Q: Would you want your wife to become a rideshare driver?

The flat out answer is no, I do not want my wife out rideshare driving. Here’s why:

  • No background checks for passengers: The riders do not get background checked like the drivers do, so you never know who you are actually picking up. Plus, when people drink, they tend to act completely different.

  • Wrong place, wrong time: In my two years of rideshare driving, I have run into a wide range of people. I have dropped off and picked up in some pretty scary places that I would never want my significant other to be anywhere near - especially at night.

  • #MeToo: Sexual harassment is another major concern I would have if my wife drove, especially from the bar crowd. When people drink, they tend to get a little too, well, touchy-feely. If you’ve driven the bar crowd, you know exactly what I’m talking about. After excessive drinking, most people do not tend to stick to the lines they’ve drawn in the sand. As a male rideshare driver, female passengers definitely cross the line sometimes, and I can only imagine being a female driver with male passengers crossing the line. I’ve seen and heard of some bad situations involving female drivers.

  • Ok, maybe, but only at the airport: The only way I would be ok with her driving is if it was picking up airport rider. AND during the day. Sometimes at night, you’ll have to take some riders from the airport to some not so safe places. It’s common courtesy to get out of the vehicle and help your riders get their belongings out when you drop them off. I would not want my wife getting out of the vehicle at night in a not so safe place.

Female Drivers: What are your thoughts? Is Nick way off base in his thinking? Let us know!