Hi All, Jesper here. So we are called the GR Rideshare Adventures after all, so I figured I would share 2 adventures from my nights in GR. These are both kinda old, and 1 is good, and the other is the night I learned to be better about confirming the passenger before I let them in my vehicle… at least when they look scary!

Enjoy and stay Safe!


Large PAX - Small Car !

So I often get the question: What is the craziest story you have? This is often the one I tell: When I first started driving for Uber I was driving a Mazda 3 Hatchback, which is a great small vehicle, because it fits everywhere. It was black, and I had these reflective large door magnets that said Uber, so it looked really official.

I pulled up in front of Buffalo Wild Wings on Ionia. I confirmed the passenger names, and in gets 3 very tall gentlemen. I don’t follow sports much, but as it goes, the New York Knicks were in town playing against the Grand Rapids Drive. I found myself with 3 very tall Knicks players in my tiny car. They did seem a little cramped, but they were really cool about it, and the ride was short. I dropped them off at their hotel on Pearl and they tipped me well.

Could have been a fight - but I kept my cool!

This story happened on the side of the Grand Woods Lodge downtown Grand Rapids, and I was driving my Chrysler Town & Country.

I always welcome a passengers by stating: Are you “So and So,” ie. Are you John? Just like all the other times, they said yes, and proceeded to get in the vehicle - all 5 of them. Now as I always do, before I take off, I ask them to confirm where they are going. I know where the app says they are going, but I need to hear it from them. This is where things starts getting crazy.

They never told me where they were going, and they said I needed to take them somewhere else than where the app said. I said of course, but they would need to change it in the App first. Now the passenger sitting next to me in the front seat starting weaving some crazy story about how his phone JUST got stolen, and that he couldn’t change it.

Well, I knew what was going on. I had my car full of 5 drunk guys, trying to steal a ride, and the guy in the front was getting upset. I told them they needed to get out, and that If they couldn’t tell me where the ride was going or change the destination themself, then I couldn’t help them. Now the guy next to me started to talk about not wanting to leave, and that I needed to take them home. He was really getting upset. I stood my ground and told them that I could just call the police, so they could settle the matter for all of us. As I was just about to dial, they got out, slamming my doors.

Just as I was about to cancel the ride, the real passenger called me and asked me where I was. This made me happy, since it was a surge ride around the 2am bar close.

Since this episode, I ask pax to confirm where they are going before they get in my vehicle. But truth be told, if they don’t look scary I often still let them in, and then confirm before I take off.

Stay safe in the road! -Jesper