciation of our vehicles. This is why it is so important to tip your driver.

The only difference on the two versions of Jason’s ride is that in the first column, we utilize the online tool to calculate fuel cost and the last column we do it manually based on manufacturer’s reported highway mpg.

We would love to have you share your long ride experiences. Do you favor them or avoid them? And when you get them, do you ask for some extra money upfront? Let us know in comments on Facebook.

Here is the Excel Spreadsheet where you can add your own trips. Also remember that the methods for calculating fuel costs and wear & tear are based on national averages, and likely differs widely based on your specific area.

Click here to download spreadsheet (XLSX)

Also, remember to come back soon. In an upcoming entry I will go over how to correctly report a puker to maximize your cleaning fee from Uber & Lyft! Sick, right?? (Pun intended!)

Be safe out there!