Hi All! Thank you for being a part of the GR Rideshare Adventures community! We are going to be highlighting great community members like you once in a while. Who better to start with than our very own super fan, Larry!! Enjoy reading about him, and his reasons for being a rideshare driver.

What made you start driving for Uber/Lyft?

There are several reasons I started driving for Lyft and Uber. My wife is a 5th grade teacher and she spends a tremendous amount of hours working on lesson plans, grading papers, etc. Our kids are mostly grown, so I have a fair amount of free time available. I figured I might as well look for a way to make some extra income instead of just hanging out around the house and watching TV. I've always enjoyed driving, as it gives me time to think and relax, so Lyft and Uber seemed like a great fit. I also didn't want to get locked into a job where I would be locked into working specific days/hours. We have 8 kids, so there's always something coming up with one or more of them. I value flexibility. My original goal for my rideshare driving was to save enough money to take my wife to Hawaii on vacation for a few weeks once the kids are all out of the house. We've used the rideshare income for a few other things, but that's still my main goal.


What is your driver rating on both platforms?

My Lyft driver rating is 4.99 and my Uber driver rating is 4.95.


What is your most memorable ride to date?

I'm sure most of you can relate - it's hard to pick out the single, most memorable ride. One that I'll never forget happened when I was driving in Nashville, TN, which is an hour south of my city of Bowling Green, KY. We often get people going from Bowling Green down to the Nashville airport because we don't have any commercial flights out of our airport. This time though, I had driven down to Nashville to work because they were having a big horse race called the Iroquois Steeplechase. I picked up a passenger at the Nashville airport who owned two horses running in the races that day. His name was George and he was a super nice guy. It took about an hour to get to the racetrack and we had a great conversation, talking about family, work, Nashville, and the races.

When we were about 10 minutes from arriving at the racetrack, George told me that he had to fly back to New York that evening and he didn't want to get a stranger driving him back to the airport. He asked me if I would be willing to come back to the track at 5 and take him back to the airport. He was such a nice guy and I said I'd be happy to do that. Then he said I should just ditch driving for the day and come to the races and hang out with him in his owner's tent. I wish I would have done that because I'm sure it would have been a lot of fun, but I told him I needed to keep working and make some money, but I'd be back at 5.

I worked that day and around 4:45 I got back to the track and called George to let him know I was there. He had given me his Owner's tag to hang from my mirror, so I was able to drive back in the owners area and look around the stable while waiting for George to get to my car. When he got back, he was carrying a huge silver Winner's Bowl wrapped up in a blanket because one of his horses that day had won! He was in a great mood and we had another good conversation on the way back to the airport. He said he would be back at the races again this year and told me to call him about 2 weeks beforehand. He said he'd give me his flight info and I could pick him up at the airport again, but this time come watch the races with him. The races this year are May 11th and I'm looking forward to seeing my buddy George again!


What have you learned from rideshare driving?

One of the big things I've learned from driving rideshare is that everyone has a story. I've had so many great conversations with people and I love hearing their stories. Everyone's story is a little different and some of them may not be as exciting or glamorous as others, but everyone has one. I hope to feature some of these stories on my upcoming podcast that I'm working on starting.


What part of rideshare driving do you enjoy the most?

The thing I enjoy most about rideshare is getting to meet and interact with so many wonderful passengers. Bowling Green is a college town and I'd say at least 75% of my passengers are Western Kentucky University students. I enjoy finding out what they are studying and where they are from. I've had passengers from China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Kenya, Japan, and many other countries. I like to ask them how they ended up at WKU, being from so far away. I've done about 2,500 rides so far, and most of the passengers I've had are people that I would never have had the pleasure of meeting if I wasn't a rideshare driver.


What is your best tip to give to a brand new driver, or someone looking into rideshare driving?

I think the best tip I can give someone that is looking to get into rideshare driving is to try to find a network of other drivers that you can learn from, ask questions of, and share information with. It can be invaluable to be able to talk to drivers that have already been doing rideshare for a while. It can be in your local area, or somewhere else. I live in Kentucky, but I've learned a ton from talking and sharing info with the guys from GR Rideshare Adventures, as well as the drivers here in Bowling Green.


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